They betrayed Russia, betrayed themselves ...

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for truth
for they shall be filled (From the Sermon on the Mount of Christ)

The events of the first war in Chechnya today are diligently trying to consign to oblivion, to hide all the responsibility that should have been placed on the shoulders of politicians who have committed these bloody events. There are very few materials regarding the development of the “Chechen conflict”, as it has been mistakenly called so far, and almost all of them offer us only the official or “convenient” interpretation of what happened. In essence, the Chechen campaign was a war.

From an interview with the former Russian Defense Minister Grachev, it follows that the blame for the blood of innocent soldiers in Grozny, for weapons at the disposal of the Dudayevites, for the humiliation and suffering of the peaceful inhabitants of the plains of Chechnya, lies with the whole environment of Yeltsin. Mr. Grachev is positioning himself as an executive official who has called on the plans of treacherous civilian ministers. Let's say right away, such words sound unconvincing, although there is some truth in them.

Back in early June, 1991 in Chechnya, a revolution occurred, as a result of which Dzhokhar Dudayev received tremendous power, his goals became apparent immediately and consisted in separating the republic into an independent state. However, along with the struggle for independence, murders and terror began in the cities, and the aggressive control of the Dudayevites was controlled. Their methods initially could not be called legal, civilians suffered from robbery and violence.

At the moment of intensification of the separatist movements, Yeltsin and his entourage behaved, to put it mildly, passively. At first, Dudayev’s personality was not given an objective assessment, and then indecision regarding his activities and the desire to resolve the conflict by “political means” provided the experienced and cunning leader with valuable time to thoroughly train the insurgents and equip them.

It should be noted, and the factor promoting the figure of Dudayev to the post of head of Chechnya. Communist military officer, a member of the Afghan war - this man had a positive response. According to colleagues on the 13-th Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Division, Dudayev was a hot-tempered, emotional man, but “extremely honest and decent.” During the period of the collapse of the Soviet Union, various radical nationalist movements, including the Chechen ones, became more active; they needed a leader. Yes, and Dudayev himself at that time survived the breaking of character, the old communist ideals collapsed, nationalism took their place. Apparently, someone helped him in this process. It is clear that if it were not for the collapse of the USSR and Yeltsin’s stuffing in the summer of 1990, the most powerful destructive virus - the slogan “take as much sovereignty as you can swallow”, Dudayev would truly serve the country and beyond.

23 – 25 in November 1990, the Chechen National Congress (it was held in Grozny) elected an Executive Committee headed by Chairman Dzhokhar Dudayev. After that, Dudayev took the path of radical nationalism and "independence." Initially, the situation suited Yeltsin and his entourage — they broke the Soviet Union and the Chechen “national democrats” were their allies in this process. A major role in the negotiation process between Moscow and Grozny was played by the closest ally of Boris Yeltsin in the 1990-1992 years - Gennady Burbulis. The Yeltsin clan actually “made” Dudayev the leader of Chechnya. That is why it looks very dark story death of Dudayev. Apparently, some forces simply hid the ends in the water.

In November, Yeltsin was forced to take a decision on the imposition of a state of emergency throughout Chechnya and partly of Ingushetia. However, the real start of the war was the decision to export arms and military equipment, the execution of which was entrusted to the Minister of Defense Grachev. According to him, it was not possible for the Russian authorities to take out all the military equipment, since at that moment Dudayev had announced the requirement to transfer to him all the equipment, weapons and documents available in the new territory of the republic. Began serious negotiations, act in that neither the President nor any other, is not intended. The long skirmish in the higher echelons of power has become another proof of Ministers inability to control the situation. As a result, Grachev, appointed for this mission, agreed to export only 50 percent of the entire volume of weapons, which caused a strong protest in the press. Simultaneously with the operation for the withdrawal of weapons from the country were evacuated by soldiers and their families. Remain in the territory of Ichkeria, it was extremely dangerous, as the majority of the population was aggressive. The hostility spread by Dudaev’s information about the colonial intentions of Russia was heated, as a result of which the killings of Russian residents became more frequent.

They betrayed Russia, betrayed themselves ...Thus, already at the beginning stage of a company, one can speak, if not of treason, then of a serious miscalculation on the part of the country's top leadership with regard to policy in the Caucasus. 12 March 92 –th year an independent state called the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria appeared, which the Russian leadership refused to recognize. However, Dudayev was unable to implement the program of the adopted constitution, and the criminal situation in the republic sharply worsened. Residents fled from their places of residence in an endless stream, fleeing from rapists and murderers, walking freely through the streets of the capital. In the province to talk about the law was not necessary at all, because the only judge and ruler became weapons and force.

Violent opponents of the entry of Russian troops on the territory of Ichkeria should be remembered that in just a year the existence of an “independent state” the territory has become a center of terrorism, counterfeiting, slave trade. Through the territory of Chechnya, the import of narcotic drugs into Russia was carried out in enormous quantities, which could not go unnoticed. The military campaign was necessary, but the army did not have a competent leader. Neither Yeltsin nor his ministers could develop an effective plan of action, and all their attempts to stabilize the situation in the Caucasus led to disastrous consequences. The offensive program was developed in a hurry and, as a result, was imperfect. Most of the ministers, including Rybkin and Chernomyrdin, spoke in favor of a hasty introduction of troops, the rest remained silent, fearing to be accused of cowardice. Grachev offered to delay the introduction of troops until the spring, but Yeltsin remained adamant. Russian soldiers were to enter the territory of the so-called Ichkeria in December 94 year.

According to the Minister of Defense's plan, the Russian forces moved in three directions: Mozdok, Vladikavkaz and Kizlyarsky. According to officials, the entry into Chechnya was calm, but in the very first days there were wounded and killed. The population took to the streets in arms and fired at the columns, the women lay down on the road, the children threw grenades. Active propaganda of anti-Russian sentiments has done its job, and the locals were ready to die, considering Russian soldiers as invaders.

Nevertheless, Russian troops occupied the northern regions of Ichkeria quickly enough. Actively participated in the promotion of the military contingent. aviationthat bombed Khinkala and Kalinovsky airfield. The next flagrant fact of the mediocre military leadership was the assault on Grozny. According to Chief of Staff Potapov, the assault plan was worked out the day before and included the following actions:
• troops were to enter the city from three directions;
• each assault detachment was reinforced by a shock group in case of resistance;
• Soldiers were allowed to take only the buildings of the administrative complex.

Resent the fact that the question of resistance on the part of Dudayev, the generals did not elaborated upon. The misconception about this was too “expensive” for the Russian army. The detachments were torn apart by the Chechens, since they did not have enough weapons to withstand, they did not have a clear scheme of actions at their disposal. They did not even give commanders exact maps. Mocking words of Khmelevskiy a question of one of the commanders on the location of the station; “Look at the signs!” By that time, most of the squares, streets and neighborhoods in the city were renamed, and some of the signs were missing, so the search for the intended targets was completely assigned to the assault troops. As a result, the soldiers simply got lost in an unfamiliar city and lost many soldiers in the throwing through the streets of the city. Only the courage and talented command of the officers, and the bravery of the rank and file allowed for a long time to fight on the streets of Grozny.

