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“NATO scares you” (Parlamentní listy, Czech Republic)

“NATO scares you” (Parlamentní listy, Czech Republic)

The rejection of the aggressive policies of the United States and the NATO pact they control in Europe is growing. American propagandists divide the world in a Stalinist way - only for friends and enemies. This approach was probably adopted by the Polish special services. This is how analyst Martin Koller comments on the arrest of the head of the Polish party Smena, who is considered a Russian agent. Koller sees this as the intimidation of “patriotic politicians” who do not approve of the aggressive NATO / US policy towards Russia.

Parlamentní listy: How do you assess what happened in Poland? I have in mind the arrest and accusation of pro-Russian activities, which, by the way, included the Czech name, Mrs. Churdova, from the Citizens' Rights Party (SPO). What can you say about the professionalism of the Polish special services?

Martin Koller: Personally, I hold the opinion that the show around the arrest of the representative of the Smena party, Mateusz Piskorski, and the interest of Polish special services to foreign politicians presented in the media is an example of psychological or so-called hybrid war in the interests of the United States. All this is part of an operation to intimidate EU citizens to prevent them from freely and openly expressing their opinion that does not correspond to the line of the EU and NATO leadership.

I doubt that Piskorski is a Russian agent who really threatens Polish security. Truly valuable and dangerous agents do not act openly in the political arena. The arrest of Piskorski is very likely related to the planned NATO summit in Poland in July. Local political leadership seeks to please the United States and minimize demonstrations and protests against NATO policies. This is reminiscent of a situation where, during the period of the Austrian occupation of our country, at critical moments or during the visits of the emperor, they preemptively arrested and imprisoned patriotic activists and journalists, who rejected the generally accepted opinion.

It is strange that the operations of the Polish special services, which should be secret, are discussed in the media, and the names of the defendants sound. Already this is a confirmation of targeted actions and the transformation of the state security service into a subject subject to political influence. In addition, it also proves the loyalty of some Eastern European intelligence services to a greater degree of American rather than state interests, and this is an extremely dangerous phenomenon. It turns out that local politicians cannot even rely on their own special services.

The mere fact that foreign media speak negatively about the policies of several EU countries, for example, Ms. Churdova from the SPO party associated with our president, and present them as an object of interest from the Polish special services, is literally shocking and insulting. If Mrs. Churdova violated the law, then why is she not arrested instead of de facto denigrating her name in the media? The goal is obviously to intimidate patriotic politicians who do not approve of the aggressive policies of NATO and the United States towards Russia.

In the media they write that “Change” is a pro-Putin and pro-Russian union, funded by Russia. The question is, why in a democratic country there could not be a political association financed from Russia? There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of various influential non-profit organizations, research centers and other political formations funded from the United States and Saudi Arabia in Europe, but no one is following them. Some such organizations promote the ideas of aggressive forms of Islamism, including Sharia law, which are incompatible with European laws and civilization. Saudi Arabia and its closest ally Turkey threaten Europe with its Islamization campaign much more than Russia, but no one is fighting with various non-governmental organizations and activists promoting their interests!

Another question: is it proven that Smena is financed from Russia, and by whom? I do not know Polish laws, but I assume that freedom of thought and speech is guaranteed in Poland. I do not know how much financing of political parties, movements and other subjects from abroad is allowed. However, US nongovernmental organizations that receive money from the US and the EU work in Poland without any problems.

The rejection of the aggressive policies of the United States and the NATO pact they control in Europe is growing. American propagandists divide the world in a Stalinist way - only for friends and enemies. This approach was probably adopted by the Polish special services. It is possible that “Change” is only a patriotic movement that does not want Poland to turn into an American colony and be drawn into an American war against Russia. However, American foreign policy does not need patriots and countries that behave independently, that is, a third party to world politics. Anyone who is not totally devoted to America is an enemy to the United States.

The show around the association “Change”, which allowed itself to have an opinion different from the one launched from Washington or Brussels, reminds of similar campaigns that are being held against President Zeman, Prima TV channel, Dr. Samkova and Martin Konvichka. Each time it is a struggle against the truth and national interests, as well as a sample of American political propaganda and a hybrid war in the EU, directed not only against Russia, but also, perhaps even more, against freedom, justice, peoples and patriots in individual European countries .

