Military Review

Democratization of Libya

How did the rape of Libya begin, pass, and end with progressive humanity in the face of a democratic Europe and a no less democratic United States that took on the noble role of saviors of human freedoms throughout the world.


Historically, Libya includes three large territorial formations: Tripolitania, Cyrenaica and Fezzan, among which there was a constant struggle for supremacy among the tribes and clans inhabiting them. Fragmentation and mutual claims to each other were the cause of widespread poverty and general decline.

In 1969, a group of military led by the then young and full of energy charismatic M. Gaddafi overthrew the Libyan king Idris I. Gaddafi proclaimed the creation of the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and began to consistently pursue its formation. By uniting the country and concentrating all the power, economy and finance in his hands, Gaddafi provided the Libyans with a fairly high standard of living of the population. But at the same time, the Jamahiriya (the power of the people) did not allow the creation of other political parties and movements, and the activities of Islamist organizations and groups were stopped most resolutely.

A high standard of living of the population of Libya was obliged primarily to the export of energy resources. The supply of oil and gas abroad provided about 25% of the country's gross domestic product and more than 95% of the value of national exports. Annual natural gas production was about 16 billion cubic meters, of which 60% went to Europe, and the rest gas was intended for domestic consumption. Annual oil production was 570 million barrels, 445 million barrels (78%) were going to Europe from them. Thus, Europe was extremely dependent on supplies of Libyan energy resources.


In addition to the main player, the Libyan company National Oil Corp., more than fifty foreign companies engaged in pumping out oil and gas worked in Libya. The largest of them was Italian Eni, whose share in oil was 17% of the total production, and in gas - 12%. All this Eni drove to Italy via the Green Stream pipeline and through the only gas port terminal on Mars-el-Brega to Spain.

In 2010, Libya’s GDP was 79,6 billion, and real GDP growth compared to 2009 was 3,3%. Before 2015, the average annual GDP growth was predicted to be 3,5%. Gold reserves were valued at 92,78 billion dollars.

It would seem that such a state of affairs, bringing a stable income to all the participants of the exhaustion of energy resources, could be maintained until the complete exhaustion of all the natural wealth of Libya, and this would not have come soon. But, alas, the bubble of the artificially overheated rosy financial and economic policy of Western countries burst, and the global financial crisis set in, hurting the gonads to the democratic states of Europe.

And what about Gaddafi? And Gaddafi decided to impose restrictions on the activities of foreign oil and gas corporations in the country, legislatively reducing their income level from 52% to 20% of Libyan oil exports. This would further aggravate the position of the European Union.

Gaddafi initiated and found solid support in Africa for his ideas about the financial and economic union of African states with the introduction of a single currency (“gold dinar”). It was real. And the printing houses of the USA and Europe, stamping low-income penny papers of dollars and Euros together with the financial and credit system, shuddered.

Gaddafi began to form a single economic policy with Russia and China, providing for coordinated pricing and the volume of energy supplies, which would lead to a dependent position of the West.

The colonel announced the refusal to privatize state-owned oil corporations with the participation of Western capital, which the European bosses, who longed to get control over the oil and gas flow, were very keen on.

The intransigence and independence of Gaddafi put Euro-American partners from themselves. The crisis, it is necessary to scramble out and keep afloat, and then some colonel is not going to sag under the West. And this Gaddafi unreasonably placed the financial assets of Libya (totaling more than 200 billion dollars) in the accounts of American and European banks. But how much your own financial problems can be solved at the expense of these funds! And then Gaddafi took and rudely sent Monsieur N. Sarkozy on a three-letter erotic journey, which came up with a proposal to privatize the state-owned enterprises of Libya by the French.


The advance Nobel Peace Prize laureate Barack Obama (it is noteworthy that Obama devoted his Nobel speech to the theme of “just wars”) could not, as easily as Bush in Iraq, begin to hammer a sovereign country on the basis of falsified data. It was necessary to enlist international support and act legitimately to prevent the republican opposition from accusing the smiling Negro of ineffectiveness of politics and self-will. And literate guys from the relevant structures have developed a multi-pass combination, in which the main role was assigned to a theatrical production at the UN. And the UN did not let down, consistently sanctioning first political and economic measures, and then the use of force.

As a small digression, consider some key dates.

The first anti-government demonstrations in Libya began on 15 in February 2011 of the year simultaneously in Benghazi, El Beida, Derna, Ajdabiya, Shahat, and then quickly spread to Tripoli, Jado, Misrata, Ben Hashir, Garyan, Al-Aziziya and Yafrin. The rebels managed to crush police stations and army arsenals and capture a large number of weapons. The weapon shoots, and it is natural that the victims appeared.

Clinton - Dr. EvilAlready on February 25, the miserable victim of Hillary Clinton’s blowjob scandal personally brought a draft resolution on Libya to Geneva at the UN Human Rights Council. Here we must take into account that the project was prepared not only by the States, but also by Great Britain, Germany and France, and this is not a matter of a single day. 26 February, the project was adopted as a UN Security Council resolution No. 1970, providing for the freezing of Libya’s financial assets abroad, a ban on arms exports, and a ban on foreign trips to Gaddafi and his circle. So, just in 10 days after the start of anti-government speeches, Gaddafi was outlawed. Enviable efficiency!

Then it was necessary to push the force resolution under the pretext of creating no-fly zones over Libya. But then there were difficulties. As always, the cold in the American ass let the restless Hugo Chavez, who took, and even offered to create an international "peace commission" for Libya, which would include international authorities and heads of state.

- Yeah, right now! - Said the United States and Europe, and rejected the proposal Chavez.

Then a little podgadil - who do you think? - US Secretary of Defense Gates, whom take and vyakni that, in fact, according to all the rules of military art, to create no-fly zones, you must first destroy the air defense and command centers of Libya. - Are you a fool? - Said to Gates in the State Department - We’re gaining legitimacy here, and you immediately bomb! Get out of here! - Gates left, and the sediment remained, it was necessary to somehow resolve the issue.

The third hedgehog in NATO's fly was the position of some member states of the Arab League (LAS), who did not want the no-fly zone to be created solely by NATO forces, putting forward the idea of ​​creating joint West African Arab forces. But this categorically did not suit the United States and Great Britain, because the participation of the Arabs in the planned distribution of the Libyan pie was somehow not envisaged. They already have OPEC, which should have been a little under the control of Libya’s oil and gas.

