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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. The march of equality, or how quickly life changes

Greetings to you, dear readers and writers. Did you ask if I read your comments? I read ... And very carefully. We're friends! And not so much mine, as all of ours. Even Vyshivanok reads what you write. Reformed. And already about Tarakanushka and write is not necessary. Waiting for Egozu. Like her girlfriend this is Egoza.

Like last time, the topic of these notes was suggested by the cockroach. More precisely, her aunt from the villagers. I stopped to visit. And I, not specifically of course, overheard one conversation. Tarakanushka told about emancipation. And my aunt is corrosive. What is it and why? To all "on the shelves" decomposed.

Cockroach and explains. Women's fight for their rights. Well, jokingly I called the village. And then I heard a brilliant answer. All "wrestlers" need to read it. The village itself says. The struggle of a woman for her rights is passing examinations in DAI! And the rest of the lack of male attention occurs. Well, here it is, the wisdom of the people. This is what Ukraine is standing on and will stand on.

We have this struggle, for our rights, is gaining momentum. No, the rights of all there pensioners, disabled ATO and others is petty. For Europeans, naturally. Our fight is much more serious. We decided to fight for the rights of minority sex. You are going to celebrate your holiday. And we fight.

June 12, we are just planning a fight! March of equality! Why? Beautiful because it sounds. Equality! And democratically. Only here in my cockroach puzzle does not work out. If I consider myself a man, and Tarakanushka a woman, then how are we going to be equal? What should I learn to have children? And is she instead of carrying the market bags for her borscht to pull the rails on the construction of the next tram tracks?

No ... Let those who wish to drag - drag. And my Cockroach feeds me and keeps order. And in the house, and among my things, and in the heads of children. On the male body, such a load is not designed. We move progress! But the fact that "pushing" retain our cockroaches. We ourselves lose interest in what has already been achieved quickly. If anything, then again we "reach" and invent ...

So, our men will come out, whether men or women in friendly rows on the street. It will be beautiful! This is how many bearded women Kievans will see. And how many, sorry, busty men ... And do not go to the circus.

And most importantly, next to each "it" will go on a pair of policemen! It seems like, "I believe the impotent person" ... Whoever does not understand what I have said about Europeans, will translate. A very impotent individual ... Deputy Interior Minister Zoryan Shkiryak personally expressed this!

"Today, this event is the most resonant in the media. We plan to attract up to about 6 thousands of policemen and National Guard fighters. This is a large number, given the numbers that are today - four law enforcement officers are planned for one participant of this action."

True, the police after the last “march” do not really want to expose the physiognomies under the blows of non-European pravosekov. These "it" do not want to fight and immediately run away to suffer. And then cop the police. And, most importantly, it is generally impossible to do something serious with the attackers. They are activists! Revolutionaries! And in balaclava so far.

PS reported that the march will be blocked. Together with the guard. "Our task is to block this procession, and then how it will turn out."

And even called the blockers. To know who the real "men" and "women" are. The OUN battalion, demobilized soldiers of the ATO, former employees of the National Guard, who resigned in protest against the protection of the "rainbow".

Truth crept into my head is not a patriotic thought. And if it is not the machinations of your president personally? After the May 9 parade, when most Ukrainians for some reason looked at the soldiers of the aggressor state with pride and told the children that they were once part of this army, I fully admit that you will again have some kind of parade on 12. Well, or a demonstration with songs and concerts throughout the country.

And again, Ukrainians will watch the millions bought by the Kremlin, the local administration, personally by your president and the prime minister of happy faces on the Internet. Yes, and a close-up! To annoy us. You should have swollen from hunger. Our guarantor said so to us.

Here I wrote about 9 in May and I thought about the speed of the cockroach life. Yes, and human too. After all, what we are saying today every day, even 25-30 years ago would be an occasion for moving to a closed-type medical facility. For a long time.

Who remembers the last century, he will agree. And for young people will be the discovery that it was so. Imagine in a year that way 1980 you speak on the street one of the phrases of today's life. I was hacked. Or, let's give him a home cinema. Or, I accidentally erased War and Peace. I'm not talking about the phrase "Mom, give me a hundred rubles on the subway."

