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Rocket launcher grenade launchers

Rocket launcher grenade launchers

June 15, 1961 adopted the legendary anti-tank system, which became one of the symbols of the Russian armory schools - RPG-7 grenade launcher

In a long series of samples of Russian weapons, which made up the special glory of domestic gunsmiths and became real legends, there was a place for the RPG-7 hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher. Adopted by the Soviet Army on 15 on June 1961 of the year, it is by far the most massive anti-tank grenade launcher of this type in the world. Officially, the RPG-7 is in service with the armies of more than fifty countries, is used by more than 80, and unofficially they are armed with almost all illegal armed groups.

Like any other weapon that came into being after the Second World War, the RPG grenade launcher inherited several systems tested in battle at once. The main ones were German faustprony (under this name in the Soviet Union then understood all varieties of German hand grenade launchers) and American bazookas. However, the G-7 also had domestic predecessors, although they did not appear immediately - and not simply.

In the book of memoirs "About artillery and a little about yourself" Nikolai Yakovlev, who from June 1941 of the year and until the end of the war headed the Main Artillery Directorate of the Red Army, that is, actually determined the policy in the field of artillery weapons, supplies and production, there is such a remarkable passage that is very important for understanding stories the appearance of Soviet RPGs. “I cannot but note such a regrettable fact that our troops were rather poorly provided with, for example, weapons such as the Faustpatron of the Germans. But he perfectly proved himself in the anti-tank battle, - writes the artillery marshal Yakovlev. “But I will be self-critical: GAU, and consequently, I, as its chief, did not show the necessary perseverance to prove the combat value of such anti-tank weapons.” Why, even when the advantages of the disposable Faustpatron grenade launchers became quite obvious, did the Soviet Union not try to create something like that? Apparently, the reason for this was the impossibility in the military environment to develop and put on stream a completely new type of weapon. “The entire course of the discussions that took place at Headquarters almost from the first weeks of the war came down to the earliest possible creation of anti-tank rifles,” writes Yakovlev. - In the fall of 1941, for example, it was decided to establish production of the captured 7,92 mm German anti-tank gun as soon as possible. And this was done, despite the difficult situation in our industry. Made, but in completely insufficient quantities. At the same time, domestic 14,5-mm anti-tank rifles appeared. And although they were significantly superior in weight to the German ones, in terms of cartridge caliber and even in the range of a direct shot they were much more powerful. Then came the discussion about the value of sub-caliber and cumulative shells, which made it possible to fight against the Nazi at relatively large ranges tanks».

“But all this was not that, not that! - continues Nikolai Yakovlev. - Such shells are good. But after all, it was supposed to be about more powerful means of close combat! I repeat, there were no active supporters of such anti-tank warfare tools as the Faustpatron in the GAU. It was believed that since even 50-mm mortar is not popular in the troops because of the short range, then why, they say, create some other means of close combat along with the MTR. In addition, they say, there are anti-tank grenades. As a result, we have not created a weapon similar to the one that the enemy had. But the enemy, I repeat, very effectively, especially in the last months of the war, used faustpatrony against tanks and in battles in populated areas. ”

However, for some reason, Marshal Yakovlev is silent about the fact that it was GAU in 1944 that year insisted on the creation of the first domestic model of a hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher - the RPG-1. And even if this model was not put into service because of the numerous shortcomings inherent to the firstborn of any weapon system, the main features of the future RPG-7 can be seen in it. Unlike German and American grenade launchers, it was muzzle-loading, had a characteristic pistol grip shifted to the front, and a wooden trunk lining.

RPG-1 anti-tank rocket launcher. Photo:

Tests of the RPG-1 lasted for a year, almost to the end of the war, and refinement - to 1948 year. But by this time, Russian gunsmiths and gunners had already managed to study and experience the development and use of faustpatrons, and the experience of the American army, which received bazooka weapons - that is, the same anti-tank grenade launchers, but in a more relaxed atmosphere. And that is why the RPG-1, obviously late for its time, remained a prototype, and in the Soviet army it was replaced by the RPG-1947 adopted for use in 2 year.

