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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Even God turned away ...

Tomorrow will be tomorrow. And today is Easter. One of the greatest holidays of Christians around the world.

Greetings to you dear readers! Christ is Risen! Though we are a family of cockroaches, we keep traditions. True, like most of you, the post does not hold. But break the fast ... This is a sacred thing. Especially since there are plenty of tables in people's apartments. The choice ... As in the time of the bloody Yanukovych.

And I wanted to write today "Notes ..." for a reason about which the majority do not know. But the reason is quite serious. At least for those who believe in God.

Remember the main difference between Orthodox Easter and all others? That's right, on Orthodox Easter, grace descends on the world of people and all life on this planet. We are granted forgiveness for our sins in the past year. We sin a lot, with skill. As if we specially study the divine Commandments, in order to break them later. But the Most High forgives us.

And for especially unbelievers on this day, the only day of the year, the Holy Fire comes to Earth. One that, as they say, does not burn. The one from which then candles are lit in all Orthodox churches of the world. Mira!

But this fire comes down only in one place. Then do not even write. All to whom it is important saw the live broadcast of this action. And a crowd of people who lit candles. Lit up to bring in their temples on the Great Feast! Lit up to grace spread to the flock of these temples.

Naturally, the delegation was sent to Jerusalem and the only correct for Svidomo Ukrainian UOC-KP. We are now not Muscovites. And this delegation, like everyone else, also lit their candles. Lit to bring to Ukraine. But not brought!

God did not want to share Fire with us! The delegation was late for the plane. This is the grace of God for us this year. But the fire in the temples will still burn. Just think, did not have time. Matches and lighters have not been canceled. And in the opposite (paradise) department there is also fire. Even more.

And our media, such as TSN, will announce to everyone that all is nonsense. Arrived and brought. Even three lamps. And we will believe it together. Such is selyava (nothing, that I on EeSovski?). Do you know how Vyshivanok reacted to this message? If you miss all non-printed expressions, then ... didn’t say anything! And this Vyshivanok.

Other interesting information will concern you to Odessa. I do not know what will happen tomorrow. Maybe I will add at the end of the notes, but for now about today. Our media began an active "preparation" for the tragic event. True, the word “tragic” must be quoted for these “our media”.

What is hammered into our heads is perfectly illustrated by a quote from TCH.

“A large-scale provocation was organized there, a scuffle (sic!) Was fabricated. And when the activists found themselves in the House of Trade Unions and the fire started, it was the pro-Ukrainian activists who dragged people out.”

Through all channels today are exactly the same comments "experts" and "participants" of events. So, what you saw on the Internet and on TV channels before - fake. And the fake made personally by Putin. From the fight, which was unleashed by separatists from Russia, to self-immolation.

See what we are watching. And you will understand what a simple Ukrainian man in the street experiences. And how can you make God the devil and vice versa ... https: // V = MfD9HKOhjgU

Only now it is not clear how separatists can come from another (not only from Russia, just any other state)? Probably it is worth our journalists to stroll through the encyclopedia. Read what is what.

In the meantime, so many all and every kind of patriots were overtaken in Odessa, that today it is really scary. And punitive from terbatov, and the National Guard, and Yaroshevsky "Dayashniki", and pravoseki ... Every creature caught up.

Here, even local and go nowhere. They shoot themselves from fear. Friendly patriotic fire. We are waiting for the whole of Ukraine.

Sadly May began. Yes, and you read a serious cockroach sad. Because let's go, we walk on the Square walk.

Let's start, as it should be, from the capital of our Motherland. Hotly my beloved Kiev. And the main news - our great speaker, beloved, deeply respected, and so forth, and so on, mayor Vitali Klitschko decided to become a writer. Well, not really a writer, but a writer of national importance. I decided to give us a constitution of my own performance. Well, can not the new Kiev live by the old rules.

Imagine how much joy will comedians now? The whole charter of the city to the services. Read as a quotation of clever thoughts and give "to the mountain" to the place and just like that. Sort of smart ...

There is a new tradition in Ukraine today. Which reader of our press has already understood what I mean. This tradition - not a day without a grenade! What is the reason, to be honest, I do not understand. Every day in any city or village, and, very far from the ATO zone, someone either undermines himself or undermines someone. And all the grenades. Terrible weapon. A terrible pistol for sure.

The last such case was in the Kharkiv region. Imagine, the man decided to rest on a clearing in the fishing line, and there ... Babakh. Again the grenade is "scattered." It's sad. How much later we will need the strength of the funds to collect all these "scattered" and "lost" ammunition and weapons ...

In Dnepropetrovsk, a whole bunch of “ATO warriors”, “policemen” and other people with these grenades, like oranges in a string bag, walk. They arrest, arrest, arrest ... But they still wander to and fro.

All ... I will not be more about sad things. Now about peremoga in the economy. Whether you like it or not, but in Ukraine today it has become generally beautiful. Do not believe it, but we have increased real wages. Of course, we also do not believe, but the media report!

