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German military secret

German military secret
German soldiers at the monument to God of war - Mars: "We will conquer the whole world!"

The Germans are warriors, yes ... Unleash two world wars, but what wars! After all, a little bit was not enough for them to create an atomic bomb. And the FAA missiles they managed to create. Yes, we had a lot of things: soap, for example, was cooked from human fat ... So we, the inhabitants of the third planet from the Sun, simply slipped out of World War II. It was lucky - after all, start the Germans a little later, at a higher scientific and technical level, if you were a kirdyk, one hundred percent, dear earthmen.

The current Germany began to form at the beginning of the 17th century with the modest elector Brandenburg. The whole territory of the future thunderstorm of Europe and the world is a piece of land in the area of ​​Berlin, even without access to the sea in the area of ​​the Oder, which was kept by the Swedes. Neither minerals, nor significant human resources, nor a decent territory - no-thing! All previous attempts to expand ended unsuccessfully, although many in Europe remembered the fighting character, aggressiveness and obvious German military skills, starting perhaps with Roman legionaries. Under the Hohenzollern, Brandenburg peacefully united with East Prussia, at the same time annexing several smaller lands and finally getting access to the sea in the region of Koenigsberg. Then Friedrich Wilhelm came to the fore, stating:
- The value of our state should be based on the sword and science!
From that time on, the German bayonet flashed on the world, the German grenadiers twisted their mustaches, looking adoringly at the victorious king jumping along the line of troops. Then the most important thing began ...

The Germans began with the Swedes. They beat them, beat them, and drove them almost from the whole coast of the sea. Then they took up the Poles. The Poles were in force then, and the Swedes in general had a modern professional army, which even Peter I and his homespun army would teach to fight. And teach! So, the Germans beat the arrogant Polish gentry, reached Warsaw, fought 3 of the day and took the city in 1656 year. Poles were unlucky after all: they were trapped between the Germans and the Russians ... The Swedes were still twitching in the 1675 year, but under Ferbellin the 8 thousands of Germans routed 15 thousands of Swedes. It was after this that Europe was upset, and the main Austrian Habsburgs and their Holy Roman Empire, which occupied half of Europe, were listed at that time. The Hapsburgs contemptuously called the Germans "vandals" ("chocks", if we like ours), and the main lands inhabited by the Germans were part of their empire. That is where German bayonets headed in the next - XVIII century.

With the empire, the Germans fought long and carefully under the leadership of Frederick II. A talented commander, to be sure. Under him, the principle prevailed: "not an army for the state, but a state for the army." From half to two thirds of the state budget was spent on the maintenance of the army. Much was done to raise the prestige of military service: the officer was respected in society, received decent pay, but his level of military training was extremely high. 2, a candidate officer, was trained in the cadet corps, and then enrolled in the regiment, where the combat training load only increased. There was no speech in the German army, so that someone could get an officer's rank "under the protection", or simply buying it, as was practiced in many European countries. In the case of leaving the position without an order, the unit commander went to court with the inevitable sentence - shooting before the formation. The system of training an ordinary soldier has reached such a level that at one time they did not even take hard-working German peasants to the army (let them work for the good of the state!), But recruited any rabble, including foreign ones. With the help of sticks, fuhtels and the most severe punishments for the slightest offense, Prussian corporals and sergeant frontiers in a short time made a vagabond almost ideal for that time soldier. Frederick managed to make a qualitative breakthrough in the then military art. The German infantry was superior to the head of the army of all the then enemies in the rate of fire, speed of movement, controllability on the battlefield, and other important indicators. The German cavalry has become an incredible force of shock power. One of the Friedrich’s orders of the time said: “His Majesty is pleased that not a single healthy horse remains for two days in a row at the stable. This is the only way to get a cavalryman who deftly manages a horse and owns weapons... "Given the fact that the European cavalry (not excluding the Russian) saddled their horses once in 7-10 days, this order sounded truly revolutionary. But the results of all these military reforms were amazing! Under Rosbach, in just one hour, Friedrich broke the combined forces of the French, the Austrians, and the separate German principalities that joined them, surpassing the German army 2 times like a Tuzik heater. At the same time, about 10 thousands were destroyed, 7 thousands were captured and their soldiers lost 165. Prussian grenadiers, cuirassiers of Seidlitz covered themselves with undying military glory. Realizing that they could not cope with the brazen Germans, the Austrians called for help from the Russians, who had by that time strengthened and expanded the Russian Empire, created by Peter the Great. The battle of the German and Russian armies at Zorndorf is very significant.

