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In the North and South Ossetia began the exercise of the combined arms army

Units of the Russian 58 Army Combined Arms began command and staff exercises in North and South Ossetia, reports TASS message of the press service of the Southern Military District.

In the North and South Ossetia began the exercise of the combined arms army

It is reported that during the exercise, servicemen "will work out the procedure for declaring an alarm, prepare weapons and military equipment for the march and combat use, load material supplies and march into the areas of column formation and concentration."

Also, units on standard equipment will march to the Tarskoye and Dzarts general military ranges. Upon arrival, motorized infantry will pass the standards for combat and special training.

In addition, “during the advancement to the designated area, the military will have to repel attacks from air strikes aviation conditional enemy, to overcome the infected areas in the conditions of use by the enemy weapons mass destruction and electronic suppression, added in the district.

In total, more than 2 thousand troops were involved in the event, about 300 units of equipment were involved.
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  1. Muvka
    Muvka April 3 2018 13: 44
    Ah, Young Ossetia ... :)
    1. Alex777
      Alex777 April 3 2018 13: 46
      You can’t imagine! laughing
      1. Russia
        Russia April 3 2018 13: 54
        Capacitively and with love smile
  2. Serge Gorely
    Serge Gorely April 3 2018 13: 45
    The governor of Georgia reported a large group of Russians at their borders. It's time to introduce new sanctions !!!
  3. ultra
    ultra April 3 2018 14: 21
    Polygon "Tarskoye" ..... ah youth, youth! laughing