- Germany decided to change the assessment of Russia as an ally, recognizing the threat in it. Allegedly, Russia could pose a threat to European security. Why do the Germans, in your opinion, come to this opinion? What measures may follow?

- Chancellor Merkel and her government are fully subordinate to American interests, including on the issue of TIPP and Islamization. According to most experts in international political and economic relations, cooperation between Germany and Russia is extremely beneficial. Germany is the third strongest economy in the world and the largest exporter among large states. It exports about 40% of its GDP, that is, more than China (in percent of GDP, and not in total volumes!). Service countries with a so-called cheap labor force, that is, modern colonies, such as our republic, help Germany achieve this. In addition, Germany cannot consume all the products of its own industry, so exports (as well as imports of raw materials) are vital for it. At the same time, Russia is one of the main partners. But the chronic economic crisis in Europe, together with the asocial programs of governments in Eastern Europe, restrict the competitiveness of the majority of the European population, so Germany’s affairs are getting worse. German consumer goods production replaces cheaper Chinese, and the penetration of Chinese automakers into the European market can be a disaster at all.

Sanctions against Russia caused Germany incomparably more damage than directly to our republic. However, much of our exports go to Germany, so sanctions indirectly hurt us too. The Union of German Industrialists is going to file a lawsuit against the German government, if it does not lift the sanctions. However, it is afraid to remove them under American pressure, because the United States wants to avenge Russia for the fact that the Americans failed to get a base in the Crimea. It can be assumed that the United States will force European countries to extend sanctions indefinitely, although they themselves for the most part do not comply. The German political leadership thus acts against German interests, as in the case of Islamization. The American political leadership is likely to be able to force the German government to be obedient and behave irrationally towards its own people.

С historical point of view, it should be noted that Russia and Germany were never genuine political allies. However, with the exception of the First and Second World Wars, they were trading partners. In addition, from the Middle Ages, the Germans attempted military campaigns in the East (originally Drang nach Osten) to obtain territories and raw materials. In practice, this has greatly affected Poland and Ukraine. In the 20th century, Drang nach Osten took over American foreign policy. Even during World War II, the United States supported the Soviet Union purposefully and out of fear of Nazi Germany. Shortly after the war, hostile propaganda and politics returned again, and in addition, with the American support for punishment, most of the Nazi criminals escaped.

Russia does not need to be afraid of a standard military attack by Russia on Germany. Germany itself is quite strong, is quite far from Russian borders and is a member of NATO. American bases and nuclear warehouses are located on German territory. weapons. Moreover, one should not talk about the threat to Europe from Russia. It has neither the desire nor the means for any military campaign against Europe. Russia is in strategic defense. How does it threaten, for example, Italy, the Netherlands or Spain? Russia can become a real military threat only if it defends itself from NATO aggression somewhere in Ukraine or in the Baltic States or from aggression by the Islamic army, which is predominantly formed by the army of Turkey, a member of NATO.

The possibilities of close cooperation between Russia and Germany are threatened, above all, by the geopolitical and economic interests of the United States. Their media and some politicians have long called Russia an aggressor, but the Americans themselves surround the Russian Federation with a network of bases. America is also trying to limit Russian trade in raw materials with Europe and increase Europe’s dependence on oil and gas from Arab countries or from the United States. In addition, the Americans are trying to impose the TIPP treaty on Europe, but it is relatively beneficial only to Germany, which thus could partially compensate for the restrictions on trade with Russia caused by sanctions. For most other countries TIPP is not profitable.

Despite the fact that the media practically does not talk about it, Germany has long been solving problems in relations not only with Russia, but also with France and Poland. Tensions with France are the result of a long-term German policy that promotes low investment and fiscal control programs that restrict the social system. This policy is similar to that pursued by the government of Nechas and Kalousek with known consequences, since our politicians did not understand that we are a colony, and not an economically strong state. The result of this policy is, for example, the situation in Greece or Lithuania.

France advocates investment to prevent a crisis in the economy and a more social state. She has long opposed to becoming an American colony, like Germany. Owing to the described contradiction in relations with Germany, France is increasingly focused on the Mediterranean, and the result is a frightening plan for the Islamization of Euro Med, which, in fact, is only for Americans who are interested in Islamizing Europe.

