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"Voynushka" - a favorite game of Soviet children

My childhood was spent in the city of Penza on Proletarskaya Street, where every morning I woke up from the friendly stamping of the feet of workers going to the factory. And this says a lot. This plant was supposed to produce bicycles, but if it was engaged only in this, then our country would have become the leading bicycle power in the world for a long time. However, I usually woke up earlier from the loud screams that came from the street already at 5 in the morning. “Milk-oh! To whom is the milk? ”The thrush called, carrying milk cans along the street and hawking them. “Shurum-Burum, we take old stuff! Shouted an old man who drove a cart and bought up recyclables. “Knives to sharpen, to correct razors!” - the grinder exhaustedly screamed, who, together with his grinding machine, appeared just at the very time when the housewives were preparing breakfast for their husbands. So the tramp of the workers and the quiet rumble of their voices were more likely even lulled than truly awakened.

“Marusya is silent and tears are poured out like a harp, her soul sings!” - a show of a costume song at the Penza 47 school in the city. This is how I used the ability to make shields, spears and swords from "all that is at hand." Not a bit of historical, but patriotic, cheap, reliable and practical!

Our house was very old, still built 1882, full of all sorts of antiques, which I did not appreciate then, because they simply did not understand the cost. However, the neighbors' children said that you, they say, are rich, because you have carpets, a TV, and a refrigerator, which, except for us, nobody else had. However, after the reform of 1967, the income situation in our country has leveled off, so much so that many of my street comrades in quality of life began to overtake me. What, actually, is not surprising, because my family was incomplete. Grandfather, grandmother and mom - that's the whole family, and my father was somewhere far away, although he sent alimony regularly. My grandfather was a pensioner of national importance, received a pension in the amount of 90 rubles and all his neighbors were very jealous of him. In addition, he had two orders: Lenin and the Badge of Honor. But he did not fight to fight. Not in the First World War, not in the Civil War, not even in the Great Patriotic War. His hernia was inguinal, and even inoperable and in addition also flat-footed, so he in all cases happily escaped the army and gradually rose to the head of the city education department, which he had to manage from 1941 to 1945 a year! Grandma received a pension in 28 rubles, worked a lot in the garden and traded flowers in the market. During the war years, she worked in a hospital at the railway and told about this that my boy literally sank with horror, although it was, in general, about the most common things for her at that time.

As for my mother, she taught a very strange subject at the local polytechnic institute called “History KPSS ”, in 1968, she defended her thesis in Moscow, became a candidate of historical sciences, and immediately left for advanced training in the city of Rostov-on-Don, where she met my adoptive father, Peter Shpakovsky.

But that was when I turned 14 years old, and it became indecent to play “like a little” on the street. But before that, my favorite game, and all of my street comrades, was a war game!

I started playing this exciting game with five and a half years - in any case, the memories from this moment are very distinct. Moreover, this game on our Proletarian street was not encouraged by adults! Neighbors approached my mother and very seriously said: “We are fighting for peace, and your son runs from the morning until the evening with a machine gun down the street ...”. To which she replied: “We are fighting is a process, not a result! While there is no universal peace, let it play! ”

Usually played by one side of the street against the other, or each side by itself. On my side were six boys and two girls. On 10 Home Ownership! So the decline in the birth rate in the USSR began even then, in the 1954 year! In the extreme house near the railroad, Sanka-snotty lived - a harmful and nasty kid with ever-flowing green snot from his nose. For snot and harm, he was periodically beaten all over the street, but neither of them diminished. The second in terms of harm was Vitka-Titka, who was so teased, if not always, but often. I lived in the next house, then two Mulina brothers — Tatars, although for some reason it was not at all with Tatar names — one Sasha, and the other Zhenka — the first eldest, the second junior. Finally, the last Vitka lived on the corner of Proletarskaya and Mirskaya, but they did not tease him about teasing him, his father was a pilot. That is, there are only six boys on “this side”, but none of them knew exactly how many of them were on the opposite side, but obviously more than eight, so “this side” was not usually associated with them.

Very rarely played in the Indians. We made feathers for ourselves - one of the chickens (who had chickens), and I of ravens, which allowed us to play "a tribe for a tribe."

But in order to play war a better place than the Mulins' courtyard was to be found. There was no garden, almost nothing grew, but there was an old and very long barn with a wooden leaky roof - a real “Titanic”, an ancient castle or battleship - that's who liked it and when! The first floor belonged to adults. A pig was kept there, and they pounded chickens for the night and kept food for them. But the "podlovka", that is, a place under the roof, entirely belonged to the boys. And around this barn they usually went to war and played or left all the “code” on a large clearing behind the railway, right in front of the old prison castle of the old tsarist time.

It is clear that nobody especially bought toys to us, and from early childhood we did everything we needed for the game ourselves. Swords were planed from the boards of the boxes, which sometimes "tyril" near the store or at the glass warehouse. The rifles were cut from larger boards, sawing first with a saw, and then, ostyudivaya tree with a knife, and treated with sandpaper. The closures were made from old lugs and it was very cool, because they looked exactly like real ones!

In addition to rifles, it was mandatory to have also a revolver, also cut from some suitable piece of wood. I, however, had a Browning, and I was very proud of it, because I found it in a picture in some magazine, redrawed it in a notebook “in small cells”, and tried to do it as accurately as possible. I didn’t regret the dime to buy a bottle of mascara and paint it black, so I almost looked like it, they could even scare an adult!

