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The topic of crime and potential threats emanating from the migrant environment was discussed at the RF Security Council

At the end of last week, the Kremlin hosted a meeting of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, which, as usual, was chaired by President Vladimir Putin. The main topic of the meeting was devoted to migration policy and the percentage of crime in the migrant environment of the Russian Federation. During the opening speech, the president identified the main reason why the Security Council meeting was devoted to migrant issues. Press office Kremlin cites Vladimir Putin’s statement:

We see the serious consequences of the almost uncontrolled flows of refugees to Europe from the countries of the Middle East, North Africa, from Afghanistan, from other regions. Here and a surge of crime, and conflicts on national and religious grounds, and social tension. Migrants, in fact, deprived of the opportunity to integrate into society, become the object of propaganda, recruitment by extremists and terrorist organizations. Grow radical moods in this environment. But radical sentiments in this regard are growing among local citizens. We need to deeply analyze this situation, draw for ourselves the appropriate conclusions from the migration crisis in Europe, correct our actions where necessary, taking into account existing and potential threats.

The topic of crime and potential threats emanating from the migrant environment was discussed at the RF Security Council

The issue of effective implementation of migration policy is more than a serious topic. If we take into account the fact that in recent years Russia itself has been confronted with a massive influx of migrants, the development of a strategy in this matter is directly related to the process of improving national security.

Russia has become attractive for millions of migrants from Central Asia, Moldova, Ukraine, and the republics of the Transcaucasus. The majority of these migrants, arriving in Russia, are indeed engaged in legal labor activities and bring certain benefits to the Russian economy too. However, among the millions of migrants entering the Russian Federation, there are a lot of those who either initially set themselves the goal of entering the criminal environment, or to be in this environment are forced by certain circumstances. What circumstances - a separate question ...

If you try to make some kind of comparison of the realities with the influx of migrants in Russia and the European Union, then, perhaps, with regard to the Russian Federation, there was a significant plus in the fact that citizens of states arrived in our country, in which at least they imagine some sort of averaged mentality residence times in a single state - the USSR. Yes, the sociocultural ties are largely confused, and a whole generation of people managed to grow up, who, to put it mildly, don’t feel much respect for Russia. But still, these are people from the post-Soviet space, when working with whom, at least hypothetically, you can find a common topic for discussion, points of contact, and work on this basis.

Europe is less lucky in this regard. People flow to the EU countries who have nothing in common with either the European principles of life or the European historynor with European laws. They do not just have, and are not even going to have anything to do with it. Moreover, the majority of such people do not come to the EU with the desire to get a job (at least as the same Central Asian guest workers in the Russian Federation), but with the desire to receive benefits and enjoy life - as a tribute for the fact that the old Europe, facilitating the United States, arranged in their native land, destroying not just houses and streets, but entire social and religious groups that lived their own lives. Arab and African migrants want to receive from Europe a kind of compensation for all the grief that Western civilization caused them. The logic is very simple: you destroyed my house, deprived me of a source of income - then I will live in your house and will use your income. The most interesting thing is that somehow it is even difficult to blame African and Arab migrants for this ...

However, it is worth returning to Russia and the Security Council meeting. Comparison with European migration policy, although in our favor, but it would be strange to be engaged in capturing about this. Thank God, the caps in the air, having decided that in the migration environment we have all the problems solved, no one throws up ...

