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Baltic Fleet divers held trainings against swimmers-saboteurs.

Divers of the anti-sabotage detachment of the Leningrad naval base of the Baltic Fleet have worked out methods to combat swimmers-saboteurs, reports Interfax-AVN press service message fleet.

Baltic Fleet divers held trainings against swimmers-saboteurs.

Training took place in several stages.

“At the first stage of the exercise, the divers in full equipment performed the diving exercises in the training pool. In the water, methods of underwater combat with cold weapons single divers and in combat teams. The servicemen of the detachment also worked diving descents and elements of underwater orienteering and conducted the search and neutralization of conditional sabotage means, ”the release says.

It is reported that "in the next stage, the fighters in the dash carried out firing from their personal weapons, as well as from a silent PB pistol at targets imitating the sabotage group of a conditional opponent."

“The final stage of the exercise was training in hand-to-hand combat. In the gym, the squad specialists improved the methods of attack and defense, close combat with the active use of cold weapons and the destruction of the conditional enemy without weapons in the shortest possible time, ”the message says.

“All the activities were carried out as part of the combat training course of the detachments to combat the SSAP (underwater sabotage forces and means) under strict observance of security measures during firing and diving descents,” the press service noted.

Divers will begin similar training in the Gulf of Finland after the ice has melted.

According to the information, "the detachment is armed with high-speed boats and boats, modern diving equipment, hydroacoustic instruments and special weapons for conducting combat both on land and under water."
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  1. 4ekist
    4ekist 16 February 2016 18: 53
    Actually, especially if we recall the tragic events with the undermining of our battleship.
    1. Lt. Air Force stock
      Lt. Air Force stock 16 February 2016 19: 02
      Quote: 4ekist
      Actually, especially if we recall the tragic events with the undermining of our battleship.

      So now there seems to be sonar systems to combat underwater saboteurs. They emit sound waves that prevent scuba divers from approaching the protected object closer than 100 meters.
      1. Terrible_L.
        Terrible_L. 16 February 2016 19: 08
        Quote: Lt. Air Force stock

        So now there seems to be sonar systems to combat underwater saboteurs. They emit sound waves that prevent scuba divers from approaching the protected object closer than 100 meters.

        I think that if such a system existed with a 100% probability of protection against saboteurs, or at least 99%, there would be no need for combat swimmers, and so - we train, sir! hi
        1. tol100v
          tol100v 16 February 2016 19: 24
          Quote: Scary_L.
          , and so - train, sir!

          Any exercises and trainings are necessary and useful. These are common truths, which seem to be awkward to repeat, but they support the general tone and mood of any unit, regardless of the type of troops. This is simply necessary. So good luck to "trainers and fighters"!
          1. dzeredzavkomimu
            dzeredzavkomimu 17 February 2016 00: 45
            yeah. Khrushchev said the same thing, there is nuclear weapons, why do we need ships and planes))) not everywhere there is an opportunity to apply this protection, but landing on a foreign coast or object, you can’t drag it with you, installing mines on enemy objects yourself, and. etc. there is a bunch of tasks where you do not apply this protection, and the capture of trophies for study, no one canceled)))
        FREGATENKAPITAN 16 February 2016 19: 31
        Yeah ... called the F1 grenade ...)))))) Joke ... yes there are such things ...
      3. Rostov Papa
        Rostov Papa 16 February 2016 19: 33
        So now there seems to be sonar systems to combat underwater saboteurs. They emit sound waves that prevent scuba divers from approaching the protected object closer than 100 meters.
        They not only neutralize saboteurs

        Quote -
        On the shore
        Former German minesweeper, Orbi
        "Neck" R-204
        "Neck" onboard 101
        "Stork" R -205
        On August 12, sabotage groups blew up all the surviving Georgian ships - six ..
        They didn’t meet the resistance, however, they didn’t meet anyone at all - the port was quiet and empty. Two days later, Shamanov’s troops took the last Turkish boat (17 patrol boats in total) and the property of the Georgian Navy.
        Most of the sunken ships of the Georgian Navy are at the bottom of the pier.
        There were 4 fleet reconnaissance groups operating on the shore - no casualties were sustained, combat missions completed.
        Blown up - air defense radar damaged by aviation, S-125 air defense division, 6 ships and the radar coast station.
      4. Pereira
        Pereira 16 February 2016 22: 48
        Swimmers sincere respect.
        But the public needs real victories.
        News of the destruction of another militant command post no longer warms.
        As our Israeli colleagues rightly point out, ISIS does not have so many clerks.
        1. dzeredzavkomimu
          dzeredzavkomimu 17 February 2016 00: 50
          and there are only scribes at the command posts? and what are real victories? a flag over the enemy’s building? they just forge, these are real dinners in sabotage work as well, and most of the public will understand this
    2. Masks
      Masks 16 February 2016 19: 03
      The Baltic states will now raise barking ... Fighting swimmers (sprats drive away) and sprats prevent us from catching ..
      But seriously, training, training and training ..! Ours must be the best and will be! A lot of things can be, they should always be ready ... Do not let the men down!
      FREGATENKAPITAN 16 February 2016 19: 30
      I see no reason for special enthusiasm ..... an article for the sake of an article? I bring it to those who are not in the know ... In the Fleet, preventive grenade throwing, turning screws in the parking lot (also prevention against diversions), diving inspections of the hull, etc., are carried out regularly and so often that there is not even a discussion .... Soon we will discuss in this situation ... = In the Northern Fleet, 8 = 00 ...... the Andreevsky Flag and Gyuis were hoisted on ships?
      1. Michael67
        Michael67 16 February 2016 21: 37
        Information is necessary and useful.
      2. Mister22408
        Mister22408 16 February 2016 23: 37
        Come on - underwater hand-to-hand and knife fighting in the pool, this is not an exercise from SPP and APS (and where is that "lion") to perform under water on targets. Look, even 6P9 was issued for shooting :-) And what are the elements of orientation in the pool with the search for something ... The best would be taught in the class of the theory of something (for example, how to remove UPM with EN and save it as a souvenir using a device in violation security measures ... :-)).
      3. dzeredzavkomimu
        dzeredzavkomimu 17 February 2016 01: 04
        that's just when the divers will inspect the hull here and the kirdyk, they won’t throw grenades, and don’t throw grenades for days at a time, this is the same as firing a machine gun in the dark so that the enemy wouldn’t come close to the trenches, why not discuss electric wires? omit the input, or as mentioned above, with a special device to scare the divers away with radiation? Yes, my friend Napoleon, can you be the commander in chief? Now please tell me how many grenades should be thrown overboard per day in the parking lot, the screw can be turned and the divers descended from look? Do they know about this enemy? and another question-underwater saboteurs only warships attack?
    4. APASUS
      APASUS 16 February 2016 21: 59
      Quote: 4ekist
      Actually, especially if we recall the tragic events with the undermining of our battleship.

