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Future plasma weapons


Plasmoid - plasma clot, limited configuration of magnetic fields and plasma

Nikola Tesla received spherical plasmoids on a resonant transformer using high-voltage discharges.

Experiment with warming up the atmosphere

In the United States, an installation test is planned, which can be considered as a prototype of plasma and climatic weapons. For Earth, this can turn into a disaster.


At the end of the 1980-s, Mikhail Gorbachev suggested that Ronald Reagan, the President of the United States of America, as a sign of goodwill, reconciliation and mutual trust, conduct a joint experiment - testing plasma weapons. It was proposed to throw off and build a common emitting antenna complex at the Siberian testing ground by joint efforts. But Reagan refused, and all mention of plasma weapons disappeared from the pages of the media.

Secret object

In 1992, in Alaska, 450 kilometers from Anchorage in the town of Gakon, construction began on a powerful radar station. In a deserted valley, covered by mountains, a giant building of a diesel power station appeared in the middle of the Taiga with Pentagon money, and the installation of 24-meter radiating antennas began near it. Antenna field and power plant connected straight, as an arrow, a segment of a very wide highway, used as a runway. Vitaly Volkov, a Deutsche Welle correspondent, gave some details in his report: “The object being erected in the snow of Alaska is a huge antenna field with a total area of ​​more than 13 hectares. Of the 180 antennas planned by 48, they are already functioning.

The station received the abbreviated name HAARP - High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (Program of active high-frequency research of the auroral region - "Kharp"). The radiating power of the system is 3,5 megawatts, and the antennas directed to zenith allow focusing short-wave radiation pulses on separate sections of the ionosphere and warm them up to the formation of a high-temperature plasma. The project is presented as a research project, but it is being implemented in the interests of the United States Air Force and Navy under conditions of deep secrecy. Civilian scientists are not allowed to it.

Geophysical weapons

Bernard Istlund, the developer of the ionosphere heating principle, admits: "There is evidence that, in this way, you can change, say, the wind rose at high altitudes. And this means that Harp can influence the weather to some extent." But the capabilities of the Kharp system are easy to imagine if we recall the magnetic storms caused by solar flares. In fact, "Kharp" does the same, but in certain parts of the atmosphere and the earth's surface. And its radiation power is many times higher than solar. Accordingly, the damage inflicted will also be dozens and hundreds more.

The least he can do is break radio communications in large areas, significantly worsen the accuracy of satellite navigation, "blind" radars, including early and early warning and warning systems, missile defense and air defense systems. The impulse effect of the beam reflected from the auroral region will cause disruptions and accidents in the power networks of entire regions. By the way, in the days of flares in the sun accident rate increases several times - this confirms the possibility of its artificial increase.

Even a fairly weak energy impact can have a devastating effect. Electric fields and various electromagnetic processes capable of accelerating corrosion and causing accidents will arise on the lines of gas and oil pipelines.

What will happen to the plane, turned out to be in such a powerful radio beam? All onboard electronic equipment will instantly fail or, at least for a while, go crazy. The same thing can happen to a rocket. The reflected impulse can be sent to both the warship and the submarine. Part of the energy will be absorbed by the atmosphere and water, but even if 10% of 3,5 MW reaches the target, it is not known how the equipment and people will behave.

It is worth remembering that infrasonic waves, that is, ultra-low frequency, depress the human psyche. They are also reflected in the auroral region and can plunge the whole city into a state of depression. Heating of certain areas of the atmosphere can lead to serious climatic changes and, as a result, cause tornadoes, droughts or flooding. It is possible that increased exposure to radio waves will adversely affect wildlife, including humans. With the help of the Kharp system, the military group can bring the economy of an entire state to its knees for several years. And no one will understand anything.

Military experts believe that Kharp can be used as a plasma weapon. Its radiation may be enough to create so-called plasma gratings in the atmosphere in which airplanes and rockets will collapse. In fact, this is an anti-missile weapon based on new physical principles. And in this light, the December statement of President Bush on withdrawing from the ABM Treaty is quite different. Six months later, that is, in June of this year, the treaty will cease to exist, and at the same time, tests of the Kharp system will begin. Some experts of the Russian Defense Ministry believe that it is Kharp that will become a key component of the US missile defense system, and the conducted anti-missile tests are nothing but a method of disinformation. After all, the United States withdrew from the ABM Treaty, not having not only a serial anti-missile, but even its prototype. Maybe they just do not need it when the plasma anti-missile weapon is about to enter service?