The day turned out to be hot ... After the 2's hour-long shelling, which caused considerable damage to the Russian forces, Friedrich decided to strike the 20 battalions of infantry on the Russian right flank. To support the grenadiers was the cavalry. They walked by ledges - a proprietary German "oblique" attack. However, during the execution of the maneuver, because of the dustiness, as well as the smoke of the battlefield (the village was burning nearby), the forces of the German infantry and the cavalry missed. Suddenly, Russian dragoons flew out of smoke clouds, crashed into the Prussian army, and let's crush it. Russian infantry broke in behind the dragoons, the Prussians quivered and ran. Russian drove them selflessly, the entire Russian right flank rushed to the counter. After quietly waiting for the Russians to expose not only their flank, but also the rear, 46 of Seidlitz's selected squadrons rushed into a crushing attack, which no army in Europe could withstand. However, the Russian infantry did not run. Fighting from the cavalry, back to back, taking the place of the trampled and chopped comrades, the Russians fought to the death. Started a terrible massacre. The shots were barely audible, a clang of tens of thousands of bayonets and sabers stood over the field, at times the Germans' fury drowned out the Russians at times, and only the wounded moaned in one language that everyone understood — the language of the dying soldiers ... Both armies fought so fiercely that At the end of the battle, command and control was lost for all. Virtually all German and Russian generals were injured. Killed Russian lost 17 thousands, the Germans - 10, and both armies remained on the battlefield, not yielding to his enemy.

Painting A. Kotzebue "Zorndorfskoy battle"

In fact, the whole of the XVIII century Europe spent in the wars unleashed by the Germans. These battles meant a real world war. Total war ... The war that devastated the center and north of Europe. The war that destroyed the last claims of the Poles for hegemony in Northern Europe, and severely curtailed Austrian ambitions. The German people, in order to survive and win under the leadership of their kings, took militarism as a national order. There was a strong military spirit in the German nation, mixed with patriotism, loyalty to its leaders, devotion to traditions, a deeply rooted habit of order, obedience, pedantry. Observance of the established rules was strictly followed at all the steps of the German power hierarchy - from the king to the sergeant-major. Not only in the army, but also in civil society, the guilty subjects beat out mercilessly with fuchtels and gauntlets. The king himself did not disdain to call a cane to the one who falls under the arm. The upbringing of the royal monarchs proceeded exclusively in a militaristic spirit, and the first thing that the German kings cherished and cherished was, of course, the army. German women under the slogan “Kuche, Kinder, Kirche” (kitchen, child, church) were driven into the kitchen, periodically released into the church, sometimes they were allowed to wipe their snot to young grenadiers - but without the tenderness of the calf! In bed, too, there are no unpleasant excesses: the hands are strictly at the seams, the fingers are bent. The military has become a symbol of the nation, and the principle of the strict observance of discipline has become the basis for the existence of the nation.

Interestingly, the long conflict relations of Germany and England were laid precisely in those old times by two boys: the future king George II and his cousin Frederick Wilhelm (not the Great, the other). In adolescence, these two relatives had a fight. Well, how they fought: Georg simply bluffed Friedrich, shooing him like a hardened kitten of a naughty kitten, taking advantage of a five-year advantage in age. Frederick then harbored a grave resentment for life. In the future, both became kings and did not favor each other. And since the ambitions of both nations — both English and German — did not hold, they fought with each other for a long time and ... almost wrote - happily ...

So, the German - the focus of order. He organizes everything: pavement, forest, cavalry attack, world philosophy, cutting of human bodies in death camps. It is interesting how world values ​​spoke of the national character of the Germans. So, Goethe believed that "the Germans complicate everything for themselves and others." English playwright B. Shaw: “The Germans have great virtues, but they have one dangerous weakness - obsession. Every good deed is taken to the extreme, so that goodness becomes evil. ” Russian philosopher N.A. Berdyaev noted that “other Germans never feel fraternal, as equal before God, with the acceptance of their soul. He always feels them as disorder, chaos, darkness, and only the German himself feels as the only source of order, organization and light, culture for all these unfortunate nations. ” Berdyaev wrote this during the First World War.

