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Results of the week. “I respect you, and you respect me, we are dear people”

Meeting in Cuba

The phrase “we live in an interesting time” after an event that took place at night (Moscow time) from 12 to February 13 loses its last tinge of banality. It has been expected for hundreds of years, a couple of decades has been prepared, and now it has come to pass. The meeting of the heads of the two largest Christian churches took place.

Historic meeting in Havana

Meeting historical in every sense of the word, if only because, barely taking place, it became an event not just of the year, but of an entire era - it passed through the front pages of all the world's leading media. The friendly tone of the two primates attracted special attention. But here's the question: is the friendliness of Pope Francis towards the Orthodox "colleague" - is it his personal, or is it that modern Roman Catholic? If the second - then this is a definite breakthrough. If only the first, then the hour is uneven - they will flood the stove of the Sistine Chapel with all the ensuing for friendly Francis ...

Comments from our readers:


This is the essence of the Russian soul ... In uniting against war and injustice! No wonder the ROC howl with rage all sorts of liberasti and their masters!

Not so simple. I remember Father John (he is no longer with us now). "The Pope will come to the Russian land, and will ceremonially kiss her."

I think it is no coincidence that a meeting not in Europe took place. Yes. The world is changing. Changing fast. But what good have we seen from Catholics? There are decent people, like everywhere else. But this is a system.

Pro100 people
The meeting is nice, dialogue and all that, but this is pure diplomacy, everyone has forgotten about the religious aspects of the separation of churches. In fact, they are us, and we consider them to be heretics. The Vatican is a state with its financial, political, intelligence and other services, which are tied to the interests of many organizations aimed at world hegemony. So if dad is very friendly, he will soon be changed. But let's hope for the best.

Brewed ...

In Khasavyurt, several protest actions of representatives of the local population took place recently. People walked through the streets of the 140-thousandth city with an expression of obvious discontent on the harsh faces, the outrage of which, as they themselves announced, was caused by the closing of the so-called “northern” mosque. The severity of the faces of some disgruntled, which draws special attention to themselves, hid the mask.

It is noteworthy that people quickly organized under the slogan "hands off religion." Organized in the midst of the working day, as they say, in unison. The question is: why, in the same rush, do these same people fail to go to the factory, to the construction site, to the office, and indeed to any work that is aimed at creation? And what did all these people do before they learned that the law enforcement officers decided to cover a place whose imam for some reason (to protect the faith?) Kept a grenade launcher ...

But then there is another question: Dagestani law enforcement officers seriously believe that brewing the door to the Salafi mosque can take up and solve the problems like this? .. In this case, the term “brewed the door” and “brewed porridge” may be close in meaning.

Comments from our readers:

Particularly disturbing is the Muslim-Wahhabi direction. Unfortunately, the preaching of extremism, which had long been predicted, was not crushed in the bud. It is depressing that in some republics even women prosecutors are wearing headscarves instead of uniform hats. Only secular development of Russia will allow it to avoid collapse. Unfortunately, instead, there is a persistent movement of the division of citizens by faith, or rather the split of the country under the guise of faith, under the guise of oppression of faith. How can Salafi preachers appear at all? Can not the first comer to go to the mosque and start a sermon. What was said a long time ago, it began to crawl out ... perhaps this is due to an exacerbation with Turkey.

Yes, obviously the "friends of Russia" decided to splash gasoline. The lull in 404 is clearly annoying to someone. It was painfully consistently launched "strong men and young people."

When people do not have work and livelihood - these people are easily conquered by all sorts of rogues and "sworn friends" of Russia. Including through Salafism.

MH-17. Dutch secrets

Perhaps, for the first time since the crash of a Malaysian airliner in the country of mills and tulips, sensible people were identified who began to wonder why, “if everything is clear for a long time,” the investigation committee is delaying the moment of the final publication of conclusions? Indeed, if “mega-experts” are collected in the commission, at whose disposal there is not only time, but also a full range of data on the flight of the aircraft, the work of dispatching services, etc. etc., then, as they say in the West: “Wye ?!” Why the commission pulls, - not only the relatives of the victims, but also the media, as well as (oh, horror - for the investigative commission), the Dutch parliamentarians ask themselves .

Having reviewed, remarkably, the CLOSED (from whom? ..) report of the investigative group, the Dutch deputy noted that only Ukrainian Bukys could be active in the area of ​​the fall of the Boeing. The same deputy replied to suffering social network subscribers that the Dutch intelligence did not have data on the transfer of the Buk air defense system to militiamen from the territory of Russia.

In the meantime, the Dutch media published material that says that Ukraine provided the expert group with radar data not from July 17 of 2014 of the year, but from July of 23, clearly trying to confuse the investigation ...

It would seem that everything is clear as day, but not for that in the West there are academies of rhetoric "named Jen Psaki" to just so easily take and admit: Ukrainian "garni lads" shot down an airplane in the skies over the Donbas by the order of at least garry Ukrainian command . “We will study this question in the office in more detail, but we guarantee that all the blame lies with the Russian leadership,” said Western experts who had to submit an open report after a closed report, training in front of the mirror to answer the questions of Gayane Chichakyan or Matt Lee ...

Comments from our readers:

The black
All these "suspicions" of the Dutch, the statement by the head of the IMF, a film about the junta in France, indicate that the project "Ukraine" is closing. Now the West will only think about how to save face. But the fact of discharge is obvious.

Nothing decisive event. There, the triumph of democracy - they said: Ivan is to blame, Mikola is not to blame, that's all.
Ask the 100 man in the West, what was 08.2008? The absolute majority will say that the Russian Federation attacked a small and defenseless Georgia. Although everyone acknowledged publicly that yes, they say, everything was different, but it was not advertised.

-Do not call and do not come to us more!
- Why?
- After your visit, we lost gold rings and a chain. We found them later, but the sediment remained!

Debt play

The story continued with a statement by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde that Ukraine might not wait for the next tranche of financial assistance from the International Monetary Fund. Ms. Lagarde’s argument was approximately as follows: Petya, Senya, where are the promised reforms? .. The story goes on to the fact that a similar question is addressed to representatives of the Ukrainian authorities not only at the International Monetary Fund, but also in the camp of the European partners of Ukraine, Yesterday, along with Ms. Lagarde, they were delighted with the plans for Ukrainian reform.

As a business proposal from Ukraine to Russia: word on, let's do this: you transfer debt to private, and then you have a legitimate reason to explain to your citizens why we don’t pay you - well, like, Yanukovych’s debt, everything ... The official answer of Russia is a loud "NO !!!" And what about the reality? But in fact, it all goes to that. So, Mr. Gref writes off Ukraine under 100 of millions of “Baku rubles” fraternally. No, well, it’s not Russian currency mortgage holders who, at the end of the day, can meet halfway - you can get rid of these three skins, because they are here at hand and under the most humane legislation in the world ... Another thing is the fraternal needy people in the face of Yaresko, Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk - how not to help? ..

Comments from our readers:

Ukraine has one sentence: forgive the old debt and give more.

And what about ours? They promised to file a lawsuit before the end of January, and soon spring! Ukraine will continue to lead the discussion, but such cases are decided in court.

All this, of course, fine, but how to explain it?
- Sberbank agreed to write off 25% of debt to Ukraine as part of the restructuring of loans issued to Ukrainian companies Ukravtodor and Yuzhnoye Yuzhnoye Design Bureau, Interfax reports.
Head of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine Natalya Yaresko at a meeting of the Ukrainian government on Thursday said that Kiev had managed to reach appropriate agreements with the Russian side. The total amount charged will be $ 91.8 million.
"We managed to negotiate with this lender [Sberbank] regarding the following conditions: the amount of debt is $ 367,4 million, 25% - write off the nominal value of the debt, that is $ 91,8 million, the repayment period continues until 1 September 2019 of the year and the new debt is issued by external bonds government loan and the corresponding issue of government derivatives, "she said.
Perhaps there is some reasonable explanation, maybe someone in the know?


Oleg Lyashko:
In (on) Ukraine, the highest unemployment rate over the past 24 of the year, a fall in GDP growth, and it all blamed the war, everything blamed on Putin. Do not nod at the mirror, if the face is crooked! And then Putin, if you steal? And here Putin, if you fool people, if you make corruption and lobbying laws (...) I see in the market: there were people, now there are no people. People go to the bazaar like a museum. People came to the counter with sauerkraut, whipped their teeth and went, because even the cabbage had nothing to buy ...