Three years ago we lived in a beautiful and kind country. Three years ago we had история. There were heroes. We sang songs, not a hymn. We were proud to be Ukrainians. Today? What are we proud of today?

The speed with which we change our views today, with which we, out of the pride of a nation, turn a person into a traitor and back even higher. Do not have decades. Well, as you understand, I'm talking about our Nadia ...

The Interior Ministry was interested in the statements of the people's deputy Nadezhda Savchenko about direct negotiations with the self-proclaimed DNR and LC. In particular, the spokesman for the department Artem Shevchenko called the words of the people's deputy "coming-out."

He noted that Savchenko's words correspond to the wishes of the Russian authorities and brings some intelligence officer to Facebook on this matter:

"When we have, he says, three officers were captured by separs and we quickly, in a few weeks, pulled them out, then they were all waited for by long counterintelligence cross-examinations, in-depth checks, medical examinations, psycho-physical analysis and so on." Is everything in captivity as they say, if they don't accidentally lie? Have they not turned over time, have they any brains at all? And here, for two years in the dungeons of Russian prisons, a weighty prisoner. The arsenal of influence on the prisoner's mind is practically unlimited. And no checks, right from the plane, not for interrogations and a polygraph, but for the parliament’s session hall.

“It doesn’t mean anything, of course, and I don’t say anything, but this comment seemed to me at least noteworthy. No more. But no less.”

These are the pies ... With the wood lice. We thought that Savchenko at the court behaved so inadequately, because of Ukraine. And she, it turns out, was carrying out the task of the Russian special services in introducing into our brains. Even nothing to say about this. Introduced like.

By the way, I asked knowledgeable people about this coming-out ... They raised a laugh. Me. And about the press secretary said that the moron. It turns out that coming out is about the previous part of my notes. Guys with the orientation of "rainbow" talk about their sexual preferences. In short, undermined my authority Shevchenko.

And Savchenko again gives "on-the-mountain" anti-our expression. Good medicines in the Russian bullpen.

"We will never be a brotherly people, as before. There are so many relatives, a lot of blood hashes and everything else, but let's better be good neighbors than bad brothers. I think it is possible"

"One leader cannot rule the country for life, it is not required. I think fresh blood should come, restart, and it will also be in Russia. There are people in Russia, there are movements. It’s difficult because the pressure is severe there. But I think that all the same in the future is possible. "

Nadia, what about so many years of war with Russia? How are our new requirements? About OSCE peacekeepers in the Donbass? Poroshenko, each performance begins with this! Give the OSCE Police Mission! WITH tanks and airplanes! Ukraine has not died yet! ...?

In principle, we have achieved great success in this matter! All agreed! This is our Foreign Minister said. It remains to agree the budget, mandate and rules of application weapons. Yes, any Ukrainians ask how to do it - answer. Is the OSCE a European organization? So ... So, European countries are quickly falling off our needs. Little by little. There need something all 140 millions. And the rest ... Yes, what are the rules in the war. Mandates we will write a hundred. For every taste.

True, here to me European cockroaches infu planted that the budget of the entire OSCE is all 100 millions. Do not be angry, brothers Europeans and other Americans. Let's money!

Yes, everyone thinks about money today. In the sense of the government. Right from morning to evening. How else? Money, they are money! Well, here is an example from your life. Build something in Russia. Like the spaceport or there is a bridge across the ocean. They built and ... planted a couple of public property robbers. When there is a lot of money, you can be a little bit in your own pocket.

And we have not. We are honest! We no longer have almost "national wealth". But there are IMF loans. In a sense, they promise. Imagine how much you can shift into your pocket with a couple of billions? Oh, dreams. But for some reason these dreams do not come true.

We have “rolled the lip” to 1,7 billion, and in the government, the truth is still quiet, they say that they will not give more than a billion. Zrada zradnaya. That's what kind of people are not punctual. I wonder if we have two LGBT marches, will they give 700 millions more promised? But this is so, thought out loud.

No, well, really. We are moving by leaps and bounds to Europe. Such "leaps and bounds" that even trousers crack. Here is at least the last solution. In Russia, "schenevmerlu" do not sing. But they listen to their hymn everywhere. I watched hockey. Win the game - and immediately the anthem. All right the championship, and that any game. And others have been taught.