Before the assault, the 131 Squad of motorized riflemen repeatedly stated that they were in a disastrous situation and were unable to fully fight for the city, but such statements were viewed by the leadership as cowardice and were not taken into account. Meanwhile, the statements were objective in nature, the attack aircraft were young and inexperienced boys who had little control with machine guns and had no real battles before Chechnya. The attackers did not have warm clothes and cruelly froze, and the antediluvian radio communication was easily intercepted by the militants. The equipment of the federal troops was significantly inferior to the Chechen one. However, it was these guys who had to take the capital of Ichkeria. A thoughtless utterance of Grachev about the possibility of occupying Grozny in two hours with small forces played a fatal joke with the command of the armies. Yeltsin and his entourage expected lightning-fast capture, but did not prepare for real resistance.

The assault took place on New Year's Eve, when Moscow generals celebrated and, for the most part, were drunk! Huge loss of Mr. Grachev said the words that the soldiers died with a smile. The source of such information from the puppet minister is unknown. His words against the background of the brutally killed young boys, who had been thoughtlessly thrown into battle with experienced and well-armed militants, looked blasphemous.

Thus, the second betrayal of the center in relation to the Russian soldiers had again committed generals together.

After the terrible, chilling events and numerous victims, Yeltsin and his entourage were already aware of their mistake regarding the possibility of conducting a lightning military campaign in Chechnya. The ruling elite has lost the confidence of the people and wanted to return it in any way. The fear of losing power caused the third betrayal.

The Khasavyurt armistice agreements were aimed at the immediate withdrawal of troops and the cessation of further clashes and casualties. The agreement was signed by the respected in Russia, General Lebed, who crossed out all his merits to the fatherland with this ill-fated signature. What was this truce, which still provokes indignation in the hearts of the military and their families?

Lebed signed an agreement that:
• all troops will be withdrawn from the republic;
• Chechen prisoners of war will be released;
• fighting on the territory of the republic will stop.

The text of the treaty did not specify the conditions for the return to the homeland of Russian prisoners who were in the slavery of militants. Many soldiers and officers remained in the Chechen hell only because the government had to urgently withdraw its troops. Yeltsin's position was shaky, needed someone who enjoyed the people's confidence. Such a general was Alexander Lebed. His military and political achievements were greatly exaggerated in the press, moreover, this man had the imposing appearance of a typical military man that they loved so much in Russia. Lebed was in order to sign an agreement and deep background. A dangerous people's favorite could claim power in the upcoming presidential elections, and the signing of such a unilateral treaty should greatly discredit the general. Is Swan understand the full responsibility assumed by the decision is unknown. Later he claimed that faithfully served the fatherland and following orders. Is it possible to justify the betrayal of thousands of Russian citizens by a command order?

More likely no than yes. Betrayal is not justified either by the fear of losing office, or by the threat of any responsibility, or by internal convictions.

As a result of the Khasavyurt truce, Russian soldiers and officers remained in captivity, whose mothers went looking for and rescuing them. The Russian government not only does not provide any assistance in this event, it has tried not to publicize such a move. Talk about how many women have experienced an accident in the territory of the Chechen Republic for hours. In the context of this publication, we only say that the humiliation was terrible. Mothers killed by grief were killed at best. Among the few “noble” militants who treat mothers with respect, there were also moral monsters who came up with such tortures that a mentally healthy person could not even think of. Defenseless women were taught to mock juvenile Chechens, they were used as labor, and so on. How many Russian mothers died on the territory of Chechnya is still unknown for sure, since the authorities not only did not keep records, but also concealed the most terrible facts.

The first Chechen war, planned by Yeltsin’s entourage as instant and victorious, was the bloodiest event in the history of the Russian Federation. Reckless step or intentional betrayal? - this is what the political scientists are arguing about today. Most of them are inclined to believe that the victims of the Chechen company are the result of incompetent leadership and the lack of close cooperation in the higher echelons of power. Despite the fact that each of the officials at the state helm at that time had his own point of view and subsequently tried to justify himself, it must be admitted that the betrayal was common. Yeltsin, Chernomyrdin, Grachev, Lebed and other names and names that are no less famous in Russia are responsible for the shameful war with the militants. As if the truth is not hidden, it still will be made public, even after decades. The judgment of history is already beginning to administer on those who betrayed the Russian soldiers and sent them to certain death. The government followed its ambitions and did not want to think over and count military enterprises, which made young and inexperienced boys recruits cannon fodder.
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  1. Igor
    9 February 2012 09: 00
    So I wonder why so far no one has answered for that war? After all, Yeltsin and his entourage have not been in power for a long time.
    1. Azov
      9 February 2012 11: 39
      The authorities are all the same.
    2. serge348
      29 March 2012 17: 39
      And Putin jumped out of the snuff box?
  2. grizzlir
    9 February 2012 09: 43
    I had to meet many officers who took part in the first war, the almost unanimous opinion of all: the first war is a mess, planning errors on the part of the leadership of the operation and outright betrayal on the part of the Russian government, its own army. Rights Igorek, for the fact that thousands of lives were stupidly laid No one answered the Russian soldiers. Grozny’s New Year’s assault was very indicative when the people developing this operation planned it in such a way that even the Chechen agent who had settled in our general staff could not have planned. Intelligence and intelligence services reported to the leadership that the city was preparing the Obaron, the militants have a lot of anti-tank weapons, but they didn’t listen to their opinions. Moreover, they later tried to blame the scouts for their mistakes. They tried to blame Colonel Savin for all sins, who completely fulfilled his duty and died. the perpetrators of our defeats were never punished.
    1. Filin
      9 February 2012 19: 50
      the first war is a mess, planning errors on the part of the leadership of the operation and overt treason, on the part of the Russian government

      I will tell you more. This is not just a mess and betrayal. This is a deliberate action to demoralize the army and draw its conflict with a previously known result.

      Intelligence and special services agents reported to the leadership that the city was preparing for an outbreak, the militants had a lot of anti-tank guns

      here, and without intelligence, everything was known for a long time as there was the November assault on Grozny, in which about 500 people from 1200 who participated and about 200 were captured. 26 tanks were destroyed and 20 were captured by Dudaev.
      and after that a month later an MORE unprepared assault follows. What follows from this ???

