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The collapse of the three academies

The collapse of the three academies

The system of training personnel at the operational and operational-tactical levels for the Air Force and the Air Force of the East Kazakhstan Region may be lost.

The Military Industrial Courier weekly publishes a transcript of some of the speeches sounded on 26 in April of this year in the State Duma at a round table meeting on the theme “Legislative support of military education in the Russian Federation”. At this forum, the issues of training for the Air Force and the East Kazakhstani Army were considered, taking into account the nature of modern military operations.

Prepare for the fight in the new theater

Marshal Georgy Zhukov said that reliable air defense capable of repelling enemy attacks, especially at the beginning of the war, not only creates favorable conditions for the entry of the Armed Forces into the war, but also provides an opportunity for the state, its army and the fleet in an orderly transition from peaceful to martial law. Severe grief awaits a country that is unable to repel an air strike, the commander said. There is nothing to add to these words of the marshal.

At present, the military-political situation in the world is characterized by the presence of a number of hotbeds of tension, which have already led (or may lead) to the outbreak of military conflicts. The global economic crisis has further aggravated this situation. Today the content of the armed struggle has radically changed. It is based on the actions of the forces and means of aerospace attack of all types of bases. That is why the armed forces of the leading countries of the world have embarked on the priority development of the ICSS.

Already by 2020, fundamentally new means of warfare will come into service with the armies of foreign countries, and intelligence, communications, navigation, and control will be integrated into a single information and intelligence control system. Under these conditions, the enemy will be able to deliver precision-coordinated high-precision strikes to virtually all targets in Russia. Aerospace is already becoming a single and sometimes the main sphere of warfare, a new theater of military operations.

The main potential of our Armed Forces, of course, is still determined by the presence of strategic offensive arms. They are in the arsenals of the United States, Britain, France, China. But now Americans give priority to the development of not so much strategic offensive weapons as conventional means of destruction. Today they allow solving operational and strategic tasks anywhere in the world. Now the bias goes towards the development of high-precision weapons.

Against this background, it looks very faded, if we talk about the particulars, domestic intelligence. Species intelligence is essentially not. It is believed that in peacetime, up to 70 percent of all information about the enemy gives radio intelligence. We in the Air Defense Forces had the most powerful separate special purpose radio brigade in Kaluga. However, now only a shadow remains from her. Currently, even the types of the Armed Forces are losing intelligence.

Sergey Pokladov
Colonel, member of the Presidium of the Council of Veterans of the Air Defense Forces

To protect both the center and the country

I present here two types of the Armed Forces - the Air Defense Forces and the Air Force. I personally experienced all the reforms and optimization in the position of the Chief of Operations of the General Staff of the Air Defense Forces, and then the Chief of the Main Staff of the Air Force.

Until 1997, there were Air Defense Forces, which were de facto aerospace defense troops and included a complete set of necessary forces and means: missile defense, formations and units of space warning and control, fighter Aviation, anti-aircraft missile and radio engineering troops.

As a result of the reforms, the Air Defense Forces suffered the most. We then went to the union with the Air Force, because we performed tasks similar in character. Yes, and it was necessary to simply save the troops. Today we must radically change our understanding of the modern armed conflict and how victory is achieved in it. The main striking force is the aerospace component. A decisive role in the war of the future will be played by well-protected, stable air defense systems capable of conducting effective combat against all types of aerodynamic, aeroballistic and ballistic targets.

In 2005, Americans adopt a military-space strategy as part of their national security strategy and basic Air Force doctrine. In August, 2006, the US president, approves a new national space policy. What are we doing in this setting? In 1994, the Marshal of the Soviet Union Military Academy named after Marshal of the Soviet Union G. K. Zhukov, together with industry, developed a project of an aerospace defense system. However, it was not even considered by the relevant authorities. And only in 2006, as a result of our stubborn struggle, did we get the VKO Concept approved by the president. We even agreed that it was not as complete as the situation was urgently demanding. If only the leadership of the country and the Armed Forces acknowledged that without this there would be no defense of the state.

And on December 1 of 2012 of the year, the newly created branch of service, EKR Troops, took over the combat duty. But so far it is not a branch of the military, protecting the whole country. This is a branch of the military that defends only the center of Russia. He subordinates troops, but today he has neither the de facto nor the de jure ability to control them. According to the estimates of the command of the Armed Forces of the East Kazakhstan region, since 2007, not a single regulatory document has been corrected for this purpose.

We from the times of the Soviet Union had a school for the creation of an air defense system, and then an aerospace defense, moreover, a school with no equivalent in the world. Our air defense system was the best and this was proved by the Great Patriotic War. Moscow almost did not suffer. The industrial centers of the USSR, which produced weapons and military equipment, did not suffer significant damage from enemy air raids. This was confirmed by the Vietnam War (1965 – 1973), which was actually won by the anti-aircraft missile forces and the air defense system as a whole, knocking down about eight thousand American airplanes and helicopters, thereby forcing the USA to leave this country.

If we build the system of aerospace defense, it is necessary to form a legislative base and the necessary structures. And this is created, as a rule, by a person with personal responsibility and endowed with the necessary powers. It is required to have an appropriate working body under the general direction of the General Staff, which will generate ideas and manage the construction of the aerospace defense system. Moreover, this working body should deal not only with the military side of the issue. The creation of the state aerospace defense system is similar in its scale and complexity to the task of creating nuclear weapons and a rocket-space shield. And probably, this process should not be headed by the Ministry of Defense, but perhaps by the Deputy Prime Minister, with giving him, first and foremost, divisions of military science.

We have long been saying that it is unwise to create an aerospace defense system and, at the same time, to overclock the country's only aerospace defense academy, accusing it of not having teachers. In the end, there is the decision of the Supreme Commander to create a system of aerospace defense. Specific managers should be responsible for this, not the advice of designers or interdepartmental councils. And bear responsibility up to the criminal. Today should be a different approach. It is required, in my opinion, to unite all defense enterprises engaged in the production of weapons and military equipment for the East Kazakhstani Army.

But the main thing today is, of course, frames. Whatever we do, without them we will not build anything. Moreover, now there is a terrible personnel shortage in the central office of the Ministry of Defense, in industry, in the system of training qualified specialists of the East Kazakhstan region. And the Military Academy of the East Kazakhstan region, the only university in the country that prepares them, is being destroyed today.

