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The troops receive protection kits OVR-3Sh

The beginning of the new year is always associated with new deliveries of weapons, equipment, equipment and special equipment. As promised earlier, the army began to receive new systems, including special protection suits, OVR-3Sh. Plans for the supply of these products were announced in December last year, and now the troops received the first production models. With the help of new suits, fighters of a number of units of the armed forces will be able to more effectively accomplish combat missions with less risk to health and life.

About the future supply of suits OVR-3Sh and other similar equipment became known in early December last year. On December 2, the head of the engineering troops of the armed forces, Yuri Stavitsky, said that next year (2016) two new protective suits would begin to be purchased. This equipment is intended for engineering and engineering and assault engineering units. New costumes differ from each other, and their composition depends on the intended tasks. When developing such equipment, an attempt was made to introduce a mass of new ideas and solutions aimed at increasing the level of protection of fighters.

A fighter in a suit OVR-3Sh. Photo

Not so long ago, new units were formed as part of the engineering troops. Thus, as part of the 1 Guards Engineering and Sapper Brest-Berlin Red Banner Order of the Suvorov and Kutuzov Brigade, a new engineering battalion of assault and demarcation was created. It is this subdivision, as well as battalions of other brigades of engineering troops, must now receive and use new means of protection, including sets of IAD-3Sh. It is assumed that modern protective suits will allow the soldiers of the engineering battalions to effectively solve the tasks.

The protective suit OVR-3Sh was developed by Fort-Technologies, which already has extensive experience in creating modern personal protective equipment and armored vehicles. The new project used both proven and proven solutions and new ideas that were not previously used in domestic developments of a similar nature.

Soldiers in OVR-3Sh. Photo

The main element of the OVR-3Sh kit is a Caspian protective suit. Its main elements are the jacket and pants, on which are mounted the elements of protection and means for transporting ammunition, etc. freight. A characteristic feature of the costume is the architecture of protective equipment. It consists of rigid metal, plastic and ceramic plates, as well as flexible elements made of aramid fabric. The correct combination of rigid and flexible elements allowed to ensure the highest possible level of protection while maintaining the convenience of operation and mobility of a fighter.

The torso of a fighter dressed in an OVR-3Sh suit is protected by a set of rigid and flexible elements. In front and behind in special pockets of a vest stacked hard blocks, which are a combination of metal, plastic and ceramic armor. For greater ease of use, the front part of the protection is divided into two panels: the top, carried in the vest, and the bottom, secured in a separate cover and protecting the groin area. During the tests, the thoracic and dorsal blocks confirmed the possibility of protection against the bullets of a SVD rifle (cartridge 7,62x54 mm R). When firing from a distance of several meters, the armor blocks were not completely punched: there were holes on the outer surface, bulges on the inside, but there were no through holes.

The troops receive protection kits OVR-3Sh
Body armor suit after shelling. Photo

On the side, the body of the fighter is protected by blocks of aramid fabric, capable of withstanding shelling from an 9-mm pistol. Similar linings are used to protect other areas of the body. With their help, it is proposed to protect the joints of the hands and feet. Other parts of the limbs, in turn, are covered with rigid protective elements.

The most important feature of the Caspian costume and the IOB-3Sh kit is the use of a set of sensors that facilitate combat operations. Each fighter using such a suit receives special equipment that monitors their health. With the help of wireless communications, the unit commander can receive information about the condition of the fighter and promptly find out which of the soldiers was injured or killed.

Holes from rifle bullets on the armored block. Photo

For added convenience, most of the outer surfaces of the protective suit are covered with MOLLE lines, on which the fighter can secure pouches and other equipment. Their composition and installation configuration are determined by the fighter in accordance with personal preferences.

To protect the warrior’s head, a helmet of the “Warrior Shako-RSP” helmet, which can withstand the penetration of fragments and bullets of some types of rifle fire, is included in the OVR-3Sh kit weapons. The helmet is equipped with headphones with active noise cancellation, anti-splinter transparent shield, laryngophone and lantern. If necessary, instead of the shield can be used glasses with the appropriate characteristics. In the case of the use of additional equipment on the frontal part of the helmet provides for unified mounting.

The back of the armor unit - no holes, no penetration. Photo

All elements of a protective suit for transportation are folded and packed in two bags. Dimensions of bags with a suit allow one fighter to carry all their own means of protection without any problems.