The Global Threat

The principle of operation of the far tropospheric communication is also based on the reflection of a narrow radio beam from the atmospheric layer. Techniques from these stations tell us that a bird caught by the transmitter's radiation dies on the fly. The effect is like in a microwave oven. What can happen if the powerful impulses of the “Kharp” start heating the atmosphere? Well-known scientist Dr. Rosalie Bertel (Canada), who studies the impact of wars on ecosystems, believes that we are dealing with integral weapons with potentially disastrous environmental consequences.

The active disturbance of the ionosphere can cause the release of huge masses of free electrons, the so-called electron showers. This, in turn, may lead to a change in the electric potential of the poles and the subsequent displacement of the magnetic pole of the Earth. The planet will "turn over", and where the North Pole will be, we can only guess.

There are other threats: a jump in global warming, warming up by reflected waves of separate areas of polar lands with hydrocarbon deposits, natural gas, to put it simply. The escaping jets of gas can change the spectrum of the atmosphere and cause, on the contrary, a global cooling. Possible destruction of the ozone layer and unpredictable climate change on entire continents.

A bit of physics

Often the term "auroral region" is translated as "aurora borealis". But this is not entirely accurate. In the polar regions of the Earth at high altitudes in the ionosphere there are heterogeneities, called auroral. These are excited ions of gases, united in a kind of plasma ropes, stretched along the lines of force of the Earth’s magnetic field. They have a length of several tens of meters, and the thickness is only about 10 centimeters. The causes of the emergence of these structures and their physical essence have not been studied much yet. During periods of solar storms, the number of auroral structures warmed to the degree of luminescence rapidly increases, and then they are visible in the form of aurora borealis even in the daytime right up to the equator. The peculiarity of auroral irregularities is that they generate strong backscattering of ultrashort and ultralow range radio waves. Simply put, mirror reflect. On the one hand, this creates interference for radars, and on the other, it allows the VHF communication signal to be “mirrored” even to Antarctica.

The Kharp system can heat up individual regions of the ionosphere several tens of meters thick, creating portions of auroral structures, and then use them to reflect powerful radio beams into separate patches of the earth's surface. The range of action is almost unlimited. At least the northern hemisphere of the planet is covered completely. Since the magnetic pole of the Earth is shifted towards Canada, and therefore Alaska, Kharp is located under the very dome of the magnetosphere, and you can’t call it a strategic position.

Expert Opinion

The consequences are unpredictable.

Initially, the objectives of the experiments were to increase radio communication capabilities by localizing the ionosphere. According to available data, side effects were obtained in the interaction of plasma formations with the ionosphere, which suggest the possibility of creating weapons based on the principles of artificial modification of the near-Earth environment with unpredictable consequences for the Earth as a whole.

In order to prevent the negative consequences of the partial warming of the upper atmosphere and ionosphere (for example, the American Harp system) for the Earth, it seems appropriate to encourage other states and the world scientific community to engage in dialogue and the subsequent conclusion of international acts prohibiting such tests and works in the upper layers atmosphere and ionosphere.

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  1. Honory
    Honory 6 July 2012 17: 19
    Well done, these Americans. For the sake of democracy, they are ready to burn the whole planet.
  2. gridasov
    gridasov 9 January 2013 18: 35
    You can be calm. Behind chatter and self-promotion there is no real knowledge, neither among the Americans, nor among the Russians. There is no theoretical basis for understanding, in general, that there is a plasma and understanding the vector nature of its development as a process. It is ridiculous to watch and see how they try to combine incompatible concepts and, moreover, to translate this into reality. Even elementary energy events with a high degree of transformations, which is called turbulent, are accepted as chaos.
  3. George Davydov
    George Davydov 15 November 2017 22: 39
    We must start with the fact that the achievements of science, engineering and technology, which give positive practical results, are taken into account by the military. This is not unusual: in accordance with the class-antagonistic division of humanity into masters and slaves, a class struggle is going on between them. Some are fighting for their liberation and human existence, while others are for keeping captive all kinds and forms of slavery - hired, material, spiritual, sexual, etc. And if the former use the NTP in the positive direction, the latter in the negative. And since in any struggle the one that has more advanced means, methods and capabilities wins, this is the basis for secrecy, misinformation, etc. Therefore, it is not surprising that they try to hide the truth behind different words, and research and achievements if do not hide, then present in a form that allows you to interpret them in accordance with your interests and the situation that has arisen. Therefore, the question must be posed as follows: is this process going on in the interests of peace and humanity or against? And if the second, then it is necessary to speak and prepare the Second Tribunal against the enemies of humanity and humanity, which also means Nature.
    I urge to this !!!