To understand the dangers of migration, if it even partially goes into the category of uncontrolled, it is enough to refer to the figures of recent years in terms of the percentage of crimes committed by migrants. Thus, according to the statistics of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation for 2012-2014 years, almost every fifth crime in Moscow and Moscow region is committed by immigrants from the republics of the former USSR: from 16 to 23%. And in most cases it is a serious crime: murder, robbery, rape. Moreover, we are talking only about solved crimes. So, the head of the Main Investigation Department of the RF IC in the city of Moscow a couple of years ago stated that the actual numbers of crimes committed by migrants in the same Moscow may be about 60%. The reason for the emergence of such a more than impressive process is related to the low detection of “migrant” violations of the letter of the criminal code. Having committed a crime, a “labor” migrant can leave the territory of the Russian Federation without any particular problems and, as they say, lie down on the bottom in his sunny republic. Lame discovery is also related to the fact that a large number of illegal immigrants remained and continue to exist in Russia, which, according to documents, as if not in the country, but they actually exist, and they can use their legal “invisibility” and often use it. In January-February alone, 2016, according to Legal Statistics Portal , Russia has not disclosed more than 23 thousand serious crimes. Over the 2015 year - almost 164 thousands! These are gigantic values, which show that the investigating authorities have, as they say, a lot of work.

Of course, it is impossible for all migrants (and according to estimates of the statistical services in Russia are officially around 8,8 million) to row with the same brush and write to criminals or potential criminals. But to say that all these almost 9 million people are white and fluffy in front of Russian law also makes no sense.

One of the most serious threats to Russia's security, as President Vladimir Putin notes, is associated with the presence of so-called dormant terrorist cells in the country. Persons from various republics of the former Soviet Union in Russia, recruited by representatives of international terrorist groups, themselves begin active recruitment activities, often using social networks and religious pretexts. Formed cells either remain on the territory of the Russian Federation, attempting to carry out sabotage and terrorist acts, or go outside the country (in the same Syria) to join the militants and take up weapon.

From the statement of Vladimir Putin:
Illegal migration channels are trying to take advantage of criminal groups, drug traffickers, foreign intelligence services, as well as emissaries of international extremist and terrorist organizations. These attempts must be firmly stopped, actively working through all of our responsible departments. Including it is necessary to strengthen the protection of sections of the state border in areas that represent an increased risk for the entry of illegal migrants. All possible "windows", loopholes must be reliably closed. (...) Serious concern is the non-decreasing level of crime among foreign citizens. Often they cause a surge of xenophobic, nationalist sentiments, give rise to all sorts of informational, propaganda attacks on Russia. I ask our departments to seriously strengthen the operational and preventive work to combat crime in the migration environment.

The President recalled that before 2025, the State Migration Policy Concept was in effect in Russia, aimed at increasing the efficiency of migration control and being open to those who are ready to respect Russian laws, culture, traditions, Russian language and engage in beneficial work.

The urgency of the issue of increasing the effectiveness of migration policy is also connected with this: for Russia, it is not at all guaranteed that soon Arabs, Africans, Afghans and other refugees will not tumble down into our country. Frankly speaking, one can hardly expect that the same Syrian and Libyan refugees (even if the conflicts in these countries are sooner or later extinguished) decide to immediately return to their homeland. Many simply have nowhere to return - there is no home, no work, or at least some prospects. And therefore, repeating the experience of Frau Merkel on the “policy” of open doors is clearly not the option that Russia should rely on today. Thank God that the federal authorities are not betting on this option.
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  1. warriordima
    warriordima April 4 2016 07: 41
    You can think of letting in uncontrolled hordes of illegal immigrants into the country, they did not foresee all the crimes that occurred later? Why does our government first make shoals, and then pretend to be naive Ivanov, and try to correct the situation that has been started., And so on in everything. This is some kind of syndrome, unfortunately Is it really true. Fedorov that Putin’s team is forced to cave in under the command of the capitalists of the pro-Western bloc, or that it is disguised as I can’t afford it. I don’t understand anything.
    May the power of Truth be with the Russian people, and may he stand in all difficult times, and be saved before God and glorify His name. Amen.
    1. Cap.Morgan
      Cap.Morgan April 4 2016 08: 04
      Migrants do not have to pay, and this is billions of "savings".
      1. 222222
        222222 April 4 2016 11: 38
        Cap.Morgan (1) RU Today, 08:04 ↑ New
        Migrants do not have to pay, and this is billions of "savings".
        The law of capitalism - obtaining surplus value
        Manpower .. and closer to .. cheap labor .. and there is one way with less cost to have more surplus value .. laughing
        1. Aryan
          Aryan April 5 2016 01: 01
          chip them- and all business ...
    2. Lyton
      Lyton April 4 2016 08: 06
      The visa regime for all migrants arriving for three months, then please be kind to your homeland, otherwise families will drag and settle down.
      1. nils
        nils April 4 2016 09: 08