Poland feels a threat from Russia, but at the same time, Poland is limited by Germany. As in our country, Poland purposefully forget about the crimes that the Germans committed there over several centuries, especially during the Second World War, and history is rewritten. At the same time, Poland fears Germany’s cooperation with Russia, seeing in it a decline in its own significance in Europe and a threat to its security. The result is a Polish orientation towards a third country - the United States and its offensive policy towards Russia. Such a policy can have sad consequences and will not lead to detente in relations between the EU and Russia.

The result of American politics in Europe, based on corruption, blackmail and hate propaganda in the media, is worsening relations between Germany, and with it most of the EU countries, and Russia. It can be expected that more emphasis will be placed on armament, which is in the hands of American weapons manufacturers. Modern developments can lead to a war in which Europe would suffer the most.

Russia has no choice but to proceed from the fact that the current hostility will remain, therefore, the Russian Federation should arm itself, rely on restructuring its own industry to replace European goods with its own production and export from other regions, as well as strengthen cooperation with China. A joke about the border between China and Slovakia in such a development of events in the distant future can become a reality. The question is whether such perspectives are the goal of German policy.

- President Zeman proposed to get rid of migrants by sending them to prison in case of illegal crossing of our border. Would that help? In addition, the president proposed to connect and fire ...

- Personally, I agree with the opinion of Mr. President. Of course, it is clear that the current government does not agree with it, because it is hidden or explicitly supports Islamization. But illegal border crossing is a criminal offense! However, there is, above all, a technical problem - namely, the capacity of prisons. I would have to build internment camps. Technically it would be easy, but from a security point of view it would be useful. If they had done something like this in time in Germany, there would be peace and order, which is now a thing of the past for German citizens.

The Islamic campaign on Europe continues successfully, affecting our republic as well. Only in the media about this silent. But, looking at the streets of Prague, we see that there are more private people, groups and families, obviously, foreigners from Africa and the regions closest to it - those who were not here before. Someone provides them with housing, sometimes illegally.

This is probably the second phase of the Islamic campaign, which is legally carried out with the support of the government and non-governmental organizations and is funded either from Saudi Arabia or from other Islamic countries. At the first stage, these migrants do not behave like migrants or refugees. The situation may be complicated if the EU border is opened for Turks entering on tourist visas, not to mention opening the borders according to the EuroMed program.

If necessary, all possible government units should be involved in border defense. The problem is that the borders must be closed, starting with the construction of checkpoints that would slow down the movement of illegal immigrants and allow them to effectively protect the frontiers.

In this regard, there are far-fetched excuses that mislead citizens that the closure of borders will slow down international trade. However, it is carried out along narrow corridors, either on the autobahn and the lower categories of highways, or by rail. There are not so many of these corridors, and without special problems they can be protected using even water cannons. Now illegal immigrants are trying to move outside the corridors through territories that are not controlled.

In this regard, it would be right to take measures for the visual control of territories, and in the most passable parts to build checkpoints. Neither trucks nor trains, as a rule, drive through European forests and meadows, so there will be no restrictions on trade. If illegal immigrants go to Germany, they should open the way to where their heart is calling.

- Several forces are simultaneously advancing on the Islamic state (banned in Russia - approx. Ed.): Assad with the support of the Russians, as well as the Iraqi army with the support of the United States and the Kurds. Is the end of ISIS approaching?

- It is possible that the end of the so-called Islamic state is near, which cannot be said about Islamic aggression and terrorism. The fight will continue in other places. Of course, this is a question of geopolitical interests. It may happen that ISIS militants will leave a certain region, for example Iraq, and continue fighting in Syria and Libya, and perhaps somewhere in southern Russia: in Chechnya, in Ukraine or in Georgia with the support of Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

The terrorist organization will change its name, but the essence of its activities, that is, jihad against the civilized world, will not change. And even the end of the fighting in Iraq and Syria will not bring peace in the fight against Islamic terrorism. Peace will reign only if support for Islamic terrorism as a tool to combat Russia and the Islamization of Europe ceases.

- In your opinion, what will happen to ISIS militants who will be captured, and with those who manage to throw off the uniforms and escape?