While the Germans were desperately freeing their place in Europe, the British hoisted their banners on other continents. The French, too, decently colonies grabbed. At the end of the XIX century, the Germans discovered that the world was divided without them. Here's a bummer ... Watch how your neighbors thrive - what could be worse ?! During the 200 years of war, the Germans quadrupled their territory, but what about England? In 20, in 30 times? "Guard, dishonest-oh-oh-oh !!!" - the Germans screamed, and with their pedantic scrupulousness (or scrupulous pedantry, as they like) began to prepare a new big war.

History The world wars unleashed by the German nation and its leaders in the twentieth century have been well studied. After losing the First World War, humiliated Germans were eager for revenge. Against the background of chauvinistic and revanchist sentiments, the Nazis came to power. And again - the total militarization of the state and nation! The Germans again, as has been repeatedly in history, made a qualitative leap in military affairs. They created an effective system of winning air supremacy, and the number of hours of training raid by the average German pilot exceeded the number of raids by the army of future opponents several times. Their ground forces outnumbered any adversary in many key indicators, and the German commanders were on 2 heads above the commanders of other armies in the ability to control troops. In the world ocean prowled the “wolf packs” of German submarines ready to paralyze shipping. And then ... They clicked like nuts, one country after another. The Czech Republic and Austria were swallowed, Poland was torn to pieces, France was crushed, and the incredibly risky operation to seize Norway was also crowned with success. Pushing aside the stupid Italians, they captured Yugoslavia with Greece, and splashing in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea with pleasure. "Junkers" drove the English fleet to distant bases. Rommel drove the British across the deserts of North Africa like rats. The German General Staff forgot the word "impossible", he was only looking for new "whipping boys" ...

In May 1941, the lead waters of the North Atlantic - the traditional estate of the English royal fleet (Royal Fleet) - impudently ripped up the arrogant stem of the battleship Bismarck - the flagship of the German navy.

It was a unique ship - the subject of inexhaustible pride not only of shipbuilders and sailors, but also of the entire German people, the focus of German power, practically - a symbol of the nation. The four main-caliber towers contained 8 guns (380 mm caliber), firing at 36 km with a projectile weighing 800 kg; maximum speed of 29 knots, total displacement of 50 thousand tons. A breakthrough into the central Atlantic meant automatic paralysis of all shipping between England and the United States. And the isolation of Great Britain meant its death in a matter of months. Despite the disgusting weather, the British still found a battleship in the area between Greenland and Iceland, and attacked. Fending off, the Bismarck covered the pride of the Royal Navy with a third salvo - the newest battle cruiser Hood, from which the artillery cellars exploded. However aviation overtook the German battleship and began to torment, then the destroyers arrived, followed by the English cruisers. Soon the silhouettes of the traditional owners of the Atlantic appeared - the battleships “King George V” and “Rodney”. A ton of shells rained down on the Bismarck, and due to damage to the helm the torpedo could not keep its course and conduct accurate fire. But the German sailors did not lower the flag. Soon it was all over, a flaming giant was shot by torpedoes at point-blank range by the English cruiser Dorsetshire. Germany did not take the tragic end of Bismarck as a warning sign - the land victories turned her head. In June, the Hans, Fritz and Adolf, completely stunned by the long impunity, attacked Russia. Started for health, ended for peace. Two great nations, worthy of each other in their military valor, again met to death, as then - under Zorndorf. Only now zorndorf was on a huge front almost every day.

The greatest battle of all time and people took place in the area of ​​Stalingrad. This city was of great symbolic and strategic importance. German "Junkers" made hundreds and sometimes thousands of sorties on the day of Stalingrad bombing, rising to attacks from a handful of soldiers to several divisions. Dust, stench, ruins ... Even individual houses passed from hand to hand many times in this gigantic meat grinder. Once, a Soviet rifle division that crossed the Volga River flooded with burning oil from huge reservoirs and burning soldiers went into the attack ....
September to November 1942. in Stalingrad, significantly more 1 million people died on both sides, and the loss in the whole battle was an incredible number: 2,5 million people. It is impossible to become impudent: the Germans forgot this law, and the Russians reminded them. Russian military secret won the German military secret. The Germans who got stuck in street battles, having spent their reserves, were captured by the Russians with deadly ticks, squeezed and not released. But the Germans were not blown away in this war, like some European nations: not there, in the frozen deadly Stalingrad steppes, or later. They fought until the very end.

