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55 years ago Russian man opened space

55 years ago Russian man opened space

12 April 2016 marks 55 years since the Russian man flew to outer space. Great and exciting moment of ours stories! Even today you are watching these shots, and such a great feeling arises, greatness, joy, pride, I want to embrace the whole world! Thanks to all Soviet people who worked and worked in astronautics and other areas for the benefit of the Motherland!

Looking through the frames of the past decades, one wonders at the courage of people who knew about the existing probability of their death, but still went to this unprecedented feat in the history of mankind. You look at the shots of the past years, and the tears are wrapped in delight and pride, in a sense of belonging to the beautiful made by this sunny person.

In the soul of Yuri Gagarin lived the sun, its light illuminated everything around. When he was gone, many people, remembering Yuri, still feel their unconscious guilt. Is 12 celebrated around the world in April?

The special call signs of the radio station of the Soviet Union then were known to all people, and when they sounded, people threw their affairs and listened attentively to the greatness of Levitan’s voice, who seemed to repeat and betray the message about the first manned flight into outer space in a solemnly beautiful voice.

During 108 minutes of flight in space, Gagarin gained planetary glory. He even admitted to his wife that he had not expected anything like this: “Well, I fly, well, I will come back, but in order to do this.” When he first flew to Czechoslovakia, the passengers, recognizing him, rushed for autographs, and the pilot invited him to the cabin. Elizabeth II herself, having forgotten about royal etiquette, clung to him and took pictures, commenting on her impression, saying that he was not an ordinary person, but a heavenly one. For three years he traveled to thirty countries.

Journalists from all over the world sought to get an interview from him. One of them was published not so long ago. With surprise, one can state the fact that the American journalists from the Air Force thus asked questions that it seemed as if Gagarin flew after Alan Shepard.

- Your stay on the ship before the launch was similar in duration with the American astronaut? - asked his American journalist.

“I do not think that my stay in the cabin of a spacecraft is similar to Shepard’s stay on Mercury (the name of an American ship),” Yuri answered. A few hours of stay in the cabin of my spacecraft before the launch was not required. It was a rather short amount of time.

Yuriy with dignity withstood the "attack" of American media representatives. This inner dignity and confidence had been laid down since childhood by his mother and father.

Yura was born on the night of March 8 through March 9 on 1934 in the distant Smolensk village of Klushino (founded by her boyar with the strange nickname Klush) shortly before the war in the most ordinary peasant family. And although many historians and journalists for some reason think that this is a wilderness. This is not true. The village is located about 180 kilometers from Moscow. Interestingly, at this place in the distant 1610, the famous Klushinskaya battle took place, where the troops of Prince Shuisky were defeated by the Polish army.

Before the revolution, several public buildings were built here: a school, a large church, and flour mills. His mother moved here after marriage. And before that, she lived for many years in St. Petersburg, was raised in the family of a hereditary worker and was attached to the great cultural heritage of the past, which her mother brought up in her children. For many years, Yuri kept diary entries in which he described in the most detailed way his impressions of reading numerous books in a variety of ways in poetry and literature.

He had to continue the dynasty of his father and older brother - to become a metallurgist. But the Great Patriotic War forced to look at this world in a different way. During the German occupation, little Jura was only seven years old. He was lucky to be so small at that time, but the Germans took the older brother Valentine and sister Zoya to Germany for labor slavery. Gagarin's mother knelt before the Germans, begging not to take the children. And in the village itself was one of eight concentration camps organized by the Germans. A year and a half under the German occupation did not pass without a trace for the Jura. The researchers of his biography found two interesting facts about the life of a little boy when he saw the first Soviet plane shot down and the atrocities of one of the German guests, who drove the Gagarin family into a dugout and occupied their house. Subsequently, one of the Germans will write his autobiographical novel after he learns about the flight into space of a man whose childhood passed in the village of Klushino and whose childhood, however, like thousands of other children, ended forever during the war years.

Why did Gagarin have to continue flying after his space flight? Millions of people refused to believe in Yuri’s death. They could not accept the fact that the sky destroyed him. In early March, to defend a diploma at the Zhukovsky Academy, Gagarin was offered the post of head of the Air Force Center. He agreed, but made a condition that he needed to recover as a pilot. Few people know, but he was a polar pilot aviation, flew in the second class.

