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It is now known for certain that during World War II, Anglo-American aviation deliberately bombed peaceful German cities. The statistics of the effects of the “air war” provide the following data: in all age groups, losses among women exceed losses among men by approximately 40%, the number of dead children is also very high - 20% of all losses, losses among older ages are 22%. Of course, these figures do not mean that only the Germans became victims of the war. The world remembers Auschwitz, Majdanek, Buchenwald, Mauthausen and another 1 concentration camps and ghettos, the world remembers Khatyn and Babi Yar ... It's about another. How did the Anglo-American methods of warfare differ from the German ones if they also led to the mass death of civilians?

Churchill's sign

If you compare the pictures of the lunar landscape with photos of the space that remains from the German city of Wesel after the bombing of 1945, then it will be difficult to distinguish them. The mountains of the rearing earth, alternating with thousands of huge bomb craters, very much resemble lunar craters. To believe that people lived here is impossible. Wesel became one of 80 German target cities subjected to the total bombardment of Anglo-American aviation in the period from 1940 to 1945 year. How did this “air” war start - actually a war with the population?

Let us turn to the previous documents and individual "program" statements of the first persons of the states participating in the Second World War.

At the time of the invasion of German troops in Poland - 1 September 1939 of the year - the whole world community was aware of the “Rules of War” document developed by the participants of the Washington Conference on Arms Restriction in 1922. It says literally the following: “Aerial bombardment to terrorize the civilian population, or to destroy and damage private property of a non-military nature, or to harm persons who do not take part in hostilities, is prohibited” (Article 22, Part II).

Moreover, 2 September 1939 was announced by the British, French and German governments that bombardments would be “strictly military targets in the narrowest sense of the word.”

After half a year since the outbreak of war, speaking in the 15 House of Commons in February 1940, English Prime Minister Chamberlain reaffirmed the earlier statement: “Whatever others do, our government will never be mean to attack women and other civilians just to to terrorize them. ”


As a result, the humane concept of the leadership of Great Britain existed only until May 10, 1940, the day that Winston Churchill came to the post of Prime Minister after Chamberlain's death. The next day, on his go-ahead, the English pilots began to bomb Freiburg. Assistant Secretary of Aviation J.M. Speight commented on this event as follows: “We (the British) began bombing targets in Germany before the Germans began bombing targets in the British Isles. it historical a fact that was publicly recognized ... But since we doubted the psychological influence that the propaganda distortion of the truth could have had on the fact that it was we who launched the strategic offensive, we lacked the spirit to publicize our great decision, adopted in May 1940 of the year. We should have announced it, but we, of course, made a mistake. This is a great solution. ” According to the famous English historian and military theorist John Fuller, then "it was at the hands of Mr. Churchill that the fuse triggered, which caused an explosion - a war of devastation and terror, unprecedented since the Seljuk invasion."

British bomber aircraft experienced a clear crisis. In August, 1941, Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers D. Butt presented a report, which proved the absolute inefficiency of the bombers' raids that year. In November, Churchill was even forced to order the commander of bomber aviation, Sir Richard Percy, to limit the number of raids as much as possible until the concept of using heavy bombers was developed.

Debut possessed

Things changed for February 21 1942, when Marshal Arthur Harris became the new commander of the Royal Air Force bomber aircraft. A lover of figurative expressions, he immediately promised to “tear out” Germany from the war. Harris proposed to abandon the practice of destroying specific targets and to carry out bombing on urban squares. In his opinion, the destruction of cities should undoubtedly undermine the spirit of the civilian population, and above all the workers of industrial enterprises.

Thus, in the use of bombers there was a complete coup. Now they have become an independent tool of war that does not need to interact with anyone. Harris, with all his unbridled energy, began to turn bomber aircraft into a huge destruction machine. He promptly established iron discipline and demanded the unquestioning and quick execution of all his orders. Few people liked the “crackdown”, but Harris was the least worried - he felt the strong support of Prime Minister Churchill. The new commander categorically demanded that the government provide him with 4 thousand heavy four-engine bomber and 1 thousand high-speed fighter-bomber of the Moskito type. This would give him the opportunity to keep up over Germany up to 1 thousand aircraft overnight. The ministers of the “economic” bloc with great difficulty managed to prove to the frantic marshal the absurdity of his demands. The British industry simply could not cope with their fulfillment in the foreseeable future, if only because of a shortage of raw materials.

So on the first “raid of thousands of bombers” that took place on the night from 30 to 31 in May 1942, Harris sent everything he had: not only a few Lancaster, but also Halifax, Stirling, Blenheim , Wellington, Hempden, and Wheatley. A total of different types of armada consisted of 1 047 machines. At the end of the raid, the 41 aircraft did not return to the bases (3,9% of the total). Such a level of losses alerted many then, but not Harris. Subsequently, among the British Air Force, the loss of bomber aircraft was always the greatest.

The first "thousand raids" did not lead to noticeable practical results, and this was not required. The raids were “combat training”: according to Marshal Harris, it was necessary to create the necessary theoretical basis for bombing and to back it up with flight practice.

In such "practical" classes, the entire 1942 year passed. In addition to German cities, the British bombed several industrial sites of the Ruhr, targets in Italy - Milan, Turin and La Spezia, as well as German submarine bases in France.

Winston Churchill estimated this period of time as follows: “Although we gradually achieved the precision we needed at night, the German military industry and the moral strength of the resistance of its civilian population were not broken by 1942 bombing of the year”.

As for the sociopolitical resonance in England regarding the first bombings, for example, Lord Salisbury and Bishop of Chichester George Bell repeatedly spoke out condemning such a strategy. They expressed their opinions both in the House of Lords and in the press, focusing the attention of the military leadership and society as a whole on the fact that strategic bombardments of cities cannot be justified from a moral point of view or according to the laws of war. But such sorties nevertheless continued.

In the same year, the first compounds of the American heavy bombers Boeing B-17 and Flying Fortress arrived in England. At that time, they were the best strategic bombers in the world, both in speed and altitude, and in armament. 12 heavy machine guns "Browning" gave the crew "Fortress" good chances to fight off the German fighters. Unlike English, the American command relied on precision bombing in daylight. It was assumed that a powerful barrage of hundreds of "B-17" flying in a closed formation, no one could break through. The reality was different. Already in the first "training" raids on France, the squadron of "Fortresses" suffered sensitive losses. It became clear that without a strong cover of fighters the result was not to be achieved. But the Allies could not yet produce long-range fighters in sufficient numbers, so that the crews of the bombers had to rely mainly on themselves. Thus, the aircraft operated until January 1943, when the Allied conference was held in Casablanca, where the main points of strategic interaction were identified: “It is necessary to disrupt and destroy Germany’s military, economic and industrial power and weaken the morale of its people so that it loses all ability to military resistance. "

2 June, speaking in the House of Commons, Churchill said: “I can report that this year the German cities, harbors and centers of the war industry will be subjected to such a huge, continuous and cruel test that no country has experienced.” The commander of the British Bomber Aviation was instructed: "Start the most intense bombardment of industrial facilities in Germany." Subsequently, Harris wrote about it like this: “Practically I got the freedom to bomb any German city with a population of 100 thousand people and more”. Without postponing the case, the English marshal planned a joint operation with the Americans against Hamburg, the second most populous city in Germany. This operation was called "Gomorrah". Her goal was the complete destruction of the city and its conversion to dust.

