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UNSC obliges countries to cut off all channels of financing terrorist groups

The UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution prepared by Russia and the United States to strengthen the fight against the financing of terrorist groups. Sanctions will be imposed on countries seen in supporting terrorists, reports RIA News.

The resolution refers to Chapter Seven of the UN Charter, which speaks of "recognition by the Council of a threat to international peace and security." Therefore, the measures indicated in the document are binding.

In particular, all states are required to “freeze immediately the funds and other financial assets or economic resources of these individuals, groups, enterprises and organizations that will be placed on the list of SCs, including funds received through property owned directly or indirectly by them ".

In addition, the countries of the world are obliged to “prevent direct or indirect deliveries and transfers of arms to these persons”, and also to prohibit them from entering or transit through their territories.

The sanctions list was renamed by the Council to the "list of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" and "Al Qaeda". That is, the UN no longer considers the IG grouping as an “al Qaeda” branch, recognizing it as an “independent terrorist threat”.

Sanctions measures will apply to those who "participate in the financing, planning or facilitation of the activities of the IG or Al-Qaeda, in the supply, sale or transfer weapons and related funds to these groups, as well as recruiting for Al-Qaida, IS or any of their cells. ”

The UN Security Council also urged countries to take measures to “ensure that their citizens and individuals in their territory do not provide economic resources to IG, Al-Qaida and related persons, groups, enterprises and organizations”. This requirement also applies to “direct and indirect trade in oil and its products”.

The mandate of the sanctions committee has been extended to the end of 2017.
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  1. Putinets
    Putinets 18 December 2015 09: 12
    I wonder how the pin "sy will block their own streams?
    1. vorobey
      vorobey 18 December 2015 09: 14
      Quote: Putin
      I wonder how the pin "sy will block their own streams?

      Are you ... everyone obeyed and shut down and harmony came in the world ... repeat
      1. SRC P-15
        SRC P-15 18 December 2015 09: 16
        Well, that’s the result of negotiations between Putin and Kerry!
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. Oleg NSK
        Oleg NSK 18 December 2015 09: 22
        The United States gave a hustle and, like, took part in the preparation of the resolution ... the standard position of the Aglo-Saxons ... "If you can't cope with the problem - lead it" ...
        ... now they lead both ISIS and lead the fight against it, and with its financing ...
        ... this is our mistake ...

        "It is bad to have the Anglo-Saxon as an enemy, but God forbid to have him as a friend ...", is a centuries-old experience
        1. comprochikos
          comprochikos 18 December 2015 09: 33
          Involvement still needs to be proved. And so any excuses will be rolled, like Rafik Safsem is not the culprit, I swear by my mother ...
          1. Oleg NSK
            Oleg NSK 18 December 2015 09: 59
            It is very difficult to prove the obvious.
          2. The comment was deleted.
        2. Al_oriso
          Al_oriso 18 December 2015 10: 17
          Now it will turn out again as usual - the USA will ultimately triumph over terrorism, and the fact that Russia started and did the lion's share of the work will be forgotten, forgotten.

          In any case, now it is much more important to wipe all these gangster geeks off the face of the earth, and sharing the results is a matter of the future.
      4. The comment was deleted.
    2. marlin1203
      marlin1203 18 December 2015 09: 23
      Nonsense. The UN has long turned into a bureaucratic atavism, which the powers that be use only when it is beneficial to them. And only Russia, as a naive institute, still believes in something and tries to remind about the inviolability of international legal norms and universal recognition of the results of World War II.
    3. Angara
      Angara 18 December 2015 09: 35
      Quote: Putin
      I wonder how the pin "sy will block their own streams?

      Or maybe they are masochists? wassat
      1. Vend
        Vend 18 December 2015 09: 45
        Slowly but surely, the world is turning into a legal channel. The old mechanism creaks.
    4. Bobxnumx
      Bobxnumx 18 December 2015 09: 49
      The resolution was then adopted, "... and Vaska listens, but eats. ..." Directly across Krylov. winked
    5. APASUS
      APASUS 18 December 2015 11: 31
      Quote: Putin
      I wonder how the pin "sy will block their own streams?

      How do they block it? They hid everything perfectly this time, and now they themselves took the initiative, they say it is necessary to cover up. American tactics !!!
      I look at this UN and this is a completely different organization, as the Yankees crushed them. 4 years there has been a war in Syria, robbing historical monuments, oil, selling women and children into slavery and only now the UN has noticed, thanks to the American resolution !!! It seems it's time to dump the story of this pyindo project
    6. The black
      The black 18 December 2015 11: 57
      No way .... Things will not go further than the declaration. Again in the West they will not notice, hear and see anything .... Unfortunately - this document is PPC.
  2. Woodman
    Woodman 18 December 2015 09: 14
    And will they impose the same sanctions against the Turks? I doubt it ...
    1. Teberii
      Teberii 18 December 2015 09: 26
      Lead or not it doesn’t matter, it’s important that the Turks were set up in full. Now they have to fuss.
      1. donavi49
        donavi49 18 December 2015 09: 52
        What for? Everyone pretends that there is nothing, and if there is any kind of bulk and moves to Turkey, then this is smuggling of local significance.