      For reference :

      In the fall of 1994, the Russian Federation began to provide direct military assistance to the Chechen opposition. In September, the first delivery of weapons took place, including ten BTR-80 armored personnel carriers and six Mi-24 combat helicopters piloted by Russian crews [5]. During October, 120 members of the Provisional Council underwent training at the Prudboy training ground of the 8th Volgograd Army Corps.
      On October 15, 1994, the forces of the Provisional Council entered Grozny with virtually no resistance, but then withdrew from the city, as if having received some order from Moscow [6].
      After receiving the armored vehicles, the military potential of the Provisional Council significantly increased. November 17 began preparations for a new assault on Grozny.
      [edit] Assault

      The assault began on the morning of November 26, 1994. Grozny included three columns in three directions. The convoys included T-72 tanks with Russian crews and trucks with militants of the Provisional Council; Mi-24 helicopters with Russian crews also provided air cover. Different sources contradict each other in the description of the assault; as far as one can judge, in the first hours of the operation the attackers hardly encountered any resistance, although there is information that the convoy that left Tolstoy-Yurt came under fire even on the approach to Grozny, in the vicinity of the village of Petropavlovskoye [7]. Upon entering Grozny, Russian tankers stopped at traffic lights and sometimes asked the local population for directions to the presidential palace [1]. Without a fight, a television center was occupied, near which there were three tanks. The rest continued to move towards the presidential palace, however, before reaching it, they met serious resistance. According to Sergei Kozlov (a veteran of the Special Forces of the GRU, a participant in the Afghan war, the editor of the department in the magazine "Soldier of Fortune" [8]), only one tank managed to break through to the palace, the crew of which was evacuated by a special forces unit. According to Kozlov, this special forces detachment (also formed of volunteers in the Moscow military district) fired several shots at the palace from Bumblebee flamethrowers, resulting in a fire inside [9].
      It was reported that the Presidential Palace was captured by militants of the field commander Ruslan Labazanov, who participated in an assault on the opposition side [10] [11].
      Tankers who took up positions at the telecentre were soon attacked by the “Abkhaz battalion” Shamil Basayev and surrendered to the guards of the telecentre. By the end of the day on November 26, the forces of the Provisional Council left Grozny. Despite the failure of the assault, Russian television channels in the evening of November 26 reported on the capture of Grozny and on a television speech by Avturkhanov announcing the transfer of power into the hands of the Provisional Council [12].
      [edit] Reasons for the defeat of the opposition

      Some eyewitnesses are convinced that the failure of the storming of Grozny by the forces of the Provisional Council was planned in advance in order to provoke a large-scale invasion of Russian troops in Chechnya. So, for example, the president of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov believes: [13]
      In November 1994, a tank column was sent to Grozny, seated by yesterday’s levers of the Kantemirov’s division. This adventure was undertaken two weeks before the start of a large-scale war in order to have a moral and psychological impact on the country's population, to convince Russians of the need for military action and their justification. Pavel Grachev, as an experienced military leader, could not but know that in the center of the city without an infantry escort, a tank column would be shot. And so it happened. Tanks burned, soldiers died, some of them were captured, television footage was shown day and night. It was impossible to forgive. That was the whole idea.
      [edit] Losses of parties

      Losses during the assault are difficult to assess. The defeat of the tank convoy, manned by Russian troops, was complete. Such high losses of armored vehicles are explained by the fact that in urban conditions, tanks are deprived of the freedom of maneuver, and, without the support of infantry, can be easily destroyed by manual anti-tank weapons. Some of the wrecked tanks were subsequently repaired by captured tankers and became part of the armed forces of the CRI. Damage in manpower ranges from 100 to 500 people killed. [Source not specified 864 days] Dudaev’s losses were significantly lower than that of the opposition: according to various estimates, coming from the military leaders of the separatist regime of the unrecognized Ichkeria (A. Maskhadov and M. Merzhoyev) , Dudaevites lost from 15 to 20 people killed and up to 20-30 soldiers wounded. Correspondent of the “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” L. Beldyugina wrote in December 1994 about 500 dead on both sides. [Source not specified 864 days]
      Almost all sources mention that the forces of Dudaev, apparently, were well aware of the plans for the assault on Grozny and managed to prepare accordingly.
      [edit] The participation of Russian troops

      Fulfilling the directive of the General Staff, on November 1, the North Caucasus Military District provided the Chechen opposition with 40 T-72 tanks [5]. Tank crews were recruited by officers of the Federal Counterintelligence Service in parts of the Moscow Military District. A contract was concluded with the volunteers, according to which 1 million non-denominated rubles (about $ 325 [14]) were immediately paid. In addition, prices were set for participation in hostilities, destroyed enemy equipment, for injuries. In the event of the death of a soldier, relatives should have received 150 million rubles [1] (about $ 50000 [14]). Among the recruited tankers were also participants in the October events in Moscow in 1993. In particular, Senior Lieutenant Andrei Rusakov in October 1993 talked on television about his participation in the shelling of the White House; in early December 1994, Captain Rusakov was again shown on television, being in Chechen captivity [15] [16]. The recruitment and transfer of weapons was dealt with by the head of the Moscow office of the Federal Grid Company, Evgeny Savostyanov (as deputy director of the Federal Grid Company, Sergei Stepashin, he oversaw the Caucasus direction) and deputy minister for nationality affairs Alexander Kotenkov.
    2. dimarm74
      9 February 2012 20: 09
      Specifically, the operation to storm Grozny was planned and carried out by Mr. Kvashnin ... later on he headed the General Staff for a long time. Really no one in the course of those present on the forum?
      And Mr. Grachev gave him the go-ahead, on the go-ahead of Mr. Yeltsin .....
      It is from these persons that one must ask, and not from some virtually incorporeal inanimate traitors
  3. Igor
    9 February 2012 09: 53
    Grizzlies, are you a military man, why do you think some of the generals who were appointed to command the Grozny assault operation abandoned this venture, were they traitors or did they see that our army was not ready for war and did not want to send soldiers to the slaughter?
    1. grizzlir
      9 February 2012 10: 08
      I’ve been in reserve since 2006. It’s hard to judge by the first Chechen one, I didn’t take part, but the fact that we weren’t prepared was a fact. Those generals who were aware of their responsibility refused to command the troops, they were commanded more by people with ambitions who poorly represented the true situation things and hoped for a quick victory, for orders and medals for themselves. However, like all Yeltsin’s entourage of that time, they thought more about themselves. Remember the statement by Minister of Defense Grachev that he would take Grozny with one battalion of the airborne forces, then I laughed for a long time, and then Someone from ours had to cry. However, he then spoke, saying that it was just a joke. Imagine a funny minister like that was our. The worst thing is that a lot of those mediocrity who are guilty of that tragedy went up and occupied Now high places in the districts and the General Staff.
      1. Igor
        9 February 2012 10: 30
        Quote: grizzlir
        I have been in reserve since 2006.