“In March, for the first time in March, real wages in Ukraine increased for the first time, and debts to workers were reduced, despite the absence of clear signs of economic recovery. Experts claim that wage growth is a natural process caused by high inflation in the country. also influenced by the revision of the rate of the Unified Social Contribution, after which the business reduced wage fund expenses. This also helped the business to reduce the debt to employees "

Take a closer look at the quote. And that you in Russia cannot solve all problems just as simply? Inflation has gone up - wages have gone up! It's funny, but ... Why are we being held for idiots? Or have we really become such?

In the same way, the new government decided, more precisely, proposed to solve the problem with new gas tariffs. It is clear that it is no longer possible to pay at the new prices. There is simply no such money. Physically, no. And not foreseen. Especially with retirees.

Of course, now smart “people” will start talking about the confiscation of apartments and other property for debt. Like, they will begin to select apartments immediately and money will appear. Well, the problem will appear. I already wrote above why, and with apartments? Same problem. Well, they will take away the apartments and houses from half the population, so what? Where to put them? Lease the same former "owners"? May be. But it still does not return the debts to the state.

In short, we went according to the old, still for some reason, not "de-communized" method. Increase pensions! (about the real salary you read above). And so increase, so that everyone has enough for a comfortable life. At 16 percent! True, they had previously planned for 12. That will be what to carry to the bank.

The only thing I don’t understand is how much tariffs have been raised? Well, obviously more than 16%. But there will be increases in heating, hot water, everything else. And the gas in the price is growing again ... By the fall it can jump ...

Ukraine beats today like a fish on the shore ... And do not blame us, they themselves wanted. We wanted another, and us ... On the shore. And the water ... Here it is, very close, a little bit of a jump and that's it ... But for some reason I just can't make it. And the holidays continue. And soon Victory Day. And again something will be thought up about “Russian provocations”. But we all understand.

My Vyshivanok from this all completely moved his head. I decided that the omor rally protesters could not prove anything and would not get across to the stupid (it’s like me). And he decided with a "group of comrades" to get his own podium on the Internet. And, what do you think, how did they decide to call her? That's right, "Vyshivanka"!

Saw some kind of commonality at all. And the Ukrainians are, and Russian, and Belarus. Well, the beginning of their work is not far off, it means that I will be more about one topic. I will be happy to keep all readers informed of what they are raising there. As they say, democracy and freedom of speech in the literal sense of the term. Let’s be free now together.

Yours sincerely, Tarakan Tarakan
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  1. svp67
    svp67 4 May 2016 06: 09
    Okoloradsky hi
    Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Even God turned away ...

    Yes, I just want to repeat after the heroine of one fairy tale: "Everything is more wonderful and wonderful ..."
    In general, as always, "almost everything is like ours, only even worse" ...
    Well, as they say, what jumped on ...
    1. Karasik
      Karasik 4 May 2016 07: 22
      Quote: svp67
      "All the more wonderful and wonderful ..."

      And the analogy to the abscess comes to my mind, which grows, expands, swells, but does not break through. Thanks to the author of the article, I am waiting for new publications. Respect and respect, as modern youth says!
      1. mihasik
        mihasik 5 May 2016 02: 27
        Quote: Karasik
        And the analogy to the abscess comes to my mind, which grows, expands, swells, but does not break through.

        And it won't break through - the skin is too thick. But the "pus" becomes more and the campaign will soon get gangrene ... Here only a scalpel will help.
        1. SANAY
          SANAY 6 May 2016 07: 26
          Guys, any acute illness can develop into neglected chronic conditions. This situation can last for years. The "elite" will seize, and the people will remain silent (more precisely, blame - most likely Russia). We are to blame for everything. The brains are leveled in the right direction of thinking. One thing I don't understand is how it was possible to lie under the Americans, whom we all together (born in the USSR) together consider not just enemies, but the most real shameless, immoral, unprincipled, insidious, presumptuous enemies? This is SHAME! And for what? Ukrainian decided to quarrel with Russian? So we are all the same. Eh-he-he-he. It's all sad. The Americans in this sense have definitely defeated us all. They quarreled for a long time, but I don't think it will be forever.
    2. Andrey K
      Andrey K 4 May 2016 07: 30
      Ipatiev Chronicle (15th c.): “God always wants to show a person, robs his mind” ... hi
      That’s all said, these madmen ran across so much that the prosecutors and psychiatrists were engaged in their miracles ... angry
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. PKK
        PKK 4 May 2016 07: 49
        The proverb is not true. God will not take away the mind from anyone else. It is the afflicted person who closes himself from God and loses his mind. Post, self-restraint, will return to him that he had lost.
        1. Sergey333
          Sergey333 4 May 2016 07: 56
          This is true for a single person, and not for the instinct of the crowd. When a person is imbued with this instinct, there is no god in him.
          1. BARKHAN
            BARKHAN 4 May 2016 11: 36
            Quote: Sergey333
            This is true for a single person, and not for the instinct of the crowd. When a person is imbued with this instinct, there is no god in him.