Monuments of barbarism

At the end of July - early August 1943, 4 nighttime and 3 daytime mass raids were committed against Hamburg. A total of about 3 thousand Allied heavy bombers took part in them. During the first 27 raid of July, at one o'clock in the morning, 10 000 and explosives, mainly incendiary and high-explosive bombs, were dropped on densely populated areas of the city. For several days a fiery storm raged in Hamburg, and a column of smoke reached an altitude of 4 km. Even the pilots felt the smoke of the burning city, it penetrated into the cockpit. According to eyewitnesses, asphalt and sugar stored in warehouses were boiling in the city, glass melted in trams. Civilians burned alive, turning into ashes, or were suffocating from the poisonous gases in the basements of their own houses, trying to hide from the bombings. Or else - were buried under the ruins. In the diary of the German Friedrich Rehk, sent to Dachau by the Nazis, are stories about people fleeing Hamburg in their pajamas, who lost their memory or were distraught with horror.

The city was half destroyed, more than 50 thousand of its inhabitants died, over 200 thousand were injured, burned and maimed.

To his old nickname "bomber" Harris added another - "Nelson Air." So it is now called in the English press. But nothing pleased the marshal - the destruction of Hamburg could not bring the final defeat of the enemy decisively closer. According to Harris, the simultaneous destruction of at least six major German cities was required. And for this, there was not enough strength. Justifying his "slow victories," he said: "I can no longer hope that we can defeat the largest industrial power of Europe from the air if I am given only 600 — 700 heavy bombers for this purpose.”

British industry could not, as quickly as Harris wished, make up for the loss of such aircraft. Indeed, in each raid the British lost an average of 3,5% of the total number of bombers involved. At first glance, it seems like a bit, but then every crew had to make 30 combat missions! If this quantity is multiplied by the average percentage of losses, then we get 105% losses. Truly killer mathematics for pilots, scorers, navigators and shooters. Few of them survived the fall of 1943 ...

sv: "Bearing in mind the Probability Theory, apart from mathematics, you need to be friends with logic! The task is extremely simple and what does Bernoulli have to do with it? For one flight 3,5% of planes die. Each crew makes 30 departures. The question is, how many chances does the crew survive? if we assume that every time 99,9% of planes die and at the same time make 1000 departures, even a tiny chance, but the chance to survive will always remain, that is, 100% (especially 105%) losses are nonsense, from a logical point of view And the solution to this problem is elementary. With one departure, the chance to survive is 96,5%, i.e. 0,965 With 30-tees, this number needs to be multiplied 30 times (build to 30 degree). We get 0,3434.Or, a chance to survive is more than one third! For 2 World War II, this is quite decent and only cowards did not fly ... "

dust: "The author was clearly not friends with math at school. His idea of ​​multiplying the number of losses (3.5%) of British bombers by the number of sorties (30) I would say stupid. Writing that probability turned out to be 105% is not serious. In this In the example, probability theory tells us that we need to apply the Bernoulli formula. Then the result is completely different - 36,4%. Also, not joyful for KVVS pilots, but not 105% =)))) "

M. Volchenkov: "The author clearly folded 3,5% 30 once, which, to put it mildly, was not worth it. It is much better to multiply the survival probabilities.")

But the other side of the barricades. The famous German fighter pilot Hans Philip described his feelings in battle: “Fighting with two dozen Russian fighters or the English Spitfires was a joy. And no one thought about the meaning of life. But when seventy huge Flying Fortresses fly on you, all your previous sins stand before your eyes. And even if the lead pilot was able to gather his courage, then how much pain and nerves were necessary to make each pilot in the squadron cope with him, right up to the very beginners. ” In October 43, during one of these attacks, Hans Philip was shot down and killed. His fate was shared by many.

Meanwhile, the Americans focused their main efforts on the destruction of important industrial facilities of the Third Reich. 17 August 1943, the 363 heavy bomber attempted to destroy ball-bearing factories in the Schweinfurt area. But since there were no escort fighters, the losses during the operation were very serious - the 60 Fortress. Further bombing of the area was postponed for the month of 4, during which the Germans were able to restore their plants. Such attacks finally convinced the American command that it was no longer possible to send bombers without cover.

And three months after the failure of the Allies - November 18 1943 of the year - Arthur Harris began the "battle for Berlin." On this occasion, he said: "I want to incinerate this nightmarish city from end to end." The battle continued until March of 1944. 16 mass raids were committed on the capital of the Third Reich, during which 50 tons of bombs were dropped. Almost half of the city turned into ruins, tens of thousands of Berliners died. “Over the course of fifty, a hundred, and maybe even more years, the destroyed cities of Germany will stand as monuments of the barbarity of its winners,” wrote Major-General John Fuller.

One German fighter pilot recalled: “I once saw a nighttime raid from the ground. I stood in a crowd of other people in an underground metro station, the earth shook at every break of bombs, women and children screamed, clouds of smoke and dust penetrated through the mines. Anyone who did not experience fear and horror should have had a heart of stone. ” At that time the anecdote was popular: who can be considered a coward? Answer: a resident of Berlin who volunteered for the front ...

But still, the city could not be completely destroyed, and the proposal was born to Nelson Air: “We can completely demolish Berlin if the US Air Force takes part. It will cost us 400 — 500 aircraft. The Germans will pay defeat in the war. " However, American colleagues Harris optimism is not divided.

In the meantime, discontent with the commanders of bomber aircraft grew in the English leadership. Harris’s appetites increased so much that in March 1944, War Minister J. Grigg, presenting the Army’s budget project to Parliament, said: “I take the liberty to say that the production of heavy bombers alone employed as many as ". At that time, the British military production on 40 — 50% worked for one aircraft, and to meet the ever-increasing demands of the main scorer meant to bleed the ground forces and fleet. Because of this, admirals and generals, to put it mildly, were not too good at Harris, but he was still obsessed with the idea of ​​“breaking out” Germany from the war. But with this just did not work. In addition, from the point of view of losses, the spring of the 1944 was the hardest period for British bomber aircraft: on average, losses over the flight reached 6%. 30 March 1944 German night fighters and anti-aircraft gunners shot down 96 from 786 aircraft during a raid on Nuremberg. It was a truly “black night” for the Royal Air Force.

British raids could not break the spirit of resistance of the population, and the American raids decisively reduce the output of German military products. All sorts of enterprises were dispersed, and strategically important factories hidden underground. In February, 1944 of the year for several days, half of the aircraft plants in Germany were subjected to air raids. Some were razed to the ground, but very quickly production was restored, and factory equipment was moved to other areas. The release of aircraft continuously increased and reached its maximum in the summer of the 1944.

In this regard, it is worth noting that there is an amazing fact in the post-war report of the US Directorate for the Study of the Results of Strategic Bombings: it turns out that there was only one dibromoethane production plant in Germany for ethyl liquid. The fact is that without this component, which is necessary in the production of aviation gasoline, not a single German aircraft would have flown. But, oddly enough, this plant has never been bombed, nobody thought about it. But destroy it, the German aircraft factories could not touch at all. They could release thousands of aircraft that could only be rolled on the ground. This is how John Fuller wrote about this: “If in our technical age soldiers and pilots do not think technically, they do more harm than good.”