March 27 at the airfield Chkalovsky stood MiG-17 combat aircraft, whose work Seryogin tested in difficult conditions. The Su-15 interceptor was also tested at the aerodrome in Zhukovsky. This is confirmed by the documents and personal testimony of Stepan Anastasovich Mikoyan (son of Mikoyan). However, he was always of the opinion that the collision did not occur with the plane, but with the probe.

One of the official versions was that the plane Gagarin and Seryogin collided with a ball-umbrella, which was launched by meteorologists. These versions were based primarily on the fact that all knowledgeable people knew that an airplane collided with something in the sky, which caused a crash into a tailspin. But the version with a meteorological umbrella was known by the knowledgeable people at once because in this area they were the center of flight for crews working under test programs at several scientific institutes at once.

In official documents, one of the main reasons was the change in the flight situation. In an official TASS statement, it was announced that the plane had made a sharp maneuver associated with a lapel from an outside goal - it was a ball or a flock of geese - while there was a collision with the ground, the crew was killed.

On that terrible Vladimirsky forest, on the day of the crash, the pilot Alexei Leonov was one of the first at the site of the tragedy. If it were not for the principled position of Alexei Leonov and the courage of the first cosmonaut detachment, that is probably the truth about the death of Yuri Alekseevich, we would not have known for many years. Around 2011, Leonov asked the country's leadership to declassify the archives for this case and, most importantly, answer the main question that no one answered: “Who forged the Leonov records?”. After all, Leonov was at that time at the aerodrome in Kerzhach, and he, as well as several people, heard the explosion and the subsequent super-sound in the interval of one and a half seconds. It is clear that these events are related. Su-15 flew that day, but he had to fly all the flights in the 10 echelon 000 meters, but for some reason he descended down to three kilometers, and then climbed up in the afterburner and flew nearby in the clouds, without seeing Seryogin and Gagarin, who was walking in the 3,5 echelon of a kilometer, touched him, who from a collision entered a deep spiral and flatly hit the ground.

Then the events developed as follows. A few minutes later Leonov received a command to fly to the Chkalovsky airfield. Arriving there, he received information that 45 minutes ago, the Gagarin's plane ran out of fuel, and he did not return to the base. From Kerzhach arrived helicopter. The commander, when circling the crash site, saw and reported that there are deep emissions from the earth, steam. Leonov arrived at the scene of the tragedy one of the first. Together with their comrades, they saw a pit, quickly filling with water, found pieces of Seryogin's leather jacket, a purse and a tablet remained from Yuri Gagarin. Thought he catapulted. All night they searched for him in the surrounding forest. Not found. And only on another day. It's hard to write about it! Yuri Gagarin had a beautiful velvet mole. It was this mole that Leonov remembered when, together with Yuri, they were at the barbershop and the barber, while shaving, carefully made a “brace” in order not to damage the mole. And when Leonov saw this mole, he became afraid - the irreparable happened. There was nothing more to search for.

The archive remained calculations Leonov. He wrote a special memorandum about this.
And then we went backstage games. Whether under the influence of the deputy chairman Stroyev, who headed the government commission, or under the influence of another high-ranking government man, but someone rewrote Leonov's calculations, according to which the distance between two planes - the counter and Gagarin and Seryogin - was not a half second measuring in fractions of centimeters, and 75 kilometers (sorry for comparing seconds and kilometers).
For several decades, Alexei Leonov sought the truth, and finally, after turning to Supreme Commander Vladimir Putin, he received his consent to report his version of what had happened.

The death of Gagarin became a grief for the whole country. Or rather, Yury Alekseevich’s father said: “Yes, they didn’t save Yuri”.

His fate became the fate of thousands of people, his life became the life of thousands of people. His name became invaluable, a legend in his lifetime. Paving the way to heaven, he became history.

