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In Kamchatka, young crews of the MiG-31 and Il-38 crews undergo flight training

In Kamchatka, the intensity of sea flights increased aviation as part of the planned training of crew commanders, transfers TASS message press service BBO.

“Young pilots of MiG-31 fighter aircraft and IL-38 anti-submarine aircraft are involved in the planned training. They practice various combat training tasks, improving flight skills under the guidance of instructors, ”the release says.

“In particular, the commanders of the MiG-31 fighters are working out methods of conducting air combat with the use of offensive and defensive combat maneuvers at various altitudes,” said the press service.

In turn, "Pacific anti-submarine aircraft crews fleet carry out flights to the near and far radius, the routes of which pass over the neutral waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic, ”the district said.

It is noted that in the course of flights, “along the way, the readiness of the engineering and technical personnel and ground services is being checked”.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. bad
    bad April 6 2016 16: 58
    positive news smile +
    1. SRC P-15
      SRC P-15 April 6 2016 17: 11
      In turn, “the crews of anti-submarine aircraft of the Pacific Fleet carry out flights to the near and far radius, the routes of which pass over the neutral waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic,” the district said.

      Is this our answer to the future deployment of American F-35 aircraft in Alaska? Our presence there, in this case, is doubly necessary:
      "On February 25, the US Air Force announced plans to deploy two squadrons of 35 F-48 fighters to Alaska, reported on March 1. Eielson and Elmendorf-Richardson are fighting for this right."
  2. Pirogov
    Pirogov April 6 2016 16: 59
    That's right, young pilots should have a good flying time.
  3. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets April 6 2016 17: 07
    It’s cool, of course, but we’ll reach the excellent students of the ShMAS, it’s an ordinary event, like. request
  4. hartlend
    hartlend April 6 2016 18: 15
    This is a message from Japan.
  5. Pitot
    Pitot April 6 2016 18: 30
    But I still think, why did they fly apart? I just have a view from the window onto the bay, and they just pass over it - glide path along the way. Here, the passenger snooping around ...
  6. atamankko
    atamankko April 6 2016 19: 03
    More flying, better training of the flight and IT staff, good luck.
  7. unsinkable
    unsinkable April 6 2016 19: 05
    Quote: hartlend
    This is a message from Japan.

    Most Americans. They rattle in Alaska, we respond in Kamchatka.
  8. Manul
    Manul April 7 2016 00: 02
    How nice to read such news. Interestingly, how many pilots a year graduate from schools?
    PSA what about the decision to resume production of the Mig-31? Did Rogozin make a strong-willed decision? Something sometimes slips about the Tu-160M2, but I cannot hear about the 31st ..