The composition of the armament and the additional equipment of the fighters of the assault and brigade engineering unit using the OVR-3Sh kit depends on the task and other factors. Soldiers must use regular small arms, and may also use some additional funds that come with a protective suit. With the help of such equipment it is proposed to solve a wide range of various tasks.

Helmet "Warrior shako-RSP" with visor. Photo

Together with other equipment, a fighter can use a sapper machete with a scabbard, combined scissors, an assault shield and other wearable equipment. In addition, the kit includes an assault ladder, equipment for knocking out doors, various tools, including for carrying out explosions, etc. The composition of the optional equipment of the OVR-3Sh kit is determined in accordance with the terms of the tasks to be accomplished, which are characteristic of the assault and firing units.

According to reports, the OVR-3Sh kit has already entered the series and has recently been delivered to the troops. With the help of this equipment, the fighters of the engineering troops are able to fully perform combat missions in difficult conditions, including under enemy fire. Available personal protective equipment can save the soldier from bullets and splinters, which will allow him to continue working or, in the worst case, to get rid of only minor injuries. In addition, the kit includes additional tools and tools necessary to perform certain work.

Soldiers with regular AK-74M. Photo

In parallel with the set of OVR-3Sh for engineering and assault divisions, the production of a similar system for engineering-sappers began. Such a kit has a different composition and other protection characteristics associated with a different list of tasks. As well as OVR-3Sh, sets for sapper divisions are now produced serially and delivered to the troops. The creation of two new protection complexes allowed to increase the security of the fighters and to facilitate the implementation of the tasks assigned.

Combat training in suits OVR-3Sh. Photo

The use of assault ladder from the new set. Photo

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  1. Nikolay71
    Nikolay71 27 January 2016 06: 32
    I’m still waiting for the armored suit described by Heinlein to be made back in the 50 years.
    1. Sargord A.
      Sargord A. 27 January 2016 07: 28
      As they find tasks for him, they will do so.
      1. max702
        max702 27 January 2016 11: 46
        Quote: Sargord A.
        As they find tasks for him, they will do so.

        As technology grows, so will ..
        1. RDX
          RDX 17 February 2016 01: 59
          how to make the miniature energy component of the armored suit)))
    2. teron
      teron 27 January 2016 13: 11
      When the space marines grow up, they will do so for him :)
    3. Air Force captain
      Air Force captain 27 January 2016 16: 10
      It was a long time ago ..... but nevertheless, looking at the photo, I was almost sure that the character of the game STALKER in front of me .... och. seem to be. They say correctly, science is not driven by scientists (engineers) - they bring it to life ... and science fiction writers
    4. Razvedka_Boem
      Razvedka_Boem 27 January 2016 17: 40
      The main problem there is energy consumption. In principle, even now you can do something similar .. but .. there is no compact power source that allows you to use all these servos, electronics, life support systems for a long time, at least a day, this is a minimum.
      1. koosss
        koosss 27 January 2016 17: 57
        about the weight of the whole costume, not a word
        1. Razvedka_Boem
          Razvedka_Boem 27 January 2016 20: 24
          Most likely around 20 kg. It is for assault, not for prolonged wear.
          1. Massik
            Massik 27 January 2016 20: 59
            20 kg is a bit, an assault body armor is 16 kg + a helmet with a visor of 4 kg and this is without unloading elements.
            1. code54
              code54 27 January 2016 21: 53
              We are waiting for an article with the comments of the fighters themselves who carry it all on themselves! Is it convenient, what-like, And then the article as an addition to the advertising booklet.
            2. Razvedka_Boem
              Razvedka_Boem 28 January 2016 07: 54
              Given modern materials - fine. Bullet-proof vest of the 6th class of protection within 12 kg. Higher protection, for example from ammunition of 12.7 mm caliber for a person, is simply unaffordable, at least ensuring an acceptable weight and injury resistance at this stage is impossible, as they often forget about the dynamic impact of a bullet.
              1. koosss
                koosss 28 January 2016 15: 09
                here about him at the acceptance
              2. remy
                remy 31 January 2016 21: 23
                By the way, ceramics with titanium will calmly protect you from 12,7 mm, but where to put the kinetic energy of the bullet?
                if the exoskeleton would be grounded
            3. remy
              remy 31 January 2016 21: 21
              ceramics would still be clad in titanium at least 2,5 mm and generally penetration would not be guaranteed
  2. Mik13
    Mik13 27 January 2016 06: 49
    It seems that with a visor on a helmet a little too sophisticated.
    Using an open sight AK clearly interferes.
    1. Monetniy
      Monetniy 27 January 2016 08: 06
      He can also fog up his breath
      1. tso1973
        tso1973 27 January 2016 16: 38
        a normal visor does not fog up for a long time even in civil helmets.
      2. Razvedka_Boem
        Razvedka_Boem 27 January 2016 17: 41
        For a long time already learned to do so that does not fog up.
    2. Red_Hamer
      Red_Hamer 27 January 2016 08: 13
      yes no, not too clever, a helmet for "certain tasks" in the ENGINEERING troops as well as the whole set is supplied. Under the circumstances where he will be used, the glasses will not save him, although I do not exclude that! Perhaps there will be special glasses in the appendage))
      1. PKK
        PKK 27 January 2016 08: 28
        I agree. I’ll add that a dispersion fan for the summer needs to be built into the helmet.
    3. Siberia 9444
      Siberia 9444 27 January 2016 08: 52
      Altyn protects the face more, but it would be difficult to remake it in Kevlar, as I understand it, with such a plastic visor it can be labeled through a mechanical sight, it doesn’t work, you need a collimator and with moles a bit overdone why they protect the groin on the armor and the legs too request and so much good
      1. PSih2097
        PSih2097 27 January 2016 14: 30
        Quote: Siberia 9444
        Altyn protects the face more but heavy

