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GBV. Withdraw the troops. Order. Part of 2

GBV. Withdraw the troops. Order. Part of 2

Dmitry Yazov, the Minister of Defense, in one of his interviews recalled that Gorbachev called him and said: “We made a decision on the withdrawal of troops and agreed on a price in 36 of billion marks for housing, etc.”. The Minister of Defense had a question: why such a decision is made at a country house in Arkhyz, and not in Moscow? Why without an invitation from the Ministry of Defense? After all, Defense Minister Dmitry Yazov was not invited to Arkhyz.

Then, in July 1990, Yazov decided to personally verify the situation in the Western Group. He created an ad hoc working group of Ministry of Defense staff, one of whose tasks was real estate appraisal of the western group of troops. By this time, independent experts, who assessed real estate of Soviet property in the territory of the GDR, determined the cost of the infrastructure of Soviet townships in approximately 50 billion German marks.

A working group of the Ministries of Defense flew to Germany in October 1990. She was headed by a young lawyer, Dmitry Yakubovsky. This was a direct order of Lukyanov, Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. 1 November 1990 on the table Anatoly Lukyanov laid down a report, which confirmed the ownership of all real estate property of the Western Group. The essence of the report: we are the owners, and as owners we can sell this property. The second part of the report - the estimated part of the property. The cost is from 12 to 20 of billions of marks, ”Yakubovsky said in one of his interviews. During the week that Yakobovsky spent in Germany, trains with humanitarian aid had already gone to the Soviet Union. All together we decided to forget about Yakubovsky and his report.

Gorbachev did not raise the issue of property valuation before the Germans.

Today, some houses, such as Wünsdorf, have fallen into disrepair. And others have acquired new owners. Today, from the past here remains only the name of the stop “House of Officers”.

An attempt to deal with German property will be fatal for many managers: the head of the control department of the presidential administration of the USSR, Yuri Boldyrev, will be fired for this. But it will be two years later. In the meantime, the withdrawal of troops went on as usual. Rather, the training camp took place in a hurry. The houses weren’t prepared for the reception: airplanes, Tanks dumped into the open field, no barracks were built. Half of the 14 billion German marks that were credited to the accounts were stolen. And what they built was crumbs compared to what was planned.

In January 1992, the command of the 52029 unit received an order to prepare for sending it back home. Only the homeland is now almost every soldier and officer had his own. The Soviet Union called for them to serve in the army, and they would return to different countries. At that time, many officers already realized that they are not needed by today's authorities, that bleak times are awaiting.

But while they were preparing to be sent home. When they began to discuss where to hold the main parade of Soviet troops, devoted to the withdrawal from Germany, the Germans offered to hold it in the city, where Hitler promised the German people to bring Stalin in a cage. But we chose Berlin. The Berlin farewell ceremony in Treptow Park, where the Vuchetich memorial complex was located, was proposed by the Soviet side and obtained German consent.

President Boris Yeltsin, who flew specially to Berlin, revives the farewell ceremony. AT stories the orchestra conducts, although in Treptow Park, Yeltsin also sang: “Kalinka, Kalinka, Kalinka is mine”. Yeltsin's musical experiences made a great impression on Western politicians. In addition, Yeltsin at that time has a habit of moving away from the written text with a cunning facial expression and speaking his famous “staff-a-a” with such an arrangement that it was not clear whether he really drank or was joking.

But the military behaved with dignity.

- Dear President of the Russian Federation, Chancellor, I report: the interstate agreement on the temporary stay and the planned withdrawal of the Soviet troops from Germany has been fulfilled.

Such words were heard in 1994 by Yeltsin and Kohl on the parade ground from Colonel-General Matvey Burlakov, commander of the ZGV, who led the withdrawal of the Soviet troops. Burlakov was engaged before the withdrawal of troops from Hungary. The cadre soldier, who went all the way from the cadet of the Omsk military school, commander of a motorized rifle regiment to the commander of the Southern Group of Forces in Hungary, from 1990, he headed the Western Group of Forces in Germany: four times more than in the whole army GDR

“For forty-nine years of the presence of our troops in Germany, we never frightened anyone, but we were not afraid of anyone either. As the most powerful grouping of the Soviet and Russian armed forces, the Western Group honestly fulfilled its historic mission to ensure peace and stability in Europe. It is not yet known how the post-war world structure would have been, if not the Soviet troops in Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland, ”said Col. Gen. MP in his interview with 2005 year. Burlakov, who became the last commander of the Western Group of Forces.