Because of their excessive ambitions, tens of millions of people died, hundreds of millions were plunged into poverty and inhuman suffering. Their operational and tactical art of war is worthy of the highest praise, but at the strategic level, their leaders committed grave mistakes. Their pseudo-moral allowed them everything, even worse than everything, and this is disgusting - when morality is replaced by ideology and discipline. Although this is not only Germans concerned. In the 1945 year, on the ashes and ruins of their native cities, under the hating glances of Russians and contemptuous ones - Americans, the Germans finally realized: we must live more calmly, without hysterics of these militaristic ones. They let their women out of their kitchens, allowed them to go to the theater, order fashionable hats, and even in bed they already allow different kinds of liberties. So different that the production of porn Germans, they say, ahead of the rest. Now the Germans are building beautiful cars that are worn on the magnificent autobahn; with their traditional scrupulous meticulousness perform the installation - to be friends without fail with all. But the Germans are especially pedantic and disciplined now with Russia, as their wise Chancellor Otto von Bismarck bequeathed in the 19th century. They drink good beer, eat thick fat sausages, and only occasionally glance in the direction of the cold sea, swallowed up in the turning point of 1941, their famous battleship Bismarck. And they sigh heavily ...

"Iron Chancellor" of Germany Otto von Bismarck.

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  1. Roman 75
    Roman 75 15 June 2012 09: 23
    Lord, what a collection of emotions in a crowd of gross factual errors ?!
    1. schonia06rus
      schonia06rus 17 June 2012 17: 44
      these are 13 angry children am
  2. schonia06rus
    schonia06rus 15 June 2012 10: 00
    PARROT 15 June 2012 10: 03
    Holy Roman Empire in the 17th century?
    The article is interesting, I read it in one breath, only such a global philosophical style of storytelling is very dangerous for the war;
    1. de_monSher
      de_monSher 16 June 2012 01: 51
      Ummm ... The Holy Roman Empire, existed, God forbid, until 1806 ... it seems ...
  4. Manager
    Manager 15 June 2012 10: 12
    A very brief article. And to be honest, it doesn't match the name. Plus set only because I am interested in the history of the 2nd World and Reich.
    But in general, the article is empty.
  5. passmel30
    passmel30 15 June 2012 10: 21
    What is being done with the country where the authorities are looking?
    Somehow I stumbled upon a site to search for people
    Here you can find information about any resident of Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries.
    I'm really scared - twist like that any nit-picking can come in and see.
    Addresses, best friends, relatives, above all, for example, there are my photos, phone number.
    It’s good that you can delete, find your page - pass the check and delete
  6. танк
    танк 15 June 2012 10: 31
    What does the military secret of Germany have to do with it?
  7. Tirpitz
    Tirpitz 15 June 2012 10: 35
    Hood, although he was the pride of the fleet, was not the newest and was a battle cruiser (he had no chance from the very beginning, even against the "Prince Eugen").
    Lutens had then to finish off the second ship of the British.
    1. Vyalik
      Vyalik 15 June 2012 13: 36
      It is unlikely that the "Prince Eugen" could sink the battleship from its 203 mm guns, despite the good training of its gunners. Of course, he could have worn, but not more. But why they did not sink the "Prince of Wales" is not clear. Everything is explained by the order of the raiders not to fight with battleships, but there were two German ships against one British and the battle had already taken place. Why didn't they finish it off? I don't understand?
  8. Kars
    Kars 15 June 2012 10: 40
    Quote: Tirpitz
    (He did not have a chance from the very beginning even against "Prince Eugen").

