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How Kharkov was “saved” from the fate of Donbass

How Kharkov was “saved” from the fate of DonbassNo matter how strange it may seem, I offer you an interview. And not just an interview, but taken by organisms from the Censor. Good people have sent.

The interview was given by Mr. Ober-executioner, holder of the Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky of the 2 degree, commander of the National Guard under Lieutenant General Yuri Aller, who on April 8 released the seized office buildings in Kharkov on 2014.

Many readers may say what, exactly? No one else to publish?

There is someone. And soon publish. But Allerov's interview is actually a testimony that explains and tells a lot of what happened then in Kharkov. But about the details and all the subsequent at the end of the story.

Allow me to underline in the text what I consider to be worthwhile and in italics to give some comments.

- who led the operation in Kharkov? How was the task set?

- By the decision of the country's leadership, an anti-terrorist operation was carried out in Kharkiv, Donetsk and Lugansk in connection with the seizure of administrative buildings. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Guard, under the leadership of Minister Arsen Avakov, Commander of the National Guard, Stepan Poltorak, should have taken control of the situation in Kharkov. The head of the Security Service of Ukraine V.Nalivaychenko was sent to Lugansk, the Prosecutor General V.Yarema to Donetsk.

I was tasked with making a march with a reserve to Kharkov and directing one of our most combat-ready units — the Special Forces Jaguar regiment. Let me remind you that at that time the mobilization was just beginning, they just started to form the 1 and 2 of the National Guard under volunteer battalions from among the Maydanovites. In order to counteract the aggressive crowd, and even more so when armed people can be in this crowd, they can shoot, well-organized units are needed.. As a result of the events on the Maidan and the collapse of power, most security forces were demoralized and incompetent. Therefore, we could count on very few. And the enemy was aware of our weakness.

The strength of the opponent in question? Apparently, about Kharkov, armed with cuttings from shovels and rakes. And also with batons taken from pravosekov. I draw the attention of all who read to the combat and heroic mood of a general who is ready to use weapon against residents.

- The task was difficult - it was necessary to carry out assault actions with the use of weapons, but at the same time open fire only when an armed enemy was accurately detected. We had very few such special units. The detachment "Omega" we transferred to where it is most dangerous - in Lugansk. And we had only one special detachment of sufficient numbers - the Jaguar Special Forces regiment in Kalinovka, Vinnitsa region. These were professionals, “contractors”, with extensive experience in ensuring public safety.

The main problem - the time factor - it was necessary to act quickly.

To be sure that the "Jaguar" will perform the task, I decided to go to them personally, look into my eyes. At 2 on the morning of 7 on the arrival in Kalinovka of the Vinnitsa region, at the regiment base, I announced a general construction

And here I set them the task - the suppression of riots in Kharkov, but the regiment must take military weapons to use in the event of an attack from the crowd of enemy saboteurs. They had well-founded fears, as if the power had not changed again, and they did not begin to judge everyone for their actions with weapons in Kharkov. There was a certain logic in this, and it was necessary to cope with the situation. Many methods have been used to influence the subconscious.

Already a little better. Use weapons in case of sabotage attacks. Russian, of course. The general, of course, was convinced that every second person in Kharkov was a Russian saboteur. Armed and prepared. And, apparently, there are so many of these saboteurs that the regiment is not enough to cope with them.

Yes, the special forces regiment is in numbers not an infantry regiment, I agree. But this is a special forces regiment.

- And how do you convince people?

- I told the truth. We have one country, regardless of the government that was and which came and which will be. And today, the interests of the country are put in evidence - whether Ukraine will exist or not. AND today they are not protecting the government, but protecting the state that is being destroyed from the outside. And this is the most important day when their skills are necessary for the Motherland, because someone must bring order to chaos. We must save the country from destruction, it is our responsibility. Of course, he recalled the military duty, and criminal liability, using profanity. I talked with the commanders of units and fighters. And the situation was stabilized.

In the morning 5, 1,2, 3, 4, companies of the Jaguar regiment began loading into buses with standard weapons. These are all the main units of the "Jaguar", which, as a rule, were part of the military operational reserve. They were 200 people - yes, that was not very much, but they were well-trained people, and here quality mattered a lot.

