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Results of the week. “Will you beat, dad ?!”

Again, not finalized

Officers of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation detained a Ukrainian subversive and terrorist group in Sevastopol, which was preparing attacks on military and vital facilities in the Crimea.

Results of the week. “Will you beat, dad ?!”

The next "tourists who have no relation to the Ukrainian intelligence" ...

One, as it turned out, was an analyst (aka a military master) of the "non-governmental" organization "Nomos", which at one time was involved in collecting and transmitting information to NATO functionaries about the so-called "demilitarization" of Sevastopol. Translated into ordinary language, this meant: “We will give you all the data about the Russian Black Sea navy, and you provide us with the strength and means to get rid of him in Sevastopol. And then we will prepare everything for the reception of your fleet with bread and salt. " Apparently, Nomos received a lot of money for this, but he “did not overlook” Sevastopol. In 2014, the city itself left the fleet together with the fleet ... But NATO is not happy that someone has not worked out the funds allocated earlier. So they sent it - to refine, based on new realities. Again not finalized ...

Comments from our readers:

SRC P-15
If you can not shoot, you need to make sure that all saboteurs who came to our territory disappear without a trace! One group will disappear, the other, you see the next will think whether it is worth it to participate.

Nope, here we need more noise so that this info can break through the ukroform blockade. Otherwise, the following fennel-terrorists will not know what awaits them when they try to commit cowardly (sly) terrorist acts.

Same lech
If our leadership will allow it ...

Note that no retaliatory action was taken against KIEV, except for on-duty statements from politicians. Undercover work is naturally underway, it also allows us to calculate the DRG of KIEV, but this is not enough.
Moreover, it is not clear that the sabotage activity of the KYIV special services is ...
self-activity of the SBU or GUR?
order curators from the CIA?
independent operations of US intelligence under the guise of KIEV?
a lot of uncertainties.
Further ... RUSSIAN special services in the Crimea are in a vulnerable situation ... After all, the initiative is shown by the saboteurs of KIEV, which means there is a danger of missing a strike somewhere in the end. There should be counter actions aimed at the heads of the special services of UKRAINE, so that they stop illegal actions against Crimeans ... There are enough ways and methods ... only the political will of our top leadership ... which I do not see is needed.

Eastern Mediterranean Hot Waters

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, Major General Igor Konashenkov, reports that the submarine of the Netherlands Navy attempted to approach the Russian aircraft carrier group in the Mediterranean.

Dutch submarine in the Mediterranean ... How it sounds. How does it sound! .. Against the background of the Belgian airplanes over Syria and the only Luxembourgian fighter in the “anti-Gilov coalition”, we can safely say: Benelux pulled himself up - fear Russia, fear Asad!
When this very Dutch submarine, in an intelligible language, was “asked” how much more it was going to follow the Russian squadron with the “unnoticed” tail, and inadvertently dropped several depth bombs near the submarine, the Dutch sea wolves began to be anxiously interested in each other, how many days of amusement to Rotterdam ... And by demonstrating a combination of fingers, the Russian sailors indicated how to properly move towards the Netherlands ...

Comments from our readers:

The flying dutchman was caught.
Hush need to laugh in the compartments
And smoking is also not allowed.

just exp
And if there were combat conditions, that is, wars, and considering the range of their torpedoes in 50 km, then when we could detect them at a distance only in 20 km, are you sure that we could send them somewhere?
I'm not here. And by this I am just upset.

I am sure that the Dutchman was found much earlier. Just 20 km - this is the distance, let's say, the limit borzosti. Well, do not drown it, at the end of it all. He watches and watches himself, there are plenty of such people besides the Dutch. And when she began to approach, she was culturally shown and explained where they should go and where to get the deer.

“It is even interesting why Ukrainian journalists took the refueling aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov on the high seas for towing.”
- Well, that's just clear. There are no buckets or cans in the pictures ...

Did not wait ...

The Russian Ministry of Agriculture summed up the interim results of the grain harvest during the 2016 harvesting campaign of the year. Head of Office:
“In 2016, more than 117 million tons of grain will be harvested in Russia, export of grain crops, according to our forecasts, will reach 35 million tons, while Russia will retain leadership in the supply of wheat, bypassing such major suppliers as the EU and the USA.”

And then I say this: “pot, thresh!” And how he became, you know, to thresh - ton by ton, thousand for thousand, million for million. I lost count, the record of which year we surpassed. 2008, 1998, 1988, 1978 ... Already shouting: “pot, do not thresh!” But, no, everything threshes and threshes ... Well, who could have expected this. Now I’m thinking - maybe I can give my deputies for warehouses and barns? ..

From the memoirs of the head of the Ministry of Agriculture: "How do we deal with the harvest."

Comments from our readers:

Tatar 174
There are two more misfortunes in Russia - harvest and crop failure.

We also have winter every year for our government is a complete surprise. With fish the same trouble as with the grain. Almost every Putin is reported on record catches, but the fish on the shelves no longer becomes, because, due to the lack of processing and storage facilities, it is sold to China.

I propose to build elevators, and take the money for construction from the stabilization fund or reduce the purchase of US government bonds by the size of the elevators built.
Saved the same currency for the purchase of products over the hill can be returned back to Amer.

For serious reflection on a serious topic - the harvest of cereals, it is necessary to remember the quality of bread for the people and its cost. Even with a super yield, it is useless to wait for a decline or at least to stabilize the price of a loaf of bread.

Since bread is not only the whole head, but also the product of commercial profit, the boundaries of which our voracious elite do not know and do not want to know, therefore it is not surprising that they did not prepare enough grain for the harvest. It’s better to rot than dump the price from a loaf, so it turns out in a great country with great leaders ...