        and then silt - or, 4 kg in total, but the 2nd class of protection is made of titanium ...
        1. Siberia 9444
          Siberia 9444 27 January 2016 15: 32
          Material - 3mm titanium, aramid support;
          Protection class - 2 class
          Weight - 3,7 kg

          Complete set - a helmet with a cap comforter, an armor plate with polycarbonate bulletproof glass (viewing angle of mountains. 270 gr., Vert. 55 gr.),
          built-in headset
          I apologize, but Altyn is 300 grams lighter and has the same class of protection. I just did not understand. Did you write about the new one?
          1. remy
            remy 31 January 2016 21: 26
            Altyn is certainly good. But you need to facilitate and increase the level of protection to 4.
      2. Razvedka_Boem
        Razvedka_Boem 27 January 2016 17: 47
        The fighters themselves will figure it out - yes how.
  3. inkass_98
    inkass_98 27 January 2016 07: 35
    The costume is very interesting. Deliveries to the troops is excellent, but the cost of such equipment is clearly sky-high, so the saturation of the assault units with such suits will not be quick.
    Quote: Mik13
    with a visor on a helmet a little too sophisticated.

    And yes, the visor was clearly off topic. It is necessary to use glasses, or there must be another weapon for this version of the helmet.
    1. Razvedka_Boem
      Razvedka_Boem 27 January 2016 17: 48
      Visor - just right.
  4. PKK
    PKK 27 January 2016 08: 26
    It’s a life set, but for such a visor, you need a breathing system like that of an old gas mask with glass blowing. Strange glass does not cover the throat. It’s time to put the glass and helmet on the shoulders and not on the head. The left shoulder needs to be covered with more powerful overlays and stronger to close groin and hips. Well, and of course, for training in it add weight weights. + A set that does not overload the spine. It is known that prolonged wearing of the bronick leads to a herniated intervertebral column.
    1. Razvedka_Boem
      Razvedka_Boem 27 January 2016 17: 48
      It is unlikely that the photo contains a complete set. We will not see the real costume soon.
  5. PKK
    PKK 27 January 2016 08: 30
    Loafers with automatics run around, each give a machine gun and RPG 7, optics and a thermal imager. Let them work.
    1. SiberLight
      SiberLight 26 March 2016 18: 59
      And also with survival bags filled with a survival kit drinks
  6. Sobol
    Sobol 27 January 2016 09: 30
    Interestingly, when will the colors of the equipment begin to correspond to the time of year? Green on white, somehow does not really mask.
    1. Tankist_1980
      Tankist_1980 27 January 2016 14: 22
      This is a reserve for the future. We took into account global warming)))
      1. otto meer
        otto meer 27 January 2016 16: 16
        A camouflage suit, weighing 400g., No one has canceled.
    2. tso1973
      tso1973 27 January 2016 16: 41
      a white jumpsuit dresses on greens.
  7. George 275
    George 275 27 January 2016 10: 25
    Well done, at last, they began to think about the fighters, it’s not like to go to the boricades with a bad belly, many lives will be able to.
  8. bionik
    bionik 27 January 2016 11: 06
    Bullet-proof vests Sapphire SPETS. Dream of "Motorola". In the photo Gleb Kornilov. Model, tested in the conditions of battles on the battlefield. Features of the armor set:
    - Chest, back protection of 5 cells. The chest plate is enlarged and rounded in body shape;
    - Shatterproof soft protection from Kevlar neck, sides, upper chest, groin, shoulders and forearms.
    In the groin, a removable armor plate of 3 cells was added to Kevlar.
    - Protection of the lower abdomen is made by armor plates on the principle of scales. This allows you to freely sit in body armor.
    - Added the MOLLE system, which allows the use of body armor as an unloading;
    - Complete arm and leg protection with a movable articular cup.
    - On the inside there are cushioning pads, a chevron pad added.
  9. Trigger-Happy
    Trigger-Happy 27 January 2016 11: 09
    Fighters look serious in this armor, you will not say anything !!!!
    1. castle
      castle 27 January 2016 14: 12
      Kohl created the armor, then weapons, against these armors, will soon be created.
      1. bionik
        bionik 27 January 2016 14: 36
        Quote: hrad
        weapons against these armors will be created soon.

