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DOSAAF: yesterday, today, tomorrow ...


Beginning in the 20s, agitation was widespread in the Soviet Union to strengthen military-patriotic work among the population of the young state. Volunteer Friends of the Air were organized fleet, friends of the chemical industry. In the circles of these organizations, the population mastered the foundations of military tactics and strategy, and learned how to use rifle weapons, grenade, machine gun, artillery weapons, studied the basics of control tanks, armored vehicles, communications, mastered methods of protection against the action of chemical weapons.

Societies have become centers for the promotion of military knowledge among a wide range of the country's population. The state needed to strengthen the navy - naval clubs were created to train the necessary personnel. It was not enough to build aircraft to form the Soviet air fleet. OSOAVIAHIM voluntary society launched aviation propaganda, which made it possible to create flight personnel for the air force and civil aviation in the shortest possible time. The high level of instructors is indicated by the fact that Valery Chkalov was one of the mentors of the glider school in Leningrad. The flight organized by AVIAHIM in European countries is associated with the name of test pilot M. Gromov. This flight over a distance of more than 7 thousand km. proved the ability of the country of the Soviets to create and successfully master modern air equipment. It was from these clubs, circles, and flight schools that the path of our illustrious aircraft designers A.S. Yakovlev, O.K. Antonov, rocket engineer S.P. Queen, creators of helicopters N.I. Kamova and N.K. Skrizhinsky. On the account of members of the defense society, the development of flights on airships and stratospheric balloons. Thanks to the popular support of a voluntary defense society, the Soviet state became a leader in aeronautics. The country is proud of the pupils of the defense society, who during the years of the war, through their training and will to win, helped the country to stand against the most powerful and cruel enemy - fascism. Among them are A. Pokryshkin, I. Kozhedub, A. Maresyev, V. Talalikhin and many others whose names will forever remain in the memory of posterity symbols of courage, stamina and heroism of the Soviet people. In the battles participated registered Osoaviahim battle squadrons. A voluntary defense society also performed its work during the war years: 9 million people were trained in various structural divisions of the company in military specialties (more than 60 thousand sailors, 90 thousand aviation specialists, 140 thousand snipers, 270 thousand tank destroyers, 1 million machine gunners and machine gunners).

Now we can say with confidence that the voluntary defense society has successfully completed its tasks in preparing the population for military actions. After the war, the tasks before voluntary societies were adjusted to reflect the new conditions of life of Soviet society. The emphasis was shifted to the organization of sports work, the training of motorists, radio operators, although the work on the preparation of future draftees for military service was continued. To optimize the structure of societies in 1951, all divisions were merged into a single, called DOSAAF USSR. The main task of the society was propaganda and training in the military, military-technical specialties, including training for the aviation industry and the Navy. One of the important activities of DOSAAF was the training of personnel for the national economy: more than 10 million people received training in programs prepared by specialists of the company. DOSAAF is rightly proud of not only military personnel, but also outstanding sports achievements of its students. In support of the army, aviation and navy DOSAAF in 1977, he was awarded the country's highest award - the Order of Lenin. Training in military disciplines was carried out in pursuance of the state defense order. DOSAAF had a good material and technical base, a sufficient number of real estate objects were transferred to the society in all regions of the country. For example, training in aviation sports was carried out at 100 equipped bases, 450 training centers included automobile, radio, sea schools, and more than 2 thousands of clubs in military-technical disciplines functioned.

The country's leadership is well aware of the fact that due to the fundamental changes that have occurred in the country, a revision of the goals and objectives of DOSAAF is necessary. For a long time, the Government of the Russian Federation did not control the work of DOSAAF, which led to the loss of most of the material and technical base, real estate, and what functioned was used, for the most part, for commercial purposes. The DOSAAF system worked independently on the principle of "survival" and anarchy in management. The enormous losses of trained personnel for the army, aviation and navy led the government to take a number of decisions on the return to DOSAAF funding and to the state order for the training of military-technical specialists for the country's armed forces.

Currently, DOSAAF is assigned state tasks for patriotic and military education of citizens, training personnel for the country's armed forces, developing technical sports, participating in the development of the physical education movement, preparing flight and technical personnel, preparing for military service of future recruits and citizens who are in reserve, to enhance the training of civilian specialists, help in the aftermath of accidents and disasters, to participate in mobilization activities.

