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In memory of E.D. Chernov

Chernov to Yevgeny Dmitrievich, the real commander and the real man, is dedicated!

In memory of E.D. Chernov

Hero of the Soviet Union, Vice-Admiral Yevgeny Dmitrievich Chernov, died in St. Petersburg on January 29 2016, at the 86-th year of life. A man of legend, a true example of selfless service to his homeland, his duty. An example of honor and conscience for people of our and future generations.

Chernov E.D. 12 was born in March 1930 in Leningrad. I survived the blockade. In 1946 I entered the Leningrad Naval Preparatory School, where teachers were combat officers who had passed through the war. Here cadets, in addition to general education. learned the basics of naval affairs.

After graduating from college at 1949, Mr .. Evgeny Chernov was transferred to the 1-e Baltic Higher Naval School, which he graduated from in 1953 year.

Officer service began in the Red Banner North navy in the city of Polyarny as the commander of the torpedo group of the diesel-electric submarine S-80 of project 613. On this submarine Evgeny Dmitrievich went on a career in the rank of lieutenant, senior lieutenant, captain-lieutenant. He was the commander of a mine torpedo and artillery warhead. He served as senior assistant to the submarine, admitted to the independent management of Project 613 submarines.

[/ center] C-80

In 1959, he was sent to study at the Higher Special Officer Courses of the Navy in the class of the submarine commander. Upon graduation, he was appointed senior assistant to the commander of the C-231 and in the same year - senior assistant to the nuclear-powered submarine K-16 of the 658 project (commander FAMitrofanov). Made on it one long hike. From this moment on, the life of Evgeny Dmitrievich Chernov will be forever connected with the nuclear submarine fleet.

In 1961, the senior assistant to the commander, captain of the 3 rank, E.D. Chernov, received permission for the independent management of the 658 submarine of the project directly at sea.


[/ center] NPS project 658

In July 1962, K-16 participates in the Meteor-2 exercises in the North Atlantic. When returning to the base in the Danish Strait and the southern part of the Greenland Sea, the 680 boat went under ice for miles.

In December, the 1962 of Mr. E.D. Chernov was appointed commander of the K-38 (671 project), the head submarine of the second generation that existed at that time only in the drawings. A special program designed for eight months was developed for the crew training at the Obninsk Training Center. E.Chernov personally organized the high-quality mastering by the crew of new equipment, developed and made a number of valuable proposals on the use of new types of weapons and mechanisms of nuclear submarines. Upon completion of the theoretical training, the crew departed to Leningrad, where a new nuclear icebreaker was being completed on the slipway of the Admiralty Plant.


[/ center] K-38 submarine

In 1963, Mr. E.Chernov was given the rank of captain of the 2 rank.

When tested in the White Sea, K-38 set three records at once: total submerged speed, depth of use and depth of use. weapons.

In 1966, Chernov E.D. conducted the just-built nuclear-powered submarine K-38 along the White Sea-Baltic Canal from Leningrad to the North. The nuclear-powered ship arrived in West Litsa and joined the 3 division, under the command of Rear-Admiral Ignatov N.K., Hero of the Soviet Union.

In 1967, Yevgeny Dmitrievich Chernov graduated in absentia from the Naval Academy, and in the autumn of 1968, K-38 entered the Norwegian Sea for combat service. For the first time, E.Chernov led the boat into the “autonomy” on his own, and successfully coped with this task.

Crew under the direction of Chernov E.D. passed a long training, which gave excellent results. In 1968-1971 he three times won prizes commander in chief of the Navy in torpedo shooting. In 1970, K-38 participated in large-scale Ocean exercises in the Atlantic Ocean. During the exercises, K-38 forced the Danish Strait under ice four times. According to the results of the exercises, the crew of the K-38 nuclear submarine was declared the best in the 3 division and again won the prize of the commander-in-chief of the Navy in competitions for torpedo attacks. The commander is awarded the Order of Lenin.