            In 2012, a hoof from hohlofemen cut down a cross in Kiev with a chainsaw. A bunch of freaks of onlookers and journalists stood, took pictures, did not intervene. I then thought, Lord, can you not see these possessed?
            Not gone. They washed their blood. They turned to Africa. And the process continues ...
            I don’t speak for all of Russia, but if this happened in Penza, they would have torn it to pieces. And do not talk about cruelty and Christian humility ...
            I love animals, but I’ll shoot a rabid dog without thinking. For the life of the whole organism, gangrenous limbs amputate.
          2. a housewife
            a housewife 4 May 2016 17: 55
            There is already no reason in the crowd in him.
        2. Andrey K
          Andrey K 4 May 2016 07: 58
          And it seems to me that it’s just right. After all, he did not take his life, he punished, leaving alive ...
          Well, with regard to fasting and self-restraint, generous puppy-devils will have to fast and self-restrict for a long time after they have flooded the country with blood ...
          And those who did not participate in the fratricidal massacre, and did not burn people in Odessa, just turned on the fool and "my house is on the edge" ... How to deal with them? After all, whatever one may say, these are just silent accomplices ...
          1. Sid.74
            Sid.74 4 May 2016 08: 51
            Yeah ... recourse Quite bad things ... Buryats armored ran out .. Altai preserved divisions went into action ...

            1. russmensch
              russmensch 4 May 2016 09: 30
              "... the Altai elk divisions went into action ..."

              The censor said that by May 9, troops had been formed from disabled people to capture Mariupol. Similarly, the Lord deprived of reason.
              1. SOBR_NSK
                SOBR_NSK 4 May 2016 10: 36
                On armored wheelchairs))
              2. The comment was deleted.
          2. Capricorn
            Capricorn 4 May 2016 13: 45
            Quote: Andrey K
            And those who did not participate in the fratricidal massacre, and did not burn people in Odessa, simply file: /// C: /Users/user/Desktop/2016-05-03_17-39-43.png but the fool included "my hut on the edge" ... How to deal with them? After all, whatever one may say, these are just silent accomplices ...

            "The hottest corners in Hell are prepared for those who remained neutral at the turning points of morality."
            Dante Alighieri.
            1. Weyland
              Weyland 6 May 2016 00: 17
              Quote: Capricorn
              Dante Alighieri.

              Dante is just a man. The trick is that he takes the Word as a basis Of God:
              "... I know your deeds; you are neither cold nor hot; oh, if you were cold or hot! But how warm you are, and not hot and cold, I will vomit you out of my mouth (Rev. 3:15 -sixteen)
              This is a synodal translation (softened) - for a more adequate translation:
              "I will beat you out of my mouth. " From indifferent even the Lord is sick!
            2. The comment was deleted.
        3. ledi-irina
          ledi-irina 4 May 2016 13: 32
          No, God will not return them anything, they have long given up on him, they will only become embittered from fasting. This is evil, and not people
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 4 May 2016 12: 21
      In printed form, multi-buffff. The author is better at reading his notes.
      If the author's "lace" is slightly unraveled, you will get a funny infa. For a "blessed fire" for the nezalezhnaya, for some reason they sent a leper used by President Yushchenko to Jerusalem. Not only did the fire come down with a delay of 20 minutes (according to his words), so he missed the Tel - Aviv - Kuev flight with a lompad burning from it. They waited for another flight for a long time, and how they "reanimated" the fire in the icon lamp remains a mystery. Upon arrival at the Vladimir Cathedral, with the entire meeting of parishioners from the "Azav" gang, in the hands of the schismatic Filaret, this lump went out.
      With the words “holiness is not on fire, but in a lump,” clicking a lighter over the wick, repeating the Jerusalem miracle, Filaret gave his hand for kissing to the “Azovites” and blessed them for the next bloody feats.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. bk316
        bk316 4 May 2016 19: 42
        Quote: siberalt
        it will turn out funny info

        And even though you read the article, even if your translation, it’s still wild. Someone gave something to read about it 10-15 years ago, would say - poor alternative fiction ...
    4. SANAY
      SANAY 6 May 2016 07: 15
      While reading the article, I caught myself thinking that worthy and decent people remained in Ukraine, it’s another thing that in the chaos of venigrette armed formations, bats and guards, saying something out loud with an open face is equivalent to a real feat. Bravo Cockroach!
  2. brelok
    brelok 4 May 2016 06: 20
    Everything is like in a fairy tale: the further the worse!
    1. mihasik
      mihasik 5 May 2016 02: 34
      Quote: brelok
      Everything is like in a fairy tale: the further the worse!

      Do not touch Andersen and the Brothers Grimm, this is sacred, from childhood!))
  3. magician
    magician 4 May 2016 06: 20
    Economy and social programs - collapse. What else remains that the current government has not collapsed? In my opinion, such a process will not end peacefully, there are still sane ones and they will be sorry, the flame of revolution does not spare anyone. Cockroach, thanks for the article, there is reason for reflection.
    1. Dimal777
      Dimal777 4 May 2016 17: 01
      Here I am from the Crimea. We were transferred as sn after joining 2014 - to rubles by coefficient. 3 remained, no pay increase for 2 of the year. Prices, utility bills for two years increased at times. plus more overhaul contributions since July. We would have looked less like neighbors and looked like ours ....
      1. Andrey Skokovsky
        Andrey Skokovsky 4 May 2016 18: 37
        Quote: Dimal777
        Here I am from the Crimea. We were transferred as sn after joining 2014 - to rubles by coefficient. 3 remained, no pay increase for 2 of the year. Prices, utility bills for two years increased at times. plus more overhaul contributions since July. We would have looked less like neighbors and looked like ours ....

