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The devil wears the "Truth." Part of 9

Leaving no chance to the cursed "Marxist historians" and their like-minded people, harboring the Bolsheviks' aggressive plans from the people and the whole world, Viktor Suvorov once again puts himself in an unenviable position: "They tell me (who says, it’s not indicated): everything seems to be it’s correct in your Icebreaker, but you couldn’t find the supporting document. This statement of the question confuses me: who will be looking for? Maybe academician Anfilov? For 50 years of hard study of the initial period of the war, he did not bother to visit not only the archive, but even the museum, in the center of Moscow, where our floating Tanks T-37A and T-38 are on open areas accessible to children ”(p. 89).

Let me remind you that the very fact of the presence in the Soviet Union of amphibious tanks is regarded by the author of "Suicide" as irrefutable proof of the world-wide aggression being prepared by the "red". Although, I think, you already learned the Rezun's “axiom” about our armored “amphibians” extremely well: “... there is no place to swim in the defensive war” (p. 80). And suddenly it turns out that during the years of Soviet power, moreover, long before the “perestroika” that opened the way to our book stalls for the same “Icebreaker”, the iron (literally) “evidence” against aggressive Bolshevism was available for all to see!

And if Rezun argues that "Marxist propagandists" exposed us as "Vanka-fools", then he should pay attention to his propaganda. After all, it turns out that we, foolish ones, seeing those very floating tanks as museum exhibits, could not discern in them “small toothy predators” (p. 98), created exclusively for attack. And we didn’t even ask the question: “Where was this Comrade Stalin going to sail?” (P. 84). How can we not be surprised by their own "inferiority"!

Back to aviation. Viktor Suvorov drastically “narrows” the capabilities of the Luftwaffe bombing forces in the war with the USSR, relying on the fact that they did not include strategic vehicles: “The German bombers Do-17, Yu-88 and He-111 were created for a completely different job. Their task is to destroy small-sized, mostly moving targets in the area of ​​military operations and in the enemy’s near rear. These bombers are designed for short-range flights with a small stock of bombs, for operations from small and medium altitudes ”(p. 89).

Well, by the “standards” of strategic bomber aviation, the listed aircraft actually flew for “short distances with a small stock of bombs” ... Especially in view of this “assessment” by the author, who clearly confused these machines with the Ju 87 dive bombers, widely known as “ Thing"…

The ability of Ju 88, the main bomber of the Luftwaffe, to effectively carry out attacks from diving at ground targets, including mobile ones, was combined with a carrying capacity well corresponding to the average bomber that this vehicle was. Junkers' normal bomb load was 2 000 kg. The range is 1790 km.

The Fellows in the He 111 class and Do 17 (used as a high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft) were far less good at diving bombing, but Uncle Vitya will probably know better ...

They can blame me for saying that the author relies on the absence of long-range bombers from the Germans, and not strategic ones. This is not the same thing! I completely agree. But I will ask this reproach to redirect our “expert” who makes demands on long-range bombers as “strategists”: “To destroy industrial areas located deep in the rear, long-range bombers with a range of five thousand kilometers are needed and more ”(p. 90).

Thoroughly “cutting” their “black wings” to German bombers, in order not to fly very far and high above our Motherland, Victor Suvorov, a dozen pages later, scoffs at herself, saying that “before the war, practically the entire Red Army was outside the old state borders on the hostile territories of Bessarabia, Northern Bukovina, Western Ukraine, Western Belarus, the occupied Baltic states ”(p. 101). Why, then, the Germans need a strategic bomber aircraft, if the author made such a chic "alignment" for the "worthless" German air force? And for the same Romanian Air Force. And if such a "alignment" took place, how did it happen that the Wehrmacht, enlisting the help of the satellites of Germany, did not defeat the Red Army at the very beginning of the war? Moreover, Mr. Rezun, you do not deny the fact of the surprise of Hitler’s strike for our armed forces.

To those who see unfair attacks in my words, I quote one more fact from Suicide: “... by order of the Commissar for Defense Marshal Tymoshenko of the Soviet Union and Chief of the General Staff of Army General Zhukov tens of thousands of tons of tank spare parts, hundreds of thousands of tons of ammunition and the fuel was taken to the very borders. In the very first hours of the war, all of this came under fire or into the hands of the enemy. Soviet tanks were left without fuel, ammunition and spare parts ”(p. 84). Personally, I have no doubts: the Wehrmacht destroyed the “failed aggressor” in the person of the Red Army, and the “swastika” soared at the Kremlin! If you, Mr. Rezun, do not recognize this, then admit, please, that you hold your reader by the idiot!

To be continued ...

