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"Central Europe" is looking for a place under the sun

Last Tuesday, at a big press conference following 2015, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said: "Russia is not interested in the EU weakening or splitting." He noted that within the EU there is an actively aggressive minority, which, not only in relation to our country, but also on many issues of internal structure, shakes the position of the European Community. “We appreciate the efforts of Germany aimed at ensuring that this actively-aggressive minority would still moderate its appetites and ambitions and follow certain general rules,” said Sergey Lavrov.

"Central Europe" is looking for a place under the sun

New Polish authorities brought problems to Europe

The Russian minister did not specify who he refers to this destructive European group. Poland, the Baltic countries immediately came to mind ... Europe really entered 2016 a year overloaded with internal problems and contradictions. They do not even try to hide. Economic problems, the wave of migrants and the activity of Islamic terrorists have caused the selfish obsession of individual countries for purely national goals, questioned the credibility of the leading states of the continent, actually created a project called the European Union.

The Catholic portal of Lviv Uniates “Catholic Ogladach” spoke out quite straightforwardly. Peering over the fence of Europe, the Ukrainian Greek Catholics saw something for themselves that they hurried to share with the flock and the world. They saw an increasingly acute conflict between the left-liberal governments of Old Europe and the conservative leaders of the New Europe. He has almost turned into a war of sanctions within the EU.

This is how the Catholic Ogladach rated the new situation on the continent: “Against the background of European problems, especially in the field of security and worldview, the resurrection of the idea of ​​Central Europe looks very interesting, but without the Germans. This should unite Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, possibly Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria and Macedonia. The main protagonists who are promoting this idea in a new form are the conservative presidents of Poland and Croatia. ”

It seems that Lviv Uniates overdone. Presenting themselves in Europe, they essentially recreated the configuration of the territory, in different periods stories part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. For mass added some land of the former Austria-Hungary, whose population has not yet fit into the current European format. Whatever one may say, the fantasies of the Lviv portal weakly affect the interests of Ukrainians, but they pour water on the mill of the Polish project.

The conservative party Law and Justice, which came to power in Poland last year, dreamed of the fourth Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in its first period of governing the country - in 2005-2007. Then she ruled in coalition with other conservative parties and could not realize her ambitions. First of all, they concerned worldviews. “Law and Justice” declared a radical attitude to the assessments of the recent past, initiated laws on lustration, tried to limit a number of freedoms already announced, to subjugate an independent judiciary, including the Constitutional Tribunal. They talked about territorial claims, but could not even formulate them properly. Scandals, including corruption, quickly ruined that ruling coalition.

New early elections "PiS" lost eight years and remained in opposition. Last year, she managed to win presidential and parliamentary elections and form a one-party government. Old plans were brought to the world and they began to be implemented.

Soon after the election, the new Polish President Andrzej Duda set about trying to create a bloc of countries from the Baltic and the Black Sea to the Adriatic. It was assumed that the leading position in it will take Poland. The project strongly resembled the geopolitical concept of “Middle Europe” (Mitteleuropa), voiced by the Germans at the beginning of the last century. True, they then assumed that the center of the new bloc would be Germany, and the neighboring countries would integrate so much with it that they would switch to German and German currency in unison. Andrzej Duda did not see the Germans in his project at all, that even Lviv uniates noted for their heave.

Dreams of the past gentry greatness picked up and the ruling party "PiS". She began to build a new Poland, to begin with by drastically changing the laws on the Constitutional Court and on state media. The population protested. Rebelled European politicians and officials. The European Commission demanded an explanation from Warsaw: why the Polish authorities are moving away from European legal norms? Even habitually threatened the Poles with sanctions. In response, I heard a demand to respect the sovereignty of Poland, because the adopted laws are its internal affair. Polish Prime Minister Beat Shidlo escorted the EU’s demand with a demarche and removed the EU flag from the protocol. "We made a decision," said Shidlo, "that the meetings and press conferences of the Polish government will take place against the backdrop of the Polish red and white flags." Europe retreated, but did not give up. Scandalous Polish laws sent for examination. Now Poland is threatened with being deprived of the right to vote in the European Parliament, if the new laws are declared undemocratic.

Poland is looking for allies

It seems that the Poles were ready for such a development of events. At the beginning of the year, the leader of the Law and Justice Party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, met in one of the Nedzice boarding houses in southern Poland with another high-ranking European troublemaker - Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. The current parish of Orban in power (before that, he headed the Hungarian government in 1998-2002) occurred in the 2010 year, when his party Fidesz unequivocally won the parliamentary elections. EU officials immediately rushed to classify Victor Orban as Euro-skeptics.