In 1971, E.Chernov was appointed to the position of Chief of Staff of the 3 Division of the 1th Red Banner Flotilla of the Submarines of the Northern Fleet, and in 1973, Captain of the 1th Rank Chernov was appointed Commander of the 3th Division completely re-equipped with boats of the project X.

In 1972, 1973, 1975, 1976, the 3 Division under the leadership of E. D. Chernova ranks first not only on the flotilla, but also on the Red Banner Northern Fleet. Her divisional commander is constantly at sea with his subordinates, transferring her experience and skills to young submarine commanders. He takes part in the most responsible long-distance hikes, fulfilling the duties of a senior officer on board with the rights and responsibilities of the division commander.

In 1975, E.Chernov received the title of Rear Admiral. In 1976, he was awarded the Order "For Service to the Motherland in the Armed Forces of the USSR" of the 3 degree and is appointed first deputy commander of the 1 Red Banner Flotilla of the Red Banner Submarine of the Northern Fleet.

In 70-s, Evgeny Dmitrievich three times headed the submarines of the 670 and 671 projects from West Litsa to Kamchatka under the Arctic ice.

In 1974, under his leadership as commander of the 3 division, the submarine commander, captain of the 1 rank V.Ya.Baranovsky transferred K-454 under the ice of the Arctic from the North to the Pacific Fleet. For exemplary performance of the task, high proficiency and professional skill of the K-454 nuclear submarine, the pennant of the USSR Ministry of Defense “For courage and military prowess” was awarded. Valentin Yakovlevich Baranovsky, with whom Yevgeny Dmitrievich walked under the 1876 miles under ice, later became the deputy commander of the flotilla.

In April, 1977, for the first time in stories the K-429 single-submarine submarine fleet (project 670) made the transition to the Pacific fleet under the Arctic ice. By the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from 31 in January 1978 of the year for the successful development of new naval equipment, the fulfillment of command tasks and the courage and bravery shown to the ship's commander V.T. and the senior on the transfer to rear admiral Chernov E.D. awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star medal.


[/ center] K-429 submarine

In 1979, Rear Admiral Chernov E.D. as a senior on board, the K-320 nuclear-powered submarine is making its third transition under the ice to Kamchatka with its commander, captain 1, VT Anikin. On the route the boat repeatedly emerged with a break of ice.

In February, 1980 of the year E.Chernov was appointed commander of the 1 submarine flotilla and a member of the Military Council of the Red Banner Northern Fleet.

In the same year, the commander of the 1-th Red Banner Flotilla goes to military service to the senior aboard the K-524 nuclear submarine (project 671 RT) with the captain of the 1 rank S.I. Rusakov to the North Pole. The entire period of combat service the boat spent under the pack ice. 24.03.1980 was carried out ascent at the North Pole with icing and ice breaking. During the 60 day of the voyage, 64 landing was performed. In this campaign, state trials of the Medveditsa RTM navigation system and SJSC Skat were conducted.


[/ center] K-524


[/ center] K-524 at the North Pole 24.03.1980

In the same year, E.Chernov was conferred the rank of Vice-Admiral.

1982 year. The flotilla commander again goes on an arctic march under the ice of the elder aboard the K-524 nuclear submarine (commander - 1 rank captain Protopopov VV) to test the possibility of ascent in artificial polynyas punched by SAET-60M military torpedo blasts.

In 1983, Vice Admiral Chernov E.D. goes to sea senior on board the head of the submarine K-239 "Karp" (project 945). Yevgeny Dmitrievich, as chairman of the state commission, conducted tests of the Barracuda (the name of the project) in the Norwegian Sea with the immersion and swimming of submarines at the maximum depth of 600 meters. The submarine commander, captain of the 2 rank M.Yu. Kuznetsov (later commander of the 7 division of nuclear submarines, rear admiral). In this campaign, Evgeny Dmitrievich’s son, captain of the 3 rank, Dmitry Evgenievich Chernov, was a full-time assistant commander.


