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Local morality in the global world


Some thought is sometimes spinning in the head, spinning, and you can’t grasp it. But I read the post of Anatoly Sharia about the terrorist attacks in Brussels, and the mosaic has taken shape. The author does not originally call not to rejoice in another's grief and indicates that we are all in the same boat. First of all, I want to agree that it is inappropriate, not Christian, to rejoice at someone's violent death. Generally, if you are attracted and cause positive emotions of photos of bodies disfigured by an explosion, most likely you have certain mental abnormalities. To rejoice at someone's death is very unnatural for a normal person with a normal psyche.

However, this is about the fact that we are all in the same boat ... It’s just that everything is not so simple and not so straightforward. First of all, ask the question on the forehead: “Do the Europeans themselves think that we are in the same boat with them?” I understand that the question is very tough and incorrect. And yet. Otherwise, it is customary (in Russia) to voice this topic: they say, we are all in the same boat, and we shouldn’t swing it. It sounds interesting, but that's what the Europeans themselves think about this? Judging by the decisive introduction of sectoral sanctions against the Russian economy and the full support of the Russian genocide in the Donbas, the answer is obvious. If someone does not agree with this, then his indignation must be addressed to the very same-sex-same Europeans.

That's the position they took. And they are not going to let us into their boat, rather, they are striving to make a hole in the bottom of our boat with a hook. And propagandists continue to flood: "We are in the same boat." Something does not look like one. If we are in the "same boat", why does this boat have a hole in the bottom? Somehow it does not fit in ... Taki yes, it is necessary to call someone here somewhere, to figure out how many boats we have. And the embarrassment can come out. I still adhere to the version that we have at least two boats with Europeans (the Germans and the Greeks are also obviously on different vessels, but for simplicity there are two pictures). Cynical, of course, but try to challenge. Two different boats.

By the way, a good analogy with boats. Ukrainians were also bred on this "single ship." Saying: "Let's come to us on board, you will have pasta in a naval manner," and then let the fragile raft of Ukraine to the bottom. So I don’t urge to be glad that scurvy and malaria is raging on the neighbor’s boat, I just want to point out that this is not our boat, but a European one. Do not hate anyone and enjoy his problems, you just need to soberly and soberly assess the situation. And that's all. I do not in any way claim that I live on another planet, just in another boat.

Now further. As for rejoicing / not rejoicing, rejoicing, of course, is not good, but to point out that the Europeans themselves chose and supported precisely such politicians who constantly organize absolutely incomprehensible adventures are necessary. Was there any serious threat to Europe and its prosperous residents by Colonel Gaddafi? Just no. He even financed the election campaign of Sarkozy and actively bought real estate in Europe and put Libyan money into European banks. Quite a harmless character. Yes, exotic and unusual, yes, the "permanent dictator." So what? Is Europe accustomed to the exotic leaders of the indigenous peoples? French, Italians?

He could not defend himself, and he was destroyed, and his country was ransacked. That's all. And again, I wonder: Libyans and Europeans in the same boat or in different? Here, the theme of "our common pie" bothers me; it has been bothering for a long time, since the days of the "last secretary general." It does not give way to sleep, I want to understand the number of boats that we have. You know, I don’t like racism: in Libya, in the course of “punishments”, going on much more terrible things. But who cares about the fate of North Africans? The point here is not even that European politicians carried out a “regime change” operation in Libya; the fact is that it did not cause a mass protest by European voters.

The fact that their countries attacked Libya in the 21 century did not shock anyone in Europe. People, overall, remained indifferent to this fact. But Gaddafi did not threaten Europe, did not prepare to attack her. But Europeans nevertheless supported this very "colonial war." And in the course of the bombing attacks, civilians of Libya died, but Europe remained indifferent. Morality did not act in any way. The suffering of the Libyans concerned only themselves. No discussion, no protest. Complete indifference.

Soon after the “demolition of the regime,” a flow of refugees into Italy began. Which, in principle, is quite natural: Libyan state and public structures were completely destroyed. And the Italians started having big problems. For us, these are just the lines News and television spots, but for Italians, life began to change significantly, and not for the better. But when the Gaddafi regime was "demolished", none of them protested. Although Italy is quite a democracy. There is no need to fool around and malice on this occasion: the opinion of Italians quite plays a role for Italian politicians, and the opinion of the French for French. This is a medical fact.

