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Results of the week. “I have sawdust in my head. Long words only upset me. ”

Collective dope Russophobia

Due to the football "sickness" with a certain experience these days, you come to the conclusion that a considerable number of media outlets and representatives of the bureaucracy (Russian and European) to millions of Russian fans simply do not allow to enjoy the sports festival - the European Football Championship. If earlier, to enjoy football sports holidays, our national team and its game often interfered directly, but now there are also new obstacles to the heap ...

Everything you need to know about the organization of major sporting tournaments of our time in France: the French police, it turns out, not only can not protect citizens from ISIS, but also cannot besiege football fans without taking into account their nationality.

Everything you need to know about modern French justice: five days had not passed since the detention of Russian fans, as the court impacted on the three arrested Russians real prison sentences of up to two years in local prisons. Less than five days to investigate and sentence! It pulls into the book of records.

And a small postscript to this part: not a single drunk English, excuse me, erysipelas, scattered half of Marseille, did not “suffer” from French justice ... France, the fact that puppets settled in the camp of your authorities - but when will you finish humiliate yourself? ..

But only if France reached the pen. How do you, for example, the decision of the IAAF, which confirmed the removal of the Russian national athletics team from the Rio Olympics? ALL were removed — even those who had never been convicted of using illicit drugs. Guys, and who after that under doping?

Comments from our readers:

Always and everywhere I support ours. I myself can always realistically assess their level and chances, but I am ill and believe to the last. I believe that this is SPORT, and all these near-sports squabbles with a politouklon are not at all interesting. The western khlekkotvorov has a big administrative resource, and they can build up anything they like, they have long been accustomed to their eternal meanness in sports, economics, and politics. The dog barks and life goes on

Why no one reproaches the British, why only the bad Russians (no, I’m not justifying ours, but scolding, scolding everyone who is to blame for it, and first of all the organizers and the security forces of France), and the fact that ours are the only ones who managed to freeze the insolent and even in the minority, our mentality still does not allow us to be silent when they insult the Motherland, mother, nation ...

Regarding football hooligans, they are everywhere, dozens of football companies with crazy reckless fans in the same England, Italy, Germany, Turkey and even in Poland, the guys are no safer than ros.fanatov.

Regarding the exclusion of Russia from Euro-16, what are you guys doing? They found something to scare, our still there for a long time, but it is worth thinking about the abolition of holding Euro-16 in France, because This country is not able to adequately provide security at the stadium and beyond.

After the Russian fans arrived in Marseille, a local ISIL cell left the city. But seriously, the real pogroms in Marseille stopped after we broke into the British. I believe that once again it is necessary to break with all my heart, after the game with Wales.

It’s just that at the present time everything is openly and brazenly politicized, everything from art to sport, and everything is designed to solve the problems of the subordination of some countries by others.

"Partners" are not happy

The other day in the English version of Forbes published an article in which the author expresses bewilderment about the demographic indicators in Russia. According to the author, the complication of the economic situation in the country, as the author himself expected, should have led to a repetition of the 1998 situation of the year: economic problems giving rise to a demographic failure. However, in Russia there was not only a demographic failure, but also a significant decline in the birth rates.

Results of the week. “I have sawdust in my head. Long words only upset me. ”

It would be very strange if the "partners" were happy for Russia. They also came up with the sanctions so that we eat each other here. And we, you know, also start a family, raising children.

No, there are also some individuals here, according to the logic of which the decline in the mortality rate and the increase in the birth rate in Russia is all from Tajiks and Chechens - they said they came to Russian regions and, you know, multiply, putting pluses in statistics ... But Thank God, there are very few such “specialists” -conspiologists in the field of demography who derive information from the OPS news agency (“One woman said”). And then the replicas “pro-polypolymers” could be heard even from maternity hospitals, in which the delivery rooms are filled with happy moms.

Comments from our readers:

Dmitry Potapov
How do you "love" us! .at yours! Ay, who else believes that the West brings us democracy and prosperity?

And demography does not depend on the economy - it depends on expectations.
If you have a complete priest in the economy, but you think that everything will work out, you will give birth (or become a father).
And vice versa - if you have a lot of dough, but you are dissatisfied with life and consider that it’s around hopelessness, and then it will only get worse - there will be no talk of any family.
This is simplistic, of course - but in general, the meaning conveys.
People need to believe in a happy future, even if everything collapses around.

They, the poor, still think that to raise the birth rate, we need an EXCELLENTLY developed social sphere ...

Let them try to tell this to the parents of my generation - the military-postwar ... In 40's, there was no such word for the "social sphere" ... It was hard, but they gave birth ... One child in the family - or the "creative intelligentsia ", or a rarity the same as now four or five ...

We have the "Arctic", and you? ..

In St. Petersburg, the world's most powerful icebreaker, the Arctic, was launched. Reference: Icebreaker "Arktika" was laid in November 2013. Ship length - 173,3 meters, width - 34 meters, displacement - 33,5 thousand tons, crew - 75 people. The nuclear-powered ship will be equipped with a two-reactor power plant with the main source of steam from the RITM-200 reactor unit with a capacity of 175 MW. Deadline - December 2017 year. The vessel will be able to carry out caravans of ships in arctic conditions, breaking through ice up to three meters thick.

As soon as the icebreaker “Arktika” was launched at the Baltzavod, individuals appeared who “remembered” about the predictions of certain “climate-sickles”. It turns out that these same climate-illumines literally here and now predict that building ice-breakers is a fish for laughter, for the Arctic ice will melt almost this weekend. They say that while “all progressive humanity” arranges a procession of homosexuals in Kiev, these “backward, torn to shreds and technologically backward Russians” build some kind of iron monsters that “will never be needed by anyone”.

No, well, it is right - to whom that ... To whom - and the painted bureaucrats in bras in the center of the city are already an epic success ...

About the observation: Microsoft Office Word does not understand the word “pederast” and stubbornly underlines in red, but the word “.e.y” is understood by the program perfectly ...

Comments from our readers:

Wonderful news! Last week, "Ilya Muromets" for the Russian Defense Ministry, now the "Arctic".

Keep up the pace!

Seven feet under the keel!

“The Olympiad will ruin the country!”, “People are already dying from hunger and they are sawing money!”, Now they are shouting: “why icebreakers ?!”, “Why the championship?”. Soon again they will shout “people are dying of hunger, and, you know, the world championship money is sawing. Send a lunar expedition, there will be the same reaction. But, notice, as soon as in the West, they will do something like this - they are great, they are ahead, far too far from us ... Tired of honestly.

Icebreakers, floating nuclear power plants and much, much more, and behind the puddle let them continue to broadcast about torn to shreds, liberasti that we do not produce anything except oil ...

Central Asia as a duel carpet

About 100 new armored personnel carriers and tanks arrived at the disposal of the units of the 201st military base, deployed in Tajikistan.

If Russia does not pay attention to Central Asia, then others will pay such attention to it. Even the list of names of these others is well known. And what kind of attention there will be given the fact that in Western human rights organizations the declared level of Tajik democracy is in the second hundred of the payroll - it is not hard to guess.

That is why in recent times Russian diplomatic and military-technical activity extends not only to Tajikistan. For example, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu visited Turkmenistan and met with President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. This visit attracted attention due to the fact that in Ashgabat, for some time now, American “friends” have frequented their friends, promising to help neutral Turkmenistan “in counteracting international terrorism”. The details of the visit of Sergei Shoigu are not as many as we would like, but they hardly talked solely about the weather.

Comments from our readers:

That's right, we should not forget about this direction.
Actually, our troops there is the only factor of stability. The Tajik, hmm, army is unlikely to be able to give a serious rebuff if another group of fanatics wants to arrange an ISIS branch of the Central Asian spill.

Now we are free
It is especially encouraging that now in the mountains of Tajikistan our 201 military base will be in service with the BTR-82A. This is no longer an armored personnel carrier in the usual sense of the word, for 30 mm 2А72 cannon with excellent vertical aiming angles + 30 mm power of ammunition + range of destruction, this is a very important argument in a conversation with "Spirits" (now they don’t punish with "Vystokok"). .) + A duplicating radio station + (finally) an inner hull of an APC sheathed with layers of Kevlar which prevents the occurrence of scale during explosions on mines, etc. + (finally) energy-absorbing seats attached not to the floor as before (hello again) + NPC allowing to use C UO and other electrical appliances inside the BTR (without starting the engine) + improved tires and engine power.

Yes, the BTR-82 is not a new word in domestic armored personnel carriers, BUT bringing the beautiful BTR-80 vehicle to its logical conclusion.

P.S. The long opus turned out, BUT it is a sincere joy for our border guards in service with whom such a machine appeared and the risks to their lives, if not completely eliminated, have diminished many times due to the appearance of the BTR-82А.

"Backward trains from the territory of the republic to Russia exported the same number of samples of equipment of earlier modifications," said Roshchupkin. "

This part of the note is considered the most significant. There is nothing for the descendants of the great Iskander of Macedonia to give the technique. Did not work, and do not deserve.

Crimea answered in numbers

Petro Poroshenko hurried to declare that he would not fight for the Crimea, but would return him exclusively by diplomatic means. Now Anders Fogh Rasmussen (Don Pedro’s new adviser) advises the Ukrainian president to completely forget about his plans for the Crimea.

Against this background, the words of some Ukrainian “potrilegolovykh” continue to sound, waving that the Crimea will soon return to Ukraine, since in Ukraine everything will be economically excellent - milk rivers, banks and the sea of ​​freebies, and in Crimea - hunger, cold and fights homeless. Crimea’s response to such a statement was short: at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, the Republic of Crimea presented a stand, which contained data on the level of Russian and foreign investments in the regional economy. Business investment at the moment is about 113 billion rubles - under 2 billion dollars. This is in total more than the credit tranche that Don Pedro is begging for from the IMF for Ukraine ... And, as they say, feel the difference: available investments or a begged loan. But these values ​​are also the answer of the Crimeans to those who really believe that sanctions can somehow affect the inhabitants of the heroic peninsula.