"Two" inherited from its predecessor - RPG-1 - many recognizable features, but at the same time it is more similar to its heir - the "seven". And this is natural, since the principle of construction and operation of this type of weapon is unchanged, and only the used ammunition can be modified, as well as the form and equipment of the grenade launcher. And they depend on the results of field and military tests. And the RPG-2 passed them with honor. After being put into service in the USSR, it quickly spread to the west, through all the armies of the Warsaw Pact member countries, and also to the east - to China and North Korea. And although the deuce did not take part in the Korean war itself, by the beginning of the Vietnam War it was sufficient in the original Soviet and licensed Chinese export versions in parts of the North Vietnamese army and the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam. And soon she was replaced by the "seven" ...

This future legend of all armed clashes and local conflicts, beginning with the end of the 1960, is due to the displeasure that the Main Artillery Directorate brought to the beginning of the 1950's all the models of armed anti-tank grenade launchers — and the experience that Soviet military specialists received during the Korean War. And it followed that to this type of system, in addition to the requirements of reliability and mobility (and they RPG-2, which had a paper case of powder charge, did not differ: if it got wet, the weapon could not be loaded, and it was impossible to carry it curbed the fragility of the design of the liner) and high armor penetration, there is another requirement - versatility. A new type of hand-held grenade launcher had to be able to destroy not only tanks, although this was his main task, but also to fire at the shelters of enemy personnel. And this required a more powerful charge, and a long range of fire, and its greater accuracy, and better reliability and survivability of the grenade launcher.

To avoid leapfrogging and shifting responsibility for the development of a new grenade launcher from the design bureau to the design bureau, as it happened before, the government in 1956 put the responsibility for creating a new system at Moscow GSKB-47, which appeared in 1938 and initially was responsible for the development of aerial bombs. During the war years, the scope of CB activity expanded significantly: mines of various purposes, including mortars, flamethrowers and sabotage weapons, fell into it, and by the beginning of 1950-x GSKB-47 was occupied with almost the entire nomenclature of conventional ammunition of all types. And therefore he was made the general contractor for the development of a new grenade launcher system, in which more than a dozen specialized research institutes, design bureaus and factories were involved in the work on which. In particular, specialists from the Kovrovsky Design Bureau 575 (chief designer Vladimir Degtyarev, the son of the legendary gunsmith Vasily Degtyarev) were directly involved in the development and construction of the grenade launcher; in the suburban town of Zheleznodorozhny). And in the end, in just three years, the work was completed: in the summer of 604, the RPG-1959 manual grenade launcher complex was demonstrated to USSR Defense Minister Rodion Malinovsky, who liked the new weapon. After working out the comments received during the demonstration in 7, the complex was submitted to the test site stretching for almost a year, and on June 1960 of the year 15 was adopted by the Soviet Army by resolution of the USSR Council of Ministers No. 1961-535.

From this day began the legendary history of the RPG-7, which has become a real symbol not only of the Russian weapons school, but of the entire type of such weapons in general. Along with the American name “bazooka”, the abbreviation RPG is widely used today - and it appeared as a backronym, that is, an attempt to adapt the Russian abbreviation to the English version of the name “rocket-propelled grenade”.

The history of the combat use of the RPN-7 over 40 and more than its years of existence will require much more space than the history of its creation. After all, there will be a place in it for a story about how this weapon, created as an anti-tank weapon, during the Vietnam War, suddenly proved to be anti-aircraft: the Vietnamese military shot down a total of 128 American helicopters! There will be a place in this story for a sad story about how Russian soldiers on their own experience evaluated the extreme effectiveness of the RPG-7 as a means of fighting the enemy's manpower: first in Afghanistan, and then in Chechnya. And about how this complex and tactics of use were adopted by illegal military formations and insurgent movements around the world — even today there is hardly a local conflict or a civil war in which no gunfire from this weapon would sound.

It is noteworthy that the chief designer of the RPG-7, Vladimir Degtyarev, managed to see the entire long triumphal path of his creation. He did not live to see the 45 anniversary of its adoption for exactly four months, leaving 15 February 2016 of the year ...

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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 18 June 2016 06: 04
    which became one of the symbols of the Russian weapons school - RPG-7 grenade launcher

    Shot from the 7th at the time abound. And with constant training you can achieve very good results. No wonder the mericatos want, under their brand, to produce both the Kalashnikovs and the RPG-7 for their needs.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Rezident007
      Rezident007 18 June 2016 09: 31
      For me, RPG is associated more with dushmans ...
    3. Imperialkolorad
      Imperialkolorad 18 June 2016 10: 00
      Quote: aszzz888
      Shot from the 7th at the time abound. And with constant training you can achieve very good results. No wonder the mericatos want, under their brand, to produce both the Kalashnikovs and the RPG-7 for their needs.