It is surprising that the 55 anniversary from the date of the flight in 2016 is not celebrated too widely. Yes, simply - no way. I specifically typed in a search engine request for this day and found only information that the Central Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering announced a competition timed to that day. Also entered in Chita, announcing the contest "I'm in a spacesuit." Today, the Roskosmos State Corporation includes more than 50 of the various enterprises where this day will naturally be celebrated. In 2015, officials from the Federal Space Agency promised to coincide with the 55 anniversary launch of the first space rocket at the new Vostochny cosmodrome. We'll see. In the 2011 year, when the celebration of the 50 anniversary from the day of manned space flight took place, the daughter of Gagarin, Elena, offered to make Cosmonautics Day a day off. But it remains only a wish.

About the soul of a person can be judged by letters. One of them, written by Yuri Alekseevich on the eve of the launch of 10.04.1961, was first published in a special issue of the Pravda newspaper 08.04.1991 of the year: “Hello, my dear, beloved Lelechka, Helen and Tick! I decided to write you a few lines to share with you and share together the joy and happiness that I had today.

Today the government commission decided to send me into space first. You know, dear Valya, as I am glad, I want you to be happy with me.
An ordinary person was entrusted with such a large state task - to pave the first path into space!

Can you dream of more?

After all, this is a story, this is a new era.

One day I have to start. You at this time will already be engaged in the affairs. A very big task fell on my shoulders. I would like to be with you a little bit before that, to talk with you. But alas, you are far away. Nevertheless, I always feel you next to me.

In the technique I believe completely. She should not let down. But it happens because, out of the blue, a person falls and breaks his neck. Here, too, something can happen. But I still do not believe in it. Well, if something happens, then I ask you and first of all you, Valya, not to be killed with grief. After all, life is life, and no one is guaranteed that tomorrow the machine will not crush it.

Please take care of our girls, love them as I love.

To grow out of them is not a white-haired woman, not mother's daughters, but real people who would not be afraid of the bumps of life. Grow people worthy of a new society - communism.
The state will help you with this. Well, arrange your personal life, as your conscience will tell you, as you see fit. I do not impose any obligations on you, and I do not have the right to do this. Something too mournful letter turns out. I myself do not believe it.

I hope that this letter you will never see. And I will be ashamed of myself for this fleeting weakness. But if something happens, you should know everything to the end.

So far I have lived honestly, truthfully, with benefit for people, although it was small.
Once in my childhood I read the words of V.P. Chkalov: "If to be, then to be the first." But I try to be and will be until the end. I want, Valechka, to dedicate this flight to the people of the new society, communism, in which we are already entering, our great Motherland, our science.

I hope that in a few days we will be together again, we will be happy. Valechka, you, please, do not forget my parents, if there is an opportunity, then help them in something. Give them a big hello from me and let them forgive me for not knowing anything about it, and they were not supposed to know. Well, it seems that's all. Goodbye my family. Tightly hug you and kiss you, with greetings your dad and Jura.

10.4.61.g Gagarin ".
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  1. bionik
    bionik April 12 2016 06: 14
    The captain of the hockey team of cosmonauts “Nashi” Yuri Gagarin. 1963 year.
    1. Alena Frolovna
      Alena Frolovna April 12 2016 19: 08

      December last year, Soyuz TMA-19M launched from Baikonur with three cosmonauts for the ISS and flies over Abakan.

      A magnificent, self-sufficient country with us, brothers. You go out onto a balcony like that, and there a rocket flies to the International Space Station. I love you, my Motherland.

      Happy holiday! With Russian Cosmos you! Yura, everything is getting better with us!
      1. parafoiler
        parafoiler 11 May 2016 16: 51
        What is shown in your picture is actually happening over the territory of the Altai Republic. Simple, very high! The loop visible in the photo disappears when the stage is separated, even before Gorno-Altaysk. And the next stage of the route of elimination passes over the territory of the Republic of Tuva almost over Kyzyl. Believe me, he ensured the launch of 24 manned ships. And here, indeed, everything is getting better!
  2. parusnik
    parusnik April 12 2016 06: 18
    The Earth is empty without you ...
    How do I live a few hours?
    The foliage also falls in the gardens
    And somewhere, everyone rushes to a taxi ...
    Only empty on Earth alone
    Without you, and you ...
    You fly and you
    Give stars
    His tenderness ...

