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Dismember and Conquer

Plans for the destruction of the USSR, and then of Russia, as well as of other potentially dangerous states for the USA, were adopted and operated without a statute of limitations. A lot has been written about them both in print and online sources, but for many years the Russian leadership, after those who took power in the USSR after Stalin, continue to demonstrate their political tolerance and truly amazing "pragmatism." They prefer never, we repeat, never, no matter how tense our relations, not to remind the United States of the perpetual American law "On the enslaved nations."

For those who have no idea about him, and such in Russia, alas, the majority, we recall that it has been in effect since the fall of 1958 of the year, moreover, initially based on the corresponding August (the same 1958 of the year) resolution of the US Congress. A year later, on July 17 1959, this resolution received the status of a law signed by President Dwight Eisenhower that day (Public Law 86-90: "Captive Nations Resolution-1959"). Note that this happened just two months before the visit of the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev to the United States.

Familiar faces all - to the right of Eisenhower the future president Richard Nixon, to the left of Khrushchev the "eternal" Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko

But this visit was not only not canceled by Moscow: Khrushchev did not say a word during the visit about the subversive nature of the aforementioned law ... This document, we emphasize, is still in effect - even after the collapse of the USSR, and Washington’s diverse support is provided to Washington , extremist, anti-Soviet and Russophobic organizations not only in Russia, but also in other countries of the now former USSR. And not only the USSR, in the countries of the former socialist camp the situation is not much better.

In essence, the ultimate goal of this seemingly outdated document in the current realities is the dismemberment of Russia regardless of the political and ideological regime in the country. Therefore, this law was by no means repealed even after August 1991 and October 1993. We repeat, it directly concerns not only the ex-USSR.

These are: "... to nations and nationalities that lost their national independence due to imperialist policies, direct and indirect aggression of communist Russia" were previously (before 1991, inclusive, hereinafter referred to): "all Soviet Union republics, as well as Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and the GDR , Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Mongolia. As well as the PRC, Chinese Tibet with Inner Mongolia, North Korea and North Vietnam (United Vietnam - with 1976). And all of them are still in this very original “enslaved” list.

It is very characteristic that in that list there was no socialist Yugoslavia that called itself (first the people's democratic NDRU, then the socialist federative Yugoslavia), the successor of the united Kingdom of the CXC - the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. Yugoslavia, under the leadership of the most "outstanding", as he called himself, the fighter against fascism of Marshal Josip Broz Tito, as is known, had a very special relationship with the United States. First of all, due to the fact that she did not take part either in the Warsaw Pact or in the CMEA, and at the same time she opposed the USSR on many foreign policy issues.

Dismember and Conquer

Josip Broz Tito

Suffice it to recall in this regard about the indefinite US-Yugoslav agreement "On mutual security" 1951 of the year, or the so-called "Balkan Pact", which operated from 1953 to 1985 year (1). The Balkan Pact was initiated by Marshal Tito and US President Harry Truman, and in this pact, along with Yugoslavia, NATO members Greece and Turkey participated. It is no less characteristic that very soon after the collapse of the USSR, united Yugoslavia went under dismemberment: it was simply unnecessary for the Americans ... And American bombs rained down on Belgrade, where they once literally worshiped overseas allies.

However, the above mentioned "enslaved" peoples of the American registry is by no means exhausted. In the list, everything looks like certain constants from the distant past - but today they are a kind of promising “states” that still appear in the document. So, also according to the list: “White Ruthenia” (Belarus) (2), Idel-Ural (Russian national autonomies of the Volga region and the Urals), Cossacks - Mountain Confederation (Central European Black Earth Region of the RSFSR, Rostov Region, Krasnodar Territory, Stavropol Region, national autonomies of the North Caucasus), Turkestan ( Kazakhstan, the whole of Central Asia, as well as attention - the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China).

In 1963, this list was supplemented by Cuba, in 2008-2009, by Iran, Libya, Syria and Sudan. Although what does the "Russian-Soviet aggression", which was not remotely in relation to these countries? But it is significant that, for some reason, the registry was not supplemented, for example, by the Polpot Kampuchea, although the cannibal nature of this regime has always been condemned by the American press. However, this is not surprising, since the Polpotovans who declared war on Vietnam in 1978 and lost it in 1979, received American weapon and commercial loans through the PRC and Thailand until the middle of the 1980-s.