Ukrainian-Moldovan courses on the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers

“Moldovan Minister of Defense Anatol Salaru agreed with his Ukrainian counterpart on the provision of a Ukrainian corridor for the evacuation of Russian troops from Transnistria. The silovik’s plan was supported by the president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko. Chisinau and Kiev intend to carry out an operation to expel the Russian group before the end of the year. ”

Hey, Russian peacekeepers! In a column of three become-hung! Sha-gom, through the corridor provided by Poltorak, march! AT-TFA! AT-TFA!
So the Russian peacekeeping contingent on the Moldavian conscripts branch and his own wife was trained by the Minister of Defense of the Moldovan superpower Mr. Salaru ... It was hard to learn, it was easy to fight - the Moldavian minister encouraged himself, twisting a Romanian passport in his pocket.

Comments from our readers:

Who are these two ministers of defense in the light of recent events.
I will start with Moldova ... Now, on Sunday, the elections, in which Igor Dodon will almost certainly win, who has been friends with the Kremlin for many years and repeatedly said that he sees Moldova in the Customs Union. And now the question is: where will this minister of defense be when Dodon becomes president?
Now in Ukraine ... Trump won. It would seem all is well ... But no. Poroshenko more than once in social networks and speeches impartially spoke of Trump, calling him a marginal. Question: What will Poroshenko and Co. hear after January 20, arriving at the White House?
And the third ... But who will give them to expel the Russian military contingent, then? Believe me, neither will increase this health, and they understand it. Georgia is an example.

Most quickly in this situation, Mishiko-ass figured it out, felt something was amiss and gathered a collection of ties made with a pen ... What does it mean historical memory...

“Did you forget to consult with Russia and Transnistria? And that sounds like "Honduras promised to help Guatemala in the withdrawal of US troops from Korea." Dmitry Rogozin.

On arms export and not only

JSC "Techmash" (part of Rostec) presented new ammunition for cannons at the Indo Defense Expo & Forum 2016 military exhibition held in Indonesia. “Among the exhibits, in particular, a 125-mm round 3VOF36 with a high-explosive fragmentation projectile 3OF26 k tank the D-81 cannon, designed for firing at field fortifications, artillery firing positions, mortars, rocket launchers, ”the release said.
This week it became known about the development in Russia of its own 2-nuclear processors for the rocket industry.

Meanwhile, it became known that the package of arms orders from Russia has grown again. Next year we plan to implement weapons and military equipment abroad worth over 15 billion dollars. And this is with a total order book for the next few years at about 54 billion dollars. Advertising, you know where, the engine of commerce, is doing its job, and it would hardly be right not to admit it.

Comments from our readers:

Giant thought
It’s not for nothing that our military research centers eat bread, the improvement of combat damage properties by 30 percent is a great result.

And it’s not a matter of fact that we don’t have to do a lot of time, and in such a short time it’s quite a success to organize the creation of your own processor. Or is it better to put foreign components on your rockets? And who will guarantee that there are no bookmarks?

And in military technology, in my opinion, one of the main requirements is reliability, and not always the miniature that we push through in modern gadgets, is able to withstand heavy loads.

Plus Somehow I was pleased with the keyboard, which can also be given a dig in a small trench, in which you can then proceed to perform the duties of an operator.)

The sea figure on the spot freeze ...

An article appeared in The Washington Free Bacon that said using a photo published by a Russian sailor, a journalist named Hans de Frey was able to obtain certain geolocation data and determine that at that time Peter the Great was located east of the coast of the Greek island of Crete.

The military Internet, they say, has been launched, and how can you now order to do without military selfies, military emoticons, military likes and dislikes? If we take into account that an increasing number of citizens perceive the world around them through a cell phone camera, they try to share a photo of scrambled eggs on a plate, and see the sights around as part of catching Pokémon, then nothing reprehensible on Peter the Great either ...

Comments from our readers:

Well, got out of the "fuel oil" on the deck, so the tower and demolished from the view.

In general, it is not clear why the sailors are mobile, and even with open access to the Internet during a military operation?

So they got to the Wi-Fi Amer ship, I suppose there circling around Kuzi in batches. But in reality, they could have taken a photo at the port, now smartphones are prescribing geolocation in the photo data, if they are not disconnected, and there are doubts whether they are not prescribed where in encrypted form without explicit access - this is a bonus for the special services.

I heard somewhere that there is an Internet on Kuze ... And now you can use mobile phones to communicate with relatives. A contract - all the more. Another thing is that when secrecy requires it, everyone is informed that the mobiles are turned off, the battery is removed. Well, just in case include jammers. I think the same on Kuze. So, nothing terrible happened, and it was acceptable at that time. Well, with respect to the coordinates of Kuzi, it is not a secret to anyone, since for him spyeny all and sundry.
PS Near one headquarters, next to which I often visited, in one city, on certain days, when there was an “alarm” or some other events, around for another 1 km, neither communication, nor alarm systems for cars, nor radio equipment worked. So, I think, when it will take time, and on Kuze no one can use mobile phones ...

Beyond realism

The US Marine Corps is investigating the causes of the fire aboard the F-35B Joint Strike Fighter fighter jet, which left the Beaufort base in South Carolina.

If we collect all the reports in recent years about the faults and defects in F-35, the question arises: “How does this pile of colored metal generally rise into the air?” And after all, we have this kind of message about “nearly detached wing” and “bent antenna” »Often cause a storm of delight. Against the background of the fact that all American pilots absolutely need to “stock up on diapers,” this goes into some theater of the absurd with an eye on patriotism. In fact, with all the desire that Americans really needed “diapers” when they met with our planes in the sky, and that the F-35 was inferior in all respects to Russian combat aircraft of both 5 and 4 generations, it was not It is far to run outside the framework of realism.

Comments from our readers:

Lord of the Sith
Pilot arson in protest against Trump's victory.