    It was just as empty on Earth
    And when Exupery flew,
    So did the foliage in the gardens
    And the Earth could not come up.
    How to live without her until
    He flew, flew
    And all the stars to him
    Gave their tenderness ...

    The Earth is empty without you ...
    If you can, come soon
  3. ImPerts
    ImPerts April 12 2016 06: 33
    You know what kind of guy he was ...
  4. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee April 12 2016 06: 39
    I remember how happy people were, how congratulated each other! What pride was for our Motherland!

    PS Balloon probe, not an umbrella!
  5. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 April 12 2016 06: 42
    Gagarin understood the risks involved and did not stop. Our person! Glory to him for centuries!
  6. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn April 12 2016 06: 42
    I remember a storm of emotions in people's minds when a TASS message was broadcast on the radio. Those who heard the message ran to the neighbors to tell this long-awaited, at the same time unexpected, amazing news, ran up to the passers-by on the street and commented very emotionally on what had happened.
    By evening, the city was seething, people gathered in the central square and simply rejoiced. There is a lot of talk now that Gagarin the Central Committee of the CPSU sculpted a certain idol - I don’t agree, the people themselves accepted it as an idol and throughout his life, and even after the death he wore and still carries it in his heart.
  7. aszzz888
    aszzz888 April 12 2016 07: 16
    Russian people - they are both on Earth and in space.
    Yuri with dignity withstood the "attack" of American media representatives

    And the merikatos media are "true" to themselves at all times. As they turned upside down then, and now they lie and dodge.
  8. Million
    Million April 12 2016 07: 44
    Since childhood, we were taught to speak by Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin. Interestingly, do today's children know the name and patronymic of the first cosmonaut?
  9. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 April 12 2016 08: 02
    I congratulate everyone on the anniversary of Yu.A. Gagarin's space flight and Cosmonautics Day !!!
  10. Basil50
    Basil50 April 12 2016 08: 15
    Gratitude of mankind YURI ALEKSEEVICH GAGARIN, SERGEY PAVLOVICHEV KOROLEV and all the SOVIET PEOPLE will always be.
  11. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 April 12 2016 08: 17
    Why did Gagarin need to continue to fly after his space flight?

    He did not want to become a monument during his lifetime ...
  12. Old26
    Old26 April 12 2016 08: 18
    Quote: Uncle Lee
    I remember how happy people were, how congratulated each other! What pride was for our Motherland!

    PS Balloon probe, not an umbrella!

    It was only later ... And in the first minutes of the message, when Levitan's voice was cutting like frost on the skin, the reaction of the older generation was somewhat different. I remember well (I was 7 years old) how the faces of my grandmother and grandfather "turned numb" in the first words "Moscow is speaking ....". They, who survived the war and occupation, thought that a new war had begun. And only after a minute or two they "thawed"

