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Dismantling of civilization on behalf of South Africa ... on behalf of Nelson Mandela

Less than two weeks remained until the birthday of the giant of thought, the father of African democracy and a person close to the emperor, Nelson Mandela. But who is happy with the holiday, he is drunk in advance. Therefore, in the open spaces of the network, countless posts about Mandela, as well as reposts of Western materials, have already appeared. In the aspirations of the conjuncture, there were also particularly quick-timed photographers, who had made whole cycles of the photo on a given topic to a significant date. And, of course, it was not without the “legacy of the apartheid”, which is too successful a whipping doll. However, sometimes the photo and enchanting text is not enough, therefore, cable channels bristled with "Mandelov" films, starting with tear-down biopics and ending with the crooked militants with indispensable conspiracy theories.

No, this is not a conspiracy, much less a conspiracy. It is just the inertia of thinking. The need to nurture the icon, that cozy mythical world, in which the facts only interfere.

Apartheid in a small way

Apartheid is not the invention of the white population of South Africa - Afrikaners. Apartheid, regardless of the terminology, in fact, it began to be applied by our favorite locomotive of Western democracy - Britain. The negroes were deprived of the right of free movement, settlements in the white colonies (Natal and the Cape colony). Even by special pass, they were forbidden to go out at night. In addition, without a pass, Negroes had no right to move from district to district, even if it is inhabited by such black Africans. By the way, the latter proved its solidity when, during the dismantling of apartheid, the party of Mandela ANC (African National Congress, mainly the people of the spit) and Incata (the Zulu people) began to cut each other out of inspiration.

Having received such a "noble" legacy from British colonialism (however, whether colonialism itself ended or mutated is a question), whose policy was glorified at one time with the same pig squeal with which the notorious "European values" are now glorified, Afrikaners simply modernized it, creating Bantustans - the state in the state with the autochthonous population. Good or bad, I do not know. But, God sees, I could not offer any other way, since the instant integration of the technologically backward black population with the culture alien to Afrikaners (including the culture of ethics and legal norms and taboos) into the white society would lead to the collapse of the not yet formed country moment. And if we consider that Afrikaners within the framework of South Africa are a minority, then to the mass murder.

But, alas, the gradual integration and bringing the standard of living of the black population to the standard of living of white did not fit the interests of the major economic players of the West, and even more so prevented the cooking of the legend named Mandel. After all, this legend is still capable of brightening up all the collapsing processes in South Africa, which were launched more than 20 years ago and have already ruined hundreds of thousands of lives, black and white.

Apartheid large

In fact, African states were not created by the principle of the autochthonousness of nations, but by the political, economic, and military interests of Western countries. It was these interests that became the catalyst for the non-stop centrifugal forces tearing apart Africa. Don't even have to dig in the sand of Saharan sand historyto give an example. Just some five years ago, the South (Negro) Sudan showed everyone a fig and separated from the North (Arab) Sudan. This significant event, however, overshadowed such a breeze as 2 million killed in the civil war.

Therefore, while the unacceptable attribute of apartheid (Bantustan) remained, it was more than problematic for free-thinking peoples to engage in “democratization” of each other. But Nelson Mandela appeared in the sky of democratic myths, who not only “scored” non-violent resistance in just a few years, but also attracted financial flows from abroad to the ANC. But this new Gandhi, as it was tried and tried to present within the framework of the myth, turned out to be small, and he headed the armed wing of the ANC ... If the last sentence did not cause you to gnash your teeth, you can easily believe that Gandhi himself was eating beef steaks.

The terror of the ANC has become commonplace. Violations of human rights have also become commonplace on both sides. At the same time, Nelson Mandela always "justified" the violent approach by the harsh policies of the security forces, who did not intend to anticipate the feat of the "Golden Eagle" by getting a cobblestone on the head. And they were not limited to rubber truncheons. In Sharpevil, for example, more than 50 people died during the dispersal of thousands of demonstrations. ANC did not remain in debt. Since the end of 1961, the attacks took place throughout South Africa: the bombs exploded in Durban, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, even in the capital. At first, the ANC was limited to sabotage or bloodless sabotage altogether, but quickly got a taste. Under the gun were hotels, bars and other crowded places. Despite the arrest of the leader of the military wing of the ANC Mandela in 1964, the terror only intensified, basking in the shadow of the "martyr". Powerful explosions shook the heart of South Africa Pretoria, only during one of them in 1981 did 18 people perish.