I get the feeling that all the notes about the problems with the F-35 are specially made so that we believe that the plane is already full G. Even making a discount on the Yankees, well, people who created SR-71 cannot do such a long shit. .. Something is not clean here.

Created "Thrush" of course can not. After all, these people have long been retired, others are not. And these personalities are not related to F-35.

Those created the F-104, the most emergency in history ...

From federation to state

By clearing Rakka, the Kurds are likely to include the city in an autonomous region. In fact, we are talking about the creation of an independent Kurdistan. And this time it’s not limited to talking: the Kurdish state will appear after the military victories. In addition, it is unlikely that Americans who are against the independent Kurdish state have nothing to stick the wheel with the Kurds. But the Turks are unhappy now.

Another thing is also interesting: the United States is not going to coordinate an operation to free Raqqi with Moscow and Damascus. This was announced at a press briefing by the Deputy Head of the US State Department Press Service Mark Toner.

In general, it is clear why Washington is not going to coordinate the attack on Rakka with either Syria or Russia. The White House has its own plans, in which the "outsiders" are not dedicated. The White House’s approval of the operation in Raqqah of the pro-Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces provides an opportunity to understand Washington’s plan: Kurdish forces under the auspices of the United States will take the city and proclaim victory, the political fruits of which they will have to share with Washington.

Syria will never be the independent country that Mr. Toner would like to see, in his words, in a “constant state”. If the Kurds win, they will head for an independent state, not a federation. The United States will have a local force for constant pressure on the Turks, and Syria will lose part of its territory.

Comments from our readers:

Yes, Syria will never be a single country ... Unfortunately.

Kurds decide that they will sew themselves from the skin of an unkilled beast. Russia will not help them without Assad’s consent. Without the help of the Kurds, Rakku cannot be taken. If the American will help aviationthen there will be a lot of victims among the city residents, which means that the survivors are unlikely to want to vote for the "liberators".

Did anyone vote for IG there?
Who ever will ask someone? Everything will be in the spirit of democracy and human values, that is, seizure and tyranny with the tacit consent of the West.

Barley Strikes

Syria receives information that the Syrian air force is attacking militant positions on the outskirts of Aleppo: west and southwest of the city. There is air support for a ground operation to eliminate terrorists in the town of Rashiddin and its surroundings. Recall that it was in this town that the main militant forces fled after the Syrian army liberated the 1070 quarter in Aleppo. In Rashiddin, militants attempted to regroup and wait for reinforcements, but the actions of the Syrian military aviation confused their plans.

On the eve of this, government forces took the important height of Hekme in the vicinity of the 1070 quarter, which helps to carry out an offensive against militant positions in Rashiddin. It is known that militants carry out executions of those representatives of their ranks who tried to lay down arms and surrender to the Syrian army. Information portal AMN reports that in the sky over Syria on the eve of Russian military aircraft was involved.

Comments from our readers:

The black
Eh, rather! Perceptible victory oh how necessary!

Same lech
Here is the case when you do not hurry. Too big losses will be among both military and civilian. Tactics exhausting enemy forces, in my opinion, here chosen. Gradually grinding all the reserves of ISIS and Al-Nusra, the Assad army will enter these areas without large losses.

The black
I completely agree. Hurry is not worth it. Just really need success. Aleppo is one of three key cities. Aleppo, Deir-ez-Zor, Raqqah - that's all! The rest is desert. With the liberation of these cities it will be possible to talk about the liberation of Syria.

Very big bombs

Bombers Su-24 Syrian air force began to drop on the objects of terrorists high-explosive-fire-bombs OFZAB-500 weighing half a ton, reports

OFZAB-500 is considered one of the most powerful ammunition in the arsenal of bombers. “She has unique abilities for the destruction of manpower and lightly armored vehicles. In addition to fragments and a shock wave, the target also eliminates the high-temperature incendiary field. That is, in fact, this bomb is thermobaric, in other words, vacuum, ”the publication says.

Su-24 can apply them both from low altitudes (about 300 m) and from altitude to 11 km at speeds up to 1200 km / h. The bomb was developed in the NGO "Basalt". The lesion radius is 290 m, the temperature at the epicenter is over 900 Сº.

Hot gifts for barmaleev!

Comments from our readers:

Good argument for intractable.

Giant thought
It is good if our Syrians were supplied with a new sighting system, and if not, then with accuracy of hits there will be big problems.

Alexey RA
The original Su-24 with accuracy also had no special problems. But provided competent maintenance of the machine on the ground and sane CC during operation.

It all depends on the navigator and his calculations. This is a free-falling bomb, and, as the moment of discharge is calculated, it will fall there.
And in this our pilots never had problems.

Silent intelligence

Polish media outlets, as if on cue, came out with publications that talk about "Polish intelligence data." In particular, Gazeta Polska writes that allegedly Polish intelligence officers previously had data on "traces of TNT" on the wreckage of an aircraft that crashed near Smolensk, but "this was not reported."

The newspaper reported that Lech Kaczynski’s visit to the mourning events in Katyn was prepared by four Polish intelligence officers under diplomatic cover. One of them, too, was the victim of a plane crash. Immediately, the newspaper adds that after the wreckage of the airliner, officers of the Polish intelligence agencies were allegedly aware of the very “traces of the TNT on the wreckage”, but were “silent”.

As mathematicians say, “that was what was required to prove.” The Polish side nevertheless dropped to the level at which you can afford dirty manipulations regarding the Tu-154 catastrophe with the country's president on board in April 2010.

Obviously, it will soon become clear that these employees were bribed in the Kremlin. Even the one who later became a victim of a plane crash.

Comments from our readers:

Yuri from Volgograd
I did not understand one essence?
According to the official version, the board hit a birch.
Now they push the option that blew up ...
Will explain to me how then to blame Russia, if the trotyl flew in from Poland?
Or will there be a version with “Buk”?
When the cat has nothing to do, it polishes the bells, so, apparently, in Poland all the issues were resolved, now we are busy with the past.