But on the road, our convoy was blocked - these were relatives of the servicemen. They also had a lot of emotions. They understood that they could shoot, they had bitterness, that their relatives carried out orders of command on the Maidan, and now they are being tried for this, in the Vinnitsa they tried to put the Jaguar soldiers on their knees. He promised them that I would bring back all those who left for the mission. It was not easy, but after an hour and a half I still brought the regiment to the route.

- What was the situation in Kharkov?

- In Kharkov on the evening of the 7, the number was a difficult situation. I arrived before the column - in 17.30. Around the regional state administration there were over 5 thousand people, in the crowd were pro-Russian agitators, constant provocations, fights, fights. The police were either incapacitated or, on the contrary, encouraged further unrest. Militia cordons paid no attention to anything, did not fulfill their functions, were completely incapacitated. Most worried about the behavior of the "Berkut" Kharkov. They threw explosives into the crowd, firecrackers, standing behind the National Guard. Provoked a crowd. Inside the administration were cadets of the Academy of Internal Troops and soldiers of the 3005 unit. They were the only ones performing tasks and holding back the crowd. It was the only effective barrier in a huge city. All our guys were not armed.

So, here is the situation that the general saw. 5 thousand people in the square. This, I note, a month after the first assault on the RSA. Unarmed Here, thanks God, the council did not allow Allerov to lie.

- The situation continued to quickly heat up. One of the cadets was thrown by a racket pack under a bulletproof vest - a guy got a serious lung barotrauma, severe injuries by an explosion. In the backyard of the administration he was assisted, the bloody foam came from his mouth, but, thank God, the doctors were able to quickly provide help and saved his life.

The crowd set fire to the tires, the doors of the building. The building partially caught fire, the smoke went strong. Under these conditions, we had to give the command to leave the building. And soon the administration was captured by the crowd.

Somewhere on 12, the Minister of the Interior flew in at night. The Minister gathered headquarters at the airport. There was a commander of the internal troops of Poltorak, there were representatives of military units of the garrison, an academy, all of whom are required according to the list of the anti-terrorism center, representatives of the police, the SBU. The regional SBU should have played a key role, but they turned out to be somewhat inadequate.. And there was a commander of one of the special forces of the armed forces. Began to discuss the assault and the release of the building. Determined that the necessary forces of order 400-500 people. This is just the composition of the regiment of special forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which was at the airport. Mine were still on the march and only arrived at about two in the morning to Kharkov. In words, everyone was ready to participate - the special forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Security Service of Ukraine, the Berkut, the Falcon and the police.

But in the morning 4 only the “Jaguar” left for its assault.. S. Poltorak told me that there is no one and never will be. In 5 in the morning the report is the same - there is nobody. Well, and somewhere around half past five, a commander approaches. I say: the minister is very nervous, what shall we do?
The district was cordoned off by cadets and 3005 units. Already just beginning to dawn, the wipers began to go out.

Here the general was silent a little, as the cadets and fighters of the 3005 military unit also received military weapons and ammunition. But it is so, trifle.

I had to gather the commanders of divisions and say that we would storm - there is no other option. I had to redistribute these 200 people. The lower floors were tied with fire hoses. Exploration previously conducted - who, where, what. They assigned groups that cut the sleeves, then they determined the main entrance - through technical premises, toilets, smashed windows and entered through the windows.

It was necessary to simultaneously go in all directions. The main thing is to prevent victims and provocations with weapons and the death of people. If they concentrated somewhere in one place, then the building can hold a long defense. We determined the battle formations and began to work from floor to floor. We managed to do it all quickly. We went quickly and decisively, both from the front and from the directions that were indicated. Worked about 20 minutes. More than 70 people detained.

Well, and here somewhere in half an hour all other public, other structures, alpha and beta and gamma arrived. And even appeared "Golden Eagle". The paradox of what it was - there are fighters in the administration's courtyard, they start pushing, a collision has arisen. This came "golden eagles" and our "jaguarovtsam" say - why are you here, who are you, what do you think kipish in our city? The cause of the conflict - two friends met from the "Jaguar" and "Golden Eagle". Both of them suffered on the Maidan, both were lying together in the hospital on the Maidan in Kiev, and here they had a falling out ... I then approached the leadership, told both the minister and the commander of the "Berkut", the police chief - demanding that 15 minutes later "Berkut" left the territory ( and we carried out already armed guard around the perimeter). Thank God they were removed immediately.