    I will never believe in this ---- that a heavy cruiser would do something linear.

    and the fact that the Prince of Wales was released is really strange, it is believed that Lutens confused him with George 5
  9. Guran96
    Guran96 15 June 2012 11: 45
    The indigenous population in Germany is rapidly declining, while the number of the same Turkish diasporas, on the contrary, is growing rapidly, with all that it implies. You won’t sigh heavily here.
  10. Danloff
    Danloff 15 June 2012 13: 15
    between Greenland and Iceland

    What did he do there?) It is so far from the WB that he could not damage the WB, just as the WB could not notice him in the fog for hundreds of kilometers)
    1. Tirpitz
      Tirpitz 15 June 2012 16: 23
      Learn geography, dear. laughing
      How else could you break into the Atlantic? And they were found using the radar of 2 British cruisers, but the Germans also found them.
  11. raptorr
    raptorr 15 June 2012 13: 38
    Nostalgia ........ Although who knows ..... We will watch.
  12. baron.nn
    baron.nn 15 June 2012 13: 41
    Their energy, yes, for peaceful purposes! But history must teach: Germans are guilty of too many large wars. You can not give them a lot of liberty. Apparently. therefore, American and English military units are still housed in German territory.
    1. raptorr
      raptorr 15 June 2012 14: 45
      Oh, the time will come - they will throw off the yoke (unless they become Turks earlier)
    2. 755962
      755962 15 June 2012 15: 07
      "Power is a drug. Whoever has tried it at least once is poisoned by it forever."Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill.
    3. Tyumen
      Tyumen 15 June 2012 20: 53
      Quote: baron.nn
      You can’t give them much freedom.

      Remember the post-war Western doctrine of Germany?
      Do not let Russians in, do not let Americans out, do not dissolve Germans.
  13. NUT
    NUT 15 June 2012 15: 31
    Isn't it strange that the topic "Germany - Russia" and "Russia - Germany" for both countries and peoples is the most unexplored, albeit the most military, and the most vital
    In fact, all wars between our countries flared up for some "murky" reasons and without good, for both sides, good reason
    Admit it, because in every truly Russian Man, behind external bravado, not so deep in the Soul lies not fake, masculine respect and recognition of the German authority. But the Germans have a similar, respectful attitude to Russian
    As a child, listening to the stories of the grandfathers who beat the German, the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, more than once noticed in their conversations the respectful one: "Well, here the Germans are great ..." "But the German ..." But here the German is smart ... "" The German is also not dypak ... "
    How to explain the chronic marriage of Russian tsars to Germans and the German service by faith and truth to the Tsar (Russian) and the Fatherland (Russian), and how many Russified Germans brought great, invaluable benefit to the Russian Land and the Russian People

    To calculate and crush this foul, that poison the German with the Russian ...
    1. Pancho
      Pancho 15 June 2012 18: 35
      What is there to calculate? These are the guys from London.
      1. survivor
        survivor 16 June 2012 06: 56
        throughout the relations of the two countries England climbed. more than once her attempts to quarrel were successful. a thin ally, schemer and liar is the true face of foggy Albion !!!
    2. Odinplys
      Odinplys 16 June 2012 05: 25
      Quote: NUT
      To calculate and crush this foul, that poison the German with the Russian ...

      Author of the article Andrey Voroshen ...on he is the 8th company on this site ...
      And I would like to draw the attention of members of the forum ... to his article ...democracy by ... it seems from 30/05.12/XNUMX.... there I am not a respected writer ... tried to hide behind a worthless article ... to drag into the minds of "compatriots" ... ??? this heresy ... I will try to copy at the same time my answer to him about that of his that article ...

      Quote: 8 company.
      I am the author of the article Andrey Voroshen

      Yes, politics is a delicate matter ... and the caricature at the beginning of the article is not bad ...
      Yes, and the article would put a plus ... But that's not the task ...
      The author of the article ...he is the 8th company ...
      So it is not forced and subtly lays in the subconscious of readers ... this line ...
      Oh, do not scold us, gentlemen, the American Democrats, do not call the Russians Stalinists.
      but after reading his comments on the article ...
      A bus with a portrait of Stalin carries children to Moscow theaters ... from the 27th of this month ...we can conclude how he relates to Stalin ... and his achievements ... but Stalin ... can not be divided with the people of his time ...
      It was thought not in vain ... or maybe the whole article was thought ... to introduce into the mind of the reader ... some guilt ... an excuse ... they say we are not Stalinists ... we are Russian ... he is not for us friend ... we condemn him ...
      No, dear, judging by the comments on the article mentioned above ... and not a long-standing TV poll ... most Russians ... Stalin and his talent idolize as the Greatest Genius ... and when they call us Stalinists ... it’s only an honor can be considered ...