At the beginning of 1944, the main problem of the Allied Air Force was solved: "Fortresses" and "Liberators" were defended by excellent Thunderbolt and Mustang fighters in large numbers. Since that time, the losses of the Reich air defense fighter squadrons began to increase. Ases was getting smaller, and there was no one to replace them - the level of training of young pilots compared to the beginning of the war was depressingly low. This fact could not help encouraging the allies. Nevertheless, it was becoming increasingly difficult for them to prove the feasibility of their “strategic” bombings: in 1944, the gross industrial output in Germany steadily increased. We needed a new approach. And they found him: the commander of US strategic aviation, General Karl Spaats, suggested concentrating on the destruction of synthetic fuel factories, while the chief marshal of British aviation, Tedder, insisted on the destruction of the German railways. He argued that the bombing of transport is the most realistic opportunity to quickly disorganize the enemy.

As a result, it was decided first of all to bomb the transport system, and in the second - fuel production plants. Since April 1944, the Allied bombing has indeed become strategic for a short while. And against their background, the tragedy in the small town of Essen, located in East Frisia, went unnoticed. ... On the last day of September 1944, due to bad weather, American planes could not get to one military plant. On the way back through the gap in the clouds, the pilots saw a small city and, in order not to return home with a full load, decided to free themselves from it. The bombs hit the school, burying 120 children under the ruins. It was half the children in the city. A small episode of a major air war ... By the end of 1944, German rail transport was almost paralyzed. Synthetic fuel production fell from 316 thousand tons in May 1944 to 17 thousand tons in September. As a result, fuel was not enough for either aviation or tank divisions. The desperate German counterattack in the Ardennes in December of the same year was drowned in many respects due to the fact that they were unable to seize the fuel reserves of the Allies. German tanks just stood up.

Friends slaughter arms

In the fall of 1944, the Allies encountered an unexpected problem: there were so many heavy bombers and fighter jets that they did not have enough industrial targets: they couldn’t sit around without work. And to the full satisfaction of Arthur Harris, not only the British, but also the Americans began to consistently destroy German cities. The strongest raids were Berlin, Stuttgart, Darmstadt, Freiburg, Heilbronn. The climax of the massacre actions was the destruction of Dresden in mid-February 1945. At this time, the city was literally flooded with tens of thousands of refugees from the eastern regions of Germany. The 800 English bombers began the massacre on the night of 13 on 14 February. 650, thousands of incendiary and high-explosive bombs, were brought down to the city center. In the afternoon Dresden bombed 1 350 American bombers, the next day 1 100. The city center was literally wiped off the face of the earth. In total, 27 thousand residential and 7 thousand public buildings were destroyed.

How many citizens and refugees died is still unknown. Immediately after the war, the US State Department reported 250 thousand dead. Now generally accepted is the figure ten times smaller - 25 thousand, although there are other figures - 60 and 100 thousand people. In any case, Dresden and Hamburg can be put on a par with Hiroshima and Nagasaki: “When fire from burning buildings broke through the roofs, a column of hot air rose about six kilometers in height and three kilometers in diameter ... Soon the air heated to the limit, and that’s all what could have ignited was engulfed in flames. Everything burned to the ground, that is, there were no traces of combustible materials, only two days later the temperature of the fire had fallen so much that it was possible to at least approach the burned down area, ”witnesses.

After Dresden, the British managed to bomb Würzburg, Bayreuth, Zoest, Ulm and Rotenburg - cities that have survived from the late Middle Ages. Only in one town of Pforzheim with a population of 60 thousand people during a single 22 air raid in February 1945 a third of its inhabitants perished. Klein Festung recalled that when he was imprisoned in the Theresienstadt concentration camp, he saw the reflections of the Pforzheim fire from his cell window - in 70 kilometers from it. Chaos settled on the streets of destroyed German cities. The Germans, who love order and cleanliness, lived like cave dwellers, hiding in ruins. Around disgusting rats scurried around and fatty flies circling.

In early March, Churchill urged Harris to end the "areal" bombing. He literally said the following: “It seems to me that we need to stop the bombing of German cities. Otherwise, we will take the absolutely ruined country under control. ” Marshal was forced to obey.

"Guarantee" of the world

In addition to eyewitness accounts, the catastrophic consequences of such raids are confirmed by numerous documents, including the conclusion of a special commission of the victorious powers, which immediately after the surrender of Germany investigated the results of the bombings on the spot. With industrial and military facilities, everything was clear - no one expected a different outcome. But the fate of German cities and villages plunged the members of the commission into shock. Then, almost immediately after the end of the war, the results of the "areal" bombing could not be hidden from the "general public." In England, there was a real wave of indignation against the recent "bombardier heroes", the protesters repeatedly demanded that they be brought to justice. In the US, everything was calm enough. Such information did not reach the broad masses of the Soviet Union, and it would hardly have become timely and understandable. There were so many of their own ruins and their grief that there was no strength, no time for someone else, for the “fascist” - “so that they all would be empty there!”

How mercilessly this time ... Literally after a few months after the war, its victims were useless to no one. In any case, the first persons of the powers that defeated fascism were so anxious about the division of the banner of victory that, for example, Sir Winston Churchill hurried to officially disown responsibility for the same Dresden, for dozens of other German cities obliterated from the earth. It was as if nothing had happened and he did not personally make decisions about the bombing. It was as if, when choosing the next victim city at the end of the war, the Anglo-American command was not guided by the criteria of “the absence of military facilities” - “the absence of air defense systems”. The generals of the allied armies took care of their pilots and airplanes: why send them to where there is an air defense ring.

As for the war hero, and later the disgraced marshal Arthur Harris, he immediately after the military battle began writing the book Strategic Bombing. She came out already in 1947 year and sold a fairly large circulation. Many were wondering how the “leading scorer” would be justified. The author did not do this. On the contrary, he made it clear that he would not allow him to shoulder all the responsibility. He did not repent of anything and did not regret anything. Here's how he understood his main task as commander of bomber aviation: “The main objects of the military industry should be sought where they are in any country in the world, that is, in the cities themselves. It should be especially emphasized that, except in Essen, we have never made any particular plant the object of a raid. We have always considered a destroyed enterprise in the city as an additional success. Our main goal has always been the center of the city. All the old German cities are most densely built up to the center, and their outskirts are always more or less free from buildings. Therefore, the central part of cities is especially sensitive to incendiary bombs. ”

US Air Force General Frederick Anderson explained the concept of total raids: “Memories of the destruction of Germany will be transferred from father to son, from son to grandson. This is the best guarantee that Germany will never again start new wars. ” There were a lot of similar statements, and they all seem even more cynical after becoming acquainted with the official US Strategic Bombing Report from 30 of September 1945. On the basis of the research conducted at that time, this document states that the citizens of German cities lost their faith in future victory, in their leaders, in promises and propaganda to which they were subjected. Most of all, they wanted the war to end.

