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"Smart" grenades will get the enemy even in cover


The US has successfully passed the test of "smart" blasting charge with the possibility of an air blast (HEAB) for the new XM-25 self-loading grenade launchers. According to Lenta.Ru with reference to Defense Talk, such charges will allow American soldiers to hit the enemy, who is in the shelter - behind a wall, hill, in a trench or in a building.

The blasting charges for XM-25 are distinguished by the strong explosive used in them, which has a high local crushing effect on the medium. Other details about the "smart" charges are not reported, except that their undermining can be controlled by the electronic system XM-25. Developed charges will be able to hit the enemy at a distance of 700 meters.

"Smart" grenades will get the enemy even in cover

The body of the 25 mm XM-25 grenade launcher is made of composite materials, so that its weight is only 1,1 kilogram. The XM-25 is equipped with a combined aiming system with optical and infrared channels, a laser range finder, a ballistic computer, a compass and an external display. The selection of the operating mode of the sighting system can be made directly from the trigger guard.

The US military plans to buy around 12,5 thousands of XM-25 grenade launchers starting at 2012. The first is weapon will receive special forces.

Recall, October 27, the American company Lockheed Martin, carried out the first trial launch of the new AGM-114R Hellfire II self-guided missile. Tests were held at the US Air Force Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. The new rocket successfully hit a target located at a distance of 5,1 kilometers.
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