After watching such a video, the question immediately arises: so tse zrada chi peremoga?

By the way, why Lyashko is still not declared an agent of the Kremlin, because the evidence for the Security Service of Ukraine is obvious - a public justification for the disconnectedness of the “Putin” name with the fall of the Ukrainian economy and the rise in sauerkraut brought in ...

Or did some mysterious hackers connect to Lyashko via the back interface and reflash them in full? ..

Comments from our readers:

He is at one time profitable to scold Putin, now - the government of dill. Alphonse (I put it mildly) - nothing more to say ...

Maybe he slept with a woman and another reality revealed to him?))

Lyashko is a cheap copy of Zhirinovsky, besides with a hole in the back. He sensitively feels the change in the situation and adapts to it. If it is profitable for him - he walks with the ribbon of St. George, the situation is different - he becomes sharply a nationalist. It is beneficial - Kolomoysha is watering, the situation has changed - best friends. This is a good barometer. And by the way, it was infa that in 2014, the militia caught him in Marika, but then for 300 thousands of dollars and the promise not to appear in the Donbas gave Akhmetov’s people, he now works on Akhmetka. Tch his radical party is a pocket party of Akhmetov and his allies. And it will be necessary - again, the Victory Day with the Guards Ribbon will sing.

"Klyat Iranians"

The world froze in anticipation of the speeches of the official representatives of the State Department, the Pentagon and, possibly, the League of Sexual Reforms about the violation of human rights, the deepest crisis of democracy, the suppression of freedom of speech in the Islamic Republic of Iran. What's the matter? What could be the reason for this waiting? The fact is that the Reuters news agency presented the material with reference to sources in Tehran, which (in the material) refers to Iran’s refusal to export oil for dollars.

Oil is not for dollars. Are Iranian Faberge Strong??

In the week in Iran, they vigorously celebrated another anniversary of the Islamic revolution, and even with a military parade, during which the slogan “Obama - Get out!” Was the favorite slogan of those gathered in translation into Great Ukrainian, and translated into almost Nuland “F..k US! "

And somewhere in Washington, he quietly sobbed into the pillow the one who had to sign a paper on the partial lifting of sanctions in order to start a new game of American "exclusivity" ...

- Mr. Obama, you saw: they again burned the American flag, although we cancel the sanctions and defrost their accounts! ..
- Klyaty Iranians! .. Oh, if it were not for my Nobel Peace Prize ...

Comments from our readers:

0304 corsair
It seems to me that this is a definite twist by the tail from the leadership of Iran. I would like to believe that their "Faberge" has become stronger than steel, but ... after all, they are bombed. Definitely bombed. Even igilovtsev cease to bomb, and all forces are thrown on Iran, because if such a demarche is ignored, it means completely to lose face, authority and influence, but what can I say - the dollar power, on which the American economy and democracy are based.
Most likely, the leadership of Iran under this brand will beat out additional bonuses.

PS But how beautiful Iranian mattress troll. Just like Kimka with his rocket.

Ami du peuple
And what actually happened?
1. Iran goes to pay in euros on the part of recently concluded oil contracts, and does not completely refuse from the dollar in foreign trade.
2. The United States removed only a part of the sanctions from Iran, and Iranians cannot sell their oil in the United States. Moreover, any trade with the use of the dollar, as rightly noted in the article, is problematic for Iran today because of the risks of getting under sanctions
3. Iran considers Europe as the most important market for oil and gas. The European currency is the euro, however.
4. Iran switches to oil trading for euro, not for yuan (hi to China)
5. Iran binds the calculations in euros to the dollar at the time of the transaction. That is, it does not consider the euro as a full-fledged currency and, ultimately, is oriented towards the dollar.
So nothing extraordinary happened. For Iran, you can not worry - he has no reason to drift.
Iran is good !!! And what do our liberasts think about this? All partners look in their mouths, but are they waiting for a higher price to sell the Motherland? Russia plans to exclude the dollar from the calculations here and there for each New Year, the President constantly gives instructions that are not executed with enviable persistence. And things are still there ... Who do our officials serve? Is it time to figure it out? Already, conversations began to be exaggerated about the cancellation of the elections to the State Duma and the President, they were afraid that the EP could fly past in protest ... Although the Kasyanovs, Yavlinsky, Kasparovs and others could break through to power. There is something to ponder!

Strengthen communication

Representatives of the Federal Security Service issued a message stating that seven representatives of the bandit underground had been detained in Yekaterinburg. These are members of an extremist group that was preparing to act in the Urals as one of the branches of the DAISH (IG). The leader of the group is a fighter who recently arrived from Turkey. According to the intelligence services, the militants planned a series of terrorist attacks in the Urals, in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Results of the week. “I respect you, and you respect me, we are dear people”

Yekaterinburg thundered during the week. Unfortunately, there were a lot of negative reasons. In addition to the preparation of terrorist attacks in the Ural capital by representatives of an ISIS-related terrorist group, it was reported that Assistant Mr. Tefft, who had previously worked in the main office of the US Department of State, and then traveled around Kyrgyzstan and Georgia, wanted to visit the Sverdlovsk region. - Lynn Tracy. The visit, he says, will be devoted to deepening ties. Well, of course! .. He, and only him. Here are just connections with whom?

An amazing pattern: where the foot of the representative of American diplomacy steps, and where this diplomat is going to strengthen ties, either Maidan or ISIS appears ...

Comments from our readers:

There has already been a hotbed in Eburg, it’s strange that they didn’t start it earlier .... The fewer people in the area who were brought up in real Islam, the easier it is for radical recruiters.

Well, what is alive, it's okay. And how much garages lives in the garage? Take a closer look, guys. Do not consider yourself useless. I am not tolerant at all ...

Samarin 1969
In Syria, the war, and Russia is not outside ... it’s time to limit the entry and exit at the border as much as possible ... Fans of shopping, Hajj and hot Egyptians can suffer; and Eastern "businessmen" let them pass quarantine in the FSB.

Syrian military ornithology

The Syrian military technology successfully operated optical-electronic suppression systems, which, due to their original form, were nicknamed “birdhouses”. And these 120-watt “birdhouses” are said to be confusing the systems of Western-made anti-tank missile systems used by the militants.

After News that some Syrian Birdhouses extinguish TOW will probably be followed by a block of information about Guidance Systems and Suppression Complexes Duplo or Duplo-M1 with unpredictable secret effectiveness. Oh, but the effectiveness in Syria’s sky of the good old ones (and not all the old ones, but all the exceptionally good ones) of Sushki, including ducklings and rooks, definitely do not raise questions and doubts.

Comments from our readers:

Again, without a "Russian trace" certainly not done! The name "birdhouse" indirectly confirms, hints! They invented this device in our scientific research institute "..."! And they equipped it with plywood and bolts to hide and raise the self-esteem of the Syrians! Do you really think that the Syrians made it (they, I don’t argue, also have engineers, but ...) And the fact that in their language this is called NOT a "nesting box" is so natural. They don't even know these words!

... in, in ... and the technical documentation in the beak was provoked when flying past the Kolomna mechanical engineering design bureau, captured along the way ...

I would wait for either video confirmations or statistics. This was a couple of days ago about 11 successful launches of TOW in the north of Aleppo. Therefore, let's not beat our hands yet and do not open the champagne.

Zauralets-D We meet

The tests of the Zauralets-D self-propelled artillery gun (SAO) developed for the Russian Airborne Forces have been quite successful, said TsNIITOCHMASH general director Dmitry Semizorov. In the next two - two and a half years it is planned to complete the work on the instrument and transfer it for serial production.

At the moment we are talking about working on the implementation of two versions of self-propelled Zauraltsa-D self-propelled artillery for the airborne forces - 120 and 152 mm. And in the 2016 year, if you believe the developers, a limited batch of new self-propelled guns will already be in the army - first of all to test the real capabilities of this technology with its simultaneous running. A full-fledged serial production of Zauraltsa-D is scheduled to begin in 2017, when recommendations will be received from those servicemen who by that time have already operated the equipment in the training grounds, if any defects show themselves in general.

Comments from our readers:

Misha Honest
Gorgeous, isn't it? Glory to the Airborne Forces!

