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This is a "soldier" so "soldier"! With a capital letter, he himself is very large. And therefore, all the details of his equipment are made very carefully and look very realistic. Each figure has a very beautiful box with several equipment options and a stand.

Faces erased, dull colors -
Either people, or dolls,
The look is like the look
And the shadow is on the shadow.
And I'm tired and resting
I invite you to the booth,
Where dolls look so much like people.
A. Makarevich. Puppets

This reduced, reduced world. The past material of this series is about figures from the Army Museum in Paris I collected a lot of comments, including one from Astra wild, which wanted to know more about ... large figures, so to speak, which we usually call not dolls or figures, but dolls! And this topic would have been off topic (such a funny pun comes out!), If it had not been most directly connected with Military Review. That is, we will talk about dolls, but dolls are purely military. The same soldiers, but only large! Well, in addition, I am pleased to serve our regular reader, because even when it was said that “what the woman wants, the Lord God himself wants!”

Well, we begin with the fact that anthropomorphic dolls of large size are already known in ancient times. These are ceremonial khaniv dolls from Japanese tombs, and kachinos dolls of the Hopi Indian tribe, and Japanese hin dolls for girls and boys' holidays (the latter can be used to study samurai armor, so accurate!), And puppet dolls, which are so in Miguel Cervantes’s novel Don Quixote was delighted, and dolls for nativity scenes - and not to list all. In ancient times, for example, in Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, they already knew how to make dolls with arms and legs on hinges. For example, one such one, made of ivory with legs and arms (it was even called Nina!), Was found in the necropolis of Terragona in Spain, and it belongs to the 4th century. AD

One of these figures and to it a helmet, a sword (by the way, the blades of swords, axes and daggers are usually made of metal), chain mail. Since it is very small, it is made of a nylon mesh painted with metal, but in some cases it is made of rings!

So this figure looks in full, so to speak, armament

Industrial dolls appeared already in the Renaissance and many of them came to us. Wooden dolls, folk dolls, came to us, simple but brightly colored and no less attractive, even next to brocade and velvet clad porcelain beauties from the Venetian palazzo. By the way, even the dolls of British Queen Victoria were even ... made of wood, although they were dressed in beautiful dresses in the fashion of those years. There were dolls made of wax, papier-mâché, porcelain, there was even his own “golden age” in stories dolls (end of the 19th century). It was then that the dolls had closed glass eyes, and the model for one of them was the wife of Emperor Napoleon III Eugene de Montijo - a beauty recognized by all. In the early twentieth century, Germany became the leader in puppet production. It was she who became the birthplace of the celluloid doll, and from 1922 of the year the Germans seized the palm of the Germans. In the 1937 year, dolls-figures grew to a height of 18 cm and learned to stand.

A knight's figure in the Eagle's Armor for the 1: 12 all-plastic walking tournament. She also has swivel joints in her arms and legs, which allows her to change her position

As for the debut of Barbie dolls, it took place in the 1959 year, and it was made of vinyl. In 1961, she had a friend, Ken, then a friend, Midge, and in 1964, her sister Skipper. In 1997, even a Russian Barbie appeared, dressed in a sarafan and with an elegant kokoshnik on her head. The success of Barbie was imitated, with some very interesting properties. For example, in 1985, Rowland released a collection of “historical character dolls depicting girls aged nine. This is Felicity - the era of colonial wars on the American continent; Josephine - a Latin American girl from the beginning of the twentieth century from New Mexico; Kirsten is a Swedish immigrant living in the United States in the Midwest; Eddie is an African American (a tribute to political correctness!), Who fled to the North from slave states, an orphan Samantha, who is raised by one grandmother, Kit is a girl from a family who went bankrupt during the Great Depression, and Molly is the daughter of a military doctor. Together with the doll, her outfits, accessories and ... a documentary plot with her “living story” are sold. Interactive museums are open across the country in which the owners of these dolls can play with them, which sometimes teaches better than any textbooks.

Military dolls for adults

New 2019 of the year. Russian "Anya" with all her equipment ...

The success of “thematic dolls” forced the creators of Barbie, who began to be produced in costumes of the corresponding professions, to follow this path. She was a flight attendant, and a fashionable rock star, and a pediatrician, and a fireman, and a teacher, and ... a presidential candidate (that's how it is!), And even a military pilot (1990)!