Our top manager on television and radio also decided to go this route. And oblige televisions and radios to "sing" our hymn daily. In the morning and in the evening. It seems like a question for everyone to ask. I woke up in the morning, and they ask you: has Ukraine not died yet? In the evening, after you paid, if you can, all the tariffs, again: didn’t she die? Right? Look ... This is real democracy. Asking daily people's opinion about the actions of the president and the government.

I have a romantic mood today. Everything about dreams ... The main dream of Ukrainians as it was, and remains. We want a visa-free! What we just did. Everything! And almost ... right now tonight, well, at night, as a last resort, tomorrow morning, our dream will come true. So Poroshenko says. And we believe!

Only here the Netherlands ... Galandyaku on gilyaku! Again, the conditions for an association agreement with the EU. They do not like the fact that we can become a "European Union." They do not want to defend us. EU type is not NATO. And then what? Who is cheating us? And European money does not give us. Access to finance want to limit. And how without money? Sharikov won when he became a man, he also demanded. And we will be Europeans. Yes, and do not want to guarantee ever joining the EU.

Vyshivanok ran here. Soon, screaming, and we are visa-free. The process has begun! Where did you go, I ask? Yes, handing out this visa-free already. I looked. True. Colombia received a visa-free. This is one of those that you know. And also Papua and Tongo. Europeans ...

Everything. Now only about peremoga! And peremogi in our economy today! Do not believe? Read the press. European. We have a growth in a whole percentage! I’ll go straight through economics.

We are concerned about our neighbors. You can say syabry! Belarusians sit without light. Probably, with splinters. Do we want electricity for them? Well, absolutely cheap. Buy ... And they are still thinking. Doesn’t their father, doesn’t want the Belarusians to have electricity cheaper than ours? Working on ...

And what to work? We have a nuclear power plant years through 5-7 is over. Even with the "extension of life". Then just do not sell. So ... By the way, then the wires can be used to supply this electricity to us. When the Belarusian nuclear power plant is built.

And we signed a contract for the supply of aircraft! And you thought! We can! Our "Antonov" is still that Antonov! We will deliver our mighty aircraft to Azerbaijan. An-178! A whole year were talking. And agreed! I don’t know about the money. But the fact that we will build two planes (probably, from those that are ready), but the rest of the 8 will be assembled already in Azerbaijan. Peremoga? And then!

And do not say that the plane is "raw". Flies the same. And now Baku will get its own aircraft construction. And this is prestige! So envy. It is not clear, however, to whom, Baku or Kiev. And who more condole in case of what ...

By the way, did you cook gas there for us? Here Poroshenko decided to support you, brotherly. Let's buy a little bit. You do not know how to survive.

"If Gazprom agrees to make temporary changes to the existing contract ..., in this particular case, if the price is lower than the price that we are offered from the European direction, in terms of minimizing consumer spending and just common sense will be right buy this gas from the east, "- explained Kobolev - We plan that with EBRD funds we will take gas in the 3 quarter of this year"

Wisely? For non-Ukrainians I will explain. As soon as the money is allocated, we start purchasing right away. No, of course, if Gazprom gives your credit, then we can begin today. Summer will soon be over ... For the equator. And winter, she and winter in Ukraine.

And very little "at the level of rumors." Among the deputies of the Parliament wanders one document, from which the government and the president hastened to disown. And that means there is such a document. This is the reality of Ukraine today. If something is not, then it must be there. And vice versa.

This is a new "memorandum" on joining the EU. This document was laid out by the deputy Klimenko. What is interesting there?

Yes all. The beginning is generally terrible. Sale of agricultural land to foreign agricultural holdings. That, given the backwardness and poverty of our farmers, will lead to their complete collapse. And progress in this direction is already there. From January 1, farmers have been taken away the possibility of returning 80% VAT. And from the new year, I think, the remaining 20 will be taken away. What competition with Western farmers can we already talk about?

The next will fall in an unequal struggle, small banks. The presence of such banks gives at least a ghostly hope to producers for loans. Monster banks are not interested in a small producer.