    3. apostoll
      apostoll April 4 2016 15: 26
      You forgive me, but who is Fedorov?
      But in essence of the article I can say the following: do not make villains and criminals out of migrants!
      We have no order in the country, no well-functioning police system, no investigative bloc, and no court ...
      Who can and should put things in order? Disembodied officials? or Grandfathers from the government, they are not "cleaning" with a beautiful manicure. And a simple opera, an investigator or even a patrolman is prohibited from practically all measures to influence the criminal (suspect). Even with a full evidence base, there is no certainty that his relatives will not redeem him. If not at the court, then from the colony.
      Practically EVERYTHING is forbidden to those who protect and protect us !!! Under pain of criminal punishment !!!
      A person cannot work fruitfully and work in fear.
      Plus, take the inconsistency and contention between the bodies of inquiry and the bodies of the investigation ...
      There is no order in "internal affairs" - there is no order in the country as a whole !!!
      If a policeman cannot arrest a drunken deputy or his relative who killed people in a car in a car, then what are we talking about?
      How can masses of migrants be controlled if they are not ACCOUNTED?
      How to control their behavior if there are no common values?
      Our misunderstanding of the situation and the complete chaos of officials give rise to these problems!
      If we can’t put things in order on our own, then both migrants and their own scumbags will help us mess up !!!
      1. warriordima
        warriordima April 4 2016 22: 50
        Migrants are the consequences of the global conspiracy of transnational companies., They are a cheap slave power. Plus, the division and dilution of the national monoliths of states gives more opportunities to managers to control the population., Because divide and rule ... World capitalists also seem to need an "international", but only oriented not for the good of the whole country, but for the good of their personal corporate interests and career, so that everyone would feel like cogs in an iron system, which can always be replaced with new ones, and the old ones thrown into the landfill.
        Communism was a system oriented towards the good of others, and capitalism was a system oriented towards a personal good.
        I think we are hostages of our capitalist system, which is opposed to the Western capitalist system., But our structure globally cooperates with the opposing one from the same economic capitalist considerations., Business and nothing personal., But the limit is everything., Someone owes someone absorb or transform into yourself. Either a battle to the death, or a long mutual siege of one who has more willpower. Our mess in the legislative system is the echoes of our defeat of the communist system, and the forced indemnity to the western system. Maybe I’m not right and far., but I hope with all my heart that Divine involution will not leave our rulers, and Mother Mother will call them!
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 4 2016 07: 46
    to repeat the experience of Frau Merkel on the “politics” of open doors is clearly not the option Russia should bet on today