A few more words about science. In 1945, the war did not end for us. It continued in Korea, in Vietnam, in the Middle East. There were forged personnel who later participated in the training and education of officers for the Air Defense Forces. We have accumulated tremendous experience, excellent scientific schools have appeared. Let's not forget that. Destroy it is not worth it.

The Military Academy of the East Kazakhstan region named after G.K. Zhukov is the base higher education institution for the united air defense system of the CIS. It is without exaggeration a world-class school and it was created over the course of many years. In this academy, the first dissertation was defended only 11 years after its foundation. It trained specialists from the armies of friendly countries, including those belonging to the CIS. If we do not prepare them now in Tver, they will go to study at universities in the US and NATO countries. In conclusion, I stress once again: it is impossible to destroy the Military Academy of the East Kazakhstan region.

Boris Cheltsov
Colonel-General, Chief of the General Staff of the Air Force, Head of the Department of Aerospace Defense of the Academy of Military Sciences, Doctor of Military Sciences

Commanders can only be taught in Tver

Before me is the official document of the Ministry of Defense. In it, the Air Force Engineering Academy named after N. Ye. Zhukovsky, the Air Force Academy named after Yu. A. Gagarin, the Military Academy of the East Kazakhstan Region named after GK Zhukov are all mixed together. And this is what is written in this document: the reduction of the personnel order and the terms of training led to the emergence of small universities, which entailed considerable expenses for the maintenance of the unused educational material base.

This is absolutely not true. In the next eight years, we have to get 28 C-400 kits, which will be used with other weapons and military equipment. Who will train for them? And what kind of footage will it be? They will prepare the Military Space Academy named after AF Mozhaisky? But today there is no way to train in the specialties of air defense. Moreover, it takes many years to prepare a teacher, a scientist.

Further from the same document we learn: "Changing the terms of training, the transition to a coursework system of training provides for necessarily advanced training." But where and who will be engaged in advanced training? Unclear. In particular, in the Military Command Academy of the Air Defense named after G. K. Zhukov (this was the name of the VA East Kazakhstan), at one time there were departments of operational art and tactics of combat arms. That is, commanders were trained both at the tactical and at the operational level, of combat personnel.

And in the Military Space Academy named after AF Mozhaisky, they never trained in commanders of such a profile. The purpose of this university is completely different. The AF Mozhaisky Military Space Academy is an excellent technical educational institution that provides space troops with personnel. There are faculties: the design of launch vehicles and spacecraft, control systems, radio electronics, information collection and processing. There are departments: the main technical complexes of rocket and spacecraft, spacecraft. There is even metrology and meteorology. But where is the fighter? Where is the commander?

You can’t do this with the Military Academy of East Kazakhstan. Only in the last five years, the number of research works carried out in it on the subject of aerospace defense, is more than 260. Of these, 12 - directly on the instructions of the Minister of Defense, 46 - on the instructions of the General Staff. It turns out: some people prepare a scientific product, while others reap the benefits.

The Military Academy of East Kazakhstan Oblast carries out joint work with 17 large research organizations, industrial enterprises, factories. All operational art and all the tactics of air defense and air-defense of the East were developed by the academy in Tver. Last year, an educational command post of the strategic command of the East Kazakhstan region was created in it. By the way, we must remember that the president of November 30, 2010, set the task of combining air defense forces and creating a strategic command of the East Kazakhstan region. And in fact they did it in no way strategic.

Boris Cheltsov:
- My main board of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces were 1200 people, operational management - 98 people, and I used the GK Zhukov Military Academy of the East Kazakhstan region for a number of developments. And today, the entire number of the Air Force Commander-in-Chief is slightly more than 90 servicemen, and all the air defense forces are 12. Well, what will they develop there?

Anatoly Hyupenen:
- In 2010, the faculty of the RCU of the Military Academy of the East Kazakhstan region named after G. Zhukov was taken and transferred to the Military Space Academy named after A. Mozhaysky. And what do you think: textbooks were taken from us, and six teachers went on a rotational basis to train students. Now the Academy named after AF Mozhaisky has already received a license. The question is how? Who will check? I know how the Zhukovsky and Gagarin Academies and the Zhukov Academy obtained licenses. Not one pound of salt to eat is necessary for this. And then there is no training base, there are no teachers, but they receive a license. What kind of moral and physical deterioration of the educational and material base in the VA EKO are we being told? Only just entered the academy "chetyrehsotka." There are “three hundred”, educational command posts - “Bastion”, “Universal”, “Baikal”, etc. Moreover, these are 36 command posts and they are combined into a single complex. And you can organize work on it from top to bottom.

Boris Cheltsov:
- Another remark. Now the faculty of the Military Academy named after GK Zhukov is really mostly retirees. The youth came from the posts of commanders of batteries and divisions, because staffing categories were drastically reduced in the academy. That is, former combatants were recruited as teachers. They haven't seen any real teachings in the last 20 years. No veteran will go anywhere from Tver. It is necessary to keep the current faculty over the next ten years, to educate him a shift.

Anatoly Hyupenen,
Colonel-General, Chairman of the Presidium of the Council of Veterans of the Air Defense Forces, Doctor of Military Sciences, Professor

Thrown back decades later

The Academy in Voronezh (Air Force Engineering Academy named after N. Ye. Zhukovsky and the Air Force Academy named after Yu. A. Gagarin after the merger and transfer), at least for me, is a “black box”. Everything that happens there is done in secret. None of those present here knows the authors of these ambiguous ideas. The question arises: why the existing scientific and pedagogical potential is not used to reform the education system of the Air Force, if so necessary?

The Zhukovsky Air Force Engineering Academy is the first aviation institute in the world that has existed for more than 90 years, has a huge number of scientific schools, and 140 doctors of science. Yes, just think for a second how much material, spiritual and time resources the country spent to grow such a number of highly qualified scientists!

And what is being done? At the new site in Voronezh, systems are being created from scratch, the center for training Air Force engineers. Never Voronezh was engaged in the preparation of engineering personnel. This from time immemorial has been occupied by the N. Ye. Zhukovsky Air Force Engineering Academy. She is the embodiment of engineering in the Air Force. Not a single Ph.D. did not go from Zhukovka to Voronezh. The Zhukovsky Academy had a unique laboratory base, wind tunnels, energy complexes, special devices for testing aircraft armament, engines, etc. Experts who came from Voronezh destroyed all this.