In the absence of normal self-propelled guns with anti-bullet and splinter armor, this is probably a good option. Nevertheless, the calculation is not protected by anything in firing. The wheelbase is clearly losing track. Designed for use near roads and on solid ground, in the absence of opposition from the enemy, the automatic loader cannot be seen. So, the shot is served with pens. For Syria, it will come down, for something more serious - IMHO is weak. All hope for speed of movement. I shot another one and dump it until I arrived in the return line.
I would like to know the opinion of experts, than this exhibit is better than Nona?

If 152 is mm, then the supporting coulter is even more powerful. And then the “Wolf” filet fall off.


According to the draft budget for the 2017 fiscal year, the United States proposes to spend 4,3 billion dollars on the "containment" of Russia. Washington intends to support the NATO countries with money, as well as its European allies in order to "resist Russian aggression."

In addition, all the 28 defense ministers of NATO member states supported the idea of ​​strengthening the alliance’s military presence in Eastern Europe. The expansion of the presence, stressed Secretary General Stoltenberg, will be ensured by the multinational grouping of NATO forces, and the military personnel involved will be in the "eastern part of the alliance" on a rotational basis.

There was disturbing news from London. The Telegraph war correspondent reported that 1600 British troops would be deployed to the Middle East. In addition, the British will transfer more than 300 units of military equipment to Jordan. According to anonymous sources of the publication, the purpose of these exercises is not at all preparation for the fight against ISIS terrorists, but the development of the transfer of contingent and means of reinforcement to Eastern Europe in the event of a NATO conflict with Russia.

Having depicted the "threat", NATO members actively engaged in countering it. Like any task in the capitalist world, the question of “confronting Russian aggression” posed by the world hegemon is solved with the help of money.

The enemy is designated. No one can hear either from the White House or Brussels that there is no cold war, but only “aggravation” of relations with Moscow. In the United States and Europe, decisions are being made openly to build up the "grouping" and "opposition."

The word "opposition" once again confirms aggressive intentions. No, not Russian.

Comments from our readers:

Siberia M
Let me recall the words of Otto Bismarck: "I know a hundred ways to get the Russian bear out of its den, but not one how to drive it back."

Same lech
Unfortunately, at the western borders of Russia there is an increase in the combat capabilities of NATO and US troops. Threats for our country increase proportionally.
Now the US missile defense system is capable of actually intercepting about a thousand of our ballistic missiles, and this figure will only grow further. Placing elements of a global US missile defense system in Poland and Romania is a direct threat to our security. This must be clearly understood.
The encirclement of Russia is being completed with US military bases. This is followed by the next logical step towards preparing for war against Russia, and only against Russia. Such is the ultimate logic of US action in Europe.
Alas, we ourselves have brought the situation to such an end, losing in the past all our significant US positions.

“The maneuvers called“ Shamal Storm ”serve to test the transfer of British troops and armored vehicles to Eastern Europe in one day. It may be necessary if a confrontation between Russia and NATO arises, unnamed sources told the reporter.
And at the same time, the British army is working out the skills of large-scale use of armored vehicles in desert conditions. I wonder where in Russia the Britts might need such skills? Or NATO, as a certain A. Hitler, also expects to complete the company in Russia with lightning-like defeat of its armed forces before the autumn leaf fall, that is, until the summer heat is up? Do they not really teach history and do not know how it all ended for Nazi Germany and personally for A. Hitler? Or they have an old European tradition - to go once in 100 years with the whole European gop-company with a war against Russia, to once again attack it.
Short and capacious of such ... said S. Lavrov, I will not repeat.
I have the honor.

Lost patience

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov believes that the Turks plotted to invade Syria. What is happening on the Turkish-Syrian border speaks of intensive preparations for a military invasion, said Major General Konashenkov. On the same day, a high-ranking source at the Russian Foreign Ministry told RIA Novosti journalist that Ankara’s ban on Russian observation flights confirms Moscow’s concern about using the Turkish-Syrian border to support IG.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaking at the business forum, said that his patience is running out: “There is a serious likelihood that the new wave of refugees will pass for 600 thousands of people, if the air strikes (SAR and AFF forces of the Russian Federation) will continue. We are preparing for this. We are still showing patience, but it is already running out. When the situation reaches a certain point, we will take the necessary measures. ”

It is clear that Turkey, and with it the Middle Eastern monarchies like Saudi Arabia, will continue to do everything to overthrow Assad in Syria. Erdogan, who considers Assad a "butcher" and a "murderer," has long dreamed of ending the current Syrian government.

The same goals are pursued by the United States. Ankara, feeling behind its back the invisible presence of the United States and NATO, is capable of any actions. The possible invasion of Syria does not seem fiction at all: everything that Uncle Sam approves of and that can somehow harm Russian interests has a high chance of coming true.

Comments from our readers:

The war with Turkey is approaching.

And, it seems, we can not avoid it!

Alexander Romanov
The defeat of Turkey is approaching.

Stop throwing caps. In the Russian-Japanese showered, the entire fleet lost and the army.

Diana Ilyina
Do not confuse modern Russia and the Russian Empire since Nicholas the Bloody! These are two big differences.
In addition, the Russo-Japanese War was essentially a war of aggression, unleashed not without the help of the British and Americans. And if it were not for the mediocrity of the tsarist generals and their direct betrayal (Stessel and Fock are examples of this), then we would hardly have lost the war! By the way, Russia's lag in military-technical terms also affected. White shirts were clearly visible, shells on navy greatly inferior to the Japanese, there were practically no machine guns, corruption and betrayal were almost universal!
So the comparison is clearly unfortunate! In the Russian-Turkish wars this was not observed, well, maybe only with the exception of the Crimean War, where almost the whole West joined the Turkey! And directly with the participation of their armed forces. Now they are trying to make Russia an aggressor, but so far it has not been obtained. I do not believe that the Americans will go directly to fight for Turkey, they have another task: so that anyone can fight, not them!

Chernobyl theme in the state of New York

The Associated Press news agency reports that a nuclear power plant in the state of New York (USA) has released radioactive substances as a result of the accident. We are talking about the Indian Point nuclear power plant, located approximately 50 km north of the largest US city (New York), in the settlement of Buchanan. It is reported that the radioactive substance fell into the groundwater. At the same time, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo said that "there is no threat to life and health for New Yorkers yet."

Not yet? The Japanese, too, have long hidden from the public problems at Fukushima.

However, the Americans will have a better publicity. Not without reason, the mentioned New York Governor Andrew Cuomo hurriedly sent a letter to the US Department of the Environment Commissioner Basil Seggos and the head of the Department of Health Howard Tsuker with a letter: “I am deeply concerned that a radioactive substance has recently leaked into the groundwater at the Indian Point nuclear power plant. This is not the first such release of radioactive water at Indian Point and this is not the first time that Indian Point has experienced significant setbacks in its operation of technical equipment. This failure continues to demonstrate that Indian Point cannot continue to work in a format that is threatening the environment. ”

Comments from our readers:

This is the best advertisement of the Russian nuclear industry.


2025 year, USA, New York.
- Grandpa, is it true that in 2016 there was an accident at a nuclear power plant in Buchanan?
“True, granddaughter,” said the grandfather and stroked the girl's head.
- Is it true that everything went without consequences?
- True, granddaughter, - said the grandfather and stroked the girl on the second head.
And so, wagging their tails, they continued to walk through the concrete tunnel.

Are you sho? We must urgently put under control of the UN all nuclear energy and all US nuclear warheads! The USA is Upper Volta with nuclear weapons! Immediately reverse HEU-KNOW to Russia!

UN Spindler and Syrian Refugees

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) sent a call to official Ankara to immediately open the border with Syria. According to the UNHCR special commission, in the near future, tens of thousands of people will be able to move from Syria to Turkey. At the same time, the statement says that many of them are “refugees from Aleppo’s ringed Syrian army.”

A quote from the statement by UNHCR spokesman William Spindler: “The fighting around Aleppo is pushing more and more people toward relocation. People need urgent humanitarian assistance, including medicines, food, blankets, tents. We are concerned about what is happening. We urge the Turkish authorities to open their borders to all those who flee from the war. A country must fulfill its international obligations to provide for refugees in need. ”

Sultan Erdogan has already let in such refugees so much that now he doesn’t know where to fight: inside the country or outside. Turkey has long been the receiving point for bearded men from IG and other Wahhabis and lousy supporters of world sharia.