Comments from our readers:

In the West, they always knew whose Crimea! True, the Anglo-Saxons with their friends somehow pinned to clarify, but the courage of the defenders of Sevastopol, who withstood the annual siege, gave an unequivocal answer to this question. It’s time for us to ask the world community - and whose Ukraine is really? ..

Comrade Schucher
That's actually the result ...
Almost half of the population of Russia, if not afraid, then at least fears the lifting of sanctions. It seems that the current Eurolines are too far ahead ...

"At the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, information was confirmed that in the agricultural sector of Russia there is a steady growth - at the level of 3-3,5% per year." And how can you not say: More sanctions, good and different ...

Pan is gone, Pan is gone ...

Lyndon LaRouche, a famous American analyst, star wars architect and millionaire, immediately called the coup d'état in Ukraine a “Nazi coup”, with which Washington decided to break Russia, the biggest obstacle to the US undisputed world domination. Remember: Washington demanded that Russia change its policy on Nazi-Bandera Ukraine in favor of America and began to cooperate with the Bandera regime. However, the "unthinkable" happened, according to American political analysts, Russia did not change its policy, that is, did not recognize Ukraine as a colony of the United States. The "unthinkable" for Washington was that Russia surfaced like an iceberg from the abyss of the Cold War, and ripped up the skin of the aircraft carrier "America" ​​...

Even the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who visited the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, fell under the influence of the "Putin phenomenon". He comes, therefore, Pan to St. Petersburg and declares that Russia plays one of the leading roles in the world as one of the founding countries of the United Nations. In Kiev, as it should be, in weeping and jumping. Like, what are you, old, lured, or something ... Russia, they shout, they are aggressively occupying us, and you, old man, are carrying you. Then they decided to transfer the emotions to paper and, putting in an envelope, sent a letter to the UN headquarters demanding to punish the high-handed secretary general. And Panu, that ... He, realizing that the term of office was at the end, took and again “reassured” the Ukrainian authorities of the Maidan by saying that they would not change their opinion about Russia. It seems that all the “democratic” officials of the pre-pension state are beginning to cut the uterine truth ... In Kiev, now they are only hoping for a new general secretary.

Comments from our readers:

The failure of diplomacy in Ukraine is complete, we started to understand too late, but in today's conditions, the actions are correct and we don’t know what will happen next - because of a lack of information, I really want to believe that the management has a complete picture.

At least an adequate ambassador to deliver.
To hold joint cultural events, in parallel to establish a network of "their people" in power structures. Who needs to coax, take the other by the genitals, but do not leave everything to chance. Keep on the alert of their thugs, activists, who on a team would have crushed the not yet started Maidan with all this rabble jumping.
As the saying goes, "holy place is never empty." Here are the Saxons and occupied it.

Ban Ki-moon anyway, no matter what to say, soon elections, and without his participation. And the letter of the proto-purges will be sent for its intended purpose - to the "round safe" in the form of a trash can or to the closet, if the matter with the contributions turns out to be very cool.

American "vundervaflya" against the "Russian threat"

Russia and China are developing a hypersonic weapon to overcome the missile defense systems of continental America, Forbes magazine cites the opinion of one of the leaders of the program on the nuclear policy of the Washington Carnegie Foundation James Acton. Ecton:
“I suspect that Russian gliders will be extremely effective in overcoming existing defenses, such as the GBMD system, designed to protect the continental United States.”

And, by a strange coincidence, the American media are publishing material stating that Lockheed Martin, together with the Australian research center, is working on the creation of a new generation trans-horizon radar, which will effectively detect including hypersonic missiles. That is, everything is as usual for the United States: first, statements about a new Russian threat, and then information that one of the companies invents a “vundervaflu” that can “stop these Russians”. The vundervaflya is not yet finalized, but if the Pentagon gives a couple of billion dollars, everything will be at the highest level ...

Then, apparently, the opera party will unfold when an official from the Pentagon travels to the Senate, where he scares everyone with a mysterious Russian hypersonic glider with an eye on the allocation of money by the John McCain committee for the implementation of the Lockheed Martin project. Whether this radar will really belong to a new generation or not - the question for the manufacturer is not the main one. The main thing is to suck in astronomical sums and give the senators the opportunity to participate in cutting the budget. Well, just like with the F-35 ...

Comments from our readers:

Glider Glider is a planning vehicle! The expert called a senseless GBMD and a good THAAD, but completely forgot about the basis of US missile defense.

The title can be designated as follows: guard give money for a new missile defense! Russian aggression everywhere! From football fans to hypersonic weapons !!!

Actually, we summarize:

1. Developing a vehicle that can fly at speeds under M = 10 is no longer a problem either for us, or for the Chinese, or for the United States.
2. Full-scale tests in the Russian Federation of a new combat unit ALREADY were carried out using the Stiletto as a carrier.
3. Work continues. (at least a flying laboratory based on Il-76 for this program, as well as a state tender for the construction of production facilities for the production of these same gliders (more precisely, only the product number is indicated in the tender, not the name itself))
4. The main problem of creating the final product lies precisely in providing controllability and communication with the apparatus on the main course. Judging by the indirect data - ours somehow managed to solve this problem.

The sixth fleet to the shores of Mongolia? ..

Not so long ago, an event occurred that, it so happened, was honored by the rare Russian mass media. We are talking about the official visit to Mongolia of US Secretary of State John Kerry. From the speech of John Kerry, all of Mongolia learned that it is "an oasis of democracy sandwiched between Russia and China."

During the speech, the American secretary of state had the impression that Kerry was about to promise the Mongols the sending of the 6th (or some other) fleet US Navy to the shores of Mongolia to protect from the "barbarian" neighbors - Russia and China. If Mongolia has a non-systemic opposition, then it could use the proto-Ukrainian experience in digging its own sea to meet the American fleet ... The Mongolian sea ... And what? - That sounds ...
In CNN, it is probably not for nothing that Ulan Bator was confused with Kiev ...

Comments from our readers:

Kerry is clearly growing Mongolian "Gorbachev", since it is rubbing with youth leaders. Met something with all to disguise.

Ami du peuple
Let him grow potatoes in his garden, it will come in handy - Johnny has only a little left of state. But the geographical position of Mongolia makes it live in peace and harmony with its neighbors - Russia and China. For the state has no other land borders. And how do you think the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China will react to the appearance of the next pro-American "oasis of democracy" at their borders? The Mongols understand this perfectly.

It would also be nice for us to remember that the UK and not the United States became the first allies of the Soviet Union in the fight against Nazi Germany. The first responded with the offer of assistance to the USSR Tuva Republic and Mongolia. Each 5-I horse in our army was Mongolian, in general, about 500 thousands of heads, delivered almost free of charge, unlike the Western allies, who for lend-lease all collected a penny from us!

About machines and zavgary

The Kalashnikov Concern, whose main production facilities are located in Izhevsk, revealed information about its new model, the AK-400, which was developed by the company's specialists and is being offered to arm the elite Russian special forces, which include the Special Purpose Center "Alpha"), as well as the Presidential Security Service. It is reported that the new machine is a further development of the Kalashnikovs of the so-called "hundredth" series, while the AK-400 is offered in several versions for different cartridges.

Meanwhile, the United States has its own assembly of Kalashnikov assault rifles, which are very popular among citizens. Moreover, production volumes are growing. And if so, then is it not possible to establish our own assembly (or at least industrial) of American assault rifles with access to foreign markets somewhere in our “garage cooperative”? No, they themselves declared the conduct of a hybrid war by Russia, and anyway, the sanctions in the arms sphere against the Russian Federation are already in operation.

So, we arrange the production of M16 for Uncle Vasya - zavgara - and let American justice try to catch him in the Seychelles, Maldives or somewhere else, taking into account the fact that our uncle Vasya is resting only with a fishing rod on a karasev pond in central Russia ...

Comments from our readers:

Andrey K
"Kalashnikov" brought to the civilian market 4 new type of small arms ...
It can be said more simply: the Kalashnikov concern did not begin to invent anything new and once again released 4 AK similar products. Quality at the level of the good old AK, the name earned. This is what they use. That, in principle, not bad.
The first two samples described are variations on the theme of the smooth-bore "Saiga". The third and fourth are simply the use of AK-74 warehouse stocks (last year they launched civilian barrels chambered for 5,45х39, previously used only in the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Internal Affairs).

Izhevtsy, you can invent something new, and not 100500 remake of the legendary Kalashnikov?

A letter from the Turkish Sultan

Vladimir Putin received a letter. From R.T. Erdogan. The Turkish President congratulated the Russian leader on the Day of Russia and wished the relations of Russia and Turkey to reach a “deserved level”. At the same time, Turkish Prime Minister B. Yildirim sent a letter to his Russian counterpart D. Medvedev, where he also expressed hope that the two states would achieve the level necessary "for the common interests of our peoples."

The message of Erdogan and the letter of the Turkish Prime Minister indicate that Ankara is urgently seeking a rapprochement with Moscow. Tensions and losses from the lurching tourism industry are clearly worrying “neo-sultan”. Erdogan goes roundabout paths, not wanting to apologize for the tragedy in the sky.

Letters to Putin and Medvedev are not the first attempts to improve the spoiled relations. Recall that at the end of last month R.T. Erdogan stated that he was ready “to solve the problem in a relationship“ as soon as possible ”, but the trouble is: he doesn’t know how to approach it. According to him, he does not understand what the first step Russians expect from Turkey. Turks do not want to quarrel with Russia, on the contrary, they want to "develop relations".

Comments from our readers:

Erdogan behaves like a naughty puppy, seemingly wags his tail, but continues to sit under the sofa and does not consider the pile piled in the corridor to be his joint. Kindergarten, pants with straps.