So the Italians and French could stop the bombing of Libya. Quite to myself. Approximately, how mass protests in Russia (for example) would make VKS operation in Syria problematic. Democracy, she is such a democracy. But the French were silent, and the Italians were silent. Thus, they supported the war against Gaddafi and the mass beating of Libyans. Anything can be said about Gaddafi, but he was not a "puppet of the Kremlin or Beijing," he did not develop nuclear weapons or even chemical weapons. He did not threaten Europe. But his country was destroyed, and there was no remorse from Europeans. They are not concerned.

Gaddafi did not attack anyone and was not going to attack. Gaddafi maintained the closest contact with European politicians. But that did not save him. That's when they say that our rockets and Tanks They threaten someone and cause someone a sense of fear, I immediately have a question about Gaddafi. Why did this, quite a herbivore politician, become an enemy of the "Free World"? Why is that? And if, let’s say, Russia disarms, as many urge it to do, will not its fate befall Libya?

When a flood of refugees poured onto the Italian island of Lampedusa, this became a problem primarily for residents of the island of Lampedusa. Something like this. Although it is unlikely that anyone will rush to assert that it was the “Lampedusians” who were the main shooters of the attack on Tripoli. None of those who enjoyed the overthrow of the Libyan dictator wanted to see the Libyan refugees. You know, the impression is that these people really "live on another planet." First them aviation they bomb peaceful cities in a neighboring country, and then they are outraged by the influx of refugees.

Strange they, these Europeans, incomprehensible. Why did they need a war in Libya? What did it give them personally, what problems did it solve? And they have some kind of morality: they massively supported the Maidan in Kiev, they say something about the rights of Ukrainians to freedom and the European choice. Well, in principle, one would believe in some kind of “pink idealism”. Say, naive Europeans want to promote democracy. If it were not for the "revolution" in Libya, where the interests of the Libyan people simply trampled into the mud. And then the population of Europe was silent, and the European "rebels" and "intellectuals" were silent.

But the matter does not happen in the 19 shaggy century, every active citizen has the Internet at hand. Information is more than accessible, and in real time. But this situation did not bother anyone in Europe. Yes, there is officialdom, propaganda and "party line". It's like that. But it seems that the ordinary Frenchman / Italian didn’t care that his state was committing war crimes. The bomb is not his! But then, when the refugees rushed to France through the Italian boot, the situation changed dramatically (it was just recently, but many have already forgotten), and so, the French already (at 2011!) Blocked the border.

Even then, almost five years ago, there was a question about Schengen. Still in a shaggy year 2011! You will not believe it, but it was so, almost five years have passed since that “happy moment” when the flow of African refugees swept Italy, putting the Schengen agreements at risk. Then there were an order of magnitude less refugees, but a united Europe was already cracking at the seams. New events are happening, the old is forgotten ... Who remembers Lampedusa now? For example, I remember, and someone else remembers? For example, Angela Merkel? I doubt it. But conclusions could have been made already then: the revolution in the neighboring state, the military intervention of the “European democrats”, the defeat of the state, the flow of refugees. Profit (joke).

But, as it seems to me, even the most stupid European could build such a scheme in his head. And shout, coming to the central square: "Never again!". Suppose you have a very unusual hobby: on Friday evening you pour in yourself an expensive strong alcohol. And on Saturday you find it difficult to get out of bed, you feel sick, and you are curling. What to do? How to help your grief? I do not know what to say. Pogato arranged life in this sublunary world. And now the Europeans are tormented by a cruel “hangover”. They are rotten, absolutely rotten, the “terrorists” roam across France and Benelux ... And they are not afraid of the devil or Hollande.

And people are blown up, and scary, and bad, and the head is spinning. But these same French from the very beginning very actively supported the "armed opposition" in Syria. Gaddafi felled a long time, but still piled up. With Assad it turned out even more fun: the war is already going on for many years. And all this time, European politicians support terrorists. And European voters do not pay attention to it. In France, there is democracy, and the French are outraged, politicians would not be happy. But the French do not care. Syrians are dying and let them die.

I, forgive, do not gloat, I wondered: did the French really expect that this would not affect them? It seems that there is still some truth in the statement “Ukraine is the price of Europe”. Europeans do incredible nonsense and suffer from their consequences.. But they were warned, they were told that hundreds of young Muslims from France and other EU countries were going to fight in Syria on the side of the terrorists. French politicians are not interested, their voters, too. Now they have tragedies. The irreparable happened. People died. Not the first, by the way, time it happened irreparable.