But all these data are not taken to advertise in a "decent democratic" society, blinded by stereotypes to the state of an infantile youth. It is so not accepted that the appointment of Robert McBride to the post of police chief of Johannesburg in 2003 did not surprise anyone, despite the fact that the boy Robbie at 1986 very deftly threw a bomb at a roadside bar, killing three people and crippling 69. Although it is still flowers, political elite is much brighter.

Black on black

By the time of the end of the apartheid era, social trends had already made it clear which monster was replacing it. Terror gained such proportions that it mutated into a full-fledged civil war. Mandela and low-level managers from the ANC expanded their marketing network to demonize South Africa so much that they managed to push the allies of Incath once and bring the war to the all-pervading street-everyday level. This is when the good old neighbour's quarrel in a house or quarter ends in a stabbing.

Incata, as well as the ANC, opposed the apartheid system, but rejected armed anti-government protests. And since the party mainly consisted of the Zulu people, it naturally defended the autonomy of the compact residence of the Zulu, their traditions and the right to self-government. The loyalty of the Inkata defined their support for the government as a structure opposing the splitting country of the ANC. However, this was not the only reason for the Allies.

By the end of 80's, the Mandela & Co sales network for exporting the fight against apartheid wasn’t selling T-shirts on the Internet, for obvious reasons. God knows, otherwise skinny hipsters from Paris to Moscow would spoil their rebellious fantasies with Mandeloff knitwear.

Incata saw that in its quest for power, the ANC collaborated with the Communists, capitalists, with anyone to achieve the goal. And given that Mandela was from the people of the Spit, like many of his followers, the Zulu decided that they would receive nothing but dictate, and even nationally colored. History has shown that they were not so wrong.

While the so-called world community denounced the South African government forces and their "henchmen" with shame, the ANC realized that terror was acceptable against former allies. Photojournalist Greg Marinovich was the first to open his eyes to these facts. In 1991, one of the many massacres of ANC activists over a man whom they considered a Zulu spy hit his lens. The unfortunate was simply burned alive and hammered in the dying body with clubs.

Dismantling of civilization on behalf of South Africa ... on behalf of Nelson Mandela

ANC activists burned a passer-by suspected of sympathizing with Inkat

Another one of the favorite ways of "justice" in relation to the Zulu or the participants of the Inkat was the so-called "collar." A car tire was put on the poor fellow and again set on fire.

Accidentally wandering into the wrong area of ​​the Zulus, who continued to insistently go to work with the whites and feed the family, could at best be beaten or robbed. The ANC demanded that Inkat be subject to sabotage at work, etc. It was a new level war.

Inkata answered hard, in the spirit of the Zulu. Raid events and open clashes during rallies are now bristling with small weaponswhich the warring parties received through various channels, including the government. But do not think that the bloody whirlwind of murders was characteristic only of average fighters, who are usually called bulls. The physical elimination of political opponents and dissidents has become the policy of the ANC leadership.

For these purposes, Vinni Mandela, the lifeblood of Democracy in 1980-s, under the pretext of caring for black youth, organized a football club in the suburb of Johannesburg. I don’t know how they played football, but the whole world knows how they performed the duties of bodyguards. After all, these guys 29 December 1988, kidnapped 14-year-old activist Stompy Moeketsi, accused him of being a denunciator and cut his throat. Jerry Richardson, who was made the “locomotive” of the whole affair during the investigation, did not want a martyr's wreath on his fifth point, and so Vinnie “leaked” with a pure heart, because he was already pulling his title of “mother of the nation”. The same Jerry argued that the death of Stompi is not the only death that Vinnie used in political games. The corpses were usually presented as victims of the government or Incata. However, Winnie came out dry out of the water. In 1997, the case turned around again, as the facts surfaced that the “mother of the nation” personally was wielding a knife. I seem to be provincial, but in the place of this very nation I would prefer to remain an orphan. In 2003, Winnie was finally convicted, however, for financial fraud and theft. And again, he was released, because (holding onto chairs, friends) the crimes were not committed for selfish purposes ...

How did the head of the women's wing of the ANC and an integral part of the myth named Mandela manage to dispose of any court verdict? A great role in this was played by an extremely interesting structure called the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Of course, I do not understand shit varieties, but the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is just aces. In South Africa, it is difficult to find at least a few ANC members of a rank higher than street cannon fodder, which this public dry cleaner has not bleached to a glossy shine.

Another cynical factor with a broken bottom was media campaigning, with gusto, the stamping trend of “victims of the regime”. Extremely universal, these very "victims of the regime", is not it? No need to investigate, the “victims” are usually nameless, they have no relatives, who for some reason want to see the killers for sure, can be disassembled. But the “victims of the regime” are extraordinarily profitable guys - here you have political dividends, and Pulitzer prizes with laurel brooms of the “fighter against apartheid” (the latter, by the way, received the above mentioned Greg Marinovich).

