Days of Memory dedicated to Hero of the Russian Federation, Major Kitanin R.A. 2 - 4 Jun 2016g.


From 2 to 4 in June 2016, the Days of Memory were dedicated to the Hero of the Russian Federation, Major Kitanin Roman Alexandrovich, the intelligence chief of the 102-th separate brigade of the internal forces. These annual events were held in the small Homeland of the Hero - in the village of Tamala, Penza Region and in the city of Saratov, in the Saratov Military Red Banner Institute of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, where he studied and received his first officer shoulder straps from Lieutenant Kitanin Roman Aleksandrovich, graduate of the 5 battalion of the 2000 of the year.

Every year on the day of the death of Roman 2 June, everyone who cherishes his bright name is gathered in Tamale! For all of us, this is a special Day! Memory Day, the day of meetings, the day of tears, grief, loss and bitterness !!! Having postponed all their affairs, work and personal, having overcome a long way from Moscow, Astrakhan, Belgorod, Saratov, Penza, military friends and comrades of Roman consider it their duty to be on this day in his native land.

School, in which Roman studied, and now proudly bearing his name, gathered schoolchildren and teachers of the Tamalinsky district, the Head and Administration representatives, the head of the military commissariat, graduates and officers of the 5 battalion of the Military Investigation Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, in which Roman studied, fighting friends and fellow soldiers , relatives and friends, countrymen.

All recalled the hero's feat, with a trembling voice spoke of Roman. For those present, schoolchildren were told about the importance of the example of courage and heroism of their countryman, who was born in the same village with them, and graduated from the same school where they now study.

The Head of the Administration of the Tamalinsky District proudly announced that one of the streets of Tamala was named after Hero of the Russian Federation Major Kitanin RA, and at the end of July a Roman bust will be installed in the center of the village.

On behalf of the initiative group of reserve officers of the OSN "Vityaz", on behalf of his comrades, Shchekotihin AA spoke. He told everyone present, like a novel from a schoolchild yesterday, who are now at a school rally, became a real officer, a real man, a defender of his Homeland, Hero with a capital letter!

The organizing committee of the March of Memory has developed and manufactured a standard dedicated to Roman describing his feat.

Days of Memory dedicated to Hero of the Russian Federation, Major Kitanin R.A. 2 - 4 Jun 2016g.

This standard was transferred to perpetuate the memory of Roman in the school museum. The school was also presented with a photo of the participants of the March of the Memory of 2015, in which schoolchildren of Tamala along with the teacher took part, steadily overcoming all his difficulties.

After the meeting was closed, the Open Championship was organized among the schools of the Tamalinsky District in the military-applied disciplines. The combat friends of Roman took direct part in the championship, leading the teams, showing by example the exemplary implementation of standards.

Valuable prizes were prepared for all participants of the Open Championship. Each of them was awarded a memorable patriotic T-shirt, he took with him a Commemorative Standard describing the feat of his countryman - the Hero of Russia!

The memory of the Hero will be stored in every family of a schoolboy in the Tamalinsky district!

All participants visited the school museum, where they collected an exhibition dedicated to the Hero of the Russian Federation, Major Kitanin RA, as well as to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

People close to Roman visited his grave, remembered his comrade.

Material support was provided to Romana’s mother, Natalya Vasilyevna, this year she turned 60 years old, and his brother, Alexander.

03.06.2016 was held a memorial service for the Hero, as well as for all 5-1995 battalion 2000 officers and graduates and officers who died and died in the temple on the territory of the Saratov State University, opposite the Saratov Military Red Banner Institute. Have honored all the dead ...

Further, a visit was organized to the Saratov State Museum of Military and Labor Glory, where a unique exhibition of military equipment and weapons in the open air was gathered in the Volga region. Where did the military friends of Roman come - acting officers, reserve officers with their families and children. They had a minute of silence for the dead and laid flowers at the eternal flame and a monument to participants in local wars and armed conflicts. Visited the main attraction of the city - the memorial "Cranes" and the Fountain of Memory.

In 2015, an initiative to place in the museum an exposition dedicated to the Hero of the Russian Federation, Major Kitanin RA, graduate of the Saratov Military Institute of the Interior Troops of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation, made Naidin Andrey. This initiative has found the warm support of all the participants of the Memory March. During the year, there was an active work on the collection of personal belongings and documents of Roman, his personal photos during the period of training from 1995 to 2000, the formation of this exposition. The great merit of this is personally Naidina Andrei and his mother - Tatyana Nikolayevna Naidina, the deputy director of the museum, for which I want to say some words of gratitude to them.

The opening of the exhibition was timed to the Victory Day this year, it is located in a stand dedicated to participants in hostilities and military conflicts. A place for personal items and photos of Kitanin R. was chosen very symbolically, next to the Hero of the Russian Federation, General Romanov A.A. The memory of the Hero is now stored in the walls of the Saratov State Museum of Military and Labor Glory!