The difference in time between the “indicative” terrorist attacks in Paris and the same “indicative” terrorist attacks in Brussels is very small. In principle, we can talk about a series of terrorist acts, especially since one person involved figures in both the Paris case and the Brussels case. Now the question is, do not these most peaceful French and Belgians want to live in peace and security? Do they like to be blown up? If not, then why did they not stop this mess in time in Libya and Syria? Mass, multi-million protests could change everything.

The answer is quite simple: they didn’t give a damn about the bombing of Belgrade, the bombing of Baghdad, and the bombing of Tripoli. The moral aspect of these actions did not bother them in any way. You see, it is difficult to build long-term, friendly relations with such people. Agree, if a humanoid is concerned only with the integrity of his own skin, then he will hardly become a friend to you. Neither the president of France, nor the president of Italy, nor the prime minister of Britain are absolute dictators. They can’t live like that, live great, raise combat aircraft in the air and bring down thousands of bombs on a foreign politician who they don’t like.

Need political support. There, even if you are building a new road or a new aircraft carrier, you need political support. No other way. Even if you need money for a social program, then no one will give it to you. Try to coordinate in parliamentary commissions. Everything is difficult, long and dreary. And then the money was found for the war, and no one particularly objected. And the war is not in order to protect, but in order to attack someone there. All one nobody objected. Well, it was so easy to stop all this: mass protests against the war and thoughtless spending of huge money is not clear on what.

Politicians could also make a fuss and make a request: “And how many pounds / euros will we kill to overthrow the aged dictator?” No, everything worked like a clock, nobody intervened in protest. But these are not all the problems of a united Europe: the Ukrainian "demographic bomb" should soon be launched. No, the point is not that there will be a lot of Ukrainians, the fact is that there are already too many of them for their disappearing economy. And they want to eat and well remember that they were actively called to a democratic Europe. Just put yourself in the place of an ordinary Ukrainian from some Zhmerinka or Zhytomyr: mess, poverty, unemployment, a vlada in Kiev confuses something incomprehensible ... Tired! And here at the side - a clean, cultural, civilized Europe, where they are waiting for him so ... And if they are not ready to go there in Kiev “to go to Europe”, then I am ready, he will say, packing wearable things. Moreover, European politicians called the Ukrainians on a visit.

Or, at least, they said they were waiting. In fact, Europe itself "brought" and the upcoming problem of Ukrainian refugees. And there are a lot of them (Ukrainians), outwardly they differ little from Europeans, and they do not need to sail across the sea. And the economy there continues to fall, and the state is falling apart. Until a certain point, the situation under control will keep, and then? I understand that the Europeans voiced all this for propaganda purposes and did not intend to let the residents of Ukraine come to themselves in any case. But you see how it all turned out. But two years ago, Ukraine was a fairly stable country without millions of potential refugees. And there was no war there.

And, what is most funny, a European voter could not support Maidan and the coup d'etat in Kiev. And European politicians would be extremely difficult to promote their line in the former Ukrainian SSR. The European voter, by and large, supported the “special operation” in Kiev, and the Donbass shelling also supported (not his own house is shelled!), And now the costs of this decision are gradually increasing: political and economic. Tensions are rising in Europe, the economy is falling, the Russian market is lost. And for what? The despicable desire to harm Russian “for no reason” turned out to be serious and growing problems for Europeans. But at that moment when the decision was made, nobody wanted to think about it. And the moral? And it applies only to their own and then with reservations.

That is, they certainly have a moral, but it’s own, “local” (as an air defense system) and extends, for example, to its city, its country ... Therefore, that same morality cannot serve as a common, unifying factor: own and for their own. The shelling of Donetsk by the Ukrainian artillery did not cause any protests in Europe, while we are well aware that an attempt to solve political issues in Western Europe by force would have been met with a storm of indignation. And here he is, the referendum in Holland, and it means so much and so much decides ... And why did the opinion of the residents of Donbass proper mean and much less? Why nobody tried to agitate them? Why are there political processes immediately slipped to the level of tanks and howitzers?

I agree, Western Europeans fought a lot and very bloody, including in civil wars. And they finally came to the conclusion that important political issues should be resolved through negotiations and compromises. Remarkable conclusion, but why it does not apply to the east of Ukraine? Why does it not apply to Syria? Assume that the Assad regime would be overthrown, as it was planned, and even suppose that something like a “coalition government” would arise (which seems quite incredible). But let's say, okay. What would happen to the population and the economy? How many people would have died and become refugees? How many decades would the Syrian economy recover even after the rapid overthrow of Assad (in a year, for example)?