“Recently V. Putin received a letter. From R.T. Erdogan. The Turkish President congratulated the Russian leader on the Day of Russia and wished the relations of Russia and Turkey to reach a “deserved level”.
This is possible in a computer game, one level passed, a new one deserved. Not passed, and to hell with him, I'll try again, and so on for an infinitely long time. And here it will not work this way, this is life, and in this life our plane was shot down and our people died.

So these relations reached the deserved level: the Turks are sent away, Turkey has been sanctioned. What else do they want?

Unpredictable interfere

Another surprising statement was made today by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. This time, he allowed himself to comment on the sudden checks of the combat readiness of the Russian troops, which have recently been actively conducted in various military districts of the Russian Federation. According to Stoltenberg, sudden checks of the combat readiness of the Armed Forces of Russia "make it impossible for the partner to be informed about the intentions to conduct such military maneuvers."

And then another statement came up. Assistant US Deputy Secretary of Defense Michael Carpenter, referring to the results of one study, said that the current situation in the Baltic region is very complicated and can lead to unacceptable consequences. According to estimates by American analysts, in the event of an armed conflict, Russian troops will be able to break down the defense of NATO in just 60 hours, or even faster.

In reality, no such unpredictability exists: it is a myth invented by NATO strategists. Russia, of course, can give some unpredictable answer, but this will be the answer, not the attack. The West always starts to mess around; read about it in smart books on stories.

In fact, NATO is building up a grouping of troops in Eastern Europe, as well as in the Baltic States. NATO surrounds Russia with bases and focal points. Russia can only react. As a pretext, instead of the “Soviet threat”, the “Russian threat” is now being considered. The North Atlantic Alliance, therefore, has livened up, because it has finally found an excuse for its own existence and expansion. Well, not to consider, for example, Libya a threat to NATO countries!

What will NATO do after the buildup? Build up again? And budgets do not crack? One thing is clear: the cold war will continue.

Comments from our readers:

The Russian army in order and serves to calmly slept the country, and the enemies were nervous, twitching and did not even think about attacking us.

In accordance with the European notions of knightly honor, we must inform them of the start of hostilities no later than six months, with a written letter in the presence of a herald. Otherwise, they will not have time to gather.

They gathered, as usual, to figure out how to be even more afraid of the “Russian threat”, to dream about an invasion and, as always, to pass off these dreams as reality. They behave like limited, ill-mannered children.

It's hot in the European Union

The summer of 2016 for the European Union turned out to be extremely hot. The integration project of Europe cracked at all the seams. There is a British referendum on leaving the EU, strikes and protests in France, demonstrations and pickets in Germany, serious friction between the Polish authorities and officials of the European Commission, the frequent claims of countries and political groups. Finally, since July, Slovakia will take over the EU presidency for half a year, and its plans for a period of new powers have greatly disturbed the heads of the European Commission.

The fact is that Slovakia, like the Netherlands, outlined among the priorities attention to the migration crisis, but gave it its own vision. On this, the Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico made a number of policy statements that shocked the authorities of the European Union. Fico called the admission of migrants in Europe "ritual suicide", opposed the mandatory quotas for the distribution of refugees between EU member states and the creation of a closed Muslim community in his country. In an interview with Fico published by the Bratislava newspaper SME there is even such a statement: “There is no place for Islam in Slovakia”.

Fico's statement, it should be noted, excited the European officials. And this country will chair the EU! But the chairmanship gives the state a chance not only to identify their interests, but also to defend them.

Comments from our readers:

The faster the geyrosoyuz crumbles, the more, faster and more qualitatively fat will be poured on the collar to the world gendarme ... And for us this is only a plus ...

Well, here the Europeans blame no one but myself. What blinded, then love. It is characteristic that the loudest yell, indignant and Russophobia are just those countries that the EU practically supports financially. In Russia, they said: "Mal bug, yes smelly."

Yes guys. Only war removes all contradictions and rallies.

Whom are bilderbergers afraid of

The Bilderbergs talked again behind closed doors. This time in Germany, under the watchful guard of the German police. Among the participants of the meeting, which was held in Dresden 9 — 12 June, were Ursula von der Lyayen (Minister of Defense of the Federal Republic of Germany), Christine Lagarde (IMF Managing Director), Henry Kissinger (ex-US Secretary of State), Europe), Ben van Burden (CEO of Royal Dutch Shell) and other influential and wealthy people. It is also known that on the eve of the meeting, Henry Kissinger had a meeting with Donald Trump. There is an opinion that the Bilderbergs do not want to allow Trump to the presidency of the United States; their choice - H. Clinton.

But most of all, the Bilderbergs are not afraid of Trump, but the precocians. Thanks to the list of topics on the club's website, it is known that one of the special topics of the current meeting was the question of the prekariat - the rising social class. The term “precariat” (“precariat”) became popular thanks to the English economist, Professor at the University of London G. Standing, the author of the book “Prekariat: A New Dangerous Class” (translated into Russian). Precariae - those with the lowest incomes, working part-time, seasonally or in the shadow sector. The financial situation of these people does not allow them to ensure their independence. It is believed that for the powerful of this world the new class is very dangerous. For the first time, the term was used by French sociologist Robert Castel; Standing, on the other hand, created a concept that describes the prekariat as a social class in the making, whose distinguishing feature is that the level of training of its members is higher than the paid work that employers offer them. The scientist is a supporter of the concept of "unconditional basic income" (money allowance guaranteed to every citizen, not depending on needs, but due to the activity that is expected from a citizen - for example, participation in elections).

Thus, at the club meeting today there was one feature: a discussion of the future of the new class - “prekariat”. Moreover, the bilderbergers did not hide this topic, and they submitted it on their website under the same number as the middle class: “Precariat and middle class”. Probably, at a time when the middle class began to rapidly roll down and even fall into poverty, the powerful people decided to attend to the issue of “prekarya”. If earlier, in Marx and post-Marx times, the owners of factories and plants could not help but worry about the proletarian activity, now, when the lines between the proletarians and the middle class are often erased, globalizers, for political domination, are ready to turn everyone into “precarians”: throw some money to human to herds, if only they would vote, if only formally the appearance of “democracy” lived, if only the world political elite would retain the dominant privileged position.

Comments from our readers:

... This article is for communists and conspiracy lovers.

I will answer you a joke. Stand on a farm in the stalls of two cows. One grass is chewing, and the other is thinking. The first one says: don't you eat something? The second answers: it seems to me that people who collect our milk and calves do not feed our calves, but rather kill them and eat, and drink our milk, and the time will come, we will not be able to give milk, and they will kill us and eat! Here the first one answers: oh, this conspiracy theory, how you got us all, eat it up!

Bilderbergers are, of course, power. But by no means "guiding and directing." I will say simpler, this is not an analogue of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU, and so, the maximum analogue of the Council of Ministers. There are solved the issues of technical coordination of actions, the appointment of specific defendants for a specific period for specific posts. All strategic decisions and approaches have been developed. This is obvious for two reasons: firstly, the “Bilderbergers” do not hesitate to sit in (the publicity of some specific participants is, of course, undesirable, but, as they say, nothing terrible); secondly, as correctly stated in the article, there are many called to the carpet and / or for appointment to the post. In short, if we compare it with a narrow military sphere, it is an analogue of OKNSH, nothing more. A focal point, NOT a center of strategic objectives, and certainly not an ideological center.

Cable only

The prospects for further economic and political cooperation between Russia and Argentina were in doubt. 11 June 2016 has learned that the Argentine Radio and Television Authority has decided to suspend the news coverage of the Russia Today television channel as part of the free state television network. Watch the news of the channel Argentina residents will be able only in cable television networks.

Recall that since 10 in December of last year, Mauricio Macri holds the post of President of Argentina. The future politician was born into a family of Italian immigrants, was engaged in business for a long time, and in 1995-2007. led the Boca Juniors Football Club as president. In 2007-2015 Macri was twice elected mayor of Buenos Aires. In 2015, he was nominated for the presidency of Argentina from the center-right political party Republican Proposal and won. According to many experts, Mauricio Macri is a pro-American figure.

Comments from our readers:

Let them think seven times, then make decisions. If they want to go with America - let them survive.

America has once again played on the "orange scenario." We will survive, but Argentina would like to ask: have you not bothered with America yet? Nothing below the back hurts from such a “friendship”?
Hi Argentina!
Orange sky
Orange sea
Orange greens
Orange camel,
Orange moms
Orange guys
Orange songs
Orange sing.

States influence what is happening in Latin America is even easier than in Europe. Arrange the collapse of the economy for disobedience, and here's another revolution!

“I wish to see sailboats, yachts in the Black Sea”

The head of the Bulgarian government of Bulgaria, Boyko Borisov, allowed himself an anti-NATO demarche. According to him, Bulgaria does not intend to join the so-called Black Sea Flotilla, which is going to be created in the format of the North Atlantic Alliance.

The Bulgarian Prime Minister explained his decision by saying that he does not want war. From the statement of Boyko Borisov (on Facebook): “I have always said that I want to see sailboats, yachts, cruise liners with tourists in the Black Sea, and I don’t want it (the Black Sea) to become a theater of military operations. I do not need a war on the Black Sea. I do not see the threat of Bulgaria from Russia at all. Russia conducts economic cooperation with us and certainly does not intend to use either tanks or missiles against us. Russia has no such ideas. ”

Recall that earlier on the initiative of Romania and Turkey, the question was raised about the creation of the so-called Black Sea Flotilla, which should "restrain Russia." After some time in Kiev, they said that they were ready to send several of their warships to such a flotilla.

Bulgaria thought - and responded to these aggressive initiatives with a peaceful statement.

Apparently, the West has already bolstered Sophia with its dictatorship: either the Washington bosses, in agreement with Brussels, cut down the South Stream, they will speak negatively about the construction of a nuclear power plant in Belene ... It seems that Sophia's patience has come to an end.

Yes, and one more fact: according to travel companies, since the beginning of 2016, the flow of Russian tourists to Bulgaria has increased by more than 12%.