To great shame, we had to protect not only the regional administration in Kharkov, but also the police premises, and the SBU. Although there, too, everywhere was the order of 500 people in each department only in the apparatus, and also with weapons. This is how this epic lasted for almost a week.

Crucial in that the seizure of power in Kharkov was prevented, the speed and decisiveness of the actions, as well as a clear plan how to avoid victims, played. I am sure that it was these actions and the absence of hesitation that helped save Kharkov from the Donetsk and Lugansk scenario, and each of our servicemen can be proud of it.

And the Kharkiv militia, "Berkut" and others, too, can be proud of at least the fact that they did not stain their hands with blood. Let the majority then this resulted in accusations of violating the oath, followed by dismissal.

A heroic operation, the greatest victory. More than a thousand armed soldiers, officers and cadets against completely unarmed people. By the way, it is wonderful that the information about the arrival of two regiments of special forces became known, and the majority of people left the square. Otherwise, the victims could not just be more, there could be a disaster similar to Odessa.

Afterword. This narrative lacks some of the details. Namely, the loss from the defenders of the building. And they were. Although I declare with confidence that they did not have weapons. However, in order to fill all the gaps that have formed, this weekend I will make a short trip to the west in order to meet people who did not “lay down” under the authority of the junta and did not surrender. Among them will be a man from among those 70-ti, detained in the building. And this material is a preface to several of the following articles, the purpose of which is to prove that not all Russians in Ukraine are not capable Khataskraynik for anything, no matter how much our overly categorical and obscene readers like to talk about it. The voice of the Kharkov resistance against the voice of the Russian couch.

And then together we will draw some conclusions on the topic of where and whose hut is on the edge, and who and under whom has laid down.
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  1. Andrey K
    Andrey K April 29 2016 13: 04
    Regiment "Jaguar", special forces, "cyborgs", Armed Forces of Ukraine and SBU, "Berkut" and "Sokol", police and various territorial national battalions "saved" Kharkiv ...
    From whom? From aliens? Or from the population?
    "A heroic operation, the greatest victory. More than a thousand armed soldiers, officers and cadets against absolutely unarmed people." - That says it all ...
    1. tiredwithall
      tiredwithall April 29 2016 13: 08
      The main thing is not stupid half-Hollywood names, but a list of the names of "real figures." This is a practical and valuable thing for further work.
      1. cniza
        cniza April 29 2016 13: 56
        Quote: tiredwithall
        The main thing is not stupid half-Hollywood names, but a list of the names of "real figures." This is a practical and valuable thing for further work.

        Nothing will be answered for everything and this general in the first place.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. sherp2015
        sherp2015 April 29 2016 21: 52
        Quote: tiredwithall
        The main thing is not stupid half-Hollywood names, but a list of the names of "real figures." This is a practical and valuable thing for further work.

        This "handsome" - general on the board of shame!
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. vovanpain
      vovanpain April 29 2016 13: 13
      Lieutenant General Yuri Allerov, who on April 8, 2014 liberated the seized administrative buildings in Kharkov.

      This seeding is not a lieutenant general, this cattle is the executioner of the Russian city of Kharkov. Remember this vile mug and spit in his face. Be damned already. am
      1. Observer2014
        Observer2014 April 29 2016 13: 39
        Just a few days ago, a brigade from Kharkov of hard workers went home for Easter. Believe me, we heard a lot about the local authorities! And about the fact that Ukraine's "haply" are advancing, they just cross themselves and they would say faster!
    4. Stirbjorn
      Stirbjorn April 29 2016 14: 26
      Quote: Andrey K
      From whom? From aliens? Or from the population?

      how from whom? from Strelkova (Girkin), as yesterday, a sofa marshal assured us about Odessa. Look how lucky Kharkov, not like Donetsk. And most importantly, the Anglo-Saxons in the bummer!
      1. alexmach
        alexmach April 29 2016 22: 11
        Look how lucky Kharkov is, not like Donetsk