The character of Burlakov manifested a combative: what was the cost of his picking with Foreign Minister Edward Shevardnadze. But politicians rushed the military.

1 September 1994 of the year, a day later 50 years after the start of World War II, the withdrawal of Russian troops from Germany was completed.

But then few people thought how the fate of Europe and the world would change on the political map, when bravura marches resound. Germany has found another patron in NATO.

Veterans are still coming to Berlin today. But for this they need to get a visa. And the modern look of the city has become different. Particularly striking worn inscriptions on the Reichstag.

No, they never considered this bit of land on which they served to be theirs to the end. But it is always difficult to say goodbye to memory, with those best years that they gave to the service.

The fate of the veterans who served in the GSVG at one time was different. But it became their peculiar brand for life. Memories of the service became a rallying point for the organization of public associations. Today, the priority of their existence is, first of all, various forms of patriotic work.

The veteran association GSVG of three districts of the Rostov region organized and conducted a motor rally dedicated to tanks. The rally route passed through the territory of three districts: Kashar, Bokovsky and Verkhnedonsky. The veterans got into the cars and drove to where the tank monuments were installed, mostly T-34. There are such formidable witnesses of past battles in almost every Russian region. Interestingly, some smart businessmen-politicians of the local spill — this is the deputy head of the district administration for communal services and his accomplices — tried several years ago to sell such a monument-tank, EC-3М, located in the territory of the Belokalitvensky district. Thanks to media interventions, law enforcement agencies were able to stop this crime. But it was necessary to guess! Sell ​​a tank! So after all, buyers have already been found. For 4,5 million rubles.

The first stop of the motor rally column took place at the entrance to the Kashara suburb from the side of the Vyoshenskaya stanitsa, where a heavy tank from the times of the Great Patriotic War was installed. A solemn meeting was held here with the participation of Kashar veterans of service in the tank forces and GSVG, tenth-graders of the Kashar school, cultural workers of the Kashar DK.

The rally participants and, above all, guests from the Verkhnedonsky district, were greeted by the head of the Kashar district, I.M. Falynskov, who also served in the tank forces. He briefly recalled the story of the appearance of the tank.

In response, the organizer of the rally was made by the chairman of the organization of veterans of the GSVG, P.N. Ivaschenko. He recalled his service in the GSVG, the tank armies stationed in Germany, spoke about the work of the association for the patriotic education of youth, about the tasks of the ongoing rally.

Deputy Chairman of the Association of Veterans GSVG Verkhnedonskogo district Yu.N. Pozdnyakov awarded commemorative public medals "70 years of the formation of GSVG" to a number of Kasharians.

Those who served in the GSVG received memorable certificates “Veteran GSVG”.

The performance of the chief of staff of the Ponomarevsky yurt of the Cossack colonel A.I. Kvitkina, who has been engaged in writing and poetry for many years. At the rally, he read his poem dedicated to the liberation of Kashar in December 1942 of the year, which ended with the following lines:

For platoon platoon,
for a company of companies,
Both tanks and infantry are gone
Dear fame and victories
And the memory of the coming years!

At the end of the meeting, the participants laid wreaths at the foot of the monument-tank. Sounded the anthem of Russia. And then the well-known and beloved songs sounded: “Three Tankmen”, “Hot Snow” and others.

A field kitchen was organized for the rally participants, where everyone could taste the soldier's porridge.

The next rally stop was a monument-tank in the Bokovsky district, installed on the 31 kilometer of the Vyoshenskaya-Millerovo highway, at the turn to the Bokovskaya village.