      And do not remind us of Afghanistan, otherwise we will recall your democratic carpet bombing of the Vietnamese inhabitants. And do not remind us of Prague, otherwise we will remind you of Grenada.
      Here's another interesting point ... Trying to compare incomparable ...
      This is a proposal for all readers to admit that it is not lawful to send troops into Afghanistan ... spit on the Afghans ... or those who defended the achievements of the Victory in 1945 ... in Prague ...
      For the whole reason, the article is a huge minus ...
      And the photo is the answer to you ... and the like ... Stalin begins to acquire an image ... and the people are sincerely glad to revive his ideas and methods ...

      As well as in this article ... the article seems to be about nothing ... Yes, judging by the handwriting as they say criminologists ... has one common similarity with the past ... and apparently with many future ones ... the author does not care what to write ... he apparently is not a pro yet ... it is important to push through ... to put into the reader's subconscious ... some obsessive thought ... in this article, as I think ... in the light of the events when Russia and Germany begin to find a common language. the vision of the political situation in the World ... and apparently they come to a common opinion ... that the evil that strikes all the chaos in the world is the world elite ... the fascist Zionists ... and the first articles have already appeared ... where the USA .. . Directly call Germany-Russia-China ... a new axis of "evil" .... a writer who is not respected by me ... tries to impose an image of an enemy in the minds of readers ... such an irrepressible militant German ... here he is an enemy of a German. ..that way, as it were, taking away the suspicion of the true enemy ... here it is zombie in its purest form ...
      And what about the German People ... waking up from hypnosis by the "Holocaust" there are sound arguments ... and God forbid Russia, together with the Germans, will resume the Nuremberg trials ... after all, the names of the true fascists have not been announced there ... = Zionists ... who pitched two ... as it seems to me Great People ... in such a massacre ...
      So it turns out then that irreplaceable losses were suffered in this massacre ... Russian and German ... Peoples ... and of course death is like if the culprits ... suddenly ... will be the "elites" of world Zionism ... Great Britain and the USA ...
      Now imagine how many similar "toilers" of the pen ... all over Mother Russia ... and to what extent the Russian media ... recently named ... SMRAD ... are filled with such ... scribblers ... " "...
      Quote: NUT
      To calculate and crush this foul, that poison the German with the Russian ...
      So argue the people ...
      Yes, you need to carefully read the articles ... and always ask yourself ... who writes ... why ... and for whom ... for what purpose ...
      And this article ... I would call the "Jewish great mystery" ...
      Wake up Comrade Stalin ... or consult with Stalin ... Comrade Putin ...
    3. lotus04
      lotus04 16 June 2012 07: 25
      What the pen-dos are most afraid of is the rapprochement between Russia and Germany. German technology, Russian ingenuity (brains) and virtually inexhaustible resources. This is what will predetermine the end of Pen-Dossia as the world hegemon. That's what's interesting. After such wars between our countries, which resulted in the death of such a huge number of people on both sides, no one hates each other. Most of us now have more confidence in the Germans than in some of the former "fraternal" republics. God willing! The time may come when our countries will unite. Personally, I see only positive in this.
  14. Volkhov
    Volkhov 15 June 2012 15: 59
    German military secret is that Germany 2 - Germany and the Reich. Germany has been occupied since the age of 45, and the Reich continued to develop and in May 2012 recorded a victory over the USA and its allies, that is, it became the leading force in the world.
    The author of the article is a Soviet intelligence officer, and he gradually realizes the realization of certain changes that he certainly does not know, but it seems like it's time to be interested in German culture.
    The Russian military secret is that one should not wait for information from intelligence and protection from counterintelligence, control from the state - the result is only among the partisans.
  15. abeluk
    abeluk 15 June 2012 18: 29
    Bismarck, it’s really smashing at Taras Shevchenko! ))) probably relatives!
    1. apro
      apro 16 June 2012 13: 54
      It’s a pity that Alexander 2 from the Kaiser didn’t outbid him.
    2. Pancho
      Pancho 16 June 2012 15: 58
      But indeed. However, what an observant you are.
