Russian Foreign Ministry: US sanctions against the Russian defense industry are indirect support for terrorists

US sanctions against defense enterprises of the Russian Federation, helping to fight the "Islamic state", can be regarded as indirect support for terrorists, reports RIA News Statement by Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Ryabkov.

Earlier, the Department of State reported that “38 companies from Russia, China, Belarus, Malaysia and a number of other countries are included in the sanctions list, which was compiled on the basis of the law on non-proliferation weapons mass destruction in Iran, North Korea and Syria, ”reminds the agency.

“Washington, spinning the flywheel of sanctions, decided once again to try to put pressure on a number of Russian defense companies (defense industry) companies in Russia, which clearly demonstrates the essence of the policy (US),” Ryabkov stressed.

“How can the White House’s desire to“ punish ”Russian enterprises, which help the Syrian people fight ISIS and other terrorist groups? What is this if not indirect support of terrorists? ",
said the diplomat.

In his opinion, “the administration of the American president should weigh in what light the United States appears to the whole world, if Washington does not think about the damage it methodically inflicts on Russian-American relations.”

“However, after the CIA actually fueled Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, the unprincipled and immorality of Washington’s policies is so obvious that there is nothing to comment on here, by and large,” Ryabkov added.

“The US is trying to achieve dubious foreign policy goals with its sanctions,” Ryabkov concluded, assuring at the same time that “Russia will not bend under sanctions.”
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  1. +13
    July 3 2016
    Direct support I see nothing indirect!
    1. +4
      July 3 2016
      Russian Foreign Ministry: US sanctions against the Russian defense industry are indirect support for terrorists

      So you need to treble these terrorists into the sand with tripled strength, without examining their moderation!
      1. +9
        July 3 2016
        What is this if not the indirect support of the terrorists? ”,

        Yeah, less than half a year later. National Interest: failed to isolate Russia Having successfully completed the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, Russia proved that the United States failed in trying to impose on the world the idea of ​​isolating Moscow. SPIEF gained additional symbolic meaning after the White House in 2014 began to put pressure on the leaders of the largest US companies, hindering their cooperation with Russia, the publication National Interest reported. "There is no doubt that Russia and its president remain an important force in the international arena. This year, SPIEF confirmed that the country is not at all isolated and Western leaders will have to deal with it for a long time, ”the author of the article said. There can be no doubt that companies from other countries will rush to take the place of those US enterprises that nevertheless listened to the advice of his government, deciding to "avoid" Russia. To be more precise, while Washington pretends to "isolate" Russia, Europeans are looking for all kinds of ways to cooperate with Moscow. One could hardly hope that the absence of US companies on the forum would be the "last straw" for Moscow, forcing it to make concessions Western requirements for Crimea and Ukraine. However, the prevailing picture completely destroys the expectations of the White House: Crimea is still part of Russia, the country's economy coped with difficulties better than could be expected, the country's president is firmly at the helm, taking in his own a city of foreign guests, including many Americans.
    2. +1
      July 3 2016
      Quote: BARKAS
      Direct support I see nothing indirect!

      They are going to conquer the arms market, what have the terrorists to do with it?
      Competition at all levels, including dishonest ones. In order to attract terrorists there, you need to learn how to do business. You can find a dozen supplies to strange American weapons groups and inflate the scandal.
      The Americans came up with these rules and they dictate them !!! What actually was confirmed after the opening of Russia today, as soon as we began to use their ideas, they almost broke it.
      The Americans all clearly show that there are no rules in this world for doing business, treaties and laws, whoever has taken the monopoly on the market and sets the rules for everyone !!!
  2. +6
    July 3 2016
    can be regarded as indirect support for terrorists,

    Yes, they deliver weapons directly (Turkey is a NATO member) ..
    Just keep quiet media, except ours!
  3. +1
    July 3 2016
    when hilaricha wins and she wins because it is supported by the Jewish diaspora, then American Jews will leave the underground, well, and the support will already be direct and not indirect, poor Assad finally Jews lifted him
    1. 0
      July 3 2016
      poor al-Assad finally the Jews lifted him

      Ugh, you, but I thought that it was the States that should kick Russia out of Syria. As before from Iraq, then from Libya. In short, take full advantage of the weakness .... And then there are like- Jews .. laughing Yes, they sleep and see a madhouse next to them.
      Why should they? It is one thing to weaken Syria, quite another to destroy statehood and gain gangs.
      1. -1
        July 3 2016
        You do not confuse Israeli Jews with American. If the death of the Israeli people becomes beneficial to the Americans, they will not last long. Their sivol-snake biting its tail. They invented it for themselves, they know the topic well, suicides. Poisonous blood, poisoning everything around him, social parasites.
      2. 0
        July 3 2016
        Quote: dauria
        And then there are like- Jews .. laughing Yes, they sleep and see a madhouse next to them.
        Why should they? It is one thing to weaken Syria, quite another to destroy statehood and gain gangs.

