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Experts: the danger of the apocalypse on Earth remained at the same level

Scientists believe that the probability of a global catastrophe on our planet, as before, remains high, RIA News message of the journal "Bulletin of the atomic scientists".

“The experts left the hands on the doomsday dial at 23: 57, where midnight means a global catastrophe on Earth. The main problem of mankind, according to scientists, is the proliferation and modernization of nuclear weapons", - said in the article.

At the same time, the journal notes that “important steps were taken towards the prevention of the apocalypse: one of them is the Paris climate agreement, the other is an agreement on the Iranian nuclear program”.

It is reported that "physicists and ecologists from all over the world, including the Nobel laureates 17, took part in the study."

The magazine reminds that the project “Doomsday Clock” was created by the developers of the first American atomic bomb back in 1947, “to monitor the nuclear danger on the planet.”

Initially, the hands on this watch were installed on 23: 53. Since then, they have been translated 20 times.

Last time the shooters transferred last year, stopping at 23: 57. At that time, according to experts, the main problems of humanity that could lead to an apocalypse were “climate change, opposition to the East and the West, and the improvement of nuclear weapons”.
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  1. Rav075
    Rav075 27 January 2016 10: 22
    Again these experts !!! I think they are fictional characters of various media, because everyone heard about them, but no one saw them! wassat
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. vlad66
      vlad66 27 January 2016 10: 26
      Quote: Rav075
      Again these experts !!!

      But among them there are whole:
      17 Nobel Laureates. "
      yes fellow
      1. akmalinin
        akmalinin 27 January 2016 10: 38
        The clock counts how many am left.
        1. Temples
          Temples 27 January 2016 10: 46
          Earlier (when we were in the USSR) we began such statements with the phrase: "Armenian radio said ..."
          Now the Armenian radio has been replaced by the word "scientists".
          But the essence remains the same - Crap. laughing
        2. WKS
          WKS 27 January 2016 11: 11
          Quote: akmalinin
          The clock counts how many am left.

          That's exactly "am". The hands of the clock were moved. Tired. Let's go and eat a hearty meal. We chatted about the apocalypse, got tired and lay down to rest. And having rested, they got down to business again. The arrows need someone to translate.
      2. HAM
        HAM 27 January 2016 10: 40
        Probably such "laureates" as Barack Abramovich Obama, "GREAT" FIGHTER WITH THE WORLD .. hi
      3. hartlend
        hartlend 27 January 2016 17: 12
        Today, being a Nobel laureate is more a disadvantage than a virtue.
    3. varov14
      varov14 27 January 2016 12: 38
      All together we will go to "digital", "reptilians" know what to do with humanity, what a tragedy?
    4. TsUS-Air Force
      TsUS-Air Force 27 January 2016 13: 54
      hahaha famously said laughing fellow
  2. EvgNik
    EvgNik 27 January 2016 10: 23
    The clock goes wrong. Moreover, they were initially set at the wrong time (at random). Horror story number 1 for the West.
    1. Nyrobsky
      Nyrobsky 27 January 2016 11: 27
      Quote: EvgNik
      The clock goes wrong. Moreover, they were initially set at the wrong time (at random). Horror story number 1 for the West.

      The clock goes right.
      Fortunately, in the face of the USSR, and now Russia, a good watchmaker has appeared in the world, who has created a mechanism for eyeliner "hours" for minus.
      If it were not for this, world history would have counted the time not "before", but "after" the apocalypse.
  3. Woodman
    Woodman 27 January 2016 10: 24
    This project is about nothing ...
  4. Mikhail Krapivin
    Mikhail Krapivin 27 January 2016 10: 24
    The fact of the existence of the United States is plus 23 hours 59 minutes to the Doomsday dial.
  5. NordUral
    NordUral 27 January 2016 10: 25
    Scientists believe that the likelihood of an offensive on our planet of global catastrophe, as before, remains high, RIA News reports from the journal Bulletin of the atomic scientists.
    Yes, very high with such scientists and such zombie politicians as in the West.
  6. yugan
    yugan 27 January 2016 10: 26
    What is the article about? About the fact that the sky is blue, the forest is green, and countries that do not have nuclear weapons feel inferior? What did the author not sign - "Captain Evidence"?
  7. Telemon
    Telemon 27 January 2016 10: 27
    ... the project “Hours of a Loan Day" was created by the developers of the first American atomic bomb back in 1947 "to monitor the nuclear danger on the planet."
    - here, probably the most secret project .... winked
  8. valokordin
    valokordin 27 January 2016 10: 27
    I think experts, after the US presidential election, the arrows will return back to 23.30, and after the election in Russia, they will stop at this figure. That's where to put the Nazis from Ukraine.
  9. taseka
    taseka 27 January 2016 10: 30
    Eternal "scarecrows" for the peoples of the world - distracting from the essence of what is happening on Earth !!!
    "" Intimidation is a dramatized threat of physical or psychological violence against a person and their loved ones in order to subordinate the object to someone else's will. Unlike refined blackmail, compromising information is not involved. ""
  10. Cyril7377
    Cyril7377 27 January 2016 10: 35
    "Loan Day Hours"? maybe doomsday? :))) author of literacy
    1. Wheel
      Wheel 27 January 2016 10: 51
      Quote: Cyril7377
      "Loan Day Hours"? maybe doomsday? :))) author of literacy

