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Western press provides further evidence of the shooting of Turkish soldiers on the border by Syrian refugees

Western publications have once again submitted materials that Turkish soldiers use weapon on the border against refugees from Syria. British The Times writes about what became known about the execution of eight Syrian refugees by Turkish border guards on Sunday in the eastern part of the border. Among the dead on the Syrian-Turkish border were women and children.

From the material (translation of an information agency TASS):
The group (of refugees) tried to cross the border into Turkey along the mountain road used by smugglers in the western part of the border, when Turkish troops gave them a decisive rebuff, firing rounds of live ammunition.

The newspaper cites eyewitness accounts. This man - a lawyer from Aleppo, who was lucky, and he survived.

They kill unarmed people. There was one little girl with a gunshot wound, and we couldn’t do more for her than we did until night came. Elderly man and woman are gone. They were probably killed too.

The British press reports that the official Ankara declares its open door policy, but instead shoots the refugees.

Western press provides further evidence of the shooting of Turkish soldiers on the border by Syrian refugees

Apparently, this is the “Erdogan plan”, which received from the EU 3 billion euros in exchange for closing the border for the former volumes of refugee flows. Is Europe ready to accept this option to counter the flow of migrants from the Middle East, which Erdogan is currently demonstrating?
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  1. Engineer
    Engineer April 20 2016 12: 52
    Hang out at the gates of your own palace. Although I would recommend a call according to Russian tradition. But the Kurds know better.
    1. Error
      Error April 20 2016 12: 57
      Yes, he is a thug, and not wise enough, and the methods are the same!
      1. Stalker.1977
        Stalker.1977 April 20 2016 13: 20
        You can talk a lot about Turkey, you can do nothing, in any case, they both killed and will be.
        1. genisis
          genisis April 20 2016 14: 32
          The Turkish Prime Minister said that Ankara will remain the last word on the functioning of the border with Syria.
          Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu commented on a telephone conversation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart Barack Obama, in which the heads of state raised the issue of the need to close the Turkish-Syrian border.

          According to the head of the Turkish government, the border remains open solely for humanitarian reasonstherefore no one has the right to ask "from the accounts" from Ankara.

          - Turkey keeps the border open for refugees for humanitarian reasons. And the world should only thank Turkey, and not ask from it about the accounts, the prime minister said.

          From Kirill Romanovskiy
          "And now we repeat: Turkey ... keeps ... the border ... open ... for humanitarian reasons. Dear you, our Ahmet Pasha! Let me tell you something! In front of my eyes, in February of this year, the surgeon- a traumatologist who worked the night shift in a hospital in the Syrian city of Afrin drilled the leg of a wounded woman. -Turkish border, a Turkish sniper inserted a true 7.85 mm bullet (the one in the NATO cartridge 7.62x51) into the calf of his right leg, just like that, from a Bora rifle.
          For humanitarian reasons. At the border kept open. In this regard, let me "thank" you, you mustachioed prime minister, on behalf of all mankind. "
  2. Dmitry Potapov
    Dmitry Potapov April 20 2016 12: 55
    Does anyone need this evidence? Erdogan is actually the master of Europe! The United States can put it in place for now if they want, but time works for Erdogan.
    1. poacher
      poacher April 20 2016 22: 24
      Well, what, in my opinion, did Europe want this ... after all the bombing of the Middle East, did they become white and fluffy?
  3. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter April 20 2016 12: 58
    And what do they go across the border for free? It’s a shame for the border guards. Bearded people pay and go back and forth, like in their apartment. Well, the authorities do not bother. So they shoot, how much in vain. And Erdogan received 3 lard for free, and is not going to do anything. He’s definitely not going to host Syrian refugees!
  4. Altona
    Altona April 20 2016 12: 59
    Erdogan apparently finally enrolled in the Nazis, the more prerequisites were, the bells rang. Kurds, Armenians, now Syrians. Who is next?
  5. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 April 20 2016 12: 59
    There is nothing surprising that the Turks are capable of much, right up to the execution of refugees.
    1. Stavros
      Stavros April 20 2016 13: 22
      I agree with you, why not shoot, the money has been received, Europe and America are turning a blind eye, and Erdogan realized that he could act with impunity.
  6. demiurg
    demiurg April 20 2016 13: 03
    In the course of Erdogan Pasha got everyone, and became a very unnecessary figure. They are preparing society in the West for being a bloody dictator. If a new James Bond comes out within 3-4 months / or superheroes start fighting with a Turkish villain / or Rambo suddenly stands up for Kurdish refugees, then 100% that you can stock up on popcorn and after a couple of years look at the Ottoman section with the obligatory seizure of accounts and squeezing straits.
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 20 2016 13: 10
    Is Europe ready to accept such an option to counter the flows of migrants from the Middle East, which Erdogan is demonstrating today?

    Europe, by its naivety or already outright stupidity, believes that giving Erdogan money will really reduce the flow of migrants. Therefore, she does not give a damn what happens to refugees in Turkey. His shirt is closer to the body. But this shirt is becoming more and more red.
  8. Fatih88
    Fatih88 April 20 2016 13: 21
    That's why in Turkey 2.5 million refugees. )
    1. Stavros
      Stavros April 20 2016 13: 36
      Your older brother Erdogan wouldn’t have stuck his nose into Syria, and people didn’t need these cars for hell, they would live in their houses.
  9. Dmitry Potapov
    Dmitry Potapov April 20 2016 13: 24
    Who is minus me? Is Erdogan not the master of Europe? He has money from them, satirists are judged at his request!
    1. brasist
      brasist April 20 2016 13: 39
      Guess three times. Or maybe it's just failed ESki?
  10. atamankko
    atamankko April 20 2016 13: 45
    The main Turkish defender of terror.
  11. Executer
    Executer April 20 2016 15: 33
    Why are you all Perdogan yes Perdogan ...
    There is another y (shl) y (n) side David sits in the corner.
    The cattle is still the same, perhaps more abruptly than the prez will be.
  12. Lelek
    Lelek April 20 2016 19: 19
    (British The Times writes about what became known about the shooting of eight Syrian refugees by Turkish border guards last Sunday on the eastern border.)

    So send a copy of this article to Erdogan’s girlfriend Angela - let him rejoice at the tricks of friendship. bully