Here veterans of two regions met. GSVG veterans of the Verkhnedonsky district near the tank were waited by their fellow veterans of the Bokovsky district. The leader of the lateral association GSVG told the audience about the exploits of the tank crews of the 1 Mechanized Order of Lenin of the Guards Corps, which was part of the 3 Guards Army, which liberated Bokovsky district from the Nazi invaders. Mekhkorpus under the command of Lieutenant-General Ivan Nikitich Russiyanov passed with liberation battles throughout the Stalingrad front.

In their honor, in 1968, a monument-tank T-34 was installed in the Bokovsky district according to the design of the architectural group of the Rostov Regional Executive Committee. It stands at the crossroads of several roads leading to Volgograd and the village of Vyoshenskaya. For many years, being a symbol of unbreakable victory, causing the attention of all passing by the tank. He became a kind of road, a memorable milestone.

Wreaths were laid at the foot of the monument.

The last destination, where the convoy of the rally arrived with the flags of the tank forces and the GSVG, became my home farm, Meshcheryakovsky, where the tank monument is also located. This little farm has already become so small, like shagreen leather, shrinking and shrinking every year, with each departure of another family, leaning for work in the city.

True homeland today evokes warm, pleasant memories and still carries unbreakable islands of memory, to which the soul is drawn. Near the monuments-tanks graduates and newlyweds are always photographed, children play around them, considering the terrible weapon past war. And the old-timers say that the tanks are so durable that they can join the battle if you put the engine.

Next to the tank is a memorial with plates, where the names of the dead soldiers-fellow countrymen are stamped.

On the day of the rally arrival, a rally was held here near the memorial with the participation of residents of the hamlet and schoolchildren.

A lot of interesting told local ethnographer, one of the keepers of the museum of local lore Peter Esakov. In particular, he recalled the story of the appearance of a memorable tank in Meshcheryaki.

In turn, P.N. Ivaschenko spoke about the interesting pages of his service in the GSVG, the shock part of which was the Guards tank armies, as well as the patriotic tasks of the rally. He presented commemorative medals to fellow countrymen who served in tank forces. Among them were S.I. Davydov, F.T. Suyarov, K.F. Ventsov, A.V. Pertsev, Yu.V. Kaverin, A.V. Astashov, V.V. Degtyarev, I.A. Sapronov, A.M. Mosquitoes and others.

Then, in Meshcheryakovsky House of Culture, a festive concert was held for the rally participants, prepared by cultural workers. At the end of the visit to Meshcheryaki, the rally participants visited a small local history museum: or rather, it was a museum room organized by activists-educators. Here, bit by bit all the historical drops were collected - bitter and good - the feats of the countrymen who did not return from the Civil and Patriotic War.

The rally ended with informal communication in nature, where the GSVG veterans and tank forces exchanged memories of service, impressions of a bright and eventful event.

One of the participants of the race, A.V. Pepperov, accompanying himself on the guitar, performed his new song to the music of “Three Tankmen”, the words of which he wrote about tank forces, he composed himself. The words of this song, unsophisticated and simple, stirred up good feelings and memories of the service of all participants in the rally.

Veterans of the Western Group of Forces began to unite in the 1994 year, with the filing of the former ZGV commander, Matthew Burlakov. In the same year a founding conference was held. This initiative was supported in many Russian regions, but not in all. Many veterans unite by themselves, as the veterans of the three districts of the Rostov region did.
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  1. Finches
    Finches 3 June 2016 06: 18
    The withdrawal of troops from East Germany, in the form in which it took place, is one of the links in the criminal chain of consistent betrayal of national interests, which History will present to Gorbachev and his accomplices!
    It’s bad that Yazov was brought up in the spirit of party and military discipline - it was not necessary to create a clown GKChP, but go into the office of Mikhail Raisovich and slaughter 9 grams of lead in his head ... How many problems would disappear at once!
    1. atos_kin
      atos_kin 3 June 2016 07: 59
      Not too late... am
    2. Roman 11
      Roman 11 3 June 2016 09: 59
      Quote: Finches
      It’s bad that Yazov was brought up in the spirit of party and military discipline - it was not necessary to create a clown GKChP, but go into the office of Mikhail Raisovich and slaughter 9 grams of lead in his head ...