[/ center] Submarine K-239 "Karp" in the Norwegian Sea

In the same year, Vice-Admiral E.D. Chernov entered the Arctic on the head heavy strategic submarine cruiser TK-208 of the 941 project, later called Dmitry Donskoy, with commander captain 1 of rank Olkhovikov AV

The largest submarine ship in the world on this cruise completed the tasks of a high latitude cruise, 10 days was under the ice. Field tests of the use of ballistic missiles from under the ice of the Arctic Ocean were carried out.


[/ center] TK-208 "Dmitry Donskoy"

In 1984 year E.D. Chernov graduated from the Naval Academy and the Higher Academic Courses of the Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR.

4 August 1985 of the year. May this momentous day remain forever in your memory. On this day, in the Norwegian Sea, the experienced submarine K-278 (Project 685 "Fin") passed deep-sea tests. Senior on board - the commander of the submarine flotilla 1, Vice-Admiral E. E. Chernov, captain of the nuclear submarine Captain 1-rank Yu.A. Zelensky.

On board the atarinas that day there was also a technical commission - the chief designer of the project Kormilitsin Yu.N., deputy. Romanov D.A., Chief Designer; V.M. Chuvakin, responsible contractor; L.P.

The submarine plunged into the depth of 1000 meters and remained there for 51 a minute, at the final stage of deep-sea tests a breakthrough was made to fail another 27 meters. The result - 1027 meters! Incredible achievement of our fleet, which so no one could win!

During the test of “emergency” ascent on 800 meters, shooting of torpedo tubes with blanks was successfully made.


NPS K-278

[/ Center]

In the same year, E.D. Chernov, being in the capacity of chairman of the commission and senior on board the heavy rocket cruiser “TK-12” of the 941 project (commander - captain of the 1 rank A.S. Bliznyuk), conducts field tests of the possibility of using ballistic rockets in SLO from under the ice.

In 1986, for services to the Motherland, E. D. Chernov is awarded the Order of the October Revolution. In the same year, 1986, Evgeny Dmitrievich was appointed to the post of deputy chief for scientific and educational work at the Naval Academy named after N.G. Kuznetsova. In 1988, he defended his thesis on the topic “Ensuring the secrecy of actions of submarines by the crew”; until 1990, he was deputy head of the academy.

After the tragic death of the nuclear submarine "K-278" "Komsomolets" 7 in April in the Norwegian Sea. Chernov led the study of the causes and circumstances of her death, leading a commission consisting of competent submariners from the Naval Academy, who came to conclusions that did not correspond to the official version of the Navy Commander-in-Chief. In a document based on the findings of the commission, proposals were made for amending the “Ship's charter” and the “Guide to the fight for survivability”. The Commission conducted a detailed analysis of the actions of the personnel of the Komsomolets nuclear submarine in the struggle for the survivability of the submarine, revealing the initial numerous violations of the regulations when organizing the ship’s military service and 1989 (second crew) by responsible persons.

E.D. Chernov spoke in the media criticizing the official position and assessing the causes and circumstances of the death of Komsomolets. According to the actual findings of the commission of the Naval Academy in 1991, the Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office resumed the preliminary investigation, which ended in 1998 and reached similar conclusions. But the case was pushed into a “dusty corner” due to the impact on the prosecutor’s office of those who, trying to evade criminal responsibility, came up with more and more delusional ideas and prerequisites for the disaster during the investigation. The truth was never officially communicated to the naval personnel.

As a man of honor, Yevgeny Dmitrievich could not disregard these negative phenomena in the fleet. He had the courage to enter into confrontation with the commander-in-chief of the Navy, VN Chernovin, and his numerous assistants in defending his point of view on this issue, as a result of which he fell into disgrace and in the 1990 was dismissed in the Navy reserve.

From that moment on, Evgeny Dmitrievich Chernov devoted himself to the very important task of fighting for the true state of affairs in the fleet in terms of failure-freeness in organizing the combat service of submarines and their crews.