      What are you?
      This is his national. laughing
    2. valokordin
      valokordin 27 January 2016 11: 45
      Quote: Cyril7377
      "Loan Day Hours"? maybe doomsday? :))) author of literacy

      No, it’s a loanman, like a sankt.
  11. nord62
    nord62 27 January 2016 10: 36
    Clowns still live in the West .... laughing Themselves literally do everything in order to bring this "apocalypse" closer. If the top Westerners think they are sitting in bunkers - they did not guess so - they will burst zombie fellow
    The funniest thing is that Western townsfolk fiercely believe in all this: at the end of the world, and in zombies and other nonsense .....
  12. raid14
    raid14 27 January 2016 10: 38
    The western man in the street needs another whip to keep him in check. The threat of a nuclear war with the "evil empire" is justified spending on armaments, as after 911 in the United States began tightening the police screws, restricting personal freedoms in the fight against terrorism.
  13. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 27 January 2016 10: 38
    Tired of these "senile analysts"! wassat
  14. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 27 January 2016 10: 47
    It’s a pity if this happens, I hope that those who try to do this in the bunkers will not sit out!
  15. fa2998
    fa2998 27 January 2016 10: 48
    Quote: Lesovik
    This project is about nothing ...

    Yeah! And the representatives of the DPRK were invited ?? They have their own watches, and their own ideology. Now we’re talking not about Russia and the USA, there are already a lot of clowns in the world who either made nuclear weapons or on the threshold. You ask them, it’s not without reason that they tried ! hi
  16. 27 January 2016 10: 50
    There’s nothing to add No. ... All of the above has already been said good discussion participants yes themes!!! Some kind of horror story figure lol !
  17. evge-malyshev
    evge-malyshev 27 January 2016 10: 52
    The “Loan Day Watch” was created by the developers of the first American atomic bomb back in 1947 “to monitor the nuclear danger on the planet.”

    First developers American were atomic bombs going to monitor themselves? In 1947 none of the states of the world had atomic weapons.
  18. Combitor
    Combitor 27 January 2016 10: 52
    Show this watch and call these experts. You can even group photos. Or individually.
  19. pinaeff pizdez wsem
    pinaeff pizdez wsem 27 January 2016 10: 55
    Yesterday I saw a zombie, stood behind a beer .. sympatyuga passanchik. What amer is a terrible-Russian Russian army ..
  20. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 27 January 2016 10: 56
    Another minute and there will be a level of 53 years. By the way, the Caribbean crisis did not affect them at all, a tenfold reduction in nuclear arsenals from the end of the eighties is also not particularly noticeable on the dial, which proves the conditional nature of the activities of watchmakers.
  21. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 27 January 2016 11: 11
    This is true, of such scientists, at the stake of smoked .......
    We have our own affairs in Russia and we don’t need to go into western divorces. Already got into the Kyoto Protocol, that's enough.
    Let them run on the ceiling. Only from there they will spoil.
  22. SveTok
    SveTok 27 January 2016 11: 22
    And the clock is ticking, and no matter how much time the threat remains on the dial, it does not make it any easier.
  23. lukewarm
    lukewarm 27 January 2016 11: 25
    The word "expert" is already nauseous.
  24. sgr291158
    sgr291158 27 January 2016 12: 06
    Again, horror films are invented.
  25. boris-1230
    boris-1230 27 January 2016 12: 51
    Nuclear weapons in Pakistan, Iran and other amorous countries. Of course, this is dangerous and fraught, and scientists and all sane people see the danger correctly. In general, instead of politicians, scientists would be better off. These are more moral people and more advanced.
  26. dzerzhinsky
    dzerzhinsky 27 January 2016 15: 14
    “... physicists and environmentalists from around the world took part in the study, including 17 Nobel laureates.”

    Why do you need to clarify about Nobel laureates? It is as if the scientist who once received the Nobel Prize is a cut above the scientist who does not have this prize. In addition, everyone knows that the system for receiving this award is highly politicized.
  27. Alexeika1984
    Alexeika1984 27 January 2016 16: 34
    Well, only experts know this. Yes, any normal-minded person sees this, and what do some experts have to do with it
  28. gladcu2
    gladcu2 28 January 2016 00: 52
    I hope that these are British scientists, only because they hide authorship.

    Well, that's why I'm already picking up geometric laughter. The phrase "British scientists" is funny as the shortest anecdote.