And then the turn of the strategically important enterprises. Their sale is also spelled out in the memorandum. Of course, nothing surprising in this. What businesses? There are practically no profitable factories in the country, no profitable concerns. Even the famous Odessa port plant today is a big question. But it is already on sale.

The fact is that rumors have appeared that Russia plans to make a "withdrawal" from the pipeline. Inset will do in the area of ​​Voronezh. Yes, it's 5 years of work. But, as we can see from the example of many Russian objects, you will do the same. Out of its harmfulness. And who will then need a plant?

I will not write about culture and education. If we have a hymn in the morning and in the evening served as a great patriotic undertaking, then ... Yes, education is necessary. But it is in a country where there is an economy. And we have? Only extra costs.

And at the end of the "broads" on pensioners. What do you get money for? By age? When did the patch work? Received. So what do you want now? We will introduce a three-tier pension reform. And then the cost of "feeding" pensioners will be many times less. But will the introduction of public-private and fully private pension funds work for us? In a country where people simply do not have money.

Yes, and the perspective is scary to watch. Everyone understands that in this way the state simply wants to completely eliminate state pensions.

Here we are doing. As one clever one put it, but a little “cockroach poured over the collar”, there are people who say that they should drink less. There are those who say that they need to drink more. But they are one in one - you have to drink. Directly about our Ukraine. In order not to be undertaken in any sphere of life, it is all the same to "drink it right" ...

For today I finish. We must prepare for the march. On the roof of the house to climb. But they will trample. Or those or others. And you want to look at this sight. And to you, as always, it is good to celebrate the day of your statehood. Listen to the artists. Dancing gopak on the square. Or what about Russians, trepak, in my opinion. Walk with children in festive cities and villages. So that your happiness would be permanent and the smiles would not leave your relatives' faces!

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  1. EvgNik
    EvgNik 14 June 2016 07: 06
    Thanks to Tarakash, for the next bitterly humorous review.
    We have rolled our lips for 1,7 billion, and the government, though quietly so far, says that more than a billion will not be given

    Give 1,7. But 0,7 is already cut. Alas.
    1. SSR
      SSR 14 June 2016 08: 16
      Smiled about bearded girls and busty "men". I was thinking about the branch bypassing Voronezh, it seems that the State has relied on the long-term self-education of "Somalia", it took 25 years to put on colander, how long will it take to remove? (((By historical standards, this is one moment.
      1. Victor bg
        Victor bg 15 June 2016 09: 37
        [quote = SSR] I thought about the branch bypassing Voronezh, I see the State has made a bet on long self-education "
        Apparently it was meant: Not a gas pipe, but the Togliatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline, due to which the Odessa plant is still puffing
    2. OlegLex
      OlegLex 16 June 2016 16: 05
      Where does this awareness come from?
  2. Winnie76
    Winnie76 14 June 2016 07: 06
    Really pravoseki will pi..t their mental brothers? And this is in the European capital belay
    1. EvgNik
      EvgNik 14 June 2016 07: 32
      Quote: Winnie76
      And this is in the European capital

      Alexander. Is it a European capital? Rather, the Martian.
    2. Follow us
      Follow us 14 June 2016 09: 06
      PS can only humiliate and kill defenseless civilians in the Donbass and stop the Russian dolnoeoboy for money. Heredity is so rotten.
  3. Voha_krim
    Voha_krim 14 June 2016 07: 08
    Three years ago we had a story. There were heroes. We sang songs, not a hymn. We were proud to be Ukrainians. Today? What are we proud of today?

    I would argue with that. Never, at least since 1991, have I been proud to be Ukrainian, although my parents are from New Russia, the Ekaterinoslav province (now Dnepropetrovsk region), but I was born in Crimea. Thank God I'm a Russian now !!!
  4. sergeyzzz
    sergeyzzz 14 June 2016 07: 17
    What a terrible photo the author put in the article, but then I would dream about it in a nightmare.
    1. EvgNik
      EvgNik 14 June 2016 07: 34
      Quote: sergeyzzz
      then she will dream me in a nightmare.

      Do not sleep, do not sleep, in any case - do not sleep .... No.
    2. Mordvin 3
      Mordvin 3 14 June 2016 07: 56
      Quote: sergeyzzz
      then she will dream me in a nightmare.