Then, somehow, in the Detsky Mir shop, I saw a “real parabellum”. Black plastic! At the price of 80 kopecks! Well, an exact copy! I still wonder how and who missed it, because all the other toy guns in terms of the copy number were just g ... How, in fact, everything else is toy weapon. For example, I bought a PPSh machine ... All wooden, with a disk and ... a round wooden barrel with grooves! Well, is it PPSh? Then they bought ... PPSH again! With a barrel in a metal casing, oblique cut - a dream! And the store is ... straight, like a Schmeisser. Well, how to play this? Shame one! “Let's make-believe this will be a Russian machine gun!” - “Come on!” We did not know the names, but thanks to the cinema - all types of weapons were very visual!

But adults and bows with arrows were strictly forbidden to them. They said that you would be left without eyes and broke mercilessly! And the same thing applies to slingshots. That is, we did them. And even from them shot! But it was a big risk. More often used slingshots from Hungarian - model aircraft gum. Such slingshots were used mainly in school. They were worn on the fingers. Two loops and all. And they were shooting from them with paper brackets, which were preparing for the change in class. Moreover, measures were taken not to be left without eyes! The guys whose fathers worked in the factories, they made transparent masks from plex. Well, I had a cardboard mask with slits for the eyes, which were first sealed with a metal grid, and then ... two tea strainers! But this is a smart product of children's technical thought of black color and with a skull and bones on the forehead, the “cool” one immediately confiscated from me.

The games usually took place for a reason, and were associated ... with watching a movie. For example, “Chapaev”, “Brave People”, “Alexander Parkhomenko” and others went continuously then, at seven o'clock almost every day and in the morning we already played it. In 1962, the movie “The Three Musketeers”, Bernard Borderi, came out on screens and the fashion began to play in the three Musketeers and line up on swords made of flexible nut rods. Again, I was lucky as anyone: the ladle’s ladle broke in the house (the handle broke off), but they didn’t repair it, and I begged for debris to myself. I made an excellent guard from a cup of a ladle, arched a handle out of the handle, and cut off a thick wire with balls at the ends of dried breadcrum from trimming a thick wire! I painted all this with bronze paint for the grave fences, and the blade itself again smeared with black ink and silver, and got an excellent sword of “Toledo steel” - the classic “Spanish bowl” that became the envy of all the boys from our street. Those who nailed a tin handle to the handle as a handle and that was already considered a great success, and here such beauty, as if from the picture from the book and everything was done by hand, in addition to that, among the boys of that time, almost all were appreciated. !

In the “white and red” we also played constantly, because besides “Chapaev” in those 60-s years we also showed films about the “Red Devils”: “Red Devils”, “Savour-grave”, “Crime of Princess Shirvan”, “ Punishment of Princess Shirvan "and" Illan-Dilly. " These films were shot so much that after them the hand itself stretched to the saber from the board or to the bolt-and-bolt rifle and wanted to run away, break into nettles somewhere and scream "A-ah-ah!" ! But there was also the film “Aelita” in the novel of the same name by Alexey Tolstoy! And what were the costumes of the Martian soldiers and the guns - to fall and not get up!

Therefore, there was no surprise that we then pasted cardboard cardboard helmets of Martian soldiers, and ran into them in yards in shorts, threw rotten apples and tomatoes from the vegetable garden and loudly screamed the incomprehensible words: “Anta! Dressed! Ut-ta-a !!! ”- before the stuttering scaring the street old women, who treated our games with great prejudice, because we ran“ naked ”. Usually the game was this: run along the street and in the courtyards with wooden rifles and shoot at each other - “Bach! Bah! You are killed! I - aaa - wounded! "

The prisoners were treated sternly. “Speak the password!” - to which it was necessary to proudly reply: “The king was sitting on the pot!” After that, the prisoner was usually taken to the barn and locked there, or tied up for real and placed in the grass there, usually poured out of the slop and washing water! So they somehow caught me, and they put me in the grass, but the neighbor didn’t look (and what to watch?) And poured a whole bucket of garbage on me. I jumped up, scared her half to death, but I forgot to say “chur-try - no game” from excitement, for which I received for attempting to escape with a grenade along a “kumpola”, that is, on the head. And that day, paper bags with street dust, which the wipers had piled on the pavement in the mornings, were made by grenades that day, and ... as soon as the bag burst from the blow, it was dusting me from head to foot and sprinkled it!

I came home all in such a way that in order to wash me, it took not one, but two whole troughs of water. It’s good that at least we had a column! And so it happened more than once or twice: bags of dust, rotten apples, tomatoes, lumps of dry earth from a dug-up vegetable garden — everything, everything was grenades, which we threw simply with frenzy. But for some reason, the slingshots in our street were not popular ...

"Voynushka" - a favorite game of Soviet children

We also had match guards ...

However, the Penza boys of that time also had a more serious weapon: the so-called “burning” or “burning” - homemade pistols with tubes instead of barrels, where heads were filled with matches and again with the help of matches located through the firing hole located behind. I fired such a gun completely for real, and if it was also filled with gunpowder, then ... one could only sympathize with the one who had this “ignition” torn in his hands!