But in order to effectively address these tasks, according to experts, it is necessary to create conditions for the functioning of such a demanded structure today as DOSAAF:
1. It is required to develop and approve a package of legislative acts regulating the activity of DOSAAF.
2. Allocate funds for repairs, the existing material and technical base.
3. Improve the management system of DOSAAF units at all levels.
4. Determine and approve the procedure for equipping DOSAAF units with new equipment, equipment and materials.
5. Develop activities to attract professional staff and young professionals to the society.
6. To restore the state order for the training of military technical specialties.
7. Approve the amount, conditions and procedure for financing the activities of DOSAAF in each direction.

Now there is practically no vocational education system: former vocational schools have been converted into colleges, which, for the most part, are oriented toward graduating from non-technical specialists. School labor education has been violated, since such a fruitful mechanism of communication between educational institutions and production as patronage has disappeared. The level of primary military education in secondary and higher educational institutions has been significantly reduced due to the lack of necessary personnel and material and technical support.

Serious failures in sports work with the population. The lack of funding led to the commercialization of sports activities. The consequences of this can lead to unrecoverable losses in the field of health, physical education, sports and education of the younger generation.

The revival of the DOSAAF structure will make it possible to level the existing omissions in many directions and to solve a significant number of problems facing the country, especially during the global financial crisis.

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  1. vadimus
    vadimus 20 August 2012 08: 55
    If we forget about the education of youth, then youth will forget about us and about Russia. The world is now far from simple, so the good that remains of our fathers and grandfathers must be renewed.
  2. Armata
    Armata 20 August 2012 08: 57
    Such a structure as DOSAAF is of course very necessary, but does anyone believe that it can be restored? The teachers are gone, the property has been taken apart in parts by comrades, I think that today it is an unrealistic task.
    1. bachast
      bachast 20 August 2012 09: 06
      It’s hard to believe. Yes, and the question of financing ..
    2. bazilio
      bazilio 20 August 2012 09: 16
      Dear Steam Engine, reviving DOSAAF is a difficult but real task. And most importantly, what needs to be achieved by restoring DOSAAF is to interest young people. Of course, considerable money is also needed, but without the interest of youth, all costs will be empty. And how can young people be interested? It is always more interesting, even for an adult, to learn something clearly, in practice. So try to interest the kid with a Kalashnikov assault rifle, showing only the schemes and talking about him for a long time. But if you give the kid a twist in his hands, show how it works, this is a completely different matter.
      1. Armata
        Armata 20 August 2012 09: 24
        Dear bazilio. In fact, the structure that has been created for decades is simply lost. If you recall who mainly went to DOSAAF? This was a working youth which is now practically absent, students never aspired to go there. Yes, and the teaching staff is lost and how correctly noticed bachast, where to get the finances? You do not think that the comrades rushed to help without exhaust for them?
        1. Aventurinka
          Aventurinka 20 August 2012 10: 01
          Again I do not agree. What is DOSAAF? Voluntary society promoting the army, aviation and navy.
          This is what we need to build on. To lure with the fact that it is always interesting for young people, and then spread it to all other elements that may interest them.
          I’m talking about the fleet and aviation ... more than half of the students will not miss the opportunity to join in such elements as the sea and the sky ... namely the students. We need to grow a new generation of those who will live it all.
          What is holding them now? They are kept by parents, for whom it is carried forward to unbearable amounts. And if the state sponsors, you will see that there will be no end. And from there, you can introduce other disciplines as additional classes.
          I say, for example, to myself. For the sake of jumping (free), we were ready for anything. And for the sake of 15 minutes of flight? A self? And get to the helm at sea? Yes, there would be a desire, but you can interest children at a time. And, under current realities, there would be material support.
          And the problem now is not the lack of teachers (they are, I know that there are), but the fact that in our highest ranks there are no normal, competent ORGANIZERS. They do not know how. They get paid there. By acquaintance came, and not for merit. and I know that too.
          That is the trouble with us. Over the years, all our high positions in our company were occupied not by professionals, but by those already comfortable with higher authorities. And professionals, they are always uncomfortable.
          1. survivor
            survivor 20 August 2012 10: 08
            In principle, judging by the forums held in 2008 in Rostov-on-Don, the "young guard" and the camps, in 2009, it is quite possible to interest young people. again, don't forget all sorts of role-playing games and reconstructions. the experience of holding such events shows that young people are drawn to such events.
            1. Aventurinka
              Aventurinka 20 August 2012 10: 50
              I agree with you, everything is fine with our patriotism. One movement "Russian jogging" is worth it.
              This is what the whole situation in the country has brought children to. They are self-cleaning, self-organizing. Without the participation of the authorities.
        2. hohryakov066
          hohryakov066 21 August 2012 08: 02
          Dear Steam Engine. The structure of DOSAAF is really stolen today, but in due time it came to someone sane idea and did not allow privatization of DOSAAF buildings. Those. the most important thing is left. Mat. the base for any need to be updated. So if suddenly the state arises a desire to revive this undoubtedly most useful organization, it is quite possible to do so. There are so many competent retired officers who are ready to pass on their experience to the boys. And for the most part they are not chasing money. And even if they toss money and they will have to arrange contests. It is up to the state. Unfortunately, there are no special advances in this matter.
        3. bazilio
          bazilio 21 August 2012 13: 13
          Dear Steam Engine. Regarding youth, you are partly right - the main emphasis should be on young people of primary and secondary school age. at this age, the child will be more interested in living himself to touch everything, twist, shoot. I agree that young people of high school age and students will find it more difficult to interest, why go somewhere, pick pieces of iron, then shoot once a month, when you can turn on the computer and even shoot, even drive, even fly. Therefore, it is necessary to instill interest from an early age. Yes, and parents need to be interested and do it easily. Imagine that you served in the SA or in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, for example you were a machine gunner. Now you have a 12-year-old son who is constantly sticking out at a computer. And here you see the announcement that the DOSAAF club was opened nearby where the machine gun with which you served was also being studied. Don't you have the thought of giving your child to DOSAAF? Here is your nostalgia and benefit for the child. But finance is more complicated. Sawing, rollbacks and budget utilization is the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning budget financing. However, do not retreat - the road will be mastered by the going
      2. bachast
        bachast 20 August 2012 11: 21
        You are right in everything, but we are talking about reviving today. Can we discuss when this revival will begin? I'm afraid I have to wait a long time. If you want, everything is possible, but the conversation is about realities
        1. Aventurinka
          Aventurinka 20 August 2012 11: 27
          Quote: bachast
          Can we discuss when this revival will begin?