        The development of weapons is always ahead of the development of defenses.
  10. aviator1913
    aviator1913 27 January 2016 11: 34
    And why there are no characteristics of the reservation of the main plates? Where are reviews of ease of use. Very little information, the article is incomplete.
    1. max702
      max702 27 January 2016 11: 52
      Quote: aviator1913
      Where are reviews of ease of use. Very little information, the article is incomplete.

      Yes, feedback from direct users would be interesting, and I heard from my ear that the ammunition on the chest is not ice, and it is advisable to fasten it on the belt in the thigh area because if you don’t take off the stores on your chest, it’s not convenient to reload while lying down .. Although this suit is dark mall mounts, therefore, everyone can choose their own configuration ..
  11. AlexSK
    AlexSK 27 January 2016 12: 40
  12. Max_Bauder
    Max_Bauder 27 January 2016 14: 52
    Good "armor" is better than without it.
  13. saygon66
    saygon66 27 January 2016 15: 02
    - Even in appearance - too heavy ... There is already a ladder under the fighter bends! And while the unloading is "empty" ...
    1. PKK
      PKK 27 January 2016 16: 54
      You need to add up to 75 kg of cargo, only then the tests are interesting.
      1. saygon66
        saygon66 27 January 2016 18: 59
        - Based on the recommendation to load 25-30% of the "live" weight on a soldier, your soldier should weigh a kilo. commercials for 200 ... smile When fully loaded, the kit may well turn into shackles ...
    2. The comment was deleted.
  14. uskrabut
    uskrabut 27 January 2016 15: 08
    "He can also fog up from his breath."

    From experience with tools, I can say that glasses fog up more than the shield (the air circulates better behind the shield
    1. castle
      castle 27 January 2016 16: 00
      Ballistic glasses do not sweat until you drink hot tea in the cold, and if so, then for 2-3 seconds. And if you drink hot tea, then it’s not in a fight, there you can take off your glasses.
      1. Birdtalker
        Birdtalker 13 February 2016 11: 17
        And if you are British, in a fight, but you are nervous and decided to drink some tea. What then to do, because 2-3 seconds of fogging can cost a life?
  15. PKK
    PKK 27 January 2016 16: 53
    Apparently here in the discussions, an enemy group dug in, which unmasks itself minus the reinforced comments. They minus what is proposed to be improved on the basis of field trials. Well, let's look at their behavior further.
  16. Massik
    Massik 27 January 2016 18: 19
    Slings were sewn anywhere, absolutely without the participation of brains. You will begin to climb over the fence or slab, catch on the slings on the apron, know who to thank.
    It was impossible to master a complex shape visor; it was hard to make a triangular one - tapering to the chin.
    Why at the top of the helmet are Velcro ??? Are camouflage wraps on these Velcro sheets manufactured at an industrial pace? Remember in Israel they practice something similar, but not Velcro! Which are extremely prone to collect all sorts of dirt!
    The war will put everything in its place, another question at what cost ...
    1. saygon66
      saygon66 27 January 2016 19: 10
      Well, since there is a noctovisor mount on the helmet in front, it can be assumed that the wires of the batteries located on the back of the head are fastened with Velcro ... as unnecessary, they should be covered with panels with the corresponding part of the Velcro itself, or IR identifiers (now very fashionable thing), or reflective tags ...
      - And the trousers strongly resemble the creations of "Kitanika", and those on the trousers of the "molle" did not dare to sew slings ...
  17. Gunther
    Gunther 27 January 2016 21: 43
    Quote: Mik13
    It seems that with a visor on a helmet a little too sophisticated.
    Using an open sight AK clearly interferes.