In this case it is useful to ask the question: how much and how long would the Syrians suffer? But in Europe it was not interesting to people. There is the dictator Asad, and he must be overthrown, whatever the cost to the Syrians. What I like is the readiness of the average European to make key decisions for other nations. But in this case one must be ready to bear responsibility for such “bold decisions”. But it is clear that to that Europeans are not ready. So I don’t know how to react to explosions in European cities: on the one hand, we are even outwardly similar to Europeans, and our morality is Christian, on the other hand, we are so far apart ...

They often ask: will we find a common language with aliens from distant stars? Lord, what are the aliens? We categorically cannot agree with our neighbors in Europe even on the issue of combating terrorists. For them, there are good, bad and “transitional” terrorists ... And what is characteristic: all three lists are classified ...

Local morality in the global world
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  1. Error
    Error April 20 2016 09: 13
    "Why did they need a war in Libya?" And they and no one asked the United States said it is necessary means it is necessary! And how many Europeans are whining about the lifting of sanctions "now we will take off" and then they introduce new ones, although in their country there are demonstrations for lifting! The entire top sold it firmly and the Americans have been holding it for a long time for soft places!
    1. Stalker.1977
      Stalker.1977 April 20 2016 09: 25
      Yes, for a long time there has been no Christian morality, nor Europe’s own opinion. The days of politicians Degol, Thatcher and others have passed, Christian morality has been replaced by the cult of man, and democracy (Greek will of the people) as such is unclearly replaced, even referenda are completely ignored by the authorities. And everywhere from all the cracks you can see the shadow of an overseas big brother.
    2. volot-voin
      volot-voin April 20 2016 09: 28
      Quote: Error
      "Why did they need a war in Libya?" And nobody asked them. The United States said it must be necessary!

      Needed to strengthen US influence in the region and cheap oil from terrorists. In addition, the competitor, although long dependent on the United States, the European Union, pour and finally subjugate, destroy the national identity of the peoples of the countries.
      1. bocsman
        bocsman April 20 2016 10: 43
        For some reason, we always think of Europe as a beacon of democracy and enlightenment. Maybe she was like that for a while. But it has not been such for a long time. And Europe has never been humane! The author writes that the peoples of Europe could resist the wars of the late XX and early XXI centuries, but they could, why? A war somewhere is for them new jobs is a salary. And the fact that people are dying, do not care! Recently, France was raging because of the new labor law, it hurts, it is true! So it turns out we are not only in different boats but also in different galaxies! And Russia with its ideas of humanism is incomprehensible and alien to them. So it turns out that there would start to think you need to take them for the most important thing - the wallet. Which was done by counter sanctions.
        1. Rostov Papa
          Rostov Papa April 20 2016 11: 01
          But Sergey Lukyanenko is right hi
          Looking at the news programs, I am more and more convinced that we live in Brussels. Well, or in Belgium. As a last resort - in the European Union. The whole country. Because the recent plane crash in Rostov and our dead citizens have long since disappeared from the screens (clean up!). As if there was nothing. But Brussels ... on all screens. Comrades TV men, as well as Those Who Command! As an old film said: "The French are only interested in the French dead." So, we live in Russia. For those of you who have forgotten what it is, I remind you. This is a country that is not part of the European Union and which does not include Brussels. Stop ... put ... in our brains, our dear ones! I myself love United Europe, I regularly visit it, and even in my declining years, when it becomes the European Caliphate, I will continue to go there with pleasure - to Italian beaches for Christians, to the Protestant ghettos of Paris, to the quarters of the "White Berliners" and to those zones of Prague where beer will be allowed. But we live in Russia. In a country that will NEVER be admitted to the European Union. In a country that is being pressured by sanctions - including the European Union. And while treating with all due sympathy for the troubles and problems of our neighbors, we should not make them the main plot of the TV screen. Even - and even more so - to distract from our own troubles and problems. They need to be addressed. Normal, not the way the neighbors tried. So we looked, sighed, expressed sympathy - and let's focus on our country. "Russians are only interested in living Russians." Sergey Lukyanenko
      2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Portolan
      Portolan April 20 2016 09: 43
      for which they fought, and ran into it, liars, pederasts, double morality, do they feel sorry for these Europeans?
  2. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter April 20 2016 09: 23
    But what, Europe, or something, decided who, what, and whom should bomb in Libya. Striped-eared macaque from Washington solved.
    A hegemon, so to speak ... Therefore, proud geyropeytsy burst with a full spoon.
    1. DMB_95
      DMB_95 April 20 2016 09: 50
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      But what, Europe, or something, decided who, what, and whom should bomb in Libya. Striped-eared macaque from Washington solved.
      A hegemon, so to speak ... Therefore, proud geyropeytsy burst with a full spoon.