Comments from our readers:

Reserve officer
I don’t know why, but I don’t believe in the frankness of this refusal due to respect for our country. Most likely, there is no money. Maybe I am mistaken. Too often they put us on the steps. One "South Stream" is worth something. There was not enough political will to resist external pressure. What has changed since then?

Naturally, no money.
They had already lost their “virginity” when they had a ride with South Stream. It would be foolish now to declare that once is not considered.
Creation of the Black Sea flotilla should be paid by someone. It is unlikely that someone will give Bulgaria a corvette and pay for its resource. Everything will have to be done for money from the budget or for a targeted loan.
The anti-Russian position, which does not make money, is meaningless (well, only if you are not Ukraine, where you have to steal more under any slogans).

Then the news slipped: Rosatom won more than 700 million dollars from the Bulgarian government in compensation for the frustrated Belene contract. Money here and now. So there is definitely no money for such changeable ones.

The stranger
And did not read it? Rosatom lost: compensation refused. Those 550 million euros, which were awarded, were not disputed at all: this is money for equipment already built - one and a half reactors that we will pay you anyway, or not, if you need reactors yourself, then we simply disagree. Each with its losses from the design, and other "paperwork". (Comment from Bulgaria. - Ed.)

About double standards

“After reading the comments on the article on the incident in Orlando, I decided to express a couple of thoughts,” writes VO commentator Roman Skomorokhov. - And they do not concern the shot representatives of the LGBT USA, I, frankly speaking, don't care a bit, and not even the one who sent them to the next world. This is in any case the problems of the American system. As special services, and the government. And, paraphrasing the well-known proverb, in that monastery there is nothing to stick with its charter. ”

The novel leads struck his comments of other visitors "IN". (Published without revision. - Ed. "IN".) Here it is, the attitude to the tragedy in Orlando:

What can you say here ... Probably for the first time I support the radical Islamist ... Although this is a murder. If you want to impose sodomy, you will receive an answer.

What you sow, then reap. They spread terror around the world. The boomerang is back and slammed into American buggers. Well, let them bury quickly.

isya top:
"Omar Matin shot 50 and injured the visitor to the 53 establishment, RIA Novosti reports."
not visitors, but homosexuals. our person

The medal is necessary to give the guy. Hero of our time.

Darth Revan:
Islamists are enemies for me, but I would shake hands with this guy! Heresy must be eradicated with a weapon in hand!

In essence, let us add, these commentators argue exactly as Americans divide terrorists into good and bad. Terrorist killer Omar Matin they have "our man" and "the hero of our time." This “guy” should even be given a “medal”, some say. Others are eager to shake the “guy” hand and think with the slogan “Heresy must be eradicated with a weapon in hand!”

Togo and look, such exterminators are about to begin to make fires from books, and at the same time to burn or push into the gas chambers of those authors who deviated in their judgments from a certain canon. Sex minorities can be treated differently, but approving murder means ... what? Guess yourself.

Quote and one more comment. Critical:

Bravo. What else do you say? First, we support the destruction of people with the wrong orientation, then with the wrong views on life, then with the wrong nationality. Hmmm I have already seen it somewhere.

Comments from our readers:

Yuri from Volgograd
For me, everything is so simple:
1. Kill is bad.
2. Gomosek be bad.
The conclusion is simple: bad done bad.
I do not want to scold or condemn as a result of such an event.

Female reaction: yes, he needs a medal for this, he has shot homosexuals. Aunties laugh lightly.
And I remembered the performance of Gaddafi in 2009 on the UN tribune. He read an article from the UN Charter on the responsibilities of members of the organization, etc., then pulled it up and threw it over the shoulder to the presidium. Before that, he said that one of the members of the Security Council after World War II in wars and coups in 60 countries of the world killed more people than during the whole of World War II.
The Washingtonian macaques, by wars and coups, sowed the seeds of evil themselves, and are now reaping the storm. We only hear about the crazed amers who are organizing the slaughter in schools, churches, universities, and public places. Exceptional nation, hegemon of evil.

And what's with it, in fact, homosexuals (um, why the hell do I have the word GE is replaced by a homosexual ?!)?
The fact that the psycho with the carbine went into the homosexual club, in which he himself, often, was hanging out?
So he could not get to the club, but look into the store, school, amusement park (to which he, in fact, looked closely).
Well, a pedestrian-man refused him, and this psycho decided to change the goal. We can say that someone's gay ass saved children in Disneyland ...
To be honest, I don't care what happened in America: I don’t belong to those compassionate people who constantly carry flowers and candles to any embassy. In Africa, a dozen times more children die of hunger every day ... It would be better if they carried suhpayki to the embassy ...
Two moments surprised me in this story.
First of all, this psycho alone HOUR (!) Was shooting gays in the club. Security? Police? Just a dozen martial gays who decided to at least throw a chair into it and tie it? Not ... Some were incompetent, others were not, and the third did not have eggs, figuratively speaking.
And secondly, a psycho, being under the FBI cap on suspicion of having links with terrorists, quietly buys a weapon (they have, of course, free sales, but the customer profile, one fig, breaks through the card index)? Works in a company with access to carrying and storing weapons (psychological examination)? Trying to get into the police (recommendations for admission ...)? No, it doesn't bother anyone ... Well, we are America, we are safe, it is dangerous only where we are not ...

The author of the article is waiting for repentance? NOT WAIT! Everyone thinks like he thinks, and there is nothing to brainwash. Pendosnya from helicopters shooting peaceful Afghans and then justified about their mistakes. Something is often mistaken, and this is already a pathology.

Pinkie F.
What the hell repentance? Skomorokhov writes about something else. You have to be a complete idiot to applaud a scumbag, and even talking about “shaking hands” is generally a pathological pearl. It’s good that the debil wasn’t found with the suggestion that he should name the street.

There is no court

US intelligence did not find evidence of Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the 9 / 11 terrorist attacks. This was announced by John Brennan himself, who heads the Central Intelligence Agency. He specifically gave an interview to Al-Arabiya (exclusive). Undoubtedly, the statement was made with the filing of B.H. Obama, known for his reverent attitude to the allied kingdom.

The commission investigating the 11 attacks of September 2001 of the year conducted its work “very carefully,” the main man in the CIA said. The conclusion of the commission members about the possible involvement of the Saudi government in the terrorist attacks was as follows: there is no evidence that “the Saudi government as an institution or Saudi senior officials individually” supported the ideas of attacks in the USA on September 11 of 2001.

President Obama and his subordinates like Brennan, under the curtain of their careers, will not completely spoil relations with the Saudis. Moreover, they will do everything to improve them.

Barack Obama and his administration are often blamed for failures in the Middle East: they say they have blundered with Syria, relations with Saudi Arabia have worsened, and the appearance of the “IG” blinked out, and allowed the Russians to go to war, and Iran gave too many concessions. In short, sheer failures, sheer political weakness. Israelis are unhappy with Obama’s behavior, and Arabs are often visited by Putin. This suggests that "Great America" ​​is already almost on the sidelines in the Middle East. True, it is not clear who is there first, and whether it is at all.

And if Mr. Obama finally quarrels with the Saudis, with whom relations at the White House are now very strained, he will become the very president about whom they will write in history textbooks: in his era, the Middle East left out of American control. And this means nothing more than the beginning of the end of the world American “hegemony”.

That is why the main tseerushnik Mr. Brennan lost track. Now we have to wait for the Saudi response. We must, in Riyadh, count the deflection of Washington!

Comments from our readers:

In Saudi Arabia, there was no trace.
The September 11 event is fully and entirely organized by the then ruling elite of the United States. No, of course, they could pull the performers out of the CA, but the event itself, physically (and theoretically) could not have taken place without the resolution of the United States.
They needed sacred sacrifice. And so sacred to go where they themselves want, and so that no one has any doubts about the correctness of their actions.
And okay, once. But the airspace was violated as many as four times.
1) North Tower.
2) South Tower.
3) Pentagon (although there was not a plane, but a CD, this is another evidence against the United States, but this is not about that).
4) White House - yes, there the plane did not fly. Allegedly, the passengers rebelled, and the liner collapsed. Well, let it be the passengers, but where were the military?
So there are more questions than answers.
PS Yes, and why the third skyscraper collapsed, into which no plane crashed? Moreover, it collapsed quite jewelery and filigree.
But one day, when the time comes, the world will know the truth. When this event will remove the neck "secret".

I agree. Watch the movie “Fahrenheit 9 / 11”, which is banned in the States.

The United States cannot surrender Saudi Arabia in any way, since it is possible to follow the trail on the true organizer of the terrorist attacks, 9 / 11, which is located in the United States.
1) The towers were destroyed as if they were being prepared for demolition. All have seen it.
2) This attack was needed by those who really steer the US policy: justification was needed to intervene in the region.
3) It is hardly possible to carry out technical preparations for the destruction of the towers without the knowledge of the special services.
4) If the SA and is involved in these attacks, it is only with the filing of the United States.
Press the Saudis - the CIA will come out.

* “I have sawdust in my head. Long words only upset me "- a phrase from the cartoon" Winnie the Pooh and All-All-All "
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  1. The comment was deleted.
  2. The black
    The black 19 June 2016 06: 33
    Petro Poroshenko hurried to declare that he would not fight for Crimea, but would return him exclusively through diplomatic means

    1. Sid.74
      Sid.74 19 June 2016 07: 41
      We will also quote one more comment. "Critical":
      Bravo. What else do you say? First, we support the destruction of people with the wrong orientation, then with the wrong views on life, then with the wrong nationality. Hmmm I have already seen it somewhere.

