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Russia will rearm Serbia, despite the protests of liberals

Russia will rearm Serbia, despite the protests of liberalsThe deal, following which Russia will rearm the Serbian army, is close to completion. And although her need is due to current security issues, in Serbia she met with aggressive opposition from liberal circles. The reason is that the West is significantly increasing the propaganda pressure in the Balkans, while Moscow has let things go there without chance.

After the visit of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin to Belgrade, talks on large-scale Russian supplies weapons in Serbia moved to the practical plane. All kinds of rumors, primarily related to armaments, which can be described as strategic or offensive, immediately disappeared. However, the General Staff of Serbia has yet to develop an idea of ​​the nature of the hostilities under which the new Serbian army will be created (with Russian participation).

In Serbia, reports about the possibility of re-equipping the army with the latest Russian weapons caused a mixed reaction. Back in January, this became the main topic for the Serbian media and gave rise to many local politicians of pro-European orientation. A particularly negative reaction was caused by the possible supply of C-300 systems, but this negative was determined not so much by political as by financial considerations. Another thing is that Serbian politicians, political scientists and journalists who opposed this kind of supply specifically highlighted the financial theme, deliberately forgetting considerations of a higher order, for example, the security of Serbia. This is a well-known technique, when more mundane arguments are opposed to things that are much more difficult for the philistine understanding: “oil instead of guns” in the pre-election period is a prettier slogan than “guns instead of oil”. The bottom line is an almost perfect scheme for putting pressure on the government.

The next step is the assertion that Serbia needs defensive rather than offensive weapons. It does not need to explain to the reader that the air defense system, by definition, defensive. The substitution of concepts, however, does not lead to a change in the emotional attitude in society. In general, the liberal and pro-European newspaper "Blitz", which spoke about the "offensive" nature of C-300, conducted a survey among readers: "Should Serbia buy weapons from Russia?". 58% were in favor, 23% was against, and 19% thought that Serbia should produce the weapon itself.

Russia's share in the global arms trade (infographics)

An example of another information warfare tool being conducted now in Serbia: some near-government sources in Belgrade claim that the Vucic government is not going to buy weapons from Moscow at all, but only leads the Russian delegations by the nose. Serbia has no obvious financial opportunities to make such purchases, therefore, Vucic only imitates the negotiation process.
Meanwhile, the issue of the supply of Russian weapons to Serbia has been practically resolved, and now we are talking about technical details, but financial ones as well. At the same time, Moscow does not even think of interfering in the internal processes in the Balkans, responding to the changing situation in the region only at the request of the Serbian partners. The arms race in the Balkans began Croatia, announcing the purchase of medium-range tactical missiles. This decision will unbalance the balance of power in the region, and Serbia’s desire to protect itself naturally. In the end, the Serbian-Croatian conflict has centuries and is not connected with the political position of Moscow. It was, is and will be, just Zagreb will complement it with cruise missiles, and Serbia with Russian air defense systems and the rearmament of the land army.

The option of re-equipping the army that Moscow is inclined to offer to Belgrade does not provide for the supply of strategic systems, but purely front-line, tactical ones. We are talking about "Torahs", "Carapace" and "Buk", that is, air defense systems of frontal defense and operational space. Tor is designed to support tank both in defense and in the offensive, so that it is not distracted by attacking attackers. The Buk provides the depth of defense of the front, and the Shell is generally a short-range system, which is also located on wheeled platforms (that is, it cannot be classified as offensive).

For the Serbian General Staff, this means a turnaround in strategic planning. C-300 with a range of 300 kilometers, of course, is able to create an umbrella not only over Serbia, but also over the border areas, from which Croatia is indignant. But theoretical conflicts in the Balkans now do not provide for strategic bombardments, as in the days of President Bill Clinton, and the “ordinary” war requires just such a system of rearmament of the army, which is proposed by Belgrade Moscow.

As for the financial issue, there are many ways in the arms trade to avoid instant payments through the credit system. Such operations are common and do not cause difficulties. But this, of course, does not interfere with the liberal part of Serbian politicians and the media in the pre-election period to submit an agreement with Russia as the purchase of “expensive toys” and “imperial enslavement”.