Anyone who looks at the photographs that world agencies place on their pages will notice that the “refugees” in the pictures strongly resemble “former” terrorists, who have quickly cut their black beards and fleeing Russian blows to their “second homeland” - to their Western brothers . Everyones London there has long been luring world terrorism. Himself to death ...

Comments from our readers:

What a news! "Refugees from the Aleppo Syrian Army." Meet Erdogan with your friends and partners. Or are they no longer needed?

Rostov Papa
The photo shows that these are exclusively peaceful farmers, artisans and other working people, who are striving with all their might to raise the economy of Europe and enrich its culture. In Syria, they worked 5 years, until the Russians arrived there, now it's Europe's turn.
Take a gift from the Russian VKS.

Joke. An example of English humor. In the family of the lord a son was born who, during the first five years of his life, did not utter a single word. The parents, distressed by this fact, resigned to the idea that the child was mute, and remained in this confidence until the day when the child at breakfast suddenly calmly said, "Oatmeal is burnt." Mother and father reasonably asked: “Son, why did you keep silent before that?” “Therefore,” the wise child replied, “that until this morning the oatmeal was not burnt.”
If the leadership of Turkey and reminds someone now, then this very dumb not dumb son of an English lord. The civil war in Syria has been going on for four years, if not more, during this time, according to the most conservative estimates, more than 250 thousands of Syrians died, but ... Before the city of Aleppo, controlled by supporters of Turkey, was buried, oatmeal, from Erdogan's point of view and Davatoglu did not burn. And the country, which in the last four years has accepted, according to her own claims, more than two million refugees, did not cry out as a victim because of the prospect of receiving several thousand more displaced persons.

Worried about terrorists

The successful offensive of the Syrian army continues with the support of the national militia and the armed forces of the Russian Federation in various provinces of Syria. Thus, Turkish newspapers report that in the north of Latakia, in a number of areas, the Syrian army approached the border with Turkey a distance closer than 25 km. This fact Ankara called "alarming."

German Chancellor Angela Merkel echoed the gentlemen from Ankara. According to her, Russia allegedly violates the UN resolution, which prohibits attacks on civilians.

Sorry, Frau Merkel, and since when did the militants of “IG” and “Dzhebhat an-Nusra” began to be called “civilian population”?

However, once the famous Senator John McCain called these bearded builders of a bright democratic future in Syria, and even took pictures with them. On the other hand, you can't call McCain peaceful. He and the senators got out thanks to the money of the American military industrial complex. No, from that take an example, Frau Merkel!

As for Ankara’s “alarm”, the question arises: why is the Syrian army taking control of the Syrian border as a disturbing event? Ankara inadvertently reveals its “secrets”: to the sponsor bearded man Erdogan it’s beneficial that the border from the Syrian side be left without control!

Comments from our readers:

One thing pleases: they all end up in Europe. And happy because she deserved it in all fairness.

Dushmans eventually run to Turkey. To fight to the bitter end will not. Their lives were in danger. Played a war game - it's time to relax. Classics of the genre, however.

Not without it. The militants reduced their salary twice a month ago, and even then, apparently, they detain it. Militants cannot desert, but their own will kill them. For desertion they have a penalty - cutting off the head. Dying militants also now have more often. Consider them to be cut off from the foreign “humanitarian aid” and replenishing the ranks of the militants.
Quite Khan militants has come! Therefore, they howled. Damn children know that the Syrians will not take them alive: too much national blood has been shed by them.
However, an enemy driven into a corner is doubly dangerous. The militants are increasingly involved in suicide bombers. Now they will use women and children as live bombs.
Save, O Lord, all OUR and all innocent!

Europe, listen to the sultan!

The American edition of Reuters, referring to the site, spoke about the attempts of the President of Turkey R. T. Erdogan to threaten Europe. It turns out that back in November last year, he threatened to “flood” Europe with flows of migrants. “Flooding” will occur if EU leaders do not offer him a “better deal” aimed at overcoming the Middle East refugee crisis.

There is a facsimile document in English confirming the respective conversation of three politicians: Erdogag himself, Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk. It is not dated. But it is assumed that the meeting took place on November 16 in Antalya (Turkey), where the three met after the G20 summit.

This document contains the words of Erdogan, which he told EU officials: “We can open the doors to Greece and Bulgaria at any time, and we can bring refugees on the buses ... And what will you do with refugees if you don’t make a deal? Kill the refugees? ”

The text also contains Erdogan’s claim: he wants to receive 6 billion euros over two years.

According to Reuters, in the end, the EU agreed to an amount of 3 billion euros, which will be transferred through a fund created to improve the living conditions of refugees in Turkey. There was also talk about speeding up the decision on a visa-free regime for the Turks. In turn, Ankara should stop the flow of migrants who travel from Turkey to Greece.

So, the blackmailer by the name of Erdogan is ready to provide migrants with comfortable buses and ticketless travel to the Greek border. And Western officials have nothing to object to.

Do EU and US politicians remember how they unanimously supported the Arab Spring in the Middle East and North Africa? Do the lessons of the Libyan "democratization" remember? And the Iraqi lessons? And the approval of the White House and the US State Department "victory in the elections" Islamist Mursi in Egypt? And how did the rule of the “Muslim brother” end, too, remember? Hardly. After all, they are to blame for the Russian bear.

Comments from our readers:

Yes, they have from time immemorial Russian bear comes. They rejoice only when we have a period of weakening, and our country is on the verge of collapse or has already broken up. And they will be completely happy when Russia does not become at all. But that they do not wait. Not Putin, so someone else will pick up the banner. I hope that the majority of the people in our country have already realized all the charms of capitalism and swallowed them to the full. Eaten 10 varieties of kefir and 50 types of sausage. And bowed to the West. Enough already to be humiliated. We are the greatest people in the world, we can not be defeated by anyone. It is possible to deceive and betray, but we must deal with it in the end. The West frightens the whole world with us, because it knows this and hopes to set the world against us.

“Do politicians remember ...” and further down the list? They do not remember anything, their memory is gone. At the same time, sight and hearing.
Deafening. But God's punishment is ahead of them! And it is very possible, we will live to see this court.

Previously, most of the peaceful refugees fled to Europe, now those who run away from the former civilians who fled before the civilians will flee. From here is a universal howl, geyropts are anticipating all the 33 pleasures, they stock up with petroleum jelly, you bastards.

Rumors earth is full

Will Stewart, a Moscow correspondent for The Daily Mail, recounted rumors that are circulating in the Russian capital: allegedly Vladimir Putin’s successor as president will be the military hero.

This man is Alexey Dyumin. He is 43 of the year. Previously, he was a bodyguard and "reliable assistant-adjutant." In addition, he stood at the gate in the “own hockey club” of the Kremlin Strongman, the author writes with irony. According to some commentators, the main responsibility of this goalkeeper was to “delicately” behave at the gate, that is, “miss the pucks”.

On the other hand, this is not just some kind of goalkeeper. About Dyuminyu say that it was he who turned out to be the man who carried out the "secret operation" to remove the "disgraced Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych from his country." Moreover, Dyumin was commanded by the Special Operations Forces of the Russian Army, which played a key role in “the seizure of the Crimea,” the correspondent points out.

Putin conferred on him the title of Hero of Russia for his courage and appointed him as deputy commander of the land forces.

A couple of months ago, Dyumin became deputy minister of defense. The publication reminds that the post of minister is occupied by Putin’s “close associate”, Mr. Shoigu.

And suddenly Dyumin was in the chair of the governor in the strategically important city of Thule! “Its area is larger than the area of ​​Wales,” the author writes for comparison. Such an appointment is viewed as Putin’s desire to give his man a “political experience”, managing the area before making a new career breakthrough.

Successor, say, gentlemen British?

But the European editorial office of the journal "Politico" issued a material under the heading "Alexei Navalny, Russian dissident in winter". Material about the fighter against corruption Navalny. What's the connection here, you ask? Almost straight.

If in Britain there is no doubt that Putin has a successor, and even forty-three years old, a man in his prime, then Navalny believes that Putin and Putinism cannot be forever. “I hope the escalation of war and extreme methods has a finite limit,” he argues. According to the opposition, sanctions and economic pressure are doing their job and will continue to do it. As for the president’s ratings, this is a mirage and propaganda, Navalny is sure.