Knight games we were not particularly popular, but still we played it. After all, there were films “Alexander Nevsky”, “Iolanta”, “Blacksmith's Banner” (1961, Tajikfilm - based on “Shah-name”) and Bulgarian “Kaloyan”. And then “Kaloyan” I liked more than the “Nevsky”, because it was colored. And there were also the luxurious 1952 films of the year “Wanderings of Odyssey” and 1958 of the Year “The Feats of Hercules”, where there were excellent armor, maned helmets and dipilonsky shields!

From cardboard and paper, I made armor for all of these films several times, and then my grandmother tied me a “real” chain mail and a raincoat with a red backing. But in this suit, I just somehow seemed on New Year's Eve. Playing in the summer with the boys was unthinkable. It meant “to stand out”, but it was impossible to stand out in Soviet times, one had to be like everyone else. But all these “developments have been very useful to me after decades. The Lefty magazine published a whole series of my articles on how to make children's armor and weapons for games from scrap materials. And ... many then took advantage of it, and I myself took advantage of it when my granddaughter went to school and her class had to participate in a school competition for a costume song!

But for games on the street, I still had a “right” simpler - a plywood shield with an eight-pointed Maltese cross (oh, how one neighbor poured me over for this - “and from the family of communists”); an ax, a sword, and another shield — from the back of a catering chair. Then I did not know that there were such forms of shields and he was a little shy. But then any shots he reflected perfectly.

And that's amazing. Then I didn’t even think that I would write articles and books about knights, but I was drawn to them with all my heart, as well as to rifles and every other weapon, and besides, I loved to do it all myself ... Later in the novel Ivan Efremov "Hour of the Bull" I read that children have the ability to guess their future. And examples of the fact that this is the way I have a lot. But more about that, some other time.
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  1. Mangel olys
    Mangel olys 29 January 2016 06: 31 New
    Well, just like ours, though we used crossbows, bows and slingshots. And they also launched simple models of gliders and homemade parachutes from five-story buildings and carried "scarecrows" in their pockets. Somehow they found a fire hook and there was a rumor that it was an ancient knight's spear. And we all proudly, in turn, dragged this piece of iron with our foot in the handle of the hook. Thank you Vyacheslav for reminding us about our "war games".
  2. uladzimir.surko
    uladzimir.surko 29 January 2016 06: 40 New
    I read it with pleasure and remembered myself making "automatic machines" from improvised materials, and the "schmeiser" handed over his beloved to the growing up! hi
  3. Alexy
    Alexy 29 January 2016 06: 46 New
    My childhood was a bit later. But in general, the entertainment is the same. And bows and swords and self-arrows and slingshots. And also explosive packages. It was fun.
  4. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 29 January 2016 06: 55 New
    nostalgia- I remember a wooden rifle with a bolt shutter- Thanks for the morning smile !!!! By the way, I remember the application for UT-Lefty and the article. thanks again!
  5. Glot
    Glot 29 January 2016 07: 25 New
    Yes, wooden rifles with bolts-latches, probably everyone had it. )) Probably everyone went through the "war".
    We also made bombs and rockets. From sawn magnesium, potassium permanganate, nitrate. True, it was already more dangerous, but also more interesting.
    1. Darkness
      Darkness 29 January 2016 09: 06 New
      Is a rocket when you push a newspaper into a drainpipe and set it on fire?
      1. Glot
        Glot 29 January 2016 10: 13 New
        Is a rocket when you push a newspaper into a drainpipe and set it on fire?

        No. smile This is when you first saturate the newspaper with a solution of nitrate, dry. Then you find a suitable spray can (from hairspray, or something like that), open it from one end, fill it with an impregnated newspaper, close it leaving a hole. There a wick and either just to the ground, or to some guides. This is followed by a volley. laughing
        I remember we fired rockets at the football field, where high school students drove football. I had to run fast ... laughing
        And also smoke! The best fit for them was plastic from dolls-tumblers. Thing!
        But of course they drove magnesium bombs.
        I remember one evening in the wasteland blew them up. They threw one, the wick burned out and nothing. We, as four fools came up, stand above her, we think why she did not explode and, someone alone with her foot shvark. The flash is bright and dark! I thought everything went blind! How to go home? And I'll get ... mother will kill !!! laughing Then I look, the darkness in my eyes began to change, the lights of the houses appeared, my vision began to return. One of us also came earlier, and we saw the other two wandering around the wasteland with their arms extended forward. laughing Then nothing happened. But it happened in different ways. One of us once had a nitrate bomb in his hand exploded. Did not have time to drop, hesitated. The hand was badly chopped. It happened ...
      PHANTOM-AS 29 January 2016 10: 28 New
      Quote: Glot
      Yes, wooden rifles with bolts-latches, probably everyone had it. )) Probably everyone went through the "war".

      the worst thing is when you "fight" not for OURS, but for "Germans", it hurts to tears, but you always wanted only for "OURS" repeat
      1. Glot
        Glot 29 January 2016 13: 44 New
        the worst thing is when you "fight" not for OURS, but for "Germans", it hurts to tears, but you always wanted only for "OURS"