They increasingly resorted to listening to “black radio” (“black radio”), to discussing rumors and in fact turned out to be in opposition to the regime. Due to the current situation in the cities, the dissident movement began to grow: in 1944, one out of every thousand Germans was arrested for political crimes. If German citizens had the freedom of choice, they would have long ceased to participate in the war. However, under the conditions of a tough police regime, any manifestation of discontent meant: dungeons or death. Nevertheless, the study of official records and individual opinions shows that in the last period of the war, absenteeism increased, and production decreased, although large enterprises continued to work. Thus, no matter how the people of Germany were dissatisfied with the war, “they did not have the opportunity to openly express it,” the American report stresses.

Thus, the massive bombing of Germany as a whole was not strategic. They were only a few times. The war industry of the Third Reich was paralyzed only at the end of 1944, when the Americans bombed 12 factories that produced synthetic fuel, and the road network was out of order. By this time, almost all the major German cities were aimlessly destroyed. According to Hans Rumpf, they took the brunt of the air raids and thus defended industrial enterprises until the end of the war. "Strategic bombardments were directed mainly at the destruction of women, children and the elderly," the major general stresses. Of the total 955 044 thousand bombs dropped by the British on Germany, 430 747 tons fell on the city.

As for Churchill’s decision on the moral terror of the German population, it was truly fatal: such attacks not only did not contribute to the victory, but also pushed it aside.

However, for a long time after the war, many well-known participants continued to justify their actions. So, in 1964, retired US Air Force Lieutenant General Ira Iker commented as follows: “I find it difficult to understand the British or Americans crying over those killed from the civilian population and not shedding tears over our valiant warriors who died in battles with a cruel enemy. I deeply regret that bomber aircraft of Great Britain and the United States killed 135 thousands of Dresden residents during a raid, but I do not forget who started the war, and even more regret that more than 5 millions of lives were given by the Anglo-American armed forces in a bitter struggle for complete destruction of fascism. "

The British Air Marshal Robert Sondby was not so categorical: “No one would deny that the bombing of Dresden was a great tragedy. It was a terrible misfortune, which sometimes happens in wartime, caused by a cruel coincidence. Those who sanctioned this raid acted not out of malice, not out of cruelty, although it is likely that they were too far from the harsh reality of the hostilities to fully understand the monstrous destructive force of the 1945 air bombardment of the year. ” Is the English air marshal really naive enough to justify the total destruction of German cities in this way? After all, “cities, and not piles of ruins are the basis of civilization,” wrote the English historian John Fuller after the war.

Better about the bombing, perhaps not say.

The origin of the doctrine

The very use of the aircraft as a means of warfare at the beginning of the 20th century was a truly revolutionary step. The first bombers were clumsy and brittle-looking structures, and it was not an easy task for pilots to fly to them even with a minimum bomb load. About the accuracy of the hits did not have to say. In World War I, bomber aircraft did not gain great fame, unlike fighter jets or ground-based “miracle weapons” - tanks. Nevertheless, supporters and even apologists appeared among the "heavy" aviation. In the period between the two world wars, perhaps the most famous of them was the Italian general Giulio Douai.

In his writings, Douai tirelessly argued that only aviation could win the war. Ground forces and fleet should play a subordinate role in relation to it. The army holds the front line, and the fleet protects the coast while the aircraft gains victory. Bombing should be first of all the city, not the factories and military facilities, which are relatively easy to relocate. Moreover, it is desirable to destroy the city in one raid, so that the civilian population does not have time to take out wealth and hide. It is necessary not so much to destroy as many people as possible, how to sow among them a panic, break morally. Under these conditions, the enemy soldiers at the front will not think about victory, but about the fate of their loved ones, which will undoubtedly affect their fighting spirit. To do this, it is necessary to develop precisely bomber aircraft, and not fighter, sea or any other. Well-armed bombers themselves are able to fend off enemy aircraft and deliver a decisive blow. Who will be the most powerful aircraft, he will win.

The “radical” views of the Italian theorist were shared by very few. Most military experts believed that General Duee had overdone it by absolutizing the role of military aviation. Yes, and calls for the destruction of the civilian population in 20-s of the last century were considered blatant moveton. But, be that as it may, it was Giulio Due that among the first to understand that aviation gave the third dimension to the war. With his "light hand" the idea of ​​unlimited air war firmly settled in the minds of some politicians and military leaders.

Loss in numbers

In Germany, bombing killed, according to various estimates, from 300 thousand to 1,5 million civilians. In France - 59 thousand dead and wounded, mainly from Allied raids, in England - 60,5 thousand, including victims from the actions of missiles "Fau".

The list of cities in which the area of ​​destruction was 50% and more of the total area of ​​buildings (oddly enough, only 40% fell on Dresden):

50% - Ludwigshafen, Worms
51% - Bremen, Hannover, Nuremberg, Remscheid, Bochum
52% - Essen, Darmstadt
53% - Cochem
54% - Hamburg, Mainz
55% - Neckarsulm, Zoest
56% - Aachen, Münster, Heilbronn
60% - Erkelenz
63% - Wilhelmshaven, Koblenz
64% - Bingerbrück, Cologne, Pforzheim
65% - Dortmund
66% - Crailsheim
67% - Gisen
68% - Hanau, Kassel
69% - Duren
70% - Altenkirchen, Bruchsal
72% - Geilenkirchen
74% - Donauworth
75% - Remagen, Würzburg
78% - Emden
80% - Prüm, Wesel
85% - Xanten, Zulpich
91% - Emmerich
97% - Julich

The total volume of debris was 400 million cubic meters. 495 architectural monuments were completely destroyed, 620 was damaged so much that their restoration was either impossible or doubtful.
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  1. Pashhenko Nikolay
    Pashhenko Nikolay 10 January 2013 08: 52
    That is, as I understand it, the author suggests we take pity on the Germans? And this after they killed millions of lives in our country and half destroyed it? Sorry, but I can’t force myself. What they sowed, they shook it.
    1. Vanek
      Vanek 10 January 2013 09: 13
      Quote: Pashhenko Nikolay
      That is, as I understand it

      I believe that the author proposed to feel sorry for those Germans who had nothing to do with the war.

      Quote: Pashhenko Nikolay
      Sorry, but I can’t force myself.

      And here I can! And I, strangely enough, am really sorry for those who died, in fact, for nothing. I feel sorry for women, old people and even more children.

      But the immediate military, on whose orders it was carried out, those who performed, etc. etc. .................... Well, here I agree. Punishment them one.