      That's it, I also saw it somewhere ... oh yes ... Israel has a similar policy ...
      Major General Herzi Ha-Levy in Veterans today:"We do not want IS defeat in Syria"
      t-isis-defeat-in-syria /

      IG seems to be throwing off LGBT people from the rooftops ... and official Israel supports them ... does this mean that Israel also supports the shooting in Orlando ... or did I misunderstand something?
      All this is not a politician of some kind, but the head of the Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the army. winked
      And this ... this is a masterpiece.
      "IS has never been as difficult as it has been in the last 3 months."

      A buying tear rolled down the scout's unshaven cheek ...crying
      The Syrian army captured the arsenals of Israeli and Romanian weapons, which came from Turkey under the guise of humanitarian aid IG
    2. major071
      major071 19 June 2016 07: 58
      Thanks to Oleg and Alexey for the review! good hi
      I could not ignore the past complaints of the pastor about the lack of cartridges, etc. ...

      There are no cartridges! Turchinov said
      There are no shells! And no rockets!
      From our Nuclear Club
      Long ago in the distance the trace melted
      Towerless tanks, rusty guns
      Tail fell off the plane
      And NATO gives only toys
      How to fight? That is the question!
      We moved to NATO standards
      We do not need Russian trash!
      And what donate patrons
      He calmly lays in his pocket!
      That will allocate two hundred tanks
      We’ll just clean the toe
      Let the twenty go to the troops!
      Take the rest!
      The treasury will dry up - no grunt!
      Let nothing in cash
      We are the first people! We are men!
      Find what to reflect the raid
      Spear and saber, bow and arrow
      For the army we always find
      Let a little bit out of date
      But if with NATO rations!
      Nothing is sorry for the army!
      No ammo - hold the arrow!
      Want guns, new tanks?
      I’ll give a catapult, but one ...

      Of course, there are no reasons to blame Kiev
      We will lay the blame on NATO countries
      They naively poke money into the budget
      Well, but in reality, of course, in the pockets
      wink drinks
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 19 June 2016 08: 53
        Another important chain of events, which in the weekly review was unfairly bypassed ... according to rumors Shoigu and Assad discussed the attack on Raqqa.
        Shoigu checked the starting positions of the S-400 at the Khmeimim airbase in Syria
        "The head of the Russian military department checked the combat duty at the command post of the air defense group, as well as the starting positions of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system stationed at the airbase," said a spokesman for the Russian military department.

        And then he said that ... wink
        Sergei Shoigu: - Now the process of separating terrorists from the peaceful opposition will be radically accelerated.

        Like where is the peaceful opposition and air defense ... but .. laughing
        Pentagon representatives held an emergency video conference on Syria with their Russian colleagues

        And again ...
        The militants of Jabhat An-Nusra (the al-Qaida Syrian branch) said that their 125 comrades died on the battlefields of Aleppo and Latakia in the last 12 days.
        On the official pages of jihadists in social networks, it is explained that the militants were killed during the fighting with the Syrian Arab Army and its allied forces south and north of Aleppo, as well as in the north of Latakia, near the border with Turkey. The indicated number does not include the losses of the Islamists suffered by them during the yesterday’s storming of the positions of the government troops in the village of Khalsa, located in the south of the province of Aleppo. Among those killed during yesterday’s offensive are the names of three field commanders of the group, including Emir Idlib.

        Telegraph: Russia caused serious damage to the "elite assistant" of the United States in Syria
        The Russian Aerospace Forces bombed the positions of the rebel group New Syrian Army, according to the Daily Telegraph. Thus, according to the newspaper, Moscow has weakened the "elite" rebel group, which the United States and Great Britain are preparing to fight against the "Islamic state".

        Well, the apotheosis ... laughing
        Lavrov about Kerry's words "The US is losing patience in Syria": John needs to be more patient. I don't know what happened to him

        Our Israeli friends also said that C-400 was not aimed against them ...
        Israel sees no threats in the deployment by Russia of C-400 complexes in Syria, as he believes that they are "in good hands", said in an interview with RIA Novosti Israeli Ambassador to the Russian Federation Zvi Heifetz.
        1. Sid.74
          Sid.74 19 June 2016 09: 05
          Now that's interesting ....
          Ivanov: The Minsk agreements are at an impasse. It is already obvious to all that Kiev will not fulfill them.

          During the last week, a large number of those killed in the ranks of the volunteer battalions became known. For example, the Right Sector defense complex in just a few days lost more than fifty fighters.

          In the course of armed clashes with units of the regular Ukrainian army, starting from June 12, “PS” lost 18 people killed, 25 nationalists were injured.
  3. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 19 June 2016 06: 35
    millions of Russian fans are simply not allowed to enjoy the sporting event - the European Football Championship.
    That really suffered laughing laughing laughing
  4. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 19 June 2016 06: 49
    Less than five days for investigation and sentence! This draws to the entry in the book of records.
    They so quickly condemned our fans because they made a deal with the investigation; in return, they received a guarantee that the punishment would not exceed a predetermined period. Of course, now they can challenge this decision, but not the fact that they want, because. during the retrial, they can get more than they have. I recall that one Englishman (one for sure) is now in very serious condition in the hospital, the prosecution can hang a bunch of aggravating circumstances from the use of cold steel to the organizers of the crime, etc. You need to watch how everything will happen.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 19 June 2016 06: 56
      Quote: Thunderbolt
      Our fans were so quickly convicted because they made a deal with the investigation. In return, they received a guarantee that the punishment would not exceed a predetermined period.

      Even in the DPRK, the investigation takes longer. The French set a world record.
      1. Alexei
        Alexei 19 June 2016 07: 43
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Even in the DPRK, the investigation takes longer. The French set a world record.

        As if our European partners today did not claim dividends for pogroms of our army on their territory, which might happen in the future. winked
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 19 June 2016 08: 15
          Quote: Alexej
          As if our European partners today did not claim dividends for the pogroms of our army on their territory,

          Do you propose to pile on the French too?
          1. Alexei
            Alexei 19 June 2016 19: 10
            Quote: Alexander Romanov
            Do you propose to pile on the French too?

            Yeah, for the second time in the story we know smile
      2. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 19 June 2016 08: 10
        This is called "quick presentation before the court" --- they have such a procedure prescribed in the law. But it is rarely used, in this case, for example.
        French justice is not so tolerant, funny and soft, as shown in the movies ...
        1. atakan
          atakan 19 June 2016 13: 17
          French justice is not so tolerant, funny and soft, as shown in the movies ...

          It’s even mildly said, in ALL modern films where the French police are shown, a negative attitude is shown to it. Yes and 40-30 years ago it was not better, as can be seen from the same French films
        2. Sid.74
          Sid.74 19 June 2016 17: 06
          Quote: Thunderbolt
          French justice is not so tolerant, funny and soft, as shown in the movies ...

          Well, confusing ... fellow
      3. evil partisan
        evil partisan 19 June 2016 10: 40
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Even in the DPRK, the investigation takes longer.

        Those. and they grabbed you there? winked However ... Our prosecutor’s office only forgot about you a little ... But I can remind her of a plunderer of natural resources yes But there are options (10 kg. Salted red caviar and 30 kg. Salted coho salmon ...) repeat
        Hello poacher! drinks
    2. Aleksander
      Aleksander 19 June 2016 08: 13
      Quote: Thunderbolt
      the prosecution can hang a bunch of aggravating circumstances from the use of knives to the organizers of the crime

      That's exactly what to HIT: all three are not ordinary fans, but the organizers of fan clubs, they know and understand a lot, so hardly any of them personally beat this angla. And everything else is just "hanging", to prevent which you need good lawyers and the defense of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  5. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 19 June 2016 06: 51
    Of course, thanks to the authors for the review, BUT ..... I have a natural question, how are we to the rear-wheel drive shootings at FSA? If these remnants have forgotten that you yourself are to blame for all your troubles, in the first place, who is it to them? This time. Second: again, as these remnants-problems of blacks say, the sheriff is not holes-holes. And thirdly: before declaring themselves the world's gendarme, our "pantners" did not try to calculate the consequences? Otherwise, why don't you keep a whole bunch of egg-headed shops, both for the state cat and for the private one. What am I leading all this to - call yourself a nail, get it on your hat, for any action generates opposition. And physics, unlike politics, is considered an exact science, if it doesn't change my mind. Bottom line: what we fought for, we ran into it. If I'm wrong, correct me comrades ...
    1. dmi.pris
      dmi.pris 19 June 2016 07: 55
      And we are sideways to all troubles (and the main Bedokur is V. Putin). Hens rushing ceased, the same trace ..
  6. ser-pov
    ser-pov 19 June 2016 06: 53
    The Guardian newspaper announced that Russian fans are from law enforcement agencies and this is the hand of the Kremlin and Putin personally ... Well, further down the line, the cat threw the kittens ... Either they consider their readers to be idiots or indeed Europe is not far off ....
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 19 June 2016 06: 58
      Quote: ser-pov
      The Guardian newspaper announced that Russian fans from law enforcement agencies

      Riot police trained for the 2018 World Cup. If football is not taken away from us and in general the world will reach 2018. I would be in the place of the French and British, would not come to Russia.
      1. Ruslan67
        Ruslan67 19 June 2016 07: 00
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        I would be in the place of the French and British, would not come to Russia.

        Let them go to Peter yes Atalef promised to pull himself up winked wassat
        1. Kos_kalinki9
          Kos_kalinki9 19 June 2016 07: 06
          Ruslan67 (5)
          Let them go to Peter

          Ruslan, no offense will be, Peter is no longer Russia ?????? request recourse
          1. Ruslan67
            Ruslan67 19 June 2016 07: 09
            Quote: Kos_kalinki9
            t, Peter is no longer Russia?

            Here is always a misunderstanding in the details request Here you will be greeted with all the warmth angry am Experience is yes
            1. Alexander Romanov
              Alexander Romanov 19 June 2016 07: 18
              Quote: Ruslan67
              Here is always a misunderstanding in the details

              When a person has nothing to write and has not read an article, then he sits and finds fault with nonsense in comments.
              1. Ruslan67
                Ruslan67 19 June 2016 07: 24
                Quote: Alexander Romanov
                sits and finds fault in komenty to nonsense.