But the Arabs have always been a great love for the benefits of material and managed to buy them. The price agreed in Brussels on March 10, and the sale of Libya took place in Cairo on March 11. As a result of the transaction, LAS came out with the unanimous support of Western efforts.

In short, on March 17, UN Security Council resolution No. 1973 was adopted. It established a no-fly zone for Libya over Libya. aviation, an arms embargo and (attention!) the use of all possible tools to protect the civilian population of Libya.


Strictly speaking, everything was already decided before the UN Security Council adopted its wonderful resolutions. Libya was doomed even before the start of the insurgency. And the rebellions themselves that began on February 15 were initiated solely for the purpose of logical development of a plan to conquer Libya.

The QNUMX military personnel of Qatar and several hundred personnel officers of the special services of Great Britain, the United States and Saudi Arabia formed the backbone of the militant opposition of Libya, around which radical Islamists, representatives of some tribal clans, extremist-minded part of young people and criminals released by them from prison were grouped.

The headquarters of the United States Joint Command in the African zone (Stuttgart) 27 in February 2011 of the year began the development of a military operation.
Special forces (around 500 special forces) and two MS-130 aircraft were prepared and deployed at Konya (Turkey) and Luka (Malta) air bases.

UDC "Kircage" In addition to the 6th group in the Mediterranean fleet On March 3, the United States began to transfer part of the 5th fleet from the Indian Ocean through the Suez Canal, namely, two nuclear-powered submarines, the Barry missile destroyer and two Kirseyge and Ponce landing ships with more than 800 marines and an amphibious assault group.

The US Air Force was on Sigonella and Aviano airfields (Italy), Souda (Greece), Akrotiri (Cyprus), Inzhirlik (Turkey) was supplemented with military and special aviation of the Air Force and Navy.
As a result, the American group was 68 combat aircraft, 32 auxiliary aircraft (not counting the UAV) and 8 ships with cruise missiles.

Canada in Malta deployed one regiment and 5 special forces. For them, there were also 4 military transport aircraft. From the ships attended the frigate "Charlottetown".

UK 26 February 2011 of the year threw XAS SUM special forces from the 350 regiment into Libya around 22, of which more than half had aircraft gunners trained. At the same time, Albion was building up muscles in the zone of a future war and by the time of the attack on Libya, the British forces were: X-NUMX of the E-3D long-range radar detection aircraft (they are often incorrectly called Avaksa), 3 of the Tornado and Typhoon fighters at Gioia del Air Base -Collie, Italy), 12 tanker aircraft VC-9, electronic reconnaissance aircraft and EW Nimrod (Akrotiri airfield, Cyprus), two rocket frigates Cumberland and Westminster, the Triumph missile submarine and the hospital ship Argus ".

France sent the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier with escort rocket ships to Libya and formed an air attack group of Mirage-2000 fighter-bomber of various modifications and 6 of Rafale fighters, all 25 aircraft. Attack aircraft and military transport aircraft were relocated close to Libya at the Solentzara air base, Corsica.

The rest of the countries, in particular, Germany and Turkey, as well as Arab states, mainly Saudi and Qatar, have provided their infrastructure and transportation capabilities, as well as part of military personnel and instructors to the ranks of the armed forces of the Transitional National Council, which numbered more than 11 thousand, summarized in battalions and brigades.

We here now call only those forces that were directly close to and in Libya itself, however, a significant number of strikes were delivered from the territories of the anti-Libyan coalition countries by strategic bombers. In addition, already in the course of the attacks on Libya, coalition forces continued to build up attack aircraft, ships and rocket weapons.

This military power opposed 2 Libyan group "East" and "West" in the composition of about 20 thousand Libyan soldiers, not counting the Libyan militias armed with were 621 tanks, armored personnel carriers - 1155, artillery - 180, MLRS - 72, aircraft (serviceable ) - 90, military boats - 26 and only one air defense division in Tripoli, armed with Kvadrat, Osa-AK and Shilka ZSU, covering the capital, Yarmuk military base and Maytiga airfield in Tripoli. Thus, the ground forces of Libya were virtually defenseless against air strikes.


19 March was hit first on Libya. In 18: 50 6 fighter-bomber struck a convoy of government forces Gaddafi, moving to Benghazi, where the sought-after rebels were hiding, the position of which was critical during clashes with regular Libyan troops. An hour later, Libya was dealt a massive blow by cruise missiles from 2 ships and 3 NATO submarines (around 100 Tomahawks). The objectives were objects of the air defense system, government and military facilities.

In addition to cruise missiles, 3 B-2A strategic bomber “stealth vehicles” appeared on Libya at that time. They made a non-stop flight from Whiteman (Missouri) air base and back. They dropped over XDUMX JDAM guided bombs, and destroyed control centers and air defense systems, aviation fuel storage and Libyan forces air base. Bombers on the approach covered the 40 of American fighters from Aviano's air base (Italy).

Until 23 in March, the Libyan air defense system was destroyed by systematic strikes and raids, and more NATO aircraft in the sky did not threaten. Therefore, the intensity of the missile and air strikes continued to increase until March 26. The main objectives were units and units of the Libyan troops, important military and government facilities and transport communications.

On March 27, NATO aircraft began to directly support the insurgent groups, clearing the offensive path. Thus, serenely shouting and screaming gangs of gopniki in rags, waving their arms and firing into the white light, like a pretty penny, began to move almost unhindered to the capital and key cities. The Libyan troops, who met the insurgents with fire, ruthlessly erased from the tape of time by patrolling NATO aircraft continuously by patrolling over the heads of the insurgents. If there were no airplanes, the “rebels” stopped and even retreated, again causing air support, and, after its arrival, continued the triumphant march.

At the same time, the forces of the anti-Libyan coalition were replenished with attack aircraft and attack helicopters of the US Marine Corps. They were consolidated into assault groups, the actions of which consisted in the sequential application of the detected targets. The attackers inflicted a missile-bombing attack on the Libyan division, scattering it into smithereens, and then came to the rescue helicopters cleaned up the rest, exterminating the surviving military personnel. These groups were aimed at the targets directly by aircraft gunners who were in the rebel detachments.