    And Russia did not, and even more so does not intend to rely on the "experience" of Merkel, who completely discredited himself and showed not only his inferiority but also the danger to the indigenous citizens.
    1. 34 region
      34 region April 4 2016 10: 16
      Rotmister60! 07.46. What is Merkel's experience? The Germans initially bombed the Arabs in the NATO coalition, and now they are unhappy with the Arab violence against the Germans. Russia didn’t bomb the former Union republics (Well, so little. But Duc (Chechens) themselves substituted them).
      1. rotmistr60
        rotmistr60 April 4 2016 12: 49
        Do you have any idea that the conversation is about the "open door policy" that Merkel pushed through in the EU? And what has it bombed, not bombed? Articles should be read carefully.
        1. 34 region
          34 region April 4 2016 20: 17
          Rotmister! 12.49. Talk about open door politics. Or let a limited number of arrivals or unlimited. Merkel may have thought of a certain amount, but not of that. Australia and Japan do not welcome migrants at home. This is also politics. Judging by the article, the conversation is about migration crime. The question is how to prevent this. They pose the issue of power. No one is going to create normal living conditions in migrant countries. Therefore, the growth of migration crime will continue. They didn’t bomb the bombs. Or they will live at home or trample towards you. From the former Union republics people come to us not from a good life. The standard of living will rise there, they will go back. Everyone wants to live well. This is my understanding of migration issues. hi
  3. Safar
    Safar April 4 2016 07: 50
    Do not rock the boat and do not kindle please. And then there are clearly elements of the 282nd.
  4. Aliv
    Aliv April 4 2016 07: 50
    Listen to Hochma. Jew iPhone comes to Novokuznetsk. So with all hunters, including nearby villages, gun safes were sealed by April 6th. In how deputies elected their voters!
    1. Safar
      Safar April 4 2016 08: 54
      And in the district not a single literate person? To seal the safe, you must enter the house. To enter the house must submit a court order. So ssb. It's like a story with bits and traffic police.
      1. Aliv
        Aliv April 4 2016 09: 17
        The fact of this idea is important. And at the expense of legality and lawfulness, you explain to the representatives of the law.
      2. rotmistr60
        rotmistr60 April 4 2016 12: 53
        For Safar
        Read the CCP carefully and you will find more than one way to enter the house even at night without an order (and not a prescription).
  5. Million
    Million April 4 2016 07: 57
    Our government is short-sighted. They find problems for themselves, and then they solve at our expense
      PHANTOM-AS April 4 2016 10: 00
      Quote: Million
      Our government is short-sighted. They find problems for themselves, and then they solve at our expense

      Very far-sighted!
      They create problems exclusively for indigenous peoples, and for themselves, only pluses.
      And the most important thing to note: those 10 million Asians, who, according to various schemes, entered the Russian Federation, will soon begin to flood-breed in large numbers. In 10 years, their number can be safely multiplied by 3!
  6. Cap.Morgan
    Cap.Morgan April 4 2016 08: 06
    If the problem is dismantled at such a high level, then the small northern animal has come.
    1. ver_
      ver_ April 4 2016 08: 29
      ... he came long ago from Georgia, Azerbaijan, ..
      1. EvgNik
        EvgNik April 5 2016 06: 34
        Quote: ver_
        ..he came long ago from Georgia, Azerbaijan, ..

        ... Armenia, Ukraine ...
  7. Aliv
    Aliv April 4 2016 08: 12
    This problem was created for the same purpose as organized crime. To keep Russians at bay, if not for themselves, then for their families. These are better managed. In 2003, Putin said, "the one who thinks that Russia is for the Russians-deb ... l." They were going to develop sports in the country, as a result, sports became unrealistically expensive, and excise taxes on vodka are being reduced. Congratulations to everyone on the increase in excise taxes on gasoline. Dvorkovich the Jew needs help. The next step is the government will introduce excise taxes on milk. Hello everyone who has small children. The next step, I think, will increase taxes on housing, while only IMHO.
      PHANTOM-AS April 5 2016 00: 04
      Quote: Aliv
      This problem was created for the same purpose as organized crime. To keep Russians at bay, if not for themselves, then for their families. These are better managed. In 2003, Putin said, "the one who thinks that Russia is for the Russians-deb ... l.