          If the question is posed like this, then my answer is never.
          Unfortunately, these are realities.
      3. Temnik
        Temnik 20 August 2012 15: 59
        I completely agree with you. In the USSR there were such lessons in NVP. For two lessons I learned to disassemble and assemble AK and the interest passed! I stopped going to classes. It became boring, but they didn’t carry us to the shooting range, they didn’t suit us. But in vain, we had interest, but the leadership of the school didn’t!
      4. Vaska
        Vaska 20 August 2012 19: 40
        Dear bazilio, I dare to assure you that young people have a fairly high level of interest (take the word of the school teacher). However, the state probably does not see the need or "innovativeness" (this is a more fashionable, "modernized" word) in maintaining it (this level) ... Unfortunately, at the present time, additional education is placed in a tight financial framework, which in the future will only guarantee the survival of paid services. Agree that few (more precisely, no one) of the parents will agree to shell out money for the assembly / disassembly of the AK or putting on the OZK by his child.
        1. bazilio
          bazilio 21 August 2012 13: 18
          Dear Vaska, I have no doubt that young people have an interest, I myself observed. Just interest is the first step. The second step is mat. those. base. Otherwise, how much interest is enough for a 12-year-old kid, say, going to DOSAAF, when they give 5-10 shots once a month to shoot. I think long interest in this scenario will not play.
          1. Vaska
            Vaska 21 August 2012 19: 07
            So, after all, the whole essence lies precisely in the absence of this material and technical base. Not a single educational institution is worth the queue of those who want to share their money for free (we exclude the state as providing moral-indicating support).
            And the interest of the "12-year-old boy" will easily be supported by the electronic shooting range, which not only allows to provide unlimited access to shots, but is also closer to the modern "electronic" child. Only where to get the money ???
    3. Aventurinka
      Aventurinka 20 August 2012 09: 53
      In my opinion, if you revive, then right now. Because the material and technical base is not yet sold and built up by shopping and entertainment centers. And there are still teachers. Leftovers, but there.
      1. Raven1972
        Raven1972 20 August 2012 15: 04
        Quote: Aventurinka
        Because the material and technical base is not yet all sold and built up by shopping and entertainment centers.

