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Putin launched the "Turkish carousel". Recipe for communicating with "star-striped"


Any reminder of Turkey almost instantly awakens in many of us memories of the tragic incident that occurred in the airspace over the Syrian-Turkish border 24 in November 2015, when caused by Ahmet Davutoglu, who issued the order to intercept the Russian front bomber Su-24M, as well as from the gunman President R. Erdogan killed our pilot-sniper, Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Anatolyevich Peshkov, and lost his time-tested tactical machine, which participated in strike operations against the then powerful and vezhih "strong points of the terrorist wing of the LIH (prohibited in the Russian Federation). Nevertheless, time passes, and the numerous intricacies and multi-moves of the “Big Game” transform the military-political picture of the problem regions almost beyond recognition. This is exactly what happened in the past two years in the Middle East, or to be more precise, in Russian-Turkish relations.

In particular, in June 2017, the main stage of Moscow’s sanctions war with Ankara was practically completed: most of the restrictions on Turkish companies and on the use of Turkish jobs in Russian territory were lifted, as well as an embargo on imports of various Turkish products. The last stumbling block in trade and economic relations between the countries - an embargo on the import of Turkish tomatoes in the Russian Federation, was eliminated on November 1 on the 2017 of the year, which brought a positive trend to other areas of interaction. It also became clear that Ankara finally decided on its position in the Syrian theater of operations. Now there is absolutely no place left for any “undercover" agreements with the West regarding the presence of Kurdish YPG / YPJ units in the region of the Syrian-Turkish border. Ankara does not accept this "under any sauce", and it has every reason to do so. The situation is such that Washington’s comprehensive support for Iraqi and Syrian Kurds creates an unacceptable and explosive situation for Turkey that could develop into a regional conflict along the entire southern border. For the United States, this state of affairs is extremely favorable, because the wedge-shaped enclave stretching from the south-east to north-west of Syria, controlled by the Kurds, will be a powerful obstacle for the Turkish army in the implementation of regional ambitions in the Syrian theater.

In this case, the presence of a tactical stick for Ankara is aviation The aerospace forces and the MTR of Russia, as well as units of the IRGC, which does not allow the Kurdish troops of many thousands supported by the British units of the SAS and the United States ILC to leave the Turkish side out of the “Syrian denouement”, which in the near future should determine the fate of the Middle East for decades to come . For Moscow, cooperation with the Turkish army is no less a profitable geostrategic asset, due to which it will be an order of magnitude easier to resist US and Israeli plans on the Syrian theater of operations than alone. For observers overflowing with patriotic pathos, let us recall that the fairly exhausted Syrian Arab Army (including even Hezbollah) does not have enough numerical and technological resources to stop possible aggression simultaneously from the Pentagon in the Syrian Democratic Forces, as well as from the recently formed "Arab-Israeli" coalition "sharpened" against Iran, Syria and Lebanon.

For example, in the case of the ground operation of the IDF against the Syrian army and Hezbollah, disguised under the protection of small people - the Druze living in the Golan Heights, there will be practically nothing to oppose Damascus, since the main grouping of the CAA must maintain a line of contact with the "Syrian democratic forces of the country" . The Russian contingent in the SAR today also does not have enough military technical resources to give the Syrian army combat potential, allowing it to maintain control simultaneously in the northern and south-western operational areas, and the transfer of these resources will take months, while same days or weeks. As you can see, the creation of a Russian-Turkish-Iranian coalition to prevent the introduction of pro-American forces in the political settlement process in the Syrian Arab Republic is the most correct, as well as the least economically problematic solution for Moscow, which can retain control over the region and free up additional military resources that very soon may be required at the “erupted” Donbass theater of military operations, where Kiev will very soon receive a long-awaited death from our overseas “colleagues” weapon.