So, Navalny is sure of what even Western analysts are not sure. If in the West they have already spoken the name of the successor to the Putin line, the blogger Navalny has allowed the final limit of “Putinism”. Obviously, in his opinion, Russia will not be able to live without the West, and its sanctions will finish off.

Well, the story of all judge.

Comments from our readers:

Banter Well, who is he, this Navalny? What can he do? Its level is a criticism of the district utilities for the pits on the roads. Pull faces, but carry a blizzard. I listened to his "performance" at the Swamp. As he tried to ignite the crowd, Hitler imitated, he fucking speaker. Something shouted incoherently, jerked with their feet. The whole belolentochnaya opposition itself was shocked by this clown. If someone decided to destroy-discredit the opposition, then the best candidate could not be found.

Dear! As always, Western analysts are “on top”, they know a successor, they know what they are waiting for, but for some reason they cannot figure out the position in a given situation.

Always the Anglo-Saxons are in a hurry with conclusions and predictions ... Did Putin V.V. about to leave? No one has been able to predict the actions of GDP.

* “I respect you, and you respect me, we are dear people” - from a miniature of Arkady Isaakovich Raikin
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  1. USSR 1971
    USSR 1971 14 February 2016 06: 53
    Yes, the week is not as simple as the whole year from the beginning. All the main news from Syria. The Turks still started shelling Aleppo and Latakia. It’s hard to say how it will end, one thing is clear, another challenge is openly thrown to Russia. Turks who did not read history books again went to build the great Ottoman Empire. It is time to recall the times of Ushakov and Suvorov.
    And the great descendants of the Aryans, Deutsch Frau, meanwhile, run through the streets of Europe from the excited refugees, who themselves organized. After that, is it wise not to continue the insanity of solidarity with Turkey and tolerance for terrorists? So far, among Europeans, only the head of the Catholic Church and the Prime Minister of Bavaria have shown worldly wisdom in matters of joining forces for the sake of common sense.
    1. 33 Watcher
      33 Watcher 14 February 2016 06: 59
      Then the news slipped through as if the Syrians had answered them. True news so far only on the yellow pages. Let's wait for what the publications say more seriously ...
      A week, yes, fun. The upcoming one will be even more fun, probably ... winked
      1. USSR 1971
        USSR 1971 14 February 2016 07: 09
        Yes, another fifth column is unfinished, it continues to dirty from the inside, then in the Caucasus they start to start another booze, or defense enterprises are pushing for bankruptcy. Or they just dirty themselves with petty insanities such as a one-time replacement of car insurance policies, so that the country gets upside down in queues for a month.
        And in terms of foreign policy, by the way, one of the best, in my opinion, articles on the site this week is "Prospects for Turkey in the World War."
        1. tol100v
          tol100v 14 February 2016 07: 36
          Quote: USSR 1971
          Yes, another fifth column is underpressed, continues to dirty from the inside

          Apparently the time has come to "BUILD" the 5th column as it should!
          1. 33 Watcher
            33 Watcher 14 February 2016 08: 54
            Quote: Tol100v
            Quote: USSR 1971
            Yes, another fifth column is underpressed, continues to dirty from the inside

            Apparently the time has come to "BUILD" the 5th column as it should!

            To the line ... wink laughing
            1. SRC P-15
              SRC P-15 14 February 2016 10: 16
              Will Stewart, a Moscow correspondent for The Daily Mail, recounted rumors that are circulating in the Russian capital: allegedly Vladimir Putin’s successor as president will be the military hero.

              I think if Putin continues to be in the same physical shape, then he will not need a successor for a long time. But if this question rises in full force, then such a person will be found. But most likely, Putin will remain a "gray eminence": the country needs to carry out radical reforms and completely leave this matter in the hands of a newcomer, he is unlikely to agree. So let the liberals and the West not hope that with the arrival of a new president, the policy of our country will also change. Although, they already guess about it and tear their hair out in advance, wondering who will be the successor of our president.
              Thanks to the authors for the "results"!
            2. Finntroll
              Finntroll 14 February 2016 12: 46
              Better in a stack, so it’s easier to dig in.
        2. Litsvin
          Litsvin 14 February 2016 15: 45
          It is said in the Bible: "Take away the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered." At the head of the "Fifth Column" (I like the MORE CORRECT AND CAPACITIVE phrase - "NATIONAL TRAITORS") there are specific people, they are known, the sources of their funding are also known - the Jydomason financial kagal from England and the USA - the same people who once financed Ulyanov-Blanca with Trotsky and his associates, as well as Hitler - starting from 1922, the money was thrown.
          Their purpose is known - the destruction of Russia as a state, the seizure of its resources and the transformation of people into slaves (goyim according to the Talmud) for the extraction of these resources. Those of our people who do not understand this simple goal of "Western democracies" are either themselves a traitor-collaborator, or "sympathizers" with them.
          Hence the simple conclusion - "THE COLUMN OF NATIONAL TRAITORS" needs:
          The first is to "decapitate" (one traitor has already been stitched recently in Moscow).
          The second is to "lead", i.e. put "their" people there, under whom the Americans would give money, thinking that these are working for the United States. And the money received not from the USA can be used for the needs of our defense industry. Let them bash themselves.
          The United States can only be fought with their methods - to be honest it will not work, because they immediately start screaming "about human rights", "about homophobia", "about lack of tolerance", etc.
        3. Bayonet
          Bayonet 15 February 2016 07: 07
          Quote: USSR 1971
          Or they just dirty themselves with petty insanities such as a one-time replacement of car insurance policies, so that the country gets upside down in queues for a month.

          These are rumors! Replacement of policies will occur gradually. Old forms will be valid until the expiration date! Someone specifically stirs up the hype! hi
      2. Sirocco
        Sirocco 14 February 2016 07: 28
        Quote: Observer 33
        A week, yes, fun. The upcoming one will be even more fun, probably ...

        No matter how many years this turned out to be, after listening to the speech of Patriarch Kirill in Cuba, then the speech of Medvedev in Munich, a depressing picture develops, according to the results of these performances. Moreover, the Patriarch and the Pope have never met, that is, never at all, therefore it smells fried, not only from the side of terrorists and Daesh, but throughout the West it is not right, considering the buildup of NATO groups in the Baltic, information war, Merkel in Turkey, Turkey’s greyhound missile defense deployment in South Korea. So not everything is as predictable as we would like.
        Here, on copper, I was driving my thoughts about "refugees" in the EU, and about Georgia, in 08, why the Georgian army fled flashing with heels, etc. The thought came that the Georgian army was not motivated for war, there was no incentive, you can call the parade army, like the entire EU, there is technology, the same weapons, but the motivation for a military invasion of the Russian Federation is zero, but these "refugees" who are 30 years old in the EU are well motivated, (and Merkel can promise them "shelter ") no matter how they are sent in our direction, where is the guarantee that they are not trained in the camps in Germany, especially since most have combat experience. Well, the NATO army is a detachment like in Ukraine Azov, Right Sector, Tornado, etc.
        I'm afraid we are on the verge of grandiose events.
        1. Andkor1962
          Andkor1962 14 February 2016 09: 45
          I read this koment and thought that the idea that they can be prepared against us is sound!
        2. Camel
          Camel 14 February 2016 19: 01
          you can call a ceremonial army, like the entire EU, the equipment is there, the weapons are the same, but the motivation for a military invasion of the Russian Federation is zero, but these "refugees" who are 30 years old in the EU are millions, are well motivated (and can promise them "shelter")

          Here you, dear, are mistaken. Here is to imagine the Arabs who run around Europe, women are offended, yes, an option, but imagine them walking in slender columns to Moscow ... Yes, what for do they need? Cohesive and armed, they are much better off in Central Europe than in cold Russia, where, and they know for sure, and can attack! So, even if the idea of ​​accumulating a large number of combat-ready Muslims in Europe is directed against us, then it is a failure. It is much easier for these "refugees" to fight the police, but not against the Russian Army.
    2. ImPerts
      ImPerts 14 February 2016 07: 10
      A leap year, then do not believe in signs hi
      1. yuriy55
        yuriy55 14 February 2016 07: 30
        Another week passed, but international tensions and attacks on Russia intensified. Here you need to keep your eyes open and not relax. One can only hope for the wisdom of the President and the increasing economic insight of the Government every second ...