        Former military, as well as former intelligence officers do not exist, I think so.
        Quote: grizzlir
        Those generals who were aware of their responsibility refused to command the troops

        Looks like these brains were common once they refused command, but on the other hand they knew that if they refused, they would give the army command to fools. Maybe these people could change something in that war and we would not have suffered such losses .
      2. NUT
        9 February 2012 11: 48
        Quote: grizzlir
        a lot of those mediocrity who are guilty of that tragedy went to the rise and now occupy high places in the districts and the General Staff.

        and with tremendous success they continue to change and betray to this day.
        During that terrible war, the "warriors of Islam" were sorely lacking in specialists, not a small amount of time and huge funds were spent on the creation of training centers, instructors and the very training of militants and their field commanders.
        Today, thanks to the arrogant, open betrayal by the same Russian generals, the militant training camps disappeared as unnecessary because this function, those with which we do not drink in general uniforms, was successfully assigned to our higher military schools and the elite units of our armed forces.
        Yasnaya Polyana, that money rules the world, and to buy an extra hundred Russian generals for some thirty pieces of silver is much cheaper than spending millions on a dozen Amer’s instructors ...
      3. alex popov
        9 February 2012 14: 36
        He then made excuses that he would carry out this operation with full artillery preparation, destruction of firing points with the help of aviation, and so on. And so "he was not given." (
      4. +2
        9 February 2012 18: 31
        And who knows where Grachev is now? Go on a "well-deserved" rest, is he writing his memoirs? am
        1. +1
          9 February 2012 20: 06
          Where it is difficult to say now, I haven’t heard about him for a long time, but about 7 years ago in one of the newspapers there was an article about the Rosvooruzhenie concern, and so at that time Pasha was working there. His job was delicately not indicated, but it was said that he had very a spacious office and a company car, the same as that of the head of the concern. So, apparently, he settled well.
      5. Filin
        11 February 2012 14: 04
        Those generals who were aware of their responsibility, refused to command the troops, were commanded more by people with ambitions who poorly represented the true situation of things and hoped for an early victory, orders and medals for themselves.

        In many ways I do not agree with you. DO NOT NEED TO BROWSE ALL UNDER ONE COMB.
        Pulikovsky (son died), Romanov, Rokhlin, Shamans, Troshev, Bulgakov and so on ....
        These are people who took command in the most difficult period ... And if not for them, it is generally not known how the war would have developed. But the troops and groupings went to them not in the best possible way. But they fought with what they had.
        And already at 95 they drove the militants into the mountains. The question of betrayal ..this is more to politicians.
    2. alex popov
      9 February 2012 10: 12
      Are you talking about Rokhlin?
    3. lcavs
      10 February 2012 06: 27
      They understood everything and everything, but in such cases, domestic commanders are divided into those who do not want to get dirty and who want to get the hero of Russia at any cost.
  4. crack key
    9 February 2012 09: 57
    Bastards, but sooner or later, through n-tsat will be punished if there is anyone left
  5. Net
    9 February 2012 10: 23
    And for me, the natural example of a traitor to those events is the journalist S. Kovalev, who called for the surrender of our soldiers.
    1. +10
      9 February 2012 13: 53
      I agree. Many of our young people who believed him paid for it with their lives.
      And I personally do not understand why so far neither the Council of Veterans, nor any other public organization has applied to the prosecutor’s office with the aim of initiating a criminal case on the complicity of Kovalyov and similar criminals in the massacres of both our soldiers and the civilian population of Chechnya.
      1. alex popov
        9 February 2012 14: 34
        What about Novodvorskaya? What about Lukin? These, so to speak, citizens, were worried about the violation of human rights in Chechnya by the federal troops, not a word was said about the fate of the Russians who remained there, about the fate of prisoners of war ...
        1. +7
          9 February 2012 15: 39
          The pigs you listed, and many others like them (human rights activists), who treacherously thrust their screams into the back of Russia, can still be seen. Especially, recently, mongrel yapping again.
  6. r.anoshkin
    9 February 2012 10: 33
    And where is this Pasha Mercedes? Does he have the conscience to give interviews as well? The stones on his frontal place are the least punishment. possible interview.
    1. dmitry98
      9 February 2012 11: 40
      *** Since 2007 - chief adviser - head of a group of advisers to the general director of the Omsk production association “Radio Plant named after A. S. Popov”. In 2007, he was transferred to the reserve.
      *** From 2011, he taught a special course on “Theory and Practice of Negotiating” at Harvard University Masters (the oldest private higher education institution in the USA).
      <<< In the fall of 1994, a report was laid on the table of Defense Minister Pavel Grachev: "I ask for your permission to privatize an office building with a land plot on the territory adjacent to the military town." Signed: Colonel General Semyonov. Grachev imposed a resolution: "I don't mind." That's okay, that's good. At this time, preparations were under way for the army's "ice march" on Grozny. Burning tanks, a mess of soldiers' bodies, city ruins - all this is still ahead. Before that, another month and a half. While privatization is in progress.

      Soon, the experts of the quartermaster Kotylev, with the help of the local bureau of technical inventory (BTI), estimated the residual value of all summer cottages. It turned out about 43 million rubles. And then work began to boil on the territory of the dacha - they put in order a house, a garage, a barn, a gazebo, a fence and two cellars. This repair cost the Ministry of Defense 41 million 309 thousand rubles. They finished it exactly on the eve of the outbreak of hostilities in Chechnya.

      There is a bloody mess in Grozny, and the Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces has an urgent concern. The time has come to draw up documents for the privatization of the dacha. At the same time, I would like to buy it at a lower price, say, for the same 43 with a little million rubles, at the residual value determined by the BTI. In real life, this does not happen, but it is no coincidence that General Semenov's service profile says: "He knows how to organize subordinates for the successful completion of assigned tasks." >>>>>>
  7. +18
    9 February 2012 11: 23
    1. NUT
      9 February 2012 12: 02
      Quote: FoMaS
  8. +5
    9 February 2012 13: 33
    It should also be noted the factor of promoting the figure of Dudaev to the post of head of Chechnya. Communist, combat officer, participant in the Afghan war - this person had positive characteristics. According to colleagues from the 13th Guards Heavy Bomber Aircraft Division, Dudaev was a hot-tempered, emotional person, but “extremely honest and decent.” During the collapse of the Soviet Union, various radical nationalist movements, including Chechen ones, sharply intensified, they needed a leader. Yes, and Dudaev himself at that time experienced a breakdown of character, the old communist ideals collapsed, and nationalism replaced them. Apparently, someone helped him in this process. It is clear that if it had not been for the collapse of the USSR and Yeltsin had thrown in the summer of 1990 the most powerful destructive virus - the slogan “take as much sovereignty as you can swallow”, Dudaev would have faithfully served the country further
    I do not agree about "faithfully served the country and beyond," he served with us in Tartu
    and easily changed the oath, without any remorse. There is such a concept - "opportunist". As the former president of Estonia and former communist A. Ruutel said about himself a couple of years ago in an interview, "I have never been an ideological communist." as an example of a traitor.
  9. French Legionnaire
    9 February 2012 13: 58
    If we find them in the outhouse, we will water them there too!