        Israelis don't care, as far as I know. What difference does it make to anyone nearby - the hostile state of Syria or a bunch of gangs? Gangs are probably even easier to handle.
  4. +1
    July 3 2016
    I read it three times, except - "However, after the CIA actually fostered al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, the unscrupulousness and immorality of Washington's policy is so obvious that there is, by and large, nothing to comment on here." - I didn’t see anything, I went for my glasses and rummaged around the sites, maybe I’ll find it intelligible and find it, lay it out ...
  5. +2
    July 3 2016
    Russia prevented America from bending its policy, so they fell out of favor. They decided to crush with sanctions since Russia defeated ISIS created by the Americans.
  6. +2
    July 3 2016
    The lot of each air "mattress" is to be blown away sometime .. And what, the more punctures in it, the less rational it is to glue it. We will wait and see, time will tell where the Obamka is buried ..
  7. -3
    July 3 2016
    01. 07. 2016.
    But what does terrorist support have to do with it?
    The United States imposed sanctions against several dozen foreign companies, including five Russian enterprises, in connection with violations of the law on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons against Iran, North Korea and Syria, the State Department said in a notice.
    The sanctioned companies included the 150 Aviation Repair Plant in Kaliningrad, the Instrument Design Bureau in Tula, the Machine Design Bureau in Kolomna, the Kuntsevo Design Bureau, and the NPO Machine Building located in Moscow.
    In general, the list included 40 enterprises, most of which belong to China, as well as the DPRK itself, Iran and Syria.
    In the fall of 2015, US authorities already imposed sanctions on a number of Russian companies based on the non-proliferation law.
    The Non-Proliferation Act was introduced in the United States against Iran in 2000. In 2005, Syria came under its influence, and a year later, the DPRK.
  8. +4
    July 3 2016
    US politics and directly and indirectly help terrorists wreak havoc on the world.
  9. +3
    July 3 2016
    Everything is much simpler! The United States sees the results of the defense industry of Russia clearly demonstrated the capabilities of our VKS in Syria! They are guided by the fear of Russia's superiority in developing the latest weapons, and for this we must put pressure on a number of our defense industry companies!
  10. +3
    July 3 2016
    And at this time:
    The structure of exports of goods from Russia to the USA (according to the Federal Customs Service of Russia for 2014): [3]

    energy carriers - 59%;
    metals and products from them - 25%;
    chemical products - 9%;
    other goods - 7%.

    Export of engineering products from Russia to the USA

    Russia supplies the United States with RD-180 rocket engines for the US Atlas launch vehicle and RD-181 engines for the Antares rocket. According to the estimates of American experts, the RD-180 engines in terms of their characteristics are so far no alternative to launch heavy launch vehicles that are able to put American reconnaissance and military satellites, as well as satellites for NASA needs into low Earth orbit.
    Even such a trifle as: Arms are being supplied. Thus, Russia supplied the USA with 1,05 thousand pistols, 3,71 thousand shotguns and 90,9 thousand Saiga-12 self-loading rifles.
    Exports from Russia to the United States - $ 30 billion per year in response to their sanctions.
  11. 0
    July 3 2016
    Let them check their companies for the sale of weapons to some countries - there will be something to be surprised.
  12. +1
    July 3 2016
    Al-Qaeda "in Afghanistan, the unscrupulousness and immorality of Washington's policy are so obvious that, by and large, there is nothing to comment on here," Ryabkov added.
    Only one thing is worth adding to this: the Americans have forgotten how to compete in good faith, except they can do nothing else with dirty games.
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. 0
    July 3 2016
    It's time to stop selling Russian rocket engines to accomplices and owners of terrorists. They put them on their rockets and deliver spy equipment into orbit, which is used to collect intelligence and transmit them to terrorist organizations. The United States and terrorism are synonyms. By selling rocket engines to a terrorist country, we ourselves become unwitting accomplices to international terrorism.
  15. 0
    July 4 2016
    We must still not forget about the arms market. Our partners " am they want to remove us from him.
  16. 0
    July 4 2016
    Well, everything is on the surface !!! Who will give his little child in offense ???? Pind-wasps are not Taras Bulba: "I gave birth to you, I will kill you." It is these overseas creatures that are the source of all the troubles in our sinful land. And this is not a secret for anyone.

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