So now everything is clear now ...))) A grenade was tied to a birch tree ..... Oh, those Russians ...

Yuri from Volgograd
I am sure that there are fingerprints on the remains of TNT! Stopudovo, Putin primotal it, soon the Poles will confirm this with a certificate.

Giant thought
The Poles are already completely beyond the scope of a rational, militant Russophobia, like this, completely turns off the brain from the thinking process, leaving only reflex activity.

Pete mitchell
"Polish intelligence" - this is a joke.

Son of a bitch and monkey

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte noted another loud demarche to the United States, stating that he ordered to cancel the deal to buy weapons from American manufacturers.

The United States attempted to indicate to the President of the Philippines that it uses “undemocratic” methods to combat drug trafficking. One of the methods is police shooting at drug dealers in the streets. As soon as Washington tried to declare to the President of the Philippines the need to stop using such methods, Duterte became enraged, accusing the United States of interfering in the internal affairs of the country. When Duterte called Obama "the son of a bitch", in whose councils he does not need, Washington started talking about possible sanctions. In particular, Senator Ben Cardin announced that, within the framework of probable sanctions, Washington may revise the contract on the supply of American weapons to the Philippines.

Rodrigo Duterte immediately declared the following: “Everyone who stands behind this decision in the United States is a monkey!”

Obviously, inspired by the Russian response to the West, the President of the Philippines imposed counter-sanctions against the United States. He refused to buy American weapons and said that he intended to look for a supplier more reliably. "We will look for another supplier - at lower prices and more reliable," the president said.

Presumably, the authorities in Washington less and less remember the basics of a market economy. The habit of solving all issues by political methods will not bring the Americans good. After all, they don't talk to clients like that.

Comments from our readers:

If Duterte seriously decides to break with the mattress, they can be provoked by corruption and sex scandals, all sorts of demonstrations are out there for the craps, and if he does not understand, they can simply kill ... I hope that he will survive.

Suicide !!! Now he will definitely find "dictatorial methods of government", "lack of democracy", "violation of human norms" ... In general, the rest of the days will be boring and very fast ...

I think the Filipino is in agreement with China. And then we'll see who is more democratic and who will fit in for whom.

Deceitful and dishonest

Cunning Kremlin strategists, headed personally by Vladimir Putin, managed to undermine the faith of ordinary American people in their own politicians. So consider in the USA.

Congressman Adam Schiff bluntly says that Putin “managed to introduce additional dissonance” into the American political system. In addition, the Russian leader managed to weaken the former Secretary of State Clinton.

Peter Clement of the CIA recalls that the Russian press made extensive use of documents from the hacked server of the World Anti-Doping Agency. The documents showed that American athletes were taking illegal substances after Russian athletes were removed from the competition. These revelations became another opportunity for Putin: he again showed the world the hypocrisy of the West.

The overwhelming majority of voters are outraged by the state of American politics. Many of them doubt that any of the main presidential candidates will be able to unite the country. This is evidenced by data from the election campaign "New York Times" and "CBS News Poll".

More than eight out of ten voters said the election campaign disgusted them. Both Clinton, the Democratic nominee, and Trump, the Republican nominee, were viewed as dishonest political figures.

Michael Pappas, a real estate broker in Knoxville, Tennessee (Republican), on the eve of the elections described the US election campaign as “disgusting”. The whole sea of ​​compromising was poured, and there were personal transitions - and all instead of talking about the problems of the United States, about how to “help our country move forward and achieve success," said Pappas.

Mr. Pappas, we add, did not mention Putin. Thus, it compares favorably with analysts and experts who see dark Kremlin figures behind any disorder in the US. Ordinary Americans are unlikely to blame Putin for the troubles of the United States and the blunders of their own presidents or presidential candidates.

Judge for yourself. If Hillary Clinton casually handles secret correspondence, then what does Putin have to do with it?

If Trump is often caught lying and juggling, then is it necessary to assume that Trump is composed by speeches Comrade Putin?

Finally, if American athletes take doping, then did Putin really give them these drugs?

Americans would like the president and candidates to be engaged not in Russia, but in America.

Comments from our readers:

The problem is not in Putin, but in the US system itself. And she is becoming obsolete. So you need to rebuild it. The USSR "restructured" and collapsed, China is turning into a world leader. What will happen to the United States, "we will see."

Not without a smile, I think that the press with us and with “them” is fantasizing too much, and the reality is much more prosaic. Accordingly, Putin, with all my sympathy for him, once again "reaping" the laurels for something that, quite possibly, did not touch at all. Amazing luck man! But it is right, if the president is working entirely for his Fatherland and for the sake of it is not childish literally every day and every minute. Good luck in any matters simply must be on the side of such a person!

It may seem strange to someone, but one part of Americans first learned about Putin in these presidential elections, and the other part did not know about him, and continues to not know. Americans, unlike Russians, are an extremely apolitical people, they are only interested in what concerns them and their life directly. Most Americans are not interested in anything else that happens outside their state, even the neighboring states of their country are not interested. It is in Russia that all the media only say that about the USA, Syria, Europe and so on. Instead of talking about what is happening in Russia, in the USA everything is news only about what is happening in the USA itself, for those who are interested in foreign news, there are corresponding individual TV channels, where this news is spinning "non-stop."

St Petrov
After the amount of the word "Putin" in their tabloids and on TV, do you really believe what you wrote?
The American nation is being set up for a certain train of thought, and I think it’s unlikely to hide from this.
The total machine is running, and the total money is put into circulation.
They will become apolitical when their government so decides.

Twisted American Democracy

The presidential campaign in the United States was not only tense, but also scandalous. Even without the “Russian hackers” it didn’t do: they say that the president of the United States is trying to choose none other than Comrade Putin, and the elections are not held in America, but in the Kremlin. H. Clinton hinted at this. In turn, D. Trump scolded his rival on Twitter in such terms that his advisers were forced to excommunicate the overbearing billionaire from Twitter.