      look from 0,30
  8. bso1961
    bso1961 April 4 2016 08: 14
    for a long time they (g ...... in) filthy broom from Russia must be swept!
    1. hamadryad
      hamadryad April 4 2016 09: 10
      I’m glad that adequate commentators are appearing. A year ago, the site was a fan club of Mr. (that is, Mr.) Putin, where comments competed in the number and depth of anal licking of the aforementioned Mr. And it was furiously plus paid Kremlin boats sitting on Jewish shekels from Savushkin’s office , 55.
    2. I doubt it
      I doubt it April 4 2016 10: 14
      The most important question is who first of all. Migrants, or those who sit?
  9. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat April 4 2016 08: 19
    "Disassemble" .... Well, how is "disassembled"? What specific measures are foreseen? Yes, no. They just chatted "about nothing" without any consequences. Migrants are profitable, as they correctly wrote here to everyone, they can not be paid, or pay pennies, and there is no need to spend money on pensions and so on for them. Illegal migrants are twofold beneficial to state structures as they can not be sickly parasitic to everyone: from government officials to the police, such migrants will not run anywhere to complain. All these "actions", "methods" of "combating illegal migration" are nothing more than fiction. None of the government officials even think about fighting illegal migration. In fact, "legal" migration allows itself to replace most of the local population in the labor market, plus keep low wages for the entire population and maintain a degree of tension within the country. And about the "legal" migration of speech does not even go - it suits everyone "at the top" and, moreover, it is even considered necessary to "spur" (that is, "lower") internal labor resources
    1. hamadryad
      hamadryad April 4 2016 09: 15
      Quote: Monster_Fat
      Migrants are profitable, as everyone wrote correctly here - they can not pay, or pay pennies, and do not spend money on pensions and other things for them

      a common misconception. Nobody pays them a penny, the salaries are exactly the same as the Russians. They don’t throw them either, diasporas and corrupt authorities always come up. Yes, and at the top of migrants they dearly love and protect, and the Russian people are humiliated and spread rot.
  10. Aliv
    Aliv April 4 2016 08: 22
    Yeah, 40000 Jews in Israel asked Putin to let them go to their historical homeland in Crimea. It was in my opinion last year. While the guarantor's reaction is incomprehensible, but he has already invited the Jews to hide from something there in Russia.
    1. ver_
      ver_ April 4 2016 08: 31
      ... there is a Jewish region - Birobidzhan ..
    2. hamadryad
      hamadryad April 4 2016 09: 18
      Considering that the world behind the scenes watching Russia was put to the Rebbe Berl Lazar, and Putin-Shalomov dutifully obeys all the orders of his Zionist masters - there is nothing to be surprised.
      1. Boos
        Boos April 4 2016 10: 54
        I think that Tolik Chubais and Dvorkovich are watching. And their business projects like "Rossnano" are a tribute to the world kagal, just like the American papers bought by Putin. And to Putin himself, if only to sit on Olympus, therefore he will always be an obedient "pepka" for the Zionists
      PHANTOM-AS April 4 2016 09: 55
      Quote: Aliv
      but he had already invited the Jews to hide from something there in Russia.

      yeah we have nowhere to put our
      1. Aliv
        Aliv April 4 2016 10: 19
        It’s nowhere to put the Russians, but the apricots, the Jews will find where. We were offered to move to the Far East, they even offered land. But then they changed their minds and gave the Chinese 50 square kilometers of border territory for 000 years. Alaska was also first leased. This is probably Putin’s cunning plan.
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. demo
    demo April 4 2016 09: 01
    Russia has become attractive for millions of migrants from Central Asia, Moldova, Ukraine, and the republics of the Transcaucasus. The majority of these migrants, arriving in Russia, are indeed engaged in legal labor activities and bring certain benefits to the Russian economy too. However, among the millions of migrants entering the Russian Federation, there are a lot of those who either initially set themselves the goal of entering the criminal environment, or to be in this environment are forced by certain circumstances. What circumstances - a separate question ...

    When Russia offers millions of migrants jobs in the Arctic, where it’s cold for nine months and cold for three months (I recall, I will tremble), then the questions will begin to disappear by themselves.
    And there, the criminal environment will feel very sincerely, if this environment is defined from 15 to life.
    And questions will disappear by themselves.
    And the Security Council can deal with other problems.
    We have a lot of tea.