Who is the cause of the celebration? Who will pay for the banquet?

The reasons for the fall of apartheid are traditionally called the systematic terror of the ANC, the unprecedented economic sanctions and the criticism of representatives of South Africa in all areas (even apolitical athletes were persecuted). However, the protests of the United Nations and the countries in which it belongs to have plagued South Africa since its inception.

A small kickshaw doesn’t allow me to take for granted these reasons. The last white president of South Africa, Frederick De Klerk, was called "the South African Gorbachev." Nice, isn't it? It was he who abolished the laws of apartheid, he began touring all over the planet with a very broad smile as the leader of a “free country”, he was accepted with amazing hospitality in Europe now. By the way, at the moment this gentleman is a member of the Agency for the Modernization of Ukraine (hold on to chairs, boys and girls).

I hope no need to explain that the Yeltsins are always following the Gorbachevs? Transnational companies (TNCs), deprived of access to South Africa for political reasons, just as much needed the wealth of this country as companies in South Africa needed access to the world market. Simply put, the fall of the apartheid curtain at this level was fully resolved. Moreover, it was no longer necessary to fear the USSR, and the puppet Communist Party of South Africa was controlled by the ANC. Sometimes it seems that the power of the USSR, with its prospect of creating an ideological outpost on the basis of a powerful South Africa, prevented the opening of the doors for the “democratizers” of the West.

You see, the Afrikaners, as skilful business executives, have perfectly equipped their land in 300 years. And by the middle of the 80s, South Africa mined 680 tons of gold, 3 million tons of chrome ore, diamonds for 10 million carats, uranium, iron, nickel, asbestos, zinc, copper, etc. Thanks to the Afrikan farmers, the agriculture of the heavy African lands turned out to be at the level of the fertile lands of Italy or France. Damn, yes, even in such a matter as cheese making and winemaking, the Afrikaners were ready to contend with the Europeans. But the cherry on this cake was the platinum group metals, deposits of which are located in five countries: Russia, USA, China, Zimbabwe and, of course, South Africa.

Big capital, naturally, was looking for a way out. And found!

At the moment, the platinum deposits in Marikan and Limpopo are controlled by the mining company Lonmin PLC, with headquarters in London. The same was expected of South African metallurgy, the lion’s share of which is now under the control of ArcelorMittal with headquarters in Luxembourg. By the way, these guys settled in Russia. But privatization did not stop there. Even such strategic sectors for the African climate as water supply were privatized, which eventually led to an insane jump in prices and a drop in water quality. Financial elite enriched, which can not be said about the people, both white and black.

But that was only the beginning. Thus, in Marikan, the aforementioned company Lonmin, after long admonitions by black workers who had declared a strike, decided to let the security forces work. Thus, the security forces, which finally renounced their “bloody past” and were revived like a phoenix in the hands of the Negro democrats. The fact is that injuries to the mines growing at times and the refusal to raise wages significantly outweighed in the eyes of the miners all the sweet songs about the happy post-apartheid future that is about to come, literally tomorrow, maybe in a year. As a result, about 40 miners were simply shot.

The shooting of the miners of Maricana by the new black South African police

The genie from the bottle, or tribal psychology in action

History tends to repeat, first as tragedy, and then as farce. TNK after a long and thorny path to the resources of South Africa suddenly noticed that the ladybird brings less milk every year. After all, earlier, despite the loss of an independent state policy, industry and finance were still subject to the control of former gatekeepers from an educated white minority. But soon ANC introduced black economic empowerment (BEE), i.e. racial selective program "to eliminate inequalities between whites and blacks", it involves bringing the amount of assets of industrial enterprises owned by blacks to 40%. Moreover, the black “bourgeoisie”, emerging on the wave of political disasters, is unhappy about this.

In pursuit of BEE, the Negro elite introduced affirmative action into practice, which, translated into Russian, means “positive discrimination” (yes, our epoch is rich in such wretched hypocritical euphemisms). In reality, this means that, despite the experience and professionalism, the preference for hiring is given to blacks. In essence, this is a mechanism for washing out whites and, in accordance with the realities of South Africa, professional personnel.

There is nothing surprising because the political system created by Mandela and his team does not provide any alternatives, no filters (including in terms of education), except for membership in the ANC, no rules. The ANC has been holding South Africa by the throat for more than 20 years, and from year to year the new political establishment looks more and more like the leaders of the tribe than the leaders of the country.