I worked in the educational structures of 50 for years. He was directly involved in the creation of two universities. We created in Riga, first the Higher Rocket School, and then the Aviation School. The whole country helped. They took specialists from all institutions. And that only through 15 years we received a higher educational institution. I believe that an educational institution becomes higher only when the first doctor of science who is trained within its walls appears. Who wants to drop our military science and training on 15 years ago?

Why is all this done? They explain to us that the entire teaching staff is mainly of pre-retirement and retirement age. Do they not know that all civilian personnel leading the training cycle are retired? There is no pre-retirement age. We are all retired, because on the “citizen” operational-tactical specialists are not trained, and the teachers are people who reprimanded, being military, a cycle of disciplines, and then switched to “citizen”. In this continuity is the strength of our educational system.

Now all the teachers were transferred to the category of lieutenant colonels. A lieutenant colonel in 45 years retires. From 45 to 60 years - 15 years interval, when these military retirees work on the educational structure of the Ministry of Defense. What retirees are we talking about in this case?

In general, it is strange that they begin to assess the scientific, creative, and intellectual potential of a person by the number of years he has lived. And if so, then let's look at the Russian Academy of Sciences - there are all pensioners. Translate the RAS to Voronezh, staff it with young personnel and get "brilliant" results.

23 in March, the Minister of Defense issued an order that the Yaroslavl anti-missile defense VZRU transferred to the Armed Forces of the East Kazakhstan region. Has anyone ever seen one branch of the Armed Forces train specialists for another type of Armed Forces? How will we now prepare air defense specialists for the Air Force as part of the EKR Troops?

Boris Bachkalo,
Colonel, Chief Researcher, VVAU VVS Air Force

All on sale

As a result of the implementation of the document discussed above, the Ministry of Defense destroyed all six faculties, eliminated all 45 departments, dismissed the entire teaching staff, looted most of the educational material base of the N. Zhukovsky Air Force Engineering Academy. None of the candidates, Ph.D. did not go to Voronezh.

A doctoral candidate was sent there by order, he defended his doctoral thesis at the academy in April and agreed to work there. He has eight children, there they gave him two three-bedroom apartments. He is not a Muscovite, and this is quite acceptable for him. Here is all the "well-being."

I want to talk about the consequences of this translation. Voronezh College was preparing specialists who had no relation to the development of aircraft. Therefore, there is now no scientific school, there are no relevant scientists. We have hundreds of enterprises with which the academy worked together. To transfer training to such a higher education institution is the same as instructing a mining institute to train dentists or gynecologists.

We have 670 people still in place, in scientific divisions. Of these, 74 – 75 doctors and 130 candidates of science. But in the near future they, apparently, will be thrown out. Therefore, we are fighting to preserve the potential that remains today. Otherwise, aviation science will be buried for the next 30 – 40 years.

We have a veteran organization (about 500 scientists, 109 doctors of science, 38 generals, 310 colonels). We asked to provide a building for the Museum of military, labor, scientific glory of the Academy of Zhukovsky. Denied. That is, 130 thousand square meters are taken from us and do not even want to give half a percent of the selected area, arguing that this area is "planned for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation."

I have a letter from Finance Minister Siluanov to the Minister of Defense. I will read only the last sentence: “At the same time, the Ministry of Finance of Russia, in accordance with the previously reached agreements, is counting on the transfer of educational buildings and other premises of the Military Air Engineering Academy named after Professor Zhukovsky, located in Moscow, into the operational management of the Academy of Budget and Treasury of the Ministry of Finance.”

The issue was resolved almost five years ago. Now the implementation of the decision accelerated. If earlier all the buildings were in the operational management of the Academy, now they have been transferred to the operational management of property relations of the Ministry of Defense. That is, they are prepared for sale.

Boris Fomkin,
Colonel, Secretary of the Scientific Council of the N. Zhukovsky Air Force Engineering Academy

Must be asked to the fullest extent

At one time, the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff decided to create on the basis of the Moscow Air Defense District (later it received the name of the Special Purpose Command) headquarters of the aerospace defense system. Then in the hands of the commander of the Defense Ministry of Defense were groups of aviation, anti-aircraft missile forces, radio engineering troops, electronic warfare, special forces and equipment, combined into a single control system. And the entire Air Force Main Command began practical measures for the resuscitation of the A-50 system (a strategic missile defense system with an air defense system). However, nothing was really done that way.

The question is: who did not comply with the instructions of the Minister of Defense and the Chief of General Staff? And who should deal with this issue? Prosecutor General's Office? Probably. Failure to comply with orders and directives must be brought to justice. And crossing the bridge to the system of education and training, I want to say that the leading section of the system of education and science is in Tver today. There you can practically lose everything both on the head section of the East-Kazakhstan oblast system of the Central Industrial Region and Moscow region, and throughout the country and see the perspective of the forces and means of the East-Kazakhstan region troops. Therefore, I believe that it is necessary to bring those responsible for the destruction of these institutions to justice.

Alexander Gorkov,
Lieutenant-General Commander of the Air Force Anti-aircraft Missile Forces

BTC strike

I want to dwell on some of the details that sometimes characterize the situation as a whole no less brightly. To make it clear how thoughtfully the reform is proceeding, in particular with regard to the Military Academy of the East Kazakhstan region. The university has an executive directive, according to which since July 4 we have eliminated all the departments and all teaching positions.

At the same time, the reformers completely forgot that more than two hundred foreign military specialists are still studying in our academy. Of these, only the third part is produced in summer, and the rest from September 1 should continue their studies. Some up to 2015. Who will teach them?

In addition, there are new applications. Recently - on 14 a man from Algeria. There already has its own school of air defense. Soon, obviously, we will have to send our officers to study there, because there will be no Russian school anymore.

Foreigners bring both economic and political benefits to the Russian state. First, Russia is preparing for the army of a country command personnel. They receive education on the basis of our military science, mastering our weapons. Then come the contracts for the purchase of weapons, spare parts, engineering and technical training, and so on. These countries may not be our allies, but they are not interested in fighting with us. If we liquidate our school, they will start looking for another one. It will be either overseas, or in Europe, or even in the near abroad.

None of the General Staff visited our academy. But decisions, however, are made at our university. The time spent by one high-ranking official from the Ministry of Defense on the territory of the academy was twelve minutes. Those who accompanied him say that the representative of the Ministry of Defense was interested in only one question: how much would it cost if everything was sold?