      Since they are subordinate to the captain of their boat - a macaque with US citizenship, we do not need this boat. We have our own. True, the sea is one, and we need to protect our part of this sea from other boats with all available means.
  3. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 April 20 2016 09: 26
    Do the Europeans themselves think that we are in the same boat

    Rulers should not be identified with the people.
    Many in the West are well towards Russia and see in it salvation for all of humanity.
    The same goes for Ukraine ...
    1. B.T.V.
      B.T.V. April 20 2016 09: 36
      Quote: Pvi1206

      Rulers should not be identified with the people.

      But the people choose these "rulers".
      1. tag17
        tag17 April 20 2016 16: 52
        There are no real elections and never has been. All this is one appearance. Money rules everything. And what the bankers say, then the geyropets will do it. And to look for their conscience and brains is only time to lose. Maybe they have a specific Hans or Jean, but at the level of the population-electorate is empty. Their conscience is replaced by greed and cunning.
      2. tag17
        tag17 April 20 2016 17: 46
        There are no real elections and never has been. All this is one appearance. Money rules everything. And what the bankers say, then the geyropets will do it. And to look for their conscience and brains is only time to lose. Maybe they have a specific Hans or Jean, but at the level of the population-electorate is empty. Their conscience is replaced by greed and cunning.
    2. Winnie76
      Winnie76 April 20 2016 11: 24
      They treat well - they treat badly. Brothers are non-brothers. Democracy is totalitarianism. Bullshit all this and pink snot.

      By affairs one must judge both states and peoples. Shelling civilians means creatures, smuggling goods means thieves, trying to strangle our economy means simply enemies. And our boats are different ...
  4. Rav075
    Rav075 April 20 2016 09: 29
    According to Alexander Sokurov, Russia is now building a giant ark in order to save its population in it from the storms of the global crisis. “In Russia, we will try to build it. And Europe will not be in time, because there is no understanding of the situation in it, it does not protect national culture and self-consciousness - in France and Germany this is considered nationalism. I consider the crime of modern Europe - both politicians and peoples - that they allow to destroy and erode the Christian values ​​of the Old World. They don’t want to see and understand what is happening, ”the director believes.
    Read more:


    So we have long been in different boats.
  5. Same lech
    Same lech April 20 2016 09: 30
    in Libya, during the “crunches” much more terrible things have been going on and are happening.

    I agree ...
    I saw how the Ishilovites were already cutting their heads with pleasure to some poor fellow Christian ... and there this infection got over.
    As for the peoples of EUROPE, they should choose ... with whom to be ... either in a convoy of conquerors such as Napoleon or Hitler or in a convoy of tourists in the HERMITAGE, KREMLIN, etc.

