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SIPRI: Global military spending reaches $ 1,7 trillion

The organization, which bears the name of the International (Stockholm) Institute for the Study of Peace, has published material on the total world expenditures on armaments and the maintenance of armies for the 2015 year. The SIPRI material states that, compared to 2014, the year military spending on the planet grew by about 1% and amounted to about 1,7 trillion US dollars.

If we talk about which countries are among the leaders in terms of the volume of military expenditures, then nothing significant has happened here. With a large margin lead in terms of spending on the maintenance of its army the United States. Despite the fall in expenses by about 2,4%, the overall level is many times higher than the expenses of many other countries and amounts to almost 600 billion dollars.

SIPRI: Global military spending reaches $ 1,7 trillion

On the second line of the global ranking SIPRI People's Republic of China with almost $ 215 billion in military spending. Compared with 2014, the Chinese military budget expenditures grew immediately by 7,4%.

In the top three - Saudi Arabia - 87,2 billion dollars. Russia in this ranking is 4-th position with the amount of expenditure at the level of 66,4 billion dollars. Russia moved to this line primarily due to a significant change in the exchange rate of the ruble against the US currency.

It will not be superfluous to recall that Russia now has a record for all the newest history order book from foreign countries on weapon and military equipment. Total orders exceed 56 billion US dollars. The largest customers of the Russian military equipment: India, Algeria, Iraq, Egypt, China.
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 April 5 2016 12: 09
    Total orders exceed 56 billion US dollars

    Well, God forbid. Let's look at the final results.
    1. Samen
      Samen April 5 2016 12: 34
      The total volume of orders exceeds 56 billion US dollars.

      This makes me happy! But a legitimate question arises: "Where is the money, Zin?" (C)
      Well, we know, of course, that Russia's gold reserves are growing. And this - can not but rejoice ... But I want to eat today! ((((
      We stand bye ...
      1. weksha50
        weksha50 April 5 2016 14: 03
        Quote: Semen
        This is good! But a legitimate question arises: "Where is the money, Zin?"(C)

        Hm-hm ... We seem to be living in wild capitalism ... And only profit tax (20%) goes to the budget ...

        PS If all the profits from these orders for the development of military science and technology went, then the question is who would be in second place in military spending - we or China ...

        And so - for lack of stamp we write in plain ...

        PS 1.7 trillion green wrappers ... How many peaceful things could be done with this money ...

        However, the development of the military-industrial complex also develops the national economy ... So it turns out a vicious circle ...
    2. cniza
      cniza April 5 2016 12: 34
      The "peacekeepers" spend more than the first ten combined, but this does not help them much.
      1. Kronos07
        Kronos07 April 5 2016 14: 07
        look at the map
  2. Observer2014
    Observer2014 April 5 2016 12: 13
    "SIPRI: Global Military Spending Reaches $ 1,7 Trillion"
    Yes, if you start philosophizing on this topic, you can easily conclude that humanity as a whole has become stupefied in the ecstasy of preparing for war. If there is still hunger in the poorest countries, then a generally sad picture is manifested.
    But let us be realists. We are not the USSR with the "proletarian of all countries unite".
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh April 5 2016 14: 09
      Do not forget that the GDP of countries is also growing. To the military
      expenditures usually allocate 1-4 percent of GDP.
      US GDP - 17 trillion, Europe and China - approximately
      for as much. 51 trillion together. 1.7 trillion - just those 3 percent come out.
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. el-nino
    el-nino April 5 2016 14: 10
    (On the second line of the SIPRI global ranking, the People’s Republic of China with almost $ 215 billion in military expenditures. Compared to 2014, the Chinese expenditures on the military budget grew immediately by 7,4%)

    The Chinese are confidently looking to the future, realizing economic power in military-political superiority.

    If in the future it was not necessary to remember the "fat years", during the Obama administration smile
  5. demiurg
    demiurg April 5 2016 14: 33
    I wonder what they will fight in the third world? For the markets? For resources? TNCs are thus located above governments; they do not need a change of power in a certain territory. To control the population, it makes no sense to conquer the country, it is enough to plant a puppet government. Religious wars? Ethnic movement?
    1. tiredwithall
      tiredwithall April 5 2016 15: 03
      Understanding the essence of global wars lies in the actions of the owners of money. This is a small but unbroken community. They are overwhelmed by the fear of losing their leading position and, as a result, capital. Therefore, they are united in relation to the poor, and wars come from their internal competition.
  6. gippernano
    gippernano April 8 2016 00: 10
    Quote: aszzz888
    Total volumes

    In reality, if they spend billions, they can still be saved, or maybe not)))))))))))