    And about the "umbrella" you are right. Hits in the eyes. And more information for the author. The plane on which Seregin and Gagarin flew were not combat, but training
  13. avt
    avt April 12 2016 08: 30
    The great triumph of the Soviet people, the winner of a planetary scale!
  14. drop
    drop April 12 2016 08: 43
    I remember this day. I was the secretary of the LIAP Komsomol committee and during the day I was traveling by trolleybus to Smolny for a meeting of the Bureau of the Regional Committee of the Komsomol. It was a warm sunny day. And suddenly, on Nevsky Prospekt, the news was broadcast from loudspeakers (they were then on the main thoroughfares of the city). In the trolleybus people shouted Hurray. Then, a few months later, there was a meeting with Y. Gagarin at the Lensovet Palace of Culture. I was not her.
    Last year, I became the Main construct of automatic fighter landing systems. The system was adopted. In the military unit 25966 (Akhtubinsk) all tests were carried out. Pilot astronauts began to send there to improve their skills. Here I met with G.S. Titov. Signed him flight sheets for test control flights. It was supposed to. With Titov, we became friends. And when I was transferred to work in Moscow (XNUMHGU of the USSR Ministry of Radio Industry) met frequently. He was Deputy Head of the USSR Space Forces. I have the honor.
  15. The comment was deleted.
  16. Xpyct89
    Xpyct89 April 12 2016 08: 51
    I really liked this song.
  17. Azovian
    Azovian April 12 2016 09: 43
    Let's be honest: SOVIET people. Regardless of name or surname. He was just a passenger. It didn’t influence anything, where it flew. And he clearly understood that he would return alive — he would be a hero of world significance. This person was just lucky to be the first. They did it, but they didn’t save it. Strange, during the Second World War, Stalin issued a decree to protect, not to let out Heroes of the Soviet Union during combat flights. Did Gagarin act deliberately?
    1. Xpyct89
      Xpyct89 April 12 2016 12: 34
      Well, actually, he had the opportunity to control the ship in manual mode
    2. EvgNik
      EvgNik April 12 2016 15: 38
      No need to insult the Hero on holiday. Ugly.
  18. vanavatny
    vanavatny April 12 2016 10: 12
    April 12, not only Gagarin, not only Korolev, not only a huge number of scientists, engineers, designers, but the whole Soviet people extended their hand to the stars
  19. Warrior2015
    Warrior2015 April 12 2016 10: 21
    A unique person. PRIDE OF RUSSIA. He just went down in history with just one word "Let's go!"
  20. Nikita Gromov
    Nikita Gromov April 12 2016 10: 59
    Cosmonautics Day, not only a great event for all mankind, but also the triumph of the scientific and technical genius of the entire Russian people, once again demonstrating to the world their unbending will and strength in achieving and implementing great plans and projects, despite many surrounding ones, and to this day since the surrounding, negative political, economic and moral conditions of life.
    Happy Holidays, dear friends!
  21. Engineer engineer
    Engineer engineer April 12 2016 13: 09
    For the first time in the history of Russian cosmonautics in Kaluga, no festive events are planned. And this is in the city, which was called the Cradle of Cosmonautics and whose existence, until recently, people learned only because KE Tsiolkovsky lived and worked in it. This morning on Ros-24 announced a list of settlements where it is planned to celebrate Cosmonautics Day. Kaluga was not on this list ... But Gagarin came to Kaluga and this was one of his first trips around the country. I remember that very well. It's a shame, very a shame ...
    Or maybe I didn’t hear? So in the urban media, too, no gu-gu ...
    1. 16112014nk
      16112014nk April 12 2016 14: 25
      The current anti-people government has home-grown bourgeois allergies to everything Soviet.
  22. Rubber duck
    Rubber duck April 12 2016 13: 48
    It makes me especially proud that we did it! Thanks to the titanic efforts of our grandfathers and grandmothers, these children of war, who then with blood and in difficult conditions, were able to restore the city and industry from the ruins, to raise the virgin land; thanks to their work and self-sacrifice, they opened the way into space for all of humanity!
    I would like to emphasize separately that this is an unforgettable feat made by a simple Soviet man, a Russian officer - Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin!
    He needed 108 minutes for the feat, and how many months of training, how many competitors did he need to get around in order to fulfill his dream? Only full dedication and inhuman efforts allowed him to become the first.
    The life of this hero is similar to the fate of Icarus, but society will remember him forever - as the first person in space.
    1. RoTTor
      RoTTor April 12 2016 21: 54
      Soviet military pilot!
  23. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem April 12 2016 16: 46
    His smile is very sincere, just endearing ..)
  24. DREDD
    DREDD April 12 2016 20: 58
    First man!
  25. RoTTor
    RoTTor April 12 2016 21: 53
    SOVIET !!!, not Russian!
  26. Skynet
    Skynet April 12 2016 22: 27
    And today, on such a great day, on such a holiday, not a single channel (2 multiplexes of digital terrestrial TV) showed the film "The Taming of Fire"!
    Well what is it?
    1. aba
      aba April 13 2016 05: 38
      Well what is it?

      These events, this film, and much more prevent us from building a controlled class of consumers. But other people do not need capitalism.
  27. Breard
    Breard April 13 2016 02: 20
    Really - Bright MEMORY! about this great soviet russian man!