        The caravan is moving on ... The dogs are barking louder and more often ... There are two options: either the caravan has come too close to them, or the flock is running after them, hoping that they will get some tidbit ... If the second option is correct, then surely a piece will fall ... to each. Depending on the volume and viciousness of the barking. Not the fact that it will be tasty. I'm not sure what will be "tough" ... yes
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. Egoza
      Egoza 14 February 2016 07: 20
      Quote: USSR 1971
      Yes, the week is not as simple as the whole year from the beginning.

      what do you want? A leap year is always with "surprises", and mostly unpleasant.
      Thanks to the authors !!! but I won’t let you forget about Ukraine!
      Ukroboronprom signed a decision on the adoption of the Ukrainian army BTR-4, adapted for German Deutz engines instead of Russian ones.

      According to the press service of the company, Deutz will provide a special price for Ukraine for a batch of engines. The money saved, and we are talking about 25 millions of hryvnias, will go to the manufacture of new equipment for the army.

      "A batch of new motors will be used to equip armored personnel carriers BTR-3, BTR-4 and the latest Dozor-B armored vehicles. Until now, Russian-made engines were installed on the equipment, and now the concern will replace them with products meeting NATO standards," it said.

      Money - in your pocket, "Watch" - in "Shame"
      In the scientific and methodological magazine for teachers “History at School” for September-October 2015, published by the National Pedagogical University named after Drahomanov, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is called a “huckster”. The magazine also claims that "in Ukraine, power is controlled by the Zionists."
      “The modern government’s main goal is not spiritual revival, not improvement of people's lives, but enrichment, as evidenced, in particular, by the growth of Poroshenko’s (Waltzman’s) fortune to about 3 billion dollars, an increase in the Roshen chain of stores, etc.
      1. cosmos111
        cosmos111 14 February 2016 11: 02
        Russian teaches American good manners, in an electric train.
        1. SRC P-15
          SRC P-15 14 February 2016 12: 02
          So, Mr. Gref writes off Ukraine under 100 million “Baku rubles” purely as a brother.

          Sberbank denies this: "There was no write-off of 25% of the debt and will not be, in fact, we exchanged 100% of the face value of the debt and accrued interest for government securities of Ukraine," a source at Sberbank said. According to him, Sberbank will exchange 75% of the debt amount for Eurobonds of Ukraine due in 2019, and 25% for notes, payments on which are tied to the level of Ukraine's GDP. "Http:// news / view / 109199 /
        2. Barnaul, Altai
          Barnaul, Altai 14 February 2016 16: 21
          Our people are compassionate.
          Auntie jumped up and let him pick up his jacket ...
          Well, the "husband" is cool the second and third time with the palm of this whiner hit.
          In general, the conflict of cultures passed with humor laughing
  2. PEDRO
    PEDRO 14 February 2016 06: 58
    Quote: USSR 1971
    The Turks still began shelling Aleppo and Latakia

    Parasites are shooting ... Ottomans are coming!
  3. avvg
    avvg 14 February 2016 07: 03
    If in Ukraine Lyashko is ripe and shouts "what does Putin have to do with, if you are fooling people," then all is not lost in Ukraine.
    1. USSR 1971
      USSR 1971 14 February 2016 07: 23
      The cries of a single Svidomo transventitis do not change the vector of Ukrainian politics as a whole.
    2. Egoza
      Egoza 14 February 2016 07: 24
      Quote: avvg
      then in Ukraine not everything is lost.

      Still not lost!
      On February 12, a rally was held in Donetsk. dedicated to the 98 anniversary of the Donetsk-Kryvyi Rih Republic. Near the monument to the founder of the DKR, the Kharkov Bolshevik Artyom sounded fiery references to the past, sworn assurances and everything that should sound at such meetings. In one of the radio interviews, the author of the book Donetsk-Kryvyi Rih: A Shot Down Dream, a Donetsk historian and political scientist Vladimir Kornilov, noted that the republic did not lose on the battlefields, but in the Kremlin corridors, where the leadership of the DKR was persistently convinced of the necessity of joining the Ukrainian SSR. Of course, with promises of autonomy, federal rights, guarantees from forced Ukrainization, etc. Reminds me of something, right? Verily, history moves in a spiral.


      Read the book of Kornilov! You will not regret!
  4. evil partisan
    evil partisan 14 February 2016 07: 11
    Dyumin, speak what ... And what ... It seems to fit: the name of the President of Russia should be short, like the life of an enemy on the battlefield yes . But only after 20 years request. May God give health to Vladimir Vladimirovich.
    And to the Authors - thanks for the Results! hi
  5. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 14 February 2016 07: 11
    And for those who will celebrate Valentine's Day today. Celebrate, dance
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 14 February 2016 07: 28
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      And for those who will celebrate Valentine's Day today. Celebrate, dance

      well yes. yesterday celebrated "World Condom Day" belay And today is Valentine!
      however, about Valentines and love, consent, etc.
      “What an unexpected meeting!”
      Y. Tymoshenko met in the USA with Mr. V. Nalyvaichenko, who at one time angrily shouted at the BP meeting that he was “a reminded, manicured“ source ”(being) Yes, and with Ganei German, the former ... former voice of Yanukovych and irreconcilable a wrestler with Julia ... Met, hugged, came to a consensus. That's what the US life-giving does!
      1. liuk gud
        liuk gud 21 February 2016 11: 23
        If my memory serves me - "pomaded istota" is Khoroshkovsky
    2. Sirocco
      Sirocco 14 February 2016 07: 39
      Sasha, I’m not a supporter of everything Western, especially holidays and culture, but I haven’t found anywhere in your post. There is a version.
      Some historians believe that this celebration was invented, like Saint Valentine himself, in order to oust from the Roman traditions a very cruel pagan holiday. According to a long-standing tradition, the city of Rome was founded by the brothers Romulus and Remus, who were fed by a she-wolf with their milk. That is why every year the inhabitants of the empire sacrificed one sheep (food of the wolves), as well as a dog (an animal that the wolves hate). The skin of the dead animals was divided into narrow thin belts, after which completely naked young guys lashed them to everyone who came across the path. It is noteworthy that young girls tried to get under these blows, as it was believed that the scars make it possible to get married successfully, endure and give birth to a child. In turn, the story of the appearance of Valentine's Day here is related to the fact that these belts were called “Februa”, and the ritual itself was held in the middle of this February, which in the Romano-Germanic languages ​​sounds like “Februarium” and its other derivatives.
      1. Gardamir
        Gardamir 14 February 2016 11: 53
        This celebration was invented, like St. Valentine himself, in order to supplant a very cruel pagan holiday from Roman traditions.
        It looks like this d **** th Valentine and flew to Russia. so that our holidays are crowded out.
        1. Starik72
          Starik72 14 February 2016 15: 19
          I agree with you Gardamir one hundred percent !!! They imposed on us different "Heluins", "Valetina" and even a saint, but it is not clear in what. Although OUR holidays are much more beautiful and festive than these imposed ones, Heluins and Valentines.
          1. Kos_kalinki9
            Kos_kalinki9 14 February 2016 18: 56
            Quote: Starik72
            I agree with you Gardamir one hundred percent !!! They imposed on us different "Heluins", "Valetina" and even a saint, but it is not clear in what. Although OUR holidays are much more beautiful and festive than these imposed ones, Heluins and Valentines.
        2. Throw
          Throw 14 February 2016 16: 00
          And you just need to remember and celebrate your holidays fellow

          Valentine's Day with us - Ivanov Day (Ivan Kupala). At the solstice. And through the bonfire for hair removal girls jump and fool around at night .. repeat
          1. Gardamir
            Gardamir 14 February 2016 21: 25
            Valentine's Day with us
            No offense to anyone. But listen: the day of lovers and the day of love, these are two big differences.
    3. aleksey980
      aleksey980 14 February 2016 14: 32
      "Like flies, here and there,
      rumors go home
      and toothless old women
      they are carried to minds "
      (c) V.S. Vysotsky
    4. Weyland
      Weyland 14 February 2016 16: 10
      Bullshit! The story itself is 100% fake, but in real life the Roman soldiers were really forbidden to marry, because the warrior had Roman citizenship, which gave a lot of privileges - and the women who wanted to obtain citizenship through marriage were a little more than dofig.
      But taking concubines to the soldiers, essno, was not forbidden, because it had no legal consequences. And if St. Valentine would have married some warrior with some non-citizen, the "wedding certificate" would have had the same legal number. consequences, like a similar paper presented to a Soviet court 50 years ago - that is, no: there is no seal from the ancient Roman registry office - come on, goodbye!
    5. The comment was deleted.
    6. jjj
      jjj 14 February 2016 18: 25
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      And for those who will celebrate Valentine's Day today. Celebrate, dance

      Today is also the day of the mentally ill
  6. Hooks
    Hooks 14 February 2016 07: 13
    The most intense week has stood out!
    "In Russia, the number of suicides has sharply decreased since the beginning of the year. Everyone is interested in how it will end" (c)
  7. kostya-petrov
    kostya-petrov 14 February 2016 07: 23
    The first topic is very important (the meeting of Patriarch Cyril and the Pontiff), since there has not been such a meeting since 1054!
    It is great that the two leaders of large churches met and discussed some issues.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 14 February 2016 07: 31
      Quote: kostya-petrov
      It is great that the two leaders of large churches met and discussed some issues.