      Is it a joke that many armored vehicles are still being created in many ways to keep the blow from RPG7? Despite the rather large age of this grenade launcher and the numerous numerous later brothers of the seven that appeared.
  2. Balagan
    Balagan 18 June 2016 06: 27
    Thank you, Sergey. I enjoyed reading the article. And a good memory to Vladimir Vasilievich - Russia keeps on such gunsmiths!
  3. demiurg
    demiurg 18 June 2016 06: 54
    RPG-7 in the course of eternity. There will be manual railguns, plasma guns, but still in each compartment there will be two fighters, one with a grenade launcher, the other with grenades. Ammunition will only change. And it is right.
    1. Verdun
      Verdun 18 June 2016 10: 22
      Quote: demiurg
      RPG-7 in the course of eternity.

      In such weapons, the main principle, a constructive idea. Indeed, at its core, RPGs are just a fairly simple launcher. Of course, it can also be improved by applying new materials and installing new sighting systems. Hence the appearance of ever newer models. But directly used ammunition directly affects RPG characteristics. As soon as a new ammunition with enhanced characteristics appears, the effectiveness of the entire RPG family increases.
  4. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 18 June 2016 07: 20
    The design of the shaitan pipe is simple, like a scrap, for which thanks Degtyarev. There is nothing to break by definition, with the exception of USM. I stood on that, and the Russian weapons design idea will stand. For V.V Degtyarev offensively small, but .... you can’t do anything here. A worthy man was rest in peace, and the kingdom of heaven ...
  5. 72jora72
    72jora72 18 June 2016 08: 06
    how Russian soldiers first-hand evaluated the extreme effectiveness of RPG-7 as a means of combating enemy manpower: first in Afghanistan, and then in Chechnya.
    And how is he on
    Donbass works ...... APU felt in full ....
  6. Hey
    Hey 18 June 2016 08: 39
    I did not understand much, or do not know the math. Not a rebuke to the article.
    1961 + 40 = 2001
    1961 + 45 = 2006
    1961 + 55 = 2016
    1. Aviator_
      Aviator_ 19 June 2016 21: 06
      A typo, probably. 55 should be.
  7. Russia
    Russia 18 June 2016 08: 40
    Made in USSR!
  8. Forever so
    Forever so 18 June 2016 08: 54
    Yeah, where you find, where you lose, Kurchchevsky was shot, but the RPG is essentially a dynamo-weapon. True, he pursued too large calibers. Taubin was shot and the army did not receive an automatic grenade launcher, without which today the battlefield cannot be imagined. But when it was we who had a prophet in his own country. But already in the Second World War, the Red Army could enter with these most effective means of destroying the enemy. Yeah, really. Abydna, yes !!
    1. alicante11
      alicante11 18 June 2016 10: 30
      Yeah, where you find, where you lose,

      Everything has its time. The Tsarevich designer (in France) was not shot on time, and we had a whole series of Borodintsy with SK turrets, which had lower reliability and rate of fire than six-inch casemates. And the main thing is that eight-inch towers (albeit in a barbette version) performed well on the Nakhimov, and later tower cruisers became very popular and even battleship station wagons were installed in the towers. But ... the problem is that the rate of fire of Nakhimov's smoky eight-inch guns was somewhere around 0,5 rpm. And the barbette design with a hydraulic drive quite normally provided this rate of fire. But the rate of fire of 54-6 rpm for Kane's six-inch machines could not be provided by hydraulics. And imperfect electric drives broke down too often, and they also did not fire more than 3 volleys / min. What was clear even on the Poltava. But ... they obeyed the prophets. Most likely, the samples you indicated were still too imperfect.
      1. Revolver
        Revolver 18 June 2016 18: 16
        I would also add that in the 1930s they experimented with radio-controlled aircraft and tanks in the USSR, and it seems that these experiments also ended in executions. I don’t remember the details; there’s no time to search.
        On the one hand, "thinkers who were ahead of their time were innocently shot." On the other hand, if today someone tried to sell a tube-based drone to the troops, who would they think it would be? That's right, either a psycho or a pest. And since in those days the lamps were the last squeak, psychosis was not even suspected.
        And today, no matter the day, the article is either about drones, or about ground combat robots. Yes, in fact, it’s possible to put remote control on the same Armata and even autonomous with artificial intelligence a few months after the order, and maybe they are already working on it quietly.
        Technology needs to mature.
    2. Aviator_
      Aviator_ 19 June 2016 21: 10
      Kurchevsky had nothing to do with such systems. He mercilessly crushed competitors and thrust his "dynamo-jet" guns everywhere - from the fleet to aviation (calibers from 152 to 76 mm) and all with equally disastrous results. See memoirs of V. Grabin, the designer of artillery systems, "Weapon of Victory".
    3. gross kaput
      gross kaput 13 July 2016 14: 58
      Quote: Forever so
      Kurchevsky was shot,