The election campaign, which has plagued itself with numerous scandals, has also led to a dubious election process, which can hardly be called ideally transparent. Even in the OSCE this is a little doubt. Just think: the OSCE observers dared to criticize the elections in the USA!

They stated that the current electoral rules make it difficult for members of third parties or independent candidates to register and participate in the presidential race. "The minimum attention was attracted to two such candidates in these elections", - quotes the statement of observers "".

They also said that about 35 of millions of citizens could not vote at all.

“With such a decentralized approach, it is more correct to say that 50 of individual elections were held. This is evidenced by the fact that such key points as the voting of prisoners and what documents the voter should have vary from state to state. The lack of a unified standard is a weakness of the system, ”said Makis Voridis, head of the delegation of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.

Finally, the OSCE noted that in a number of states, observers were not allowed into polling stations.

Add something else to this.

According to the votes of the electors in the race D. Trump won: 290 votes against 228 in Clinton. However, according to the number of votes, Madame Clinton won: she has 60.274.974 votes, and Trump - 59.937.338.

So for whom did the majority of the people vote?

Comments from our readers:

Let's wait for the inauguration, it’s impossible to predict anything before that ... Trump (if he wins) before the inauguration is still just to be able to live ... I’m not talking about how the electors will vote (and how they will vote)

How many predictors have already predicted that Obama will be the last president of the United States ... So let's see if they were right.

SRC P-15
As Yeltsin would say (it will not be remembered by the night): “This is the American squiggle!”

The election system is imbecile, which is to say. Donald Dhak is left to live until December 19 (electoral vote), then January 6 (congressional approval), then January 20 (inauguration). And then it will become the president, if you do not physically do not hurt and do not plan a pig. Interestingly, the Turks have already turned to him - to issue Gulen. So be patient. Early rejoice, however, is not inclined to think that in general it should be done. Pre-election promises and real politics are not only different, they seem incompatible. Buy Lays chips, absolutely avid patriots - seeds and taranka ...

* "Will you beat, dad ?!" -. phrase from the movie "Heart of a Dog"

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  1. Knowing
    Knowing 13 November 2016 06: 01
    Many thanks to the special services for the work done both in Sevastopol and in Moscow! Success in their hard work.
    And Clinton moved away from the habitual "Russia, Putin is to blame for everything" and transferred her unrighteous anger to the FBI director and ... Obama ..
    In / in Ukraine, it’s rejoicing, because it’s completely forgotten, and the first pages of the world media only write about Trump, and about the protests "there, behind a puddle."
    “Young African-Americans protest, sitting for many years on benefits, not working, accustomed to living with working people in their pocket. Trump said that it is necessary to work - they do not want to. Pid protests ... ..those who don’t like Trump can't stand them. Latinos are protesting - illegal immigrants, accustomed to roaming across the border here and there. Trump said that this must be finished.

    Well, the money for this is given by those who do not like Trump’s statement that ISIS * needs to be bombed with Russia, that Russia is America’s friend and not the enemy, that Europe itself should deal with its problems, that we don’t have any interests in Ukraine, and they will no longer receive money that all liberals - no matter where they live, and American taxpayers should not and will not crap all this rabble around the world
    Great forces were thrown to suppress the protests. Apparently, if necessary, ours will shoot to kill. This is not Ukraine.
    Trump is a serious, courageous, decisive guy. All".
    , - writes about this Alexandra Antosyak, a Russian woman who has lived in the United States for a long time. Well, wait and see. Although one thing can be said for sure, all those who "poured slops" on Trump cannot be envied ... Parashenko, first of all.
  2. 210ox
    210ox 13 November 2016 06: 06
    What does it have to do with the photo of the execution of the unfortunate people who got to the barmels and the note about the release of part of Aleppo .. If they released you, lay out the photo with joyful residents. Something I don’t see joy there ..
    1. 210ox
      210ox 13 November 2016 06: 11
      Further, about the Polish plane .. And Putin didn’t personally plant the branch from the birch there? I lived in Smolensk then and I remember very well what the weather was like - the tram was not visible at the stop, only a bell was heard. In general, the Poles have nothing to do in the glorious Hero City , close the memorial, they’ll be more intact because Smolensk is a damned place for them, since the two-year siege of the city ..
      1. 210ox
        210ox 13 November 2016 06: 18
        And yet, about grain. I wrote that the lion's share of this grain will go to ports, for the sake of a brighter future for the offspring of the rich. Elevators, yes, they are recovering. Example-Brukh
        sheep, White Clay in the Kuban. Many farms keep grain at home, building their own storage facilities. But I say again, this crop is for us partially. If cattle breeding was developed, then such a crop would not be enough for forage.
        1. BARKAS
          BARKAS 13 November 2016 08: 14
          So in the Kuban and grain is more expensive than in other regions just because of the availability of ports.
      2. quolta
        quolta 13 November 2016 09: 28
        I agree I live in Smolensk and pshek so led here into a grave
    2. Nyrobsky
      Nyrobsky 13 November 2016 12: 24
      Quote: 210ox
      What does it have to do with the photo of the execution of the unfortunate people who fell to the barmels and the note on the release of part of Aleppo ..