Apparently, a similar range of issues will be discussed at the crucial meeting of the Middle East Troika (Russia, Iran and Turkey), which will take place on November 21 on 2017 in Sochi. The heads of the above states have already given their consent to participate in it. Moreover, the seriousness of the consultations in the framework of the Middle East trio is emphasized by the information on the previous meeting of the chiefs of staff of the parties - Valeria Gerasimov (RF), Hulusi Akar (Turkey) and Mohammad Bagheri (Iran), which reviewed and agreed on schemes for increasing the level of de-escalation in the province of Idlib, as well as the tactics of suppressing the remaining enclaves of the IG and “Dzhebhat an-Nusra” in Syrian territory. In order to prevent unforeseen moments, Syrian President Bashar Asad, who met with Vladimir Putin on November 20, was also notified. Based on recent events, it can be assumed that B. Asad was invited to a meeting to warn about the possible need for an extended presence of the NE of Turkey on the territory of the SAR, after all, Damascus had recently criticized the construction of fortifications and observation posts of the Turkish army in Idlib.

At the same time, the beginning of the coordination of the actions of the general staff of Russia, Turkey and Iran, as well as the military units of the states of this “Middle East trio” is not new and out of the ordinary, because the Kurdish YPG / YPJ formations that are the driving force of the “Syrian democratic forces” for a long time they became the main conditional adversary of both Moscow and Ankara with Tehran (after the victory over ISIL, only the SDF can provoke escalation moments). In view of this, coordination within the four de-escalation zones has been going on since September. Yes, and the military transport Tu-154M of the Air and Space Forces of Russia has been using Turkish airspace for a long time to transfer certain cargo and / or personnel to the Syrian airbase Hamim, which was noted due to the availability of such online monitoring resources as Flightradar24 . It says a lot. The real information bomb can be considered an extreme degree of tension, which suddenly became established in relations between Ankara and the North Atlantic Alliance.

Obviously, neither Brussels, nor Washington are absolutely not ready to calmly accept the fact that Erdogan and the Turkish defense ministry are participating in developing a unified strategy for the “Great Middle Eastern Division” together with the main NATO opponents - Russia and Iran, because it is completely out of tune with the plans of the West to provide military support to the SDF, which could "pierce" the corridor to the coast of the Mediterranean from the province of Aleppo. Moreover, if you look at the map of the Syrian theater of operations even more closely, you can understand that the conclusion of the de-escalation and coordination agreements between Ankara, Moscow and Tehran pushes the "star-striped" into a complete dead end in terms of the possible separation of the CAA-controlled territory with the 2 sector with the help of the “corridor” passing from the At-Tanf base to Idlib, which only a powerful Turkish army could perfectly contribute to.

Ankara, on the other hand, successfully left the American “cunning planner circle”, and therefore President Recep Erdogan, apparently, was awarded a “black mark” by the British and US special services during the NATO command and staff exercises “Three-Tooth Spear-2017” held from November 8 to November 17. Recall that, by a strange coincidence, during the training of operators of combat information and control systems in the city of Stavanger (Norway), one of the targets of the conditional enemy was a portrait of the founder of the Turkish Republic, Kemal Atatürk, with the name Erdogan. It is also known that the Turkish media citing some historical data do not consider the death of Ataturk natural. Consequently, the situation with the portrait can be considered an unequivocal warning that the alliance is ready to act tough in the event of Ankara’s “drift” in the Russian direction.

As expected, the Turkish regime was not one of a dozen (mostly due to the strategically important location of Turkey between the European and Persian-Asian conventional theaters of war) and decided to show teeth to the alliance: the 40 of the Turkish army were immediately recalled from Stavanger, after which Chief Counselor of Turkish President Yalcin Topcu threatened with possible exit from the structures of the North Atlantic Alliance. And no matter how many different Western military experts claimed to openly bluff from a senior official from Recep Erdogan’s entourage, Brussels took this statement with a noticeable amount of fright, which was manifested in the reaction of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who twice apologized to Erdogan in connection with this incident . This is not surprising, but rather predictable. After all, it is the alliance that is more interested in Turkey. Its withdrawal from the alliance with a completely predictable break in military-technical cooperation will make it absolutely impossible to conduct large-scale naval, ground and aerospace offensive operations by NATO in the Mediterranean, as well as in the South and North Caucasus.