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  1. Riv
    Riv 12 July 2016 12: 22
    Well, as it were: Suvorov / Rezun should be read using the brain.

    Although ... He doesn’t have so many textures in his books. He takes one thing and begins to stomp on it. Like his experiment in an overcoat in the cold. Type dressed as a Red Army man and crawled out at night on an invigorating Finnish -30. Well it’s cold, yes. And fifteen pages further, his gag about how the bread froze and the vodka became tasteless. Conclusion at the end: The Red Army completed an impossible task. But the joke is that this is not a conclusion at all. What the Red Army has achieved has been written in all history textbooks. Even in Finnish, I recognized.

    And you don’t have to strain your brains much to figure out: it was winter. And then, if the brain turned on: -30 was not everywhere and not always. There is not a snowy desert at all, there is a forest, and if there are logs, then dugouts to dig out is a matter of three hours (or rather to harness sappers and dig holes with explosions). To demand boots and sheepskin coats from the quartermaster (it is to demand, and if he doesn’t find it, according to the law of wartime with him). Well and so on.
    1. Mareman Vasilich
      Mareman Vasilich 12 July 2016 12: 27
      And what, in order to identify shit, is it necessary to touch it? Rezun the traitor and ordinary scum. From his opuses, in order not to be smeared with everything, it is enough to read two or three pages to understand that he is an ordinary trepach and Russophobe.
      1. Riv
        Riv 12 July 2016 12: 34
        It is necessary. And it is to read, and not just look diagonally and be surprised. Lies need to be able to resist.
        1. Shadowcat
          Shadowcat 12 July 2016 13: 10
          I honestly can't understand. On the one hand acquainted means armed. But the point is to climb into the hole of a village toilet, to be sure that there is shit, if you can see the construction drawing?
          Of course the analogy is crude, but I think it's understandable.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 12 July 2016 13: 19
      If we are talking about the devil, then the author, in the sense, should have 666 parts in his article. This is only the ninth. belay Still, there may not be enough "cutters" for everything laughing
      1. Shadowcat
        Shadowcat 12 July 2016 16: 27
        Do you think Rezun will cause?)
  2. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 12 July 2016 12: 27
    The author, your desire in several articles to prove to one lying bastard that he is a liar worthy of baklava. Only now, a lizun is not a creature that needs to prove something - this Judas simply works out silver coins for the sale of his homeland. Anyway, for the article you are plus from me.
  3. potapych
    potapych 12 July 2016 12: 31
    IMHO, Suvorov has numbers - you can believe it, the narrative is debatable.
  4. Baloo
    Baloo 12 July 2016 12: 33
    A traitor is a psychotype. There are dogs that are loyal to the owner and their home. There are dogs who do not care whom to feed near. So are people. Some create and create, these are life-loving. Others destroy everything — these are necophiles. Still others enjoy everything spoiled, perverted negative -fuckers. There are neither intermediate nor intermediate types. So are the states: Russia-biotic, FSA-necrophilia, geyropa, not that or that. Banderkraina-state-gavnyuk.
    Rezun-Suvorov-just a whore hundred percent.
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. Tambov Wolf
    Tambov Wolf 12 July 2016 13: 07
    But when there is an ice ax on this slizan-Rezun. I was gouged with my own nonsense. Good people die in the dawn of strength, but the bastard is alive. Probably the Lord does not want to accept them either.
  7. siberalt
    siberalt 12 July 2016 13: 23
    Quote: Expelling Liberoids
    The author, your desire in several articles to prove to one lying bastard that he is a liar worthy of baklava. Only now, a lizun is not a creature that needs to prove something - this Judas simply works out silver coins for the sale of his homeland. Anyway, for the article you are plus from me.

    The fact that Rezun was "donok" was clear to everyone as early as 30 years ago, but at that time they at least read him and made a diagnosis on that basis.laughing I do not understand the meaning of poking around in its dried excrement?
    1. nekot
      nekot 12 July 2016 14: 08
      Quote: siberalt
      I do not understand the meaning of poking around in its dried excrement?

      And you go to any bookshop - there is this r ... full of assortment, which means they buy and read. And what do you say in a conversation with such a reader in response to his argument that Rezun, of course, is Mr. He, but his conclusions are based on this and that? Will you talk about your own feelings that he is lying, distorting and generally a traitor? And what exactly? Here, in order to understand where and in what this pass ... yes, lies and needs such articles - we are all clear to ourselves, but in the dispute we simply brand the opponent and that is all))) And how do you explain to the children what all these rewriters of history are lie?
      1. sherp2015
        sherp2015 12 July 2016 17: 30
        Quote: nekot
        And you go to any bookshop - there is this r ... full of assortment, which means they buy and read.