        Excuse me, but where would you like to be with your family now? Choose Kharkov, Odessa, Donetsk, Lugansk.
    5. Anglorussian
      Anglorussian April 29 2016 14: 48
      The one that drive or the one that they sing? Where did they come from?
    6. g1v2
      g1v2 April 29 2016 17: 46
      Now I’ll get the minuses, but from the point of view of the former intruder, the jaguar conducted the operation competently - completed the task with a minimum of blood and with a minimum of resources in hostile territory. request And the fact that Kharkov was unable to stand next to Donetsk and Lugansk is the result of the competent actions of this enemy special forces regiment. If this happened, then without Kharkov and its factories, everyone would have no chance. Damn, they would have acted like that on the Maidan and we would not have Crimea. wink In terms of tactics, it’s precisely this operation of the jaguar that has radically changed the situation. I was glad for the Kharkov cops - that means the police are there for us.
      By the way, it is indicative that the Zaporizhzhya Cheetah was not connected - it means they do not trust. By the way, the Crimean Tiger, which was prepared over the years to suppress a possible Russian uprising in Crimea, almost all went to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.
      For those who do not understand these cats, I will explain. In Ukraine, there were 3 special forces regiments of the VV Ministry of Internal Affairs (Vinnitsa jaguar, Crimean tiger and Zaporizhzhya cheetah) and the Bars brigade (an analogue of our ODON) near Kiev. Omega is an anti-terror officer special unit under the Bars brigade. Falcon - an analogue of our SWAT, BERKUT - OMON. The tiger moved with the Crimea to the Russian Federation and became part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, and now the Russian Guard. A friend of mine served in the Tigris and Bars (a healthy elephant) - now he is a citizen of the Russian Federation (originally from Crimea) and works in St. Petersburg. hi
      1. Dalmatia
        Dalmatia April 29 2016 20: 01
        I read your comment with interest and put a plus.
  2. svp67
    svp67 April 29 2016 13: 07
    Yes, now it’s worth regretting that Kharkov could not be defended then.
    1. Berber
      Berber April 29 2016 13: 47
      Perhaps this massacre would have ended long ago.
  3. venaya
    venaya April 29 2016 13: 10
    far not all Russians in Ukraine are capable of hatskrayniki, no matter how much they like to talk about it

    The practice of the last millennium shows how much it is necessary to study and know in detail the methods of using similar seizures of power by our enemies in all parts of the world, otherwise we will always find ourselves unarmed in the face of "suddenly" created difficulties for us.
  4. The comment was deleted.
    1. BMP-2
      BMP-2 April 29 2016 13: 46
      Yes, how much can you already repeat: there is no such nation! You will not argue that in a psychiatric hospital there is a nation of schizophrenics, in power a nation of oligarchs, and in Antarctica a nation of penguins !? fool
      1. black
        black April 29 2016 15: 02
        You know, there are ethnic Ethiopians, ethnic Russians. The issue of identification.
        1. BMP-2
          BMP-2 April 29 2016 21: 03
          Quote: black
          You know, there are ethnic Ethiopians, ethnic Russians. The issue of identification.

          I have no complaints against Ethiopians - I am not a racist, and Pushkin is a great Russian poet, despite his African roots. Speech about another:

          A nation is a socio-economic, cultural, political and spiritual community.
          And yes, it really is either ethnic or political. But it is always GENERAL, and not a matter of identification. The patient in the hospital, identifying himself with Napoleon, because in fact Napoleon does not become!

          In Ukraine, there is no ethnic or political community, and therefore it is absolutely incorrect to call nation POPULATION OF THIS TERRITORY.
      2. yehat
        yehat 5 May 2016 16: 47
        not, in Antarctica, an ethnos, but in general - right laughing
  5. Berber
    Berber April 29 2016 13: 45
    This is all someday to end. I wonder what they will say later. Surely there will be beautiful words about duty, homeland, orders and honor of the uniform, etc. .. But no one will remember conscience and reason.
    It is a pity that the Americans managed to achieve their goal. We have become a divided people. I really hope that the mind will prevail. I really want the USSR. Let not in the form in which it was, it is probably for the better, but it will be.
    1. sabakina
      sabakina April 29 2016 20: 51
      Quote: BerBer
      This is all someday to end. I really want the USSR. Let not in the form in which it was, it is probably for the better, but it will be.