      Hello to everyone hi
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        They screamed hysterically "Heil!" almost all Germans and German women! It is enough to look at the German chronicle with Adolf Aloizovich. And, sending their men to the east, the families happily anticipated that they would have an allotment of land with a bunch of Slavic slaves. The Wehrmacht did this here (just remember Stalingrad on August 23, 1942) that their families are also responsible for the "exploits" of the golds, waiting for "gingerbread" from these golds! And you have to pay for that too! I am surprised that at least some buildings in Berlin have survived. During the assault, it was necessary to demolish everything that is more than half a meter from the ground, except for the Reichstag, on which the BANNER OF VICTORY was hoisted.
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          Do you know a word like propaganda? :)
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        Quote: Vanek
        And here I can! And I, strangely enough, am really sorry for those who died, in fact, for nothing. I feel sorry for women, old people and even more children.
        And I'm not sorry, Germany should have left no stone unturned for our ruined cities. To pity their "peaceful" population? What for? That they would stand at the machines and make all the new and new weapons that kill our civilians? No really, pipes. The apostle also said that anyone who takes a sword will be beheaded by the sword. Alexander Nevsky echoes him: "Whoever comes to us with a sword will die by the sword." So everything is correct, the British had every moral right to bombard the whole of Germany with bombs.
        1. dmitreach
          dmitreach 10 January 2013 16: 00

          , I'll clarify a bit. Jesus said it. Gospel of Matthew 26:52. Said to the Apostle! Who wanted to protect him, Jesus. There is a situation like: "guys are good, stop") That is, the phrase refers to ANY person who embarked on the path of war (armed conflict). Even if it's an Alpha fighter who died in Beskaln protecting children. But the paraphrase attributed to Nevsky, here is the specifics about "enemies" and "friends." A person has a choice of how to die: "for his friends" (for the Faith) or by being drunk.
          1. Uncle
            Uncle 10 January 2013 16: 59
            Quote: dmitreach
            I’ll clarify a bit. Jesus said it
            Yes, yes, of course, in the Garden of Gethsemane, thanks for the amendment. But with your opinion that anyone who embarks on the path of armed conflict will die a violent death. It is not necessary to understand literally that one cannot take up arms in fear of being killed. You have to kill while defending your homeland, Sergius of Radonezh blessed the army for the Battle of Kulikovo, Alexander Peresvet, who fought with Chelubey, was a monk. So the fighter Alpha, who died, protecting children, the Lord will accept in his abode, not looking not his sins.
            1. dmitreach
              dmitreach 10 January 2013 18: 00
              The Alpha fighter, in the context of the words Jesus died from a machine gun, is also a weapon. "Those who took Kalash will die from AKM74." (exaggerating) Of course, Alpha members gave their lives, showing Christian love. An example of courage and Christian qualities. As it says, I don't remember literally: there is no greater love than to lay down your soul for your friends?

              No, one shouldn't understand literally about violent death by sword vs sword (not spear). Questions to the Author of the phrase ... Apostle with the best intentions took up arms! This situation does not so much prohibit (as, for example, the commandment: "do not steal."), As warns about the consequences. Something in the manner: if you get involved in a fight, be ready to get a black eye. Specifically, in that situation, he remained a Teacher who gave instructions to the representatives of one nation. (brother against brother, because of beliefs)
        2. Raven
          Raven 11 January 2013 01: 54
          Germans and old people to the ex. weapons were not allowed, only from conc. lag
      3. Smoke
        Smoke 10 January 2013 20: 50
        Sorry, but you fucked up chtoli? Remember the siege of Leningrad, when people ate each other ..... you didn’t even fuck a hike you didn’t remember anything or a paid provocateur! Who gives birth to such bastards ..... Yes, there in Germany in 1945, absolutely ALL German Germans over 14 years old had to be cut to the root, do you understand that? They were treated very humanely! Left to live the nation! In fact, the Germans were saved as a nation. And then you spread the snot ....
        1. Raven
          Raven 11 January 2013 01: 56
          you are probably a 13-year-old child who decided to show off in front of the Pasans
        2. Raven
          Raven 15 January 2013 00: 07
          hmm, do you say it was necessary to cut every single one? And how would people like you differ from the SS?
      4. Mgydvin
        Mgydvin 11 January 2013 06: 34
        After Hiroshima, there’s nothing to think about ...
      5. yak69
        yak69 23 January 2013 21: 30
        This article is about the fact that the Western media today accuse us of unjustified bombing of Tallinn and other Baltic cities. These scribblers have to be poked in the face of their Western shit - the bombing of the civilian population in Germany, Hiroshima and Nagasaki is generally hell!
        For some reason, the bore scribes do not see this.
        However, history has also not taught the Japanese anything - they are now dancing to the American tune, and they even threaten all their neighbors - China, north Korea, Russia, with their fists.
        Apparently, our world will have to re-learn the brutal lessons of history.
      6. Demagogue
        Demagogue 21 March 2013 19: 27
        Of course, it's a pity for the children. Women and old men are relatives of those who started and continued the war against our country. These are relatives and friends of those who killed my grandfather, and the second was kept in the camp and forced to work in the mine. Grandmother was also driven to Germany and this did not increase her health. Who knows what would happen to my family if it weren’t for that war.
        So who am I to regret? For that fought for it and ran.
    2. vyatom
      vyatom 10 January 2013 13: 17
      “I find it difficult to understand the British or Americans crying over those killed from the civilian population and not shedding a tear over our valiant warriors who died in battles with a cruel enemy. I deeply regret that the bomber aircraft of Great Britain and the United States killed 135 thousand inhabitants of Dresden during a raid, but I do not forget who started the war, and even more regret that more than 5 million lives were lost to the British-American armed forces the destruction of fascism. "

      I agree with this quote. We did not start this war. And the Germans, starting the war, set the task not only to take away the territory from Russia or England. They wanted to destroy a large part of the population of Slavic and other peoples just like that, because they are not Germans. Both all Germans and Austrians supported these ideas. They shamelessly bombed our cities with civilians just like that. Destroyed prisoners of war just like that. Although before the war we did nothing wrong with them. Therefore, I am not sorry for these fucking chances. The British and Americans are well done - they did part of the work for us, bombing these cities. And no one dares to condemn them, let alone us.
      1. dmitreach
        dmitreach 10 January 2013 14: 37
        It's not about pitying the enemy or condemning the winner. It’s about fighting with fascism does not become a fascist himself. That is why our Warrior-Liberator stands in Treptow Park, with a German girl in her arms, not arrogant Saxon.
        And as history shows, they are arrogant Saxons, yes, they are fascists. (with some exceptions)
        1. strannik595
          strannik595 10 January 2013 15: 57
          and this is the cultural capital of Russia .......... and a million dead from starvation at the request of merciful, compassionate and sentimental Germans ...... we must remember everything and not try to arrange a branch of hell on earth again, not to cause angels of darkness from the abyss neither to Germans, nor British, nor Japanese, nor to others
          1. dmitreach
            dmitreach 10 January 2013 16: 12
            people need to remember everything and not try again to arrange a branch of hell on earth
            I agree. But without turning into an animal. That’s why the Soviet people who defeated fascism — thanks. They preserved their human appearance and morality.
        2. Was mammoth
          Was mammoth 10 January 2013 21: 35
          Quote: dmitreach
          It’s about fighting with fascism does not become a fascist yourself. That is why our Warrior-Liberator, with a German girl in her arms, stands in Treptow Park

          I read all the comments and returned to yours. The author equated, and rightly so, the Anglo-Americans to the fascists. How they fought then, they are fighting now. To justify or "understand" them is fascism. The Russian and Soviet armies fought with enemies, and never with children, women and old people.
          P.S. "What was going on there! .. At the Shar-Shar pass, we counted thirty victims of the Mullo Adjik bandits. In one house I saw the corpse of a twelve-year-old raped girl. There were bite marks on her cheeks and neck, her belly was ripped open ... Next to her in the corner lay another one dead lump - her six-year-old brother. ”In the ravine lay the corpse of their mother with lowered trousers ... I will not forget
          "A gravel pit a few kilometers south of Kurgan-Tyube, filled with the bodies of shot Kulyabs, partially gnawed by dogs. In total, more than three hundred and fifty corpses were counted there. They cut everyone in a row, without looking at gender and age, with whole families and villages."
          "And the chaos of the war is also to blame. Ulman and the people he killed were unlucky. Nobody likes to kill innocent people.