    You are right.
  18. Lestat
    Lestat 27 January 2016 22: 45
    Quote: Mik13
    It seems that with a visor on a helmet a little too sophisticated.
    Using an open sight AK clearly interferes.

    I agree, even in the photo with this visor they rest against the machine gun, aimed shooting either without focusing on the shoulder or not aimed
  19. The comment was deleted.
  20. tchoni
    tchoni 28 January 2016 13: 32
    The thing is interesting, but.
    1) Velcro is not a good mount. It should be smeared in oil, heated or clogged with mud - finitis. For episodic extinguishing (typical for special forces) it’s still going, for life in the field - I don’t know .. There is no experience. Can anyone speak out on this topic?
    2) the costume is fragmented. It consists of a large number of parts, which implies a great time for dressing and fitting. Plus, again, the possibility of losing one of this.
    The advantages of such an architecture include the ability to determine the configuration at your discretion and the ability to replace individual elements as they become obsolete or out of order.
  21. Roll
    Roll 1 February 2016 20: 56
    Well now it remains to wait for all this to go into our army and not a couple of samples!
  22. pooop
    pooop 1 February 2016 22: 16
    So! Comrades, you are seriously thinking here that this miracle "suit" will go somewhere there ?! Seriously?!

    Actually, the information neither in this article nor in the sources indicated at the end says how many there are, and therefore it is, to my regret, dust in the eyes.

    I warn you before you read such articles you need as much as possible be critical of this kind of information, if you look from the point of view of an average journalist, then this is a pure pair (and I really did not notice anything except a pair in this article). Try to go to the site of this sharaga))) yes yes, you won't be able to do nichrome, and this sharaga wants to supply some kind of "costumes" to comrade Yuri Stavitsky)))))))))

    Well guys, well honestly it's not funny anymore.

    and you lap it up, and then unfold the discussion, 6 mummers saw and led)))
    about the costume itself)) this is a "masterpiece" of idiotism, I thought only the Arabs love it more and more steeper, but the developers of this crap outdid them, because, in general, I have never seen SUCH amount of MOLLE fastening in any suit)))) I wanted how good and it turned out striped crap))
    guys do not disappoint me, there are dozens if not hundreds of such firms that rivet the devil knows what, "pull the strings" of their patrons, make two or three sets, win the tender, and that's it !! Long live Switzerland or the Cote d'Azur)))
  23. Sedoy
    Sedoy 6 February 2016 14: 25
    this kit is considered "assault" ....
    weighs about 9kg
    and this is without weapons and equipment ...
    curious how much you can "storm" the floors (as shown on tivi) with such a weight ...
    1. 19001900
      19001900 13 February 2016 00: 48
      In our company there were armor plates (apparently also assault ones) with a full set of plates weighing 16 kg and the first rule when the body armor is on the range is removed only for sleep. Yes, and the morning run took place in them, well, to strengthen the spirit, walks of 20-50 kilometers were arranged in them. Checking the presence of plates I remember the company carried out using the butt wassat and you say 9kg.
      1. Sedoy
        Sedoy 17 February 2016 12: 32
        in my time there was no armor ...
        but with a full calculation on the landfill, they went and ran ...
        most unlucky machine gunners and grenade launchers ...
        dragged 5-10 kg more than the rest
        after 5-6 km of march through the mountains, there were practically no "living" ones ...
        He served in the Transcaucasus, where the base is your hill - our hill ...
        So, with one Kalash you climb up the hill - no one has the strength to "fight", but you need to "capture" ..
        and those that upstairs easily threw off those coming down ...

        so, I know the price of "walking 50 km" in equipment ...

        or your generation lives on dope ... :)
  24. bve56
    bve56 15 February 2016 17: 26
    glass covering face what can stand?
    1. SiberLight
      SiberLight 26 March 2016 18: 55
      I think that 9x18mm cartridges will withstand. But all this is very similar to the "Warrior" set, the helmet is very similar and the visor is added. And the bulletproof vest is also similar to the "Ratnikovsky" ...
  25. the47th
    the47th 22 February 2016 21: 30
    And what bullets penetration tested?