The important point here is that the Georgian Vaziani airbase is located just 65 km from the Georgian-South Ossetian border (both within the long-range Russian MLRS 9K58 Smerch and OTRK Tochka / Iskander, and under the anti-missile umbrella C-300BXXXXXX / 4), and therefore the 400-meter runway today is absolutely unsuitable for the actions of tactical, reconnaissance and military transport aircraft of the OVNS NATO in the event of a major regional conflict. Attempting to use the Georgian territory as an advanced offensive bridgehead to the Southern Military District of the Russian Federation or as a place for deploying ground-based / air-based DER media is a losing option in advance, because all of them will be guaranteed to be destroyed in the first hours of confrontation. It is thanks to Turkey that the NATO SARS and the US Air Force itself have tremendous control capabilities in the Caucasus, as well as in the northern regions of Iran, both by covering the range of tactical aviation and by means of radar detection and tracking systems.

It was this “sore point” of the alliance that Ankara struck after Washington’s threats about the possible cancellation of the Turkish-US 100 contract for the low-profile F-35A tactical fighter jets that sounded in response to the acquisition of the Triumph C-400 anti-aircraft missile systems by Turkey. This is a forced coagulation of the American mobile multifunction radar ANS AN / TPY-2, deployed in the eastern part of Turkey. This object was transferred to the republic in order to control the aerospace over the central and northern territories of Iran at the time of testing or combat use of Iranian tactical ballistic missiles of the “Fateh-110 / 313” type, as well as medium-range ballistic missiles “Sajil-2” , Shahab-3 and Qadr. Meanwhile, given that the mobile radar is not stationary and is located on a two-axle semi-trailer, it is possible to turn it absolutely in any direction, including the north-east one.

Possibilities of the multifunctional radar AN / TPY-2, deployed in Turkey, to control the aerospace space over the European part of Russia (with the power of work in 150 kW)

In the latter case, the AN / TPY-2 GBR RLC operators located at the BM / C41 command and control workstation have the opportunity to observe the aerospace sectors over most of the Southern Military District, including the Republic of Crimea, the Krasnodar Territory and part of the Volga region. Placing this radar, intended for integration into the combat information and control system of the THAAD missile defense system in Bulgaria or Romania, will not give the desired result, because the distance from the strategically important test sites of the Russian Federation will exceed 1,5 thousand kilometers. For example, the deployment of AN / TPY-2 in Turkey makes it possible to reduce the distance to the Russian Defense Ministry’s “Kapustin Yar” test site from 1500 to 1000 km. At such a distance, the Raytheon brainchild with an active X-band phased array is capable of detecting and tracking targets with an EPR near 0,5 м2. Approximately such opportunities gives the North Atlantic Alliance the opportunity to be present on Turkish territory.

Ankara and another classic “ace up its sleeve” for NATO and Washington's Brussels headquarters, played by the Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits, rescued. Allied relations with Russia and Iran, in any operational-strategic situation that does not satisfy Ankara, may at the most unexpected moment lead to the order of the Turkish General Staff to block the straits: the actions of the United Navy of NATO are in such cases locked down hand and foot ... for the West almost fatal. This is the reason for today's passions around Turkey, which do not settle down on the sidelines of NATO and the Pentagon: Erdogan would be punished for excessive geopolitical arbitrariness, but absolutely impossible, - the unacceptable geographical position of the litter states (Romania, Bulgaria and etc.) does not allow this to be done.

As for the fear of States to supply the low-profile F-35A “Lightning” tactical fighter jets to the Turkish air force, this is not at all surprising. In previous works, we have repeatedly criticized the conclusion of the Russian-Turkish contract for the supply of Turkish armed forces to the C-400 long-range air defense system Triumph due to the likelihood of some critical technologies “leaking” to the West, but given the “drift” of Ankara in the Moscow direction, there are and the positive aspects of this contract, namely, running-in of “Triumphs” against Turkish F-35A, which can be delivered after 2020 of the year. Specialists of our VKS and scientific research institutes will be able to learn first-hand the many important parameters of the most publicized tactical 5 tactical vehicles.