        Unfortunately in my city this has not been so for a long time ... Everything that is sold out is sold .... For example, there was a shooting club across the street from me, the boys went there to practice .... All the fun was - 1 rubles 50 kop. per month .... I spent more on school breakfasts per week ... Of these 1.5 rubles - 10 kopecks. membership fee DOSAAF, and 1p.40kop. - for the purchase of cartridges ... So, now in its place is either a car shop or a car service .... The weapons were deposited at the Department of Internal Affairs, and I don’t know what happened to the instructors .... recourse
    4. asavchenko59
      asavchenko59 21 August 2012 05: 39
      Someone will voice the name of these thieves and villains who plundered DOSAAF?
      Is the state planning to return stolen property back to DOSAAF?
    5. crazyrom
      crazyrom 25 August 2012 00: 20
      Quote: Steam Train
      The teachers are gone, the property is taken apart in parts by commerce

      It’s easy to recruit teachers from the former military, it’s all about salary.

      The property, I think, is not very expensive there, everything can be bought back. If we have money to build a bridge to Russky Island and a bunch of submarines and T-50, we’ll find the people preparing for the war (as I understand it, DOSAAF is what it is), so everything will be fine smile
  3. Sane
    Sane 20 August 2012 09: 49
    Exactly!!! Totally agree with you!! The main thing is to interest.
  4. Dictator1412
    Dictator1412 20 August 2012 09: 50
    It is possible and necessary to revive, but the main task is to change the consciousness of youth. We must intensely instill a love of the motherland, a sense of patriotism!
    1. survivor
      survivor 20 August 2012 10: 11
      You won’t believe it, but since I often communicate with young people (I used to work as a counselor in the camp), there is a noticeable tendency for the growth of patriotism among young people !!! We only need an organization that can direct them in the right direction.
  5. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych 20 August 2012 10: 33
    And little things of respectable age! Probably, the grandfathers and grandmothers of these schoolchildren shot from them ...
    1. bazilio
      bazilio 21 August 2012 13: 00
      In the photo SM-2. The barrels are old, but fortunately they were well made, so that's enough for a couple of generations. Even with such a rifle it is a pleasure to shoot, especially when you shoot with a "sport-hunting" cartridge. - this flavor cannot be forgotten))
  6. Dictator1412
    Dictator1412 20 August 2012 11: 20
    I want to add: we need a national idea, and not just the fact that Western democrats are slipping us (man to man)!
    1. bachast
      bachast 20 August 2012 11: 32
      What are you repeating this nonsense
      we are now slipping (western man to man) western democrats!
      Well, in the end, is Russia a great nation or not? Everyone is looking west. Who is stopping children from raising people? Who litter groves and ponds with garbage? If you go out, the traffic cop driver hates, the old people in the hospital swear, drunken rowdy people pass by .. which west does it slip?
      Everyone is looking for some kind of idea, but they themselves cannot find
      1. Denzel13
        Denzel13 20 August 2012 13: 31
        Isaac, in part I agree in part no. I think that raising children as normal people is the primary responsibility of parents. No one will put more into their heads, no police will stop them, since the concept of "prevention of offenses and crimes" remains only a concept and reports "from a bald" on this matter from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the prosecutor's office. But what the traffic police inspectors hate is already a product of the corruption system.
        1. bachast
          bachast 20 August 2012 13: 52
          Well, after all, the system and the people who create it, manage and are in it are us. All are people. Of course, someone will say that our Jewish top is the result of the West. And I do not agree, this is our top, our system, this is we and only we decide and build our lives.
          1. Denzel13
            Denzel13 20 August 2012 16: 29
            Write everything correctly. Only someone in our country believes that people can really influence the government? I think there are few of them, and who else than the government determines the laws and principles that govern society. Maybe there are quite normal, viable actions of the government, but somehow they are blurred against the background of what is happening in reality.
            1. bachast
              bachast 20 August 2012 18: 09
              Alexander, I also have claims to the leadership, but I do not deny the right steps.
      2. Protey
        Protey 20 August 2012 14: 44
        for bachast
        That's for sure! If it’s the turn — they are ready to gobble up each other, there’s a war of loonies on the road, there are no words about dirt and garbage! They stand at the bus stop, wait for transport, come up - together they threw cigarette butts, spat and went, and NEAR THE urn is empty! Well, who teaches them, the West ??? So I went there and did not see this.
    2. Z.A.M.
      Z.A.M. 20 August 2012 11: 46

      Quote: Dictator1412
      and not something that they are slipping into us right now (man to man is a wolf)

      Man, man is a wolf, this is ALREADY a basis.
      And not
      Quote: Dictator1412
      Western democratizers!
      , and plenty of their own.