    We will meet, as they say, in honor and conduct them according to their deeds.
  6. Holsten
    Holsten April 20 2016 09: 33
    Why ask about the quality of conscience in Europe? In the end, it is their business and they will pay for it. It is a sin to forget in this aspect about our "loved ones":
    A. Chubais: “Well, thirty million will die out. They didn’t fit the market. ”
    It seems to be not an alien, but how to understand this?
    1. okunevich_rv
      okunevich_rv April 20 2016 10: 41
      A. Chubais: “Well, thirty million will die out. They didn’t fit the market. ”
      This should be regarded as calls for the extermination of Russian citizens, including those not of legal age.
      For harm done to the state, this citizen must be publicly recognized as an enemy of the people as a result of the referendum. since the court of the Russian Federation is not wealthy.
      As part of the referendum, require the authorities to deprive Chubais of his freedom for a period of 20 years.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  7. Dam
    Dam April 20 2016 09: 38
    We have never been and will not be with them in the same boat. And I am simply enraged by our excellent students - Euro-lovers, who immediately run to express loyalty and condolences about Charlie or the next terrorist attacks. It must be remembered that these "civilized" ones would destroy us if they could have long ago. So, personally, their problems do not cause sympathy for me.
  8. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 20 2016 09: 39
    Correctly. What kind of boat and whereabouts in it can be said. Europe has its own boat, painted in rainbow colors and with smiling emoticons under the American sail. And this boat floats in the direction of an impending hurricane with a storm, but at the same time considers that its course is the most correct and gives recommendations to follow this course. We have our own ship, which is moving its course and does not want to go in the wake of this motley little vessel. But at the same time, our team is ready to cooperate on an equal footing with the crew of a dangling (like something, somewhere) boat.
    1. Same lech
      Same lech April 20 2016 09: 52
      Europe has its own boat, painted in rainbow colors
      With pederasts we are not on the way.
  9. demo
    demo April 20 2016 09: 47
    Beautiful, biting, strictly substantive article.
    Thanks to the author.
    Well done.
  10. cedar
    cedar April 20 2016 10: 01
    We have ONE ship for all, our planet Earth! And if they finally reduce the taiga of Siberia and the equatorial forests, then ALL will suffocate, but first we will pay for each breath of air! The same must be said about WATER and LAND! So do not have illusions. It is very profitable for money owners to sell you land, water and air! To do this, we need to pit and separate. Then you will ... rule over all this and all! Look at the root, dear!
    1. Winnie76
      Winnie76 April 20 2016 11: 34
      Cedar offers to unite. The only question is with whom. While the queue of those who wish is not visible.
  11. Altona
    Altona April 20 2016 10: 09
    The author simplified the picture a little at the beginning, but still returned to new touches at the end. For Europeans, the picture is presented in such a way that “there (Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria) there is a“ violation of human rights. ”As if in most of these countries there is a developed post-industrial society that has crossed the bar of tribal relations and is quite far away. But“ human rights "you understand, they are" universal ", that is, we raise aircraft, submerge submarines, go to bomb. So that" human rights "will triumph at any cost, even contrary to common sense. When these, no longer abstract, but quite concrete" people "with" rights " go to Europe, it turns out they are no longer quite happy, or rather glad if there are not many of them, but when they outnumber the European city where they stay, they are no longer there.
  12. Abbra
    Abbra April 20 2016 10: 20
    That's what I thought ... Or maybe we are misplacing ourselves? It is necessary to clearly state to the whole world that Russia is Europe, and that which calls itself Europe is its remaining spiritual geyokrainy.
  13. Altona
    Altona April 20 2016 10: 20
    I will add more about the "boats". There are several of these boats - economic, cultural, territorial, and others. So, economically and culturally, we are in "the same boat" with the Europeans. And we cannot afford to replace Europe ethnically with Ali and Mukhamedov, because then this process will go to us. But economically, they are trying to break our common boat away from our hydrocarbons, and prevent them from supplying us with equipment.
  14. Aleksandr1959
    Aleksandr1959 April 20 2016 10: 26
    I do not want to gloat over the terrorist attacks in Europe. But the question arises, and then they themselves adequately think. On January 7, 2015, a terrorist act occurred in the editorial office of Charlie Hebdo in Paris. As a result of the attack by armed militants, 12 people died and 11 were wounded. The main suspects of the terrorist attack, brothers Said and Sheriff Kuashi, were killed on January 9 by French security forces during a special operation.

    All over Europe and in Russia there were people with placards .... "I am Charlie". It seems to be a normal manifestation of solidarity with the victims of a terrorist attack. But, I figs can understand the workers of this libelous magazine, when they start printing cartoons about the explosion by terrorists of a Russian plane flying from Egypt, about the explosions in Brussels .... The question arises, are they normal there? It turns out, according to theirs and our liberals, so very normal. This normality is called "freedom of speech". Then why the hell Merkel, in response to a note from the Turks about the satire on Erdogan, agrees to bring to justice the comedian who appeared on television with the satire on Erdogan. It's some kind of cognitive dissonance.
    Apparently, the brains of the inhabitants of Europe, the ordinary inhabitants are messed up very seriously. This may not yet appear the first, but not yet fatal symptoms of the disease ....
    1. engineer74
      engineer74 April 20 2016 10: 43
      Plus, you are sorry that only one is possible!
      IMHO, you very accurately noticed the difference between "us" and "them": what is normal for them is wild for us! Therefore, we not only have different "boats", we have a different "coordinate system" and new attempts to pull their "values" onto our "globe" will cause more and more rejection ...
    2. Altona
      Altona April 20 2016 12: 15
      Quote: Aleksandr1959
      Then what the hell Merkel, in response to a note from the Turks about the satire over Erdogan, agrees to bring to justice the comedian who spoke on television with a satire on Erdogan. Etor some kind of cognitive dissonance is obtained.