The A-10 attack aircraft, along with the Orion P-3 patrol aircraft, were actively used to attack the Libyan combat boats. Thus, they struck a patrol ship and two boats of the Libyan Navy in the port of Misurata, as a result of which the ships were put out of action.

B-1BMarch 28 again held a raid of American strategic bombers on Libya. Two B-1Bs flew from Ellsworth airbase (South Dakota) and bombs, including JDAM, destroyed a large ammunition depot of government forces that was in underground stores. Bombers were covered with British fighter "Tornado".

In general, it should be noted that not only the United States, Canada, France and the United Kingdom participated in the strikes against Libya. Pilots of Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Jordan, Spain, Norway, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar frolicked well. In total, over 1600 flights were made at the beginning of the operation, and more than 2000 were dropped by only the expensive controlled bombs. And simple bombs and nurs - who counted them?

OhioAn interesting feature in the use of strategic bombers was that they flew only from the United States, and the famous B-52H veterans were not used at all. In addition, the use of the “ship-arsenal” turned out to be entertaining, that is, a former Ohio ballistic missile submarine performed in its capacity, which was converted into a rocket platform for hundreds of Tomahawks and simply called “Converted Ohio”.

Continuation of the beginning

B-1B Have you forgotten that the UN Security Council Resolution No. 1973 provided for the creation of a no-fly zone over Libya? And what happened? And it turned out the total destruction of the Libyan army, the destruction of economic (except oil and gas) facilities and transport infrastructure, the physical destruction of the country's leadership and a change in the political structure of Libya.

Returning to the essence of the note, we note that from 31 March 2011, the entire leadership of the “no-fly zone” operation was decided by NATO (!) To the alliance. And the alliance did not miss its chance. If at the beginning of the operation, the main efforts were aimed at saving the rebels from defeat, then later NATO simply stupidly dug all the Libyan things that swayed and what did not sway - it swung and dug. To this end, the military group swelled more than one and a half times. It had more 320 airplanes, of which only shock - 195, and 45 warships and submarines, not counting the seven auxiliary ships. 14 of NATO countries and 4 of non-Alliance countries - USA, Turkey, Romania, United Kingdom, Poland, Greece, Denmark, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, France, Qatar, Jordan, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, Spain .

HeliA special role was played by attack helicopters acting as part of assault air groups, as well as independently. The fact is that when the targets for hitting the aircraft were banal, the alliance command faced a dilemma - what to do? Spending an expensive rocket on a single or focal target is too expensive, and the departure of the aircraft itself does not guarantee its destruction. In addition, the Libyans, even in the conditions of their Tatooine, where everything, clearly, on a flat steppe, adapted to making false goals from inflatable equipment and improvised material, which further increased the level of unjustified expenses of NATO, which spent on their destruction from 30 to 45 % of ammunition.

And helicopters are a subject. At ultra-low heights in the mode of free hunting and even at night - an indispensable thing. So further, from the beginning of June 2011, simultaneously with a decrease in the intensity of strike aircraft, the build-up of the Apache, Tigr and Gazel helicopters, which operated from the Tonner (France) and Ocean helicopter carriers, began Great Britain). This has significantly reduced financial costs while increasing the effectiveness of the destruction of single and small group targets. But the aircraft continued to be used mainly for the destruction of the “hot spots” of troops loyal to Gaddafi.

NATO ships Alliance ships, in addition to striking and blocking from the sea, also solved important tasks. They constantly distracted part of Gaddafi’s troops with the threat of a naval landing, inspected all merchant ships, and also prevented attempts to mine ports by Libyans. In addition, the April 26 NATO ships with depth charges broke cable telecommunication lines laid under water and disrupted the management of Gaddafi troops in the cities of Sirtes and Ras el Anuf.

By the end of August, the rebels captured most of Tripoli and the Libyan political system was replaced. For what? We see it now, into chaos and muddy slush, from which skilled fishermen drag a golden oil and gas fish. But this is not all that we will mention below.

The supply of "rebels" deserves special mention. It is no secret that left to themselves, the rebels would have been wiped out like cockroaches, but their existence was necessary because of the absence of Western allies in the plans for the occupation of Libya. Thus, maintaining their combat effectiveness has become a priority. The delivery of weapons to them was carried out by all means, by land, by sea and by air.

Automobiles and armored vehicles for the rebels were delivered by cargo ships to the port of Benghazi, as well as by transport aircraft to the airfield in the suburbs. The Misurata-Benghazi ferry service was used, and the runway for cargo aircraft in Tobruk was specially restored for this purpose. In the western part of the country, weapons were first delivered by helicopters and parachute dropping containers to a special site in 100 km south of Nalut. When the rebels captured Nalut, Yafran and Zintan, 2 WFP were prepared there and things went merrier. Trucks of private companies were carrying weapons across the border with Sudan and Chad. Thus, in July, the French sent a batch of trucks with weapons from their military base in Chad and unloaded it, handing over to the “rebels”, in the Libyan settlements of Maatan-es-Sarra and El-Katrun. By the way, it can be noted that in the documents the recipients indicated the armed forces of Qatar and Jordan, and small arms, grenade launchers, mortars and MANPADS (ATGW) were listed as “police funds” to maintain law and order.

E-3AIn general, it is very interesting to read and watch about the hostilities in Libya, you could still tell a lot, for example, how the entire Libya was covered with a solid radar field, and the airspace was 12 with DRLO aircraft; how the special forces and NATO saboteurs worked with the assistance of the Egyptian special services; how the CIA organized the intelligence service and the training of "opposition leaders"; about how Osprey, camels, crawling and helicopters from the submarine Scranton bombarded reconnaissance and sabotage groups in Bardiyah, Gassr-Gambut, Umm Mahalif and other settlements; how Bulgarian saboteurs prepared the coast for the landing; about the rebel training schools created; about how disguised French soldiers of Arab origin and employees of private agencies, the French "Sekopeks" and the Canadian "Zariba" bloody kamolesili under the guise of Libyan troops; about the wild atrocities of the so-called "rebels"; about how the British Special Forces Group of the 22 SAS regiment, detached to capture Gaddafi, was ambushed and destroyed; how promising military equipment and weapons were tested in near-field conditions; how the Swedish fighter "Gripen" did not fit NATO fuel, and the French and Norwegians ran out of ammunition; how stupidly he broke down and stranded the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier in Toulon, and the Italians did not have the funds for their aircraft carrier Garibaldi (330 thousand euros per day) and many other things, but this is a separate thick novel, that anyone ever writes.