      So, just separate the flies from the cutlets - they didn’t shoot him for dynamo-reactive guns but for huge government money wasted, and the main reason for the severe punishment was that Kurchchevsky, realizing the inherent drawbacks of the DRP, which it was impossible to eliminate in principle, continued to pull public money for their construction.
      Quote: Forever so
      Shot Taubin

      And here everything is a little wrong - Taubin was shot for aircraft guns and machine guns which he failed to develop, while no one forced him to develop them at gunpoint - he promised to develop first 37 mm then 12,7 and at the end 23 mm aircraft guns and machine guns with 2 times less weight than competitors and with a much higher rate of fire, with 37 mm generally failing, they managed to launch a 12,7 machine gun in a series, bypassing the tests as a result, the first machine guns in the party
      collapsed after the second stage (and they shot the "switchman" for this at all) and the 23mm cannon was not really brought out, although due to Taubin's assurances, all promising YAK1, MIG3, LaGG3 and IL2 aircraft were designed for it, as a result, in an emergency ShVAK and VYa, and it was for this that Taubin was leaned against the wall, only nobody dispersed the KB, Nudelman became its leader and it still exists. And the epic with the AG does not actually relate to those events in any way - it did not cause the execution, and the execution did not cause the termination of work on the AG.
  9. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 18 June 2016 09: 13
    RPG-7 grenade launcher

    An excellent weapon, which has been mastered in the FOCU since 1972, and then more than once had to be fired while training conscripts. For a soldier, the main thing to remember is that anticipation is the opposite of firearms, as grenade flies in the wind. It hits accurately and efficiently.
  10. masiya
    masiya 18 June 2016 10: 48
    Unnecessary proof of the highest quality of domestic weapons, this thing is the same age as me, and still has not lost its relevance, how to get a Mosin rifle, how many years Nagan revolver was in service, I generally keep quiet about Kalashnikov’s weapons.
    1. Revolver
      Revolver 18 June 2016 18: 24
      Quote: masiya
      how many years was the Nagan revolver armed

      I personally am still in service. It is cleared, greased. Just take it out of the drawer under the lock and charge it, and you can open fire. Ammo, by the way, is also available.hi
  11. 18 June 2016 11: 10
    RPG-7 is things very good good !!!
  12. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 18 June 2016 12: 34
    Many thanks to the author. Always glad the appearance of such articles on the VO. The history of weapons, all the more so deserved from any point of view, is always interesting and informative. +
  13. igordok
    igordok 18 June 2016 13: 54
    Please explain. What for?

    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Samuel Marshak
      Samuel Marshak 18 June 2016 14: 25
      Erzats fragmentation ammunition IMHO ..... abaldet)
      1. Mountain shooter
        Mountain shooter 18 June 2016 16: 21
        Goal for invention is cunning! From this prodigy turned out! Personally, I liked it. Not a mortar even once, but in such equipment the range will be - under two kilometers. No one will understand where the ammunition base is to be fired from. I like it.
        1. gross kaput
          gross kaput 13 July 2016 15: 56
          Quote: Mountain Shooter
          Not a mortar even once, but in such equipment the range will be - under two kilometers.

