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Search engines of Russia. View from the side, but standing nearby


Nowadays, everyone is free to choose how to spend his free time. And our reality creates for this a multitude of variations, from a wadding on a warm seashore, both imported and domestic, to the most extreme things like hiking in the mountains or something else. Options for the sea.

Our today's story about people who spend their personal time is not quite, it would seem, and usually. We are talking about members of search teams.

At one time, many unflattering words were addressed to search engines. Moreover, interfering in one pile and normal search engines and "black diggers", charges were raised in the extraction and marketing weapons, awards and other discovered values.

I agree that earlier this was the place to be. Especially when lain in the ground still had a working condition and presentation.

However, the farther the years went by, the more it laid in the ground became less and less valuable. Time spares nothing and no one. And today, the work of search teams causes, if not a slight envy, then at least respect. Must cause. But here everyone has his own opinion on these things.

In our investigations we had a close talk with representatives of three such detachments at once. "Don" from the Voronezh region, "Archangel Gabriel" from Ulyanovsk and "Cascade" from Moscow. So it happened, and it happened quite by accident. We did not plan these meetings, search engines are even more so. But since the correspondents comrades fell on his head, then ... not to chase away?

In principle, the facts will be in the photo and video, and at the beginning of the story, I would just like to share my observations. Those who read us for a long time know such weakness behind me.

So, search engines.

The first impression is the main majority "on its own wave". Not that they do not go to contact, but it is also difficult to talk. It creates a sort of image of unsociable organisms that are "not here." It is difficult to say what caused this, but really, they say very, very reluctantly. We observed and tried to talk both near Moscow, and Ulyanovsk, and Voronezh. The results were staggering. That is, almost zero. If the squad commanders were even more or less disposed to communicate, then the rank and file ... alas.

Honestly, it caused some shock. We are not enemies, who have come specifically to brand or to blame. Naryt some dirt and the like. But over time, namely, on the second day, a lot has become clear.

This, of course, is not about "black diggers", because this category interests only the police. We are talking about absolutely official, duly registered and having all possible permits and approvals.

Search engines, these not very talkative guys, who came to some area on their legal weekends or holidays, were not even awl. This is quite a strong bayonet near the well-known place of the official. Especially if they find someone. Because it entails a lot of headaches for leadership.

And God forbid, if the leadership of the town or district of the correct and intelligent people. By the way, there are many of these, to our universal happiness. But quite often the opposite happens. After all, the correct search engine that finds someone, he does not ask. It requires what is found found by law. That is, a place for burial, a coffin, the observance of all necessary honors. In short, continuous hemorrhoids for the head and the burden on the budget. Which, as usual, bursting at the seams in our not the easiest times.

However, in most cases, it is possible to maintain some kind of acceptable balance. So on the second day, ordinary soldiers of the troops told me in secret. On the one hand, it’s a necessary and useful thing, on the other hand, it’s a budget and, there is one, unwillingness of individual managers to move themselves once again. I have already written a few words about one exemplary and worthy of respectful leader, believe me, and to those who do not wish to bother themselves once more. Dear readers, who have been paying attention to my materials for a long time, know that I don’t throw words to the wind. If there is such a need - will not find it.

Therefore, a certain alienation of search engines is now clear to me. People do their job, do it right, and (apparently this is a feature of psychology), special recognition and awards are not expected for it.

And really, what rewards can be from those whose names it turns out to establish, at best, one in fifty or one hundred? Although being a witness of how the son said goodbye to his father, who was found through 75 years ... It costs a lot, believe me.

Strange? I agree. Take a vacation, drive often more than one hundred kilometers, and not to the bank of a beautiful river, where kebab, fishing and all that. And in the steppe. And where is not a fishing rod and skewers with a pinching butcher, but a shovel, shovel, scoop and bag for finds. And hungry insects, joyfully, from the fact that living people have come. Paradox...

But the system works. First, people work with documents. They look for references, go to places, talk to local residents. Moreover, you understand that year by year the number of witnesses is getting smaller.