We'd better stop with an unprecedented attack on human minds to date.

Battle for brains

Modern war is largely happening for the minds of people. To sow panic in the enemy's camp, to make him doubt the justice of his struggle, is one of the main tasks of the military leader, formulated by the works of the mossy but competent Chinese Sun Tzu.

NATO pays great attention to this issue, especially the Americans. And, in peacetime, such a war is conducted gradually, for which the possibilities of the fifth column in unwanted countries are used, like our “human rights activists” in Russia, gradually divining by order from abroad, then in war everything happens more cheekily, massively and energetically .

It was necessary to legitimize a military operation. And for this, it is not enough to become legitimate in the eyes of the UN, it is necessary to discredit Gaddafi, and so to recognize his authority as illegitimate. But, since there were no real grounds for this, a banal lie went into action, but a massive lie, bad and screaming, screaming those small streams of true information that scrambled through the information blockade.


What are only one staged scenes shot in Qatar and issued for Libya, the so-called “live reports”, for which the whole film-making town was built in Qatar. In general, television and the Internet are extremely actively used. The theses on the inhumanity of the troops of Gaddafi and himself, on the extermination of their own people under the chilling footage of the atrocities that actually created the so-called "rebels" engaged in looting and pogroms, were being advanced. Leading American politicians in broadcasts thoughtfully discussed the crime of the Gaddafi regime under carefully prepared comments, the meaning of which boiled down to the fact that "if you do not intervene, then there will be even more victims."

How this is done has been repeatedly shown. We are now interested in the direct impact on the minds of the Libyans themselves, because in the future the role of the Libyans could well be applied to us, and before that - to Syria (however, there is already nowhere to put attempts).

To foul Libyan brains in Tampa, Fla., A task force was created to command operations information support. Specialists of the group planned the order and methods of influencing the minds, and also prepared samples of information and psychological products designed to influence the minds of Libyans.

EC-130JС22 March 2011 two special operations aircraft - EU-130J Commando Solo-2 and EU-130H Compass Call, operating from the Court’s airbase in Greece, began flying along Libyan borders and broadcasting campaign broadcasts (click “Save As” for save the record) to Libya. On each of these aircraft, except for the crew, there were 13 operators operating on 10-12 hours per day.

The personal cell phone of commanders and soldiers of the Libyan army began to receive calls and SMS messages that NATO knows where they are, and is about to destroy them. The TV channel Ahrar TV was specially created, broadcasting from Qatar to Libya and advocating the need to stop armed resistance. At the same time, state information channels and communications of the troops were suppressed by means of electronic warfare. On the Internet already and can not speak, they themselves know everything. Gaddafi - evil, NATO - good. Speak on the side of good and you will be happy, otherwise we will kill. Pass on.

Leaflets were sprayed from NATO aircraft over populated areas and government units, which, along with intimidation, threatened with inevitable death, proclaimed the struggle of the PNS and NATO, demonizing the Libyan leadership and accusing the soldiers of crimes. It can be noted that just before May 2011, more than 14 of millions of different leaflets were distributed. For example, 17 in May, the Italian Silvio Angelucci transporter C-130J 46 of the air transport unit, dropped from 6 km more than 400 thousands of leaflets over Tripoli calling for surrender and joining PNS.

1 flyer

ATTENTION! You will not be able to withstand modern weapons and the superiority of NATO in the air. Continuing attacks on civilians can cause you to die

back side
Leave your positions and weapons. Return home to your family. Stop the attacks on the peaceful Libyans or you will be destroyed.

Democratization of Libya

Front side. "Gaddafi’s orders to attack civilians are illegal. Therefore, now he is accused of crimes against humanity." The reverse side: "Professional military men do not fight with civilians. Execution of such orders is a violation of international laws. Do not cover yourself and your families with shame."

Blair callThe e-mail address of Libyan leaders and officials was bombarded by spam containing, for example, the phrase “The coordinates of your location are memorized by the Storm Shadow rocket.” What are you going to do? ”Or false reports about the seizure or destruction of a Libyan leader (“ Do you want to be next? ”). All the victims among the peaceful population from NATO strikes were issued for the consequences of the shelling of cities by Libyan artillery. Come see, from what the house was destroyed, from a shell or bomb hit? Gaddafi himself did not avoid such a fate, to whom the ex-prime minister of Great Britain T. Blair personally called and ominously predicted his demise in the phone, and British Foreign Secretary William Hague called the head of the Libyan Interior Ministry promising the same thing.

The French did not lag behind. Figaro and Le Monde have published a series of articles on repression and the massacre of demonstrators in Tripoli, on torture and abductions. It was noted that allegedly over 10000 civilians killed by the troops of Gaddafi. At the same time, France was hailed as the noble defender of the crisis. In March, the headquarters of the French armed forces issued a directive on the procedure for waging information war against Libya. Interestingly, the practical "frogs" in it paid special attention to the need for all kinds of advertising in the media the unique and universal capabilities of their weapons in order to increase their export appeal.

In general, the massive use of weapons and lies by the Libyans yielded results. We must pay tribute to the Libyan military: almost in the palm of their hands, continuously destroyed from the air, they managed to fight and win. I especially want to note the cover of the retreating government troops from Tripoli to Sirt units 32 tank brigades under the command of Captain H. Gaddafi, who restrained the crowd of "rebels" near Beni Ulid, who were driving the barrage of NATO strikes behind the fire wall until October 11. And the defenders of Sirte, despite the triple attacks of the city by superior rebel forces with the support of the Alliance aviation, which destroyed everything that was even remotely like resistance, managed to repel the attacks, inflicting terrible losses on the attackers in the battles of September 8-16 and 19-29. And only after receiving additional assistance from NATO and replenishing their inconsistent ranks with mercenaries from Cyrenaica, the rebels managed to enter Sirte in early October, when there were few who remained there, capable of resisting. The result of this offensive was captivity and, after torture and bullying, the vile murder of M. Gaddafi, whose mockery of the body continued after his death.