“Given the hatred between the warring parties, the cruelty and crimes of the militants of the so-called Islamic state, it is worth assuming that some of them would prefer to die in battle in the hope that they will become martyrs for the faith. The rest will probably be slaughtered mercilessly, even if they want to surrender. On the other hand, I admit the humanistic propaganda of the EU leadership and NGOs, who will offer us to take prisoners from the Islamic state to Europe and show them how beautiful and humane it is to place them here so that they can enrich us.

The ideology of Islamic fanatics of ISIS is based on the belief that everyone will die in a battle for the faith. Therefore, they are oriented towards death. And here again I would recall the phenomenal performance of Hynek Kmonichek at the security conference “Myths and Syria” last year. But as we have repeatedly seen in practice, there are equal among Islamic terrorists and those who are more equal, for example in Palestine. Someone is fighting for the faith, and someone is enjoying the benefits of European humanitarian aid.

Most likely, part of the command will flee and will continue to fight in and around Africa, as well as in Europe with the help of Saudi Arabia, drug mafia clans from Afghanistan, Kosovo and Chechnya and other supporters in Islamic and European countries. I only remind you that 10% of every halal kebab, which is sold everywhere in our country, is also being sent to support Islam. In the future, the dead commanders and ordinary fighters will be presented with propaganda as heroes and martyrs in the struggle for Islam.

Similarly, fleeing fighters will most likely continue to fight in Africa or in Europe. It is possible that they will get to the EU as refugees from Syria. Then they will ask for asylum, and then join the ideological work in the mosques of the Islamic community as proven fighters for the faith or instructors and commanders of new terrorists, already recruited directly in Europe.

Islamic terrorism can be exterminated only by destroying its economic bases, and this is the drug mafia in Afghanistan, Lebanon and Kosovo, as well as through tough sanctions against its sponsors - first of all Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

- The European Football Championship, which is referred to as the target of terrorist acts, is approaching. By the way, the Islamic state punishes for watching football matches. What measures would make sense to take so that the terrorists did not drown the championship in blood?

“Former European socialist terrorists began with selective attacks on politicians and members of the armed forces, as the anarchists used to do. Modern terrorists, with rare exception completely Islamic, commit acts of terrorism in places where unarmed civilians gather. Former terrorists sowed fear among the leaders of European countries, while modern ones want to provoke a generalized psychosis among the population, making it an instrument of pressure on political leadership. Crowding of people anywhere creates an attractive target. So Islamic terrorists (not necessarily representatives of ISIS) have the opportunity to achieve two goals at once. Firstly, the political pressure on the governments of the infidels, provoking a psychosis of permanent fear, and secondly, to kill the infidels according to Sharia. In addition, there is another version of the heroic death of a martyr for the faith.

The success of terrorist acts is based on the use of the moment of surprise. In France, terrorists can rely on a large and closed Islamic community in large cities. The basis of victory in the war is information. Therefore, first of all, French and other European special services and counterintelligence should act. And of course, the police with their informants. The effect of soldiers and policemen strolling through the streets, in terms of the success of the fight against Islamic terrorists, is small, because they are ready to die. More important, rather, is control of the movements of potentially dangerous and suspicious persons and the creation of checkpoints on the streets. If time does not expose the plans, Europe will continue only to eliminate the consequences.

An absolutely logical measure would be to destroy the terrorist base by deporting and depriving citizenship of those who represent a social burden and a threat to the security of the host country. Socially lost and bored individuals and non-working groups are the most likely adherents to the recruiters of Islamic terrorism. Different theories about the placement of people from problem communities in small cities or villages have not proved themselves anywhere in practice.

Either a small closed community formed there, or the migrants returned to large agglomerations. The main and effective measure is not to choose politicians and parties (or movements) that openly or covertly support the Islamization of Europe. This process underlies instability, fear and terrorism.

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  1. Grandson of Veteran
    Grandson of Veteran 13 June 2016 12: 39
    "..NATO scares you ..."

    Judging by the hysteria in the West, this is exactly what we scare NATO ... hi
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 13 June 2016 12: 46
      Quote: Veteran's grandson
      Judging by the hysteria in the West, this is exactly what we scare NATO ..

      Well, you read at least a couple of paragraphs for decency.
      1. INVESTOR
        INVESTOR 13 June 2016 12: 52
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Quote: Veteran's grandson
        Judging by the hysteria in the West, this is exactly what we scare NATO ..

        Well, you read at least a couple of paragraphs for decency.