Just do not think that in relation to this truly unique legal act, today everyone is silent. Not at all. So, unlike the Soviet and Russian leaders, the Congress of Russian Americans (CRA) already from the beginning of the 60-s of the last century periodically, or rather with enviable consistency, initiates the repeal or at least a change in the text of the law on enslaved nations. The fact that by this law the Russian people are in fact recognized as the enslaver of other nations, the Russian-language press in the USA and Canada regularly writes with indignation. However, all in vain. And at the same time about these requests, initiatives, and even more so, about publications - almost no word in the central Soviet and Russian media ...

Now it has become known, but few people remember that even when the USSR existed, the authorities of the PRC, Albania, the DPRK, Vietnam, the GDR, Romania, Cuba, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Libyan Jamahiriya repeatedly suggested Moscow to abolish this law through the Security Council or UN General Assembly. They promised full support and voices, but for some reason the Soviet leadership steadfastly ignored these proposals. For decades, representatives of the PRC and Albania from the United Nations have repeatedly accused Moscow of actually condoning US policies to destroy the USSR and other socialist countries. In response, the Soviet representatives always pointedly left their box ...

Meanwhile, in the USA, in accordance with the same law, the “Week of the enslaved peoples” is held annually. And this is a whole complex of annual anti-Soviet and then Russophobic events. The “week” was first organized in the USA on June 1953 in June, shortly after the removal of Stalin (for more details, see "Military Review"), then in June 1957 of the year (shortly after the famous events in Hungary) and 1959. And with the 1960 of the year, the Week is held annually - in the second half of July.

An unbiased look will immediately point out that the combination of the same law with the well-known Ost plan of Hitler’s Minister for Eastern Territories Alfred Rosenberg of sample 1941 of the year is quite obvious. The full title of this ideological addition to the Barbarossa plan is “On civilian government in the occupied eastern regions”, and it is there that one can immediately find such geographical delights as “White Ruthenia”, “Idel-Ural”, “Cossacks - Mountain Confederation” and Turkestan. Such names, as the newly-formed post-Soviet protectorate countries of Germany or together Germany and Turkey, are designated in that German plan. And then - already in US federal law.

Simply put, the plans of the National Socialists in a timely manner safely "migrated" to the CIA and similar structures of the United States. Moreover, they became almost the main indefinite task of Washington’s policy with respect to not only the USSR, and then Russia, but also many other countries. China, DPRK, Vietnam, Cuba, Iran, Syria still demand the repeal of that law. So is it time for Russia to raise the question of the abolition of such a subversive American document?

1. The Balkan Pact was not officially dissolved: since 1985, simultaneously with the start of Gorbachev's perestroika, only specific measures of this pact have ceased.
2. This refers to Belarus with the inclusion of the Smolensk region, as well as adjacent areas of the Pskov and Bryansk regions.
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  1. Conductor
    Conductor 14 December 2018 05: 39
    Thank. interesting article . Russia, too, could act like amers, then the Indians squeezed the Americans. Yes, only the gut is thin and Putin.
    1. Konstantin Shevchenko
      Konstantin Shevchenko 14 December 2018 07: 22
      Have you definitely read the article? Or they decided to fart towards Putin. Pampers to help you.
      1. Conductor
        Conductor 14 December 2018 10: 56
        you fart, I just stated my point of view.
  2. Olgovich
    Olgovich 14 December 2018 07: 26
    The law is known, it has been written about many times.
    The usual Russophobian abomination.
    The Russian people are meant there as a people-enslaver.
    Well, what to expect from enemies?
    1. IGU
      IGU 14 December 2018 11: 06
      Well, what to expect from enemies?
      IMHO for a start you need to officially recognize this term in relation to "partners" official and build a foreign policy on the basis of this.
    2. apro
      apro 14 December 2018 12: 09
      Strange you are Olgovich. Americans, on the contrary, saved the Russians from the Reds. They fought against the godless regime. Sheltered the Russian nobility. Spirituality and also the values ​​of the Romanov dynasty .... They are red enemies and true Russian allies.
  3. kalibr
    kalibr 14 December 2018 08: 33
    "Over the decades, representatives of the PRC and Albania have repeatedly accused Moscow from the UN rostrum of actually condoning the US policy of destroying the USSR and other socialist countries. In response, Soviet representatives have always defiantly left their box ..." That is, Soviet leaders supported US policy? And are they ... enemies? And then already did not believe in a brighter future? And they managed to propagandize a peasant boy, the order-bearer Gobrachev?
    1. Boris55
      Boris55 14 December 2018 09: 27
      Quote: kalibr
      That is, Soviet leaders supported US policy?