        you are just a little confused, I explain, everything is primitively simple:
        1) sell your coat in Crimea, people say there is demand, prices have grown !!! Peremoga!
        2) you buy much more comfortable housing in Kiev, on the contrary, their prices have collapsed! overload

        1) you are from a totalitarian Crimea, and no one in Russia needs Crimea, you are abruptly moving to civilized Europe! all European nishtyaks and values ​​suddenly become not just closer, they really enter your personal zhist! you feel like a real european! 100 001 overpowered!
        2) you are radically improving your personal living conditions by moving to a huge apartment in the European Capital !!! 100002 overpowered!

        Buddy solid nishtyaki, do not get lost.
        (Sorry, I do not know MOV so well, and I can’t correctly say in Ivorian what kind of UNREAL REVIEW) !!!
      2. Beefeater
        Beefeater 4 May 2016 21: 08
        Quote: Dimal777
        Here I am from the Crimea. Us
        how zp was transferred after joining in 2014 - to rubles by coefficient. 3 remained, no salary increase for 2 years. Prices, utilities for two years increased at times. plus more overhaul contributions since July. We would have looked less like neighbors and looked like ours ....

        Enlist in Tyumen, like many from ZapUkra, or build a cottage by a brigade, your salary will increase significantly, you never dreamed of
        And about the grown communal apartment - nonsense
        As it was and remained
        The price of pork ham in Russia 200-230
        In rubles
        As it was
        In Ukraine, too, 200, but already in hryvnias
      3. avdkrd
        avdkrd 5 May 2016 02: 20
        Quote: Dimal777
        Here I am from the Crimea. We were transferred as sn after joining 2014 - to rubles by coefficient. 3 remained, no pay increase for 2 of the year. Prices, utility bills for two years increased at times. plus more overhaul contributions since July. We would have looked less like neighbors and looked like ours ....

        What do you mean sn converted by coefficient? Are you a state employee? Then it’s a lie-budget wages are calculated according to Russian formulas, without regard to dill. If you work for a private company, then the question is more likely to you - why do you work for a low salary. Just want more? Congratulations - you are not alone, but in Russia they do not impose a tariff schedule on employers. There is only a minimal, everything else is a market.
        In general, your post strongly reminded me - "I am the daughter of an officer, I am from the Crimea" .....
      4. GriggoT
        GriggoT 5 May 2016 14: 53
        Say thanks for being alive! Ungrateful people! They have power networks, bridges built, put in order the destroyed one, how many humiliations Russia itself is experiencing, suffering, and everything is bad for them, it's not like that. Evil is not enough, honestly!
    2. Beefeater
      Beefeater 4 May 2016 21: 05
      Quote: wizard
      Economy and social programs - collapse. What else remains that the current government has not collapsed? In my opinion, such a process will not end peacefully, there are still sane ones and they will be sorry, the flame of revolution does not spare anyone. Cockroach, thanks for the article, there is reason for reflection.