        Yes, it didn’t always happen the way you want. Someone had to be a German. wink
      2. The comment was deleted.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. Orionvit
      Orionvit 29 January 2016 21: 46 New
      Great article. My brother and I spent our childhood in military camps, where we always climbed ranges, shooting ranges and military units. So when playing war games, we blew up ammunition more seriously. Why we always flew from our parents, but the benefit was all right.
  6. Letnab
    Letnab 29 January 2016 07: 50 New
    and carbide grenades? !!! Rafting during floods, sometimes you look at children and computers, and think, how did we survive?
    1. igordok
      igordok 29 January 2016 09: 19 New
      "Any man is an accidentally surviving boy."
    2. tatarinalbert35
      tatarinalbert35 29 January 2016 18: 31 New
      Now the children have different guidelines! And rafting is just the highest class of my childhood smile
  7. parusnik
    parusnik 29 January 2016 08: 00 New
    They played Alexander Nevsky .. I had a plastic shield, a sword and a helmet .. red .. The sword could not stand even two fights smile I had to squeeze out a wooden handle .. smile I didn’t fit into the scabbard .. In the summer .. a bubble from under the shampoo, or better from under the "Whiteness", more voluminous .. water and go! Water pistols were not honored .. the ammunition is small .. Thank you, Vyacheslav!
  8. Nagaibak
    Nagaibak 29 January 2016 08: 12 New
    "Then one day in the Detsky Mir store I saw a 'real parabellum'. Made of black plastic!"
    I remember this only in white plastic, the sound during the shot was specific.))) I remember the black metal Mauser when using the pistons and the gun was also silver in color with pistons.
  9. Nagaibak
    Nagaibak 29 January 2016 08: 12 New
    Or something like that.))
  10. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 29 January 2016 08: 14 New
    In the courtyard where my grandfather lived with his family, at Officer Lane Building 7, this was probably the case. My generation is already different.
  11. Nagaibak
    Nagaibak 29 January 2016 08: 14 New
    And karamultuk)))
    1. igordok
      igordok 29 January 2016 09: 36 New
      A mountain-shooting, too, to take? (from)
      The magic power of art. Children help the "Elusive Avengers".
    2. Red_Hamer
      Red_Hamer 30 January 2016 05: 12 New
      Super slaughter sample, after a home-made refinement with a stopper thrashed about ten meters))
  12. Nagaibak
    Nagaibak 29 January 2016 08: 16 New
    And in general a harsh thing ... True, I saw a little different. But I didn’t find parabelum, there is a black one from the 60s which was bulletted by suction cups. But I did not see the white.
  13. Darkness
    Darkness 29 January 2016 08: 21 New
    Our "war" was not particularly appreciated, but the dukhariks, banquet, saltpeter, dowels - went with a bang.
  14. Free wind
    Free wind 29 January 2016 08: 31 New
    Match throwers, match shooters were also made, at night just like a tracer. For some reason they swore for slingshots, but they made bows and even shot ducks from them. Although many had guns at home, it was possible to hunt with a gun. But all the same they planed, beat, tinkered. From the age of 12 I had a "Kazanka" with "Veterok 12". We didn't have enough strength to start the "whirlwind", but the guys and I made a little kulasik, so it was more interesting ...
  15. abrakadabre
    abrakadabre 29 January 2016 08: 40 New
    And how many explosive compounds ...
    Bikford Cords.
    In addition to the scarecrow clappers from an aerosol can, a piece of carbide and matches.
    Pretty dangerous women with two bolts and a nut.
    What just did not dabble in.
    1. Darkness
      Darkness 29 January 2016 09: 02 New
      Yeah. I recall my childhood and generally don’t understand how the majority remained alive and not crippled.
      1. Dimy4
        Dimy4 29 January 2016 09: 33 New
        I recall my childhood and generally don’t understand how the majority remained alive and not crippled.

        We played partisans in the woods and came across the trelevoik left by the loggers. And let’s have this tank, I know how to start it, come on, the others said. In general, we pulled the trigger, pulled, he did not even grab the glory of God. And then we would roll ... for each other.
      2. PHANTOM-AS
        PHANTOM-AS 29 January 2016 11: 00 New
        Yeah, one ride on the tram "sausage" was worth it, but about riding on "cuckoos" between the cars - it's hard! belay
  16. igordok
    igordok 29 January 2016 09: 15 New
    After the New Year, when almost all the trees were natural, the time of the "Musketeers" came. Each kid had several "swords", as it should be with a guard. It's a pity, they quickly broke down.
    To illustrate, I wanted to find a photo of "Christmas tree swords" on the Internet, but I could not find one. It is clear that now artificial trees have become the basis.
  17. Oprychnik
    Oprychnik 29 January 2016 09: 18 New
    Amused. I remembered my childhood. Here is more detailed:
    20 dangerous games of children of the USSR. How could we survive.
    1. igordok
      igordok 29 January 2016 10: 01 New
      Point 18. When you try to charge the capacitor shown in the photo from the 220B socket, your fingers could also be torn off. We charged paper capacitors, electrolytic never.
    2. Mordvin 3
      Mordvin 3 29 January 2016 12: 39 New
      Quote: Oprychnik
      Amused. I remembered my childhood. Here is more detailed:
      20 dangerous games of children of the USSR. How could we survive.

