Large-scale production of "Bavar-373": a comprehensive elimination of threats. Overview of the presentation in Tehran


The Iranian long-range Bavar-373 multi-purpose radar, as well as the front of an interceptor (red), very similar to the Russian 48H6E anti-aircraft missiles

In many analytical forecast articles, numerous publications, including ours, for more than a decade have considered the largest geostrategic threats created for the Islamic Republic of Iran by its very aggressive neighbors Israel and the Arabian Coalition. Washington is simply stimulating these countries with multi-billion dollar contracts to supply the latest weapon systems, especially the Patriot PAC-3 and tactical fighter jets of the 4 ++ generation. In the circles of the security forces of these Sunni countries, a stable opinion is being formed about the complete impunity of any aggressive encroachment towards their Shiite neighbors, which include Yemen, and part of Iraq, and, of course, the bulwark of the Shiite world - Iran. The Israeli leadership, with its eternal ideas for the destruction of military and nuclear facilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is even more negative. Despite the endless militarization of the US satellite states on the Arabian Peninsula, due to its own high-tech trends in the field of radio intelligence and air defense, supported by the Russian Federation and China, Iran and in the XXI century was able to keep parity with the Saudis and their allies.

But in order not only to maintain military-strategic equality with such powerful adversaries as Israel or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but to significantly surpass them, a quick and qualitative breakthrough in one direction or another of military technologies may be required. It appeared at the dawn of the Iranian rocket industry, when in 1994, work began on designing a medium-range ballistic missile Shahab-3 capable of quickly reaching the territory of Saudi Arabia and Israel, and strengthened after testing in 2009, the newest two-stage SRJD Sajil-2 , whose range exceeded 2500 km. Later, on the basis of the X-55 acquired in Ukraine, the strategic cruise missile “Meshkat” (2000 km range) was created, as well as the unique Khalij Fars (“Persian Gulf”) operational tactical ballistic missile developed on the basis of Fateh -110. The rockets of this family are distinguished by high supersonic flight speeds and a range of more than 300 km.

Air defense missile defense systems were also tightened: for the defense of many strategic objects and long-range air defense systems from massed missileaviation enemy strikes were Russian military air defense missile systems "Tor-M1", and then the contract for the S-300PMU-2 was finally fulfilled, which gave Iran serious protection from Israeli and Arabian tactical aircraft and cruise missiles. But 5 complexes "Favorite" for a state like Iran is a drop in the ocean. After all, the complex mountainous terrain has a lot of areas that are not visible for multifunctional firing radars, and the eastern air direction (Pakistan and Afghanistan) remains not under the "umbrella".

Look for a way out of a dangerous situation for several years. The project of the long-range anti-aircraft missile system “Bavar-373” was actively developing. Initially, information appeared in the press that the complex was being created on the C-300PT element base, but after the publication of photographs of some of its elements presented at the exhibition of the achievements of the Iranian military-industrial complex, the opinion partially changed.

Radar detector (RLO) complex «Bavar-373»

As we can see, the radar detector (SAR) of the Bavar-373 complex is very similar to the Chinese radar JL-1 long-range radar detection (decimeter E-band) and low-altitude detector JY-11B (decimeter S-band). The fighter-type target with 1 2 EPR is detected at a distance of 200-300 km, and small-size anti-radar missiles are around 100-150 km. It is quite possible that any peripheral devices on the radar part are indeed executed on the basis of C-300PT parts, but no more.

Chinese decimeter radar with active phased array “Type 305A”

Now we carefully look at the multifunctional radar for illumination and missile guidance (MRLS). Square antenna array is made on the basis of active or passive HEADLIGHTS. The stated characteristics correspond to our MRLS 30Н6Е2 (the “fighter” target is found in 250 km, simultaneous tracking of targets on the 150 aisle), but in appearance it is very similar to the “Type 305A” radar with AFAR “Type 305A” that is known, that the “373-i” works in decimeter S-waveband, for which reason we do not exclude the option of “Bavar” with active radar guidance of anti-aircraft guided missiles. In this case, even one Bavar-12 anti-aircraft missile division can have more than 300 target channels, which is prompted by the use of advanced high-performance Chinese computing base of radio-electronic equipment. Judging by the type of radilocation units, the new complex is not only not inferior to our S-300PS air defense missile systems, but even falls short of C-1PMU-XNUMX. However, we still have to find out.