      But what’s true is true -
      Quote: Steam Train
      Dear bazilio. In fact, the structure that has been created for decades is simply lost. If you recall who mainly went to DOSAAF? This was a working youth which is now practically absent, students never aspired to go there. Yes, and the teaching staff is lost and how correctly noticed bachast, where to get the finances? You do not think that the comrades rushed to help without exhaust for them?
    HUMANOID 20 August 2012 11: 30
    You need to start with a patriotic upbringing, otherwise it will be just another throwing away of money. And there is a complete vacuum, there are practically no modern films about teenagers .. For example, my only Disney channel is watched in spite of all my prohibitions, but there is sheer glamor and beautiful American life. full. Yes, and for an adult audience, modern "cinematography" and the mass media can offer nothing but low-grade American consumer goods (and Russian in image and likeness). And some modern films about the war generally vomit.
    For example, I am for the strict censorship of such films.
  8. Denzel13
    Denzel13 20 August 2012 11: 57
    DOSAAF is certainly needed. A lot will depend on the person who will lead him. The author of the article did not indicate that Alexander Ivanovich Pokryshkin headed this organization from 1972 to 1980. Using his authority, he achieved proper state funding, the construction of educational buildings and complexes. By the way, the awarding of the Order of Lenin in 1977 occurred after an audit of the activities of DOSAAF, by the clue in the Central Committee of the CPSU, of the secretary of the party organization of the company directly to Pokryshkin and his management methods. The result of the verification is the order of DOSAAF and the same Pokryshkin.
  9. Yoke
    Yoke 20 August 2012 13: 05
    It is possible to revive DOSAAF, and the main issue is not the human, but the material resources and the interest of the authorities. It’s not a problem to recruit teachers - almost every life-saving teacher in schools was related to this organization. Based on the large number of military-patriotic clubs, problems with the recruitment of pupils are also not expected. I repeat, everything rests on the monetary issue and the desire of the authorities.
  10. Zomanus
    Zomanus 20 August 2012 13: 38
    Yes, I think that with a certain change in approach, white-ticketers would not refuse to take a short course. Even for the money. Indeed, in fact, for shooting and control, not so much strength is needed as skill. And the emphasis is on guerrilla warfare.
  11. Apollo
    Apollo 20 August 2012 18: 36
    Skeptics who do not believe in the rebirth of DOSAAF, I would object

    DOSAAF or any other form of organization needs to be revived; among the young people, glory to the god of patritism is abundant.
  12. Forward
    Forward 20 August 2012 23: 00
    That's just in the shooting club DOSAAF I started a sports career .. and the military too. soldier
  13. IGR
    IGR 20 August 2012 23: 10
    This is not NVP and do not shoot once a year. This system covered initial training for all types of aircraft. And for the sun, this is the amount that turned into quality.
    He worked in this system for almost 10 years in the 80s.
    In aviation.
    I’ll say about her.
    Own base. Own airfields and training centers (UACs and Aero clubs), own equipment, own schools (two to Soyuz, Volchansk: pilot-instructors, Kaluga - aircraft, four specialties). Preparation of 15 year old boys for admission to VVAUL for 2 years, i.e. at the time of receipt - there is an independent raid. Now they are about forty years old.
    Thousands have passed about paratroopers and say nothing, this is a separate caste of people devoted to heaven.
    And most importantly, all this was available to anyone.
    Now they began to realize that they had broken. But it’s already impossible to solve this problem with money. A generation of veteran teachers, associates A.I. Pokryshkina. Unfortunately.
    And DOSAAF was called the SCHOOL OF PATRIOTS before. Now what do we call? Something about the management of patriotism ............
    1. hohryakov066
      hohryakov066 21 August 2012 08: 16
      It is necessary that the theme of the rebirth of DOSAAF be heard constantly. Then it will be possible to shift something. And now my friend is leading a military - patriotic club (he served in the Airborne Forces) and he seriously distracts boys from beer and the street, and not only there is no help from the authorities - they interfere as much as they can! He doesn’t ask for a salary either - give the room, any, we will repair it yourself, and in return the commissions come to him to check if he has unearned income! The ROC gave him premises during the year! Imagine, his pets have already served for the first time, some have won back. A heap of letters of thanks from the commanders. In short - until the revival of all of this becomes truly a state task - there isn’t much to be done.
  14. TY-TY
    TY-TY 21 August 2012 14: 03
    yes, in childhood I missed him .. there was nothing to do ..