In which there is nothing! And interchangeable shops, and a knife, and a gun, and a pair of grenades, a tactical flashlight, a helmet "sphere", and even ... vest

And here the idea of ​​a doll of a sufficiently large size and - let’s put it this way: “of a military-historical content” finally began to bear fruit. So, in the 2000 year in Hong Kong, the Hot Toys company appeared, which specializes in producing collection figures in the 1: 6 scale, that is, 30 cm high, which depict warriors of different times, different countries and peoples, with a very high level of detail. Damtoys manufactures its figures in China, as does Coomodel, which produces beautiful (albeit slightly fancy knight figures) and not only figures on the scale of 1: 12, 1: 10 and 1: 6, but also bodies or teloids, as they are now commonly called, with movable joints and interchangeable hands. There are many other companies producing such products, so it will be easier to say that there are many. And there are a lot of figures ... well, starting from the Russian "polite soldiers" in the Crimea and the samurai and asigaru with bows and muskets, to ... the figures of Stalin (that's what all his fans have to buy !!!) and ... Hitler (but what about without him?). Almost all of our Red Army is represented. And the sniper Zaitsev, and the sniper girl, and the officers, and the marine, the tankman, and the officers with epaulets and without them. Cossack in a burka - and they did not forget that! Both horses and figures of riders are issued for them with full armament, and replaceable. Although prices, let’s say so, bite. A human figure on a scale of 1: 6 may cost 24 thousand rubles, and more expensive, but what about horses, when! A figure, for example, a "German politician" with a short mustache costs 29700 p. Although there is cheaper, in a raincoat and ... with a dog! There are many figures within 16 of thousands of rubles, and bodyids, especially those made of hard plastic, can be said to be inexpensive - 1900 p. I bought it and put on “this body” in any armor or suit, which, by the way, many people do!

Amazing quality weapon: shops are replaced, the butt moves apart, the shutter cockes!

Finally, Phicen, also an Asian company specializing in ... female bodies made of silicone, is seamless, but on a metal skeleton and with very realistic bent arms and legs. They should be bought by people with a stronger psyche, let’s say so, because they are ... very natural and look very erotic. Bribes over the study of faces, hair that looks like alive.

Some figures are historically reliable, but many knights bear the imprint of fantasy, alas. Personally, I do not like this, but in terms of marketing this is a real gift of fate!

The impressive figure of the Jurzhen horseman ...

And this is a horse to him! (15900 p., By the way)

Authentic samurai, asigars, Mongols, Chinese, a heavy Chzhurzhensky rider with a horse (the price is breathtaking!) And without a horse, modern Russian and American soldiers, as well as soldiers of the Second World War, well ... characters of modern popular films, ranging from Rambo and ending with Rossamaha.

This is how a rigid body looks like a man. Surprisingly, there are figures not only with replaceable brushes, but also with three “virtues”. Why is this?

All this is good. But each article in this series is also devoted to how you can make money on all of this. Well - everything is simple. You buy a couple of figures, several more teloids, gut the equipment of the first and carefully study the device of the second and ... open a company: "Large scale figures accessories, Inc." and start producing not the figures themselves (this is difficult and expensive), but sets of clothes and armor. For example, the knightly armor of many companies, as already described above, is too fantasy and unrealistic. And we take the drawings of Angus McBride, we make clothes and weapons directly on his tablets and ... you and I get a ready-made "umbrella brand", "sharpened" for publishing numerous books by the well-known Osprey publishing house.

Set of knight armor parts. All of them can be made of epoxy resin in the technology of "rubber whale". Moreover, taking as a basis the armor from ... the Vienna Armory, the Arsenal of the city of Graz, the Dresden Armory, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the castle of Hluboká nad Vltavou, so that the people who visit all this would have the temptation to leave them buy! The copy number of armor should be high, the museum should receive a good percentage of sales, but for your company it will be a wonderful advertisement

For example, a figure of a Chinese warrior. As you can see, the accessories attached to it are very simple. And if so, then without even changing clothes on her, you can give her another shield, and a sword, and together with an ax - an impressive halberd

And you can develop the theme of authenticity and produce figures armed with shooting weapons! It can be arquebusiers, musketeers, reitars and cuirassiers of the 16th-17th centuries, armed with particularly impressive weapons. In the barrel of the same 16th-century wheeled pistol, it will be necessary to arrange electronic ignition and put a tiny solenoid into the box, which sets in motion the castle serpentine. The contacts on the handle of the gun close to the wire passing through the sleeve. The control button in the stand and there is a battery. The ignition hole is large enough for the exit of gases, that is, to increase the realism of the shot: first the serpentine of the wick or wheel lock falls, then a shot with smoke formation from behind and from the front already occurs - that is, like on old engravings!