      There will be no revolutions, the population will switch to subsistence farming, and that's it
      The benefit of black soil allows
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 4 May 2016 06: 29
    We wanted another, and we ... On the shore. And the water ... Here it is, very close, a little jump and that's all ...... and farther and farther from the water ....
  5. ,
    , 4 May 2016 06: 29
    But by the way, it reminds me of our 90s! Then only there was no Internet, and everything else ..... also was not drinks In short, Happy Great Victory Day !! Hooray comrades !!!
  6. Egoza
    Egoza 4 May 2016 06: 31
    РЎ РїСЂР ° Р · РґРЅРёРєР ° РјРё теР± СЏ РўР ° СЂР ° РєР ° РЅСѓС € РєР °, РєР ° Рє Рё РІСЃРµ твое семейство. RџRѕ RїRѕRІRѕRґSѓ RѕRіRЅSЏ F ± F "P ° RіRѕRґR ° S,RЅRѕRіRѕ ... RЅSѓ RјRѕR¶RμS, Ryo RїRѕSЃR" P ° R "Ryo RєRѕRіRѕ ° C SЂS,RμSЂRЅS ‡ P <Rј SЂRμR№SЃRѕRј P · ° F RЅRoRј, RєR ° Рє Рё РІ РІСЂРѕС € Р »С‹ Рµ СЂР ° Р · С ‹, РЅРµ Р · РЅР ° СЋ. Рђ РІРѕС ‚то, С З С‚Рѕ РІРѕ Р'Р» Р ° РґРёРјРёСЂСЃРєРѕРј СЃРѕР ± РѕСЂРµ. RЅR ° RіR "of the PS RѕS,RѕR SЂR ° ± RЅRЅRѕRј RєRoRμRІSЃRєRoRј RїR S,SЂRoR ° ° ° F ... SЂS S,RѕRј, RѕRіRѕRЅSЊ RїRѕRіR SЃ ° C ‡ · 14 RμSЂRμR RјRoRЅSѓS, RїRѕSЃR" Rμ RμRіRѕ RІRЅRμSЃRμRЅRoSЏ - S,R ° Rє RІRѕS ‚это С‚РѕС ‡ РЅРѕ. НепрР° РІРµРґРЅС ‹Р№ РєР ° РєРѕР№-то РѕРіРѕРЅСЊ привеР· Р» Рё, сепР° СЂР ° тистский.
    РЈС‚РѕС З РЅСЏСЋ РґР »СЏ теР± СЏ, СЂР ° Р · РЅРµ РІ РєСѓСЂСЃРµ. Р “Р ° Р · РїРѕРІС‹ СЃРёР »Рё РЅР ° 60%, Р ° РІРѕС‚ пенсии ... РїРѕРєР ° РµС ‰ Рµ РЅРµ РІРёРґР ° Р ° Р ° РїСРРСРРР …Р …Р …Р …Р …Р …Р ° Р ... Рµ РєРѕСЂР · РёРЅРєРё Р ± С ‹Р» Рё РїРѕР »СѓРїСѓСЃС‚С‹ РјРё. Рђ С З РµРіРѕ РіР ° Р · - РІРѕРЅ РЅР ° РјРµСЃСЏС † откР»СЋС З Р ° С‚ его РїРѕ всей Киевской РСР ± РєР ±Р ±Р ±Р ±Р ±Р ±Р ±Р ±Р ±Р ±Р ±РР RќRѕ RЅRoS ‡ RμRіRѕ, RјRѕR¶RμS, R'RѕRі SЂRμS € Roes, SѓR¶Rμ C ‡ RμRіRѕ-S,Rѕ SЃ RЈRєSЂR ° RoRЅRѕR№, RґR ° SЃ RїRѕR "RoS,RoRєR ° RјRo RіSЂRμS RЅS € <RјRo, Ryo P ± СѓРґРµС ‚РЅР ° Рј СЃС ‡ Р ° стье.
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 4 May 2016 07: 23
      Quote: Egoza
      But nothing, may God already decide something with Ukraine

      Elenahi, as for me, so God has already decided everything, and by no means in favor of the inhabitants of the second-hand.
    2. rotmistr60
      rotmistr60 4 May 2016 07: 25
      in Vladimir Cathedral. brazenly selected by the Kiev patriarchy, the fire went out 14 minutes after its introduction - and so that's for sure.

      Others would think that this is not casual. And that’s all to the point, if only to spoil more.
    3. Lelek
      Lelek 4 May 2016 12: 58
      Quote: Egoza
      But nothing, may God already decide something with Ukraine, and sinful politicians, and we will be happy.

      I would very much like to, but the devil is building Skoda while God is sleeping. Here only yourself, with your own hands.
      Good luck, Elena, to your family, friends, and all Ukrainians who are not a banderlog or an oligarch.
      With our common holiday - Victory Day.
  7. domokl
    domokl 4 May 2016 06: 39
    Hmm ... The link is cool .. I don't even want to talk ... The head is missing or what? Like some spiders have during sex ... He's love with her, a beauty, and she bites off his boss ... The fools are getting easier and simpler .. Why invent something "adult" when "kindergarten" will come down recourse
  8. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 4 May 2016 06: 56
    thanks Tarakasha !!!! Again he smiled with sadness ....... but seriously - then further and nowhere ..... jumped.
    1. baudolino
      baudolino 4 May 2016 07: 40
      It will be further and more. Until the herd comes to the conclusion that they need to solve their problems themselves.
      1. Ros64
        Ros64 4 May 2016 19: 49
        Strybayte, strybayte, you don’t get to that before !!!
  9. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 4 May 2016 07: 02
    Yes, the mustachioed, this is not this for you, this is 404 .... a collection of "raguli" from Galicia, coolly seasoned with Polish ambition, although ... it was not for nothing that Ioan the Terrible drove all sorts of different things to Galicia ... this is on the one hand. On the other hand, the Roman Empire in Dacia (now Romania) pursued the same policy ... As a result, after the symbiosis of these Zamudonians for almost five hundred years, this individual turned out: an enchanting fabulous, hand-crafted dill minus the five hundredth level, a ragul with a sense of profitable inferiority until the moment the end of the existence of this subspecies of the dead-end branch of humanity with a negative index of mental development ... and you, personally, red-haired, with Easter, and subsequent holidays ... hold on there ... hi
  10. EvgNik
    EvgNik 4 May 2016 07: 06
    This and similar links to us on May 2 were imposed by two or three Svidomo. They wanted to convince that Russia was to blame. Thanks Cockroach, There are still sane people in Ukraine. And you Elena (Fidget), thank you.
  11. Bramb
    Bramb 4 May 2016 07: 14
    And do not blame us, they themselves wanted to. We wanted another, and we ... On the shore. And the water ... Here it is, very close, just a little jump and that's it ... It just doesn’t work for some reason.
    Is it another? EU and lace panties. The EU - there he is, the Agreement was signed, and it is clearly stated that life will be like in Europe: no benefits and 100% payment of the communal apartment. This is exactly what they wanted. Visas will be canceled soon. There are panties with lace. Everything's Alright. The Russian language is being destroyed, on her knives and on gilyaka - this is what they wanted. We remember. We all remember who and what we wanted. Get tenfold.
    This is exactly what they wanted. We remember. And how many do not shout that you wanted another and your Russian brother is not you brothers to us anymore. Sami, now all by yourself. But forget it - we will remind you of gilyak and knives. We remember exactly what you wanted.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 4 May 2016 07: 29
      Quote: Bramb
      РјС ‹РІР ° Рј РЅР ° РІРѕРјРЅРёРј РїСЂРѕ РіРёР» СЏРєРё Рё ножи. РњС ‹РїРѕРјРЅРёРј, С З С‚Рѕ именно РІС‹ С ... отели.