      This is a photo of the "unfortunate" barmaley, who are executed by the "happy" barmaley, because they wanted to lay down their arms and leave Aleppo.
      1. 210ox
        210ox 13 November 2016 17: 03
        Yes, and pooh on them ... I do not see confirmation of the release of part of Aleppo .. Note on this.
  3. Teberii
    Teberii 13 November 2016 06: 08
    Every week, the news is more and more fun. And the year is not over yet.
  4. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 13 November 2016 06: 10
    More than eight out of ten voters said

    Maybe better - More than 80% ..)
  5. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 13 November 2016 06: 15
    “Will you beat, dad ?!” -. phrase from the movie "Dog Heart"
    "You must Fedya, you must!" -. phrase from the movie "Operation Y"
  6. Koronik
    Koronik 13 November 2016 06: 33
    More and more interesting picture of the world, we are waiting for the fulfillment of the predictions of Wang.
  7. Koronik
    Koronik 13 November 2016 06: 35
    Quote: Koronik
    More and more interesting picture of the world, we are waiting for the fulfillment of the predictions of Wang.

    1. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt 13 November 2016 08: 30
      Wanga's predictions are a complete fake. When the events have already happened, then another "prophecy" is pulled out, cheerfully adjusted to the present. Where do these predictions and pictures like yours come from?
      This is who will explain to me what it means to become ".... the ruler of the world .....". The last such ruler ended badly in May 45. What about her statement about the last president of America, as if all the terms are already passing! !!
      In addition, all these things are stacked with words not from the vocabulary of Vanga, let's say, she built her speech a little differently.
      I apologize in advance, but the facts cannot be refuted, there is a manipulation of consciousness
      1. Nyrobsky
        Nyrobsky 13 November 2016 12: 34
        Quote: Thunderbolt
        This is who will explain to me what it means to become ".... the ruler of the world .....". The last such ruler ended badly in May 45. What about her statement about the last president of America, as if all the terms are already passing! !!

        I believe that the "sovereign" in this case means that Russia will offer the world the model of international relations that will be accepted as a basis by most countries, which, unlike the dictates of one country (the United States), will ensure the dominance of law.
        As for the last president, Trump will fully take office on January 20, 2017. Two more months ahead, and God alone knows what "surprises" these two months are preparing. Here, even three days before the US elections, no one could say with complete confidence that Clintonich and the clans associated with their family would lose them. And they do not want to lose power from their dirty little hands from the word - at all.
        1. Thunderbolt
          Thunderbolt 13 November 2016 12: 51
          Then you need to change the genetic nature of a person. Because relations between states exactly repeat the model of relationships between people. There is only one principle - strong eats of the weak (authority, thickness of a wallet, the ability to manage and subordinate). And the whole world history proves what happens everywhere and everywhere the struggle for leadership and dominance.
          The only exception when you are not a rival and a partner does not stick a knife in your back is true love and friendship. Then a person is capable of higher altruism.
          If this circle is broken, it’s very good. If not, then the policy of dominance by right of force will continue in all spheres and incarnations.
      2. Knowing
        Knowing 14 November 2016 01: 04
        Quote: Thunderbolt
        Vanga's predictions are complete false. When the events have already happened, then another "prophecy" is pulled out, cheerfully adjusted to the present.

        hi But you really want it to be like that, but admit ... repeat
        1. Thunderbolt
          Thunderbolt 14 November 2016 07: 25
          Quote: Knowing
          But you really want it to be like that, but admit ...

          I confess:
          Of course I want it, and everyone wants it. All kinds of fortunetellers and psychics press on it. They play on the most hidden strings of the human soul. Belief in miracles, in good things, in Grandfather Frost --- this accompanies from early childhood. understand and accept. Let it be! To those to whom I joyfully hasten to report that There's something about it... winked hi
  8. Lukich
    Lukich 13 November 2016 06: 37
    good selection. thank hi
  9. izya top
    izya top 13 November 2016 06: 46
    I understand, all the aliens in Russia will die near Smolensk (I can not vouch for the correct quotation recourse )
  10. demiurg
    demiurg 13 November 2016 07: 04
    One news of the week, even two, as if pleased.
    1.Diselyuha opened at 20 km. In actual combat conditions. Without the support of coastal aviation, in the clear sea.
    Gotland if what opened the American AUG at the EXERCISES and fired back (sorry, that is training), and there the submarine was waiting.
    2. Export has grown, not oil, but grain and weapons.
  11. Private27
    Private27 13 November 2016 07: 30
    Quote: 210ox
    .In general, the Poles have nothing to do in the glorious Hero City, to close the memorial, they will be more intact since Smolensk is a damned place for them, since the two-year siege of the city ..

    To hell with dogs and Katyn too. At Poles, what is the memorial to the Red Army martyred in Polish concentration camps in the 1920s? CERB T, FYST YTYFDB; E NDHB! Not the people but the rulers of P am als.
    1. Damir
      Damir 13 November 2016 15: 03
      A little bit wrong ... Good afternoon !!!! take the register of monuments to our soldiers in pshekia and when demolishing another one, smell Katyn ... in proportion ... and by the way not only to the Red Army .. many questions to them, many ...
  12. Knowing
    Knowing 13 November 2016 07: 31
    Meanwhile, relations: West-Russia does not change:
    "On November 11, during the session of the Executive Council of the OPCW in The Hague, as a result of a multi-step combination with the active use of the factor of" regional solidarity ", a group of member states managed to push through an anti-Syrian solution based on the unconvincing conclusions of the OPCW-UN Joint Investigation Mechanism, which are essentially accusatory against Damascus cases of the use of chemical weapons in this country " , although "Earlier, Konashenkov said that Russian officers of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Troops (RHBZ) found evidence of the use of chemical weapons by terrorists in the southwest of Syrian Aleppo." however, what "Militants of the terrorist organization ISIS, banned in Russia, fired shells at a residential village in the Iraqi province of Salah-ed-Din with shells containing chlorine ..." it’s normal, it’s specifically unnoticed, which means it’s not discussed ... One word is hoofed-horned, but not milk-fed .... And not even sheep, but:
  13. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 13 November 2016 07: 37
    ... the Dutch sea wolves began to anxiously become interested in each other, how many days of a row ride to Rotterdam ...
    Swim do not swim. Something is probably not catching up with "sea wolves", that this is not a water park. Here and now, serious things are being done, by serious men. Not to hide and seek.
  14. OLD FART
    OLD FART 13 November 2016 07: 41
    The week was fun ... Well, Putin, well, damn it!
    1. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt 13 November 2016 08: 32
      Quote: STARPER
      Well, Putin, well, damn it!