And most importantly, the Americans, as applied to Ankara, in reality have an extremely “narrow field” for a military-political maneuver: refusing to sell Lightnings will not only hurt Lockheed Martin’s image, but also create a lot of unpleasant problems with deployment of missile defense systems - missile defense and aviation of all NATO member countries. Obviously, in the near future, Turkey will continue to remain in the structures of the North Atlantic alliance, but the apparent counterproductiveness of Ankara’s participation in any Western anti-Iranian projects will force the Ottomans to take a completely different path, which (not without the help of Russia and Iran) will make significant corrections in eradicating destructive brought to the Middle East.

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  1. 210ox
    210ox 23 November 2017 07: 09
    When was the article written? And about the fact that Ankara left the circle of close associates of the USA ... Yes, it will easily enter it again. After all, the Turks.
    1. Chertt
      Chertt 23 November 2017 09: 05
      Well, duck and Russia of Turkey in "eternal love" does not swear. Today our countries objectively share common interests. And the fact that we are geopolitical rivals is neither Putin nor Erdogan forget. Turks want Crimea and the Caucasus, and Russia cross over Hagia Sophia and tricolor over the straits ...
    2. aszzz888
      aszzz888 23 November 2017 09: 12
      210ox Today, 07:09 an article, when is it written?

      hi ! ... here I am about the same thing, today 23.11.17/21/XNUMX, and events anticipate only November XNUMX ... where was the article? ... request
    3. Nyrobsky
      Nyrobsky 23 November 2017 09: 57
      Quote: 210ox
      When was the article written? And about the fact that Ankara left the circle of close associates of the USA ... Yes, it will easily enter it again. After all, the Turks.

      Yes, judging by the facts mentioned, the article is fresh. Given the fact that the United States was involved in the attempted coup against Erdogan, the relations between these "partners" cooled down for a long time. Today, many have already realized that membership in NATO does not guarantee anything but the priority snatching of lyuli away from the "hegemon".
  2. gafarovsafar
    gafarovsafar 23 November 2017 08: 25
    It is necessary to make such proposals that it is impossible to refuse.
    1. al.pech
      al.pech 23 November 2017 10: 59
      So Putin made a proposal to Turkey to distribute Russian gas. You don’t have to do anything, but the grandmas themselves skop into the egg.
      1. siberalt
        siberalt 23 November 2017 11: 12
        You might think that the Tukri will "gas" the gas worse than the Ukrainians. lol
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 23 November 2017 08: 27
    Turkey is like that young lady whom she wants to, and she is scared, and mother doesn’t order ...
    1. Siberian
      Siberian 23 November 2017 10: 47
      Yes, and We have not forgotten anything ...
      1. Seal
        Seal 23 November 2017 11: 43
        And you can wonder what exactly you have not forgotten?
        And why do you write yourself in the plural, and even with a capital letter?
  4. Gardamir
    Gardamir 23 November 2017 08: 36
    I had to read some of my comments, but what does Putin have to do with it. I’m returning, WHAT DOES THIS PUTIN HAVE?
  5. aszzz888
    aszzz888 23 November 2017 09: 10
    Apparently, a similar range of issues will be discussed at the decisive meeting of the "Middle East troika" (Russia, Iran and Turkey), which will be held November 21 2017 years in Sochi.

    ... and today, November 23, 2017, and it turns out that the article was written in the past time ... request
  6. Chertt
    Chertt 23 November 2017 09: 22
    "a meeting of the chiefs of staff of the parties - Valery Gerasimov (RF), Hulusi Akara (Turkey) and Mohammad Bagheri (Iran), at which schemes to increase the level of de-escalation were considered and agreed upon"