Admittedly, he did not disappoint his opponents. He began to act, not looking at the protests of Brussels. In the autumn of 2013, speaking at the third congress of the Hungarian diasporas, Orban already said directly: “We may have to build new economic and social systems, as well as a cultural model that is different from the modern European one.” Prior to that, the Hungarian Prime Minister changed the official name of the country (from “Hungarian Republic” to “Hungary”), imposed restrictions on the activities of journalists (demanded that they support the ideas of Hungarian identity and Hungarian community), allowed the use of firearms weapon for self defense. Then Viktor Orban cut the parliament in half (from 386 to 199 people), took the Central Bank under the control of the government ... The Hungarian Prime Minister did a lot more in spite of the European officials. Last year, for example, he fenced the border of the country with a wall and did not let migrants into his territory.

In short, the interlocutor, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, chose an already-matured one in the confrontation with Brussels. As Radio Poland reported later, the unofficial conversation of politicians lasted for more than six hours. The details did not make it public. According to the deputy of the Polish Sejm from the Civic Platform opposition party, Pavel Zalewski: “For Yaroslav Kachinsky, the experience of Viktor Orban may be important. how to build relations with Brussels so that, on the one hand, to implement changes that are contrary to EU standards, and on the other - not to lose funding or not to be pushed into the second European league. ”

About the loss of funding - this is the point. The European Union has already invested billions of euros in Poland under 100, provided it with preferences in food supplies, shared technologies. The economy of the Poles has risen above its neighbors, although it does not reach as much as twenty-five percent to the average European one. Even the most notorious Euroskeptic will not want to lose such support.

That's why the PiS leader turned for support to the Hungarian prime minister. Here Kaczynski was not mistaken. Shortly after the meeting in Nedzice, Viktor Orban said: “The European Union should not think about applying any sanctions against Poland, because it will require complete unanimity, and Hungary will never support any sanctions against Poland.” (I quote from Reuters.)

Under the guise of a military umbrella

The project "Central Europe" and promote the Polish military. In connection with the events in Ukraine, they started talking about the creation of a joint military brigade with her and Lithuania. Even the name came up with "LitPoluUkrbrig" (LITPOLUKRBRIG). Concluded an agreement. By this January, the outlines of the new structure have already become apparent. There are four thousand servicemen in the brigade. The Polish Defense Ministry reported that the brigade would reach full combat readiness by the beginning of next year. Declared and objectives of the new unit. After the recent meeting with his Lithuanian and Ukrainian colleagues, Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macerevich said: “The multinational brigade is a sign, a symbol and a very clear signal to everyone who wants to undermine the world in Europe.”

A hint seems to be made on Russia. That was already the case when Poles dragged American anti-missile systems to the country. Over time, it turned out that with the advent of missile defense elements in Poland, the status of the country in the NATO coordinate system changed. It began to play a more prominent role in the alliance, and the threats from Russia declared by the Poles did not increase. So the phrase “signal to all” should also be interpreted broadly.

In January, the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg visited Warsaw and discussed with Andrzej Duda a summit of this organization to be held in Poland in the summer. The conversation flowed smoothly beyond the scope of the expected event. Interlocutors opened up new breathtaking perspectives. "Since joining NATO, Poland has been a very strong and active ally," said Jens Stoltenberg, and noted that "after the NATO summit in Warsaw, the presence of alliance forces in Poland will be increased."

Andrzej Duda supported the guest and hurried to invite him to military cooperation with Ukraine and Moldova. Thereby he emphasized: Poland’s goals go beyond the borders of the Atlantic alliance. As for NATO, experts note: Polish politicians here are already openly competing with the Germans.

Warsaw is now seeking to take the place of Germany in the alliance, or at least to equal its importance and weight. The Poles are already publicly quarrel with the Germans, remembering the war, other tragic events of the joint history. The head of the German Foreign Ministry, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, tried to smooth over the growing contradictions. However, his visit to Warsaw did not bring anything new in relations between the two countries.

The situation is slowly heating up. Europe already has enough voltage points - Cyprus, Greece, the Balkans, Transnistria, Ukraine ... Now the Polish project has been added. There is nothing surprising in the fact that the Russian Foreign Ministry has become agitated, and Sergey Lavrov began to remind the Europeans of the existing general rules. Razdray on the continent is unlikely to lead here to a new balance of power and the satisfaction of someone's ambitions. But it threatens to plunge the European Union into chaos, which is already experiencing an internal crisis. Waves of this chaos can go far beyond the borders of Europe ...
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  1. Tjeck
    Tjeck 28 January 2016 06: 12 New
    `` to military cooperation with Ukraine and Moldova '' - Hmm, this is what I understand the coalition, we are urgently transferring factories to Siberia!

    I still understand the Ukrainians and the molds driven by logic if only for evil. But then the Poles, will they really not forget the feuds of 300 years ago?