      Yeah! Kiev patriarchy in touch, Uniates in shock!
    2. Barnaul, Altai
      Barnaul, Altai 14 February 2016 16: 24
      belay laughing

      joke on + 100 !!!

      The most intense week has stood out!
      "In Russia, the number of suicides has sharply decreased since the beginning of the year. Everyone is interested in how it will end" (c)
  8. sgazeev
    sgazeev 14 February 2016 07: 33
    Building personnel. The command sounds:
    - Single go to the right, married - to the left!
    Lyashko voiced immediately:
    - Where am I going? laughing
  9. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 14 February 2016 07: 33
    thanks for the review. The week was busy. but every time I read with pleasure. the site does not always come out - and here the main thing and all at once - thanks again for your efforts!
  10. Egoza
    Egoza 14 February 2016 07: 33
    Culture News....
    Ta-ak! We already banned Russian films, turned off television channels, books lustrated. What else is left there? Music!
    Russian music turned out to be no less harmful to the people of Ukraine. And this time - a classic. As Ukrainian publisher and writer Vitaliy Kapranov stated at a press conference in late January, representatives of the musical community “Mighty Handful”, which was formed in Russia the year before last, pose a hidden threat to Ukrainian culture.
    “The issue is actually significantly worse than we all think,” he believes. - Today, the Ukrainian information and state space is at the needle of the Russian product. Any TV channel is an addiction. She is very deep - already on the subcortex. And economic, and, excuse me, traditionally Soviet, because those who studied at the music school know that they are studying in the course “Musliterature”. Borodin, Mussorgsky - literature begins with this. “A mighty bunch!” I won’t tell a secret: today, a “mighty bunch” in every music school is number one. The children do not know when Bortnyansky lived, but they know perfectly well what Borodin said to Rimsky-Korsakov. ”

    That's it! And Ukrainian composers are no better! Lysenko, for example, perfected his mastery of symphonic instrumentation at the St. Petersburg Conservatory in the class of N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov. And what did he write? "Taras Bulba"!
    Dankevich, and in general "Bogdan Khmelnitsky" And all against our European friends! And G. Mayboroda, it’s scary to think, the opera Arsenal, about some sort of rebellion of the separatists! No, we don’t need a classic, it’s better to listen to “Vidli Vidoplyasova”.
  11. Egoza
    Egoza 14 February 2016 07: 35
    Lifenews reports: President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in Munich was in an awkward situation. The head of state, contrary to the protocol, had to wait almost three minutes under the sights of the cameras for the host of the meeting, who is much lower rank, - the Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer. The Ukrainian leader clearly felt uneasy and did not know where to put himself. The incident could not go unnoticed - among those present, conversations immediately began. Indeed, according to the protocol, both participants in the meeting must appear at the same time, the receiving party to wait for the guest, or the younger in rank to wait for the senior. And being late in the diplomatic language is classified as an insult. However, Poroshenko pretended that nothing unpleasant had happened. When Seehofer finally appeared, he joyfully headed towards him.

    “I stand at the door with a cake in my hands,
    No one is meeting me!
    The damned Bavarian insulted me,
    But Merkel does not save me! ”
  12. Egoza
    Egoza 14 February 2016 07: 39
    Do you know "hu from hu"?
    Groisman ....
    Since November 1994, he worked as the commercial director of the private enterprise Yunost.
    It's clear who nominated him to the post of prime minister. The threads have been going on since 2007, when Yunost LLC showed its true owners. On October 17, in the Vinnitsa branch of PJSC "Kreditprombank", the company "Yunost" received a loan for 10 US dollars for the construction of the Magigrand shopping center. The loan was never repaid, and Groisman's debt to the state is 800 million hryvnia. He turned it over very simply, declaring himself and the company completely bankrupt, the price of pieces of paper confirming this is 000 thousand dollars.
    Alexander Turchinov
    Turchinov is a member of the totalitarian sect "Word of Life", which in the reference book "Religions and Sects in Modern Russia" published by the Russian Association of Centers for the Study of Religion and Sects (RACIRS) is characterized as "a destructive cult of a pseudo-Christian charismatic orientation with an occult bias, psyche of adepts ". By the way, the sect was created in Sweden back in 1983 and had considerable success in the United States, where it later settled. The most famous members of this organization are Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Alexander Turchinov. The involvement of these people in this sect is not so surprising, especially if we recall the subtle features of Turchinov in terms of sexual orientation.
  13. Nikolay71
    Nikolay71 14 February 2016 07: 41
    I agree that the coming week will be even more "fun" (at least in Syria). The ceasefire was set aside for just a week.
  14. Egoza
    Egoza 14 February 2016 07: 41
    The Verkhovna Rada deputy from "Self-help" Semyon Semenchenko, who is mentally preparing to remove parliamentary immunity from him, is also a little upset. “Now we understand that this war is simply beneficial for corrupt officials - if it weren’t for it, the people would have kicked the authorities in the ass for a long time,” he wrote on his Facebook page.
    “The second Maidan has not actually ended yet. We have political forces that entered the parliament, put a foot in the door of power and do not allow them to close. Now we need to climb there shoulder. The darkest night - before dawn! Ukraine will win! ”He encouraged himself.

    They climbed the wrong place, here is the result! Interestingly, no one remembers about the head.
    On February 17, Mikhail Saakashvili wrote on his Facebook page: “Yesterday we talked for a long time with Aivaras Abromavichus, and he told many other interesting things. Isn’t it sad that the Lithuanians and Georgians are forced to assume the role of defenders of the country from some dishonest ethnic Ukrainians who have broken into power? ”

    Announce the list of Ukrainians in power, please!
    1. oldzek
      oldzek 15 February 2016 07: 15
      and what really are there? WHO ????
  15. Egoza
    Egoza 14 February 2016 07: 50
    Reflections ....

    I.V. Stalin accepted the country with a plow, and left it with an atomic bomb .... Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk accepted a country with developed rocket science and industry, and leave ....
    One of the largest industrial enterprises in Ukraine stops production due to unprofitability. This was reported to reporters by a source from the board of directors of the Odessa port plant.
    The main reason for this cardinal decision was a significant drop in natural gas prices. Recently, blue fuel has depreciated to 200 dollars per thousand cubic meters, respectively, ammonia and urea have fallen in price.
    At the same time, the enterprise, by order of the Cabinet of Ministers, purchases fuel from NAK Naftogaz at a fabulously high (at current prices) price of 280 dollars. As a result, the company has been operating to the detriment of itself for months, for the cost of the product is higher than the selling price of competitors.

    Remember as relatives!

    The army of Ukraine is moving forward
    1. Kos_kalinki9
      Kos_kalinki9 14 February 2016 08: 02
      Add my five cents.
      New "achievements" of Svidomites.
      1. Weyland
        Weyland 14 February 2016 16: 36
        I have already seen something similar ... Oh, yes, "Tobit's book". The same laws were in ancient Assyria. How she ended - it is known: "Nineveh was thrown into the dust - and who will regret her ?! "
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. Andkor1962
      Andkor1962 14 February 2016 09: 40
      But they are so happy that oil prices have fallen. to help !?
  16. Stinger
    Stinger 14 February 2016 07: 56
    But here's the question: is the friendliness of Pope Francis towards the Orthodox "colleague" - is it his personal, or is it that modern Roman Catholic?