What happened after the victory of the democratic forces in Libya?

Everything is known. The country is destroyed, the population is in poverty. Again, as before Gaddafi, there is a fierce struggle of clans and groups for leadership. Shoot, kidnap, torture and kill everywhere. Libya dropped at least half a century ago.

Despite the desire to preserve intact oil and gas facilities and contracts concluded by the West for the supply of hydrocarbons with the PNS leadership even during the period of active hostilities, oil production fell by more than 500 times. As estimated, the cost of restoring the oil and gas industry will be about 2,3 billion. And they are not, since the financial assets of Libya, which are now about 170 billion dollars, are frozen.

Export volumes fell from 46,3 billion to 8,9 billion, that is, 5 times. Imports fell by almost 2 times, from 24,7 to 14,1 billion dollars. Libya’s already low handicraft industrial capacity fell by more than a third. There is practically no foreign economic activity. Inflation increased 4 times (up to 12%).

In total, according to IMF estimates, the economic damage inflicted on Libya amounts to 45% of GDP or over 35 billion dollars.

But the most fun in this tragedy is that the countries participating in the international anti-Libyan coalition intend to reimburse their costs of liberating the Libyan people from Gadhafi’s tyranny at the expense of the frozen Libyan assets. From there, it is also planned to take expendables for military aid to the PNS and the implementation of various “humanitarian programs”. By the way, the cost of these services is determined by the Western countries themselves.

It is also amusing for the Allies to squabble over the assets and the oil and gas complex of Libya. They all strive to increase their costs in order to grab a bigger share, but they forget that with this overestimate, all total expenses increase, and the effectiveness of joint actions is reduced. The Americans said they spent about everything about everything about 2 billion dollars, and the British - 2.63 billion (1.75 pounds sterling). The French claim to reimbursement in the amount of 460mln dollars, Italian - 400 million dollars, and Turkey said that it needs 300 million dollars for complete happiness, having agreed that this figure is far from final and will be refined. For the rest of the participating countries, the costs range from $ 50-100 million. But everyone is haunted by frozen 170 billion dollars in Western and American banks. Like Dobermanns, impatiently rushing from their leashes, they are waiting for them to bite into this tidbit.

Claims were made to each other. The French rolled out their indignation to the Americans after repeated breakdowns of the refueling mechanisms on Mirage fighter-bombers after refueling by American air tankers. Particularly dissatisfied with the participating countries were American intelligence, which by default supplied everyone with its information. Due to the blurring of the lines of combat contact, American intelligence was unable to identify maneuverable targets, which led to the actions of the alliance's aircraft, mainly in the free hunting mode. This was especially vivid since the end of May, when up to 75% of NATO tactical aircraft returned to base without finding an enemy and never using their weapons. And each flight of the plane is also a living grandmother, tens of thousands of dollars.

It can be said, analyzing the course of the military campaign, that now, due to the inconsistency of the actions of the NATO countries, each of which worked according to its own plan, and a significant difference in armaments and logistics, without US participation, NATO is not capable of conducting a military operation. For example, 8 weeks were initially assigned to the entire Libyan operation, but due to strife in NATO and the unexpected resilience of the Libyans, the deadlines stretched to 7 months.


After the trampling of Libya by freedom-loving democratic states, the problems affecting Middle Eastern geopolitics became much more pronounced.

The United States and Europe hoped that after the “Arab spring”, liberal-democratic regimes would come to power in the so-called “Turkish model” in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, but against the background of the general weakening of Arab-military military-policing methods of governing states, began to use the most powerful and most organized Islamist groups. Elections held in Egypt and Tunisia, clearly showed it. In Libya, the chaos that reigned after the NATO operation, which violated the historically established way of life and the balance of interests of clans and groups, is being replaced by the process of building new relationships between the most powerful groups.

Now Libya is dismantled in pieces. Independent territorial-tribal entities control and are not going to cede each other cities and the most profitable parts of the former Libya. For example, the largest of them are the “Military Soviets” of the cities of Tripoli and Misurata, the “Military Council” of the Jabel Garbi plateau, the emirate of the city of Derna, the emirate of El Beida and others who wanted to spit on the PNS. In particular, the “Military Council of Misrata” established a closed zone, where even the leadership of the PNS needs special permits from the “Council”. And the entire Bark region (up to 50% of Libyan oil reserves) was crushed by another “Council” headed by Colonel S. El-Obeidi, who, although not against the PNS, but actively and independently steers it. All this is in the hands of the United States and European countries, which, in the absence of centralized power, can and do conclude contracts with local kings for the extraction of hydrocarbons under simplified schemes, as in Iraq.

Al Qaeda of the Islamic Maghreb.And the strongest and de facto legalized is the Al-Qaida Islamic Maghreb, which seizes power in the country, strengthens control over security forces, legalizes smuggling business in the region and expands it through trade in petroleum products. The most joke here is that the Americans in Libya, like in Afghanistan, are forced to cooperate with international extremists and terrorists and help those against whom they themselves declared war after 11 September 2001 of the year.

A tremendous amount of weapons was withdrawn from Libyan army stores by "rebels". And not only small, but also MANPADS, anti-tank systems, anti-aircraft systems, explosives and mines. All this has already begun to bite the United States and NATO in the “hot spots” of the Middle East. For example, the Americans themselves admit that there is a huge amount of former Libyan weapons in the Al-Qaida Islamic Maghreb training camps in Mali, which is not only used to train and support terrorist attacks and warfare against Euro-Americans, but is also actively sold around the world.

After the assassination of Gaddafi in the past there were attempts of political and economic cooperation of African countries, the creation of a single currency independent of the dollar and a single development bank. Unification processes in Africa, as in the Middle East, were thus halted.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar, striving for regional leadership, took a pro-American position and began using the Arab League as opposed to Shiite Iran. They also began to actively engage the masses of Arabs impoverished as a result of “revolutions”, who are actively treated by spiritual Saudis mentors and trained by instructors, to join the ranks of the “jihad warriors”.