    Ps: I’m sorry for everything .. The Poles are good people with a great history and a culture close to us, but their government as former friends still do not want to forget old grievances.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. Mjohn
        Mjohn 28 January 2016 10: 33 New
        ppps, even the Germans do not cause such disgust as these so-called. "Slavs" No.
        1. iouris
          iouris 29 January 2016 12: 29 New
          They are at enmity and fight not on a national basis, but as a result of the existence of economic contradictions. The word "national disgust" is pure racism or lack of internal culture. I recommend reading more classical literature.
      2. Tjeck
        Tjeck 28 January 2016 11: 42 New
        I do not quite agree with you, the Poles adopted Christianity back in the 10th century and were more likely enemies of the Papal Republic than litter, and the support of the Livonian Order by the pope is an example of this. The problem there was one but fatal - the chanting of the gentry which began in the 16th century.
        1. iouris
          iouris 29 January 2016 12: 34 New
          The Polish people (working people) and the Polish elite ("elite"), you see, are different matters. In addition, the "elite" is also not homogeneous: on the one hand, entrepreneurs, military men, scientists, cultural figures, on the other, are those who are "proud of the country" sitting in the European Parliament.
          This applies to any country.
      3. Waciak
        Waciak 28 January 2016 16: 37 New
        Let's not offend each other.
        Each nation likes to remember its own story well. History is however only history and is considered today and the future. Beautiful projects can only be chimeras of politicians - and politov changes in elections. Quietly - the time will come and we will drive these politicians.

        Nations must mutually protect themselves regardless of what nonsense their politicians tell.
        1. Cook
          Cook 28 January 2016 17: 26 New
          It's nice to hear a balanced, no tantrum, position. Plus to you from me.
        2. iouris
          iouris 29 January 2016 12: 41 New
          You cannot but agree with you. An objective story always contains the code of the future. But all the concepts of history are subjective and always politicized. However, we must believe that there will be statesmen who will change the existing political situation. Russia and Poland are close neighbors, have common interests and are interested in all-round cooperation and respect for each other's interests.
    2. CHILD
      CHILD 28 January 2016 08: 59 New
      Ha .... the larger the system, the less stable it is))) .... here the European Union is sausage ... and they still threw the immigrants .... they all ... stuck together)))
  2. tommy717
    tommy717 28 January 2016 06: 28 New
    And for me, so let them all gnaw and as quickly as possible. No one has yet refuted the principle of "Divide and Conquer".
  3. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 28 January 2016 06: 30 New
    The Poles want to create a new flat, more precisely, the Polish empire! And they will call it "Pshekovo apple" !!!
  4. Blondy
    Blondy 28 January 2016 06: 41 New
    The same is news to me, but from the Poles for three hundred years there have been some problems, in particular in Europe.
  5. bad
    bad 28 January 2016 06: 57 New
    At a major press conference on the results of 2015 last Tuesday, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said: “Russia is not interested in the EU weakening or splitting up”
    .. we don’t have to do anything .. you can just watch from the sidelines as the European governments are racing with each other trying to perform sophisticated body movements from the complex "climb into the tree and eat a fish" .. laughing spring is coming and a couple of millions of refugees will add joy to the geyropa ... so as not to relax .. laughing
  6. Neophyte
    Neophyte 28 January 2016 07: 02 New
    How is our Foreign Ministry afraid of a split in Europe? Apparently, we will have to ingratiatingly ask the commander of "LitPolUkrbrig" Pan Tsybula not to attack Russia and so on?
    1. warriordima
      warriordima 28 January 2016 07: 44 New
      Oh well, I don’t think so. Rather, we need a strong EU as an ally in the confrontation with the United States.
      1. andj61
        andj61 28 January 2016 08: 30 New
        Quote: warriordima
        Oh well, I don’t think so. Rather, we need a strong EU as an ally in the confrontation with the United States.

        Already someone, and the EU will never be our ally in the confrontation with the United States. No.
      2. Mavrikiy
        Mavrikiy 28 January 2016 09: 45 New
        "Oh well, I don't think so. Rather, we need a strong EU as an ally in the confrontation with the United States."