          These are the words of a real soldier and patriot of Russia A. Musienko, not a fascist. Taken from the next article.
          1. dmitreach
            dmitreach 10 January 2013 23: 14
            I had occasion to work with one Afghan Director (Airborne Forces) who was injured in the river, which affected his future service. Here is one of his films on the reconciliation of different generations of Russians with Germans. For the ancestors are in the same land - under Rzhev. He wouldn’t have been an Afghan with rewards, I would have asked questions .... But the opinion of the person who went through what you quoted above is worthy of deep attention.
    3. majorlnb
      majorlnb 10 January 2013 18: 01
      If the British had not signed the pledge "not to bomb civilians," then it would have been. But the British have OBLIGED not to fight the enemy civilians !!! And that means they are guilty of a crime against humanity!
    4. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 10 January 2013 20: 06
      That is, the author suggests thinking - how to fight? Like a warrior or like a beast? We have demolished cities and killed millions of people. Did we tear down German cities in return? We had the right to any revenge. Did we take revenge?
      These freaks suffered incomparable losses with us ... and with pleasure began to bathe in the blood as soon as they were given the opportunity. Moreover, in the blood of the elderly, women and children.
    5. Faceless
      Faceless 22 June 2018 12: 11
      The author suggests realizing that the methods of warfare of the Germans and the British were the same in the indicated aspects. I’ll add from myself: not only in these aspects, not only among the Germans and the British.
  2. Ostanin
    Ostanin 10 January 2013 09: 10
    The author tells us that the methods of waging war and "allies" and the Germans are no different - in fact, the same fascists. They know how to fight only with civilians. Better they would have fought with such stubbornness on the front lines, and not with civilians. In no way am I defending the Germans - they got what they deserved, but we must fight the army, not women and old people.
    1. Vanek
      Vanek 10 January 2013 09: 18
      Quote: Ostanin
      It would be better if they fought with such tenacity on the front lines,

      As they are accustomed to fighting "from a distance" and they are fighting.

      A normal offensive operation, with the use of "everything at hand," they cannot be taken out!
    2. vyatom
      vyatom 10 January 2013 13: 19
      the destruction of the rear infrastructure is war. Bombing the city of Germany, they saved the lives of their soldiers, I realized that you are Ostanin. We did not start this war.
      1. Uncle
        Uncle 10 January 2013 14: 22
        Quote: vyatom
        the destruction of the rear infrastructure is war.

        Precisely, in particular, a struggle was waged against enterprises working on the atomic bomb. It is not known how the war would end if the special forces had not sunk the barge with heavy water, had not blown up that plant.
      2. Ostanin
        Ostanin 10 January 2013 15: 06
        Not you, but you, Vyacheslav, we didn’t sit at the same table. The German army was combat-ready until the end of the war. and where is the destruction of infrastructure and rear? Where is the main result of these senseless bombings, namely, the withdrawal of Germany from the war because of the destroyed rear, infrastructure, communications? What have they accomplished with this? Nothing, and I don't care about their worthless soldiers. I feel sorry for the soldiers of my country, who died in hundreds of thousands, bearing the brunt of the war, while these "allies" were dropping hundreds of thousands of bombs on civilians in German cities. While these s.r.a.s.s. Arthur Charises bombed civilians, like a big fat cat scattering a flock of sparrows, the soldiers of my country with sweat and blood won victory face to face with a merciless and powerful enemy.
        1. vyatom
          vyatom 10 January 2013 16: 57
          I would not refuse to meet with you, Ostanin, at the same table and go to you.
          And they also fought pretty well. It is not their fault that they are separated from Europe by the seas and oceans, but we missed June 22. Nevertheless, they contributed to the victory, and the Germans killed in Africa, Western Europe and under bombing in Germany, were not on the eastern front. And how many British and Americans carried out special operations against the Germans. And they fought bravely enough, albeit not on the same scale as our army. Cities of Germany - the territory of the enemy, its rear, which for military purposes must also be destroyed.
    3. Uncle
      Uncle 10 January 2013 14: 20
      Quote: Ostanin
      It would be better if they fought with such tenacity on the front lines,

      They fought on the sea and in the air, there is generally no population there. Now they print a lot of memoirs of both German and English submariners, sailors and pilots, very informative. smile
    4. Raven
      Raven 11 January 2013 01: 59
      but the Germans knew how to fight, whatever one may say, under the Ardenes they piled on amers
  3. erased
    erased 10 January 2013 09: 24
    If the ultimate goal is the destruction of the enemy, then it should be carried out everywhere, including in the rear. Destruction of industry, communications, resources, including human.
    Ours also bombed Berlin, though only the bombing of Moscow began to do this. And if strategic aviation were developed in the USSR, they would be bombed all the time.
    So I can’t say that the British and Americans acted in vain. Efficiency may not be the highest, but that's another matter.
    And the deaths of civilians ... Germans and without carpet bombing destroyed millions of Soviet people. There was a war for extermination! In any case, from the Germans.
    By the way, current conflicts and wars are also going to extermination. But under the guise of trepidation about humanitarian goals and general crap.
  4. 77bor1973
    77bor1973 10 January 2013 09: 40
    The moon is one in one. Dresden
    1. vyatom
      vyatom 10 January 2013 13: 21
      Yes dick with this Dresden. Bombed, there they are and the road. I am more concerned about the fate of our people who suffered during the war.
  5. Fox
    Fox 10 January 2013 09: 59
    Angles bastard folk ... and in fact demolished the city mainly in eastern Germany, in the area of ​​the Red Army, which increased the loss of our soldiers, because FSUs who bomb you, shoot those who are closer.
  6. 8 company
    8 company 10 January 2013 10: 05
    Pretty weird article. Did the author really want to prove that there was no difference between the British and Germans in World War II? He forgot who was the aggressor? He never heard of Guernica and Coventry?

    The Germans, who love order and cleanliness, lived like cave dwellers, hiding in ruins. Disgusting rats scurried around and fat flies circled.