Completing this far from complete review, we note that fragmentation and lack of cooperation in North Africa and the Middle East, for all their danger, is extremely beneficial for the European and American economies. In view of this, the threat of a radical Islamization of the region, even if it is implemented, does not pose a great danger and is incomparable with the economic benefits obtained. Local warfare away from home also moves the economy of the United States and European countries, allowing the development of high-tech military projects and stimulating the development of large military-technical corporations, as well as creating a stable market for weapons and military equipment.
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 16 January 2018 05: 51
    Thanks for the article to the author hi detailed and informative ...
    only one important aspect was missed ... what was the participation of RUSSIA in this entire performance.
    What did the leaders of the WESTERN promise to Medvedev for his agreement with the plan for the no-fly zone-bombing of LIVIA. what

    I still feel contempt for this decision MEDVEDEVA ... unforgivable stupidity for a statesman.
    1. dSK
      dSK 16 January 2018 05: 59
      Hello Alexey!
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      participation of RUSSIA

      Muammar Gaddafi did not appreciate Russia's help (only debts were written off more than $ 13 billion), he tried to sit on two chairs - he kept the "stash" in the States, he taught children in Europe, even Sarkozy financed the elections. Lost everything, even children did not regret. In Syria and Iran made the right conclusions. hi
      1. Vard
        Vard 16 January 2018 06: 04
        There, as there was a tribal system, it remained ... Despite all the efforts of Gaddafi ... This essentially killed him ....
      2. Same lech
        Same lech 16 January 2018 06: 08
        Hello dsk!
        Everything is so ... but this does not remove responsibility from our presidents for the consequences of their decisions ...
        Gaddafi paid with his life and the destruction of the country for this ...
        I think the same thing can happen to us with the same president ... that’s the trouble ... how to avoid this in the future?
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 16 January 2018 06: 17
      Powerful article! However, our President Medvedev also participated in the "democratization" of Libya, supporting the UN resolution on the unmanned zone in exchange for a handshake.
      1. dSK
        dSK 16 January 2018 08: 00
        Hello Oleg!
        Quote: siberalt
        in the "democratization" of Libya

        "At least 20 people were victims of an attack by armed militants at Mitiga International Airport, located in the Libyan capital Tripoli. At the same time, 60 were injured. According to the publication Libyan express According to the Ministry of Health, the attack is currently repelled. The attack completely paralyzed the harbor. People inside the building were evacuated. " (Channel "Tsargrad" 02: 35., 16.01.18/XNUMX/XNUMX)
    3. Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat 16 January 2018 10: 10
      What did the leaders of the WESTERN promise to Medvedev for his agreement with the plan for the no-fly zone-bombing of LIVIA.

      Probably, it’s more appropriate to raise the question, not “what was promised”, but “what scared”, and most likely the first and second at the same time.
    4. Olgovich
      Olgovich 16 January 2018 11: 39
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      only one important aspect is missing.

      And one more thing: not mentioned rabies wavethat swept Europe, including and from Libya.
      So Gaddafi nevertheless avenged them. And the farther, the more Eurogheys will remember Gaddafitoskoy and repentance.
      And rightly so!
    5. faiver
      faiver 16 January 2018 20: 36
      excuse me, but you have to be very naive to assume that Medvedev had real power during his presidency hi
      1. Petr1968
        Petr1968 17 January 2018 17: 51
        Quote: faiver
        excuse me, but you have to be very naive to assume that Medvedev had real power during his presidency

        Do you believe in the all-powerful superman Putin?
  2. zzdimk
    zzdimk 16 January 2018 06: 34
    Thank you for the article!
  3. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 16 January 2018 07: 08
    There are still no doubts about the democratic values ​​of the West? wink In his commitment to universal values? laughing In his honesty ?? wassat
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 16 January 2018 07: 33
    "Democratization", and the simple destruction of the countries by the Anglo-Saxons with the full consent and support of the same "democratic" Europe, has already become an international norm. Change of regimes is a kind of simulator, which will ultimately be directed against Russia.
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 16 January 2018 08: 10
    What happened after the victory of the democratic forces in Libya? Everything is known. The country is destroyed, the population is in poverty.
    ... Like ours in 1991 ... after the victory of the democratic forces ...
    1. arhPavel
      arhPavel 16 January 2018 09: 48
      Directly one to one, only we were not bombed, but traitors were put in positions
  6. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 16 January 2018 08: 29
    Gaddafi began to form a single economic policy with Russia and China, providing for coordinated pricing and the volume of energy supplies, which would lead to a dependent position of the West.

    And then, then, Medvedok passed so easily his type of "partner"?
    1. Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat 16 January 2018 13: 43
      For some reason, it seems to me that Medvedok himself happily ran after the rest of the pack against Gaddafi, since Russia with its nouveau riche was already firmly built into the oil-dollar system, and Gaddafi had the courage and impudence to encroach on it.
  7. karish
    karish 16 January 2018 08: 44
    You all talk about Libya as a single country.
    While Gaddafi held her with a strong hand. all these disparate Bedouin tribes were, let us say, the respected Reshala (between them) - everything generally stuck.
    at that moment when he was gone - the country fell apart into warring clans.
    doesn’t resemble anything?
    it’s like when they fill up the main mafiosi (in Italy) of the watcher (Russia) or something in some other country - criminal clans start to fight each other - until the supernova gets out.
    a country where people are not glued together by a common history. does not feel affiliation with the state. lives tribal system - this is a logical result.
    This is Libya. and you are trying to apply European standards to them.
    It is naive.
  8. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 16 January 2018 09: 29
    This is an example for everyone who still believes in Western democracy .....
    1. Petr1968
      Petr1968 17 January 2018 16: 52
      Quote: Alexey-74
      This is an example for everyone who still believes in Western democracy .....