Yuri Krinitsky,
Colonel, Candidate of Military Sciences, Professor, Military Academy of the East Kazakhstan Region named after Marshal of the Soviet Union GK Zhukov

There is a lie

We are discussing the defeat of three academies in the Air Force. But in my opinion, this problem applies to all higher academies of the Armed Forces of Russia. The modern world is based on engineering. And above all, engineers and highly qualified teachers determine the paths of development and the level of technology, the level of weapons that our warriors will own.

Air Force Engineering Academy. N.Ye. Zhukovsky is a world famous and deserved school. Here are gathered people who kept traditions, passed them from generation to generation. This is a living organism, which stood on the traditions of the fundamental nature of engineering military education. These traditions were known all over the world and people from all over the world, specialists went to our academy. And for some reason, it was she who was the first to be destroyed.

I'm not talking about the Military Engineering Academy. V.V. Kuibyshev. This experience did not seem to put us on our guard. Almost the same thing was done there. Do you know who occupied her building? It was transferred to the kennel of the business elite - the National Research University Higher School of Economics.

At the place of our academy, before the order was issued to liquidate and remove the study load from us, an agreement was already reached to place the Academy of the budget and treasury of the Ministry of Finance. But these organizations are not led by people from the street. These are all relatives of our leaders or their closest friends. So, lies in everything, and this can be proved by documents that we are misleading. We were told: is everything normal that you are worried? You will live even better. And so we lived 20 for years, not receiving any salary, nor adequate security, we repaired the building for our money, we were preparing for a new academic year. We believed.

Therefore, I say: we must support the academies that are not destroyed yet.

In the Air Force Academy. Yu. A. Gagarin in Monin, the main teachers are dismissed. But there remained an order of 80 doctors of science, professors and auxiliary units, which are now called THEY (research departments). Here in these units live doctors now. Apparently, on this basis, you can create an academic center for advanced research and training of highly qualified personnel.

In principle, it is impossible to raise the question of transferring a military academy or military school from one place to another without losing it. What does it mean to translate? Let them try to translate any civilian university from Moscow. This means that the entire faculty must move with its laboratories, with its employees, families, households, household goods. Try to do this at least once with some eminent civil university.

Therefore, we must firmly defend their position.

Boris Bachkalo:
- We must say that we do not accept the transfer of training officers of the operational-tactical link to the exchange rate system. The course system in principle does not allow us to form the competencies of the commander for one simple reason. Commander's competences are formed at the academy only because there is a complete set of trained specialists who allow us to form combat crews. And in these combat calculations against the background of exercises, LUT, and so on, we form the competencies of the commander. Thus, the exchange rate system will destroy the training of operational-tactical officers.

Vladimir Vetoshkin,
Colonel, Head of the Department of the ACS of the Air Force Engineering Academy. N. E. Zhukovsky (from 1990 to 2005 year), doctor of technical sciences, professor

The end of the Soviet school

I graduated from the Kharkov Higher Military Aviation School and the Air Force Engineering Academy. N. E. Zhukovsky with the red diploma. He studied for one year at the command and staff college of the United States Air Force and for one year at the Geneva Security Center, also with honors. And in the 2010 year, despite the position of the head of the department of the automated control system of the military academy, which I occupied (I was only 50 years old at the time), I was considered an unpromising officer. This is to what unpromising officers are being pushed out of the Armed Forces.

Now for the officer training system. I believe that there is a deliberate squeezing of officers who have a Soviet (I emphasize) training school behind them. It was much easier for me to study at American academies than at our academy, because we had very serious training. Despite the language barrier, I felt completely free there.

I will say about the American training system. Today we have a substitution of concepts associated with the difference in the translation of terms. In the US, only three academies - aviation, naval and land. Moreover, these are not academies, but ordinary schools, just in American style - the academy. But what I graduated, we translate as courses, and they call the command-staff college. But this is one of the departments of the university. In America, the concept of "university" is that we have the concept of "academy". And now graduates of the command and staff college receive a master's degree.

If we compare the training system, then we have several steps. That is, a military school, let's say, four years - if it’s a command school, or five - if it’s engineering. Then two years in the academy, for example, in engineering profile or in command profile. So the Americans have the same system. The first stage is the command-staff college, one year, where an officer in the post of major, lieutenant colonel studies. But this is by no means a course, it is a normal first year of the academy. Then the person goes to serve for three to four years, five years, gets practical experience and in order to advance to the level of a colonel and further, he must graduate from a team college. This is the second stage. In total, the same two years. They learn a lot from us and adopt much.

Again about the officer training system. It is necessary to take into account a very powerful American infrastructure. It allows, having a large income, to attract people from universities. About 20 percent of officers, I'm talking about the Air Force, are personnel officers who graduated from the academy in Colorado Springs. But to get there, a person must have personal recommendations from a state senator or governor. And this is the most powerful filter. That is how the US officer corps is formed. Suffice it to recall that before Clinton, most of the presidents of the United States were graduates of military academies.

In addition, what is the prestige, what is the level. The president is present at the issue and personally presents diplomas. Here is the level of the military-political leadership, which pays attention to the officers. That is, it is determined not only by the highest salaries. Strengthened by strong moral support. Americans have patriotism because their country respects, they get paid well, they feel great.

The main thing is not to break the ties of generations. Now the Soviet officers have been removed from the process of educating future officers. And the officer cadres brought up on 400-x orders, what will be guided by? This is a very serious problem. In no case can not blindly copy the American system. That system works great in the conditions of the US infrastructure. But these are two different schools.

Igor Lyaluk,
Colonel, Head of the Department of the ACS of the Air Force Engineering Academy. N.Ye. Zhukovsky

Threat to the United Air Defense System

Once again I want to note - there are two contracts. Recently, 14 people from Algeria arrived and began to study the Russian language, because they have two years of training ahead of them on the basis of the Military Academy of East-Kazakhstan oblast. The Minister of Defense signed the relevant document and instructed our Academy to be ready to receive specialists and continue training from 1 in April. It turns out that from July 1 we are losing all the departments, but then we have to teach representatives of other states for another two years.

June 15 according to the contract, listeners from Bolivia and Venezuela come to us. 241 is a foreigner who is studying with us now, most of them are representatives of the United Air Defense System of the CIS. What will we do if it disappears? Kazakhstan - in the south, Belarus - in the west. I am silent about the north direction. And the bulk of cruise missiles and bombers will fly from there. Today, technology develops so that a hypersonic aircraft reaches the intended target of destruction faster than an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Vitaly Gerasimov,
Col., Lecturer, Department of Operational Art, Military Academy of the East Kazakhstan Region named after Marshal of the Soviet Union GK Zhukov

Do not forget history

We have all witnessed what is being done with the leaders of countries that do not have a plan, forces and means of repelling an aerospace attack. Our country has always had such a plan. Today I doubt that we have it.