      We inserted the cord into the cans from under the siphon. Personally, I consider the most dangerous splatter with gasoline.
  18. Dimy4
    Dimy4 29 January 2016 09: 23 New
    The pancake of the neighbor boy PPSh was made of wood, to which it looked like everyone was jealous.
  19. dmit-xnumx
    dmit-xnumx 29 January 2016 09: 29 New
    - And the noble, generous, desperate cowboys from The Magnificent Seven? How many knives have been ruined due to attempts to throw (them) ?!
    1. Pomeranian
      Pomeranian 29 January 2016 20: 32 New
      Damn, and Yul Brinner’s walker ?? These are training days !!!
  20. Ossetian
    Ossetian 29 January 2016 10: 16 New
    Wow, how I plunged into childhood, thanks to the author.
  21. Aleksander
    Aleksander 29 January 2016 10: 21 New
    "Voynushka" was visited by Soviet children and almost real. After the liberation of the city from the Nazis in 1944, a lot of weapons remained, to which the ubiquitous boys got to. Shots and explosions rang out all the time. My father talked about the pistols found and about machine guns, grenades. The father and his comrades each have several scars, several boys have died ...
  22. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 29 January 2016 10: 35 New
    After all, this is a whole cultural and educational layer. Who brought up? All Soviet life.
    . Probably in the big cities the guys were not so free, in general all this is great.
    Mom has similar memories of the Air Force pioneer camps, where they sent them all summer.
  23. Kombrig
    Kombrig 29 January 2016 10: 51 New
    Made by my father from PPS wood - almost a copy, with a removable horn !!!! A friend has a "tar" from a very successful Christmas tree - with a bipod and a handle, instead of a disk, a huge flat jar of herring, and of course grenades - potato crush (for "grenades" is regularly beaten by my mother))))) A little later, a standard set: bogeymen, air balloons, firecrackers, samopal, small cars on a rubber fight with a bolt from a latch and of course crossbows from a scythe ... We dug dugouts in a forest plantation, made cable cars on rollers ... Thanks for the nostalgia ...
  24. runway
    runway 29 January 2016 11: 06 New
    Children must be dealt with, otherwise everything will be limited to slingshots, scarecrows, home-made guns and brass knuckles. The fact that they help to educate future men is a very controversial issue - hooliganism, and sometimes banditry, is a fact.
    From my childhood, I remember bast shoes, and towns, and a siskin, and traps, and a bouncer, and hide and seek, and catch-up ....
    People! Get involved with the kids! It depends on you how they grow.
    1. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid 29 January 2016 11: 51 New
      I meant --- what roles were, not slingshots. After socialism ---- ninja turtles (so far), transformers, vampires, etc.
      Many thanks to Vyacheslav for the story of his life at such a time.
      Do you have any memories of the October school, pioneers, Komsomol members, which you could share with us? Maybe then when?
      1. kalibr
        29 January 2016 12: 54 New
        Quote: Reptiloid
        Do you have any memories of the October school, pioneers, Komsomol members, which you could share with us? Maybe then when?

        As many as you like and all the stories are one more interesting than the other! So far today, after your comments, I wrote a continuation of the topic about "war". Well, and there it will be seen further.
    2. _my opinion
      _my opinion 29 January 2016 18: 57 New
      Quote: piston
      People! Get involved with the kids! It depends on you how they grow.

      yes ... it depends on us adults ... on what we invest in them, on what we do ... on what toys we buy them ...
  25. infantry76
    infantry76 29 January 2016 11: 34 New
    Everything that the author, my fellow countryman, has listed recently, was in my childhood. Only it happened during the period of my life in Baku, where Russian boys, and Armenian, and Azerbaijani, and Tatar, and Jewish, and ... Who only in those days (50 - 70s of XX century) did not live in Baku, a large multinational city. The main idea of ​​all these games is the fight against the enemy of the Motherland, for justice and freedom. And no matter who we portrayed - Chapaev, Shchors, Matrosov, the three musketeers, Scaramush or Chingachguk, we had one desire, winning these "wars" to defend the country and its people, and in this context to show our courage and readiness. And then there was "Zarnitsy" and "Eagles" and were no longer courtyards. and organized in schools and other educational institutions. And there was no militarization in this, as some modern pseudo-historians are trying to present today. It was a natural desire of every boy, and sometimes a girl. Isn't that so now? Airsoft, paintball, computer video games, simulators ... Everything is the same, only without homemade bows, arrows, swords, guns, machine guns, scarecrows, arson, tomahawks, etc. etc. We had a wonderful childhood! I hope that our grandchildren and their children will have it just as great!
    I have the honor! soldier
    1. kalibr
      29 January 2016 12: 56 New
      Yes, you are right. Maybe our childhood was more dangerous in one, but safer in another. Parents did not see us off to school and did not meet us ... Not required!
      1. Glot
        Glot 29 January 2016 13: 47 New
        Maybe our childhood was more dangerous in one, but safer in another. Parents did not see us off to school and did not meet us ... Not required!