A separate topic is a reaction to the public statements of Rogozin, who never concealed his negative attitude towards the desire of a part of the Belgrade political beau monde to join the EU by any means. Thus, the spectacular blonde Zorana Mikhailovich - Deputy Prime Minister in charge of transport, infrastructure and (important!) Energy - recommended Rogozin "to take care of her state, and not about Serbia." She would not have been asked because the army and armaments are not in her competence, but it is Zorana Mikhailovich who is negotiating the supply of Russian gas to Serbia, taking care of transit through Ukraine to the detriment of detours. However, the position of Mikhailovich was not always so unequivocal. For example, she advocated the supply of agricultural products to Russia bypassing European sanctions. In her present words there is not a lot of personal or principled anti-Russian, rather, it is a usual attempt for the Serbian government to sit on several chairs at the same time, explaining this ballet pas “enemies around”. With such an ambiguous government, of course, difficult to deal with, but it is necessary. For example, the chairman of the moderate Democratic Party of Serbia, Sanda Rashkovich-Ilic, demanded that Mikhailovich disavow his words as “non-diplomatic”. This purely female (which is typical of the Balkans) controversy has not yet been completed, especially since Sanda Rashkovich-Ilic has already traveled to Crimea, which has earned a solid “anti-European” reputation, and this is very easy to use in modern Serbia in the election campaign.

It is worth noting that when supplying Russian weapons, the Serbian side receives many additional preferences that are not related to weapons. So, there is evidence that Russia has agreed to act as an intermediary in the negotiations between Belgrade and Astana on the confusing issue of supplying Serb components for the production of Fiat vehicles in Kazakhstan. Another example is the possibility of replacing components for Russian KamAZ with Serb instead of forbidden to import Turkish.

As a result, even the most notorious opponents of the Russian-Serbian deal should recognize that Serbia gets much more than what it will pay for in fact. While the contract with Serbia for Rosvooruzhenie will never be the largest, although it allows us to speak of a fundamentally different level of Russian influence in the Balkans. Moscow again found itself in a system of tough competition, but if the United States and NATO joined in this struggle with the methods of “soft power”, as well as financial and intelligence schemes, then Russia has “soft power” problems, despite the traditionally good relations between peoples and individuals. . Now in Belgrade only one Russian private informational and educational agency, the Russian Expres, survives with great difficulty, and the scale of the European and American presence is enormous. Kusturica film festivals alone cannot solve problems here, although they are important.

To summarize The technical aspects of military-technical cooperation between Russia and Serbia will be corrected several times, but this is already work for specialists of the general staffs. The fundamental decision to re-equip the Serbian army with the Russian types of weapons that it now needs is taken. And we were not the first to start an arms race in the Balkans. The main question is how it will end.
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  1. Good cat
    Good cat 11 February 2016 18: 22
    Well, it’s nice, if it were early, it would be very good.
    1. Baikonur
      Baikonur 11 February 2016 18: 35
      Vague doubts torment a little!
      - From a financial point of view, this is good for Russia - profit for the military-industrial complex, ...!
      - On the other hand, Serbia is eagerly eager for the EU (Their command, which then cannot be picked up!)!
      - The people of Serbia seem to be "fraternal", but this is not enough (you yourself know how the USKals work - the Uprising (Common people) will be brutally suppressed (L. Carol - "Alice in Wonderland")!) So
      We are talking about "Torahs", "Carapace" and "Buk", that is, air defense systems of frontal defense and operational space.
      may well be directed "in the wrong direction" in the future, as well as for "parsing into cogs" and studying the principles of these pieces!
      1. kotvov
        kotvov 11 February 2016 18: 41
        may well be directed "in the wrong direction" in the future, as well as for "parsing into cogs" and studying the principles of these pieces! ,,
        helped them a lot with the purchase of our rocket engines?
        1. Thunderbolt
          Thunderbolt 11 February 2016 19: 03
          Quote: Baikonur
          directed "in the wrong direction", as well as for "parsing into cogs" and studying the principles of these pieces!
          They sold the Pantsiri to the Emirates, which they can now easily drag Syria, but not sell it to the Serbs. What's the catch ...?
        2. Inok10
          Inok10 11 February 2016 19: 08
          Quote: kotvov
          helped them a lot with the purchase of our rocket engines?