    When both business entities began to be pressed by the third business, they went to the world. Will the flock, brought up for centuries by these subjects, go to the world flock? Or abolished the principle of divide and lead?
  17. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 14 February 2016 08: 33
    Quote: Egoza
    And being late in the diplomatic language is classified as an insult.

    Therefore, such an insult can go even unnoticed by people who are not familiar with the protocol and if it does not get into the TV frame (as it was when Poroshenko tried to say hello to Obama). But it is felt that soon Pedro will begin to insult not diplomatically, but naturally. Tired of everyone already.
  18. aszzz888
    aszzz888 14 February 2016 08: 53
    The meeting is historical in every sense of the word, if only because, barely taking place, it became an event not just of the year, but of an entire era - passed along the front pages of all the world's leading media.

    Ukronazis, in the media, called the pope "an agent of the FSB." They no longer know how to get out of the skin! D, B!
  19. AlNikolaich
    AlNikolaich 14 February 2016 08: 55
    Alexey Dyumin? Western analysts, they are so western ... However, the event takes place, and it is somewhat significant ... The formation of a new power elite? The revival of governor generals? In any case, we are waiting for new appointments and new characters!
  20. Andkor1962
    Andkor1962 14 February 2016 09: 12
    I constantly read this site (it is one of my favorites), and I don’t even talk about Sunday. And I really like the video from the whole week - very briefly, everything is clear and most importantly with humor. Thank you very much!!!! I’m setting you as an example in some (Russian) forums.
  21. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 14 February 2016 09: 29
    Thanks to the authors. Good overview. And the most important topics were raised. The fun time is coming. The world dances on the tip of a knife, blindfolded while juggling grenades. The Turks began shelling in Aleppo. The Syrians seem to be answering them. An artillery duel (if our advisers are there, and where else they will be) will be in favor of the Syrians. Just because they have been shooting for a long time, they have already learned. The Turks will not like the result, the tanks will move. Here our and the Syrian "Crocodiles" will have a place to frolic, and the dryers will be covered from above from Erdogan's vultures. IMHO, this is the edge to which the situation can reach. Tank offensives in the narrow defiles of Northern Syria are just an anti-tank officer's dream. Without air cover - sheer suicide. But there are big doubts about the Turkish air cover.
  22. Damask
    Damask 14 February 2016 09: 39
    Putin’s successor, if only hell, would punish the bureaucrats who ruined the country, the robbers of the oligarchs and the fucking senior officers, whose tacit consent was a coup in the USSR
  23. wandlitz
    wandlitz 14 February 2016 09: 51
    Will Stewart, a Moscow correspondent for The Daily Mail, recounted rumors that are circulating in the Russian capital: allegedly Vladimir Putin’s successor as president will be the military hero.
    And what kind of dog business is The Daily Mail, who will be our president. At first, restore order ...
  24. oxotnuk86
    oxotnuk86 14 February 2016 10: 00
    The events of the week (it’s not over yet) lead me to think, I didn’t lie to tell Ilyusha let her explain to the partners that they are not whistling so much, they petition and swindle low.
  25. atamankko
    atamankko 14 February 2016 10: 14
    I read it with interest, thanks to the authors, make me think.
  26. dmit-xnumx
    dmit-xnumx 14 February 2016 10: 20
    Thanks for your review! There used to be a (printed) weekly "Za abroad", there was a weekly television program "International Panorama"; your publication continues the tradition.
    1. Barnaul, Altai
      Barnaul, Altai 14 February 2016 16: 33
      There is also a weekly Q&A program by V. Pyakin.
      recomend for everybody.
  27. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 14 February 2016 10: 36
    The meeting of the Pope with the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church is not a religious, but a purely political event. From the Russian side, the goal was to show the world that isolation of our country is a myth.
    There is too much disagreement between these Churches in the field of dogma. What is the Catholic dogma about the infallibility of the pope and his supremacy over the Christians of the whole Earth? The Russian Orthodox Church will never recognize or cease to exist as an independent branch of Christianity.
    1. kostya-petrov
      kostya-petrov 14 February 2016 10: 47
      This meeting was a serious call for politicians in particular. Christians really began to destroy steel. There have been no such things for several millennia ...
      Among these threats, of course, particular attention is being paid to attempts to oust Christianity from the Middle East - in fact, from the place where Christianity appeared and gained its first faithful supporters. The Christians of the Middle East and not only him, by the way, became targets for terrorists and extremists of all stripes. The persecution of Christians, the destruction of Christian churches (regardless of their affiliation of one or another branch), mass executions, the desecration of Christian shrines, unfortunately, have become an integral attribute of reality in a number of states of the world. This is Syria, Egypt, Nigeria, Iraq, this is the region of Kosovo, the current authorities of which are trying to call themselves democratic and, moreover, independent, but in fact supporting extremist groups that are actually destroying the Christian component in this region. The number of Christians in Iraq in the last decade has decreased by more than ten times! Kosovo Christians are forced to either move to the northern provinces, or simply leave the province.
  28. cap
    cap 14 February 2016 12: 09
    As always good, bright with humor!
    We are waiting for news articles and reviews. Thank you. hi
  29. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 14 February 2016 12: 45
    It’s good that oil has fallen in price. Now America does not need our bowels. You can sleep peacefully.
    Kasyanov in the store. Saleswoman:
    “You, man?”
    - I have a cake.
    - Will you or revenge?
  30. Denis Skiff
    Denis Skiff 14 February 2016 14: 35
    Quote: cosmos111
    Russian teaches American good manners, in an electric train.

    this is how the people are cocked.
  31. Starik72
    Starik72 14 February 2016 15: 24
    I will write briefly. THANKS to the authors for the excellent review !!! Sorry, of course, which is short, because there’s nothing to add! Yours faithfully !
  32. Bort radist
    Bort radist 14 February 2016 17: 26
    One of them flashed by me that they wanted to offer the Ukraine changelong to Syria! There’s some kind of giveaway.
  33. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 14 February 2016 18: 21
    The answer flew.
    "The movement of trucks with Ukrainian numbers on Russian territory has been suspended after about 11 trucks from Russia were blocked on the territory of Ukraine since February 100, and several hundred more cannot enter the country from the EU.
    As reported on the website of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, this decision was made as a retaliatory measure, since Kiev's actions are a gross violation of the Agreement between Ukraine and Russia on international road traffic. Therefore, the decree on blocking vehicles will remain in effect until Kiev resolves the situation with Russian trucks. "..
    Read on:
  34. nov_tech.vrn
    nov_tech.vrn 14 February 2016 19: 02
    "So, Mr. Gref writes off Ukraine at 100 million" Baku rubles "purely as a brother." - fake, Jareska once again c ... business.
    Sberbank refused to write off the debt to two largest Ukrainian state-owned companies: CB Yuzhnoye and Ukravtodor. The fact is that earlier on February 11, the head of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine Natalia Yaresko said Sberbank forgiven a quarter of the debt to state-owned companies. The government of Ukraine officially approved the proposed conditions by the Russian bank for debt restructuring. And now Ukrainian concerns owe Sberbank $ 368 million. The press service of Sberbank denied this information. According to the source, the bank is not going to write off 25% of the debt to Ukrainian companies.
    According to the press service, the Russian bank will exchange 100% of the face value of the debt of state-owned companies for Ukrainian government securities. 75% will be exchanged for Ukraine's Eurobonds, which will need to be paid off by 2019. The remaining 25% will be exchanged for notes, which will depend on the level of GDP of Ukraine.
    It’s fun here how this shnyaga scattered through the mass disinformation of Russia, because it’s elementary to check
  35. samarin1969
    samarin1969 14 February 2016 19: 21
    "... the Russian bank will exchange 100% of the nominal debt of state-owned companies for valuable Ukrainian government securities."
    Yes, sometimes these securities are valuable. wink
  36. vezunchik
    vezunchik 14 February 2016 21: 14
    not a successor, but a prime minister.
  37. SlavaP
    SlavaP 14 February 2016 21: 57
    But about the "successor for Putin": what if we take and, as it were, accidentally transfer our brother Ramzan to the Moscow position ... Here, as the unforgettable "DMB" says: "They are not only ss ... I but wed ... I'll start " bully