Then scouts go. Are already looking for on the ground. Probes, digging holes. If you find it, then the main forces are already fighting.

Get it, collect, study for the presence of medallions or even any documents.

Then everything is simple. Transportation.

Here, in these bags, are the remains of a 397 man.

Laying in coffins. On average, one coffin contains the remains of a 5-6 man.

By the way, many of the search engines "sin" and reconstruction. Which, as you can see, is very, very helpful.

Actually, everything. Batyushka otpel all, the locals said goodbye, threw in a handful of earth, bowed.

You can start a new phase.

Well, also local museums are not mad. Usually, everything that is in the ground and is more or less suitable for review goes into small museums at schools.

To me, the commander of the Voronezh unit "Don", Mikhail Seredin, said that his blue dream was for every school in the region to have its own little corner of memory. Or a room of glory. Or a museum. Never mind. But so that from an early age our children can look, see and understand what they need to be proud of and why.

The idea is great. But it is still to dig and dig.

All that could be removed, fit into a small movie. But from our point of view, well illustrating the work of search engines.

In general, search engines - completely our people. Yes, peculiar. Yes, not lovers of filming and interviews. Well, there is no time for them to engage in this nonsense, when so many other things need to be organized and cranked, and the end of the holiday is getting closer and closer. So no complaints from the word "absolutely."

But the results of their work is not just respect. This is the case with the biggest letter. Right, right, noble. Even one soldier found and properly buried is already an achievement. And then hundreds ...

So we collectively made such a decision that we will pay more attention to the work of search teams throughout the territory, to which we can reach. It is clear that to write beautiful reports and make photos and videos from search engines simply do not reach. I think our help in this matter will not be superfluous.

Yes, and as army people, we, too, were never afraid of shovels. Although we were invited to lift the plane from the swamp, we do not need shovels there.

In any case, follow-ups will follow. And Russian search engines - honor and glory!
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  1. Sasha75
    Sasha75 13 May 2016 06: 16
    The film "Which year have I been lying here at the turn ..."
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 13 May 2016 06: 45
    This is the case with the capital letter. Right, right, noble. ... That's right ..
  3. akims
    akims 13 May 2016 07: 32
    In Ukraine, I organized such a museum at work. Beautifully designed, not big, but with a lot of exhibits. Two years ago it wasn’t something that was banned, but it was strongly recommended that they be removed. But it was 70 years of Victory. Cleaned, stored in the garage ... waiting.
  4. B.T.V.
    B.T.V. 13 May 2016 08: 05
    But the adversaries did not have time to erase our memory of the events of the Second World War, although they tried very hard.

    In the days of the USSR, all pioneer squads bore the names of heroes, each school had its own museum (albeit a small one) of Battle Glory, where exhibits from the search squad were also exhibited, which was also in every school (in any case, it was like that in Sevastopol). Lessons of courage, with the invitation of veterans, were held not only on Victory Day, almost every class had its own veteran, with whom close contacts were established.