      The Trotskyist leadership of the USSR, after 1953, declaring loyalty to the behests of Lenin, but in fact pursued the US policy of dismantling the socialist camp and destroying the USSR, which happened during Gorbachev's perestroika. If you find the time, read the book: "Judah's sin of the 20 congress"

      Quote: kalibr
      And are they ... enemies?

      Undoubtedly. Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Gorbvchev, Yeltsin - they are enemies who destroyed the world's first state of workers and peasants, in fact, proved their right to coexist in the most bloody war of the 20 century.
      1. Amtrak
        Amtrak 14 December 2018 13: 20
        Are you by any chance not KOBovets? So you expect that now we will talk about “conceptual power”, “Bibles” and other blizzards.
    2. Conductor
      Conductor 14 December 2018 10: 57
      Dear caliber, or maybe MSG in essence was a hidden armchair and a petty-bourgeois element.
      1. kalibr
        kalibr 14 December 2018 11: 18
        And why didn’t we have hidden under-advisers in the government of the USA, England ... and they didn’t do what we had there?
        1. ruigat
          ruigat 14 December 2018 15: 40
          There were many sub-advisers in the bowels of the State Department at the beginning of 1950. The owners of the Fed even staged a witch hunt (you must admit, if there is no problem, then why strain so much?). But after Stalin's death, the nomenclature headed for peaceful coexistence and surrender. That is, there were a lot of traitors in the school system, but no one needed their betrayal globally. So, the KGB worked with them on trifles, but not on the demolition of the capitalist system.
  4. alebor
    alebor 14 December 2018 10: 56
    And in my opinion, the leadership of the USSR acted absolutely correctly, ignoring this law. It was not adopted by the UN, it is an internal American law - you never know what they are adopting there? Trying to respond to him somehow is like barking in response to a dog barking at you. Of course, nothing prevented the USSR from adopting a similar "symmetric" law, declaring the satellite states of the United States enslaved, but the "asymmetric" answer - just not paying attention to it as another American stupidity, seems to me a more worthy option.
  5. Nestorych
    Nestorych 14 December 2018 11: 22
    Divide and Conquer is a universal management principle. With its help, you can both create and destroy. What's stopping us ?!)))
  6. Trilobite Master
    Trilobite Master 14 December 2018 13: 02
    The article belongs to the section "Opinions" or "Analytics", I don't understand why it was posted here. It is also possible to set up fecal slaughterhouses on the subject of Putin's ability or inability to govern the state, stigmatize and ooze bile on our overseas partners, give advice to the modern Russian leadership on how to defeat everyone and everything, as well as glaze opponents who have been noticed in insufficient patriotism with known substances.
    The request of the administration is to closely monitor the compliance of the content of the articles with the declared content.
    1. Beringovsky
      Beringovsky 14 December 2018 20: 54
      And this is none of your business where the place of the article.
      The article touches on our history and there are many such facts that are little known to the average Russian citizen. And it is very useful for him to know them. But Putin and the authorities are now everywhere everywhere, all over the country, and not just here.
      Get used to it.
      1. Trilobite Master
        Trilobite Master 14 December 2018 22: 51
        Quote: Beringovsky
        And this is none of your business where the place of the article.

        I understand yours?
        If your, then think about whether to do what you do.
        And if not yours, then just kindly behave politely, because to think, apparently, this is not yours.
        1. Reptiloid
          Reptiloid 16 December 2018 00: 11
          Both states and other strong countries create long-term projects and gradually, painstakingly work on them for many years until they are implemented. In the Republic of Ingushetia, the USSR, the following important rulers often destroyed large, significant long-term projects. As a result, expended forces and resources were equated to 0000000
  7. Evil echo
    Evil echo 14 December 2018 13: 36
    [quote = Olgovich
    The usual Russophobian abomination.
    The Russian people are meant there as a people-enslaver.
    Well, what to expect from enemies? [/ Quote]
    Russian barbarians built hospitals, schools, roads, factories in the "enslaved" territories, and what the "lights of democracy" brought in can be seen from the "demoralized" countries.
  8. Dirty Harry
    Dirty Harry 14 December 2018 16: 30
    Freedom to Leonard Peltier! For 43 years he’s already been sitting - and what, do some fighters for the rights of enslaved nations care about him?
    1. frog
      frog 18 December 2018 19: 14
      Especially juicy, sho sits not for that. He may be a criminal, but he didn’t commit that murder, in terms of evidence. But you are right, he is not interested in human rights defenders. How many others are not interested in them, sitting not for what is in the verdict.