                Come on! Already razrulili wink
                1. Kos_kalinki9
                  Kos_kalinki9 19 June 2016 07: 41
                  Alexander Romanov
                  then he sits and finds fault in komenty to nonsense.

                  Well here again the accusations sad But what about the jokes of humor? fellow
                  1. Alexander Romanov
                    Alexander Romanov 19 June 2016 08: 16
                    Quote: Kos_kalinki9
                    But what about the jokes of humor?

                    Humor is accepted! drinks
        2. dmi.pris
          dmi.pris 19 June 2016 07: 56
          Yes, they have nothing to do there, just trample the parquet.
        3. evil partisan
          evil partisan 19 June 2016 10: 43
          Quote: Ruslan67
          Atalef promised to pull himself up

          And do you need scumbags from the Urals? winked Toko stubs whistles - I’ll bring Rezh to the floor. Rezhevsky - finally tin! yes Well, Andrei Yurich can be seen sad ...
          Hello Courvoiser! drinks
      2. SlavaP
        SlavaP 19 June 2016 20: 30
        I am afraid that the 2018 World Cup has already been taken away but is not yet made public. Then the actions of the Russian militants look absolutely justified - a test of forces and reconnaissance in battle.
    2. Vasiliev Yu
      Vasiliev Yu 20 June 2016 16: 12
      Quote: ser-pov
      The Guardian newspaper announced that Russian fans are from law enforcement agencies and this is the hand of the Kremlin and Putin personally ... Well, further down the line, the cat threw the kittens ... Either they consider their readers to be idiots or indeed Europe is not far off ....

      God sees, I'm tired of explaining the obvious already. When will you start linking one to the other? Or at least remember what preceded this?
      Back in KP at that time I wrote (after the downed Boeing) that this is only the beginning, we should expect unprecedented meanness now from the Pin ... dos and others like them. It all started after Putin visited South America with the idea of ​​creating BRICS and the Development Bank (in opposition to the IMF and pin ... dosam). If everything worked out as planned, in 5 years (then I was still an optimist) we, together with China, would push the IMF very much, and pin ... dos with our `` candy wrappers '' and our debts would be deep in '' well ... '' (crisis).
      The only thing that I could not even think of was that `` their '' rats would be allowed to shit their country uncontrollably and with impunity: banks that brought down the economy and the ruble, economists are stupid, ambassadors (to put it mildly) like Zurabov in Ukraine, and etc ... I naively believed that if everything went from planning to the implementation of this EPIC (without exaggeration) project, then inside the country everything should be under control.
      Now pin ... dos, so as not to be on the outskirts of history, will spread rot in everything. And the Europeans, too, they understand, in an alliance with China, WE will begin to dictate conditions to them (for now, due to the ill-considered policy of `` forgiveness '' to internal enemies, we are only looking for opportunities to survive on our own) And it’s stupid to expect noble actions, apologies or honesty from the scum. Scum always remain scum, and your actions must be correlated with this.
  7. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 19 June 2016 06: 54
    the court slapped the three detained Russians with real prison terms - up to two years in a local prison. Less than five days for investigation and sentence! This draws to the entry in the book of records.
    To capture three Frenchmen, in two days to slap a sentence for them, there would be a person for ********, and the article will be nailed and exchanged.

    About the observation: Microsoft Office Word does not understand the word “pederast” and stubbornly underlines in red, but the word “.e.y” is understood by the program perfectly ...

    Then you need to say at press conferences, “There are no gays in Russia, there are pederasts in Russia. And to say that a pederast is much cooler than d e and is worthy lol The next day, all Western media themselves will call our fagots their own names wassat

    And they concern the non-executed representatives of the US LGBT,
    Again about buggers No. Yes pah on them!
    1. B.T.V.
      B.T.V. 19 June 2016 07: 07
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      Again about the buggers no Fie on them!

      Indeed: - Doctor, I’m probably a lesbian ?!
      - Why do you think so?!
      - There are so many beautiful men around, but I am attracted to women !!!
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 19 June 2016 08: 17
        Quote: B.T.W.
        : - Doctor, I’m probably a lesbian ?!

        Tanya is a Klitschko syndrome lol
        Hi hi
  8. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 19 June 2016 07: 01
    The other day, an article was published in the English version of Forbes, in which the author expresses bewilderment about the demographic indicators in Russia.
    Everything is very simple. In Russia they love Women, and you have same-sex marriage. So where do the children come from? Only here. Try it, it may work. Rainbow, rainbow strife. Beauty will save the world. Cliche? Yes. But how exactly.
  9. Knowing
    Knowing 19 June 2016 07: 09
    Having applied and likened "critical thinking", he became even more firmly established in his INDIVIDUAL opinion - the Anglo-Saxons and their six are the true ENEMIES of Russia.
    About Poroshenko:
    The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko will hold a meeting with the heads of the security forces, at which he will discuss the possibility of "running-in" the National Guard units in the zone of the security operation in Donbass, UNIAN reports.

    cm: RIA Novosti we must assume that this promise is quite feasible ...
    And about the bastards: Stepanova gained world fame by becoming the heroine of the films of the German journalist Hayo Zeppelt about doping in Russian sports. In them, she described in detail the distribution patterns of illicit drugs among Russian athletes.

    In February 2013, the VFLA anti-doping commission disqualified Stepanova for two years. After serving his sentence, the athlete with her husband asked for political asylum in Canada, but at the moment both are in the United States.
    Note, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, the United States-the country where the whole rabble of human runs ....
    Applicable Truth ( IMHO):
  10. Kos_kalinki9
    Kos_kalinki9 19 June 2016 07: 10
    Oh, well, a week. Football, fans, the future Olympics in Rio, we’re going, they don’t let go ... laughing
  11. Khariton
    Khariton 19 June 2016 07: 17
    So normal for a week .... Our fans really surprised me, as did Putin! (200 fans marked a thousand at least ..)))) Well done!
  12. Kos_kalinki9
    Kos_kalinki9 19 June 2016 07: 21
    <!--QuoteBegin Ruslan67Вот всегда недопонимание в мелочах request Here you will be greeted with all the warmth angry am Experience is yes[/ quote -> Quote: Ruslan67 There is always a misunderstanding in the little things request Here you will be greeted with all the warmth angry am Experience is yes[/ quote
    Yes God forbid, what misunderstanding? wink Just thought, what if CORNET read your post? am Here you will definitely get angry
    1. Ruslan67
      Ruslan67 19 June 2016 07: 27
      Quote: Kos_kalinki9
      Just thought, what if CORNET read your post?

      Well, he needs to laughing
      Quote: Kos_kalinki9
      here you will definitely get

      recourse We choked, choked, choked, smothered ..... bully
    2. Khariton
      Khariton 19 June 2016 07: 59
      Quote: Kos_kalinki9
      Yes God forbid, what misunderstanding? wink Just thought, what if CORNET read your post? am Here you will definitely get

      Shot him ...
      1. Kos_kalinki9
        Kos_kalinki9 19 June 2016 08: 21
        Shot him ...

        Shoot, this is not for me, this is for CORNET. hi
  13. Egoza
    Egoza 19 June 2016 07: 21
    Hello! Happy Trinity! The authors - a great grand merci for the review. Well, since everyone started talking about football, then I will start from the same.
    Mikhail Fomenko (coach of the national team) honestly and bluntly said: “The main reason for the defeat is the lack of a team on the field. Many players have not completed many coaching staff installations. This applies to both defense and attack. I already said earlier: if you do not fulfill all the requirements and do not work out on the field one hundred percent, then there will be a negative result. ... Probably, our players considered that it was possible to achieve a result in this match with little blood. ”

    This naive man is Fomenko! Everything was just like in the Ukrainian army - orders are not fulfilled, everyone does what he wants, good deeds are on their own ... in short everything was predictable! This is Ukraine!
    Zradnitskaya Zrada ...
    The Netherlands wants to amend the Association Agreements between Ukraine and the EU. This decision was influenced by the results of the referendum, in which 61% of the Dutch voted against the Agreement, and only 38,21% in favor.

    According to experts, while the Netherlands is chairing the EU, they have the opportunity to try to change some points in the EU-Ukraine treaty.

    First, the Netherlands excludes cooperation between Ukraine and the EU in the field of defense, since this is the prerogative of NATO. However, Poland and three other Baltic countries do not support this item.

    Secondly, it requires guarantees that Ukraine "will not get access to EU financial sources." And thirdly, the EU Association Agreement with Kiev should not guarantee that Ukraine could be accepted as an 29 EU member state.

    Wake up finally
    Without hiding his face, a resident of Uman of Cherkasy region, who has lived in Kiev for the past three years, appeared in front of the camera and shared his impressions with all honest people. The guy’s speech is simple and frank. He does not hesitate to tell the harsh truth, who is really to blame for all the troubles that are now happening in Ukraine. The young man admitted that he was on the Maidan, half there were for money, half for the idea, i.e. is free. Unfortunately, the idea and revolution of dignity are worthless.

    The most interesting thing is that in his story the guy revealed the cards that Bandera stood for the money, called them damned. To the operator’s question, what will we do with the bandera, the young man, without hesitation, replied: “To shoot, that's all!”

    Further more. A native of Umani explains: Bandera now perfectly understand that they themselves are to blame for all the troubles, and certainly not the Russians. It is unfortunate that so many people died in the Donbass. Also, the young man mentioned: Bandera understand what kind of fruit Poroshenko actually is. However, awareness came too late, before they did not understand this, because there was a total zombie population.