Pay attention to the shutter and fuse - everything works as if it is a real machine!

For obvious reasons, the figures of famous Japanese samurai are very good and realistic!

One can prepare in this way a very patriotic and interesting series of warriors of the Russian state: vigilantes of the Black Grave, warriors in bakhterets and deadlifts (these should be sold in the Kremlin's souvenir shop and at the exit from the Armory), archers, archery heads with squeakers and muskets (again shooting, that is, with a "unique market offer"). Moreover - shut yourself up with a “world gunsmith” for all these Asian companies and produce shooting petronella, shackles, arquebuses, muskets, pistols for them ... Karl Gustav grenade launchers, of which it’s easiest to imitate a very effective shot, and ... getting it all patents, row money, using your position as the discoverer of this "field".

Russian Sagittarius just 30 high. See. A figurine made by the author of an article from plastic at the end of the 80 of the last century by order of the Museum of Local History in Kamyshin. It’s clear that it’s a little rude, but ... that’s how they worked then and that was fine with everyone. The figure was not alone. There was a Nogan, and a Russian peasant. Figures of a smaller scale - 1: 12 for many years were exhibited at the Museum of Samara. There was a peasant with a horn, and a reiter, and a governor, and a streltsy with a gunner. Maybe one of the Kamyshenians and Samara residents present on the site will be able to remember them, although, of course, it was a long time ago (the photograph was preserved simply by a miracle, even surprisingly, how it did not fade at all!)

So it’s probably worth thinking about making our mark on the production of all these realistic military figures on the scale of 1: 6!

To be continued ...
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Figures of soldiers from the Army Museum in Paris
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  1. Hunter 2
    Hunter 2 20 November 2019 18: 09
    Great article! To the author - Respect! hi Collecting Soldiers is a very interesting hobby. My Son and I collected more than a hundred (Napoleonic Wars) ... with cavalry and guns (some are very old). Now we are thinking about which era to switch to ... this Hobby has only one ... but a serious minus is the cost of the miniatures! crying
    1. Nemo
      Nemo 21 November 2019 23: 30
      Any serious hobby has one of the minuses - cost. I speak like a numismatist.
  2. igordok
    igordok 20 November 2019 18: 13
    The polite "soldier" in the penultimate photo on the outskirts will enjoy incredible success. laughing
  3. anjey
    anjey 20 November 2019 18: 18
    Yes, I dream of getting the 1/6 ancient Greek hoplite to the desktop, but the toad presses 6-8 thousand rubles, probably someone needs to collect such an army, it costs nothing laughing
    Here, for example, only armor ..
    1. kalibr
      20 November 2019 18: 31
      In the original, this figure has a hinged body, but you can buy separately armor and a separately seamless body. And dress him up!
  4. kalibr
    20 November 2019 18: 29
    Quote: Hunter 2
    this Hobby has only one ... but a serious minus is the cost of the miniatures!

    1. anjey
      anjey 20 November 2019 18: 38
      That's for sure many wives won't understand laughing laughing laughing
  5. Albatroz
    Albatroz 20 November 2019 18: 30
    Very interesting!
    How to read such an article, immediately pulls on the soldiers)
    It is very sad that computer soldiers have largely replaced modern children with metal, rubber and plastic. Bad for eyes, hand motility, and brain
    1. anjey
      anjey 20 November 2019 18: 43
      Fantasy in virtual space develops in a completely different way, where the world around you is already being imposed, as it were, ready, not requiring unnecessary work of this fantasy ...
      1. Albatroz
        Albatroz 20 November 2019 18: 45
        Or maybe the excessive work of this fantasy is useful? ...
        1. anjey
          anjey 20 November 2019 18: 46
          And who argues ??? laughing
          1. Albatroz
            Albatroz 20 November 2019 18: 47
            creators of computer games smile
    2. Trukhin Peter
      Trukhin Peter 21 November 2019 12: 50
      Well, something is already being done to correct this situation. The Vityaz Military Historical Project was recently launched, within its framework it is planned to release a large series of prefabricated figures in 1:16 scale dedicated to the military history of our country. The first issue is already on sale.
    3. Trukhin Peter
      Trukhin Peter 21 November 2019 13: 01
      And by the way, their prices are generally "childish"
      1. Pane Kohanku
        Pane Kohanku 21 November 2019 14: 57
        And by the way, their prices are generally "childish"