    Does this author want to soften someone? He certainly will not pity me; in Belarus, the Germans carefully burned several hundred villages with the inhabitants.
    1. sq
      sq 10 January 2013 11: 45
      During the war there is no civilian population, there are own and there is an enemy. Here the only question is already solved is how to achieve victory over the enemy: the defeat of the army, the destruction of industry or the total destruction of all living things.
      1. knn54
        knn54 10 January 2013 19: 52
        The British at the end of the war developed special technologies for greater destruction of residential neighborhoods. The first wave of bombers carried high-explosive bombs. Her task was to tear down the roofs of houses and knock out windows to increase the efficiency of the use of incendiary bombs carried by the second wave. They showed their strength, they wanted to impress Stalin. ALREADY THEN THEY PREPARED FOR WAR WITH THE USSR. Therefore, Dresden, which was almost unaffected by the bombing, was chosen for this, in which there were about 700000 inhabitants + 1 million. refugees (no less).
        PS Siemens plant, which produced gas masks, Zeiss enterprises, which produced optical devices, and several small enterprises that produced radio-electronic components and components for the aircraft industry, located on the outskirts of the city, survived, only the center was bombed.
    2. vyatom
      vyatom 10 January 2013 13: 22
      Plus. I am not sorry for the Germans. For that fought for it and ran.
    3. Uncle
      Uncle 10 January 2013 14: 23
      Quote: Company 8
      Does this author want to soften someone? He certainly will not pity me; in Belarus, the Germans carefully burned several hundred villages with the inhabitants.

      The author, apparently, does not know the difference between Katyn and Khatyn. Humanist fucking.
  7. Nasty
    Nasty 10 January 2013 10: 29
    Hitler would not have started a war without the consent of the German people.
    This is a retribution.
    1. Uncle
      Uncle 10 January 2013 14: 28
      Quote: Nadyt
      Hitler would not have started a war without the consent of the German people.

      Germany 30 years on the rigidity of totalitarianism was abruptly the USSR of the same period. What are the Nazi organizations for children, not the Hitler Youth, no, for kids, Jungfolk and for almost infants, I don’t remember the name. What consent there! To re-education camps!
    2. revnagan
      revnagan 10 January 2013 20: 19
      Quote: Nadyt
      Hitler would not have started a war without the consent of the German people. This is a retribution.

      Exactly. How to eat the stuffed bacon, wrap yourself up in things taken away by German soldiers, hang pictures from our museums on the walls, so the German population rushes to the distillation, and how to pay for the atrocities, so the "pure and cultured" Germans ...
  8. borisst64
    borisst64 10 January 2013 10: 34
    "Retired US Air Force Lieutenant General Ira Iker said:" ...... and even more regret that more than 5 million lives were given by the Anglo-American armed forces in a bitter struggle for the complete destruction of fascism. "

    About the loss of allies, 5 million soldiers are surprised. Somewhere a mistake.
    1. Evgan
      Evgan 10 January 2013 11: 20
      Yes, definitely, a mistake. The irretrievable losses of the same British in World War II were less than in the First.
  9. Evgan
    Evgan 10 January 2013 11: 21
    I can add one thing from myself: these raids distracted a huge mass of German fighter aircraft from the Eastern Front, thereby contributing to the successful advance of our troops.
    1. vyatom
      vyatom 10 January 2013 13: 24
      Why scold the Americans and the British. They helped us at least by bombing. The Germans wanted to completely destroy the entire Union, along with the inhabitants. For this it is necessary to severely punish so that the hans are bullshit for centuries.
  10. Evgan
    Evgan 10 January 2013 11: 52
    According to the famous English historian and military theorist John Fuller, then "it was at the hands of Mr. Churchill that the fuse triggered, which caused an explosion - a war of devastation and terror, unprecedented since the Seljuk invasion."

    By the way, Mr. Fuller, to whom the author of the article repeatedly refers, was a member of the British Union of Fascists, which makes his point of view not entirely objective (however, this does not mean that it is incorrect).
  11. washi
    washi 10 January 2013 12: 24
    Arrogant and paddling could have prevented the war back in 1939. About 1932, when they began to finance Adolf, 1937, when they "peacefully" in Munich gave Eastern Europe, also do not forget. Their goal was the destruction of Germany and the USSR. With regard to Germany, it was possible right away - until now, it is under them, trying to take away its gold reserves from the USA. They got married with us, but nevertheless the USSR is no longer there.
    And on the bombing ... Why did they have to destroy their property (most of the plants belonged to the Anglo-Saxons). It is easier to destroy the civilian population, which, in cases of occupation, will need to be fed. And the USSR for the future scare.
  12. sailor76
    sailor76 10 January 2013 12: 38
    The most striking thing is that recently the Amerikos accused the USSR of bombing Tallinn. In general, as they say, a cow mooed enough to remember Hiroshima and napalm in Vietnam. The Allied aviation losses were really very large, but it seems to me that the methods of warfare were successfully adopted from the Hitlerites.
    1. Uncle
      Uncle 10 January 2013 14: 29
      Quote: Sailor76
      someone's, as they say, a cow mumbled enough to remember Hiroshima

      The Japanese believe that they were bombed by the USSR. Even if so, then all the same - correctly bombed.
      1. Sanches
        Sanches 11 January 2013 01: 44
        Uncle (1) RU Yesterday, 14:29
        The Japanese believe that they were bombed by the USSR.
        you see, the arrogant Saxons are also accusing us of bombing Germany. switchmen
      2. sailor76
        sailor76 12 January 2013 22: 29
        The Japanese generally have been considering a lot lately lately, but again I suspect not without a big brother’s order. As they say, the move has been made (the law of Magnitsky and Dima Yakovlev’s response). Now another pro-stink starts to rise in the PRO-AMERICAN media, they can do it. just a chain of facts that you can (lubricate) in your favor if you wish, especially when the majority are on your side (England, France and other old and not very prostitutes). So we will expect new historical revelations from the world community.
  13. Dimon simfer
    Dimon simfer 10 January 2013 12: 55
    Thanks to the author for the article.
    The bombing of civilians is monstrous, but for the Americans and the British it is in the order of things. Fascism covered by shit democracy. The Yankees screeched and pissed with boiling water with pleasure, watching from above, as their bombs destroy cities with civilians. They wanted to break the morale of the German soldiers - a goofy excuse. Sneaky cowards these Anglo-Saxons.
    1. подводник
      подводник 10 January 2013 13: 21
      I somehow already inserted this frame ... I hope now, too, to the place
      1. sailor76
        sailor76 10 January 2013 14: 19
        I agree, the ideology of the war of these freaks is that it would totally destroy everyone and everything without disdaining moral principles, children, women, old people, what difference is there in the war.
    2. vyatom
      vyatom 10 January 2013 17: 03
      The losses of the bombers were not small either. So, boldness also needs courage.
  14. Humpty
    Humpty 10 January 2013 13: 25
    The Germans for what they did not mind. As for the arrogant Saxons, they are traditionally great enthusiasts for war crimes and the most vile methods of warfare.
  15. Egoza
    Egoza 10 January 2013 13: 35
    Was there a lot of civilians who were not "involved" in the war? Many Germans gladly took "Slavic slaves", plagued them with overwhelming work, and demanded more and more. When the Germans felt the bombing in their own skin, they finally thought about it, and then remembered it for a long time.
  16. AK-47
    AK-47 10 January 2013 13: 40
    16 massive raids were carried out on the capital of the Third Reich, during which 50 thousand tons of bombs were dropped. Almost half of the city turned into ruins, tens of thousands of Berliners died.