      Oh yes Putin
    2. Knowing
      Knowing 13 November 2016 09: 49
      Quote: STARPER
      The week was fun ... Well, Putin, well, damn it!

      Cho gives something, but ... hi The policy of the President, of course, is not always effective in PLACES .. A bar on the ground. RUSSIA however HUGE, BABY ..
      1. OLD FART
        OLD FART 13 November 2016 10: 48
        Quote: Knowing
        Quote: STARPER
        The week was fun ... Well, Putin, well, damn it!

        Cho gives something, but ... hi The policy of the President, of course, is not always effective in PLACES .. A bar on the ground. RUSSIA however HUGE, BABY ..

        We'll figure it out on the ground ... But do the liberals clearly want the opposite and howl to raise? heh heh ... We have studied your brother and will not behave!
        1. Knowing
          Knowing 14 November 2016 01: 07
          Quote: STARPER
          We have studied your brother and will not behave!

          They are not brothers to me, however, not even distant relatives ... Yeah.
  15. parusnik
    parusnik 13 November 2016 08: 31
    The US presidential campaign was not only tense, but also scandalous.

    Yeah ... a white family moves to a social rental apartment, in which Negroes used to live .. wink
    1. Bijo
      Bijo 13 November 2016 12: 05
      Quote: parusnik
      Yeah ... a white family moves to a social rental apartment, in which Negroes used to live ..

      Moves with a scandal
    2. 97110
      97110 13 November 2016 13: 22
      Quote: parusnik
      Yeah ... a white family moves to a social rental apartment, in which Negroes used to live ..

      Alexey, I'm sorry - it reminded me. In the ranks of the SA I read a document with the wording: "And then he lay down with a woman on the bed, whose name was Natasha." But in essence: they definitely noticed ... I didn't get it right away. A plus.
      1. Damir
        Damir 13 November 2016 14: 55
        Good afternoon!!!!! it’s still lucky for you ... I read it with my own eyes, just like that in Russian on white (according to newsprint) and it was written (printed) - After the spring rut of qualitatively conducted by reindeer herders, a massive calving of reindeer herders began ... so you still ... we can say everything ahead ....
        1. 97110
          97110 13 November 2016 15: 46
          Quote: Damir
          we can say everything ahead ....

          It is unlikely. I will not live to see the reconstruction of the Soviet Army. But your text pleased with the mass character of the participants in the events described. Yeah, there were times!
  16. cap
    cap 13 November 2016 09: 30
    Thank you for the review. Amused, unlike last week. Optimism has increased.
    Yes ! Speaking of elections in the United States, it is unclear how it turned out and by whom.
    Prior to that, Putin respected, but underestimated, that's for sure.
    Okay, soak the bandits in the toilet, but to appoint the US president is cool.
    Joke. laughing
    But Mrs. Clinton believed. wassat
    1. OLD FART
      OLD FART 13 November 2016 09: 38
      Quote: cap
      Okay, soak the bandits in the toilet, but to appoint the US president is cool.
      Joke. laughing
      But Mrs. Clinton believed

      A brilliant operation (and indeed it was ..) Clinton headquarters already bought fireworks and a lot of champagne ... And then such a bummer! I myself was in shock ..
      I'm worried about parashenko now ... bully

      Framed or framed ...)))))
  17. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 13 November 2016 10: 02
    just exp
    And if there were combat conditions, that is, war, and given the range of their torpedoes of 50 km, then when ours could detect them at a distance of only 20 km, are you sure that ours could send them somewhere?
    I haven’t. And this is how I’m just upset
    Maybe this information will reassure you a little. And now we move from defense to attack the Dutch boat. Here, large anti-submarine ships do not need the help of either a missile cruiser or an aircraft carrier. The main weapon intended for the destruction of submarines, as well as surface ships, is the universal missile system URK-5 Rastrub-B. The complex’s ammunition includes 8 85RU anti-submarine anti-submarine missiles equipped with launch and marching solid propellant engines. The maximum range of the rocket is 90 km, the minimum is 5 km. A gondola with a homing torpedo with an electric engine is attached to the rocket. When approaching the target, the torpedo is parachuted, after which it captures the target and approaches it at a depth of 500 meters at a speed of 41 knots. Torpedo range - 8 km. Recall that the maximum diving depth of the Dutch boat is 300 m, and the speed is 20 knots.
    There are also torpedo tubes with ammunition of 8 homing 533-mm torpedoes with a range of up to 50 km. Torpedo tubes can also be used to launch 83RN guided anti-submarine missiles, which travel along an unpredictable path for the enemy both in the air and underwater sections of the route, which significantly complicates anti-torpedo protection.
    In addition, there are two K-27PL anti-submarine helicopters at each BPLK - Severomorsk and Vice Admiral Kulakov. They are equipped not only with equipment for searching submarines, but also with means for their destruction. The latter include freely falling bombs, torpedoes and missiles. Maximum combat load - 2000 kg. For one diesel-electric submarine, this is more than enough.
  18. VB
    VB 13 November 2016 12: 03
    And Putin Bandera free gas in Genichesk, and they will say that they did not ask and did not receive, as last year. Have you carried gas everywhere in Russia? Long live the president and his lackeys, miller and company. Let this guarantor pay from his own pocket, and not from ours.
    1. SRC P-15
      SRC P-15 13 November 2016 14: 06
      Quote: VB
      And Putin Bandera free gas in Genichesk, and they will say that they did not ask and did not receive, as last year.

