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Intensive flights of anti-submarine aircraft IL-38Н are launched on Kamchatka

At the marine airbase aviation Pacific fleet in Yelizovo (Kamchatka Territory) began intensive flights anti-submarine aircraft. As part of winter combat training, the modernized IL-38N anti-submarine aircraft take off. The crews of these air vehicles must solve a set of tasks to improve piloting skills and master new functional capabilities of both the aircraft itself and the Novella-P-38 navigation and search and search system.

The press service of the Eastern Military District reports that IL-38H crews will work more than 10 shifts.

Intensive flights of anti-submarine aircraft IL-38Н are launched on Kamchatka

From the message of the press service of the BBO about the navigation sighting and search complex "Novella-P-38":
Separate “Novels” systems can be used during search and rescue operations, in particular, to search for objects and people on the sea surface.

The upgraded anti-submarine aircraft IL-38H can carry up to 9 tons of weapons, while its systems can detect air targets at a distance of 90 km, underwater - up to 150 km, surface - to 320 km. Earlier it was reported that IL-38H is capable of tracking 32 targets simultaneously. Now, the Ministry of Defense states that the number of simultaneously accompanied targets by the anti-submarine Il-38H can reach 50 units.
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  1. polite people
    polite people 10 February 2016 13: 34 New
    Our aviation has been at the center of world events for 2 of the year. This makes me happy. To continue this further. Russian Aerospace Forces - good luck to you.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Sweles
      Sweles 10 February 2016 14: 12 New
      in general, the Novela sighting and navigation complex also includes a radar reconnaissance antenna, it is located on top of the aircraft, therefore

      the picture is not Novel, here is IL38N with Novel

      but for many years, like the promising IL38 with the Bramos ...

  2. inkass_98
    inkass_98 10 February 2016 13: 37 New
    For a long time, there were no Japanese cries with an American echo, now there is at least a real reason.
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 10 February 2016 13: 40 New
    the number of simultaneously accompanied targets by an IL-38N anti-submarine aircraft can reach 50 units

    Impressive. And the teachings are needed, where without them, especially in the current situation. The main thing is that the troops are engaged in their direct work - combat training.
  4. triglav
    triglav 10 February 2016 13: 48 New
    This is the "old man"!
  5. afrikanez
    afrikanez 10 February 2016 13: 51 New
    Quote: triglav
    This is the "old man"!

    It seems that he is an "old man" only in appearance, inside a clearly athletic physique a "young man" good lol
    1. chunga-changa
      chunga-changa 10 February 2016 15: 18 New
      It's funny. IL-18 was considered old already when I went to school, in a year my grandson will go, and he is still a "young man". laughing
  6. NEXUS
    NEXUS 10 February 2016 13: 56 New
    The Japanese are building new submarines, not only nuclear, but not any easier. And the United States has stepped up its submarine forces. These aircraft are just what we need.
    1. Tektor
      Tektor 10 February 2016 22: 10 New
      I would not assume that the yapps do not have nuclear weapons: they had and have all the possibilities for assembling a large number of BG. Therefore, yuppies must be taken very seriously, and when a threatened period sets in, they should not be spared.
  7. LVMI1980
    LVMI1980 10 February 2016 13: 59 New
    More information can be found here.
  8. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 10 February 2016 14: 14 New
    5 aircraft is not enough for us. 30 by 2020 is already "something." I hope that the pace of modernization can be accelerated.
    1. NEXUS
      NEXUS 10 February 2016 14: 33 New
      Quote: Thunderbolt
      5 aircraft is not enough for us. 30 by 2020 is already "something." I hope that the pace of modernization can be accelerated.

      By the 20th year, they may very well start production of new Tu-204-300 anti-submarine aircraft in parallel. It all depends on our Moscow Region.
      1. kepmor
        kepmor 10 February 2016 15: 24 New
        Unfortunately, but nothing depends on our MO ...
        Siluanov will say that the grandmother is over.
        LADIES will be buried in an iPhone (away from sin).
        And Manturov and Poghosyan will continue to destroy our carcasses and ILs to please their "unfinished freak" - SuperJet.
        1. g1v2
          g1v2 10 February 2016 16: 09 New
          The state defense order is quite puffy. The goal was to get 2015 percent of new equipment by 30, and according to reports, already 47 percent. By 2020, the task is to have 70 percent and something seems to me that it will be solved ahead of schedule. request Siluanov will cry and scream that he is being deprived of his last cowards, but he will lay out his grandmother, and much of the state defense order has already been paid for. LADY, in my opinion, to premiere before the end of the first term of GDP - all honestly, you are me, I am you. After 2018, in my opinion, there will be a new prime minister.
          In all air carriers of the Russian Federation, out of a total of 994 passenger planes, there are 30 and nobody is especially eager to order them, and there are already almost 50 superjets and by the end of the year it will clearly be in the top five and will overtake Yakis, which are 48 pieces, and maybe even a bombardier with 65 of them will displace. True, I think that ms21 will return to Yakovlevites their fifth place in Russia next year. So after the release of ms 21 for which there are already a lot of solid orders, the Yakovlevites will all be in chocolate.
          It is also a sin for Ilyushins to complain - they will have to replace Ukrainian ans. Il114 will be the main aircraft of local airlines instead of the an24, transport il 112 is also preparing for production and will replace the an26. Including KB Ilyushin enough orders. And if we take into account that they are the main contender for the development of a long-range Russian aircraft based on IL96, then you can safely buy their shares.
          In general, the line of aircraft for Russian airlines is planned to be simple by 2020. Local airlines - il114, short-haul - superjet, medium-haul - ms21 (aka yak 242 in the press). Well, a long-haul - either a modernized Il96 or a joint aircraft with the Chinese, which will also most likely be developed from Ilyushin's design bureau. PM for especially gifted people may kill someone, but for everyone else this is not observed. By the way, I'll get a bunch of drawbacks, but in my opinion, if all our design bureaus were headed by people like Poghosyan, then our aircraft industry would not have to be pulled out of the shop, but it would be as competitive as our dryers. In my opinion, there are a lot of merits in our successes in Syria and Poghosyan, it is not for nothing that the operation is often called "Dry Storm" in the media. hi
  9. dvg1959
    dvg1959 10 February 2016 17: 06 New
    We must expect another wave of hysteria from the United States and NATO countries. How interesting! Although you also begin to get used to it, it’s boring.
  10. project sity
    project sity 10 February 2016 19: 04 New
    Mm ... I’m glad that they don’t forget about us)