        The EU has never opposed the United States and never will be. The EU is under US control, through European officials. Only with the collapse of the EU will relations with Europe improve. Through the EU, Americans will make the EU a single European market for Amer’s products, and they will destroy the EU’s production as a competitor. National states will resist this.
        When the EU breaks up Europe, distillation will lift the sanctions.
        With Germany, we will build the Nord Stream-2.
        With Bulgaria South Stream-2.
        We will build nuclear power plants in Europe, but you never know.
        And Lavrov, so he is a smart diplomat.
      3. CHILD
        CHILD 28 January 2016 20: 44 New
        and there on a quiet okiyan))) .... everyone will also manage without us)))
    2. andj61
      andj61 28 January 2016 08: 29 New
      At a major press conference on the results of 2015 last Tuesday, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said: “Russia is not interested in the EU weakening or splitting up”

      This is just diplomacy! bully You say one thing - you think another. Russia, perhaps, is interested in the European Union weakening, only it is probably not interested in being accused of trying to weaken or destroy the European Union ... winked
      1. CHILD
        CHILD 28 January 2016 20: 48 New
        ... so Annushka has already spilled oil))) .... although of course it seems more likely that gov..m someone's steps have been plastered))) ... we will see by living))
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 28 January 2016 07: 10 New
    within the EU there is an actively-aggressive minority, which not only in relation to our country, but also on many issues of internal structure undermines the position of the European Community

    In the wake of Russophobia, they first dragged Poland into the EU, then the Baltic states, and now they are puzzling why such a tear is going on. In addition to everything else, they give promises to Georgia, Ukraine, and Moldova. European officials do not want to think and move their brains floating with fat.
  8. parusnik
    parusnik 28 January 2016 07: 19 New
    “Russia is not interested in the EU weakening or splitting”... Oh deceiving, Lavrov .. smile
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 28 January 2016 20: 04 New

      Absolutely not cunning.

      The more independent states, the easier it is for each of them to maintain sovereignty.

      Moreover, any sovereign state entering into an alliance primarily for the sake of preserving sovereignty. It seems nonsense is not such interests.
  9. Egen
    Egen 28 January 2016 07: 57 New
    Honor should be nourished by something so as not to die of hunger - in the case of Poland, than apples unclaimed in Russia? )
    4 brigade of thousands of warlike Poles ... It’s scary how ... in Siberia, in the 3 region + million people live, and there isn’t enough wood to cut down the forest ..
  10. sa-ag
    sa-ag 28 January 2016 08: 41 New
    "... the resurrection of the idea of" Central Europe ", but without the Germans."

    Wagons against a steam locomotive :-)
  11. nivander
    nivander 28 January 2016 08: 59 New
    the gentry has twice brought the country to collapse and will bring it again
    1. whiteeagle
      whiteeagle 28 January 2016 10: 11 New
      Dreams of a man whose country is drowning.
  12. Dr. Barmaley
    Dr. Barmaley 28 January 2016 09: 23 New
    Whenever Poland started its own project, it disappeared from the map of Europe.
    1. whiteeagle
      whiteeagle 28 January 2016 10: 08 New
      But now Germany is drowning in problems with immigrants and Russia is drowning in Ukraine. We do not even have to do anything so that soon everyone in Poland is looking for an oasis of peace and stability.
      1. rusmat73
        rusmat73 28 January 2016 10: 36 New
        the whole of Europe is drowning in the problem of emigrants,
        and personally my opinion, this problem will break the backbone of the EU!
        Russia does not sink in Ukraine, the bulk of Russia's population is not up to Ukraine. yes
        it’s just that Russia reaches out for the salvation of the people of Ukraine, since the entire top of Ukraine thinks only of itself ... hi
  13. Mikhail Krapivin
    Mikhail Krapivin 28 January 2016 10: 28 New
    Poland is a union-forming nation :) It's ridiculous. With their gentry ambition, they will get all allies in a year or two and end in great strife. The more Poland will feel stronger, the more contemptuous and arrogant will be its relationship with its allies, which will quickly bring its destructive results. Or I don’t understand anything in the Poles.
  14. The comment was deleted.
  15. Megatron
    Megatron 28 January 2016 15: 26 New
    For me, the sooner the EU falls apart, this swan is cancer and pike, the better we all will be.
  16. APASUS
    APASUS 28 January 2016 22: 38 New
    Every time Poland wants to play serious games, you need to show them this picture ...................
    Warsaw 1945.
  17. iouris
    iouris 29 January 2016 12: 58 New
    The problem is that all "European" projects are endorsed in Washington. The EU did its job: the ATS countries and the Union republics left Moscow's orbit. Now the disintegration of the EU seems inevitable due to the different levels of economic development of the "old" and "new" EU countries. Businesses in Germany and France no longer want to support the "little brothers" imposed on them by the Washingtonians. Now clusters will be created from economic regions of the EU that are close in terms of development and mentality. For example, conventionally: "Southern (non-European) Europe", "Northern Europe (frozen)", "German-French (backbone) Europe", "Polish (buffer) Europe (" from May to May ")".
    The "refugees" will inevitably provoke changes in the Schengen area, the growth of chauvinistic sentiments, and the fragmentation of Europe. Therefore, Merkel is silent, and Poland is in a hurry to become the leading force in the emerging quasi-empire.
  18. Balagan
    Balagan 29 January 2016 20: 11 New
    Central Europe, like a bad girl, is ours, then yours, who pays better ...