      And don’t say ...... There is a video where he sprinkles ashes on his head - already arrested, asks for forgiveness from the hunchback, forgive me for the old fool, etc.
      Akhromeev completely committed suicide.

      Honestly, not a supporter of rebellion ..... but then and now I support the GKChP and never doubted a minute about it. The best chance then was to end ebn and humpbacked, and then today would be like that?

      If the traitors penetrate the throne, they have 2 ways - either immediately to the ancestors through the basement, or either for life, because this is a serious crime.
      1. EvgNik
        EvgNik 3 June 2016 16: 01
        Quote: Novel 11
        then and now I support the GKChP and never doubted a minute about it.

        Of course yes, if not for one but. It was too painful for them to look in the drawer - terrified, their hands were shaking. It was disgusting to watch.
        1. PHANTOM-AS
          PHANTOM-AS 3 June 2016 16: 10
          Quote: EvgNik
          Of course yes, if not for one thing. It was too painful for them to look in the drawer - terrified, their hands were shaking. It was disgusting to watch.

          The rigidity was not enough, and certainly, the humpback had to be isolated and not brought to Moscow.
          And most importantly, I can not understand why Alpha canceled the arrest and liquidation of ebna.
          1. Svidetel 45
            Svidetel 45 3 June 2016 21: 48
            And because these Judahs penetrated all the authorities in advance, including the KGB.
        2. andrew42
          andrew42 3 June 2016 18: 24
          Yes, they looked really disgusting. Sholom ... oh, I'm sorry Gorbi Trepach looked, unfortunately, more promising. The bastard.
    3. kunstkammer
      kunstkammer 3 June 2016 10: 15
      it was not necessary to create a clown GKChP

      Do you know what Yazov did on August 19, 1991, on the first day of the Emergency Committee?
      Perhaps you think that he solved the urgent and literally glaring problems of saving the country and the army?
      Not certainly in that way.
      In particular, he signed orders for the dismissal of officers from the army. Perhaps this was the main thing for him in the activities of the State Emergency Committee.
      The order of my dismissal from the army was signed by Yazov on August 19, 1991. One can see more importantly than this already was nothing.
      1. Andrey VOV
        Andrey VOV 3 June 2016 14: 34
        And now what, in the Bundeswehr?)) Although no ... the age is clearly not the same .... yes, Yazov just kept a bundle of papers and a turnover on that day, in addition to the GKChP ... here he signed, or maybe he didn’t and the adjutant facsimile set ...
        1. kunstkammer
          kunstkammer 3 June 2016 15: 39
          on that day, in addition to the GKChP affairs

          strongly said !!!
          Probably on June 22, 1941, Zhukov and Tymoshenko also had a little fluid left?
          And for some reason it seemed to me that at such crucial moments for the country, not only dismissal from the army, but in general from the location of the unit or on vacation did not let anyone out.
          But by the way, what could it be, the GKChP or Hitler’s attack there ... a trifle against a “bundle of papers”.
    4. Starover_Z
      Starover_Z 3 June 2016 10: 53
      Quote: Finches
      It’s bad that Yazov was brought up in the spirit of party and military discipline - it was not necessary to create a clown GKChP, but go into the office of Mikhail Raisovich and slaughter 9 grams of lead in his head ... How many problems would disappear at once!

      No, now you don’t have to do this to him!
      My version: to arrange his own person or a group of patriotic youth (a little pathetic, I apologize) to surround Gorbachev. So that they take key positions. And then they simply sold out, everything that is listed behind his fund, issued a bunch of loans for Himself and left!
      And then let him otmazyvatsya like the whole collapsed country, for other people's money, in debt and WITHOUT HOUSING! In his years it would have looked gorgeous !!!
    5. andrew42
      andrew42 3 June 2016 18: 30
      This is the problem of honest people - not to understand in time that you can lie so brazenly and cynically, as Mikhail Gorbachev did. But there was already a whole gang of such puppets of the West - Yakovlev, Shevardnadze, and how many names of the Compromisers we do not know. 9 grams in a bald marked head would not have solved the problem, but it would have produced a martyr's halo, and in the interests of the same "moles". A political leader was needed in addition to a military "protector". And there was no such link in opposition to the "Gorbachevites".
      1. Svidetel 45
        Svidetel 45 3 June 2016 21: 57
        And all because since the time of Khrushchev, purges in the ranks of the party and the state apparatus of "honest and decent party members" have ceased, as they yelled during the anti-Stalin campaign launched by Khrushchev. So all the rags, the real punks, self-seekers, and even outright enemies, have poured into the country's leadership.
    6. gladcu2
      gladcu2 3 June 2016 19: 06