        Well, by the way, that would be interesting. Especially if everything is domestic! hi demand will be, you need to maintain the price-quality ratio. soldier
        1. Trukhin Peter
          Trukhin Peter 21 November 2019 17: 01
          Everything there is domestic - from the idea to its implementation, and in the best traditions of our military-industrial complex. You can evaluate the quality and see other details on the promo page of the first issue of
          1. Pane Kohanku
            Pane Kohanku 21 November 2019 18: 00
            I looked. Interesting! hi yes it remains to wait for the opinions of collectors! drinks
            1. Trukhin Peter
              Trukhin Peter 21 November 2019 18: 35
              But I think it's better to make your own bully
  6. kalibr
    20 November 2019 18: 42
    Quote: Albatroz
    Bad for eyes, hand motility, and brain

    There will be a sequel about soldiers who can be "killed", as in computer games.
    1. Albatroz
      Albatroz 20 November 2019 18: 46
      It will be interesting to read.
      I didn’t know about the soldiers who could be killed.
  7. 3x3zsave
    3x3zsave 20 November 2019 20: 39
    Thank you, Vyacheslav Olegovich! Cool stuff!
    Well, who is this in our second photo captured? Nesto Guy Gisborne? Or is his overlord? But, erysipelas, all one thing belongs to Russell Crowe laughing
    1. Pane Kohanku
      Pane Kohanku 21 November 2019 11: 13
      Anton, I will quietly add my "thanks" to the author to your comment, okay? wink
      Nesto Guy Gisborne?

      not like the "main villain of Soviet cinema", the Lithuanian artist Masiulis, does not look like! what drinks
      1. 3x3zsave
        3x3zsave 21 November 2019 18: 12
        In my opinion, "the main villain of Soviet cinema" is A. Filipenko! After Milyar, respectively ..
    2. Pane Kohanku
      Pane Kohanku 21 November 2019 15: 19
      Interesting phrase.
      Although there is cheaper, in a raincoat and ... with a dog!

      Blondie Sheepdog she finished just like her owner .. and like the owner’s wife .. No. in general, the animal was not lucky to be presented to the "wrong owner" request
  8. Catfish
    Catfish 20 November 2019 20: 47
    Vyacheslav Olegich - hello! hi Everything, you hit me on the spot with this article! I urgently want to go back to my childhood and with "Russian girl Anya" with all her equipment (without a vest). Krrrasota! I am sorry that in the days of our childhood there was nothing of the kind. good drinks
    1. kalibr
      20 November 2019 22: 31
      Konstantin! I know a man who has ... about 1000 of such figures !!!
  9. Astra wild
    Astra wild 20 November 2019 21: 03
    V.O. is touched by the fact that they have not forgotten my request. And the figures are beautiful. Honestly, I would not refuse to have 1-2 figures, but which ones ... try to guess
  10. kalibr
    20 November 2019 22: 30
    Quote: Astra wild
    and which ones .... try to guess

    Glad you liked it. There will be more material. It has already been written and is waiting for moderation. Well, guess ... I won’t take it. I don’t know your addictions. Suddenly it’s fantasy, there are a lot of figures in this genre. There are a lot of Russian girls snipers (it would be interesting to see what kind of underwear the Japanese put on them?), German women are in black uniforms ... There are many things, even too many ...
  11. Edward Vashchenko
    Edward Vashchenko 21 November 2019 10: 57
    BUT! missed it!
    I read only today
    Thanks Vyacheslav Olegovich for the continuation of the topic!
  12. kalibr
    21 November 2019 12: 36
    Quote: Eduard Vaschenko
    Thanks Vyacheslav Olegovich for the continuation of the topic!

    She has no end in sight !!!
    1. Phil77
      Phil77 21 November 2019 19: 07
      Greetings Vyacheslav Olegovich! I confess, I was busy yesterday, I read it today. Well, what can I say, what to write? Great! Interesting! And of course the figures, wow, wow, wow! Awesome !!! Thank you, pleased.