He defended to the end the honest name of the officers who fell under the "distribution" of the wicked autocrats-chiefs.

In 1992, he organized and headed on a volunteer basis the “K-278” nuclear submarine Memory Society “Komsomolets”. The society was created to assist the needy parents and widows who died at sea during the cold war and in the post-war period of the naval submariners, as well as the submariners themselves, who received health damage in accidents and catastrophes.

In 2002, the book of E.D. Chernov "Secrets of underwater disasters" (Publishing House "Neva"). This impartial book for “interested persons” narrated about three catastrophes of nuclear submarines.
“K-429” in 1983 year: the one that E. D. Chernov transferred under the ice of the Arctic to the Pacific Fleet, “K-219” in 1986, and “K-278” in 1989. This book is one of the first attempts honestly and impartially, overcoming the barrier of corporate silence of the truth, to familiarize the fleet and society with the persistent prerequisites and causes of accidents and disasters of Soviet and Russian submarines.

Evgeny Dmitrievich Chernov devoted his whole life to serving his Motherland selflessly, he was an example of valor, honor and courage for the officer corps of the Navy. There was and will remain in our heart a real patriot and a real man with a capital letter!

Eternal memory to you, Evgeny Dmitrievich!

The real people who honestly gave their duty at the post are leaving us.
Fathers-commanders, standing in the eternal military formation without any extra emotions!
He went with us more than once, to the autonomous system - to the depths of the sea, under the Arctic ice.
Shared hardships with the crew, shared wins with him,
He was our everything!
Yes, time is cruel. Thins thin
But the memory of oblivion is not given to kill.
And the sailors of other generations, he will shine a star of the polar!
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  1. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 26 March 2016 05: 44
    Eternal memory to you, Evgeny Dmitrievich!
    Heroes are not born, they become. Remember.
  2. Signaller
    Signaller 26 March 2016 07: 10
    Peace be upon him.
    But is he a sailor ???? Military???? Sorry.
  3. FLY
    FLY 26 March 2016 07: 13
    He handed over our Fleet to the amers ... And yet, I’m sorry!
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 26 March 2016 07: 37
    A real commander and a real man! Eternal memory. Thanks to the author!
    1. FLY
      FLY 26 March 2016 07: 39
      Quote: parusnik
      A real commander and a real man! Eternal memory. Thanks to the author!

      You personally knew him, I hope ..?
      1. Serg65
        Serg65 26 March 2016 09: 18
        Quote: FLY
        You personally knew him, I hope ..?

        And you personally knew what to say this?
        Quote: FLY
        He handed over our fleet to amers
  5. kote119
    kote119 26 March 2016 09: 29
    Passed a path which you can only dream of a submarine officer. Everlasting memory.
  6. Impulsiver
    26 March 2016 11: 43
    Quote: FLY
    He handed over our Fleet to the amers ... And yet, I’m sorry!

    I remind you for the gifted that the last stage of the service, E.D. Chernova held the post of commander of the 1th fleet of submarines of the Red Banner Northern Fleet (1980 — 1986). In 1986 — 1990, he was deputy head of the Naval Academy named after Marshal of the Soviet Union A. Grechko for academic and scientific work. In 1990, he retired. In 1990 — 1997 he worked as a leading researcher in the problematic scientific laboratory of the Shipbuilding Institute.
    So justify your statement - when and under what circumstances this happened!
    1. KakoVedi
      KakoVedi 26 March 2016 15: 05
      Gifted do not justify! They are only specialists in chants ... Passed, leaked, sold ...
  7. KakoVedi
    KakoVedi 26 March 2016 15: 08
    Two photos of Komsomolets from above are a mirror image of each other! Or so conceived?
  8. Impulsiver
    27 March 2016 12: 16
    No, this is a shot from two different angles.
  9. Status
    Status 5 January 2021 12: 43
    Blessed memory of this commander, submariner and man of honor!