      This is not her, this is IT. Why don’t you drink so much? drinks
    3. Pinkie F.
      Pinkie F. 14 June 2016 11: 22
      Quote: sergeyzzz
      What a terrible photo the author put in the article

      Ozzy ?????
  5. Pitot
    Pitot 14 June 2016 07: 32
    Yes, a noble kulesh was brewed in a kakland. Already there, and spices were added in the form of assorted homosexual perverts. I wonder what will be thrown into this soup next. You need something so spicy for a piquant taste. I'm afraid to think what it might be. Salafism? What? "Sala" is, there is "physics" left. And it is interesting to watch how a whole country creates hell for itself. And the main thing for us is to draw the correct, correct conclusions ...
  6. parusnik
    parusnik 14 June 2016 07: 34
    And Savchenko again gives "on-the-mountain" anti-our expression. Good medicines in the Russian bullpen.... Nooooo ... your expressions and thoughts ... Savchenko - the voice and thoughts of Y. Tymoshenko .. It's very convenient .. Julia herself is silent .. And from Nadya, what to take, wretched, shell-shocked. starving in the "dungeons" .. And as they say .. spit ... plus ... ah ... pluralism of opinions ...
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 14 June 2016 07: 50
    So what? Some will trample others za.s.r.a.sntsev and everything will again flow along the old channel. Rather, they would have already begun to gnaw at each other's throats, then it would not be up to Donbass.
  8. Pinkie F.
    Pinkie F. 14 June 2016 07: 55
    And oblige televisions and radios to "sing" our anthem every day. In the morning and in the evening. Kind of like a question for everyone to ask. I woke up in the morning, and they ask you: has not Ukraine died yet? In the evening, after you've paid, if you can, all the tariffs, again: have you died yet? Exactly? Look ...

    laughing set off.
    This is a new "memorandum" on joining the EU.

    Well, if this is not a fake, then it is expected. Indeed, it’s enough to clatter — we played around in the Maidan’s romance, waved a carrot in front of the face, and wears embroidered shirts out of their underpants - while waking up. Now, with the xoxlov, they begin to remove chips in the light of circulars of the external manager.
  9. volodya
    volodya 14 June 2016 08: 20
    Emancipation in Ukraine? Here she is!
    1. Maxim73
      Maxim73 14 June 2016 17: 35
      Yeah ... The kingdom of farce!
  10. Egoza
    Egoza 14 June 2016 08: 51
    I greet the whole friendly family of the Tarakanovs! And to my wife - a special bow, I am very flattered that I was recorded as a friend.
    I’d argue with your guest from the village. Women now dream of resembling Indian Shiva. But all the same, India came from Ukraine, so that six-armed would not be returned to itself. So that it was more convenient to carry bags. And not because you can put a lot there, but grab and drag on everything that remains after paying for gas and gas, because tomorrow everything can be more expensive.
    Yes, and it hurt you too much to get carried away, Cockroach by the very march of equality! Why was there to watch? In 30 minutes, the selected 500 meters and a mustache walked! Well, the cordon was notable. Already on 6 guards for everyone! Probably because foreign guests came to support - these are the same from the Netherlands, Germany and even from the USA. We had to watch the protesters! there were some irresponsible! Can you imagine? And they shouted directly:
    “So I can’t understand,” one of the participants of the improvised picket screams. - The rights of gays with us, you see, are infringed, but not pensioners ?! Where, ***** [hell], visa-free travel? Where is the European life that was promised to us on the Maidan? Are we for ******* [homosexuals], were you standing there? ”Well, they detained 57 people, cleared their brains, so they now understood what equality is.
  11. Egoza
    Egoza 14 June 2016 09: 05
    And football! Didn't you look? I'm, however, more interested in fans. Poor! How they were oppressed there! No, no, not the Germans, of course, but “the Ukrainians were attacked by the Russians who live in Germany.” And Russia sent its paratroopers there? How else? So the British say: “The Russian fans seemed to be training for months,” and even the Prosecutor Marcel called the Russian fans “very well-trained fighters.” So, obviously, there were disguised Russians attacked our kids!
    What fans there! Here Yurasuma conducted an interesting study ...
    Despite all this seeming insanity in the Armed Forces, which nonetheless is very beneficial to politicians, there is another very interesting pattern. It is in the battles with the "militia" that activists of the "Right Sector", "Aidar" and other "patriotic" criminal gangs very often die. At the same time, nobody cares about them either in the West or in Ukraine. No one in Berlin or Brussels notices the work of the BCH heavy artillery, which brings shells and mines to the heads of "patriots" along with concrete ceilings in Donetsk mines.