For the second year in a row schoolchildren participating in the military-patriotic clubs and associations have been invited to the Marsh of Memory. Schoolchildren from VSK “Druzhina”, Michurinsk, became regular participants. This year, we were joined by schoolchildren from the Volgograd region - MKU HPCM Bars.

The organizing committee of the Memory Marsh organized a meeting of all the arrived team members, their placement in the hotel complex and hot meals. Space for alumni battalion 5 was booked. Some regular participants of the event arrived with whole families.

Saturday morning 4 June 2016 for all participants of the commemorative events began with an early rise. Already in 7 hours, a collection was organized in front of the checkpoint of the native military institute, which gave each of them a start in life!

In 8: 00, an annual Memorial rally dedicated to the Hero of the Russian Federation, Major Kitanin R.A. - graduate 5 of the battalion 2000. The 5 battalion cadets took part in it - without the 5 minutes, officers who received their first officer rank literally in 2 weeks, the institute command and the 5 battalion, graduates and 5 officers of the graduation battalion 2000, officer-teaching staff, graduate families, schoolchildren - members of military-patriotic clubs and associations, the Administration of the Tamalinsky district, honored guests.

With a solemn speech made:
Deputy Chief of the Saratov All-Russian Military Forces Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Colonel Alexander A. Ermolaev,

The commander of the graduation battalion 5, Lieutenant Colonel Alexey Garanin,

On behalf of the 5 graduates of the 2000 battalion of the year of graduation, said parting words, reserve lieutenant colonel Alexey Viktorovich Khramkov.

With good wishes to realize yourself in the army, a graduate of the 5 battalion 2000 of the year of release, Lieutenant Colonel Trushkin Vladimir Vladimirovich.

Words of gratitude from fellow countrymen from Tamalin for perpetuating the Memory of R. Kitanin said the deputy head of the administration of the Tamalinsky district Lazarev Elena Yuryevna.

The memory of Roman was honored with a minute of silence.

Flowers were laid at the monument to graduates of the ICA of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation who died during the performance of military duty. The same flowers were laid at the Memorial plaque of Kitanin R.A, located in the 5 battalion’s sleeping arrangement. This memorial plaque to the initiative group of reserve officers of the Vityaz single-purpose system was opened last year after a great and painstaking work.

For the schoolchildren present at the event, a sightseeing tour of the location of the barracks was organized. From the inside, they saw the conditions in which cadets live and study - future officers.

After that, an excursion was organized at the museum of the military institute, which tells about the heroic pages of one of the oldest educational institutions for the training of officers. This excursion was very informative for schoolchildren who first visited the walls of a military establishment.

For storage, a beret with a memorial sign issued in the name of Hero of the Russian Federation Major Kitanin RA was handed over to the museum, and gifts were presented. In the memorial book of the museum, the institute left an honorary record and kind words from all 5 graduates of the 2000 battalion of the year of graduation.

Organizing Committee of the March of the Memory of Hero of the Russian Federation Major Kitanin R.A. this year the design of the Memorial sign “5 battalion. Release of 2000. This badge became a symbol of the military partnership and officer fraternity of the battalion graduates and officers of the 5 battalion, and became the distinctive symbol of officers and graduates of the battalion 5 (1995 - 2000) of the ICA of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation participating in the celebrations.

This year, the Organizing Committee of the Marsh of Memory together with the command of the 5 battalion and the military institute approved a new military-sports qualification. The normative is quite complicated, but interesting. Complex strength exercise number 7. If you can call it that, Cooper's test on the bar. The subject is asked to perform four consecutive 1 exercises on the crossbar - pulling up, lifting with a coup, carrying the legs to the crossbar and going out with force. All exercises performed consecutively for 1 times are counted as 1 points. It is proposed to perform the maximum amount.

In order to motivate graduates, valuable prizes and a cash grand for 1 places in the individual championship were established. The best-looking platoon was awarded a diploma of I degree - this is the 3 platoon of the 9 company, and the platoon commander was awarded a valuable gift. In the individual championship the best result of the battalion exceeded expectations - 80 points! These are 320 consecutive repetitions !! More than an hour spent on the bar !!!

Three best results were noted by the Organizing Committee of the March of Memory with nominal diplomas and valuable gifts - the first officer's watch for many years of service, and the winner received an additional cash prize in the amount of 10 thousand rubles for the best physical fitness indicator of the graduate of the 5 battalion of the Saratov Military Red Banner Institute!

The final of the three-day commemorative events was the March of Memory dedicated to the Hero of the Russian Federation, Major Kitanin R.A.

And here is the order to march! In the same ranks with Roman's classmates - 2000 graduates of the year are their children, the future defenders of our Motherland. This is education through personal example, education based on the best traditions of military comradeship! This year, a separate team was formed out of children, the participants gathered up a whole military unit!