          Did you skip physics at school? The seven casts a TBG-7V at 400 meters (aiming at 200), the mass of a grenade without an engine is 4 kg, the mass of 82mm mines is 3,6-3,8 i.e. an engine bolted to a mine with a launcher from a PG-7VS shot will throw it downwardly by a maximum of 0,5 km, with aimed firing everything will be even more deplorable - the grenade line starting with PG-7VS received a reduced bevel on the blades to reduce the rotation speed - almost at the lower limit (the rotation of the ammunition negatively affects the cumulative jet - the faster the rotation, the more the jet is blurred), protruding native mine stabilizers will prevent rotation, as a result, the accuracy will fall below the plinth - by a quick estimate of up to 100 meters at a "window" type target laughing
          For those who are not aware of the grenades, the sevens rotate in flight - but unlike bullets and projectiles where stabilization is achieved, in PG-7V and others stabilization is achieved for the tail feathers and rotation is required to level the "unevenness" of the jet engine nozzles - that is, ... if one nozzle pulls better, then the grenade accordingly begins to turn in the opposite direction, but by rotating it at a low speed, we constantly rotate this nozzle forcing it to "correct the error" from the opposite side. The rotation itself in the PG-7V is achieved due to the bevels on the leading edges of the stabilizer feathers and due to the turbine at the rear of the engine, which is affected by the powder gases of the operating engine.
          PS those who put you the pluses apparently the same physics skipped laughing
  14. Forest
    Forest 18 June 2016 15: 22
    7-ke would be a massively powerful tandem shot in a compartment with a fragmentation fragment, but while the PG-7 is a regular one, you won’t get far.
  15. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 18 June 2016 16: 14
    Disposable grenade launchers are inferior to the seven in terms of weight-efficiency. And do not forget that the appearance, for example, of a homing grenade (and why not?) Will turn the "seven" into a superweapon in general. Such a task is not being set now, but it is quite achievable.
    1. DmitryK
      DmitryK 1 July 2016 22: 00
      Disposable grenade launchers do not exist. Either a grenade launcher or an RPG anti-tank grenade (Fly for example)
  16. Rash
    Rash 18 June 2016 20: 08
    A total of 128 American helicopters were shot down!