      Know how to draw conclusions. Your conclusion is very superficial. It was not enough to fill up a couple of such with lead. And the situation could no longer return.

      The beginning of the problem was laid in consciousness much earlier. For decades.

      Things like the destruction of the country are laid in 20-30 years into the consciousness of a generation. And it turns out that old people can no longer curb youth from false actions leading to destruction.

      Soon we will see the destruction of Europe. There is already a generation of destruction laid down in a generation.
  2. Nitarius
    Nitarius 3 June 2016 06: 33
    The betrayal was at a HIGH LEVEL .. and the funny thing is ... that Gorbachev had to be CLEANED then and not pulled with him!
  3. Yak28
    Yak28 3 June 2016 07: 10
    But did Dmitry Yazov and other military leaders, as well as KGB officers, see that they were systematically destroying the country? Were they in common with the traitors? Or were they demented and did not understand what was happening?
    Or maybe they just got scared? KGB workers didn’t see what Gorbachev was doing? They didn’t analyze the situation in the world? Where were the army generals who took the oath of the USSR and did not defend their homeland, as I understand the leadership of the USSR, the military and special services simply betrayed the country, who for money, some who were scared, some out of stupidity, our army had already betrayed the Russian Empire by supporting the Communists in 1917, the second time the army distinguished itself in 1991. God loves the trinity wink
    1. 34 region
      34 region 3 June 2016 08: 59
      Yak28! 07.10/20. Here they respond to other comments: It’s you who simply don’t own the situation, couch strategists! Upstairs they know what they are doing! When Gorbachev came to power, the people immediately dubbed him the Tagged Bear and Judah. Those who were at that time about 90 years old may not have understood what was happening. But the survivors understood where the wind was blowing. This is like a question about oil. The people are against the oil needle, and the authorities look down on the people. And when the price of oil fell, the authorities began to scratch their turnips. Need to get off the needle !? And the question is. So who is wiser? Sofa strategists or power? And where the KGB looked at that time, in this life, we probably will not know. Why did Yazov not give the order? Probably not so simple. Yazov is a participant in the war. He saw all her horrors. Give him the order, a civil war will begin. The Communists are accused of clinging to power at all costs. Remember the mood of the 90s. Damned commies! Why did Gorbachev come to power? Perhaps the KGB still led him. What considerations? Probably the best. But it was not the Bolsheviks who threw the tsar. The military brought the king from the throne. Power passed to the liberals. Kerensky (modern Gaidar probably) brought the country to a pen. What to do? Colonel of the Russian General Staff Potapov relied on the Bolsheviks. The Russian General Staff developed a plan for the October uprising. Then the army intervened and prevented the collapse of the country. There were more officers on the Red side than on the White side. In the XNUMXs, the military stood aside. Why? The versions are different. Which faithful I do not know. Everything is possible. Many questions cannot be answered unambiguously. Do you keep drinking vodka in the morning? Yes or no?
      1. Aleksander
        Aleksander 3 June 2016 12: 53
        Quote: Region 34
        There were more officers on the Red side than on the White side

        Read more, for example, Doctor of History Volkova and then you will not speak this .. mmm
      2. EvgNik
        EvgNik 3 June 2016 16: 08
        Quote: Region 34
        In the 90s, the military stood aside. Why? The versions are different. Which faithful I do not know. Everything is possible. Many questions cannot be answered unambiguously.

        Reggie, you're right, as always. There are many versions, but we will never know the only true one.
    2. Roman 11
      Roman 11 3 June 2016 10: 08
      Quote: Yak28
      But did Dmitry Yazov and other military leaders, as well as KGB officers, see that they were systematically destroying the country? Were they in common with the traitors? Or were they demented and did not understand what was happening?