      And what, ordinary residents of Genichesk said last year that they did not receive Russian gas? Or do you think the mayor of this city is for the people? And the mayor most likely had reasons, so to speak - the very Bandera in power. I believe that Putin is doing the right thing by instructing Gazprom to supply gas to Genichesk. Do you mind that children and old people live there warmly? After all, it is they who suffer most from the cold.
      Everyone knows that gas in our country is not in all villages. The country is too big and it is a very difficult task to cover everyone, but it is being fulfilled. Here, I (in the Moscow region) had gas only last year, now other apartment buildings are being connected. So work is ongoing in this direction.
      Quote: VB
      Let this guarantor pay from his own pocket, and not from ours.

      Did you allocate a lot of money from your pocket to talk about your president like that? And about yours?
      And I want to say thank you to the authors for the "Results" - the most topical news has been selected!
    2. bk316
      bk316 14 November 2016 14: 52
      the mouth of this guarantor pays from his pocket, and not from ours.

      Did you pay a lot out of your pocket?
      And in general, it’s not necessary for me to decide what to do with my pocket.
  19. Rock616
    Rock616 13 November 2016 12: 20
    " FSB officers detained a Ukrainian subversive and terrorist group in Sevastopol preparing attacks on military and vital facilities in Crimea.]
    I propose to start by watching this video, and decide by a stick, WAS A BOY?
    Something the FSB (and our journalists) have completely forgotten how to work, and are trying to feed us fakes like, PAN-HEAD pseudo media ...... request request stop
  20. loginovich
    loginovich 13 November 2016 12: 53
    “In 2016, more than 117 million tons of grain will be harvested in Russia, export of grain crops, according to our forecasts, will reach 35 million tons, while Russia will retain leadership in the supply of wheat, bypassing such major suppliers as the EU and the USA.”

    In the spring I heard a gorgeous phrase - "hold on to no money" If the leaders in export (I understand this most of all earned currency on the sale of grain) then a legitimate question arises - where is the money Dim?
    1. atalef
      atalef 13 November 2016 13: 08
      Quote: loginovich
      “In 2016, more than 117 million tons of grain will be harvested in Russia, export of grain crops, according to our forecasts, will reach 35 million tons, while Russia will retain leadership in the supply of wheat, bypassing such major suppliers as the EU and the USA.”

      In the spring I heard a gorgeous phrase - "hold on to no money" If the leaders in export (I understand this most of all earned currency on the sale of grain) then a legitimate question arises - where is the money Dim?

      But what do you think, what is the sum at the price of 175 dollars per ton?
      Do not forget to subtract the cost of production and transportation costs, then take the profit and levy taxes from it — that’s the amount you are talking about — so how much did you calculate?
      1. loginovich
        loginovich 13 November 2016 15: 45
        According to your calculations, I realized that grain trading is a loss-making measure and needs subsidies, which the Russian government is successful and doing. I mean the funded part of pensions.
      2. McLuha-MacLeod
        McLuha-MacLeod 13 November 2016 15: 53
        DO NOT READ FOREIGN MONEY. Count your shekels
        1. loginovich
          loginovich 13 November 2016 19: 31
          Quote: McLooka-MacLeod
          DO NOT READ FOREIGN MONEY. Count your shekels

          The young man you are rude. Your synagogue education does not allow people to be rude.
  21. Starik72
    Starik72 13 November 2016 13: 51
    Thanks to Alexey and Oleg for the Weekly Review !!! Everything is accurate and balanced, and with good humor lit in it! Sincerely.
  22. Nicholas Gonzalez
    Nicholas Gonzalez 13 November 2016 14: 31
    And, without this selfie, no one knew where Kuzya ... just ridiculous ...
  23. Vladimir Narmansky
    Vladimir Narmansky 13 November 2016 16: 14
    Read about the trigger and forecast of terrorist acts in the articles:
  24. thinker
    thinker 13 November 2016 16: 33
    Here during the week they discussed assistance to the Ukrainian Genichesk, and here is the answer -
    The head of the Kherson Regional State Administration, Andrey Gordeev, responded to statements by Putin and Aksenov regarding assistance to the “freezing Genichesk”.
    “In the Crimea there is no gas, no electricity, no water, but there is a lot of lies. The message about supposedly freezing Genichesk and Russian help to him is a blatant and cynical lie because a humanitarian catastrophe threatens the Crimea itself: the dry canal, the lack of electricity and gas supply, both from Ukraine and the Russian Federation.
  25. RUS33
    RUS33 13 November 2016 19: 23
    If you can not shoot, you need to make sure that all saboteurs who came to our territory disappear without a trace! One group will disappear, the other, you see the next will think whether it is worth it to participate.
  26. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 13 November 2016 20: 40
    Thanks so much for the review. He made up for what he missed and received an objective picture of what happened.
  27. von_Tilsit
    von_Tilsit 14 November 2016 09: 18
    "Against the background of Belgian planes over Syria and the only Luxembourgish fighter in the 'anti-Silov coalition', we can safely say: Benelux has pulled itself up - fear Russia, fear Assad!"

    The army of Luxembourg is a generally interesting phenomenon! In World War II, she participated exactly 1h 30 min, persuading onlookers in the center of the capital, staring at German tanks, to disperse. At the same time, 10 servicemen were killed. The armed forces of Luxembourg were also noted in the Korean War - 1 Luxembourg soldier from the UN international contingent is listed in the lists of the dead (I am afraid that the WHOLE expeditionary force of Luxembourg in the Far East was killed in Korea in this way). A small country, a dwarf army ... I would like to wish that Luxemburgian in his crusade against ISIS good luck and health! And remember the fate of the predecessors!
  28. Pencil
    Pencil 14 November 2016 19: 15
    I’m tormented by the question, but how did our people know that the Dutch submarine? Or maybe whose other? There, under water, like no one seems to anyone.