          ... no matter how, even though most of the documentation was handed over ... hi
          ... ah, what are such experiences from ?! ... Greece has long been the owner of the C 300 and Tor and Bison, now asks to consider the possibility of modernization ... and also the country of NATO ... here the question is very deep ... hi ... well, the fact that Serbia needs to be re-equipped is a fact, and if we don’t do it, then mattresses and Europeans will do it ... and in this case, even theoretically, you don’t have to rely on Serbia .. hi
          1. theadenter
            theadenter 11 February 2016 20: 44
            If we were given a pair of F-22s, we would not be able to collect even 90% of the same. But they would use their achievements. Also they - will not be able to assemble such an engine. The risk of making the wrong copy can lead to the loss of a launch vehicle and an expensive satellite.
            1. 16112014nk
              16112014nk 11 February 2016 21: 59
              Quote: theadenter
              If we were given a pair of F-22 - we would not be able to collect even 90% of the same

              In Soviet times, an experiment was conducted at the Bolshevichka garment factory. In order to provide the Soviet people with high quality clothing. One of the suits bought in France, it seems from Cardin, was cut neatly at the seams and given to the seamstresses to sew back. It turned out not "Cardin", but "Moskvoshveya". The experiment was terminated.
              1. Was mammoth
                Was mammoth 11 February 2016 22: 21
                Quote: 16112014nk
                The experiment was stopped.

                An acquaintance in the 70s was vacationing in Czechoslovakia. I bought footwear there (Czech footwear was valued at that time) from Djeytis. Then I figured it out - "Jetysu", Alma-Ata. wink So that not everything was as bad as you think.
                1. Black Colonel
                  Black Colonel 12 February 2016 08: 55
                  In-in! I know one guy, they lived in the same hostel as a young man. He served in Czechoslovakia and on demobilization bought fashionable fashionable men's ankle boots there. It turned out the Rostov shoe factory.
                2. 16112014nk
                  16112014nk 12 February 2016 12: 33
                  What was done for the domestic market and for export deliveries are, as they say in Odessa, two big differences.
              2. magician
                magician 11 February 2016 23: 45
                I don’t know where you got such data from, but no such experiments have been conducted. Jeans yes, sewed on patterns purchased in France.
                1. 16112014nk
                  16112014nk 12 February 2016 12: 46
                  Do you have 100 percent data on experiments in the early 70s? In this case, there was no question of patterns, therefore such a result. And according to the templates, in Tver in the late 80s and 90s, they sewed beautiful denim suits: jackets and jeans themselves. There was a joint production with the Greek firm "Jesus". The cost of these suits, emnip, 120 rubles. Separately jeans-80. The quality was 5+.
              3. The comment was deleted.
      2. Denis Obukhov
        Denis Obukhov 11 February 2016 19: 03
        Quote: Baikonur
        Vague doubts torment a little!
        - From a financial point of view, this is good for Russia - profit for the military-industrial complex, ...!
        - On the other hand, Serbia is eagerly eager for the EU (Their command, which then cannot be picked up!)!
        - The people of Serbia seem to be "fraternal", but this is not enough (you yourself know how the USKals work - the Uprising (Common people) will be brutally suppressed (L. Carol - "Alice in Wonderland")!) So
        We are talking about "Torahs", "Carapace" and "Buk", that is, air defense systems of frontal defense and operational space.
        may well be directed "in the wrong direction" in the future, as well as for "parsing into cogs" and studying the principles of these pieces!

        The article clearly wrote - The fundamental decision on the rearmament of the Serbian army with the Russian types of weapons that it now needs is adopted.
        The condition for joining NATO is the restructuring and rearmament of the army according to NATO standards. With its response, Serbia will make it clear to staz whether it plans to join NATO ...
      3. gergi
        gergi 11 February 2016 19: 20
        Serbia in NATO has not soaped yet? The authorities there are now a liberal bastard, and they want to see how much they want to join NATO in impatience.
      4. biron
        biron 11 February 2016 19: 22
        any system has a lock especially in our time.
      5. Luga
        Luga 11 February 2016 19: 34
        Quote: Baikonur
        may well be directed "in the wrong direction" in the future, as well as for "parsing into cogs" and studying the principles of these pieces!

        This is unlikely ... I’m sure that they have available the technology samples listed in the article for a long time.

