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Lavrov: the problem of "chemical terrorism" becomes super-actual

At the Conference on Disarmament (KR) held in Geneva, Sergey Lavrov called for “intensifying serious work” to prevent extremist groups from falling into the hand of militants weapons mass destruction reports Kommersant.

“This problem is now becoming super-actual in the light of the increasing facts that the militants of ISIL and other terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq repeatedly use not only industrial toxic chemicals, but also full-fledged chemical warfare agents. The risk of similar crimes is increasing in the territory of Libya, Yemen. There is information about obtaining terrorist groups access to scientific and technical documentation for the production of chemical weapons, the seizure of chemical enterprises with appropriate equipment, the involvement of foreign specialists in the development of the synthesis of chemical warfare agents ”,
said Lavrov.

As an example, he cited an incident that occurred in the autumn of 2015 in Syrian Mari, where, "as established by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons mission, ISIL militants used artillery shells stuffed with mustard."

“Chemical terrorism is no longer an abstract threat, but the harsh reality of our days, which can and must be stopped by activating serious work at international platforms,” the minister said.

In his opinion, it is necessary to develop and adopt a separate convention "to combat acts of chemical terrorism."

“In the event of the start of practical work on such a convention, it will be necessary to establish close cooperation with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. It should also ensure that all states parties to the CWC that are not members of the Kyrgyz Republic have the opportunity to contribute to the development of a new agreement. This can be achieved, in particular, by providing observer status at the conference to all who wish, ”Lavrov explained.
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  1. sever.56
    sever.56 2 March 2016 13: 35
    Until terrorist attacks with the use of chemical weapons take place in Europe or the states, the West will not move.
    They will say that these are Russian horror stories, in order to divert attention from their "aggressive" policy.
    1. Belarus
      Belarus 2 March 2016 13: 44
      I don’t know how in Europe, but if terrorist attacks in the United States happen (God forbid, of course), this will be the work of the country's special services themselves.
      1. Michael67
        Michael67 2 March 2016 13: 56
        These apple trees, from which the apple has not fallen far away, do not recognize anything at all. Upside down everything that Russia supplies Assad XO and helps to apply it. They are ghouls-shifters.
        1. cniza
          cniza 2 March 2016 14: 05
          Quote: Michael67
          These apple trees, from which the apple has not fallen far away, do not recognize anything at all. Upside down everything that Russia supplies Assad XO and helps to apply it. They are ghouls-shifters.

          They are stupid and narrow-minded politicians, they also did not believe in Russia about refugees, but here it will be worse.
    2. Giant thought
      Giant thought 2 March 2016 14: 28
      Well done Lavrov highlighted a problem of enormous character, only it is a pity that the West ignores our fears, they will wait for the possessed Igilovites to use chemical weapons there.
      1. 34 region
        34 region 2 March 2016 14: 56
        Giant thoughts! 14.28. So Lavrov and highlighted. And did not think about the question why chemical and bacteriological terrorist attacks are possible only in the Syrian region? Why not in SSA? And apparently because all these chemical and bioacts are funded from there. When the interests of the United States are threatened by anything, they quickly take action. For example, the United States threatens Russia, Assad. The leaders of Iraq and Libya threatened. If chemact is so scary, why is the US opening its chemical and biological laboratories around the world (closer to experimental)? Why do color coups happen anywhere but not in the US? Why is discontent quickly suppressed on its territory, and in other regions does it smoke? Lavrov did not say much. The war against terrorism is not a war against the bearded. This is a war against the capitalist system. Can we defeat it if we actively integrate into it ourselves? International organizations? Look at the UN. Does the UN protect the interests of small countries? OSCE? Has the OSCE helped Donbass much?
  2. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 2 March 2016 13: 35
    Following the phrase-d, Ebily damn it, "critics, scribe" will become relevant!
  3. Armored optimist
    Armored optimist 2 March 2016 13: 35
    Yes, a few days ago here we discussed the possibility of nuclear terrorism. And about the possibility, the impossibility of the chemical and there is no need to speak. It is strange that so far no Bhopal has happened.
  4. Samaritan
    Samaritan 2 March 2016 13: 40
    Quote: sever.56
    chemical weapons attacks

    I think that we will be to blame for any terrorist attacks on any territory with chemistry, since Assad will be appointed the last.
  5. weksha50
    weksha50 2 March 2016 13: 46
    "The danger of similar crimes on the territory of Libya and Yemen is growing ..."

    Hmm ... No less dangerous - for other countries, including Russia ...

    Do not forget about the chemical and bacteriological laboratories deployed by NATO in Ukraine and Georgia ...

    With any suspicion of participating in such developments and operations, it is necessary to destroy such nonhumans without any reservations ...
    They themselves outlaw themselves ...
    1. gladysheff2010
      gladysheff2010 2 March 2016 14: 23
      I absolutely support it! And the destruction of "amateur Khimki" is necessary, in my opinion, in spite of the possible cries of the so-called. human rights defenders and their puppeteers, to produce promptly, with calculations for the media! The answer must be tough and unambiguous, for Russia is a world power, not the backyard of Europe yes !
  6. Armored optimist
    Armored optimist 2 March 2016 13: 54
    I am also worried about the danger of such terrorist attacks in Russia. Industrial zones have large technologically necessary reserves of all rubbish. In Syria and the deserts this is not.
  7. 2 March 2016 13: 59
    Terrible business of chemical terrorism !!! It’s not just that the chemical army was raised to the exercises! Oh no No. just! what
  8. triglav
    triglav 2 March 2016 14: 48
    It is necessary to intensify the work of intelligence. And destroy both inventors and manufacturers.
  9. Olegmog
    Olegmog 2 March 2016 17: 48
    It is necessary to look a gas mask in the pantry, somewhere lying around!
    And buy a home! NOT A JOKE!