        And who allowed this manure to be made public? Are not our numerous committees, and the heads of the relevant departments? And also the prosecutor’s office, which is required to oversee compliance with the law?
        Or did they throw all their strength into the fight against Russian youth leading a sober lifestyle and doing sports jogging in T-shirts with the inscription: "Russian means sober" ??
  8. Kostya Andreev
    Kostya Andreev 12 July 2016 14: 07
    reading Vladimir’s articles, I came to the conclusion that it’s better not to have any critics at all than that !!!
    Compare how Rezun writes and how the article is written. what to read more interesting?
    Dear author, is it possible in essence. For example, about the bombers, So it may not be necessary to juggle, otherwise criticizing the cutter you yourself do as well.
    The sense of the scribble was such that German aviation was suitable only for short-range operations, even with access to the Arkhangelsk Astrakhan line, the range did not allow bombing of industrial areas of the Urals, he also mentioned the problem of the supply of fuel and bombs, he also writes that one hundred tons You can’t manage the bombs here And you’ll have to get a lot of them).
    he gave an example when all German aviation fighting against England could not bomb it, despite that. which is not far from France to England, and the density of population and industry is higher than in the Urals.
    Another reason writes. that in order to bombard the urals, bombers like b-17,29 are needed, and all the infrastructure that Germany could not do (if my sclerosis doesn’t fail me, he also gives an example that, in the presence of thousands of bombers B-17, and bombing of Germany German industry worked and made weapons, and population density is higher there.)
    Regarding the pun, strategic and distant. you can call il-4, he-111, call it what you want. but it’s not that far and strategic. and to B-17, Lancaster, they’re far away from 8. They count how many of these planes were and how much tone they could take and compare with Boeing!
    Rezun writes. that Hitler to bomb England. then with the Urals he would have ob. sras.lya faster.

    I will say for myself, I read the rezun very carefully. I can only say one thing, a person is talented, writes easily, vividly, argues reasonably. after reading his books, he began to feel pride in his country that the Soviet Union, its officers, soldiers, were not a bunch of degenerates from the writings about Chonkin Voinovich, which the Germans taught to fight, and we filled them with corpses, thanks to Rezun, I learned that Blitzkrieg was a Russian invention that our technique was advanced. and not retarded, I learned that the Germans also had a lot of outdated equipment.
    In order to argue with the rezun and refute him, one must have the same preparedness and clarity of thought and speech, and not what we observe in these articles. (for example, I can’t write because Reason writes, and I have less knowledge, therefore, I won’t argue, because it looks like an attempt to justify itself, only archives can put an end to the dispute .. by the way, there was an article on VO: Documents declaring the myth that the Soviet Union in 1940-1941 was declassified. was going to attack GermanyI'm waiting for the link. read, and until that moment all this transfusion from empty to empty.

    It’s interesting that Rezun would answer if he were asked a question, for example, there was no power steering on BT tanks, so the question arises of how it is controlled at speed. one comrade answered me that freeways are made with a bend of no more than 7 degrees, so that you can enter the turn without slowing down.
    England and France in the year 40 wanted to bomb the Caucasus, and neither of which are not shy.
    stop making excuses, you never know who wanted what, the main thing is who did what. and made the first hitler and company.
    1. sigdoc
      sigdoc 12 July 2016 14: 52
      Quote: Kostya Andreev

      And no one is ashamed: "If a fight is inevitable, you must beat first - Putin."
      But not in this case. The Wehrmacht would inevitably stop the Red Army and then the USSR would become the "aggressor" and Germany "the last stronghold against Bolshevism", this factor would be one of the decisive factors in this war. Stalin undoubtedly considered different options for the development of events and if he did not attack first, then he was not going to.
      It’s one thing when Rezun considers everyone to be idiots and it’s another thing to really be them !!!
      1. tatra
        tatra 12 July 2016 15: 51
        And there was a problem with the mobilization of Soviet troops on the border.
        Already in World War I, the Germans took advantage of the mobilization of the Russian army as a pretext for declaring war on the Russian Empire.
    2. potanot 253
      12 July 2016 17: 05
      "after reading his books, I began to feel pride in my country that the Soviet Union ...". Rezun, if you have not read my previous part, indicates that in the USSR before the war they did not do anything other than the development of weapons. Culture, you know, we have from 1917 to 1941. did not develop, the Bolsheviks fouled nature ... Rezun, "glorifying" our "defense", does this, firstly, against the background of the fact that it is not "defense" at all, but, I apologize, - "attack". After all, he himself rebukes all the achievements of the Soviet military-industrial complex, and his power rebukes us, sarcastically asking: "They (" Marxist historians ") write, for example, that Germany threw 3410 tanks against the Soviet Union. But for some reason they were ashamed to say that ALL German tanks were obsolete. And how many tanks did the peace-loving Soviet Union have? Silence was our answer. And how many planes did we have? Again a secret. Undisclosed "(p. 14).