    V.V. Putin
  10. dmb
    9 February 2012 14: 08
    In general, the article more or less reliably "describes what happened. Except. 1." A convinced communist "and General Dudayev, already at the beginning of 90, he publicly spoke about the separation of Chechnya and the creation of the Chechen army. And then and now it is called high treason. 2. This and everything that happened next is not a revolution, but a conspiracy to seize power. Let me remind you that that the Dudayev gang, with the direct connivance of Yeltsin's gang, dispersed the legitimate authority, the Supreme Soviet of the Chechen-Ingush ASSR, in September 1991. 3. Pasha-Mercedes was only a deputy, and the Minister of Defense of the USSR was the smiling Air Marshal Shaposhnikov. Now the principle of the extraterritoriality of the army, at the request of Dudaev, issued a directive in the fall of 1991 and called for 1,5 Chechens into the troops of the Grozny garrison, making it virtually impossible without fighting to take out from the territory of Chechnya equipment and weapons intended for manning two divisions. Pasha, who personally came to Grozny in the winter of 1991 and, after hearing an objective report to the garrison command went to Dudayev to drink vodka. Believe me. At that time, the Dudayev opposition was still strong (not at all communists, but people who soberly assessed the situation). However, the Kremlin betrayed them, like all of us. The country must know its "heroes". And among them, not only the above. This is Poltoranin, who now presents himself as the savior of the Fatherland, and Shakhrai, who has now quieted down in the Accounts Chamber. I'm not talking about Tsar Boris.
  11. +11
    9 February 2012 14: 11
    There is a good documentary film "60 hours of the Maykop brigade" and the book "I-Caliber-10" has been published, dedicated to the first days of the battle for Grozny. I agree with those who ask a fair question - why no one is punished for the fact that hundreds of people were so easily sent to slaughter. According to official data, in the first assault on Grozny, the Russian army lost approx. 2000 people and a bunch of armored vehicles (unofficially - over 5000). This was recognized as a victory. During the fighting in Mogadishu, the Americans lost approx. 50 people killed and wounded and called it a failure of the operation, after which they curtailed their presence in Somalia.
    Reading, recollecting and looking through the chronicle of those events, it remains to marvel at the courage and stamina of those soldiers and officers who were sent to the Grozny trap and were doomed to fight alone against a cruel and unprincipled opponent - the 131st policemen in the encircled building of the railway station and who tried to break through to their aid.
    Unfortunately, this was not the only traitorous act of leadership in relation to the army. Let us recall the attack on the convoy near Yarysh-Mardy in 1996, when the Russian convoy that was ambushed fought a battle with the militants for 1,5 hours, but the leadership did not even move its ass to support them.
    Well, the most heinous betrayal is the signing of the Khasavyurt agreement with a bunch of bandits in August 1996, organized by a bunch of Kremlin traitors - Berezovsky, Lebed and with Yeltsin at the head.
  12. Ahmedpomoev
    9 February 2012 15: 36
    You know, when you think that all these Putin, Eltsins and other bullshit are henchmen of the enemies of Russia in power, then everything falls into place. Everything is smooth on TV, and the army and Russia proper will soon end .. well, this betrayal in this light can be explained then . I am generally a deletant in military affairs, fortification, and the like, but as I see action in that situation. my deletant IMHO.

    Do not pump oil through pipes to Chechnya. Generally isolate it from the world (it’s like they sold our oil). Conduct a full six-month (or at least some) training of soldiers in actions in the city (of course, with the help of any scientific crap and knowledge in this topic remaining from USSR), to equip the army well, to ensure a solid and good rear so that they eat carcass, not dogs. The storming of the formidable should begin with the complete encirclement of the city, give 24 hours to leave everything peaceful, then start the bombing with all available means and spend it 5 days .after this send troops, infantry and in front, the equipment is behind, so that all the houses are occupied and there is nothing untested in the rear, to set up posts there not from the strike group, so as not to weaken it, well, that’s all .. everyone who moves to destroy mainly, well, the soldier has his own eyes there is, if a peaceful Russian who was forbidden to leave the city and threatened with death, then left alive, if the child is like that. Well, everything is clear further. Excuse me, is weak in writing :)
  13. +8
    9 February 2012 15: 42
    Attention! You do not have permission to view hidden text.

    would this keep silent or did he only carry Mercedes from Germany, but didn’t unleash a war and leave no weapons?
    a bastard of a filthy taburetkin, the rope on him longed for
  14. Ahmedpomoev
    9 February 2012 15: 51
    Oh yes, even every Orthodox warrior should be confessed and Communed :) Suvorov with his Orthodox army took a face. About 30 thousand Turks were killed, Russians were killed somewhere around 4 thousand. There were fewer stormtroopers than defenders, especially since this fortress was the coolest. all the power in the spirit! :)
    1. Tyumen
      9 February 2012 19: 00
      At that time, all military engineers of the world recognized that Izmail impregnable.
  15. Strabo
    9 February 2012 17: 18
    All without exception recognize the unpreparedness for hostilities. What did you want? Indeed, the leadership, namely Pasha-Mercedes, had commercial inclinations, and not inclinations and inclinations of the military commander. Here is the result. Not up to the army they had, would have time to fill their pockets. Until now, there is no normal explanation for why they fled from Germany in a panic, and did not withdraw their troops in stages, since about a dozen years. Slow and lossless. Chechnya is the same bridgehead for stuffing pockets.
    1. +5
      9 February 2012 17: 22
      Apparently because the post-Soviet time is a time of effective managers, not selfless commanders.
    2. +3
      10 February 2012 08: 41
      There is such an explanation! During negotiations on the withdrawal of troops from Germany, German industrial and financial circles stipulated a preliminary amount of $ 50 billion compensation. But during the final round, Gorbachev called the amount of 5 billion. Now remember where he is loved so much, where he lives and writes his memoirs. After the traitor Gorbachev’s homeland, the next traitor Yeltsin and Co. appeared. If Gorbachev at least looks like a normal person, then this was an outspoken alcoholic and degenerate, whose role was reduced to the final completion of the work begun by the first traitor. I will tell you more. I personally scrolled the scenarios of the geopolitical development of Russia and the Caucasus in the years 94-99. You won’t believe it, but it could have been completely different. With competent and proper process management, Dudaev could become Russia's best friend and champion of all Russian. And now, we ask two eternal Russian questions Who is to blame and What to do. And late now! Now we pay. And we will pay for a long time. Sad it all
  16. +10
    9 February 2012 17: 25
    and WHO THOUGHT THAT WE ARE NOT READY - THAT THERE IS NO EXPERIENCE OR OPPORTUNITY WHEN YOU cease to MOAN- I haven’t spent nearly 4 of the year spent a war on war in Armenia and the Czech Republic — who said that I’m not ready — or do you think that the Pindos will protect us, only we are men, well, if we are few we will stand it means death but the enemy will not bow to the site a lot of military or demobilization of different years there are many of us and everyone is ready to give life for the Motherland - because the Motherland is not only a territory - it is a house - mom, dad, children, grandchildren brothers sisters and ........... not I will it while I will not destroy but instead I get up son and grandchildren ................ Russian do not surrender
  17. Ahmedpomoev
    9 February 2012 17: 34
    Strabo, hmm, it’s beneficial for the authorities to always be positioned with corrupt officials, thieves, oligarchs :) but you need to look at the root. It’s not money, by and large, that’s what matters, but in a big game that is covered like stuffing pockets :) it’s actually all those who betrayed our army enemies. and do not be afraid to call a spade a spade
  18. +9
    9 February 2012 18: 36
    The Chechen company is just a continuation of the fateful chain of treacherous actions since the withdrawal of troops from Europe (in a pure field, who remembers), the signing of a treaty on the limitation of conventional weapons, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the collapse and division of the SA ... and off ... let's go.
    Feeling the taste of gratuitous dough and clothes, the generals and the leadership of the former republics began to fill their bottomless pockets. They did not care deeply about the population, the army, the global change in the geopolitical situation in the world and in their individual countries (republics).
    So this war is just the result of all this "feast in the time of the plague." Remember how a drunken "guarantor" conducted an orchestra of the guard of honor in Germany ... Poor Russia. God bless her.
  19. Filin
    9 February 2012 19: 34
    Our generals were full of mediocrity and opportunists, but there were many worthy people. Many generals lost their own children in that war, and I think they did not want this to their core. But duty and service are not an empty word for them.