        It's right. Both to and from school without insurance for adults. And in the yard too. And nothing.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  26. Riv
    Riv 29 January 2016 12: 33 New
    Two boys on the left in the photo have shields with Russian two-headed eagles. The author will assure that he did such in the Soviet school? And he was released on stage?
    Oh liar ... :)
    I did not read further this, sorry, opus.
    1. kalibr
      29 January 2016 13: 00 New
      This photo is modern, don’t you see the quality? It just happened at the Penza 47 school where my granddaughter is studying and where there was a costume song contest ... all this is written in the text. Again you read inattentively ... What a strange manner.
      1. Riv
        Riv 29 January 2016 13: 56 New
        There it is ... The quality of the photograph is consistent with the pictures on color film. I myself am full of such. Who knows when it was made? And before the granddaughter, I, as already mentioned, did not finish reading, and it was not me who was to blame for this. After all, you told yourself about yourself and in what year the competition was - you did not write.
  27. Antropos
    Antropos 29 January 2016 12: 42 New
    "so he happily escaped the army in all cases"
    Did one hurt my eyes?
    1. kalibr
      29 January 2016 13: 01 New
      He could have been killed in Russian-Japanese, in the First World War, and in the civilian, and there would have been no grandfather and me ... and so ... they had not been killed!
      1. Riv
        Riv 29 January 2016 13: 59 New
        ... and also in Finnish, in Eastern Poland, on Halkin-Gol, or in any of the minor skirmishes that occurred after the Civil along the border and in Siberia ...
    2. Pomeranian
      Pomeranian 29 January 2016 20: 31 New
      War commanders win. It’s not said by me.
  28. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 29 January 2016 12: 57 New
    Quote: Riv
    Two boys on the left in the photo have shields with Russian two-headed eagles. The author will assure that he did such in the Soviet school ?.

    I think he just found a photo of a suitable plot. For other details, it’s clear that it’s close to us - there are a lot of modern materials in the costumes. As well as shoes. If someone asks, then I’ll quote the specialist’s words. materials are clearly visible. It is not necessary to deceive, just the plot.
    1. kalibr
      29 January 2016 13: 10 New
      And the girl is my granddaughter Zlata ...
      1. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid 29 January 2016 14: 31 New
        Well, everything fell into place. This is probably some kind of school performance. Or the House of Creativity. There were no good suits at my school, and older ones also say so. All of the cheap "improvised" materials were. Well, maybe the city scale was expensive.
  29. a housewife
    a housewife 29 January 2016 13: 40 New
    And there weren't many of us. Four boys and me. The street is not enough to say the edge. She walked steeply uphill. My house was the last and not in a row, but somehow across, closing. The truth from him began another, perpendicular. It was short. Mountains and streets were sometimes unpredictable. Short alleys, only locally known paths between houses, dead ends. Some houses are high, others in hollows, with streams, with huge willows. Immediately behind my house is a mountain with old dumps of stone, with the remains of a cable car - with a tower across the gorge. The slopes are overgrown with herbs and hawthorn. Turn around - the sea! Panorama! Ships in the roadstead, port, the other side of the bay - the city center, at a glance! Plenty of room for games! But! This is Novorossiysk. No one has ever played for the Germans, and besides, there weren't many of us. The enemies were imaginary, and we were scouts. Nobody composed any explosives from us. It was enough that real explosions happened with the boys in the neighboring streets - they constantly found some kind of mines, cartridges, rusty remnants of weapons. They still find it. Therefore, we were satisfied with our wooden homemade products, we had an excellent imagination. Some stories, intelligence, campaigns were composed. And there were enough other games. Sometimes in the summer they walked across two streets, there gathered big motley companies, "on logs", from all the nearest streets converged. Up to 14-15 years old, they took small ones with them, though they had to tell their parents where they went. It was really fun and interesting there, we scattered home closer to midnight. And never a single fight!
    1. The comment was deleted.
  30. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 29 January 2016 14: 40 New
    Senior's story: Here is such a company 15 people went in the winter to the stadium. LENINA (Petrovsky). There are sheds, a frozen river. They hid - war, reconnaissance, while a huge sleigh from a barn for a horse was woven into the plot of the game. They all gather on a frozen river, and then drag them upstairs, knocking them out of strength.
  31. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 29 January 2016 15: 14 New
    According to old tales, wrote such a poem


    Here is the golden summer
    Shot to heaven!
    Along the street with a handful
    The guys are running into the forest.

    You can not study them:
    The school year has passed.
    To fight in war games ---
    Mountain shot barrel.

    The guys ate ---
    Around the wonderful view:
    Here a beetle crawled out in the sun,
    Here is a butterfly flying

    Grasshoppers chatter
    Dragonfly hung ---
    Catch anyone you want
    Look with all your eyes!

    With spinning watch
    We are sitting by the river ---
    The bucket is full of bream
    Caught perches,

    And they caught a pike
    And crayfish --- don't forget!
    How they were cooked at night ---
    We look at the Milky Way !!!

    Through Grandpa's binoculars
    We look at the moon:
    --- And how many craters!
    And the mountains ... Well, well!

    We fed the calf
    So that he grows beyond his years.
    And how many joys ---
    Enough for us to school !!!

    I didn’t download the site for several hours at night, wrote on a video review. Someone had it too. Today, for some reason, the connection is poor. Otherwise, the tablet works fine.
    1. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid 29 January 2016 16: 16 New
      In the first quatrain, you need to read --- GUYS, and not like that. Apparently we need to take a break, I write a lot after arrival.
    2. Oprychnik
      Oprychnik 29 January 2016 17: 48 New
      "Here's a golden summer
      Shot to heaven!
      Along the street with a handful
      The guys are running into the forest. "

      I remember, in the mid-60s, in a piner camp near Orenburg, located in a grove called Dubki, they sang a remade, of course, of a song:

      "Oaks, green oaks,
      Patterned foliage.
      Hungry, unhappy
      Children live here. "

      It was fun!
  32. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 29 January 2016 15: 17 New
    I will be very glad for your stories, Vyacheslav. Thank you for the answer.
  33. exSUman
    exSUman 29 January 2016 15: 53 New
    In addition to all of the above, with the onset of summer holidays or, during the period of study, on Sunday, the boys from the quarter drove 15 to 20 children in large gangs ... they made "cars" from box boards (there were mountains of empty containers around the shops) and bearings ... one rides, the other pushes in the back ... there was such a roar that "Mom, don't cry!" They drove home closer to midnight ...
    1. Glot
      Glot 29 January 2016 16: 52 New
      they made "cars" from box boards (there were mountains of empty containers around the shops) and bearings ... one rides, the other pushes in the back ... there was such a roar that "Mom, don't cry!" They drove home closer to midnight ...