Why does Russia have a million military personnel when there should be at least 1 million 600 thousand in the army? While the US and the EU have 2,4 million. China has 2,3 million plus 36 million reservists. This is a threat, however.

As for the age of senior officers, why did they put, for example, Saltykov, the commander of the Russian army in 61 a year? Why was Suvorov summoned in 69 years and appointed commander of the joint group? Why Kutuzov put the commander at the same age? Because they were specialists, not managers. Why is there a different line today?

Today, a strategic mistake is that higher military education is being destroyed in our country. The commander of the first American nuclear submarine, Admiral Rickover, wrote: “... Education is an area from which they really entered into a great clash. The seriousness of the call to us from the USSR is not that it is stronger than us militarily. And in that which threatens us with its education system, the education system that was in the USSR is a very stable system. ”

In January 1941, Stalin called Khrunichev and said: by June of this year, the country should produce 50 aircraft per day. And in June, the country launched its 1941 50 aircraft per day. But then it was not about the state, but about the rate of change of state. So, somewhere the theory suffers. This suggests that only in higher military education, it is possible to develop theories and create scientific schools. Without a higher military education nothing happens. Today, the educational component has gone to one place, the scientific component has remained at the old place. Or it is necessary to transfer everything to Voronezh completely, or return it back.

We in the aviation had 15 flight schools on the network principle. Orenburg Naval Aviation School, long-range aviation - Tambov, Barnaul, Borisoglebsk, about the same program. That is, in the event of some force majeure circumstances, we could concentrate the same naval and long-range aircraft in one place, and so on. The network principle is broken today.

The war is different now. The first phase of the war is a powerful information and psychological operation in six months. It is already ending. The second phase - power, by conducting an air offensive operation. The first echelon - cruise missiles and so on. Echelon breakthrough of our air defense, and then go stripping. And the third phase is the blitzkrieg that Napoleon and Hitler dreamed of. Today, all the conditions have been created for this.

Therefore, in military education there must be an understanding: what you teach, why you teach. Are you preparing people for retirement or for war? It is necessary to significantly change the internal content and to introduce again higher military education.

Valery Makhnin,
Lieutenant-General, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Veterans of the Service of the Air Force of the Russian Federation

There is no alternative to the Military Academy of East Kazakhstan

In my opinion, it is imperative to continue such “round tables” and invite the command of the East Kazakhstan region to them. Why? Because a year ago, the command of the EKR had one look at the Military Academy of the EKR. And I must say, not in her favor. There were those who supported her transfer to the Military Space Academy. A. F. Mozhaisky.

From 1 December 2011, we had EKR Troops. At least legally. The command of the new kind of troops faced numerous problems. Thinking is changing. Now the command of the EKR argues that it needs officers-complex makers, representing the system of EKR in full. Where can I cook them today? Only where there is a base for this is the system of command posts, starting from the battalion link and ending with the strategic level. It is currently available only in the Military Academy of East Kazakhstan. Only there it is possible to conduct classes, training of specialists and, most importantly, the retraining of officers every two years. These courses, which I also attended at one time, gave a lot. We were trained there as officer-complexors. And this is the most important, because ASD is a system consisting of a number of subsystems. And if there are no officers of the operational and operational-tactical units, nothing good will happen.

That the Americans are now building a missile defense system. They have now set up a joint command post in Colorado Springs. There they organized the entire system of command posts, a powerful computer and modeling system. Through Colorado Springs, they drove out all the unit commanders and operational staff. That is, against the background of anti-missile launches conducted at the test site, Americans are conducting training operations at strategic and operational levels.

Where can we do this now in Russia? Only in the Military Academy of East Kazakhstan region in the city of Tver. Maybe in ten or fifteen years a similar system will work in the Military Space Academy. A. F. Mozhaisky. But now we will remain without this link.

I often go to the troops. Sometimes there is practically no one to talk to. But in the industry is not easier. The middle link, you know, is missing for objective reasons. But graduates of the VA EKR, who came to the military industry (at least they work for me), picked up exactly this link.

Sergey Kurushkin,
Lieutenant General, Army Commander, Missile Attack Warning

Raise everyone

In my opinion, there are two reasons for the elimination of academies. The first is economic. It so happened that our academies are budget intensive. Therefore, under various pretexts destroy them. The second is political. Let's call a spade a spade. There is a collapse and plunder. We need to talk about it loudly. And it is necessary to write not only within the department, but to the Security Council, the Supreme Commander, to the Federal Assembly, the General Prosecutor's Office.

Yuri Chubenko,
Lieutenant-General, Deputy Commander of the Air Defense Forces in the rear

Work on anticipation

As an engineer, I am very concerned about the state of aviation technology, which, although in small quantities, still arrives. This is a very unreliable technique. Today we see planes falling, space ships falling, as military equipment fails. I think that this largely depends on the fact that the military acceptance institute has been destroyed. Dmitry O. Rogozin's father - Lieutenant-General Oleg Konstantinovich Rogozin, who graduated from our academy, worked in the 9-th order management of aviation equipment. In essence, he commanded military missions of a certain direction. And I had a lot of hope when his son became a major leader and began to work in the defense industry and defense orders.

The Voronezh School will be able to train specialists for military acceptance of aerodromes, logistics services, fuel supply, and training specialists for receiving sophisticated aviation equipment, but very soon. And the Air Force Engineering Academy. N. Ye. Zhukovsky, even in the condition in which she remained, if there were 150 – 200 scientists associated with aviation enterprises, could have trained at least the leadership of this military acceptance team. I have information that 15 doctors of science are either deputy chief designers of aviation design bureaus, or scientific consultants for the release of new products. It seems to me that if our country intends to increase the defense order, then this must be done effectively, for which we need to prepare specialists in time.

In 1945, a group for the study of reactive technology was created at the N. Zhukovsky Air Force Engineering Academy. But there was no technology yet. However, by the time the equipment entered the army, the Academy had already produced engineers who knew this jet technology. So, it seems to me, even today we would have to work for preemption. But while we do not do it.

Valery Konurkin,
Major General of Aviation, Deputy Head of the N. Zhukovsky Air Force Engineering Academy

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  1. YARY
    YARY 18 May 2012 08: 08
    So, it seems to me, and today it would be necessary for us to work - proactively. But for now, we are not doing this.