The current South African President Jacob Zuma was accused of fraud, misappropriation of public funds, extortion and was suspected of rape. The last scandal around the person of this inviolable president was that a bastard Jacob had an illegitimate child born of the daughter of the head of the committee preparing for the World Cup. After that, as befits a world-class policy, he asked forgiveness from all his ... eight wives! Tribal traditions, you know.

His predecessor and direct successor to Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki, distinguished himself in his post by denying AIDS. But this heir of the torch was not enough. Therefore, Mbeki’s protégé as Minister of Health, a certain Manto Chabalala-Msimang, opposed “white medicine” and actively promoted “traditional medicine of African tribes”. What it turned out for the rapidly Africanizing (or agonizing, it does not matter) South Africa, it is not difficult to guess.

Orania - a contrasting mirror of the reality of South Africa

According to one of the leaders of the white population of South Africa, writer and publicist Dan Roodt, thousands of people were killed by 2010 during the 16 years of the ANC. According to him, for the entire period of “bloody apartheid” 174 blacks were killed in clashes with security forces. At the same time, the number of dead Boers farmers is approaching thousands of 520.

These figures will grow inexorably. And this should not be surprising. More recently, the leader of the youth wing of the ANC, Julius Malema, was inspired by a popular song screaming at the crowd of his comrades with the words: “Kill a drill, kill a farmer”. Moreover, when the Johannesburg court ruled to ban a song for racism, the ANC declared that the song was part of the party’s history and they would appeal. Present only the song "Kill the Boer" is part of the history of the ruling party of South Africa! Here is this frenetic crowd of thugs go and kill. On this background news that our unlicensed version of Gandhi also tore our throats calling for the killing of white farmers would not be shocking.

Therefore, it is impossible to expect at least some changes, at least some order under the current political elite in the ANC. And even more so it makes no sense to wait for action from the "world community" or TNCs, even if losing some of the profits. In fact, is it really impossible to put relations with the new top of South Africa on other clan-African rails that once laid paths for diamonds to Europe?

The curve created by the ANK is a purebred African system with a wild amount of social dynamite in the foundation that changed South Africa even visually. Each visual trifle, distorting the flourishing South Africa, has deep social roots. For example, the Ponte City housing complex in Johannesburg, which was once the pride of the city and the tallest building on the entire “black continent”, now serves as a monument to its heyday.

First, white men fled from there after the collapse of apartheid, then the building was captured by local black gangs and prostitutes for almost 10 years, noting that a five-story-high garbage bin was set up in the courtyard. Now, the bandits were able to disperse, and the building is inhabited not by successful South Africans, but by low-paid workers and migrants.

Johannesburg skyscraper ruins thrown into courtyard

Partially refurbished Ponte City complex surrounded by new reality

Inspiring liberals of all stripes, the winds of change were able to inflict prison wakeness even on outwardly successful private single-story suburbs. The owners with less income are decorated with neat fences not with elegant stucco, but with barbed wire. The wealthier owners prefer to enclose the fences with a spike under the current. Perhaps someone may unknowingly take it for the dryer, but I do not recommend hanging clothes on it. By the way, the author had no need to specifically seek out the slums or specially delivered photos, no. It took a minute walk to for the unfortunate Johannesburg.

Cozy home South Africa, surrounded by barbed wire under electric current

Against this background, one of the few quiet corners of South Africa, Orania town with a pure Afrikaner population of more than 1500 people, looks like nostalgia. Back in the distant 1990, the Afrikaners saw what the populist speeches of politicians and their new policy of dismantling the system lead to, without the prospect of creating something in return. Therefore, the Afrikaner-farmers community redeemed the village of Orania from South Africa and built a protected and therefore secure community there.

Typical street in Orania (even fences something unnoticed)

Orania is not just some kind of agricultural cooperative, it is a prototype of cultural autonomy aimed at preserving the culture of the Afrikaners and their native language Afrikaans, which is deliberately eradicated from all of South Africa. In Orania, the Afrikaners founded their companies, the administration, and even managed to issue their own currency, called Ora.

Afrikaners at work

In fact, Orania is a lifeboat for Afrikaners, against whom there is a real cultural and physical genocide. And the Afrikaners themselves see no other way than autonomy. So, a lawyer from Pretoria, Paul Kruger, who filed a lawsuit in the Hague court against the South African government, claims that they came to The Hague with evidence of crimes committed against Afrikaners, but instead of discussing the facts, the Europeans considered that only whites can commit racism the reverse scenario just doesn't fit in their heads.