      Exactly, we had such. Chased be healthy! smile
  34. Mr. Pip
    Mr. Pip 29 January 2016 16: 24 New
    I will share my memories as a person who entered the university already under Putin.
    The main "Voynushka" was, yes, on a computer. I remember from the main: Contra, Flashpoint (Arma), for "intellectuals" Varik, Vakha, Blitzkrieg, IL-2 still loved it, now "tanks" have appeared.
    But in life they also "fought" - nothing was sawed out of wood, the main weapons were arms and legs, pneumatics (less often injuries), roses and bats.
    They usually fought on the street in "football", it was the most popular game, as the former representative of "near football" I can "boast" with a twice broken nose, four knocked out teeth and about 30 cm of "knife" on the body. I did not consider concussions of the head, they were mild.
    Well, something like this request laughing
    1. Glot
      Glot 29 January 2016 16: 58 New
      But in life they also "fought" - nothing was sawed out of wood, the main weapons were arms and legs, pneumatics (less often injuries), roses and bats.

      No, well, that was with us too. The truth is no longer in childhood, but later and older. District to district, street to street or together where. True, there were no pneumatic and injuries, of course, at that time, and no one waved knives, but with a stick turned up or you could get a bicycle chain. laughing
      But this is a completely different war.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  35. tatarinalbert35
    tatarinalbert35 29 January 2016 18: 33 New
    now the children not only do not play war, but the kings and boxes in the courtyards are empty !!! recourse
  36. Balagan
    Balagan 29 January 2016 19: 19 New
    Well, it’s not necessary to play side by side - we shared by lot.
    And about weapons - that's for sure, and the latch - finally that! A crooked snag could also go under the gun. But the older boys cut out really similar pestles and painted black.
    Luke is a different story. But the coolest thing is to break the cap with a nail and put this cap with an iron tip on the arrow. But for arrows, glazing beads are just a sign! Everything was fine until one boy drove this arrow into his hip. They didn’t say anything to their parents, but they threw such arrows.
    But soon the wind pipes from ski poles and arrows from a spoke with a bent end and a canopy in diameter spread. Those who shot birds and cats from the tube were in total contempt.
    For slingshots, paper brackets are pampering, but for real boys - brackets made of aluminum wire. On the ass as you plant - oh! Well, or you will be planted)))
    For the musketeers it was necessary to steal the shingles on the swords at the construction site. Camping for shingles is a separate feat. The lid for seaming cans is a great guard.
    Damn, but we didn’t have such cool grenades))) But lumps of dry earth are a matter, they are so torn as real ones. There is still a scar on his head.
    Samopaly with a trigger and arson were. The coolest brats made pistols from some tube under a small cartridge, behind which it was necessary to get into the garage and cut it off the tractor. But this is all serious, if you burn the cops - tryndets!
    And the scarecrows? The brace-like construction of a curved tube and a nail connected by an elastic band. There is a little foil in the tube, you will tamp with a nail and then match matches there. You cock a nail and rubbish - it shoots almost like a gun. Well, we thought so.
    Well, explosive packages of potassium permanganate and magnesium. His father almost burned the garage once when he eased a half pack of magnesium sugar on an emery and flew into it a spark from the pliers used to hold the magnesium.
    And rafts - that's for sure - sea battles, team to team. We had 6 rafts on two teams. After one of the battles, my friend learned to swim)))
    What about carbide cans? They also shot great!
  37. Oprychnik
    Oprychnik 29 January 2016 19: 55 New
    And who was engaged in radio hooliganism? With the help of a friend, I actually assembled a detector transmitter, and went on the air through the "Baltika" radio receiver. The voice was then thin, unbreakable, the guys were constantly making fun of the air. You could listen to music that was rare at that time. Then my father, with a grin, came up and said that, they say, he was summoned to the KGB because of me, and they made it clear that his son was doing the wrong thing, they recommended taking measures. I understand that he was joking right then, but to do not let my father down, I stopped this business.)))
  38. Pomeranian
    Pomeranian 29 January 2016 20: 29 New
    Yes, as I returned to my childhood. Everything was, from the 1-3 grade slingshot and tubes from the snow, they shot rowan berries, 4-6 bows, "air" from the pumps (oh, and flew into me then for the ruined "moped" pump, but a crow with 15 meters of pellet in plasticine and the window putty was stitched through), 6-9 grade is, of course, arson. Broken noses from older men in the village and fathers for cut pipes from a tractor, but the burnt half-baked meat of a pigeon or a hare cooked on a fire in a homemade dugout with only salt, a taste that cannot be compared with any lobster. Well, match-shooters, "clinkers" from the tube were also in the arsenal. I will cut a "trophy" German machine gun out of any board in half an hour so far ... I take off my hat to the author. it is a pity that the article cannot be given two advantages.
  39. SlavaP
    SlavaP 29 January 2016 21: 00 New
    Thanks to the author for the article! So I visited in childhood ... Let me remind you of another type of shooting device: the usual wide elastic band for underpants was pulled on the model of a gun or pistol, and the clothespin was fixed vertically on the bolt. Cherry or cherry bones were used (good in the South they were like dirt). Put in a loop, pull and pinch a clothespin - ready for battle! The beat was very accurate, but not very painful.
    1. saygon66
      saygon66 4 January 2017 17: 38 New
      - And we pulled a rubber band - "Hungarian" on the "trunk", bent the release lever from a thick aluminum wire ... it swayed on an axis from a nail-weave ... The upper part of the lever pressed the wire "brackets" - and the lower one was a "trigger ".
      - Shot - be healthy! The cousin was so injured - the right pupil became like a cat - vertical ...
  40. Mangel olys
    Mangel olys 29 January 2016 21: 50 New
    Do you remember Zarnitsa? It was great!
    1. Mordvin 3
      Mordvin 3 29 January 2016 22: 45 New
      However, no matter where you spit, they did the same thing throughout the Union. laughing drinks
  41. Denimax
    Denimax 29 January 2016 23: 09 New
    Hmm, plunged into childhood.) Also had to fight street by street. I grew up in five-story buildings until I was six years old, and there were a lot of boys and older, and I gained all sorts of wisdom from them, and then in two-family houses I came to be known as a gunsmith. I also made a self-shooter from a clothespin, and there weren’t any varieties of self-arrows. I just didn’t do arson, for some reason I was afraid of everything powder, only scarecrowers from a bicycle spoke or cartridges were blown up from small things.
  42. dali
    dali 29 January 2016 23: 52 New
    We still had a game ...
    Twisted or folded pieces of paper were thrown into someone’s hat or old box, where the ranks were written from privates to when, as they wrote — Generalisimus, Stalin, Generalisimus Stalin — Russians and from ordinary to Hitler — Germans. And it seems to Generalisimus that they couldn’t correlate any rank with the Germans even those who first started playing like that.