        But the Serbs must be armed, because one thing is certain - these weapons will not be used against us. Politicians will not want to hold machines in their hands, and they are not able to control air defense systems. And if such a politician gives, or rather, tries to give an order to shoot at the Russians, I’m sure he won’t like how this order will be carried out by those who are sitting in the trenches at the front line or at the air defense control panels.

        Serbia is not Ukraine. The traditions of Serbian statehood are very deep and the fact that they managed to preserve themselves, their language, faith and customs, being under Turkish rule, irrefutably indicates that they will not be able to brainwash them, since they managed to do this with a never-existing Ukrainian nation . They will not let you deprive yourself of the past, which means they will save themselves in the future. That is, by our friends.
      6. BISMARCK94
        BISMARCK94 11 February 2016 21: 31
        Is the equipment for your army and the equipment for export the same in terms of filling? And it’s not a problem to get such a technique from potential opponents.
      7. oborzevatel
        oborzevatel 12 February 2016 10: 52
        Quote: Baikonur
        as well as for "parsing into cogs" and studying the principles of these pieces!

        You are talking nonsense, my dear ...
    2. Denis Obukhov
      Denis Obukhov 11 February 2016 19: 00
      I can imagine how uncomfortable NATO will feel in Croatia under the radiation of the S-300 purchased from Russia!
    3. Denis Obukhov
      Denis Obukhov 11 February 2016 19: 06
      Serbia is in the ring of NATO countries and candidates for joining it. Re-equipping it is very difficult and very expensive.
  2. Shadowcat
    Shadowcat 11 February 2016 18: 25
    Well, we have a tribute to the Serb brothers. It must be returned.
    And besides moral duty, I think it is very strong
    a) cut down various traffic
    b) a funeral center will be made in the very heart of Europe.
  3. Dam
    Dam 11 February 2016 18: 27
    With all due respect to the Pan-Slavic idea. Serbs are still allies. As if our 300 from NATO did not get for a detailed study
    1. Pereira
      Pereira 11 February 2016 18: 28
      I believe they are already there and studied.
    2. rskrn
      rskrn 11 February 2016 18: 35
      Yes, I do not agree. How many wars we did not wage Serbs always supported us. But we didn’t really help them in the 90s, and especially in 1999.
      1. marna
        marna 11 February 2016 18: 55
        Quote: rskrn
        But we didn’t really help them in the 90s, and especially in 1999.

        We helped them as best we could. And there were many volunteers there, and peacekeepers. Humanitarian again. How then could we help them, remember what happened to the country then. The army was almost ruined ...
      2. Dam
        Dam 11 February 2016 19: 18
        Let me correct you, we have always supported them. And they, like a petty hooligan, will get into the war loudly, quickly snatch it out, and then: "Save Russia!" And in the 90s they themselves were under a color revolution, they barely saved themselves.
    3. Yura
      Yura 11 February 2016 18: 42
      Greece a NATO member country has them, I don’t remember when they were acquired by them.
    4. marna
      marna 11 February 2016 18: 47
      Oh, I do not believe the Serbs. The people themselves are good and very open to us. I know firsthand, I often communicate, I have good friends, but they have a liberal elite, well, very cunning.
      1. Amurets
        Amurets 12 February 2016 01: 15
        Quote: marna
        but the liberal elite of them, well, very cunningly thought out.

        And what's wrong with ours? Tricky. In the same Western countries, Navalny would have received a total of 100 years of economic crimes, and we got off with a dozen conditionally. And "Fighter against corruption." And in Soviet times, for such acts he would have been the same "Kirovsles" for 15 years.
        1. twviewer
          twviewer 12 February 2016 02: 20
          Quote: Amurets
          And in the days of the USSR, for such acts he would have been measured out a plot in the same "Kirovsles" for 15 years.