      At the same time, the West itself lives well ... compared to us.
  9. arhPavel
    arhPavel 16 January 2018 09: 47
    Ndaaa ... Shaikaleyka ...
    About Yugoslavia still the same article would be.
    And also a video in English / French / German on YouTube.
    Just ripped the country .. horror.
  10. parma
    parma 16 January 2018 09: 55
    Libya itself fell apart, simply because there was never unity, an artificially created state ... Gaddafi was weak and received for it, because in Arab countries they understand only power, in Syria the same picture, do not try to understand it with your own mind, the mentality is different. ..We don’t honor a family of up to 50 tribes, as in the Arab countries (and in the Caucasus, too, by the way), therefore, democracy is impossible in principle there, only a bunch of small principalities by the tribal principle ...
    1. Antianglosax
      Antianglosax 16 January 2018 12: 06
      Quote: parma
      Libya itself fell apart, simply because there was never unity, an artificially created state ... Gaddafi was weak and received for it, because in the Arab countries they understand only power

      This is a man! The article describes in detail what efforts this special operation was carried out on the Libyan Driban! How Western animals prepared, how much dough they swelled up, how many they bribed (our dimoncheg 100% didn’t just shut up), how did they coordinate, and even then everything was brief and general .. And Gadaffi was on the rise, not weakened! And he is all "herself"! And Iraq "itself", and Yugoslavia, and Syria. All by yourself! Himself not dumb? Controversy in many countries to the eyeballs, but for some reason not everyone is crumbling.
      1. parma
        parma 16 January 2018 14: 20
        What did he write about? Of everything that is written, only the dates need to be confirmed, the number and affiliation of aircraft, in principle, can also be found ... Else-sorry, where is the evidence? I can also write now that, in general, they were evil reptilians from Alpha Centauri, they were supporters of Gaddafi, and the valiant NATO troops stopped their invasion of the earth, only this will not become true ... And yes, Gaddafi was weak- the army’s weapons are outdated (and in many respects not combat-ready), in foreign policy it’s also a disaster, it used to be friendly with European leaders, and then just fought, forgetting that he was a dictator of a banana republic, and not a superpower (by the way, they are often forgotten by dictators that their power ends where people also have big guns), they didn’t have a very good relationship with their neighbors ... Even with Egypt and Chad they arranged some shooting ... Yes, he himself admitted that he was already old and weak, sort of like a daughter should have become a successor, such rumors circulated ...
        Regarding Yugoslavia, do you know that NATO was not bombing the Yugoslavia that Tito created, but a splinter from Serbia and Montenegro? What was the beginning of the NATO operation there for 7-8 years, the civil war was going on? Or just call any American air strike and the crime of the century? Since the ancient times, the Balkans have been the powder keg of Europe, and everyone who cares (including our homeland) has climbed there to restore order.
        Regarding Syria, Bashar was also weak and is! And there is no unity in it either! And do you know that before the outbreak of the war there (in my opinion even under Assad Sr.) the process of appointing officers not only from the Alawites and Christians, supporters, or at least loyal to the regime, began in order to cajole other clans during the transfer of power? And what exactly did the officers then create the SSA? That is why, at the beginning of the Civil War, the SAA remained with aviation and armored vehicles, but the SSA did not (roughly speaking, they took the tribes / clans exclusively loyal to the regime), but did they know the opposite with the infantry units?
        I won’t argue with Iraq, it was rolled into the Stone Age because of the schizophrenia of Saddam, who since the late 80s decided to play with the lions-daring of both the USA and the USSR, behaved inappropriately in terms of foreign policy, imagined himself not even a regional leader ( and sometimes it could have been called that), and an all-terrestrial superpower ... He fought with Iran for some reason (no, it’s more true), Kuwait occupied. The whole world then opposed him, if you don’t remember ... But he broke up for the same reason as Libya, and for which Syria is now crumbling (and yes, it will never be returned to 2010) - the peoples of the BV and Africa there is no unity! Although oil also does not need to be discounted, but in Libya it was more likely to protect existing assets ...
        You are naively trying to look at it from your bell tower, and in vain! It is for you there the Arabs live, and for each other they are different nationalities! It is with us Russians in Moscow and in Saratov, Russians live, and their neighboring cities can already belong to different clans / nationalities! Remember where Gaddafi fled from Tripoli? In their hometown, after all, 50 thousand people from the Gaddafi clan live there, and they held on and defended perhaps more fiercely than the entire Libyan army, which was faithful to him, simply because of the eastern mentality, they remember and honor relatives until they know which knee, but do you personally know your family tree, say from grandparents, all these two / three and so on cousins? If not, do not try to understand them ...
        1. Glory1974
          Glory1974 16 January 2018 16: 00
          It is with us Russians in Moscow and in Saratov, Russians live, and their neighboring cities can already belong to different clans / nationalities!

          You wrote it right. But do not forget one, but probably the most important point. If it were not for the planned operation of several states against Libya, it still flourished and smelled despite all the contradictions.
          Therefore, it is scary that someone can influence their minds in such a way that not only different clans clash with each other, but also residents of one country (Ukraine) and residents of neighboring cities.
        2. Dedall
          Dedall 16 January 2018 20: 46
          In short, dear, from your comment I realized that you do not know who your father is. This is to the fact that at first they themselves wrote that you believe only the written evidence of at least three witnesses with video frames attached. And in the end they wrote that you have great doubts about the other ancestors.
          But seriously, Bismarck once said that only fools learn from their own experience, and smart people learn history from experience. And this does not apply to our country.
          1. parma
            parma 17 January 2018 06: 52
            There is a story, but there is propaganda ... Look at the example of reports and the dock. films about Belarus and see how they change depending on relations with this country. I remember how a few years ago we had a grater about banks, engineering and something else, on Channel 2 (this one, in the letter Re) then they showed a film about which dad the dictator, how he accelerates the demonstrators, strangles the opposition and sentenced several people to be shot in a very poorly proven case. When, after six months, relations improved on the same channel, a film was released about how Old Man almost personally helps people in the village, how veterans painted a fence on them on the eve of the next anniversary on May 9 and how he leads the fraternal people to nirvana .. Just if watch our reports on TV about airstrikes in the same Syria, then the US coalition and all the time bomb peaceful, and our cast irons are intelligent and bomb exclusively bearded (I’m not saying that all of them are terrorists for TV, even those with whom later it seemed like a ceasefire was concluded) and thousands at a time ... And when somewhere in the west the information pops up that they missed, bombed the wrong ones and not then, then at least in VO “You are lying, where is the evidence”, you yourself are not tired of double standards about double standards?
            Regarding my thought about the family tree, all of my friends (including myself), my knowledge of my family (sort of if you want) end up with great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers (I know all cousins ​​and brothers, some of my second cousins), then even my parents plainly don’t know anything, if it’s not right for you, I’m happy for you ... But among the inhabitants of the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Middle East, etc., it is customary to know and remember a lot more relatives (there are a lot of domestic jokes on this subject now) , because they have more friction inside the country ...
        3. Cossack 471
          Cossack 471 18 January 2018 21: 39
          "What is your evidence?"
    2. Ehanatone
      Ehanatone 18 January 2018 07: 11
      How much do they pay!?
      1. parma
        parma 18 January 2018 07: 52
        Of course, in shekels, dollars and the Jude of Massasson dinars, and yes, I also forgot Alpha Centauri loans ...
        But seriously, try to rummage at least once and find confirmation or refutation of the article in the documents, and then use your own head to analyze them, instead of searching for traitors everywhere, you will find out a lot of interesting and brain-breaking misunderstandings .. Well and most importantly, to look with an open mind, because truth cannot be biased ...
  11. Altona
    Altona 16 January 2018 10: 49
    Quote: Vard
    There was a tribal system and remained ... Despite all the efforts of Gaddafi ...