    In the meantime, everything is done the other way around.
    Need to see who's in the line for the "jar of jam and basket of cookies" ?! angry angry angry
    1. fidel
      fidel 18 May 2012 12: 13
      In general, "optimization" and "efficiency improvement" are in full swing! laughing And where is the Supreme Commander in chief looking and is he looking at all somewhere?
      And according to Zhukov: and what, or did someone prevent him from creating a powerful air defense system before the start of the war and not allow the complete defeat of the personnel Red Army? Who is this villain and enemy of the people? Whom to the wall?
      1. Alex63
        Alex63 19 May 2012 03: 17
        All these optimizations, innovations, modernization and other ... tions in fact only destroy our economy, science, education, army, industry, agriculture, etc. etc. Our country is leaving the positions that were achieved by the Soviet Union with huge steps. With the general "approval" of the duped population under the leadership of Gorbachev-Yeltsin-Putin-Medvedev-Putin, Russia has turned into a raw material appendage of the West and a market for the implementation of outdated military and civilian equipment. And the Russian land was slowly given over to NATO for their facilities. And the Supreme Civil Code does not care deeply about all these problems. He has his own selfish interest.
      2. Nick
        Nick 19 May 2012 09: 42
        Quote: fidel
        Who is this villain and enemy of the people? Whom to the wall?

        Tukhachevsky. And they leaned against the wall for a long time ...
  2. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 18 May 2012 08: 21
    For Vanka! You say two divisions will be enough, the articles have not yet been done, and in the morning I already have such gloomy thoughts damn
    1. Vanek
      Vanek 18 May 2012 09: 46
      Alexander, if this is for me, I’ll be honest. I can’t understand this saying, understand request Can be more.
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 18 May 2012 13: 42
        Vanya, I speak a little. Vladivostok and Komsomolsk are covered specifically, but Novosib? A city with more than a million people, plus factories. Oboroma must be a wall. Here I am. And Barnaul’s division is, if I’m not mistaken, with 200. Morning post
  3. Baron Wrangell
    Baron Wrangell 18 May 2012 08: 26
    sad to read everything! very sad! you can destroy everything, then restore it, the saddest thing is that all this is the passed stage of the country's development!
    1. TRex
      TRex 18 May 2012 09: 11
      And I'm just scared. I do not live in Moscow, they and she will not be able to cover from heaven, not that some kind of periphery. They will play out, creatures - then we will all wash ourselves with bloody tears.
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 18 May 2012 09: 16
        Track, where do you live, if the Far East or Siberia, then these regions are quite well covered. Moreover, both missile and fighter
        1. TRex
          TRex 18 May 2012 10: 52
          If you know: how are the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, the south of Western Siberia, the Polar Urals "covered"? From Novaya Zemlya down the globe - a passage yard, not air defense.
          And there, by the way, bОmost of the country's budget.
  4. Opertak
    Opertak 18 May 2012 08: 50
    A heavy impression of the read. In the early 90's, the Americans named the Academy. Marshal of the Soviet Union G. Zhukov the best in the world - nothing like them or anyone else in the world simply didn’t have (a system of training command posts).
    I am not even offended or angry at Taburetkin - he has such a job, but I clearly see the betrayal of the interests of the state and the Army by senior officials of the Armed Forces and, first of all, Chief of the General Staff Makarov. Hidden, stsuki, in high positions and quietly straddling the stripes - if only they were not touched. Ugh!
    1. rate 60
      rate 60 18 May 2012 16: 30
      OperTak senior officials of the Armed Forces have a chief - the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, without whose command they will kill. These traitors of Russia carry out Putin's orders.
      1. Opertak
        Opertak 18 May 2012 18: 14
        Quote: rait 60
        These traitors to Russia carry out Putin's orders.
        - Yes, you throw nonsense to write. Some of the issues of military development that Putin personally oversees are at an excellent level. For example, Strategic Missile Forces and SPRN. But it’s impossible for the Supreme to engage in, say, a separate division or even an army, for this there is a minister, commanders and commanders.
  5. patriot2
    patriot2 18 May 2012 08: 51
    Again they mixed "God's gift with scrambled eggs" and want an excellent result!
    Where is the pop, and where is the parish? We are waiting for "With the next bait in action.
  6. Sniper 1968
    Sniper 1968 18 May 2012 09: 07
    “What we have, we do not store, having lost, we cry.” It hurts to read such articles.
  7. Aventurinka
    Aventurinka 18 May 2012 09: 14
    Thanks for posting the article.
    Successes and changes for the better - they are advertised often and loudly. But they prefer to hush up the problems. And the problems are gigantic. It’s clear that repairing is much more difficult than rebuilding. And we have so much to fix after the activities of some .... who knows whether it is possible to restore at all ....
  8. Dust
    Dust 18 May 2012 09: 18
    Something no one has written so far, that the old front doors again differed, that such a deep plan of those in power was not fully appreciated!
    It’s bitter to read all this, very bitter - and you can’t do anything!
  9. welder
    welder 18 May 2012 10: 04
    Dust, he’s a friend (in translation), wait a little soon ....
  10. Igor
    Igor 18 May 2012 10: 35
    Under Yeltsin there was no such x..rni, thanks to Putin for that.
  11. Middle-brother
    Middle-brother 18 May 2012 10: 45
    Gorby’s business lives and thrives. They killed the civic education, now they have reached the higher military.

    "In my opinion, there are two reasons for the liquidation of academies. The first is economic. It has already happened that our academies are budget-intensive. Therefore, they are being destroyed under various pretexts. The second is political. Let's call a spade a spade. There is collapse and plunder. We must talk about this. speak loudly. And it is necessary to write not only within the department, but to the Security Council, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, the Federal Assembly, the General Prosecutor's Office. "

    If you really need money, you can always find it; there would be a desire and an economic reason is just an excuse.
    "We have to talk about it loudly." - you need to shout, beat the alarm!
    1. rate 60
      rate 60 18 May 2012 16: 39
      Middle brother You want to say, the Supreme Commander is not in the know? Everything is done on his orders. And he carries out orders from Washington.
  12. Ahmar
    Ahmar 18 May 2012 10: 46
    I run into a ban, but - !! where is the president looking! ???? SK, Prosecutor General, FSB and who else ??? they report on rearmament, but are silent about the fact that there will simply be no one to control all these weapons!
  13. understudy
    understudy 18 May 2012 11: 31
    Quote: Ahmar
    where the president is looking