      So they froze the GKChP, but the soldiers always follow orders, they initially do not admit that the traitor can give the order ..... and when you guessed it, they did it so unprofessionally, well, in general, the puppet show was especially struck by Kryuchkov, he’s a killer , could bring to mind.
      ........ now we are reaping the fruits of that puncture, and what will happen only worse, no doubt, the zebra is a fierce enemy, no worse than the Nazis.
    3. gladcu2
      gladcu2 3 June 2016 19: 18

      The destruction of the country went in two ways.

      First, school education, although it was systemic, did not give an idea of ​​the structure of the world. Until now, not one of you, an experienced adult, understands how society works. If you understood, you would not allow much.

      I’ll give you an example now.

      Have you in the circus laughed at clowns? Didn’t think that you were laughing? The behavior of clowns is not consistent with the logic. Do you think there is no such behavior in real life?

      Do you know Zadornova?
      He laughed at the Americans. He made a career.

      Change the behavioral model of a person and you will get the result you need.

      Previously, religion was involved in such games. All sorts of secret societies that used sacred knowledge, etc.

      Everything is just like a door.

      Change morality and destroy any state.
      1. Yak28
        Yak28 3 June 2016 22: 18
        It seems to me that the destruction of the country began under the irresponsible Brezhnev, that is, in the last years of his reign, someone stole money that could only be giggled after the collapse of the USSR, someone missed American propaganda into the ears of the people, and people thought that everything was better abroad than with us. A shortage of goods and food products was deliberately created. That would set people against power and communist ideology. In short, I think that the people who were in power at the end of Brezhnev’s reign, someone from the top of the KGB, Central Committee and army, are to blame It was they either for money, or were recruited by foreign special services (I don’t know I was still small) that systematically destroyed the country step by step. Or is there a second version, as we know in Russia, it always depended on one person where the king, Secretary General will turn the country , the leader or president will turn the country there, and purely by chance a meager character with a map of America on his head who, by his stupidity, ruined the country, came. And since in Russia the leader of the sovereign It’s not advisable to argue with the fact that everyone stepped in behind Gorbachev.
    4. Svidetel 45
      Svidetel 45 3 June 2016 22: 03
      Yes, unfortunately it wasn’t found in the whole army and the KGB, and especially in their leadership courageous. brave patriots who are ready to sacrifice themselves, if necessary, in the name of the country and people. And the lower classes, for the most part, simply did not understand what was happening, they thought painful changes were coming for a better future.
  4. ICT
    ICT 3 June 2016 07: 26
    September 1 at 12.00 at the Chkalovsky airfield near Moscow, aircraft landed with officers and generals of the Western Group of Forces and the airplane of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, Army General Grachev. Colonel-General Burlakov flew in with the Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Group of General Forces; Before departure, he removed from the flagpole installed on the airfield of the Spherenberg airfield the symbolic last Russian flag on German soil. Speaking at the airfield to personnel arriving from the Western Group of Forces, Army General Grachev congratulated the soldiers and sergeants, officers and generals on their return to their native land.