      I hope that the time will come, and there will be many on the Gilyaks, those who shouted. However, take a look at our deputies - rarely what gilyaka will survive. Maybe the crane will have to be adjusted, this is the one with which the Lenin monument was destroyed. But everyone will see the suspended "load". it will be seen far away ... all over Ukraine. I'm only afraid that there won't be enough taps for all. Well, maybe the DPR will share construction equipment.
      1. svp67
        svp67 4 May 2016 13: 40
        Quote: Egoza
        I hope that the time will come, and there will be many, who shouted, at the darts.

        What to mean - REACHED.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. Weyland
        Weyland 6 May 2016 00: 30
        Quote: Egoza
        Maybe the crane will have to be customized

        The crane is the thing! Because the loops are not enough for them, but on the hook for the rib - that's it! am
  12. Valery Valery
    Valery Valery 4 May 2016 07: 17
    If you look from the universal, Slavic positions, the events in Ukraine should cause confusion and pity. I don’t understand, but it’s just pity and is not felt, only rejection and nausea. I admit that I’m wrong, I admit.
  13. Vladycat
    Vladycat 4 May 2016 07: 18
    I read Cockroach opuses from the very beginning. And I’m starting to track that even cockroaches are becoming more sadder than funnier. ETOGES what is happening there that even cockroaches get tired?
    1. Aposlya
      Aposlya 4 May 2016 08: 24
      I remember in the media a couple of years ago there was an article that the fence of St. Sophia Cathedral fell and that this is a bad sign ... now they’ve lost their fire ...
  14. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 4 May 2016 07: 54
    Soon cockroaches will die in Maidania. From hunger and cold. This is in a country where stick a stick in the ground - a tree will grow! What did the horses do with themselves? But the IMF does not give money, and does not. The experiment poses, for survival. Peremoga, Svidomo ...
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 4 May 2016 08: 41
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      РЎРєРѕСЂРѕ тР° СЂР ° РєР ° РЅС ‹РїРѕРІС‹ РјСЂСѓС ‚РІ РњР ° Р№РґР ° РЅРёРё. РћС ‚РіРѕР» РѕРґР ° Рё С ... РѕР »РѕРґР °.

      РќРѕ-РЅРѕ-РЅРѕ-РЅРѕ! РќР ° С € РўР ° СЂР ° РєР ° РЅСѓС € РєР ° РІС ‹Р¶РёРІРµС‚! RЎRѕ RІSЃRμRј SЃRІRѕRoRј SЃRμRјRμR№SЃS,RІRѕRј, RґSЂSѓR · SЊSЏRјRo Ryo S,RѕRІR ° SЂRoS ° RјRo ‰ P! P ‰ RμS Rμ RґRѕR »P ± RіRѕ SѓRґRμS, SЂR RґRѕRІR ° ° ° S,SЊ RЅR SЃ SЃRІRѕRoRјRo RЅR ° F ± F »СЋРґРµРЅРёСЏРјРё. РќРѕС ‡ СЊ темнР°, РЅРѕ РЅРµ РІРµС З РЅР °! РџСЂРёРґРµС ‚СЂР ° ссвет Рё СЏСЂРєРёР№ день!
  15. Winter cherry
    Winter cherry 4 May 2016 08: 37
    Yes, the saying is right: "Fear the fulfillment of your desires." In general, believers say that you do not need to ask God for anything, except for learning to understand his Will. "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, both in heaven and on earth. ..."
    1. a housewife
      a housewife 4 May 2016 18: 12
      To never ask for anything is the teaching of Woland. In the prayer of Christ, one does not need to take only the initial phrase. "Give us our daily bread for every day", this is not only about bread, this includes all the daily needs of a person, both material and spiritual. God also knows what someone needs, but wants to be addressed to Him, as children turn to a father. What to take with these filarets, their father is the devil.
  16. Awaz
    Awaz 4 May 2016 09: 17
    Of course, dill problems are more interesting, but do not forget about their cranks. The other day, the well-known Golodets said that all the problems of the economy in the Russian Federation are a poor population. Decosely, our industrialists are struggling with all their strength, they produce and produce whatever they like and the prices even doubled so that the products looked more solid, but the people, if they weren’t okay, didn’t want to buy anything. And it seems to any cockroach that the problem is clear in the fact that these industrialists do not index the income of their employees, and often also press them, but that is what it is ...
    1. domokl
      domokl 4 May 2016 09: 27
      What a strange comment for an article from Ukraine ... I wonder why there always appears a person who is trying to raise a topic, albeit the right one, but completely inappropriate in the discussion of the article ...
      It seems to me that such issues need to be raised precisely in the comments on articles on the Russian economy ...
      1. Winter cherry
        Winter cherry 4 May 2016 13: 00
        Yes, all one to one. We in Russia also need to watch !!! Listen to the interview with I. Korotchenko. That is what a person understands correctly.