    Over the years, the sons of nine generals and fifty-five colonels have died in Chechnya. This is rarely remembered.

    During the war in Chechnya in the 1994-1996 years the sons died:

    Lieutenant General ANOSHIN Gennady Yakovlevich;

    Major General NALETOV Gennady Afanasevich;

    Lieutenant General SUSLOV Vyacheslav Fedorovich;

    Lieutenant General of PULIKOVSKY Konstantin Borisovich;

    Major General Anatoly Mikhailovich FILIPENK;

    Major General of Aviation Anatoly Chigashov;

    Colonel General Shpak Georgy Ivanovich.

    Lieutenant General SCHEPINA Yuri.

    In 1999, the son of Lieutenant General SOLOMATIN Viktor Alexandrovich was killed in Chechnya.

    Here they are, "General's sons". I could not find biographies of all of them and their photos.

    Senior Lieutenant Anoshin Alexander Gennadievich, commander of a tank platoon of the 81st motorized rifle regiment. He died in Chechnya on January 1, 1995. A platoon of senior lieutenant Anoshin that New Year's Eve fought for the railway station in Grozny. His body was found only on February 4. He was buried at the Frontier Cemetery in Samara.

    Captain Pulikovsky Alexey Konstantinovich, deputy commander of a tank battalion. He died on December 14, 1995 in an operation to free an reconnaissance reconnaissance group near Chateau that was ambushed. He was buried in the city of Krasnodar. He was awarded the Order of Courage (posthumous).

    Lieutenant Filipenok Evgeny Anatolyevich, helicopter pilot. He died in Chechnya on January 25, 1995. His helicopter was shot down during a sortie. Filipenko was buried in the Northern cemetery of St. Petersburg. The Order of Courage is kept by his widow Natasha.

    Lieutenant Chigashov Sergey Anatolyevich, platoon commander. He died in Chechnya on January 1, 1995. During the battle he changed 2 tanks. He shot the first damaged car from a cannon so that the enemy would not get it. When the driver died, took his place, was later hit again and was shot by snipers when leaving the burning car with the gunner. Buried in Ulyanovsk

    Guard Lieutenant Shpak Oleg Georgievich, commander of an airborne platoon. He died in Chechnya on March 29, 1995 at the age of 22, having been blown up by the BMD during a combat mission.

    Captain Shchepin Yuri Yuryevich, company commander of the tank battalion of the 131st separate motorized rifle brigade. He died on January 1, 1995 at the Grozny railway station, during the evacuation of the wounded from the forecourt.

    Hero of Russia, Lieutenant Solomatin Alexander Viktorovich, platoon commander of the 245th regiment. He died in Chechnya on December 1, 1999. Moving along the route, the group came across a bandit coming forward to meet, which intended to arrange a regiment of a meat grinder in the form of an ambush. Eight versus five hundred - the ratio is not the most favorable, but the scouts boldly entered the battle. With this ratio, it is impossible to prevent the environment from remaining in place, so the group commander gave the command to withdraw. He covered the waste himself.
  20. +6
    9 February 2012 19: 54
    It's a good article ... With those who were in power at that time and directly supervised the preparations for the operation and supervised the troops, everything is clear .. (by the way, you don't need to drag Pu into this - he was nothing at that time). At least someone, finally, raised the issue of the genocide of the Russian (and not only Russian) population of Chechnya ... I don't want to comment, bring personal observations ... (I feel sick, and such animal malice rises in my soul ...) I think it's impossible. Because it can’t lead to anything other than "inciting ethnic hatred" (forgive me for such a hackneyed term). I am absolutely serious. Now it is impossible ... But when some "individual" high-ranking leaders of the Chechen diaspora raise a hi about bad Russians who have no love for peaceful Chechens, they need to be harshly reminded of this, and literally forced to keep their youth in check. And establish all the facts. and, if possible, all persons involved in this orgy ... even if they are all amnestied there. By the way, Kadyrov just needs to be forced to apologize for the actions of his compatriots .. as long as there are levers of pressure. They should not have a sense of victory, but a guilt complex ... otherwise we can return to the original ...
  21. grizzlir
    9 February 2012 20: 05
    FILIN is the eternal memory of the dead children. Fortunately, there were generals of the Soviet school who served honestly themselves and tried to make their sons go all the way from the lieutenant. I also had to say about such generals who were on a business trip and were afraid to stick their nose out of headquarters. such the commanders had a real haemorrhoids, God forbid they would shoot you later, you won’t have problems. But this is not the point, the general’s main task is not to die in the war or to lose children. Their main task is to develop a plan for the military operation with The goal is to fulfill the task, with the least losses in manpower and equipment. This is at the level of the General Staff. At the level of the headquarters of the commanders of the groupings, the tasks are somewhat shifted towards ensuring the operation. But the development and implementation were done very badly, we can say criminally bad. And no one answered.
  22. Ahmedpomoev
    9 February 2012 20: 12
    By the way, dear ones, look at one joke, or I’ve completely become a donkey or in my eyes is rippling and so on. Closer to business. I decided to look at the law that ratified the agreement with NATO in 2007 .. and .... suddenly .. found that its number is 99, federal law is number 99. seems to be all normal? yes? but right then I come across the 2nd federal law, and also at number 99, with a completely different filling, something about licensing. look. either I'm stupid, or we are trash absolutely hold :)
    about Putin and Chechnya. if my memory serves me, that maybe he is a hero of Russia !!! cut off his head and a hero of Russia .. and an academician. his friends are militants now like law enforcement agencies of Ichkeria, but Putin himself started his war in Chechnya after the bombings organized by the FSB (maybe I'm mistaken, but the FSB book blows up Russia’s standards, I don’t incite anything) Putin has something to do with it .. by the way, his position on the national issue contributes to increased tension, because criminals must answer before the law, and he says crime has no nationality but honor Moo representatives of some nationalities are somehow inviolable. And Putin does not put anything into anything, calling himself a nationalist. He is just a painter and crap in the brain
  23. Ahmedpomoev
    9 February 2012 20: 37
    When I wrote about the hero of Russia I had in I see a cadir