        Many beeches laughing
        1. Tatyana
          Tatyana 13 June 2016 15: 50
          This is an excellent geopolitical article by the Czech analyst Martin Koller about the PRELIMINARY - 2016 - the situation in Europe! Everything is said to them intelligibly and correctly!
          I fully share his opinion.
          The US State Department (US Federal Reserve), the Pentagon and the CIA are really persistently preparing NATO countries for war with Russia in the interests of US hegemony around the world!
          In Europe, Poland stands out for its particularly persistent aggressiveness in preparing for a war with Russia.

          Article +
      2. poquello
        poquello 13 June 2016 13: 00
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Quote: Veteran's grandson
        Judging by the hysteria in the West, this is exactly what we scare NATO ..

        Well, you read at least a couple of paragraphs for decency.

        there are not a couple of paragraphs, and if the beginning somehow falls into the title, then completely different topics
      3. CORNET
        CORNET 13 June 2016 13: 14
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Quote: Veteran's grandson
        Judging by the hysteria in the West, this is exactly what we scare NATO ..

        Well, you read at least a couple of paragraphs for decency.

        I started reading and quit ..... Bullshit! Everything is the same .... In Russian I would send them all .. (but you can’t ..!))))
        And these girls are ours! soldier

        Nabucka immediately ..!
    2. poquello
      poquello 13 June 2016 12: 46
      Quote: Grandson of Veteran
      "..NATO scares you ..."

      Judging by the hysteria in the West, this is exactly what we scare NATO ... hi

      in the course of the play, the dream of the USA is fascist Europe
      1. kotvov
        kotvov 13 June 2016 17: 58
        during the play, the dream of the USA is fascist Europe ,,
        yeah, populated by igilovtsy sad
    3. cniza
      cniza 13 June 2016 12: 46
      Quote: Grandson of Veteran
      "..NATO scares you ..."

      Judging by the hysteria in the West, this is exactly what we scare NATO ... hi

      We don’t scare them, we ask that you don’t get close to us and do not approach our borders, but NATO has frightened all of Europe.
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. Finches
      Finches 13 June 2016 12: 48
      Everything is thought out there! A performance of three acts!

      The first act is the escalation of tension, that we will all die soon, so we urgently need to intensify;
      The second act - the culprit of this is specifically indicated - the reviving "empire of evil" in the East and is explained in detail to the layman who will die first;
      The third act is calming! In general, everything is fine, but we need some more dough, dear taxpayers, and then we will all live ... laughing

      True, for all this performance there is a full-blooded deployment of troops on our borders ...!
    6. avg
      avg 13 June 2016 13: 00
      Quote: Veteran's grandson
      Judging by the hysteria in the West, this is exactly what we scare NATO ...

      The article is not about that.
      It is important here that in the West there are sane people, and their voices are heard more often. But, it’s still difficult for them to reach the layman, because leading media, in fact, are dictated by Washington.
      1. poquello
        poquello 13 June 2016 13: 10
        Quote: avg
        Quote: Veteran's grandson
        Judging by the hysteria in the West, this is exactly what we scare NATO ...

        The article is not about that.
        It is important here that in the West there are sane people, and their voices are heard more often. But, it’s still difficult for them to reach the layman, because leading media, in fact, are dictated by Washington.

        there is no reach, there is already repression of dissent
    7. Denis Obukhov
      Denis Obukhov 13 June 2016 16: 41
      Words, words, words ... But who will listen to you, Martin Koller, after all, in Anglo-Sankson democracy it is not customary to listen to slaves ...
  2. poquello
    poquello 13 June 2016 12: 44
    all gathered in a heap of comments and the prosecution for the support of the Russians, and the football euro, ISIS, etc., a significant comrade probably - there are so many different questions
  3. atamankko
    atamankko 13 June 2016 12: 46
    Russia does not attack, but finishes the dull.
  4. kot423
    kot423 13 June 2016 12: 53
    Quote: atamankko
    but finishes the dull.

    Just do not finish, and teaches (you can hard).
  5. Vadim237
    Vadim237 13 June 2016 12: 55
    NATO does not scare us at all - but we know what scares NATO - Russia and the "fighting" emigrants.
  6. engineering
    engineering 13 June 2016 12: 57
    The rejection of the aggressive US policy and the NATO pact they control in Europe is growing. American propagandists divide the world in a Stalinist way - only into friends and enemies ...
    ... However, American foreign policy does not need patriots and countries that behave independently, that is, a third party to world politics. Anyone who is not wholly devoted to America is an enemy to the United States.