      Turkey has one of the best detachment of naval saboteurs, it’s a current to say .................. just in case!
      1. cap
        cap 17 February 2016 03: 50
        Quote: APASUS
        Quote: 4ekist
        Actually, especially if we recall the tragic events with the undermining of our battleship.

        Turkey has one of the best detachment of naval saboteurs, it’s a current to say .................. just in case!

        Just in case, our train laughing
  2. Giant thought
    Giant thought 16 February 2016 18: 56
    In view of the imminent danger from the inadequate NATO, it is necessary to be prepared for everything, and such trainings give us, the civilian population, a charge of positive emotions. So the guys, our military, are looking at you with great hope that the enemy’s boots will not have to trample Russian soil.
  3. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 16 February 2016 18: 59
    What LC? Nord Stream is the needle. And it's time to conduct exercises on the Black Sea, to protect Crimea.
  4. midshipman
    midshipman 16 February 2016 19: 22
    I had to participate in the conflict in Angola in 1986. Delivery of weapons of ammunition, equipment was carried out by sea. But activated underwater miners from the UAR. There were explosions of our ships at the piers. The command of the Navy of the USSR quickly found a way out. Ships were closed at a distance by nets, and patrol boats periodically threw grenades into the water when patrolling the port. The danger from these underwater saboteurs was eliminated. I have the honor.
    1. sub307
      sub307 16 February 2016 19: 53
      I confirm ... I also went there at the same time. Two of our dry cargo ships were sunk at the piers in the port of Namib: "Captain Chirkov" and "Captain Vislobokov" it seems ... They threw grenades ... that's right ... Cubans from boats mostly at night ... sleep in a boat ( underwater) was problematic, went to the "neighbors" on a large-caliber ship or a floating workshop ... when a grenade burst at a depth, a large-caliber sledgehammer was threshed along the hull of the boat. But what to do - a sabotage attack was quite possible .... Themselves, too, during the day examined their screws and the case for the presence of "wide" objects.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  5. Mainbeam
    Mainbeam 16 February 2016 19: 26
    As I understand it, the saboteurs also trained.

  6. 1536
    1536 16 February 2016 19: 51
    It is urgent and necessary that all sorts of "seals" do not sneak up on the water to our ships. As the saying goes, "not all cats are Shrovetide, there will be fasting."
  7. Bashibuzuk
    Bashibuzuk 16 February 2016 20: 22
    Divers have trained - that's good, of course.
    Although, judging by the topic, the meaning of training is no different from those of combat swimmers.
    One and the same Satan - somersault in the water, some protect, others attack. The line is elusive.
    But I'm much more interested in what boss boss secretaries were doing at that time?
    Who trained them and how?
    What tasks worked out in what position? Could the video be in the topic.
    And then, some kind of discrimination ... some, you know, are training ... and others are tossing about from idleness, or what?
    Normal military training. Let a special kind of troops.
    What is there to write about.
    Let them practice.
  8. moskowit
    moskowit 16 February 2016 21: 48
    Impressive picture. As in the movie "They were known only by sight." Cool film!
  9. Aandrewsir
    Aandrewsir 16 February 2016 23: 13
    Our divers are the most diving divers in the world ... And if, aside from jokes ... My deep respect for the people of this respected profession. My cousin from the Samara region ("kingdom of heaven", buried in January) served in the early 1970s in the railway troops in Azerbaijan. According to VUS "Senior bridge carpenter" in the Caspian Sea. From childhood memories I know that it was not easy to be a diver. I suspect that even now this occupation is "not sugar". All divers of our Fleet - "the strongest diving health and every success"!
  10. Evil 55
    Evil 55 17 February 2016 03: 37
    PDS FORCE !!!
  11. Wolka
    Wolka 17 February 2016 05: 26
    training in all areas, it is very good
  12. Kudrevkn
    Kudrevkn 17 February 2016 09: 02
    Previously, commanders of combat swimmers were trained in VVMIOLU, now a class has been opened in Ryazan. Many of my fellow students who commanded the PDSS / MSS units are already in the best of worlds - they rest in peace! But the "miracles" that they performed during the teachings caused and still cause sincere surprise and admiration !!! Glory to the Navy! Glory to Russia!