    as I remember the announcement before the performance

    For the first time on Russian soil, the song and dance ensemble
  5. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 3 June 2016 09: 42
    they left - as if they were running away .... the bitter page of our military history ..
  6. Rostovchanin
    Rostovchanin 3 June 2016 11: 48
    "September 1, 1994, a day after 50 years after the outbreak of World War II" - I alone did not understand the sentence ???? Something with 50 years does not fit - the beginning of September 1, 1939, the end of September 2, 1945. Either I am not friends with mathematics, or ....
  7. Slon_on
    Slon_on 3 June 2016 12: 29
    History, of course, does not know the subjunctive mood. But if in the days of the Emergency Committee in Pharos there was an intelligent major with a specific task to "clean up the object" and "take no prisoners", then maybe the fate of the USSR would have been different.
    1. vandarus
      vandarus 3 June 2016 13: 11
      Unfortunately, in 1990 the fate of the USSR could no longer be different.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  8. Mangel olys
    Mangel olys 3 June 2016 13: 00
    Not far from the border with Germany
  9. Black Hundred
    Black Hundred 3 June 2016 14: 10
    Jammed means records .. Well, well ... Apparently they are waiting for a team of painters from Russia who will write them again. The only thing .. You don’t need to share the euro. Take everything for yourself so that it’s not bad.
  10. Andrey VOV
    Andrey VOV 3 June 2016 14: 43
    The withdrawal of Soviet troops from Germany, in the form in which this whole thing took place, I consider simply a crime against the military, before the state, and also to Europe and the world ... The person who made this decision, namely Gorbachev, Shevarnadze ... and other TRAITORS .... and the hunchback, I didn’t understand one thing ... then the army already treated him very badly, his leadership ... and he did it elementarily: agree with the Germans that, so this division comes out so and so, so there build a town and infrastructure, and so with everyone who hasn’t disbanded, and who is dismantled, build houses for officers .... an example of such exemplary construction you can see at the entrance to Voronezh ... the so-called German district, where houses are built for German money and on their project .. and then the most combat-ready units could probably support it in the fight against ebn ... although I knew I had laid a straw, if the military knew that it would be, then they would have demolished both the labeled and the alcohol that came to authorities, Yeltsin mean .. and talk about why higher hands the KGB, the army and others didn’t see what was happening with the country, or saw, but didn’t do anything, it seems to me that this is a completely separate topic and very, very debated ...
  11. Dimon19661
    Dimon19661 3 June 2016 16: 35
    Conversations, conversations, but in fact? Misha Gorbachev, a Nobel Prize laureate, lives in his mouth and doesn’t blow. He also tries to give advice, the question is why he’s not in prison? Not so long ago, the Museum was rebuffed to Yeltsin ... That's why the Emergency Committee Yes, yes, the people actually on the drum who and how it controls ...
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 3 June 2016 20: 55

      Have you been to a very expensive nursing home?

      If not, then I will tell. Decayed but still alive mummies carry along corridorms.

      One pious man told me. Their death does not take away for their sins.

      So live righteously and die in one day.
      1. Dimon19661
        Dimon19661 4 June 2016 08: 54
        And inexpensive nursing homes just burn out ... Do not mystics please, they behaved like that holding power for one reason, lack of punishment.
  12. 1536
    1536 3 June 2016 18: 08
    It is remarkable that our soldiers did their duty to the end, and the GSVG officers for the most part turned out to be faithful to the oath and carried out the treacherous order of Gorbachev and the Georgian who made his way to the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR (the name of this "man" should be forgotten).
    On the other hand, it is a pity that the "Decembrists" did not find their way to the army at that time, who realized the perniciousness of the withdrawal of troops from Europe and would have resisted the scoundrels from the Politburo, who sold the country wholesale and retail.
    Now we are reaping the benefits of all this.
    1. andrew42
      andrew42 3 June 2016 18: 46
      Such names cannot be consigned to oblivion. They should be embossed on the Black Stele of Shame, with portraits, and the corresponding text like "TRAITORS OF HIS PEOPLE. CRAM FOR ALL TIMES." Otherwise, repetition is inevitable. And put the stele next to the block in the square.
    2. gladcu2
      gladcu2 3 June 2016 20: 49

      The "Decembrists" were caught by the KGB. Not because the KGB officers did not understand what was happening. They, like everyone else in the army, follow orders.

      In the company in command were commanded? This is rapture by power. So humpbacked, could do what you want.

      In short, the destruction went from above. I remember how some party organizer on some ship, single-handedly seized control of the ship and demanded to stop the collapse of ideology. He was an excellent student, the best of the best. So the Decembrists did not live long.
  13. t118an
    t118an 3 June 2016 22: 44

    Conversation with the last Minister of Defense of the USSR Marshal Dmitry Timofeevich Yazov.
  14. iouris
    iouris 4 June 2016 11: 30
    Yazov, in his penitential address to Gorby, spoke about retirement, about how to "close" another year of military service ... He called himself "an old fool." There is nothing to add.