    On 11 of June, it was precisely on the heads of the "right-wingers" who had entrenched in the Putilovskaya mine (Butovo-Donetskaya) that the fragments of a building destroyed by artillery fell. As a result, 4 were killed immediately, and 11 their comrades have yet to enjoy all the charms of life in the Ukraine, which they ... are not needed. On the same day, an Aydara car was blown up by a mine, which claimed the lives of two “heroes” at once, while the fate of four was in the hands of the Aesculapius. And it is still unknown who was luckier ...

    If we compare the number of APUs and the number of “active patriots” in it, you are surprised at the very high percentage of those who died last. How many former representatives of the "volunteer" units in the Armed Forces? Well, 5, well, let 10 of thousands (this is so that with a margin for all occasions). And how many of them are killed by random snipers, mines, overlaps. What a strange selectivity. The first time I noticed her on the eve of Ilovaisk. And then the "patriots" chose not to hear me. And that is their right ...

    It remains to be guessed, whether Vlad merges them, or the Higher powers punish them!
    And the fire was not visible? And how well it burned! Right in court! The room with criminal cases that had previously been referred to the court from the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine completely burned out. The selectivity is strange too! but all things offshore fire brigades washed away. Now they’ll collect in a new way ... if they have time.
    It’s time, it’s time for us to notice who is giving us some signs ... Maybe not everything has disappeared.
  12. Corsair0304
    Corsair0304 14 June 2016 13: 38
    Quote: Egoza
    “Ukrainians were attacked by Russians who live in Germany.” And Russia sent its paratroopers there? How else? ...

    No, what do you want there in France? Great love for European values ​​after Russia was imposed with sanctions, surrounded by bases, you don't want to let our athletes go to the Olympics in Rio ?! What is hello, so is the answer. Keep ours "with all proletarian love." And as for "very well-trained fighters", since antiquity in Russia there has been a good old-fashioned fun "Wall to Wall", in winter, as a rule, on the Maslenitsa. But in the summer they did not go - in the summer the field did not give time for fun. Now sow, then collect, then fight off the Khuzar Tatars ...
    Yes and that! In vile English, they fought: glass bottles were thrown, chairs, called names in a bad way. Ours with clean hands came out. In an organized, cohesive manner. They drove out the entire English horde in front of them around the quarter and in the same organized manner with dignity left.
  13. Backfire
    Backfire 14 June 2016 17: 15
    Great article well done cockroach.
  14. rus-5819
    rus-5819 14 June 2016 21: 50
    Quote: Voha_krim
    Three years ago we had a story. There were heroes. We sang songs, not a hymn. We were proud to be Ukrainians. Today? What are we proud of today?

    I would argue with that. Never, at least since 1991, have I been proud to be Ukrainian, although my parents are from New Russia, the Ekaterinoslav province (now Dnepropetrovsk region), but I was born in Crimea. Thank God I'm a Russian now !!!

    Well, in general, I read a lot in 1991 about the history of Ukraine where Shevchenko was bought out by "good people", and Yuri Dolgoruky was a "bad Ukrainian" and therefore he was expelled to the north, where he founded the Moscow state with bad Ukrainians.
  15. dropout
    dropout 14 June 2016 22: 14
    Quote: Egoza
    And football! Really did not look?

    Looked!. Two years, as forcedly "square" left, like evil in the soul should not be measured, but no! I was rooting not for the Germans, but for ... (I don’t know how to call it) we are still of the same blood.
  16. matros-lom
    matros-lom 16 June 2016 19: 11
    It is very pleasant to read adequate articles about the situation in Ukraine; looking through the official media (that is Russian, that Ukrainian), you will not see the real situation.