    And generally speaking.
    Somehow I wrote earlier.
    We have so many undeveloped territories that India and China, with all of its population, can be located there without a trace.
    Not like Uzbekistan or Tajikistan.
  13. hamadryad
    hamadryad April 4 2016 09: 06
    I'm sure, apart from chatter and imitation of activity, nothing will happen. This was not the first time this topic was raised, but everything only got worse. "Don't push away from Russia such wonderful hardworking speakers of Russian language and culture!", "Don't rock the boat with clamps!" In fact, the self-styled elite in the Kremlin is fulfilling the order of world Zionism to replace the indigenous population with newcomers from medieval societies, to softly genocide the Russian population (deprivation of medicine, jobs, alcoholism, drug addiction, homosexuality, destruction of education). Plus, this is some kind of insurance in case of indignation working people, you can always use these absolutely alien organisms as strikebreakers or punishers, because no mentally healthy person can otherwise explain such a maniacal desire of the authorities to drag millions of uneducated sheep-lovers out of the Middle Ages, give them unthinkable preferences and, at the same time, stubbornly spread rot on the Russian people.
  14. Aliv
    Aliv April 4 2016 09: 21
    By the way, I found out why the iPhone arrived in Novokuznetsk. The last two state mines close. Several thousand miners! Welcome to the labor exchange! Long live the most democratic government in the world!
    1. hamadryad
      hamadryad April 4 2016 10: 26
      Do not rock the galley with staples!
      1. Aliv
        Aliv April 4 2016 11: 21
        Excuse me, are you a miner? You think they will be offered another place of work with a salary of diplomats. Here, more than half of the mines have already been closed. It is a fact. At the labor exchange, people take turns on the street. The aluminum plant closed one site two years ago, and the second massive reduction. The KMK metallurgical plant where tanks were riveted for victory no longer works. The ZSMK metallurgical plant was given ten years to curtail its activities. What galley.? The largest city of Kuzbass piz ... ec.!
  15. ava09
    ava09 April 4 2016 09: 41
    The Russian authorities courageously create the problem of Russia, then courageously "solve" it. By stopping the genocide of Russians, it is possible to resolve the issue with the "migrants" at once, but for some reason the authorities do not want this ...
  16. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat April 4 2016 09: 45
    Quote: Hamadryl
    a common misconception. Nobody pays them a penny, the salaries are exactly the same as the Russians.

    They are paid "pennies", and then they are adjusted to their "penny" salaries and the salaries of Russians, while saying that this is "healthy competition in the labor market." Now, in terms of wages in production, which average 250-300 US dollars, Russia is even lower than the level of African countries such as South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Kenya, etc., and all this is due to "healthy" competition from migrants.
    1. Boos
      Boos April 4 2016 14: 27
      Everything according to Trotsky, Putin created a country of "white blacks".
  17. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 April 4 2016 10: 07
    Managing the flow of refugees and emigrants is a new direction in a hybrid war. Therefore, Russia should pay close attention to this phenomenon.
  18. Nasty
    Nasty April 4 2016 10: 21
    Make it almost impossible to obtain Russian citizenship (as in the United States). One passport officer said, "I came down from the mountains, postponed the sawn-off shotgun, and now after 3 months he is a citizen of the Russian Federation."
    1. Aliv
      Aliv April 4 2016 10: 32
      But Russians who want to return from the CIS countries to their homeland for half a year cannot obtain citizenship. My wife worked in the passport office. And it’s not even a matter of bribes, but in principle. Russia is not for Russians. Find the video in YouTube, where Putin says so.
  19. dengy12
    dengy12 April 4 2016 11: 06
    Yesterday I watched "news" across Russia using a duroscope, 24 Duc there was a story about refugees in Murmansk, and so I felt sorry for the couple of these refugees crying
    It seems that a new attitude was received from the authorities to present information about them in a positive way. and after all it was remembered quite recently it was customary to speak in zomboyaschik about them, in negative form. what is it for?
    1. Vitwin
      Vitwin April 4 2016 11: 12
      Quote: dengy12
      so the couple of these refugees felt sorry for me