“By attracting children to this event, we contribute to the education of the military-patriotic spirit among children and youth, love and loyalty to the Motherland, readiness to serve the Fatherland and its armed defense, we form a steady interest in stories Russia, for military service, we are promoting a healthy lifestyle, the development of high spiritual personality traits, the future active citizen of our Motherland, we are preparing teenagers for service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation! ” - said the head of the march Situshkin Mikhail Nikolayevich.

One of the most difficult elements of the march was the ascent to the mountain of the Kumysnaya Polyana forest park. Absolutely all the participants coped with this difficult task, and even the youngest, whose age was 10 years! During the march, among all the participants there was a high moral and fighting spirit, military patriotic songs were heard in the ranks. The initiative in this showed the students from the club "Bars". Those who marched were honored guests greeted with applause.

The Open Championship among schoolchildren - members of military-patriotic clubs for the prizes of Hero of the Russian Federation Major Kitanin R.A. It took place in several military applied disciplines. Knowledge of the material part weapons, skills of its disassembly and assembly, equipment store. Special attention was given by the instructors of the championship to the youngest participants of the march, many of them holding arms in their hands for the first time. Each of them tried to disassemble and assemble weapons, to equip a magazine with cartridges.

Vivid emotions for all participants manifested themselves at the “Alert” stage. Schoolchildren were asked to perform the “Collection” standard for military units.

The end of the championship was the stage - the implementation of the “Cooper test” used for special purpose units. The best in the performance of this test were the brothers Andreev, who exemplary showed the order of execution.

Valuable prizes and memorable gifts were prepared for all participants of the Memory March.

In the team competition 1 place with a small margin in the 1 score took the team VSK "Druzhina", Michurinsk. The team was awarded the cup for the 1 place to them. Hero of the Russian Federation, Major Kitanin RA, each participant was presented with patriotic T-shirts with the symbols of the Memory March - a uniform for regular participants, each received a Commemorative Standard describing the hero's feat.

For 2, the place was awarded to the team of MKU VPTSM "Bars" Sredny Akhtuba of the Volgograd region, mainly consisting of girls. She was also awarded with a cup and memorable gifts.

In the individual championship, undoubtedly, the students of the club “Druzhina” turned out to be the most prepared, one of them this year is being called up for military military service in the special-purpose squad “Vityaz”, now the training center of the Central Specialized Hospital. He was awarded a spetsnaz watch and wished him success in the service in the best squad of the MIA of Russia.

Among the girls distinguished pupils of the club "Leopard", fully cope even with the difficult test of Cooper. Also were awarded special forces watches for girls.

And also noted our youngest participants Samoilov Arseny and Yamnov Danilo - the future special forces of Russia!

The March of Memory dedicated to our classmate, our little brother - Hero of Russia, Major Kitanin Roman Alexandrovich - is perfect!

The Organizing Committee of the March of Memory expresses its gratitude to all who participated in the preparation and organization of commemorative events, provided all possible assistance, who took direct part in their conduct, to those who, by personal example, attracted their relatives, friends and relatives, their family, their children, schoolchildren - participants of military-patriotic associations, to all those for whom the words "troop partnership and officer fraternity" are not an empty sound!

Unfortunately, not everyone was able to attend our commemorative events for objective reasons, but they did not stand aside from the common good deed. We tracked down our battle friends and happily handed them the symbol of the officer brotherhood of the 5 graduates of the 2000 battalion of graduation — a memorial sign and a beret. And we are waiting for them in our system for the next year!

For those who for some reason have not seen the 2015 film of the year, or want to once again recall these feelings, we suggest watching

We remind all 5 graduates of the 2000 battalion of graduation that next year, 2017, 10 will be celebrated years since the tragic death of Hero of Russia Kitanin Roman Aleksandrovich.

19 May 2017 will be 85 years old alma mater, renowned forge for officer personnel of ICAI of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The motto of this memorable event are the words:
"No bondage is holier than fellowship!"

Dedicate one day to those who died!

Eternal glory to the Heroes!

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  1. Written not particularly professionally, but from the heart and therefore more valuable than the "opuses" of many so-called "journalists". One such Memorial Day will leave a bigger mark on the souls of people (especially for children) than a weekly reading of moralizing lectures.
  2. +4
    July 14 2016
    Thanks to the people who remembered the hero! Eternal memory to him and the kingdom of heaven!
  3. +4
    July 14 2016
    The heroes of their homeland must be respected and remembered. It is written in detail and it was interesting to read to me, thanks for the work. Special thanks to the organizers of the event.
  4. +3
    July 14 2016
    eternal memory, rest in peace! on such officers stood and stands our army
  5. +2
    July 14 2016
    while there are such guys, Russia to be! Eternal memory to the Hero!
  6. +1
    July 14 2016
    Thanks for the kind words!
  7. +1
    July 14 2016
    Eternal memory to the Hero and heartfelt thanks to all participants in the Days of Remembrance of Roman Aleksandrovich Kitanin!

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