So, given the trend, I suggest that readers admire Orania while it still exists. After all, the Afrikaners, unlike the English-speaking South Africans, have nowhere to go, they see Africa as their homeland.
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  1. antiexpert
    antiexpert 8 July 2016 09: 26
    The reason for the degradation of South Africa is very simple - but few people look at the root, and this is very significant!
    The fact is that South Africa (like Libya) in Africa consumed too many resources, which is unacceptable for the global plutocracy. From the point of view of world plutocracy, this continent should be "mothballed".
    But the first step was to carry out the most important operation - to eliminate nuclear weapons in South Africa - as soon as this was done - the "color zombie revolution" immediately began, whoever wants - read -
    By the way, there was also with Ukraine - at first the elimination of nuclear weapons - then the country becomes an experimental rabbit on the table of architects of color revolutions.
    So that nuclear weapons are the guarantee of preventing coups)))
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 8 July 2016 09: 41
      Quote: antiexpert
      The fact is that South Africa (like Libya) in Africa consumed too many resources,

      What nonsense, South Africa was one of the most prosperous countries. During apartheid. Although I, like you, did not read the article wink
      1. 73bor
        73bor 8 July 2016 10: 13
        That's exactly what it was, South Africa produced almost the entire range of weapons, including fighters, and now it is not able to produce ANYTHING!
      2. Imperialkolorad
        Imperialkolorad 8 July 2016 10: 46
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        What nonsense, South Africa was one of the most prosperous countries. During apartheid. Although I, like you, did not read the article

        So you not only didn’t read the article as well as the comment. An antiexpert wrote that too many benefits went to residents of Libya (most of the population) and South Africa (mainly the white population), and neither of these are included in the golden billion. As a result, these countries were overthrown to the level set by the world plutocracy, namely, poor countries with an economy built on the export of mineral resources.
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 8 July 2016 14: 33
          Quote: ImperialKolorad
          and. Antiekspert wrote that too many benefits went to residents like Libya

          He does not know, and therefore wrote. Normally, everything was there and the comparison with Libya is insanity. The economy just worked there, it was there.
          1. Imperialkolorad
            Imperialkolorad 8 July 2016 20: 40
            Quote: Alexander Romanov
            He does not know, and therefore wrote. Normally, everything was there and the comparison with Libya is insanity. The economy just worked there, it was there.

            You have already pulled out of my post out of context part of the phrase. Read carefully what I and Antiexpert wrote. And you will be happy.
          2. antiexpert
            antiexpert 8 July 2016 22: 43
            quote = Alexander Romanov] What kind of nonsense, South Africa was one of the most prosperous countries. During the apartheid period. Although I, like you, did not read the article [/ quote]

            two-word quote from Lavrov
        2. antiexpert
          antiexpert 8 July 2016 22: 40
          correctly besieged!
          here is a picture that clearly shows why Libya and South Africa were littered)))
      3. Very old
        Very old 8 July 2016 10: 46
        And I did not read
        Very detailed, with funny pictures on other sites, how to do this from a prosperous country (Lord, I'm sorry)
        White are running! - No, it's not Chapaevsky Petka screaming, the whole world is crying.

        Stunned ... white refugees
        1. sherp2015
          sherp2015 8 July 2016 11: 48
          Quote: Very old
          Stunned ... white refugees

          But the Serbs did not become refugees when their Kosovars slaughtered?
          And in the territory of the former USSR from Central Asia in certain regions, who could escape from fanatics. By the way from Chechnya, too, have not forgotten?
          1. Very old
            Very old 8 July 2016 11: 53
            I have not forgotten, I will not forget.
            But the reasons are different

            In Baku, Armenians were thrown out of the windows of the upper floors - I know, saw, did not forget
        2. razmik72
          razmik72 8 July 2016 13: 37
          Quote: Old very
          And I did not read
          Very detailed, with funny pictures on other sites, how to do this from a prosperous country (Lord, I'm sorry)
          White are running! - No, it's not Chapaevsky Petka screaming, the whole world is crying.