    They broke off with the Crimea, stopped giving free enriched uranium, stopped giving sea territories in thousands of square kilometers, etc. by the list. Yes, and they began to pursue an independent policy, they began to destroy NATO friends of ISIS as an adult, what friends are we to them now.
  7. sl22277
    sl22277 13 June 2016 13: 03
    The fact that NATO under the leadership of the United States is always ready to allow itself anything is not news. As well as the fact that this permission does not mean putting it into practice. In Europe, its problems are higher than the roof. Starting with the population dissatisfied with their rulers and ending with refugees, terrorists and other crazy citizens, it’s already in America. So it’s not scary, but rather unnerving.
  8. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 13 June 2016 13: 07
    It seems to me alone that in the photo at the beginning of the article, are they all old? With such a lot of war!
  9. t118an
    t118an 13 June 2016 13: 21
    Is there at least some glimpse of awareness of the real situation? That the States, with the help of NATO and the intimidation of the imaginary Russian threat, want to instill in all European countries their views, and then control.
  10. Starik72
    Starik72 13 June 2016 13: 31
    For the USA, NATO, the main straw through which the “SOAP BUBBLE” is inflated is FEAR. But THEY forget that the more THEY inflate it, the sooner this soap bubble can burst.
  11. weksha50
    weksha50 13 June 2016 13: 40
    "American non-governmental organizations receiving money from the USA and the EU work in Poland without any problems"...

    If only in Poland ...

    They work and are financed all over the world, and this is considered normal by amers ...
    At the same time, the Ameris consider the work of such organizations on their territory to be subversive against the state principles of their country ... Again, not even double, but savage-triple standards ...

    PS And it’s somehow awkward and ashamed to watch and listen to the "deflections" in front of the United States on the part of the Youngonatists - Poland and the Balts ... It seems that they do not understand both sovereignty and the awareness of national identity ...
    Being a US slave is great ... It's freedom, democracy ...
    Living neighborly in friendship with Russia is occupation in the forecast and humiliation ...
    In general, if God wants to punish a person, he takes away his mind ... Consider THESE as punished ... Only from them and we create inconveniences in living space ...
  12. Amurets
    Amurets 13 June 2016 13: 43
    The porridge in the article is big. Indeed, everything is heaped together. Russia and Putin really humiliated the United States and Obama when they peacefully agreed with Assad to remove chemical weapons from Syria. The second and third time, when they disrupted NATO exercises in Crimea in 2006 and intercepted initiative in Crimea in February-March 2014. Georgia 08.08.2008. Failure of the seizure of South Ossetia and Abkhazia by Georgia. But it looked like a prospect to turn the Black Sea into an internal NATO basin. But this plan was also thwarted by "The evil enemy of democracy" Putin. The anti-Russian front is collapsing "there is already an opinion that big business in Germany is tired of incurring losses due to the sanctions and it began to put pressure on politicians to roll back the sanctions. Moreover, the Russian Federation and China have begun economic rapprochement, Western European entrepreneurs may lose raw material markets and sales markets.
  13. weksha50
    weksha50 13 June 2016 13: 58
    "ISIS fighters will leave a certain region, for example, Iraq, and will continue to fight in Syria and Libya, and maybe somewhere in the south of Russia: in Chechnya, Ukraine or Georgia with the support of Turkey and Saudi Arabia "...

    Hmm ... Interestingly built phrase ...

    If the politicians of Ukraine or Georgia read it, it would be a shout ...
  14. Ros 56
    Ros 56 13 June 2016 15: 40
    NATO does not scare us; it scares itself. It reminds a crowd of berserkers, each alone is afraid that he will get into a lobeshnik and podzuzyvayut each other. An old story from childhood, but these guys were, and these consider themselves statesmen, and behave like puppies brainless. So much for Oyropa, so-so about nothing, some cheap things.
    1. kotvov
      kotvov 13 June 2016 18: 06
      NATO does not scare us; it scares itself. ,,
      intimidates a specific country-head, this very Nata. all the benefits from this, only Sasha.