New version of the launcher of the air defense system "Bavar-373"

The launchers of the Bavar-373 air defense system continue to raise some questions. Earlier, at various parades and exhibitions, Iranian media posted on the network photos of PU models, similar to our 5P85SE. It was not exactly known whether these are empty models or real products. At this presentation, completely new mobile dual launchers with square transport and launch containers appeared, very much resembling the slightly spaced “sections” of the PU M901 of the American Patriot PAC-2 air defense system in the so-called “Western style”. Of course, the launcher of everything with 2 missiles raises some doubts in terms of slow depletion of ammunition, but let's hope that Iranian “minds” already know how to make the quad version from Sparky.

According to Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehgan, the first divisions of the Bavar-373 complex will go into service with the country's air force by the end of the 2016 year. This means that a quick elimination of all existing shortcomings of the Iranian air defense will begin, and any arguments of Tel Aviv regarding the attack on this great power will henceforth be episodic and very restrained.

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  1. PKK
    August 24 2016
    We wish Iran to reliably close its sky. We will be calmer.
  2. +1
    August 24 2016
    IRI similar "Bavars are necessary:" friendly "neighbors are forcing. We also NEED to improve air defense systems Such" gizmos "are more than decent, but it is criminal to spare money here: powerful air defense is a guarantee of our security!
  3. 0
    August 24 2016
    They don’t want to be friends with us - no, here we have to try so that not a single novelty falls into their hands. Let the Chinese trash continuously pat. For all my life I have not seen a single quality Chinese thing. The Chinese are qualitatively fast and can only share a lot of new Chinese laughing
    1. 0
      August 24 2016
      They have one of the lowest birth rates in the world. And even the permission to have a second child did not affect the situation much.)) The mentality of young Chinese (primarily the Han Chinese, Uighurs, Mongols, Kazakhs, etc. the situation is somewhat different) has changed a lot over three decades.
  4. +1
    August 24 2016
    So, you see, soon the hegemony of Israel in the region will end. Even in spite of the annual billions of dollars of state infusions.
  5. 0
    August 24 2016
    Well, yes, everyone wants to live and not be addicted, and even more so from the USA, Saudis, and Israel. And the fact that they do not trust us is such a time.
  6. 0
    August 24 2016
    At this rate, soon half of the market will be deprived of us.
  7. +1
    August 25 2016
    Quote: dizz
    And Iran openly threatens us and you know it well.

    Interestingly Iran threatens you? Your flag is not Israeli at all laughing
    And Iran does not threaten the Israeli regime, but only warns that if Tel Aviv commits aggression against Tehran, then Iran will face a retaliatory strike.
  8. +1
    August 25 2016
    Quote: MIIT
    Damn, again about the billions of dollars injected into Israel. How much can you explain that they only harm the country's economy. Israel would have long abandoned them, but does not want to spoil relations with the United States. 3.5 billion. This is only 2% of our GDP and mainly with this money you can buy only American products.

    Nonsense US military assistance accounts for 20% of the Department of Defense’s budget for the Israeli regime.
    And Israel itself, due to its backwardness, cannot produce large combat ships and submarines by ACS helicopters and purchases them in the USA, Germany and other developed countries, and all this despite the multibillion-dollar financial and intellectual injections of Western countries into the industry of the Israeli regime.
    By the way, let's not forget that Iran, unlike the Tel Aviv regime, has been under sanctions since 1979 and is developing all the weapons on its own.
    1. 0
      August 25 2016
      Quote: article

      At this presentation, brand-new mobile dual launchers with square transport and launch containers appeared, very reminiscent of the slightly spaced "sections" of the M901 launcher of the American Patriot PAC-2 air defense system in the so-called "Western style."

      The launchers of this SAM are somewhat similar to the Sayad-2 SAM demonstrated earlier by Iran, but they are significantly larger in size.

      1. 0
        August 25 2016
        They also forgot to add that the ZAK AK-630 was demonstrated, which Iran apparently began to produce itself with the help of the DPRK.

        And his new tank Carrar, which is surprisingly similar to our T-90MS, which we did not deliver to Iran
        1. +1
          August 25 2016
          Yes, everything is as usual. You call them friends and they write tea for you.
  9. 0
    August 25 2016
    Quote: Slava1969
    Yes, everything is as usual. You call them friends and they write tea for you.

    And you can ask who you wrote in tea?

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