        VKS strikes push the shoulder into Iraq and through the Kurds. If we go further and turn on paper coasters of unknown origin into Kurds — then you don’t have to hide and officially shout, we buy from the Kurds, so helping them fight the universal evil of the IG!

        In Khasak, there has long been an oil deal with the IG and the Kurds - the Kurds pass and protect the flows of bulk docks, for a little money.
  3. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 18 December 2015 09: 14
    Wow! What are the Turks to do now? Or will the Janissaries be "put" on sanctions? Will they get along with Dill (actually, already) and will continue to feed the "harbingers of the Great Ottoman Empire" - namely, DAISH? And the mattress, as always, will squint its eyes and will not notice anything?
    And so it all began. I don’t believe for some reason that sanctions against Turkey will be announced. This does not fit into the picture of today's world.
  4. Mails
    Mails 18 December 2015 09: 14
    Let's see how it will work.
  5. aszzz888
    aszzz888 18 December 2015 09: 15
    For a start, you can immediately announce sanctions on the Turks. And then all the "fraternity" should be brought up under this resolution.
  6. olimpiada15
    olimpiada15 18 December 2015 09: 15
    There is a beginning. How will the UN Security Council resolution be implemented?
    The United States is strong in controlling financial flows around the world, but when it is politically unprofitable for them to turn off their brains right away, hearing and sight and the talking head of the State Department begin to carry nonsense to the amusement of journalists.
  7. dsi
    dsi 18 December 2015 09: 15
    “The ice has broken, gentlemen of the jury!”
  8. Wolka
    Wolka 18 December 2015 09: 16
    albeit a little, but the water wears away the stone, all the same it had to start, thank God they started ...
  9. izya top
    izya top 18 December 2015 09: 16
    yes, yankees, saudas, qatars, turks ... right now they took and carried out the order
  10. mpzss
    mpzss 18 December 2015 09: 20
    What's the saying?
    And Vanka is listening, but a set! only it needs to be rephrased:
    And the states are listening, but financing!
  11. fa2998
    fa2998 18 December 2015 09: 23
    A good "splash" for Turkey! "Direct and indirect" trade in oil and oil products. Although they resell oil ten times to terrorists. Let them get out! And then the accounts of the "Erdogan family" will be closed. And also transit, rest and treatment of terrorists on the territory Turkey.This is a UN decision, worked out with the participation of the United States (closest ally), and adopted unanimously - try to jump! good hi
    1. northern
      northern 18 December 2015 12: 35
      Unfortunately, the United States will be the first to put a bolt on any UN Security Council resolution, do not flatter yourself.
  12. AdekvatNICK
    AdekvatNICK 18 December 2015 09: 28
    By the way, as I understand it, the Egyptians were slightly offended by our departure of tourists. They seem to be included in the lists of "a type of coalition to fight terrorism" along with Saudi Arabia.
    1. Aroma77
      Aroma77 18 December 2015 09: 34
      The Saudis are arming the Egyptian army. Therefore, there is nothing surprising here that they are included in this coalition.
  13. Alexanast
    Alexanast 18 December 2015 09: 28
    The sanctions will apply to those who “are involved in financing, planning or facilitating the activities of IS or Al-Qaeda, in the supply, sale or transfer of weapons and related funds to these groups, as well as recruiting for Al-Qaeda” , IS or any of their cells. "

    And the mattress with the Turks is already on this list, or again nothing to do with? what Although they should be on the first place in the list of countries supporting terrorism.
  14. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 18 December 2015 09: 31
    unanimously adopted a resolution prepared by Russia and the United States

    A long time ago this was not. If the United States had not fussed, ostensibly, with the preparation of a resolution, then again Russia's proposals would be blocked. Well, let's see who they start from? For some reason, it seems to me that it’s not from Turkey.
  15. bad
    bad 18 December 2015 09: 34
    Sanctioned countries will be sanctioned
    ... but will this be? in the sense of a sanction? .. mattresses have long been a bolt to any decisions of the Security Council ... but looking at the "lord" and the vassals I will not be afraid ... even to a person far from politics, it is clear who first of all needs to be sanctioned -on the mattresses, because the ISIS and al-Qaeda are their projects .. the decision of the Security Council is just a formal concussion of the air ... but "Solntsepёk" "Caliber" and FAB are reality ... laughing
  16. Barakuda
    Barakuda 18 December 2015 09: 37
    UN time to landfill soon. No sense, only Russia grandma bucks in vain, for now. For example, China doesn’t care. Although they and India thank you for blocking some resolutions.
    Not Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan The UN did not save.
    1. Extraneous
      Extraneous 18 December 2015 11: 13
      Restoring the role of the UN is one of Russia's priority goals. This is what Putin is leading. The United States was forced to sign a resolution, otherwise all their statements about their desire to resolve the Syrian problem were poured in. Well, of course, Kerry was trying to bargain for something. I think they have bargained for the inviolability of all sorts of "free armies"
  17. moskowit
    moskowit 18 December 2015 09: 40
    With its fight against the total terrorist threat to the world, Russia has stirred up all this "stagnant swamp" of "fighters" for the observance of world "law" and apologists for connoisseurs of "true democratic freedoms".