    And do not we? As the bourgeois were and remained. Now everyone is promoting a relative from his village to help him. He holds a position in the city and surrounds himself with relatives from all directions.
  12. Altona
    Altona 16 January 2018 10: 50
    Quote: parma
    We do not honor a family of up to 50 knees as in Arab countries

    Serfdom, when families were constantly pulled apart, further 2-3 generations simply did not allow to remember.
    1. Glory1974
      Glory1974 16 January 2018 16: 04
      Serfdom, when families were constantly pulled apart, further 2-3 generations simply did not allow to remember.

      Serfdom has nothing to do with it. He is no longer 150 years old, and many in our country know their ancestors? The bulk of the maximum to the Second World War. And whoever wants to knows at 300 years ago.
  13. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 16 January 2018 11: 18
    Gaddafi began to form a single economic policy with Russia and China, providing for coordinated pricing and the volume of energy supplies, which would lead to a dependent position of the West.

    If this happened ... The whole question is whether he started or not. An operation clearly agreed upon with all participants was required, scheduled between them literally by the hour. My impression (I do not pretend to have any special knowledge, but also to global reach, purely my opinion) was such that Gaddafi simply acted on his own, hoping that China and Russia would connect, seeing their own benefit.
    Hence the cry of the dying man that “if Russia were the same, you would never have made up your mind”. Apparently Gaddafi had in mind the USSR, always sitting in a hot reserve and full of willingness to help any adventurer, he suddenly announced a "socialist choice." And here it seems like an obvious "capitalist choice", what more could you want? The person did not take into account modern realities.
    In addition, as I understand it, our authorities are doing everything in the hope that the global financial system will one day collapse. Herself. Suddenly. And even then .... In the meantime, you can trample your own country and crush your own values, justifying your wild actions by the fact that all this is a smoke curtain to calm the West. Diligently turning a blind eye to the fact that “then that” most likely there will no longer be a country for the sake of which the “smokescreen” was so carefully set up. We choke in this smoke ...
  14. Slon_on
    Slon_on 16 January 2018 12: 42
    Solid article. Especially in terms of the information war and the so-called "opposition". A vivid example of the fact that if in the threatened period it is not timely to carry out a strict sweep of all human rights defenders, liberalists, "talented" anal tricks from art, secular bl ..., (oh!) "Lionesses" and other shusharas, then the army’s heroism and selflessness will not save.
    1. Petr1968
      Petr1968 17 January 2018 16: 48
      Quote: Slon_on
      A vivid example of the fact that if in the threatened period it is not timely to carry out a strict sweep of all human rights activists, liberals, "talented" anal bifurcates from art, secular bl ..., (oh!) "Lionesses" and other shusharas, then the army’s heroism and selflessness will not save.

      Trololo?))) What a crazy utopia?)))
      1. Slon_on
        Slon_on 17 January 2018 17: 01
        From the category listed in the comments?
    2. Cossack 471
      Cossack 471 18 January 2018 21: 46
      Especially like it. what . when for example Serebrennikov or Raikin is asked "where is the money stolen?" a howl rises immediately. they say the creative person is pursuing
      1. Petr1968
        Petr1968 19 January 2018 10: 58
        Quote: Cossack 471
        Especially like it. what . when for example Serebrennikov or Raikin is asked "where is the money stolen?" a howl rises immediately. they say the creative person is pursuing

        Maybe because they do not have a home, like honest deputies, and do not rest on private yachts for half a kilometer, and their wives do not give hours for millions ... As "honest" officials have it. Maybe that's why?
  15. Alex66
    Alex66 16 January 2018 14: 01
    But the Arabs have always been distinguished by a great love of material wealth and managed to buy them. We agreed on a price in Brussels And DAM, how much did he receive, consulted with Putin, or is it his initiative?
  16. Glory1974
    Glory1974 16 January 2018 16: 14
    Good article. But in my opinion it was necessary to highlight the earlier relations of the West with Gaddafi. At the end of the 80's, the Americans sent a squadron of bombers to bomb Gaddafi’s presidential palaces, and Jewish special forces stormed his residences several times, but could not kill him. In 90, Gaddafi was under sanctions, was accused of patronizing terrorism, but then he unexpectedly "made friends" with the West.
    At the very beginning of hostilities in Libya, half of the army fled. And when six months later they increased their salaries by 2, the army as a single structure was no longer there. What our rulers probably took into account, increasing the salary of their army from 2012 of the year ..
  17. Tochilka
    Tochilka 16 January 2018 19: 15
    Content article.
    However, such graphs are angry when they compare different ones both in terms of area and number of population of the country. Bullshit! In Qatar, the population is only 2,2 million, in Russia 142 million. And if you count, Russia has produced much more oil than Qatar. We just have a population of 64,5 times more ...
  18. Alexander Lashkul
    Alexander Lashkul 16 January 2018 19: 51
    Before you bark in response, you first need to grow your teeth.
  19. Petr1968
    Petr1968 17 January 2018 16: 46
    and no less democratic United States, taking on the noble role of savior of human freedoms around the world

    We want to take this role upon ourselves ... replace "democracy" with "American aggression" and get in wherever you want))) All came out of one rib))