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Baltic Fleet Aviation replenished with "Night Hunters" and "Alligators"

By the end of the year, the Russian Navy will receive Mi-28N “Night Hunter” and Ka-52 “Alligator” combat helicopters. Previously, these rotorcraft were supplied only to the Russian Aerospace Forces. Cars will arrive at the base of the sea aviation Of the Baltic fleet, reported News.

According to experts, in the conditions of the Baltic Sea with its short distances, attack helicopters will become universal and formidable. weapons. They will be able "not only to support ground troops and marines, but also successfully fight against ships of various classes."

As reported in the command of the Navy, the decision to purchase Mi-28Н and Ka-52 for the needs of Naval Aviation (MA) has already been made. It is planned that “before the end of the year, the first vehicles will go into service with the 125-th separate helicopter squadron of MA Baltic Fleet”. However, it is possible that the rearmament dates may be shifted.

The flight range of the Ka-52 and Mi-28 allows to cover a fairly large part of the Baltic Sea. These machines can operate from ground airfields. They will easily cope with the support of landing ships, as well as be able to patrol the Russian territorial waters. Helicopters can operate in bad weather conditions at extremely low altitudes. This makes them a challenging target for ships' anti-aircraft systems. In turn, the airborne armament of the "Alligators" and "Night Hunters" makes it possible to cause serious damage to ships of the "Corvette" class. And for missile and amphibious boats, a meeting with the Mi-28Н and Ka-52 will be deadly,
told the newspaper military historian Dmitry Boltenkov.

Currently, the 125-I separate helicopter squadron is part of the 7054-th naval aviation base. Based in the area of ​​Kaliningrad. In addition to the shock machines, the airbase Mi-8AMTSH will also be included in the air base. Currently, the squadron is armed with 10 Mi-24VP and Mi-8 of various modifications.
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  1. Warnoob
    Warnoob 12 October 2017 09: 33
    Why two cars at once? Less problems with training and maintenance would be.
    1. Maz
      Maz 12 October 2017 10: 09
      They have different tasks, in general, cars complement each other and work perfectly in conjunction
  2. san4es
    san4es 12 October 2017 09: 33
    Ka-52K with anti-ship missiles X-35V soldier

    1. MoJloT
      MoJloT 12 October 2017 09: 40
      A beautiful device, this does not apply to the topic, but the Ka-50 looked even cooler ...
      1. Maz
        Maz 12 October 2017 10: 11
        Quote: MoJloT
        A beautiful device, this does not apply to the topic, but the Ka-50 looked even cooler ...

        Ka-52 command-and-combat vehicle. And the K-50 is just combat. :)
    2. Wedmak
      Wedmak 12 October 2017 10: 28
      A half-helicopter-sized missile. Will he raise a couple of these?
      1. san4es
        san4es 12 October 2017 11: 00
        Quote: Wedmak
        A half-helicopter-sized missile. Will he raise a couple of these?

        ... if the combat load KA-52k - 2000-2500 kg, -
        means raise soldier

        In brackets are the characteristics of the X-35UE.
        Length m:
        ship / coast / helicopter based: 4,4
        Airborne Based: 3,85
        Wing span, m: (1,33)
        Rocket Diameter, m: 0,42
        Starting weight, kg:
        ship / shore based: 600 (670)
        helicopter-based: 610 (650)
        aircraft-based: 520 (550)
        Engine: turbofan engine
        Fuel: jet fuel
        Guidance system: active radar seeker (BINS + CH + APRLGSN)
        Warhead: high-explosive penetrating type
        The mass of the warhead, kg: 145
        Launch range, km: up to 130 (X-35), up to 260 (X-35U). [23]
        Flight height, m:
        on the march section: 10-15
        in the final section: 3-4
        Flight speed: 0,8-0,85 M
  3. Kenxnumx
    Kenxnumx 12 October 2017 09: 53
    Is there anything anti-ship in the nomenclature of weapons?
  4. aszzz888
    aszzz888 12 October 2017 10: 01
    They will be able to "not only support ground troops and marines, but also successfully fight ships of various classes."

    ... Syria has brought much of the experience of the war ... and helicopters have shown that they are not in vain occupying a niche in the VKS, and now they will be in the Navy ... it is gratifying to hear this, and soon to see ... good
  5. assa67
    assa67 12 October 2017 10: 06
    beautiful cars
  6. Egorovich
    Egorovich 12 October 2017 11: 25
    And to them in support of the K-52 Katran. In fact, an anti-shipable helicopter with excellent performance. When installed on it, avionics will allow the launch of anti-ship missiles X-31 and X-35. This is essentially the weapons of a front-line attack aircraft. For the little Baltic, the very thing. Large ships do not exist there.
  7. Pete mitchell
    Pete mitchell 12 October 2017 12: 57
    You are all evil, you want to permanently destroy the ecology of the Baltic. Complete with any equipment for the Russian Armed Forces, it is necessary to immediately supply anti-diarrhea drugs and antidepressants to Russia's neighbors in the Baltic lol
    1. Antokha
      Antokha 12 October 2017 14: 36
      There used to be lighting and propaganda bombs. Now you can first use antipersonnel to prepare. wink
  8. Nemesis
    Nemesis 13 October 2017 02: 09
    Make and report. Enough of the promises.