          Stunned ... white refugees

          Well, there is also racism, "black", so to speak, which does not lead to anything good.
      4. Mikado
        Mikado 8 July 2016 10: 49
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        What nonsense, South Africa was one of the most prosperous countries. During apartheid. Although I, like you, did not read the article wink

        They even developed nuclear weapons.
        But .. the issue with blacks would have to be decided sooner or later. Bantustans could not exist forever. The question is how to solve, and could it be solved in a mutually acceptable way? If only to evict the hell. No one will find an answer to this.
        1. Very old
          Very old 8 July 2016 11: 20
          Mikado: Bantustans could not exist forever.
          Right. But not in this form:
          1. Mikado
            Mikado 8 July 2016 12: 12
            Quote: Old very
            Right. But not in this form:

            this is also understandable. Negroes do not want to defend one bit. These bantustans were a time bomb planted under South Africa. Their creation is only a postponement of the deadline when it explodes. And what else to do with the blacks? "The final solution to the Negro question?" Or evict everyone away? The fact of the matter is that no one will give an answer to this. The question is too complicated.
      5. sherp2015
        sherp2015 8 July 2016 11: 44
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        South Africa was one of the most prosperous countries. During apartheid. Although I, like you, did not read the article

        )) Article Banshiy wrote chtol?
        1. razmik72
          razmik72 8 July 2016 13: 39
          Quote: sherp2015
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          South Africa was one of the most prosperous countries. During apartheid. Although I, like you, did not read the article

          )) Article Banshiy wrote chtol?

          The article is interesting, thanks to the author, whoever he is.
    2. Shick
      Shick 8 July 2016 09: 51
      involuntarily thinking about racial difference ..
      gave power to blacks and what happened
      1. Very old
        Very old 8 July 2016 10: 48
        ... and decided to conduct an experiment in Washington fool
    3. avt
      avt 8 July 2016 10: 02
      Quote: antiexpert
      The fact is that South Africa (like Libya) in Africa consumed too many resources, which is unacceptable for the world plutocracy.

      wassat Yeah And I thought it was a sinful thing that, like Libya, I MINED these very resources.
      Quote: antiexpert
      But the first thing to do was to carry out the most important operation - this is to eliminate nuclear weapons in South Africa

      laughing Have you seen enough of the film based on the writings of Mashka Arbatova and are you under an indelible impression? Well, in which evil white South African fascists forced a poor Jew to make a nuclear bomb? Well, try to come back to reality and think about a simple thought - Why, under the international sanctions in South Africa, a bunch of Israeli weapons from machine guns to fighters appeared? South Africa provided a test site and raw materials for Israel, for its Yom Kippur nuclear weapons program. In South Africa, not a single gram of nuclear weapons was and is not.
    4. My doctor
      My doctor 8 July 2016 10: 33
      Quote: antiexpert
      The reason for the degradation of South Africa is very simple - but few people look at the root, and this is very significant!
      The point is, etc. etc.

      While reading comments I sometimes think that Lenin got excited about introducing universal literacy. laughing
      1. An60
        An60 9 July 2016 08: 00
        Especially in Belarus ... fellow
    5. volot-voin
      volot-voin 8 July 2016 12: 59
      Quote: antiexpert
      that South Africa (like Libya) in Africa consumed too many resources, which is unacceptable for the world plutocracy.

      This was the main reason for the zombie revolution. There is no long ago Boer government of Afrikaners (whose ancestors did not heal the British during the Boer War), and apartheid blooms and smells. Now against the white race. Let Europe not be deceived, its indigenous peoples have long been condemned by the world elite and must be dismantled.
      As the apple of our eye, we take care of and develop our nuclear weapons, aircraft, naval forces, and aerospace forces, so as not to become rabbits for experiments.
      Western democracy, it is decay, darkness, rot
      And the weapons of genocide. No wonder in Europe the dictates of the patient over the healthy, then leads to degradation and slow death.
  2. Don karleone
    Don karleone 8 July 2016 09: 31
    Western democracy, it is decay, darkness, rot
  3. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 8 July 2016 09: 32
    Yes to hell with the South Africa and Zambia. Do we have problems of our own or what? or, for contrast, an article saying that others live worse, so don’t whine !?
    1. Bramb
      Bramb 8 July 2016 12: 23
      Thinking fine, Andryusha.
      We have problems, as they all have. Only the dead have no problems.
      Knowing the story, both ours and others, the correct guidelines can be set.
      And if you rewrite history, do not study other people's experience, then you get jumping macaques from a neighboring country, civil wars.
      1. Andrey Yuryevich
        Andrey Yuryevich 8 July 2016 16: 20
        Quote: Bramb
        Thinking fine, Andryusha.

        right balm for the soul of Vovochka, few people, me, at 53, so affectionately dignifies! smile
  4. oldseaman1957
    oldseaman1957 8 July 2016 09: 36
    In the USSR, too, they fought zealously for the rights of the oppressed black people of the planet. Then, they took a closer look and partially calmed down. And someone began to love them just as zealously.
    Morality: what is white, what is yellow, what is black - all of WE, regardless of skin color, are divided into normal and morally poor. Therefore, you need to take a closer look at how, under the "groans of the oppressed," all sorts of mandels there dashingly do their business.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 8 July 2016 09: 42
      Quote: oldseaman1957
      And someone began to love them zealously.