    The guy summed up his monologue with the same notorious phrase about the destruction of the Bandera, since there is no benefit from them, but they only spoil everyone.
    1. Nikoha.2010
      Nikoha.2010 19 June 2016 08: 40
      Quote: Egoza
      Hello everyone! Happy Trinity! Authors - Big Grand Merci for review

      Hi, hello! love A resident of Uman is at risk, and Tatyana Montyan? IMHO, that she has so many cool customers, that’s cutting the truth of the womb. He speaks about the junta, but not very much about Crimea. Glad to see you hi !
  14. Egoza
    Egoza 19 June 2016 07: 28
    Poroshenko suggested preparing partisans, respectively, according to NATO standards
    You know, here I will not say anything, because Alexander Zubchenko said the best.
    Read the article
    Achtung! Partizanen!
    A. Zubchenko

    Klitschko wiser? belay
    Vitali Klitschko appealed to the government with a request to review the new tariffs they set.
    “You can’t double them (tariffs) now!” We will face the inability of people to pay at such prices. There must be some logic and validity. If salaries and pensions do not increase, how can payments double soaring? ”Klitschko was indignant at the briefing.

    “And in prison now they give pasta ...” (c) recourse
    The next loud statements of Nadezhda Savchenko, aimed at raising their ratings, are striking on the spot. Today, in the walls of the Verkhovna Rada, the former pilot, and now the deputy of the "Fatherland", announced her readiness to go prisoner again in exchange for all the military who are in custody in the Donbass. When asked by journalists what was stopping her, Savchenko was not able to give a concrete answer.
    1. Banishing liberoids
      Banishing liberoids 19 June 2016 08: 18
      Egoza-I understand that Savchenko is starving in the parliament-is that why he makes it back to captivity? Or did she get some important information and wants to urgently convey it to "himself"? wassat
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 19 June 2016 08: 20
      Quote: Egoza
      “You can’t double them (tariffs) now!” We will face the inability of people to pay at such prices. There must be some logic and validity. If salaries and pensions do not increase, how can payments double soaring? ”Klitschko was indignant at the briefing.

      Light enlightenment in the head of Klitschko-temporarily. Attention is not worth it.
      1. Nikoha.2010
        Nikoha.2010 19 June 2016 09: 36
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Light enlightenment in the head of Klitschko-temporarily.
        Hi Sasha! hi But someone can really tear off his head!
    3. revnagan
      revnagan 19 June 2016 10: 16
      Quote: Egoza
      When asked by journalists what was stopping her, Savchenko was not able to give a concrete answer.

      They do not take it! They are afraid that they will not "giggle" from a hunger strike in prison.
      1. Nikoha.2010
        Nikoha.2010 19 June 2016 11: 36
        Quote: revnagan
        Do not take! Afraid.

        They will shoot soon. Savchenko was needed when she was in prison. Ay "well done"! Vasilyeva and Taburetkin were not convicted. Majoriki rule! Time for the gunner, and then release. Politics, so through nowhere, what kind of country?
        1. olimpiada15
          olimpiada15 19 June 2016 16: 02
          Quote: Egoza
          The next loud statements of Nadezhda Savchenko, aimed at raising their ratings, are striking on the spot. Today, in the walls of the Verkhovna Rada, the former pilot, and now the deputy of the "Fatherland", announced her readiness to go prisoner again

          Of course, she’s ready, then she was the heroine and the object of attention of the European public, and the diet (in the sense of the absence of alcohol is not included in the diet of the detainees) is healthy and guaranteed safety, say whatever you want.
          And now my head hurts, saying what you think is impossible, and there’s no security, it remains only to guess at the daisy who will slam: colleagues in the party, SBU, Poroshenko or Yu.V. take care. But the DNI turned out not to want her dead.
  15. mamont5
    mamont5 19 June 2016 07: 40
    Izhevtsy, can you invent something new, and not 100500 rework of the legendary Kalashnikov? "

    What to invent? Is that a beam gun (blaster)? You can invent, only if this product will go into series and into service? In this case, too many components must be correlated (performance characteristics, price, manufacturability in production and ... ammunition). I think that in this case the type of weapon is determined by the available types of ammunition.

    "The Turkish President congratulated the Russian leader on the Day of Russia and wished that the relations between Russia and Turkey reached 'the deserved level'"

    So they have already reached the "well-deserved level". What Erdogan deserved, we got it.
  16. Egoza
    Egoza 19 June 2016 07: 52
    And something about retribution .... let's start with this
    At the Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, at a conference dedicated to this outstanding ancient Greek thinker, the bust of Aristotle was dressed in festive attire of the Little Peasants of the 18 – 19 centuries.
    Ukrainian political scientist Mikhail Pogrebinsky, director of the Kiev Center for Political Studies and Conflictology, announced this event on his Facebook page.
    “At the Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine a conference on Aristotle. At the podium Aristotle in embroidery. Now I’m calm for philosophy in Ukraine, ”he wrote.
    Grigory Skovoroda Research Institute of the Department of History, Philosophy and Law of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine was established in 1946 and is the leading scientific institution in Ukraine for conducting research in the field of axial issues of philosophical science.
  17. Egoza
    Egoza 19 June 2016 07: 54
    and continue ...
    The Cabinet of Ministers held another rally of Ukrainian scientists against the reduction of funding for science in the State Budget 2016 and the social vulnerability of scientists.
    Protesters held posters with inscriptions: “We demand the execution of Art. 36, 38 of the Law of Ukraine “On scientific and scientific-technical activity”, “Where is the money for health protection?”, “Without medical science there is no development of health protection”, “Save medical science”, “A country without science is a country without a future”, “The financial killing of the scientific sphere brings society back to the caves!”, “Money into science, for the good of Ukraine!”, “Do not deprive the state of prospects!”, “Hands off science!”, “Science is miserable!”, “Let's save science from extermination! ”,“ Do not bury science! ”,“ People’s deputies, tell me how to survive half-time from XNU salary MX UAH Junior Researcher? ”,“ We ​​are outraged by the state policy in the field of science! ”.

    Retribution does exist! Oh, you are my dear! It’s you who were the first to run to the first Maidan, shouting “Yushchenko - so !!” printed leaflets at work, orange ribbons clung to clothes and purses. You were the first to shout “Russia is spreading rot of Ukrainian scientists!” And we ... And we ... Here they give us grants (they ran out, asked for it, sold it ...) Yes, we would have been invited to the United States and Europe for a long time. ”And the people looked and thought,“ Well, if you’re scientists, and even the PATON yourself !!! With Julia on stage! They are smart, scientists, they know for sure ... ”You rushed to scribble dissertations and, wherever you could, you proved that all-all-all came from the Ukrainians. No, you are not scientists! Ordinary townspeople are ordinary people who have learned thanks to the people and Soviet power and have become one notch higher, but have remained the same in their souls ... .. Now reap it.
    However, it would be wrong to cut everyone under one comb. I respect the historian P.P. A talker who did not support all these innovations and openly said that he was a communist, even in the most "stormy" days. Known to you is Vladimir Kornilov, who published the book “Donetsk-Kryvyi Rih Republic: The Shooted Dream” (Kharkov, Folio, 2011).
    3 December 2013 published an article “EUROSTERS: the anatomy of“ pro-European “lawlessness”, in which for the first time listed ultra-nationalist groups operating under the guise of Euromaidan (Right Sector, Patriot of Ukraine, football ultras).
    There are others who warned and opposed the “bio-laboratories” and the situation with nuclear power plants ... but there were few of them, and they tried to get rid of them. Or at least shut their mouth.
  18. Egoza
    Egoza 19 June 2016 08: 01
    Lyashko: We’ll bury deputies to a depth of 5 km and say that this is the property of the people

    Once again, he became the highlight of the program during a meeting of the committee on the fuel and energy complex.

    Everything went quietly and peacefully, nothing portended a storm. The climax was the statement by the deputy chairman of Naftogaz that the people of Ukraine belong only to the subsoil, which lie at a depth of 5 thousand meters.

    And then Ostap suffered, or rather Oleg ... Not sitting still, the odious politician jumped up and began to make his angry speech. Sparks rained from his eyes, so he defended the Ukrainian people.

    Not embarrassed by the expressions, the radical explained to the audience that it was not necessary to consider Ukrainians as idiots, explaining that everything in the earth belonged to the people, and when they got it, it was the property of the company. The task of the state is to produce gas and provide them with the population.

    No one was able to stop Lyashko’s angry tirade. Further more.
    Lyashko reminded officials that in most countries of the world, the government compensates the population for the cost of its natural resources, for example, in the UAE, Finland, and Alaska.

    He demanded an answer to the question why, at a cost of gas of 1580 UAH for 1000 cubic meters, a consumer should pay 7000 hryvnia. The question still hung in the air, remaining rhetorical.

    Then Lyashko began to explain to the negligent basis of the economy what the final price of gas should be. Put everything on the shelves.

    He summed up his colorful monologue by assuring that all actions of Naftogaz are cynicism of the highest standard.

    All according to tradition: “in a partisan detachment of three .......” or for three employees there is one spy, according to the SBU.
    With B, she charged with spying on 13 people, including the deputy head of the ATO headquarters. According to the SBU, 13 servicemen from the anti-terrorist operation zone were recruited by Russian intelligence services and conducted espionage in their favor. According to the data provided by the Ukrainian prosecutor's office, from June 2015 to May 2016, 367 criminal cases were opened based on the materials of counterintelligence, of which 76 - under the article “high treason”, and three - for “espionage”. If we seriously consider the statements of the SBU press service, we can easily conclude that almost half of the personnel of the department are all-Russian spies and traitors of the motherland.
    However, you need to read carefully and thoughtfully! So, for example, commenting on the situation with these new 13 traitors, SBU representatives recalled a staff member of the GRU of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (though they didn’t name him), who “recruited Ukrainian citizens and tried to get secret information about the latest military samples weapons "!