          in the late 80s, even for a "hut" in Switzerland did not scold, what 15 years?
  4. Pereira
    Pereira 11 February 2016 18: 27
    Since the liberals screech, then everything is right.
    But the Serbs, in addition to money, have something to offer in return. And these are not only apples.
    1. Dam
      Dam 11 February 2016 18: 29
      What is the strength in, brother. Here is an American who thinks in money. The power she is in truth
  5. AdekvatNICK
    AdekvatNICK 11 February 2016 18: 28
    But are they not going to NATO?
    1. rskrn
      rskrn 12 February 2016 17: 23
      Judging because they will buy our weapons - no. In order to enter NATO, their weapons and military equipment must meet the standards of the bloc. The caliber of most NATO automatic rifles is 5.56, in Russia 5.45. Only Russia can produce spare parts for Russian military equipment, or other countries that are not members of the bloc. But again, under a Russian license. When countries such as Bulgaria and Hungary became part of NATO, a large number of Soviet equipment was decommissioned due to the fact that it did not meet NATO requirements. Indeed, in the conditions of warfare, it would be impossible to repair, and even maintain it for a long time. And when you consider against whom NATO is going to wage war ...
  6. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 11 February 2016 18: 29
    Ah Balkans, Balkans ... All this Slavic-Orthodox remnant from the Great Empire, which today is called the Balkans, has degraded, mixed and assimilated from many years of neighborhood and the influence of Western culture. Those small foci that the old covenants still remember are mercilessly crushed and destroyed. What could not be uprooted by the Yugoslav massacre of 1999, is now being gradually destroyed both culturally and by criminal means, crushed by the cynical conditions that are placed by the Anglo-Saxons and their slaves. Another couple of decades, and no one will even remember the Orthodox Christians in the Balkans ...
    It’s sad ... And if you don’t get drunk Serbia, you are sentenced sad And for any connection with your ancestral home you will be further crushed and humiliated, forced and forced to do what is disgusting. For such is the essence of what is today called a united Europe, which in turn is a serf of the United States request .
  7. koksalek
    koksalek 11 February 2016 18: 30
    “Moscow let things go on its own there,” but not Moscow, but quite specific personalities who are still flickering on the screens, otherwise you might think that all Muscovites are involved in this. These vile faces only cause disgust (I'm talking about specific personalities)
  8. KBR109
    KBR109 11 February 2016 18: 32
    Mongolia, too, see we owe something. Forgiven all the debts 3-4 weeks ago, once again confirming the truth of the red-haired words that we have too much money. Keep it up ! Sim win! wassat
  9. SAM 5
    SAM 5 11 February 2016 18: 35
    Liberasts, ones and in Serbia are liberals.
  10. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 11 February 2016 18: 42
    The crown of our policy in the Balkans would be Serbia as one of the CSTO members, and not a neutral observer
    as now. And access to the sea (I’m hinting at Montenegro repeat ). But the European integration processes have been launched. And the EU is a ticket to NATO. And it would be nice to have a reliable fortification from the friendly Serbs armed with our weapons in the Balkans. We would deploy some of our forces reconnaissance and offensive.
  11. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 11 February 2016 19: 08
    "And although it was necessary due to pressing security issues, in Serbia it met with aggressive opposition from liberal circles."

    Well, we have a squeal of a pig, too. With all the arguments: Butter, cheese, etc.
    Armed Serbs and they will fight, even with the devil. The only country in Europe did not fall under Hitler.
    This is forgotten by many. Or maybe the school taught history poorly. Let me remind you of the guerrilla war since 1941. And then they talk about betrayal, about NATO.
    Probably the guys have sclerosis. Yugoslavia was left by us under NATO bombs and was dismantled into bolts.
    We were dismantled in the same way, but we were always the very best and did not rely on anyone. And Yugoslavia, Bulgaria have always looked at us and will wait for a strong shoulder. Yes, yes, but it cannot be otherwise. If the Elder, then accept responsibility.
    The situation is directly school: the tenth grader weighs out a full-fledged (moral trauma, too) crack for the first-grader, what did not stand up for me? Guys, we are the first to surrender all OUR allies.
    And if now we embarked on a new course, we must shove it with an icebreaker. And to Iran, and Yugoslavia, and India, and China to give weapons, and others like them.
    And Yugoslavia, if we show firmness in support, then it will always be with us.
  12. Wolka
    Wolka 12 February 2016 05: 17
    very well, Serbia is our aircraft carrier in the troubled sea of ​​the EU, and the Serbs are faithful to their allied duty to Russia, there is definitely a positive ...
    1. Vako
      Vako 12 February 2016 09: 57
      Volka, they are allies only in words. The Serbian people are our ally; they do not decide anything. The government of Serbia, which is the master of the country, is just a partner to us ...