    After that they mixed up and who got what ... by a prerequisite everyone needed to scatter one at a time in different directions throughout the microdistrict. And then they caught each other and how they caught ... if you (ordinary) catch the colonel, then you got ... if you and the colonel are catching another colonel, he’s hit - in general, the principle is clear.

    And of course, secret information about who in what rank was received from prisoners, who, by condition, were supposed to tell who is who is lower in rank.

    And the legs work and the head ... it’s understandable it was always sadder to play for the Germans, and for some reason the Germans most often lost, regardless of the composition (and who gets what ...)

    Of course, everything else was also ... and the swords were planed, and the bows did, slingshots were different. Damn, even at school it was an action - they shot it with short cut Hungarians (do not confuse laughing ) with ballpoint pens.
  43. aba
    aba 30 January 2016 00: 12 New
    I remember all that very well, since it was simply impossible to drive home, just as it was now to drive out of the house.
    So I had a head start in front of the guys - at my grandfather, right at home, one of the rooms was given to a carpentry workshop. I made automatic machines at a time; the German Schmeisser was the easiest to make.
    What weapon? We have frost and snow, but we don’t have winter equipment in our stores (a neighbor at a furniture factory used to cut clubs from plywood for 50 kopecks or a ruble, I don’t remember, it was only enough for a couple of games) and I remember 9 class was shocked - arrived in snowless Kiev. And there, in the shops, at least skates, at least clubs, not to mention the skis, just heaps.
  44. Grif
    Grif 30 January 2016 04: 29 New
    As a child, we always played war games. It was necessary to divide into Germans and Russians. No one wanted to play for the Germans. We appointed Schnicks by the Germans, promising them that we would change later, but never changed. Never in my life have I played for a German.
  45. haenx
    haenx 30 January 2016 09: 10 New
    Can someone tell me how to wean children from computer games Call of Duty, Farcry, Black Ops, Medal of Conor, etc., etc. Thank.
    1. Oprychnik
      Oprychnik 30 January 2016 17: 24 New
      Stop playing it yourself and throw the computer away.)))
    2. dali
      dali 31 January 2016 01: 11 New
      Quote: haenx
      Can someone tell me how to wean children from computer games Call of Duty, Farcry, Black Ops, Medal of Conor, etc., etc. Thank.

      Well, damn it ... the answer is classic and there’s no other, either:
      It’s necessary to take it so that when you get home you don’t have any strength for this crap
      In short, the case from which the child will be more and more awesome in his eyes every day ... by the way, computers have nothing to do with it ... there can be so much of everything in computer technologies ... Yoёёёёёёёё - you just have to show, interest ...
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  49. SlavaP
    SlavaP 30 January 2016 21: 37 New
    In short, anyone who has been a warrior since childhood has not defeated anyone!
  50. repytw
    repytw 31 January 2016 15: 31 New
    Thank you fellow countryman! The described years 50-60s, but in my 80s it was the same in Kuznetsk, Penza region. The machines were sawed from planks, the PPSh stores were made from plastic wheels of toy tractors. "Schmeisers" were made from broken hockey sticks. I also remember white parabellum, using it as a form my father at the factory cast from aluminum and painted it - it was the coolest on the street until he lost it. They played war in our apartment buildings, there were 100 people on each side and we were led by the same guys, only 2 years older they organized whole battles with ambush regiments, flanks, artillery. This is no longer the case.