    Apparently the SBU also visits VO, but here "the latest samples are coming out-weapons" in all their glory they are discussing and even laughing. laughing
    1. Banishing liberoids
      Banishing liberoids 19 June 2016 08: 22
      Fidget - so you even have spies recruited by Russia there spying on other spies also recruited by Russia?
  19. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 19 June 2016 08: 04
    It was a good week laughing We are waiting for the next one to be no worse!
  20. Egoza
    Egoza 19 June 2016 08: 05
    And again Odessa ...
    Volunteer battalions gathered under the walls of the Odessa Regional Council. The main demand of the representatives of the radical organizations “Right Sector”, “Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists”, “Self-Defense of Odessa” and other groups was to equate them with the participants of the ATO with the provision of the corresponding status fixed at the legislative level.

    Self-proclaimed “heroes” broke into the building of the Regional State Administration and blocked the meeting room. According to activists, for two years they have not received money from the state for participating in hostilities in the Donbass.

    The head of the regional council, Anatoly Urbansky, agreed with the requirements put forward, however, he warned that the process would take some time, since the draft decision should go through coordination in all relevant commissions.

    Fighters of the "Right Sector" are not used to waiting. “Came, saw, won!” - such is their motto, and no delay and bureaucratic procedures, that’s the point. Naturally, the statement of Urbansky provoked an aggressive reaction of the fighters. They insisted on an immediate decision on the status of "ATO participants" for volunteers without coordination in the commissions.

    Without thinking twice, 66 deputies of the Odessa regional council approved the statement of representatives of "patriotic" organizations. Subsequently, it will be submitted to Parliament.

    Thus, not today or tomorrow, the radicals will join the ranks of “heroes” with the status fixed at the legislative level, and this is another budget item. Only one question revolves in my head: “Where can I get money for all legalized“ heroes ”, because the treasury is not rubber?”

    Pleased with the responses to this "action"
    -Require a bribe for their "cheer"?
    -So give them all the bribes! To no longer be asked.
    Need to equate? So you need to perform. Suitcase-station-ATO - a wooden coat!
    1. Banishing liberoids
      Banishing liberoids 19 June 2016 08: 23
      Fidget, they all deserve a pool!
    2. Nikoha.2010
      Nikoha.2010 19 June 2016 08: 55
      Quote: Egoza
      And again Odessa ...
      Thus, not today or tomorrow, the radicals will join the ranks of “heroes” with the status fixed at the legislative level, and this is another budget item.
      Pleased with the responses to this "action"

      Helen, that's not encouraging in any way! For all of Odessa I will not say, but from the words of my own aunt: "This is not with us. It's there at the center." And what happened at the Trade Union? And what was it? And all of Odessa lives like that?
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. Nikoha.2010
      Nikoha.2010 19 June 2016 10: 55
      Quote: Egoza
      And again Odessa ...

      Lena, Odessa is such now! Take away the star of the hero of the city then! Thank God my grandfather does not see this! And how much blood was shed for Odessa! And how so Natsik bent the whole country? Give fascists on the head, they are a priori pissed off, and see everything in Ukraine and everyone is happy? Wake up! This is not good!
  21. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 19 June 2016 08: 15
    “I wish to see sailboats, yachts in the Black Sea” ... Reserve officer

    I don’t know why, but I don’t believe in the frankness of this refusal due to respect for our country. Most likely, there is no money. Maybe I am mistaken. Too often they put us on the steps. One "South Stream" is worth something. There was not enough political will to resist external pressure. What has changed since then?
    Once betrayed, he will betray again. There will always be with ... and among those who shake hands, there will always be b ... and who will hit from behind! There is no friendship between states. There is someone we are "friends" against today. And then there is a mutually beneficial partnership or a not very beneficial partnership. You have to be ready for anything. Although not Stanislavsky, I don’t BELIEVE him. In his sincerity. Erdogan is one example.
  22. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 19 June 2016 08: 32
    Quote: Egoza
    that almost half of the personnel of the department are all-Russian spies and traitors of the motherland

    For some reason, I immediately remembered Yagoda, Yezhov, Beria. Under them, the spies were also exposed by hundreds, moreover, they did not shun frank provocations. What for them in the end it all ended everyone remembers. Therefore, soon, according to the scenario, large-scale cleanings should begin in the SBU itself. Who knows a lot and actively juggled materials the first to go to the chopping block.
  23. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 19 June 2016 08: 42
    ... not a single drunken English, forgive me, the mug that smashed half of Marseille did not “suffer” from French justice ... France, the fact that puppets have settled in the camp of your authorities is understandable, but when will you finish humiliating yourself like that ?. .
    But there were not "boys", Men. The "rulers" are getting smaller.
  24. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 19 June 2016 09: 00
    ... now the "Russian threat" is being considered. The North Atlantic Alliance was revived because it finally found an excuse for its existence and expansion.
    Everyone wants to live beautifully. So they will "cut" NATO's budget. And then after all, almost "emaciated". Russians are coming. You guys are dumping, and we are using it. There is no limit to cynicism.
  25. Nikoha.2010
    Nikoha.2010 19 June 2016 09: 07
    Thanks to the authors for the review! But about the AK 400, special thanks! Did not know. Thank! drinks Lagged behind the news negative
  26. Altona
    Altona 19 June 2016 09: 21
    I will also insert my "5 kopecks" from the impressions of this week.
    1. Nikoha.2010
      Nikoha.2010 19 June 2016 09: 47
      Quote: Altona
      I will also insert my "5 kopecks" from the impressions of this week.

      I wish Zhenya health! Yes, everything is against us! It is disgusting to watch and listen to us spread rot from everywhere. They all went in the woods! Completely lost the scent angry Agrify from scratch is not childish! We are just stronger, they don’t love us! IMHO! soldier
  27. da Vinci
    da Vinci 19 June 2016 10: 02
    Ultras Soccer Fans wassat (regardless of the color of their flags and cowards) - frostbitten gopniks who do not care where to shout, thump and beat their muzzles - either in the gateways, or under the chants in the stadiums. They are very much needed only for the owners of football clubs for "support", or rather PR, and for the sale of football tickets / souvenirs. Football (or hockey, or other similar sports) is now not a sport, but one of the types of very profitable business, and nothing else (plus such "fans" are very successfully used "in the dark" by rabid politicians in their selfish interests). And where there is no such profit, there will not be and will not be either ultras or pogroms ... Do not believe me? Well, let's imagine such ultra-fans in light gymnastics, field hockey, equestrian sports or figure skating ultras, or a scuffle among fans of ski jumping teams ... wink
    1. Nikoha.2010
      Nikoha.2010 19 June 2016 10: 16
      Quote: da Vinci
      Do not believe me?

      Hello gray! drinks Believe it! I can’t say for everyone, plus you personally from me namesake! hi
    2. SlavaP
      SlavaP 19 June 2016 20: 34
      ampaign = brain & utm_medium = rec & utm_source = rambler & utm_content = weekend

      Post and make org conclusions ... drinks
  28. Jackking
    Jackking 19 June 2016 10: 14
    What did you expect from the land of frogs and mines ... Objectivity? And the British are just mustaches, which they had not previously received in the face. And as soon as they got it, everyone saw that it was not some kind of "formidable force", but children, afraid even of the sight of blood ...
    1. Nikoha.2010
      Nikoha.2010 19 June 2016 10: 35
      Quote: Jackking
      What did you expect from the country of paddling?

      Nothing, Zhenya! Europe is dying physically and mentally! Glory of the Airborne Forces drinks !
  29. family tree
    family tree 19 June 2016 11: 01
    Well, here and Sunday, the review waited. Normul, Marta, Volodin and Egoze thank you. Well, with the Trinity of all, and with the Day of the paramedic involved hi
  30. Prince of Pensions
    Prince of Pensions 19 June 2016 12: 20
    Let's go play tanks? Well them, this is the news.
  31. Starik72
    Starik72 19 June 2016 15: 40
    I read everything, a weekly review and comments! Thanks to the authors for the excellent review, as always accurately, capaciously and with excellent humor! Thanks and YOU fellow commentators for great comments! Sincerely.
  32. bovig
    bovig 19 June 2016 17: 10
    Thanks to the authors for the extensive review! I liked everything, except for the theme of "Orlando" ... In my opinion, the theme is not worth a damn. Well, I don't believe in the reality of such a scenario: so that some "Rambo" (even an ISIS sympathizer) heaped half a two hundred and fifty three hundred alone ... Did they stand with their legs tied near the wall? Or danced Letka-enka, or Lambada with full contact, but in a locked room? And at the same time he watered them from a heavy machine gun, right?)))) There was something different here, and the media hangs "noodles" for us as a test for perception - let the people hawala! Well, that's IMHO. Maybe someone can convince me by drawing an objective scenario, but my fantasy refuses ...
    However, there are other events of the week that are hardly noticeable, but not the fact that they are insignificant:
    Lightning! The US government debt meter suddenly began to show the real price of gold and silver.http: //

    Soros, gold and rats on a ship.

    The IMF calls on countries to end fossil fuel subsidies.

    Gazprom’s calculation: Europe will face a new catastrophe.

    Such they are contradictory, this news ...
    1. SlavaP
      SlavaP 19 June 2016 20: 38
      But I do not exclude that he really could be alone. Firstly, he trained well, even rumored to want to serve in the police. Secondly, in nightclubs everything is so full of people that everyone literally rubs against each other (sorry for a pun - it's a pederast club ...) that if you give the queue literally blind, then most bullets will fall into someone.
      1. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid 20 June 2016 03: 14
        Thanks so much for the review.
        Orlando ----
        Quote: bovig
        .. In my opinion, the topic is not worth a damn. .

        This event is the result of their life. What kind of life is such and such a result.
        "You reap what you plant."
  33. kos2cool4u
    kos2cool4u 19 June 2016 17: 35
    Krasava, everyone appreciated the week correctly !!!
  34. Wolka
    Wolka 20 June 2016 09: 10
    but what's the difference: if there was dirt, there would be a pig, or on the contrary there would be a pig, and there would be dirt ... therefore maybe you shouldn’t rush to where we don’t want to see us, maybe work with those who want to work with us, let the rest die from your anger, or let them silently envy ...