      For what they fought, they ran into it -Obama in the white house-URA laughing
  5. Abbra
    Abbra 8 July 2016 09: 41
    By the way, colleagues, an interesting article. Although, seemingly not in VO format. I'm going to reread "Captain Rip Head" ....
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 8 July 2016 09: 48
      Quote: Abbra
      By the way, colleagues, an interesting article. Although, seemingly not in VO format. I'm going to reread "Captain Rip Head" ....

      as a child, threw yeast as HE swam across the bay teeming with sharks. belay
  6. RUSS
    RUSS 8 July 2016 09: 51
    In Zimbabwe and Tanzania, the "extraction" of land from white farmers is in full swing, and in Zimbabwe by law.
    1. Bulrumeb
      Bulrumeb 8 July 2016 10: 41
      if they themselves worked on this earth (I mean, not white, of course)
  7. knn54
    knn54 8 July 2016 09: 54
    Robert Gabriel Mugabe turned prosperous Southern Rhodesia into Zimbabwe. The same thing will happen with South Africa.
    And all this from the filing of the UK (and the Yankees), who did not like the independent policies of these states.
    PS As Kwame Nkrumah said, the trouble is that many of us want to take the place of white masters, and not build a just society (I can not vouch for verbatim, but the meaning is that).
    1. avt
      avt 8 July 2016 10: 06
      Quote: knn54
      Robert Gabriel Mugabe turned prosperous Southern Rhodesia into Zimbabwe. The same thing will happen with South Africa.

      The same will happen with the EU, only like, instead of the victory of the "indigenous population", there will be a country of miners. Yes, in fact, Europe is no stranger to - the resettlement of peoples there, as a tradition in history, has happened more than once. as they themselves will merge.
  8. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 8 July 2016 09: 55
    Exercise on the topic - how to destroy a prosperous country? Give power to the populists in it. Sharikov, to use Bulgakov's terminology. And why did Russia flirt with South Africa? Within the BRICS. Don't compromise on principles. This will always work in the negative.
  9. Heimdall47
    Heimdall47 8 July 2016 09: 55
    It is sad to see how a white man is inexorably degrading the last 100 years. Corruption by democracy, socialism and other false values ​​leads to the fact that Mandela, Gandhi, Dudaevs, etc. are climbing out of all the cracks. good old methods, as their pious ancestors did.
    And say that someone is inferior so such a high will rise that even bear the saints smile Although this is clear to the child.
  10. Corsair0304
    Corsair0304 8 July 2016 09: 57
    Which once again confirms: Where black comes, everything collapses, cities and countries slide into poverty, people think not about how to buy a TV or a refrigerator, but about how they stupidly didn’t stab him in the street (or burned in a tire, as ANK did )
    In general, it is far from South Africa. White people will come there or not, whether there will be order or everyone will cut each other out - they don’t really care. A lot of their problems. Significantly closer to our borders.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. RUSS
      RUSS 8 July 2016 10: 05
      Quote: Corsair0304
      Where black comes, everything collapses, cities and countries slide into poverty,

      Refugees fleeing to Europe from Eritrea and Ethiopia, unlike the Arabs of the same Syria or Iraq, are not going to work, they live solely on benefits and drug trafficking.
    ALEA IACTA EST 8 July 2016 10: 00
    Why work and create something when you can only live by gathering and robbery?
    1. Bulrumeb
      Bulrumeb 8 July 2016 10: 39
      they don’t know how otherwise, and they just don’t want to.
  12. vadimtt
    vadimtt 8 July 2016 10: 08
    Yes, the Boers were unlucky. And they beat off such an industry, even made their own tanks.
    Now, there in 30 years (generation), except that the clubs will do, well, and at the mines under the gunpoints to plow.
  13. Arkan
    Arkan 8 July 2016 10: 15
    Afrikaner not envy! The Africans climbed down from the palm trees, but they didn’t go far from them, the same savage customs and cruelty.
  14. Bulrumeb
    Bulrumeb 8 July 2016 10: 38
    Europeans felt that only whites can commit racism, the reverse scenario simply does not fit into their heads.

    this is what will ultimately destroy them; tolerance has not brought anyone to good.
  15. netvrz
    netvrz 8 July 2016 10: 50
    Quote: Abbra
    By the way, colleagues, an interesting article. Although, seemingly not in VO format. I'm going to reread "Captain Rip Head" ....