        3-05-2016 /
    2. Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat 4 May 2016 10: 07
      Hmmm .., And what if, "Cockroach" is somewhat "arrogant" in its rejection of the regime, which, of course, is worthless without its foreign patrons, and also does not possess the entirety of information about Russian reality and therefore cannot really to compare the "achievements" of the junta and the Russian government? Thanks to overseas patrons and "breadwinners" Ukraine, in fact, has achieved a lot:
      1) Achieved again a significant discount on "Gazprom's gas", in fact, "did not even get a discount" and a "small revolution" took place - now gas from Russia will always be supplied on "Ukrainian terms".
      2) once again sent Russia to "three merry letters" with the payment of its debt, and made it clear that it will always be possible to "send" Russia on this matter, with full approval from the EU and the IMF (where they even developed a special "status" with special rules for determining the "sovereignty" of debts and their payments).
      3) foreign exchange receipts to Ukraine continue at the same pace, only in small portions, since the EU and the US are not going to terminate the "project" Ukraine in the light of the forthcoming "Transatlantic Trade Agreement", where Ukraine has a "leading" role.
      4) Despite the negative attitude of the majority of the Dutch population, the "EU membership agreement" is beginning to enter a "practical" phase.
      5) An agreement on "visa-free" entry into the EU for Ukrainian citizens comes into effect, for the time being, however, for 90 days for up to three years.
      6) Merkel made a statement that under no circumstances will Ukraine be left without economic and political support from the EU and the United States, and this is understandable since, according to the US plans, Ukraine should become the "main cultivated" area for GMO agricultural products after the entry into force of the "Transatlantic agreements ", as well as a" field of activity "for American" shale "companies that simply dream of Ukraine because of the cheapness of production (cheap labor, no need to spend on environmental protection measures and the transport component is several times less) ...
      So, the "project" Ukraine exists, exists quite well, is gradually developing and will develop with the support of our "sworn partners" and the "world community" ...
      And, here is Russia ... Here some write that the crisis caused by the sanctions and isolation of Russia practically did not affect anyone. Oh well. I will not write about what we each see in stores and elsewhere. I will only say that the management told my wife that there will be no salary increase this year and do not hope, but the responsibilities will increase due to staff cuts for the sake of economy. And personally, I was told that since it is impossible to get loans abroad now, our company is closing the foreign trade division and reducing staff by 30% ... And the problem is that everyone now understands that it will not be better than the internal the demand in Russia because of the impoverished population is simply scanty ... Well, where then is the "zrada" and who, in this case, has "peremoga"?
      1. domokl
        domokl 4 May 2016 12: 34
        I understand that you are a little hangover hut? With a serious look ... Well, well ... The regime exists, say ... It does not exist, but it is killing Ukraine. We have been talking about this for a long time ... Ukraine is not a trifle like Lithuania or Latvia and Estonia combined, it is a fairly developed and large country in Europe ... it was. Therefore, it does not work right away to cram ... No matter how hard they try ... But it’s already close. They will sell a little and that's all ... herd the cows, grow rapeseed ...
        1. gladcu2
          gladcu2 4 May 2016 13: 54

          Watch, you need to root the system.

          Any means of production under capitalism are aimed at making a profit. These "funds" or, in other words, profit-making methods do not restore the resource. The only institution that is obliged to control and the legislative role is the state.

          As soon as the merger of large private capital and the state begins the irrevocable process of destruction of society, the country.

          Return to normal only if the state is built or rebuilt in a new way. Only the law and only a strong state.

          How to do it? Fascism. Communism. The launch of ideology. Creating one party system. Repression. The Communists removed the layer between the state and the people in the form of owners of the means of production. The Nazis forced the private owner to work for the state.

          In both cases, a one-party system and repression. In both cases, the full support of the proletariat.

          Currently, the Communists will not work. Fascism remains.

          The communist system, in principle, does not lead to the expansion of the zone of influence. It leads to a socialist state and does not advocate expansion, expansion.