    The programmer himself, 1-2-4-8-32-64-128 - laughed. wink
  17. astral87911
    astral87911 18 June 2016 21: 11
    Any, even super modern, weapon in "crooked hands" is a simple iron stick. I had a chance to shoot from RPG-7 so much that I still sometimes dream =). At 1200 from the third shot I got into a decommissioned APC. With an aiming range of optics of 500m . About closer targets generally keep quiet. But only from my pipe. And only after begging the instructor for a target and a machine for aligning the sight, I set everything up and personally checked, one grenade is one target. RPG-7 is a super weapon if you love it. and you know when, how and where to shoot. If anyone has the opportunity to try, don't even think, you won't regret =)! The pleasure is guaranteed =)
    1. George Sviridov
      George Sviridov 21 July 2016 22: 02
      I don’t know how in a strong wind and on a moving target, but on a standing one with 200, somewhere around 90% of people shooting for the first time hit. Well, it’s true that before that they fired the PUS so that people would just get used to the grenade launcher.
      Such a performance, for example, when firing from automatic rifles, has never happened, if judged by fairness, then 60% should have been unsuccessful, while the rest of the tribes. Even when they started firing not from their AKM, but from more or less tolerably shot machine guns of fire training teachers, the result was not particularly better.
  18. motorized rifle
    motorized rifle 19 June 2016 02: 06
    I remembered. 1983, some sort of regular check on the nose, in one of the battalion’s mouths the grenade launchers are all young and mostly from Dagestan, experience zero. The battalion commander calls me, they say you as a former grenade launcher and a sniper should prepare them for inspection, a week. I naturally object, they say the term is inconceivably short, and even the highlanders. Kambat, this is an order for me. I had to invent a teaching methodology. For understanding, I must say that we then shot the third exercise (with all of the weapons). It looked like this, two comrade shooting between them with a flag, the shooters had 3 shots. The whole group is moving and they are shown along the way one tank and two armored personnel carriers. The tank is moving i.e. the target travels on rails (there were three of them in my opinion) speed and direction are set from the tower, the armored personnel carriers are stationary. All this is in the steppe, where the wind is always and always different. I understand that even if I was Makarenko twice, I won’t be able to teach them how to calculate corrections. Then I decided so, I’ll prepare the shot myself, so I’ll have to go with the flag. Then the main task is to teach young people to quickly find an aim point on the sight field, which I command them. It was not difficult. For example, like this: _Right third four, under the tower. The clerk inked a large scope of the sight on the drawing paper and in a day they confidently found the right brand. Then I decided to play it safe. There is a technique for adjusting for the break point in the sight, for example, after a shot you do not change the aim, but you look at where the shot went and take aim at that point. For RPGs, this is not relevant, because during tracking the flight of a grenade, it cannot be charged, and after loading the target moves far and takes a lot of time, in addition, while you are busy, if the tankers notice a shot, they will not regret the shell for you. But then 2RPG and both arrows hear the correction, that means if one shoots, the second monitors the flight of his grenade, and he shoots with a new amendment, for everything about everything a couple of seconds and a guarantee of hitting the target, at least one of them. In general, 4 days of theory, then we went to the training ground, I first shot myself, then I took an aim with a flag and led them to shoot. And a miracle happened! People who shot RPGs for the first time in their life confidently fell into a moving tank, and even from the first shots! , and this is the main requirement for shooting from an RPG. Naturally the Dzhigits did not know how to count the amendments, and in general they themselves did not know how, but the picture was! Then they polished the technique and came to the conclusion that grenade launchers need to work in pairs, one declares the scope and fires the first shot, finishes off the second and both quickly hide. The truth is more about this method I have not heard.
  19. motorized rifle
    motorized rifle 19 June 2016 02: 33
    Perhaps I will add astral to the post. The target for the shooting is in the manual, done in a few minutes with chalk or charcoal and a ruler (if in the field) on the wall, tree, board of equipment or on the bag for carrying shots. The standard machine is absolutely inconvenient, such a primitive. We had adapted for this a machine from the AGS, on which a bench vise was mounted in which weapons were clamped. Since there are screws for aiming, everything turned out very accurately, in addition, it was possible to do not only a cold sighting. Well, and about the pleasure, the problem with the sound during the shot was not solved then, and if you do 10-12 shots in half an hour, you feel like Beethoven in old age.))) And yes, the weapon is great if brought to the NB and the shooter owns it.
    1. astral87911
      astral87911 19 June 2016 12: 40
      and they didn’t try to insert the 5.45 sleeves into the ears?) it looks ridiculous, and on both sides the sleeves stick out of the ears but the result is excellent, it doesn’t completely jam.
  20. Nehist
    Nehist 19 June 2016 02: 57
    For 7 so many new shots that it will be forever! And how the craftsmen on their knees perverted the creation of improvised shots .... In general, the RPG, so to speak, from a purely anti-counter weapon turned into something universal!
  21. Locksmith
    Locksmith 19 June 2016 21: 34
    Quote: Forever so
    But RPGs are essentially dynamo-weapons.

    What a fright? The RPGs have a normal jet engine, but of a fast cycle. In dynamo-reactive GUNS, the powder charge is of increased volume, part of the gases when fired expire backward, creating a counterblow with its jet propulsion.
    1. George Sviridov
      George Sviridov 21 July 2016 21: 44
      Well, the RPG-7 has 2 engines. The first one is just a powder charge like in dynamo-jet guns, which throws a grenade, and then the jet engine is already turned on. This design actually made it possible to lighten the weapon and make it more long-range. At the first grenade launchers, the jet engine immediately turned on, because of this it was necessary to put protective shields on the grenade launcher in order to protect the shooter's face from the jet stream and to increase engine power was not possible, otherwise there would not have saved the shield of the shooter. Now it is a classic, and then it was a breakthrough design decision.
  22. engineer74
    engineer74 20 June 2016 12: 16
    RPG-1, RPG-2, RPG-7 ... And where is RPG-3, 4, 5, 6? Probably also existed? It is interesting to know what kind of animals they were, at least in the sketches! what
  23. potapych
    potapych 20 June 2016 13: 03
    from this shaitantruba and abramsy holes and nothing ....
  24. George Sviridov
    George Sviridov 21 July 2016 21: 36
    Great weapon. One of the most successful in history. What can I say, if the Americans, who always belittled the capabilities of the USSR during the Cold War (and in fact they had a zilch, without nuclear weapons, they could not oppose the USSR with the entire NATO bloc) in 2016 began the pirate production of the RPG-7 grenade launcher !!! That is, for 55 years they could not come up with anything better in terms of the totality of indicators.