    Why would he look somewhere? Ministers report that everything is openwork. So it is. The appointed subjects cannot lie to him.
  14. Cadet787
    Cadet787 18 May 2012 12: 16
    In the armed forces of the Russian Federation, not three academies were destroyed, but all, turned into some kind of centers. At present, there are practically no applied and fundamental sciences in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, and this will affect the development of weapons and military equipment, operational art, strategy, etc. To prepare a military scientist requires 8-10 years of painstaking work. Who will be responsible for the collapse of military science? As always, no one. How can sales and military education managers Katya Perevozchikova manage the aircraft? In which country is this possible. And when at the end the Supreme Commander stops the destruction of his armed forces.
  15. core
    core 18 May 2012 12: 25
    Academy must be dispersed, the sense of them is zero. and create new ones from scratch. I remember how in the middle of the day, a German Somalik landed in Red Square.
    where were all your academies and trained personnel. how they trained personnel, so they fought. not by skill but by number. peasant women give birth.
    1. Dust
      Dust 18 May 2012 13: 32
      Somehow it’s already unusual to read such nonsense on this site!
      Rust was specially missed, and so - read less slanders for the night ...
      1. core
        core 18 May 2012 14: 08
        I don’t even know such an author.
        and in 1941, too, specifically missed?
        1. Dust
          Dust 18 May 2012 14: 55
          Come on, I suppose my favorite author! Otherwise, they would not have written such nonsense ...
          1. core
            core 18 May 2012 23: 46
            ok tell your mom.
    2. TekhnarMAF
      TekhnarMAF 18 May 2012 15: 02
      Core it is necessary to disperse the academy, but the sense of them ...... The Academy is not a building with laboratories and simulators (it won't be a big problem to build), but, first of all, a SCHOOL, which has been created by decades of scientific and practical activity. We will build a new academy and we will train specialists with the level of ShMAS (school of junior aviation specialists). An excellent proposal, in the spirit of the modern requirements of the "rebuilders" from the State Department!
      1. core
        core 18 May 2012 23: 52
        in our unit, the commander is a thief and a grabber, he graduated from the academy, apparently financially, all that he can do is count money, he didn’t answer for a single emergency, the money in the army is everything, the academy apparently studied the same way.
    3. rate 60
      rate 60 18 May 2012 16: 46
      The core was somehow shown a film. So this provocation with an airplane was developed and carried out on the orders of Gorbachev. This was the beginning of the destruction of the Army. And the idea aroused him an amer.
      1. core
        core 18 May 2012 23: 49
        The destruction of the army and navy began with a violation of the oath in 1991. for chewing gum strontium sold.
  16. understudy
    understudy 18 May 2012 12: 54
    "The most capacious and understandable for non-specialists is the analysis of Eduard Samoilov:" Anti-aircraft missile forces (ZRV) previously covered all the largest administrative, industrial, energy, transport centers, military bases and arsenals, positions of the Strategic Missile Forces. Currently, they can only protect 1% of the territory of Russia.

    The combat capabilities of the anti-aircraft missile forces over the past 10 years have decreased by 5 times, air defense aviation by 3, 5 times. In the absence of supplies of new equipment, the combat capabilities of air defense missiles will decrease by another 2010–70% by 75.

    Over 66% of the country there is simply no radar field. Today, the nearest NATO airfield is 600 km from Moscow, and the flight time of NATO strike aircraft from the Estonian border to Moscow does not exceed 20 minutes. On this way, against more than 2500 NATO combat aircraft, Russia has only about 600 aircraft, of which no more than 100 can fly, with pilots, the level of training is much lower than the training of NATO pilots.

    If NATO aircraft attack Russia at extremely low altitudes - 100-300 meters, then it is likely that not a single Russian aircraft will ever meet NATO planes and not a single anti-aircraft missile fire.

    The army is an organism with a huge inertial moment, which in many respects determines the level of its “strength”, that is, combat readiness. All changes in the army, whether re-equipping or improving strategic and operational-tactical art, must be made by the method of gradual and uniformly proportional accumulation of new potential "in the neighborhood" with the previous one, with strict observance of the condition that the overall level of combat readiness of the troops does not decrease, but rises. This condition is not just violated by the Russian leadership, but is violated in an absolutely incredible way, in a pointed manner, one might even say brazenly.

    To this picture of the systematic, methodical destruction of the Armed Forces, one can add an equally impressive picture of the equally consistent and methodical liquidation of the military-industrial complex.

    How can the President of Russia methodically and purposefully destroy the Armed Forces of Russia? The explanation for this is as easy to understand as it is terrible for Russia: sensing and realizing themselves as part of the “free world”, the Khazars perceive the Russian military-industrial complex and the Russian Army as a force that is undoubtedly hostile to itself and to the “free world”, and therefore subject to liquidation ". (with)
    Quote: Alexander Romanov
    if the Far East or Siberia, then these regions are quite well covered

    And here's another ...
    "... Here is the opinion about the nuclear forces of the famous rocket scientist, Doctor of Technical Sciences Yuri Savelyev:" In 1987 the Soviet Union had 30 thousand nuclear charges, the United States had 25 thousand. Rockets, like people, tend to age. Everything that we had - almost everything has drifted away, and what has not yet flowed out of the Soviet nuclear potential will be completely removed from service by 2015.

    - In total, both the land and naval missile and nuclear forces are in service and by 2015 we will have in service with 232 missiles that can deliver 232 nuclear warheads to their destination. That’s all that we will have by 2015. These are the official figures of the State Arms Program.

    As for the air component of the "nuclear triad", under the SALT-2 Treaty, we urgently need to build 50 heavy strategic bombers. I don’t even want to discuss this topic - it’s clear to experts that military aircraft construction has been destroyed. And our bombers would not have played a role in the nuclear balance - we do not have air bases close to US territory.

    The system of national missile defense (ABM) deployed by the Americans is precisely capable of intercepting approximately the same number of enemy missiles [about 200]: 80% will be shot down from space on takeoff, and 19% will be hit at atmospheric heights. And that means that only 2-3 warheads can reach the territory of the United States, and there they will be met by all the available forces of interceptor missiles and will almost certainly be knocked down.

    And for some inexplicable regularity, the State Armament Program brings us to precisely this figure - by 2015 we will have something on the order of 200 missiles.