    When I wrote about the hero of Russia I had in I see a cadir
  24. Old prdun
    9 February 2012 21: 04
    To be continued? And articles and in general? I'm waiting.
  25. suharev-52
    9 February 2012 21: 19
    Eternal memory to all the dead, both listed above, and not mentioned. But all of them are worthy to be called HEROES, for they completely fulfilled their duty and did not shame the Fatherland. And with the scum you need to deal with and not leave any crime unpunished.
  26. +3
    9 February 2012 21: 26
    All traitors to the count! am
  27. 755962
    9 February 2012 22: 49
    War is scary .. I know. The eternal memory of the fallen. Forgive us mother!
  28. lexo8585
    9 February 2012 23: 08
    Grachev Suchar and other such generals, you are not enough to shoot.

    weapons are interesting from where the Czechs took, and ???? who left them trains with weapons ???
    1. Region71
      10 February 2012 07: 08
      In January 91st, during an emergency, I took part in the evacuation of mobile reserve stores from Grozny as a KAMAZ5320 driver. So, we didn’t take out the nifig, all the warehouses were empty. The RPG and AK-47 were enough there, so it's not quite right to say that Russia specially armed them. Well, our corrupt ones threw something of course, but the weapons were the basis of the weapons from those depots. It’s good that they managed to remove nuclear charges, otherwise the situation would be completely different.
  29. LiRoy
    9 February 2012 23: 24
    It was then on June 14.06.1995, XNUMX, after the brilliantly conducted "mountain war" of the Shatoi operations, that it was possible to put an end to the problems with Chechnya, since the militants were trapped in the mountains, the initiative was completely in the hands of the FS and it was possible to finish off the Dudayevites in the mountains. Yeltsin and his entourage, in order to drag out the war in Chechnya, and thereby distract the population of the Russian Federation from internal problems, deliberately let Basayev into Budenovsk, and then released him from there, giving rise to incomprehensible talks about an armistice with an illegal armed group, when victory was in their hands, and when the establishment of power in Chechnya could still rely on the authority of Zavgayev.

    The first war in Chechnya, like the events in Moscow in October 1993, is a taboo for our media. Notice a single large film with the exception of the Nevzorovsky Purgatory on the events of the First Chechen War has not been shot.
  30. Ahmedpomoev
    10 February 2012 00: 54
    I noticed that they’re not only filming about the Chechen war. And the heroic pages of history are tabooed, films (feature films) about Suvorov, Pozharsky, Rumyantsev, Donskoy are not made .. well, I didn’t see the documentaries too much by tivi .. they don’t need a Great people and national identity, they can only do blah blah blah blah .. they need cattle. how sad ...
  31. +7
    10 February 2012 03: 35
    All the events of that war are saturated with the cynicism of those in power, even the date of the storming of Grozny is December 31, the country was having fun and drinking, and Russian soldiers gave their lives doing their duty (I do not blame anyone, many did not know anything and many did not want to know, and even now I think it's worth every New Year, quietly, so as not to spoil the holiday for my wife and children, raise one glass for the fighters, I do just that. As long as we remember the heroic deed of the guys, they will not sink into oblivion ... Almost everything was based on personal courage, Orthodox faith and patriotism of commanders and soldiers (not all can be said so, unfortunately, the family has its black sheep ...) they do not want us to know the heroes by name and, by their example, raised future generations, rarely when you catch on TV a 30-minute program dedicated to those who laid down their heads and did not disgrace their uniforms in Chechnya, Dagestan, Ossetia ... But there is something to tell about them, these are our contemporaries, many are twenty years old in total, they should be proud of. Someone thinks - little merit ... Then we ask ourselves a simple question: "And I could do that? ..." - and try to honestly answer it ... We are forced to be tolerant of everyday life ... Looking at what is happening in my I don’t want to be tolerant to my homeland, it’s impossible ... It turns out that only athletes and florists come to us from the Caucasus now ... I watched a report about the trip of students of the journalism department of some university to Grozny, walked around the Minutka, beautifully, fountains, a mosque ... On the bones of our soldiers, not everyone was buried then, and it is clear at whose expense, Kadyrov has already said who gives money ... It's a shame ... I bow my head to the courage of those who were there, and eternal memory to those who did not return .. ...
  32. +6
    10 February 2012 06: 11
    And where are our Internet "generals"? Or in this discussion they have nothing to tell us, unreasonable? Or is this topic not interesting? I would have thrown some slogan or another call ...
    1. Region71
      10 February 2012 07: 01
      I know where, our Internet "generals" directed all their forces to protect the GDP.
  33. kostya
    10 February 2012 06: 20
    Yeltsin only needed to be sentenced to a life sentence, but instead they sent him with retirement honor, a magnificent funeral, and they also erected a monument to him in Yekaterinburg; if I have to be in Yekaterinburg I’ll visit his statue and spit on it.
    1. +4
      10 February 2012 12: 48
      Quote: kostya
      I’ll visit Yekaterinburg near his statue and spit on it.

      oh, if only for her, they had already been so many and so many done that there wouldn’t be enough saliva for all the camels
      and the monument to Sabchak in St. Petersburg, he opened the condom already!
      Yes, it's like a monument to Hitler in Israel
    2. +3
      10 February 2012 13: 30
      If I’m not mistaken, in his last interview he said things that just pissed me off: We didn’t know what to do ... The question arises - if we didn’t know, then what kind of godmother they were taking ... to do ... What, the authorities really wanted, was it not enough? ... And the second phrase: Yes, it was hard, but it was necessary to survive somehow ... To survive "like that" ... They survived "like that" in the Kremlin , under guard, on state support, and we are in chaos and chaos behind a wall of red brick ... We survived, and some even tried not to live in this chaos ... Now it is fashionable to erect monuments for crimes against our people, and not only here ...
    3. +3
      10 February 2012 14: 34
      Quote: kostya
      sent with honor to retirement, magnificent funeral, also a monument to him was erected in Yekaterinburg