    How could all this be to them, of course, "not high". They did not grieve, here is Russia with its anti-terrorist operation. "Spin" now to observe the "face". Ooh, damn it. Words are not enough for literary expression ...
  18. izya top
    izya top 18 December 2015 09: 40
    why did it come to your head, but what about the ukrohuntiks? You can’t finance them either, or are they not terrorists?
  19. doework
    doework 18 December 2015 09: 40
    And besides the UN there are no public stands. Previously, the Soviet Union, thanks to the socialist camp, had much stronger positions in the UN. Now - not at all ... but nevertheless, this structure can and should be used.
  20. LÄRZ
    LÄRZ 18 December 2015 09: 46
    To begin with: what about the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Iraq?
  21. Sergey Vladimirovich
    Sergey Vladimirovich 18 December 2015 10: 03
    Sanctioned countries will be sanctioned

    It seems like a Soviet joke, when the Georgian trucker stopped the Russian trucker (in Georgia), when he got tired of waiting to see the green light up and watch everyone go by the red one, he went too ... -I saw the red light, dear !? -So there was so much ... Everyone is going !!! -Eh! Dear! Do you know the rules !? -I know ... -And they don’t know !!! ...

    You can guess at one time which countries WILL NOT BE SEEN ... in supporting terrorists! Or do not know and have not heard! ..
  22. Foxbed
    Foxbed 18 December 2015 10: 12
    Quote: Sergey Vladimirovich
    You can guess at one time which countries WILL NOT BE SEEN ... in supporting terrorists! Or do not know and have not heard! ..

    Have you adopted the resolution? -Excellent! At least some step forward have been made in the place and in the "one" "direction ... Dashing trouble is the beginning. And then, we'll see! yes
  23. maiman61
    maiman61 18 December 2015 10: 23
    Sanctions will be imposed against Assad, the United States clearly said that Assad buys all the oil from ISIS! Once again they threw Russia not childishly!
  24. AdekvatNICK
    AdekvatNICK 18 December 2015 10: 25
    the joke is that this resolution is no more than just a piece of paper. Without single terrorist list which "blocks" America is a filkin letter.
  25. Zomanus
    Zomanus 18 December 2015 10: 33
    Well, they finance the Syrian opposition.
    And the oil is being "refined" through the Kurds.
    So essentially nothing will get hurt ...
    So do not relax and hammer on the coals further.
  26. solovey
    solovey 18 December 2015 11: 08
    In less than two years to block the channels !!!!
  27. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 18 December 2015 11: 18
    Theoretically excellent resolution; only now our people say that Turkey buys oil from ISIS, and the US does not recognize this. What about the sanctions? The Americans themselves indirectly (and perhaps directly) contribute to the falling of weapons into the clutches of the Wahhabis. How to be? Saudis finance "rebels" laughing in Syria. What to do? They trade in stolen artifacts, which means someone is buying them. So what?
  28. Circuit breaker
    Circuit breaker 18 December 2015 11: 50
    Erdogan probably fart tore laughing
  29. Murad05
    Murad05 18 December 2015 12: 19
    Yeah, and everyone directly obeys and fulfills the obligations of this resolution. No.
  30. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 18 December 2015 13: 12
    And accomplices immediately scared and blocked! Yeah ... hi
  31. ML-334
    ML-334 18 December 2015 13: 24
    They will fulfill, they will not be another question. What is it good for us is undoubted. The idea here has come-can bombing in Turkey, or not?
    1. -Traveller-
      -Traveller- 18 December 2015 14: 31
      at least on the territory of the Vatican, the question is aftermath
    2. The comment was deleted.
  32. nemec55
    nemec55 18 December 2015 13: 31
    No matter how it turned out and it didn’t turn out so that we clacked ourselves in the balls.
    The UN recognized or not the Kurdish party as a terrorist, and yet this is a real tool to break the Turks into the glands if we allow them to put GOOD weapons ..
  33. Olegater
    Olegater 19 December 2015 00: 29
    The sanctions will apply to those who “are involved in financing, planning or facilitating the activities of IS or Al-Qaeda, in the supply, sale or transfer of weapons and related funds to these groups, as well as recruiting for Al-Qaeda” , IS or any of their cells. " After this, it is possible and necessary to hammer lice and their mongrel (coalition) into the Stone Age with their limitations. And the latest facts demonstrated by our Defense Ministry and special services prove the involvement of these shitty people in the financing, maintenance and support of terrorists. And to disperse this UN through the cracks as the roof of terrorism.