          Fascism is based on the propaganda of an external threat. Absolutely totalitarian state. The militants.
    3. Winter cherry
      Winter cherry 4 May 2016 12: 55
      This Hunger should be sold and sold to the poor in Switzerland. Then the purchasing power of the population will increase. But actually, people, vote in the elections consciously, study those for whom you vote.
  17. shcishcok
    shcishcok 4 May 2016 09: 21
    Nothing, Tarakashechka! Soon your Svidomo brother will increase - Belarusians also want to the EU))) there were brothers too, and Nuland won announced that she wants to help Moldovans with reforms)))) I’m baking cookies, I’m sorry, residents of the country 404, sincerely sorry - what is going on in your brain ??? !!!! Hold on, Tarakashechka! Happy Victory Day for you and your loved ones! It’s a pity with all my heart that your old men who fought against the Nazis is such a spit! as Danila Bodrov said - all power is in truth, brother!
  18. Gennady Alexandrovich
    Gennady Alexandrovich 4 May 2016 10: 47
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ V.V! smile
  19. Velizariy
    Velizariy 4 May 2016 11: 20
    ... We are granted forgiveness for our sins last year ... Learn the materiel)
    Written a lot of interesting and correct.
    PS And the grace of fire does not really burn, even the beards are not scorched, and my tribes held it in their hands).
  20. gorozhanka74
    gorozhanka74 4 May 2016 12: 37
    Why feel sorry for a country that lives beautifully ?!
    .. everything is credible there, money is dripping, disagreement is shut up. moreover, there are not so few of them there, but almost none at all.
    The country is rich, you can steal and steal there for a long time, and residents are satisfied with politics, because they rode together, screamed merrily and in unison ...
    ... who felt bad, those left - those with family, and Crimeans all over the peninsula ..
    The policy of a "hut on the edge" is ubiquitous and all-embracing - they have lived, live and will live.
    I do not regret, I do not sympathize, I observe.
  21. newterra
    newterra 4 May 2016 13: 23
    Ukrainians normal throw off the junta
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 4 May 2016 14: 11

      They will not be able to throw off the junta.

      Fascism has already strengthened there.

      It is difficult to say what will happen next, but according to the scenario with Germany, a leader will appear who will rigidly reorganize the state and under this state they will start or will not start giving loans. For some reason.

      It is possible that they will be left for extinction, without the reorganization of the state, but they will not be allowed to revive.

      A lot depends on Russia. There is always HPP. It seems that this plan has already been twisted in the domestic policy of the Russian Federation. What should happen that will strengthen the state stronger. And then deal with Ukraine. Cut off the external levers of influence.
  22. The comment was deleted.
  23. Balagan
    Balagan 4 May 2016 16: 45
    Hmm, the farther, the more often comes the feeling that karma still catches up with Svidomo ...
    That's really, damn curious it becomes to look at the next lustration, when they will mow out the banderlogs.
  24. primers
    primers 4 May 2016 18: 59
    Thanks for the note. You write very well! Thanks to you, it is clear that there are people in Ukraine who understand what is happening around them.
  25. xBoris
    xBoris 4 May 2016 22: 20
    .. hmm. Beautiful .. about Odessa, you will not say anything. Directly according to the instructions of Dr. Goebbels.
    Sorry, sorry Ukraine ..
  26. asp373
    asp373 4 May 2016 23: 17
    Happy holiday (s) smile Tell me, as a Kyyan, how did you go about the de-communization of food establishments? I am very worried about "Varenishna Katyusha", and others of this kind, they say, you have a lot.
  27. Svetoch
    Svetoch 5 May 2016 14: 32
    In the title photo are the eggs in Kiev? If so then there is such an egg.
    1. Svetoch
      Svetoch 7 May 2016 16: 06
      What is the minus? Is this a fake or something?
  28. Mixweb
    Mixweb 5 May 2016 22: 48
    I apologize for offtopic laughing but the news killed laughing
    The development of a "hybrid of a tank and a garbage can" known to all Runet called "Azovets" has been temporarily stopped. This was reported by representatives of the nationalist battalion of the Ukrainian National Guard "Azov".

    The reason for the stoppage of development was that the supplier of optoelectronic systems equipped the tank with ordinary eyes for an intercom instead of protected surveillance cameras through which the tank crew must see what is happening outside the vehicle. At the same time, this did not affect the price of "innovation" for a city tank, and the Ukrainians paid 60 thousand dollars for this system.

    It is also noteworthy that the video eyelets for "Azovets" were supplied by a qualified dealer of "Ukroboronprom", "Avikos" company. It is known that this company provided its services to Ukrainian state defense enterprises from the very beginning of hostilities in the territory of Donbass.

    "Devices from" AVIKOS "do not meet the declared standard, which is advanced to the equipment of group 1.10 GOST B20.39.304-85, but are made of cheap Chinese-made components for household use," the Azov engineering group said.

    Having familiarized themselves with the "innovative" optical equipment of the "Svidomo tank", the engineers of "Azov" saw that the electronic boards were not covered with a special varnish to protect the soldered joints. In addition, the mechanical attachment of the television matrix and the lens is a plastic tip that cannot withstand the vibration load of armored vehicles, they installed. And as the basis of the camera, household parts are used that are used in door peepholes or intercoms.

    1. gorozhanka74
      gorozhanka74 6 May 2016 09: 31
      ... This cannot be ... stuffing ...
  29. Aristide
    Aristide 6 May 2016 15: 12
    Ukrainian madness! So you can call a new diagnosis in psychiatry. This is when the human senses feel negative reality, and the inflamed brain, contrary to these sensations, through the tongue presents others with positive information.
  30. The comment was deleted.