  16. zadorin1974
    zadorin1974 15 June 2012 19: 07
    the article is not serious - I took only three points as feuilleton to the author. The Germans cannot be underestimated. They learn quickly, they will become virulent, the massacre will begin faster, by the way their nationalism is very high, so soon all democracy and human values ​​of the Bundes will decently lose weight in the direction of preserving the purity of the race (I draw my conclusion from personal communication not only with former russians and gderovtsy but also with pure Westerners) and the fighters they were always serious and Ivanushki - fools in their tales NO
    1. Alex Bear
      Alex Bear April 6 2017 01: 12
      Long ago, from childhood, I noticed that in German fairy tales (the fat volume of the Grimm brothers), there are no heroes who are not stupid and, most importantly, lazy people. The heroes are the most persistent and hard-working. And the freebie slips only in one fairy tale, "Pot, cook!". The complete antithesis of stupidity to Ivan Tsarevich, Emele.
  17. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui 15 June 2012 19: 22
    Well, the author, RESPECT !!! And he laughed and became proud of both Russia and Germany. I look forward to the next round of friendly rapprochement between our countries - there are ALL prerequisites (my personal opinion) drinks
  18. passmel31
    passmel31 15 June 2012 19: 49
    What is being done with the country where the authorities are looking?
    Somehow I stumbled upon a site to search for people
    Here you can find information about any resident of Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries.
    I'm really scared - twist like that any nit-picking can come in and see.
    Addresses, best friends, relatives, above all, for example, there are my photos, phone number.
    It’s good that you can delete, find your page - pass the check and delete
  19. askold
    askold 15 June 2012 20: 12
    Well, damn it and an article, one praise, it must be that they are all brilliant, but read (listen) better, Nikolai Leskov "Iron Will", tea from school has already been forgotten, but one should remember, oh, it is necessary. GERMAN death. Well, in general: there is a silver lining, and Bismarck is without a Hood. wink
  20. mind1954
    mind1954 15 June 2012 21: 58
    The Germans can only be pitied!
    Clever girls, but in the 20th century they have become twice the "six in geopolitics"!
    The instrument of "Imperialism as the Highest Stage of Capitalism!"
    The first time they were used for the collapse of four empires!
    Only one survived, and even with a breakthrough progressive regime.
    The second time used to wipe it off the face of the earth!
    The first time they were told that they could become a colonial empire,
    not worse than others.
    The second is that they need living space.
  21. Gren9
    Gren9 15 June 2012 23: 21
    I can not stand the Germans at the genetic level. in case of war I will beat them without pity
    1. Alex Bear
      Alex Bear April 6 2017 01: 14
      Rather, Anika the warrior, they’ll sweep you with pity.
  22. jury08
    jury08 16 June 2012 14: 09
    You didn’t understand a damn thing — the nation threw away its imperial ambitions and HEARED!
  23. SenyaYa
    SenyaYa 16 June 2012 14: 54
    I respect the Germans! the Germans have the highest level of AIQ in Europe .... the smartest nation! Well, what cars do ... swing
    1. zadorin1974
      zadorin1974 16 June 2012 21: 47
      I respect your opinion, BUT I share in / 16-personal communication, there is degeneration in the Bundes, GOOD CITY BERLIN _ ONE BAD -GERMANS A LOT
  24. vlbelugin
    vlbelugin 16 June 2012 15: 04
    I recall the words of my grandfather - a war veteran. He said that in Europe there are two staunch fighters - Russians and Germans.
  25. Alex Bear
    Alex Bear April 6 2017 01: 18
    Many people think differently than in the article. Either cry, or laugh. Only the topic is not suitable for laughter.
    In anticipation of the ever-greater victory of the Russian people over the Nazi invaders in Russia, cases of stories about how the grandfathers of the current elite saved the world with the help of Russian ingenuity and shouting "cheers" sharply increased. “On the eve of the 71st anniversary of the Victory, the Zvezda channel publishes stories by famous actors, journalists, politicians and musicians about what they and their families had to go through in those years.
    Maria Kozhevnikova, actress and State Duma deputy:

    “In order to take the bunker, the soldiers of General Trofimov showed Russian ingenuity. There were a lot of Germans. And so that the Nazis did not learn about their numerical superiority, one of the Soviet soldiers started shouting“ Hurray! ”Then the Germans decided that they were surrounded.”
    Well, etc.