    I would like to suggest and remember Mine-Read. He very vividly and figuratively describes both the Boers, and the Bushmen, and the Kaffirs in those days ("In the Wilds of South Africa", "Young Hunters" and "Giraffe Hunters"). And the article is good. A definite plus. The country, however, is a pity.
  16. Glaaki
    Glaaki 8 July 2016 10: 54
    Quote: Andrey Yurievich
    Yes to hell with the South Africa and Zambia. Do we have problems of our own or what? or, for contrast, an article saying that others live worse, so don’t whine !?

    To release the globe of Russia, to cover only internal news, the rest is unnecessary, and so there are enough problems!

    Such posts a la "I am not interested in this, which means that others do not need it either. I skozal! 1" always caused an indescribable storm of feelings.
  17. Pitot
    Pitot 8 July 2016 11: 04
    You can’t negro blacks to civilization. That they would live there themselves, and they would live. The ancestors were sometimes right - it sounds cruel, but the Negro civilization breaks down and makes them even more evil villains - a place only on a plot. Another question is that someone needs such a state of affairs - to set Negroes against whites and suggest that whites owe them something. To lash among themselves representatives of various religions. To whip among themselves is simply a country. It’s these ushlepoks that we should be in the bough. But the weak loots and other cookies of the governments of all countries are being fought for. The civilization of the Earth will kill itself, and I would not want to live at that time .... although I’m ready for BP.
  18. S_Baykala
    S_Baykala 8 July 2016 11: 25
    There are too many diamonds and other valuable minerals there. The wars of corporations to seize such deposits, because if successful, such "dividends" will shine that any waste on weapons, support for bandit formations, armies is bought a hundredfold. And where is it cheaper to mine? This is not electronics, low qualifications do not affect the properties of the goods. Where workers work for free and deductions to the state treasury are essentially fiction, or where smuggling is developed at the state level. Devastation, criminality, imaginary legality are beneficial for foreign corporations. And those who have broken through to power themselves dream of grabbing all the troughs for themselves, but they cannot compete with TNCs.
  19. Santa bear
    Santa bear 8 July 2016 12: 43
    Not so long ago, the story was with the famous white athlete Oscar Pistorius. It seems like at night his girlfriend came to him, without warning. It seemed like she wanted to make a surprise, but he heard an incomprehensible rustle - he grabbed the gun and started firing at the sounds. Right through the glass. Heaped up, I must say, I put this model in my place. One in the head, a couple in the chest .. in general, he clearly knew how to shoot, almost like running. All the media and, in general, people unfamiliar with the situation howled raised what he was so crazy to start shooting indiscriminately. But you read such an article, you understand why he is so twitchy. The world famous white wealthy athlete in South Africa cannot sleep peacefully at night, weapons are always at hand. Because ... now everyone understands why
  20. drop
    drop 8 July 2016 13: 40
    By the nature of service in the 1986 year, he participated in military operations from Angola against this country. Then the Cuban pilots smashed the air force of this country and then South Africa asked for peace. Later I had to be there with the Government delegation. The empty city of nuclear experts made a depressing impression.
    We decided on a business trip and went to Stan City. The beauty is amazing. I think that at the moment, everything there has gone to dust. What a pity, the country was and could remain prosperous. The United States could not be allowed there. I have the honor.
  21. Jackking
    Jackking 8 July 2016 17: 43
    "Give a nigger finger and he will bite off the whole hand" - Mark Twain in his book "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn." I understand that it is unpleasant for liberal and Negro litters to hear this for greenery ...
  22. certero
    certero 8 July 2016 18: 07
    The article is very tendentious and one-sided. Facts from different times are mixed with reasoning.
    The apartheid regime was undoubtedly a gigantic mistake, since 90 percent of the country's population was in no way connected with the ruling elite and had no opportunity for a social elevator.
    Apartheid was introduced by the Boers so praised in the article, after WWII, when they gained full independence. Of course, in some ways, segregation even protected blacks from whites, but it brought more negative.
    As for the title of the article, it’s somehow dishonest. Mandela spent a quarter of a century in hard labor, many in his place, having come to power, would have filled the country with white blood and certainly would not have left the government on their own. For what neighboring countries prove, see that Mozambique.

    Quote: Drop
    Then the Cuban pilots smashed the air force of this country and then South Africa asked for peace.

    Forgive me, but telling tales is in a different place.
  23. Alisher
    Alisher 8 July 2016 23: 27
    Quote: antiexpert
    South Africa (like Libya) in Africa consumed too many resources, which is unacceptable for world plutocracy

    Apparently, it means that too much profit from the sale of resources remained in South Africa, and did not go to transnational corporations.