      Erdogan was probably envied, hoping to buy refugees from the EU)))) He is a sickly business, his rabbis and jamshud are few, but there are such prospects .....
  20. alebor
    alebor April 4 2016 11: 19
    We often like to talk about the "oil needle" on which Russia is sitting. But there is also a second needle - the "migrant" one. And it seems to me that this second, in the long term, will be more terrible than the first, since it leads to a gradual change in the ethnic composition of our country. Taking into account the fast rate of reproduction of our "Asian brothers", will it not turn out that over time, having left somewhere out of town in Central Russia, we will not pass by villages, but by kishlaks? This is, in my opinion, the main danger for Russia, and not in the criminal component, which was mentioned in the article.
    Migrants are very convenient for temporary rulers, for whom the basic principle is "after us, even a flood." Indeed, why take extremely expensive, complex measures that will pay off in 20 years to improve the demographic situation, when right now you can bring in a lot of migrants for free? Why bother raising labor productivity, which is extremely low by world standards, when, instead of technology, you can hire a crowd of guest workers with shovels for next to nothing? Why pay your workers a normal salary when you can hire migrants cheaply?
    And the process, to all appearances, will continue on an increasing scale. A Eurasian Union is being created (where Central Asia is going to be attracted) whose rules provide for "free movement of labor" within the union. And where is free movement there, probably, and a residence permit, and behind it, and citizenship?
  21. atamankko
    atamankko April 4 2016 11: 32
    Indigenous people should always be paramount,
    not seekers of happiness in a foreign country.
    1. Aliv
      Aliv April 4 2016 11: 51
      Putin knows better. He has more information, he has intelligence. He is so smart and patriotic. He is darling. He is amazing. This is his cunning plan. In fact, next year America Kerdyk. Russians will heal. Jews will leave for Israel. And chocks will do only the dirtiest and most difficult work. More aptimism gentlemen. The right way, comrades!
  22. hamadryad
    hamadryad April 4 2016 12: 07
    Quote: dengy12
    A new attitude was received from the authorities to present information about them in a positive manner.

    yes, as it always would have been such an attitude - * Crime has no nationality *. That is, before the crime is committed, a person has a name, surname, religion and nationality, and immediately after the offense all this disappears in an unknown direction. it’s not bought into tolerant nonsense. I’ll give you an example of the Komsomolskaya Pravda website, where crime of Central Asian migrants was constantly mentioned before, and before the New Year and after it, all articles about it disappeared and laudatory articles about the industriousness and honesty of migrants began. For weeks, false stories about Tajiks who found wallets and returned to their owners, about Uzbeks saving children in fires, about Kyrgyz people, pulling girls out from under the wheels of a racing train. It just seemed that migrants were only going to Russia to save and protect Russians. People on this tolerant nonsense unequivocally - KP lost two-thirds of readers.
    1. Anglorussian
      Anglorussian April 5 2016 03: 51
      In England, such propaganda is at the corner of the kazd — the goodness of the Nigerians, Pakistani nurses from all the newspapers and television programs, and the concession of Etnitsa criminal groups is being hushed up. I am writing from the English buttons, do not spread rot for the grammar
  23. Belousov
    Belousov April 4 2016 13: 26
    The current authorities (like those who greet Putin to the authorities) have been openly pursuing a policy of genocide of the Russian people as an ethnos for a quarter of a century. There is a compulsory replacement of the Russian people by Caucasian and Asian migrants, because this is the basis of Russia. And if there is no ridge, there will be no Russia either. So it’s time to close the topic about the HPP and other "achievements" of the good king, surrounded by evil boyars.
    1. Aliv
      Aliv April 4 2016 13: 57
      By the way, the king puts and removes the bayar. So we can safely say what the king, such and bayar.
  24. Gunther
    Gunther April 4 2016 18: 30
    ... almost every fifth crime
    immigrants from Moscow and Moscow region
    republics of the former USSR: from 16 to 23%.
    ... not all migrants (and they are estimated
    statistics services in Russia officially about 8,8 million people) row one size fits the row ..