    - The most amazing thing is that in our country many more people are indifferent to the state of our nuclear arsenals. Because they are absolutely convinced that there will be no "atomic war" under any circumstances and that "Americans as civilized people will never start first." This is a legacy of the Soviet era. But now the situation is completely different! New rockets in our country are becoming a piece of goods, weapons-grade plutonium is not being developed, the “Mace” is still not being brought to mind. And very soon, the Yankees will be able to bomb our cities with the same impunity as in Yugoslavia, Iraq [Libya].

    In addition, I think that now in Russia there is no nuclear stockpile accumulated in the storage facilities. Even when I was a deputy of the State Duma, we, together with the former Minister of Defense Igor Rodionov and a large group of deputies, tried to gain access to the CDM storage facility near Chelyabinsk, which stores nuclear charges removed from our missiles. But we did not receive such permission. They not only didn’t let us in, but also explained that, by agreement with the American side, the containers that are delivered to and exported from there are not subject to any search at all. And access to this repository is possible only with the consent of the American side. Thus, Russia lost national sovereignty over the most important thing - over the storage of its nuclear weapons. It’s even more difficult to imagine a wilder situation. ”
    1. nycsson
      nycsson 18 May 2012 15: 03
      Yes! Long live democracy! am am am
  17. atos_kin
    atos_kin 18 May 2012 13: 30
    The fewer military schools and academies in Moscow, the more liberally staggering in the swamp and other areas.
    1. core
      core 18 May 2012 14: 09
      Do you want to say that the majority of Lebirast students study there?
      1. atos_kin
        atos_kin 18 May 2012 14: 15
        On the contrary. The percentage of decent families in Moscow without these forges of real cadres becomes (has already become) less.
        1. core
          core 18 May 2012 23: 45
          from Moscow it’s time to withdraw all military universities, headquarters and military units, then the majors from the army will disappear.
          and then you see the teachers from the Zhukov Academy in Voronezh will not go. Well, yes, Voronezh is not Moscow, it’s worth living and working there.
  18. nycsson
    nycsson 18 May 2012 15: 00
    It's disgusting to read! All ruined fuck ....... !!! URO.D.Y ......... !!! am am am
  19. taseka
    taseka 18 May 2012 15: 17
    "Now, with regard to the system of officer training. I believe that there is a deliberate squeezing out of officers who have a Soviet (I emphasize especially) training school behind them." - Slashed in an eyebrow, brother!!!
    Union of Soviet Officers rally in Moscow
    1. 3412
      3412 18 May 2012 18: 20
      Fathers and Sons.
    2. Odessa
      Odessa 18 May 2012 19: 09
      I wanted to make a demo, and to write, they fought for their homeland. By the way, when the union was there were air defense academies in the Baltic states, the union collapsed, and universities and academies remained there, but they did not build new ones, in some universities there are not even military departments.
  20. Strashila
    Strashila 18 May 2012 18: 32
    This only confirmed that the system of training military personnel in the country is completely destroyed. Especially indicative is "He is not a Muscovite, and this is quite acceptable for him" ... the whole answer to the glamorous reform. In the European part there should not be a SINGLE MILITARY INSTITUTION ... only beyond the Urals, Siberia, the Far East. Then only we will receive personnel ready to serve in any region of our country.
  21. uizik
    uizik 18 May 2012 21: 22
    There are generals who can increase the country's defense capability and know their job. So what is the matter of putting them on senior posts in the Army and on, with the songs!
    1. atos_kin
      atos_kin 18 May 2012 21: 45
      There are many beautiful women in the world who "know their business". "So what's the matter" here we do not even act as a "boyfriend of the groom." Muscovites were not even asked. In Kiev - the same crap. Reason: the IMF may not give money. The Russians you have very little time - the shoots are already fledging, they are learning how to achieve their liberal values ​​without breaking the current laws. Or you are waiting for them to set relatives on each other in the kitchen.
  22. Andrey0907
    Andrey0907 18 May 2012 21: 53
    You read and your hair stands on end. Deliberately surrender the country. But I have a different question. Here, as I see from the posts, there are many military men. And I want to ask them: you gave the oath to defend the Homeland! This is your direct duty and duty! What are you doing to stop the destruction of the country? Are you crying here in a civilian waistcoat? Do you let out bubbles from children's emotion from the news that the Italian tank will not be adopted? So they don’t accept Russian either. Isn’t it a shame, gentlemen officers, to engage in moral masturbation here?
    1. nycsson
      nycsson 18 May 2012 22: 28
      Quote: Andrey0907
      You read and your hair stands on end. Deliberately surrender the country. But I have a different question. Here, as I see from the posts, there are many military men. And I want to ask them: you gave the oath to defend the Homeland! This is your direct duty and duty! What are you doing to stop the destruction of the country? Are you crying here in a civilian waistcoat? Do you let out bubbles from children's emotion from the news that the Italian tank will not be adopted? So they don’t accept Russian either. Isn’t it a shame, gentlemen officers, to engage in moral masturbation here?

      It is interesting to read your thoughts !!! Officers are bonded people, their duty is to protect their homeland in the event of external aggression, and not to climb barricades! But other structures should be engaged in internal security, let it be known to you! By the way, they must calculate the enemies of the people who, as you put it, destroy our country! That’s why they don’t do it - this is another question, I personally can only guess! I think that we are dealing with a vicious circle .........
  23. GHG
    GHG 19 May 2012 03: 20
    In fact, I will begin to respect the president when he knows with me all the joys of the occupation ... I wonder. Will he inspire me? Fiery speeches ... I do not need .... let him act ... And if it’s garlic If I eat something .... in the forest we have a wave reservoir of 25 meters .... this is scary. Partisan is much more pleasant)))
  24. sergo0000
    sergo0000 19 May 2012 07: 01
    I think if this group of "Serdyukov and So" is released into the street without protection, they will not live even a day! OFFICERS WILL REMOVE THEM INTO PARTS!
    I don’t think that he is some kind of American agent, just an amateur, and even more simply, do ... in the military! But as they say, there’s no worse enemy than do ..ka!
    1. 77bor1973
      77bor1973 19 May 2012 09: 51
      he is not — he is the first son of the governor, the second is the son-in-law of one former prime minister, and the third is the man who did not even serve urgently, and such as he are ministers-amateurs with a complete lack of charisma a dime a dozen!
  25. 77bor1973
    77bor1973 19 May 2012 09: 42
    You just don’t have to rush into panic - just as the system collapsed, you’ll have to create it again, we always have it in Russia ...