    But this is not the capital of the Reich, this is Minsk.
    1. Uncle
      Uncle 10 January 2013 14: 30
      Quote: AK-47
      But this is not the capital of the Reich, this is Minsk.
      Now, let the author admire, maybe the Belarusians will begin to feel sorry.
  17. CCA
    CCA 10 January 2013 14: 38
    The article and comments are worthy of attention ... The conclusion from all this can be drawn as follows: war is war, but it would not hurt to observe some standards of decency, both during the war and after it, discussing the consequences ... What I would like to point to the same Anglo-Saxons who accused the whole world of the USSR of excessive bombardment during the liberation of the Baltic states ...
  18. Forest
    Forest 10 January 2013 16: 41
    "The army cannot be used to destroy civilians - it demoralizes the army. The only army that practiced this in the ancient world is the Jewish, and nowadays it is the American. Why? - That's another question!" - Memoirs of Lazar Kaganovich, written down from his words, by his American nephew, Stuart Kagan.
  19. Kibl
    Kibl 10 January 2013 18: 32
    So the Anglo-Saxons bombed what they themselves built, because it is no secret that after the 1st World War, it was through giant loans that Germany was able to restore its industrial potential, and who gave them, the USA, England, carried out modernization with the help of bombing. many civilians killed, so the Democrats never bother
  20. asf32wesdg
    asf32wesdg 10 January 2013 18: 35
    It just can't be !!! The FSB has created this database about any resident of Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries. Really was really scared
    there are a lot of interesting things about me (addresses, phone numbers, even my photos of a different nature) - I wonder where they dug up this. In general, there are good sides - this
    Information can be deleted from the site.
    I advise you to hurry, you never know how to fumble there ...
    1. dmitreach
      dmitreach 10 January 2013 18: 53
      laughing laughing And here's how to respond to these things ??? wassat
      1. Black
        Black 10 January 2013 20: 55
        And we still think that modernization is slow. Commodity account offers a way out !!!
    NIKOLAI T 10 January 2013 18: 45
    Anglo-Saxons are scum and I feel sorry for the dead children, women and the elderly.
  22. Black
    Black 10 January 2013 18: 58
    The article is an echo of the Cold War. The theme is actively musiryumaya Soviet propaganda, look, they say, what are the Angels barbarians. Hiroshima, Nagasaki ... And in contrast, a monument to the Liberator Warrior with a girl in her arms. We are humane ....
    And my grandmother told how in September 42nd, 100 kilometers from Stalingrad, a glow of fires was visible. I think for what the Wehrmacht did with our cities and villages, the German people were more than paid off. They will remember more.
  23. Beltar
    Beltar 11 January 2013 15: 14
    There can be no pity for the Fritz, everyone killed in the rear, this is less than soldiers at the front and workers at the machine tools. As for the difficulties of the destruction of factories, however, I do not agree, it is almost impossible to take them out.
  24. sergant89
    sergant89 11 January 2013 16: 38
    And the millions who died in concentration camps, tortured, cobbled in villages, hanged and shot Soviet civilians, old people and children do not mind the author? !!! no dick to breed humanity and tolerance, no one is going to defend ki and Americans and have been there for the time being, but the article makes them worse than the Nazis, poor civil Germans sent their fathers, sons and husbands not for the battle for the liberation of the motherland, but for the capture and Enslavement of others.
  25. wulf66
    wulf66 11 January 2013 17: 25
    The article is further confirmation that the roots of German Nazism lie in the depths of British snobbery (disrespect for someone else's life for the benefit that the Britons showed in India and other captured or temporarily occupied countries).
  26. oops
    oops 12 January 2013 03: 08
    EVERYTHING, burning with fierce hatred of the Germans, to whom this hatred cuts off their minds, do not notice such a SIMPLE FACT: before the bombing of the RESIDENTIAL quarters of German cities by the ENGLISH, ALL countries agreed to abide by the rules of humane warfare and not touch civilians !!!
    But it was the ENGLISH, by order of Churchill, that they were the first to bury the civilized agreements not to touch the civilian population and untwisted the spiral of inhuman cruelty, making WWII a wild slaughter of all life !!! Maybe there would be less wild barbarism if it were not for Churchill the bloodsucker!

    Not only for Belarusians: Nazi Europe began the war against the USSR LATER A YEAR after the start of the British barbaric bombings. One year was enough for the Germans to understand: a war of EXPLOITATION had begun. And the European Nazis began to exterminate Western European Jews only in 1942, when it became clear that no "civilized" country would accept them, and the British would not let Jews into Palestine either !!! By the way, immediately after the beginning of WWII, the British interned in concentration camps not only their Germans, Austrians ... but also JEWS !!!

    Note to the Belarusians: Khatyn and other villages, along with the inhabitants, burned Western Ukrainians and the Baltic states!

    The Americans happily supported the initiative of the British to burn cities along with all living things. And even made improvements - they came up with napalm. Japanese cities burned much more readily than German and Americans cheaply burned alive more than half a million Japanese women and children ...

    This article is written so that people learn the REAL story, to see WHO and WHAT REALLY are to blame, where is the cause and where is the effect.
    Incidentally, anti-British and anti-American facts are very poorly presented here. The role of Britain is much more sinister in various bloodsheds.
    1. washi
      washi 2 February 2013 20: 31
      But it is interesting who with the same flag is of the same opinion.
      By the way, they began to destroy Soviet Jews immediately, but before that they wanted to evacuate European Jews to Palestine at the beginning, and when the Angles refused, to Madagascar.
  27. Lech37
    Lech37 12 January 2013 20: 22
    It was fascist Germany that first began to practice attacks on civilians, thereby condemning itself to harsh retribution. Dresden was preceded by Warsaw, Rotherdam, London, Coventry, Belgrade, Minsk, Kiev, Odessa, Sevastopol, Leningrad, Stalingrad ... Perhaps we will dwell on the latter in more detail:

    The bombing of Stalingrad in August 1942

    23 August 1942 German planes under the command of V. Richthofen barbarously bombed Stalingrad. In one day, the enemy made more than 2000 sorties. Despite the opposition of Soviet aviation and anti-aircraft artillery, which managed to shoot down 120 Nazi aircraft, the city was ruined, more than 40 thousands of civilians were killed. It was not only buildings that were burning, the land and the Volga were burning, because the oil tanks were destroyed. On the streets of the fires there was such a heat that clothing flared up on people fleeing to shelter.

    On the same day, the 14 Tank Corps of the 6 German Army broke through to the Volga near the village of Rynok and cut off the 62 Army from the rest of the Stalingrad Front.

    August 23 1942 is the most mournful date in the history of Stalingrad.

    For this I don’t understand the arguments of screechers about poor poor Germans.
  28. Zomanus
    Zomanus 13 January 2013 11: 01
    It is interesting to read comments from one side. By the way, at present, little has changed in this regard. Take Libya for example ... So I think that now, the same situation will arise, with a lack of high-precision shells and bombs, they will also work in areas. Although in Germany, indeed, it was enough to bomb the roads and fuel enterprises. By the way, I read that the Ford plant in Germany worked almost until the end of the war. Therefore, in some districts they did not bomb.
  29. Kolyan
    Kolyan April 2 2013 18: 32
    This should have been done by our aviation.
  30. The comment was deleted.