    - Like NATO in general and the United States in particular, they refer to the fact that the NHS of the Ministry of Defense of three countries: one of which (Russia) is called the “main threat”. the second (Iran) country of the "axis of evil" is the "implacable enemy of the closest allies," and the third (Turkey) has the second strongest army in NATO (the opinion of many Western military analysts) This is the gap of all patterns
  7. bakhshiyan rachik
    bakhshiyan rachik 23 November 2017 11: 34
    Turks cannot be trusted
    1. Chertt
      Chertt 23 November 2017 14: 26
      Bliiiin and I gave them 100 bucks a loan ... what to do ???? why Captain Evidence had not warned before
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. Chertt
          Chertt 23 November 2017 16: 10
          Haha .... I haven’t laughed like that for a long time ... Evgeny Vaganovich is you .... I recognized you .. plus
  8. Sergey Cojocari
    Sergey Cojocari 23 November 2017 11: 34
    Frequently asked question in the comments. - "When is this article written?" fundamentally not true. It will be right - For whom is this article written? The USA has a rich practice of replacing the “presumptuous” presidents of satellite countries. Today Erdogan, tomorrow Davutoogly, and all the agreements with Russia under the ass.
    1. Kurare
      Kurare 23 November 2017 14: 55
      Quote: Sergey Cojokar
      The USA has a rich practice of replacing the “presumptuous” presidents of satellite countries.

      And most likely it will be so, how many in recent years unwanted rulers from cancer have died or become ill with cancer. I think that work in this regard by the relevant structures in relation to Erdogan is already underway.
  9. Seal
    Seal 23 November 2017 11: 39
    Quote: Chertt
    Russia cross over Hagia Sophia and tricolor over the straits ...

    Something I doubt that, for example, Rustam Minnikhanov and Rustem Khamitov, as well as Ramzan, Yunus-Bek and all tens of millions of Muslims of Russia, despite your assurances, really really want so much that they put up a cross on the Aya-Sofia mosque again .
    And secondly .. why do we actually straits? They will not provide us with additional security. If there is a Third World War, then they will fight well for 2-3 days. It's not up to the straits. If there will simply be a Great War, but not nuclear, then if there are ours, the NATO will cover them (and everything that is in them) with its missiles. And if they are not ours, then we will cover with our missiles accordingly. They are very narrow and well shot.
    And most importantly. In the area of ​​the Straits and the Sea of ​​Marmara, including Istanbul, of course, about 35 million Turks live. What to do with them? Give everyone our Russian passports? Well then, to the already existing tens of millions of domestic Muslims, 35 million more Muslims will be added. And here the question certainly arises, and what kind of sign should be installed on the dome of Sofia.
  10. viktorch
    viktorch 23 November 2017 12: 14
    Well, I’m just wondering why no one reads Turkish newspapers at least in Google translation before writing such articles
    1. 82т11
      82т11 23 November 2017 23: 06
      And what do Turkish newspapers write?
  11. Mikhail Zubkov
    Mikhail Zubkov 23 November 2017 12: 37
    Quote: Sergey Kozhokar
    Frequently asked question in the comments. - "When is this article written?" fundamentally not true. It will be right - For whom is this article written? The USA has a rich practice of replacing the “presumptuous” presidents of satellite countries. Today Erdogan, tomorrow Davutoogly, and all the agreements with Russia under the ass.

    For those who are in the topic - an amateurish article, and for amateurs - bothering with amateurish same promises. Not even suitable as infa for the political orientation of ordinary personnel. If the author is a political instructor of a company, he should not be carried away by the “multi-theme” and not throw into the brain of himself and the reader all the fragments of facts and opinions selected by the media. If the author is a political regiment instructing political instructors, then already at this level it is necessary to prepare better.
  12. Handbrake
    Handbrake 23 November 2017 12: 51
    Not an article, but a mess. And again, Russia may need strength in the Donbas. Sorry, but this type of information is simply called "Achinea."
  13. Sergey-8848
    Sergey-8848 27 November 2017 14: 16
    The article does not indicate that in peacetime in Turkey, our Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador Andrei Gennadyevich Karlov. This, by the way, is also a reason for declaring war.
    The wish to the author is to prepare the material more thoroughly, and not just to sprinkle the abbreviations of our and enemy weapons, speculatively contrasting them with each other. Otherwise, it all sounds like Tom Clancy.