      I'm with you! And let everyone envy us! Sister asks too! Do you know how tired of being afraid? In the 70th atomic won, in the beginning of the 80s-neutron ...
      in short.
  6. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 April 29 2016 13: 47
    And today they do not protect the government, but protect the state, which they destroy from the outside.

    The situation is assessed correctly except in a dangerous direction.
    It was from the west, not from the east.
    The coup was carried out with the support of the West.
    Therefore, it was necessary to defend the country from the same direction ...
  7. Ros 56
    Ros 56 April 29 2016 13: 58
    A good city is Kharkov, but the ear-rings are temporarily taxiing, we’ll wait for anything, but for many this will come back to haunt.
  8. Termit1309
    Termit1309 April 29 2016 14: 32
    Quote: black
    What is the population of Kharkov? A million, two? And 70 unskilled people. Really zrada. We don’t have to prove anything. Live as you want. Sucks living? This is not our problem. Leave logical traps to first graders. Pity you first, then help you. The guys themselves. How are we once. I am not Stanislavsky, but I do not believe. I repeat for the eleventh time. Ukrainians are a nation of ideological parasites.

    This monologue issued from the trenches of the Donbass? With one hand opening a can of stew, with the other shooting ukrokiborgov? I understand that you went unarmed to machine guns? The first ten thousand died, and then the machine gunners jammed the trunks from overheating and you tore them up?
    Shut up rag fighter
    1. Barsukvad
      Barsukvad April 29 2016 14: 54
      You distort and substitute concepts. Such manipulations in a fair discussion are not permissible.
      The quintessence of your opponent’s post: Ukrainians killed Ukrainians, and for truth go to the Russians.
      I agree, I also do not believe it, solve your problems yourself.
    2. black
      black April 29 2016 15: 05
      I was under fire at Nikishino, and I brought all of my own alive. Then half of the attackers died. And in Redkodub, the first to enter the position of dill. You’ll close your mom’s mouth, a rag fighter.
    3. Dalmatia
      Dalmatia April 29 2016 20: 13
      Termit1309, but you should not talk about the trenches of Donbass to someone who was not in them. As I understand it, you are far from the army, from military service, from the defense of the Motherland, and everything connected with it. And secondly, do not insult the members of the forum.
  9. drop
    drop April 29 2016 14: 54
    Kharkiv and Zaporizhia missed.
    And now remember how in Crimea they repulsed the "peaceful trains" of the Pravosek people, how the Cossacks did not allow them to seize airfields. Now it is only necessary to support those forces that are trying to save Ukraine from the Nazis. But this is a long time, the situation must mature. I have the honor.
  10. heaps
    heaps April 29 2016 15: 11
    Now think about it. "Jaguarists" mocked Gavrilyuk. They will continue to serve in full force. "Falcon" is also with them. And a bunch of others. And the only one to blame was "Berkut". Although there were also Jews among them.
    Communicated, we hid the families of those who requested. And the point. All lay down.
  11. nrex
    nrex April 29 2016 16: 17
    I think all the moves are recorded. Surnames, addresses, appearances. flogged. The hour will come and .. INSURANCE I AM YOUR PAYMENT !!!
    1. alexej123
      alexej123 April 29 2016 16: 56
      My opinion - Ni-Che-Go will not happen. In order for something to "Become" you need a Motive and a Motive Force (organizers). Judging by the news from the Ni-Che-Go Network, this is NOT in Ukraine. I understand the author of the article, his aspirations. But, I think this situation in Ukraine for a long time. Until external forces agree. According to O. Bender - "The financial hole is the deepest of all, you can fall all your life, but you still can't reach the bottom", I'm not sure for the accuracy. What is happening in Ukraine now.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  12. Thompson
    Thompson April 29 2016 22: 01
    Deficiency of ours. allowed everything to drift, that's the result.
    purely my personal opinion