      Do you want to be proud of the fact that the Soviet Union did nothing but sharpen its teeth against all mankind before the Second World War, if you believe Rezun? Do you want to be proud that, according to this particular author, before the war, again, we did not have any achievements except in terms of the development of weapons? So BE Proud, dear friend! I personally do not need such "pride" for nothing!

      "German aviation was only suitable for short-range action, even with the arrival of the Arkhangelsk-Astrakhan line, the range did not allow bombing the industrial regions of the Urals" I plan to consider this in the next part of the article. And you, "critic", would not hurt to "climb" on the geographical map in order to find out what, say, the distance from Kazan to Chelyabinsk ...

      "in the same place he mentioned about the problem of the supply of fuel and bombs, he also writes that one hundred tons of bombs will not be enough here And you will have to bring a lot)" Thank you, I know! And please note that Rezun sees only trucks (!) As transport for the delivery of bombs and fuel. And the Germans never used the railway on our territory ?! Here, for example, they used rail transport to pull together forces for Operation Citadel, oh, how actively! Or "Tigers" with "Ferdinands" went on their own to the region of the Kursk "ledge" directly from Germany ?!

      I welcome healthy criticism - I do not like criticism! With uv., The author!
      1. Kostya Andreev
        Kostya Andreev 12 July 2016 17: 57
        show me where I expressed admiration for the rezun, and you distort distorting to me what I did not say.
        1. potanot 253
          12 July 2016 23: 53
          Where did I throw at you "admiration for the rezun" ?! And here you are to me, just the same, and toss what is not needed ... "As for the play on words, strategic and distant. You can IL-4, he-111, call it whatever you want. But this is not this not distant and not strategic. and up to B-17, Lancaster, pe 8 they are far away. Count how many of these aircraft were and how many tons they could take and compare with Boeing! " For some reason, you don’t throw a “play on words” to the author of “Suicide”: his long-range and strategic bomber are one and the same. As for the IL-4, it is a long-range bomber. And not 111, I draw your attention, I did not define as such, just as I did not refer to "strategists". The 111 not had an average carrying capacity and an average range. This is a typical medium bomber.
  9. sergv
    sergv 12 July 2016 17: 53
    Well, Rezun has a lot of things, and leather boots for Europe, and so on .... For example, when I read it, there wasn’t much doubt that the Germans and Russians were trying to drag the world behind the scenes by any means, and the threat of losing the Romanian Hitler’s oil provoked what he didn’t want — a war with the USSR instead of dealing with England. Intelligence brought him everything that was described by Rezun - and offensive equipment and pulling troops to the border and so on, so it all worked out - someone thought of provoking Hitler by such actions, perhaps under the guise of a defense legend, or, as Rezun writes , an attack was planned, and even preemptive, or with the aim of expanding Marxism-Leninism, is another matter.
  10. Doppelgänger
    Doppelgänger 12 July 2016 18: 09
    And why are we actually allowed to publish all sorts of "rezuns" and others like them?
  11. guzik007
    guzik007 12 July 2016 18: 24
    Unlike Rezun, who writes reasonably and clearly, the author of the article mainly presses on the blablabs, and I don’t understand his counterarguments at all. And the last paragraph — it’s generally something — I read it three times, I didn’t understand anything.
    And you can cutter as much as you want to stigmatize and curse, but his books really stirred up people to study history. Personally, after reading it, I became even more proud of my country.
    Yes, one more thing. His opponents are drooling with saliva, but for some reason they bashfully shy away from the book about Zhukov, about the truth about the executed Marshals of Stalin. And why would that be? Yes, there is nothing to cover — everything is documented and confirmed — there are declassified and published documents. And Rezun's merit lies in the fact that he was the first to open our eyes to even the Marshal of victory.
    1. tatra
      tatra 12 July 2016 19: 02
      Quote: guzik007
      Unlike Rezun, who writes reasonably

      Enemies of the communists got the hang of any facts "reasoned" to manipulate as it is beneficial for them.
      For example, under the Soviet-German Treaty of 1939, the USSR undertook to supply Germany with raw materials in exchange for production products, weapons. It was very beneficial to the USSR.
      But the enemies of the communists presented Stalin as Hitler's "benefactor."
    2. KaPToC
      KaPToC 13 July 2016 00: 02
      Quote: guzik007
      Unlike Rezun, who writes reasonably and clearly

      All his arguments have long been refuted.