    Thank you guys for the articles. Those who are engaged in this difficult matter, a low bow. As long as we remember and strive to fill the white pages of that terrible war as much as possible, we are alive.
  5. Tanya
    Tanya 13 May 2016 08: 13
    Thanks a lot to the search engines for their work.
    Here is some more information.
    On May 8, a solemn burial ceremony of 59 soldiers of 158 and 186 rifle divisions was held in the Tver region. Two names of the soldiers of the 875th Infantry Regiment are installed on the medallions. It -
    Skorochkin Dmitry Kuzmich,
    Podgrebennikov Afanasy Yakovlevich.
    Relatives are currently being searched. Maybe someone knows these names ...
    ISSIDOR 13 May 2016 08: 35
    In November 2015, the remains of a soldier identified by a local search engine identified in the medallion arrived in the Krasnodar Territory from the medallion, and the remains of two fighters were also sent from the Krasnodar Territory to Ukraine last year. So the relationship between the search engines of the two countries is quite warm.
  7. Predator
    Predator 13 May 2016 08: 39
    The biggest scourge of search engines is administration of all kinds, private property, Article 222 of the Criminal Code and the lack of proper funding (yes, and there is none, in principle, all on their own, taken from families). And endless swearing with bureaucrats. On the reburial of warriors, whoever there is, from the heads of administrations and priests, and they knock themselves on their bellies, they speak smartly, beautifully, patriotically with joy and importance looking into the pupils of the TV cameras, but really help ... Yes, there are figs to you! There is no finance for the restoration of monuments, the installation of commemorative signs, there is no money for solemn booze and fireworks! That would be their "patriots of Russia" but under machine guns. And as we worked, we will, until the last soldier. The war continues!
  8. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 13 May 2016 08: 47
    I am always pleased when I read about search engines, always respect for them. The right people live and work. They do an important thing for the whole people.
  9. Ilmir099
    Ilmir099 13 May 2016 09: 28
    For 6 years in a row, a detachment of search engines has been traveling from Bashkiria to Lake Ladoga, and the commander has been raising funds from local entrepreneurs who will help and the administration is always on the sidelines, only a minuscule can be adjusted. Separate Respect to search engines.
  10. Altona
    Altona 13 May 2016 10: 20
    Thanks to those who are searching. My grandfather was also found near Mogilev, in 1993. And so I would still be "missing".
  11. gamer
    gamer 13 May 2016 11: 03
    GOOD MEN! "The dead do not need this, the living need it!" The correct statement is to be done for our memory, conscience! Thank you and GOOD MEN! hi
  12. Budilnik
    Budilnik 13 May 2016 11: 39
    There are no words to express gratitude to these people. It seems to me only there (and maybe even in the Armed Forces) in the search squads, you can find real Patriots, real citizens of their country.
  13. Flatter
    Flatter 13 May 2016 13: 46
    Hundreds of people were buried at hospitals, especially in the frontal zone. Documents were seized after the war, if the documentation was preserved, there were mass graves with surnames. And how many nameless ones. Finding units of surnames, notifying relatives, for the majority of which everything has long been gone, they are excavating at battle sites . And not to identify the dead, but along the way. Black diggers. Still the ancients said, do not disturb the ashes of the dead. The place of the soldier is where he died.
  14. Charlemagne
    Charlemagne 13 May 2016 14: 02
    A question for personal development. The "scorcher" and the press regularly report on the finds of the remains of Russian soldiers, Russian equipment (weapons, tanks, aircraft, ...). And what about the enemy? Never a word anywhere ... If there is a T-34 and an IL-2 somewhere, then there must be panzers with Messerschmitts ... Strange ...
    1. frekenbok
      frekenbok 13 May 2016 21: 14
      the answer to the question. total and dofiga. I didn’t meet tanks and somalets, but as acute as dirt.
      1. Charlemagne
        Charlemagne 13 May 2016 21: 19
        Thank. And where is the German weapon and ammunition going? To museums? Still, it is strange that they do not find technology. After all, they shot down, but could not clean everything ...
    2. Kindzadza
      Kindzadza 14 May 2016 18: 58
      "Attention: the window / field" Belonging to the army "is mandatory. Remember that we, members of the Russian Search Movement, are not authorized to work with the remains of Wehrmacht soldiers and their allies. For this, there are other authorized organizations acting on the basis of intergovernmental agreements ...
      Exception: if during the exhumation you went to the remains of Wehrmacht soldiers and their allies, you can fill out this set of exhumation documentation with an explanatory indication in this window / field. In this case, be prepared for the fact that when you hand over the remains of soldiers of the Wehrmacht and their allies to an authorized organization, you will have to reissue the documentation. "

      This is from an exhumation manual. We work on it.
      1. Charlemagne
        Charlemagne 14 May 2016 21: 42
        With the remains clear, thanks. What is not clear is that the mass information never reports on enemy tanks, aircraft, etc. Is it really hushed up? Illogical. So what is going on? No finds? Just trying to understand ...
  15. Exumer
    Exumer 13 May 2016 14: 50
    Low bow to you guys! I hope that my great-grandfather of the missing near Stalingrad will be found someday.