      This is called a real politician. When there is a bargaining with Erdogan for the passage of refugees to Europe, then you can donate to satirical journalists. A small pawn, as they argue, and "human rights" will suffer "insignificantly". Something like this.
  15. okunevich_rv
    okunevich_rv April 20 2016 10: 32
    In Britain and the USA, everything has long been calculated; capital outflows from unstable regions. Today, Europe in the wake of the Middle East region is becoming an unstable region, therefore, capital at a reasonable price will move to the offshore zones of the United States as from a cornucopia, which will thoroughly support the US economy. Then, some Europeans can be recruited for illegal operations, and you disagree with those who disagree, expropriation you know. In addition, works of art from Europe are also migrating, due to the economic crisis at a reduced price.
    And you are talking about stupidity, as they say, nothing personal, dear Europe, this is only business.
  16. fn111
    fn111 April 20 2016 10: 57
    Yes, there is no europa, there is one big Asia! And Europa is just its small peninsula!
  17. valent45
    valent45 April 20 2016 11: 00
    The moral of Europe is immoral!
  18. Ros 56
    Ros 56 April 20 2016 11: 28
    What morality can be in the colonies, only the owner of these colonies and those who manage these colonies and pursue policies in the interests of the owner, otherwise he will simply replace them with more loyal ones. Therefore, we need to support those who pursue a more independent policy based on maintaining their sovereignty and freedom of action.
  19. iouris
    iouris April 20 2016 11: 29
    Do not confuse morality and real politics, which pursues material interests. Western Europe and the USA are colonialists, imperialists. All others are considered by them as a resource or an obstacle that needs to be removed.
    1. Ros 56
      Ros 56 April 20 2016 17: 49
      Your untruth, on the basis of morality, all policy is being built, including economic. hi
  20. Lens
    Lens April 20 2016 11: 33
    It seems to me that the author did not quite accurately understand the term "in the same boat ..." Terrorism has no national signs - explosions are raging in the same Islamic Turkey. Terrorists need to be killed anytime, anywhere.
    1. Olezhek
      April 20 2016 13: 11
      The author explores it in this article. This term.
  21. Kyrgyz
    Kyrgyz April 20 2016 13: 28
    I agree with the author 100% we are in the same sea, but our boats are different
  22. Gvas1174
    Gvas1174 April 20 2016 15: 19
    Only one nuance in anology with boats; if they are not far from each other, they can cover them with one wave. But we are not far away, alas. But here, after all, much depends on the helmsman, is not it ??? hi
    CONTROL April 20 2016 15: 31
    Finally I heard THIS! Aha, the people are guilty of all the outrages - as a consequence of local military conflicts! The people of the country that is showing aggression! Everywhere - democracy, "rule of the people", not a single president and head of state - not a dictator and not a tsar and not a king! Decisions are made - by the cabinets ... parliamentary commissions ... parliamentary committees ... - in which people sit, elected by the people!
    Kill Gaddafi ... Assad ... And we get? ...
  24. Aleksandr1959
    Aleksandr1959 April 20 2016 20: 52
    From materials on the Internet.
    Norway realized that Breivik did the right thing and will pay him 35.7 thousand euros. So that people did not have questions, they covered themselves with the fact that Anders' human rights were violated in prison.

    Anders Breivik won a partial legal action against the Norwegian state. The court found that in the case of Breivik, the legislation prohibiting the inhuman detention of prisoners in prison was violated. "The conditions of detention of Anders Behring Breivik are in violation of article three of the convention on human rights, - the court opinion says. - The prohibition of inhuman punishment is a fundamental value in a democratic society. This also applies to the punishment of terrorists and murderers." In accordance with the court's decision, the state is obliged to pay Breivik 331 thousand Norwegian kroner (35,7 thousand euros)

    The breivik is contained in a three-room prison cell, in which there is a computer without an Internet connection, a TV, and a game console. The prisoner's contacts with the outside world are very limited, his correspondence by mail is controlled. Breivik considered such conditions a violation of human rights, and the court agreed with him.террорист-брейвик-выиграл-проце
    ss-vs-norwegian-state / a-19201311
    wassat wassat