    Oh well, and if you make a proportion of the number of indigenous people, migrants and the number of crimes)))
    The President recalled that until 2025 in Russia Concept state migration policy aimed at improving the effectiveness of migration control and be open to those who are ready to respect Russian laws, culture, traditions, the Russian language and engage in beneficial work.

    In my opinion, first of all, this "concept" should stop being Russophobic - Russians who found themselves abroad after the collapse of the USSR should automatically receive Russian citizenship, here it is useful to recall the example of Israel (the Law on Return).
  25. Buffet
    Buffet April 4 2016 20: 27
    Well, I agree with many of the comments above. That is, what was happening on NG in Germany in Cologne, we have going on and going on every day if we collect all the crimes in a heap. So what happens until the thunder strikes, the man does not cross himself? And it turns out you need a reason in the form of a murdered girl or guy, so that the government scratches itself, and the people again come out with empires in balaclavas with questions?
  26. olimpiada15
    olimpiada15 April 4 2016 20: 39
    There are a lot of problems in Russia. They are systemic in nature. They are solved by reconfiguring the system.
    The issue of migrants is a serious question.
    I recall the only congress of deputies of the USSR. Then it was said that in the RSFSR without the Asian republics, the standard of living, the position of Solzhenitsyn would increase.
    In reality, after the collapse of the USSR, all possible pluses, including and migration is made a problem.
    Everything that is happening now on migration issues can only be called a crime against the people.
    The meaning of the existence of the state is to ensure the right to life of the people. Subsistence farming is a thing of the past. But there must be a mechanism when a person produces one product at his workplace, and they consume the necessary set. This balance of production and consumption in the country is violated, at the level of government, by law. There is a norm of observance of human rights in the constitution; there are no guarantees of employment in the current legislation.
    Labor migration leads to the fact that
    1) the Russians are left without a livelihood, there is no job security. Millions of migrants occupy jobs.
    2) wages are reduced - migrants can be paid less, periodically deceive,
    3) the occupancy rate of social funds is reduced, there is not enough money in pension and other funds, but the state does not solve the main cause of the problem.
    I will explain with an example. An object is being built, according to the estimate of salary, 100 million rubles should be paid. This means that the state will receive 43 million rubles = 13% income + 30% social. An employee who receives a salary will go to the store and buy domestic goods. For all goods in prices, the tax is ~ 18% = .15,66 million.
    Total due to taxes, the state will receive 100 million for 58,7 million salaries. taxes, and domestic demand will be stimulated.
    The construction company hires migrant workers, the salary paid to them is taken out of the country, they will buy goods and stimulate production in another country, 43% of taxes are not charged-PFRF, FSS-empty. A large salary will be paid to the management of the company, but only a part will be taxed; salaries of over 56 thousand rubles will be deducted from the funds. Highly paid workers spend it buying imports, relaxing and buying real estate abroad. As a result, money was taken out of the country, nothing came to the budget, the citizens of the country are begging, interrupted by casual earnings.
    This is the result of the state’s migration policy.
    Democracy tell me. No, this is plutocracy-the power of capital, and the state of capital in the country does not need genocide-people.
    This is how the country's economy collapses. But officials at the state council are not talking about this.
  27. saygon66
    saygon66 April 4 2016 22: 46
    - Too many questions are raised by migration and migrants ... And they can be solved simply by "closing the shop", by closing the entrance "for a while"!
    - Well, if the "world community" really wants to like to let into Russia only those specialists for whom there are pre-signed contracts ... Although, looking at those who come, one gets the impression that the Russian economy needs herds of dumb draft animals. .. Do the "neo-workers" rule?