      And they called the library ... \ And plant a thistle on the grave! Or to hell ...
  34. +5
    10 February 2012 08: 53
    So remember I.V. Stalin and 37 years old, and maybe he was right in many ways.
    1. +4
      10 February 2012 14: 37
      In a lot! And the people understand this very well! Remember the "Name of Russia" program? Then after all, according to the vote of the viewers, it was Stalin who won! The embarrassment was barely hushed up and Alexander Nevsky was declared the winner. With all due respect to him, these two historical figures are not even close!
  35. vostok
    10 February 2012 13: 43
    The entire Yeltsin team to the answer.
  36. LiRoy
    10 February 2012 16: 17
    Unfortunately, the article did not find a place for such a page of the war as the surrender of Grozny in August 1996. The issue price amounted to 2 billion old rubles. Such betrayal of the army in Russia cannot even be recalled.
    1. kostya
      10 February 2012 20: 24
      yeah, it’s when they surrounded Grozny. The warriors said that they would destroy one word and all the militants in the city, then howled! and here you are ordered to retreat! words no mats. and the video in the article is really hard to watch. Bastards, as I said above, there are no words ...
  37. +7
    10 February 2012 22: 08
    He served in Grozny at 91. Dudayev is already in power. Doku Zavgaev was buried. Dudayev held a "meeting" with the commander and administration of the training center at the Officers' House of the District Training Center, where the intentions of the "revolutionaries" were made very clear. Dudayev's guards have makars, revolvers, rare AKMs and Borzoi riveted at the Krasny Molot plant, 300 meters from the division headquarters. Having received a refusal to voluntarily transfer weapons and military equipment, the Dudayevites warm up the youth and attempts to seize military towns begin. Sticks, stones, bottles of gasoline, double-barreled guns, rarely AKM. The crowd is a little restrained by old Chechens who are on duty at the checkpoint in towns. It is forbidden to use weapons on "peaceful" residents. There are really women and children in the crowd. The personnel make truncheons from scraps of telephone trunk cables - rather, for their own comfort. And at the same time, KamAZs begin to bring weapons and ammunition to the weapons depots (at Khankala, etc.). There is not enough space - the boxes are unloaded onto a tarpaulin spread on the ground. POINT OF RETURN. You can still solve the problem, although with blood. But in the training units, a planned replacement of weapons begins: the old AK-74 kits are handed over to the "Red Hammer" for "destruction", where the Dudayevites immediately try them on. And one by one the KGB, military towns, art. warehouses and other strategic facilities. In Ordzhonikidze, the reconnaissance technician managed to leave. According to rumors, Tochka-U vehicles with nuclear weapons were evacuated (or were they allowed to evacuate?). According to the KGB agent who got to the 1st town, the Dudayevites seized the latest special equipment: VSS, etc. A tank regiment in Shali, an artillery regiment, a motorized rifle regiment, an autobat, a sapper battalion, a communications battalion, a training air regiment, an anti-aircraft battalion, a himbat, a medrota and a hospital, equipment and weapons of the "blue" -framed division in Grozny, weapons from warehouses: December 1991 in every courtyard, the boys played with cartridge belts, grenades, grenade launchers and machine guns ...
    1. Region71
      11 February 2012 07: 44
      Imagine a guy like you were in that menagerie. I don’t envy. We just walked down the Grozny convoy in January of the 91st, so many people went there with weapons. It strained more when the snotry rifles were aiming, which was incomprehensible in our minds, and we have mainly Kamaz trucks, all vehicles are not armored, only there was an APC escort. I then pulled the armor and the helmet and secured another armor to the door. We left the column through Dagestan, there we were shot once from a barn, there was a hole in one car in the cab, everyone then went to look. Shed Better from the machine gun erased, who was there no one went to watch.
  38. dr. Mengele
    10 February 2012 22: 22
    how many guys were killed and why?
    and today the Chechen bandits of that time receive the military ranks of the Order of Heroes of Russia and monuments are erected to them.
  39. beech
    13 February 2012 15: 49
    it’s bitter to watch this movie, so many guys were killed, from sloppiness and not knowledge of the combat situation at all levels, soldiers and junior officers carried everything on their shoulders, glory to YOU ​​GUYS !!!!!
  40. cool.ya-nikola
    3 July 2012 17: 16
    First, bow to the ground, to the memory of those boys-martyrs who gave their lives, carrying out idiotic orders, mediocre generals-poor in all military sciences. Mr. Grachev, in all likelihood, had no idea that throwing armored vehicles into street battles would be guaranteed to doom the vehicles and crews to destruction. With the experience of street battles during the storming of Berlin in 45, either they did not bother to acquaint the little-respected General Grachev, or he simply simply skipped this particular lecture! As a result, in the northeastern part of the Northern cemetery of the glorious city of Rostov-on-Don, in the part where people almost never come, there is a huge array of military burials of those killed in the first Chechen one. Standard government gravestones are arranged in rows and columns according to the army rank. The inscriptions are monotonous-standard "Nameless" and the date of death is the same for all 1995 (no month). I don't know if there are similar burials in other Russian ones, or if Rostov owes this to the fact that there is a district military hospital in the city, where the remains of the dead were brought in refrigerated cars (the railway line enters the hospital). One way or another, if it were my will, I would forcibly bring our grief "military leaders" so that they could personally admire the deeds of their labors and hands!
    The quality of planning and preparation of the entire military operation, I think, is already known to everyone who is even the slightest bit interested in the history of the Russian State. Fate personally brought me together with one officer from the cartographic department at the headquarters of the North Caucasus Military District, who talked about how their personnel were summoned by alarm at 5:00 on January 2, 1995 (note, the infamous "New Year's assault on Grozny" has already taken place ) and gave an extra urgent task: to quickly and quickly print maps of Grozny and Chechnya, and urgently drive them to Mozdok. Summary: "planners" of the operation, forgot about such an annoying little thing as maps of the area where everything was started! It seems that the gallant generals are accustomed to fighting across the globe and thinking in world categories, well, there is a combined strike of three (or better, five!) Fronts, or a breakthrough to the English Channel, and then suddenly such prose! Suddenly it turns out that in addition to cartridges, the soldiers have some kind of unhealthy need to eat every day (before still - oh, horror! Several times a day), but it turns out that they also need to be bathed, because somehow it does not fit, it seems would be the end of the 20th century, and then there are banal, sorry, lice!
    Well, but only the lazy did not speak or write about that to whom the war, and to whom the mother is dear! Many, many people in this war gilded their dirty little hands - from the famous "London prisoner" - Boris Abramich, who made his modest gesheft on supplying computers to militants and ransoming Russian prisoners, to a dry army ensign without shame and conscience "pushing" cartridges to militants. (And then our soldiers were surprised that the cartridges thrown by the militants had the same batch number as theirs.) And then there was the Khasavyurt surrender!
    All this is sad, gentlemen, nevertheless this is our story with you, and God forbid that all this go on for future use as the Army and to all of us!
  41. chosen
    19 July 2013 23: 39
    Putin was Yeltsin’s successor with Grachev. I served at that time in 1994. Putin is silent about that war, because the government has not changed since then, but continued its selfish existence. The same constitution and corrupt laws, same elections and reigns for many years. None I don’t answer for the deaths of the people who died at that time. Putin recalls Yeltsin with sweet words, the first president asked forgiveness from everyone. I had to hide the skin with Grachev together ..)) .. Censored hi .. I have not served in the army for a long time and send you on x ....

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