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Political analyst: after the weakening of DAISH Americans will start helping Syrian opposition members to fight with Assad

The division of the American special forces, which arrived in Syria, after the destruction of the terrorists, DAISH can begin to assist the SSA (Free Syrian Army) in the war against Assad troops, said George Messi, head of the international relations department at the American University in Beirut.

Aleppo, November 20 2015

On Monday, Barack Obama said: "The forces of the special forces, whom I ordered to move to Syria, began to support local forces that are advancing to the south, cutting off supply lines and increasing pressure on Ar-Rakka."

“The US position is still unclear. They can also help the Free Syrian Army, although they are well aware that all of them are Islamists. If they help them, it is not to fight the IS, but against the Russians and the Syrian army ... Even if today they fight against the IS, then tomorrow they will fight against the Syrian army. We saw how they (militants) were given American Tou rockets ... They will watch, and where the Syrians and the Russians will have success, they (the USA) will transmit a little bit weapons to the other side - Islamist terrorists ", - quotes the political scientist RIA News.

According to him, “after the start of the air operation of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria, the United States and its allies were forced to change their strategy, as they are afraid if they are inactive now, then Russia will control everything.”

Speaking about the possible support of the Kurdish self-defense forces by the Americans, Messi expressed doubt that Washington would decide on full-fledged assistance, because it is an ally of Turkey, and Ankara, as we know, does not want to increase the influence of the Kurds on the Turkish border.

“Ankara is opposed to the Kurds having their own land, where they will lead - it is dangerous for them (the Turks). I think that no matter how the Americans change their strategy, they will try to play with time and observe how events develop ... in their (US) interests, so that the issue will not be resolved quickly, ”said the political scientist.
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  1. vglazunov
    vglazunov 16 December 2015 11: 11
    It is necessary to help the Syrians, as well as the Mexicans to fight with the United States.
  2. 31rus
    31rus 16 December 2015 11: 14
    Dear, very strange news. Support for the so-called opposition did not stop, the Americans themselves say this, moreover, the attacks on the positions of the SA are not accidental, so the "expert" is late with forecasts. Apparently, the US is trying to create a zone of delimitation, i.e. This is for you, this is for us, and I am acting impudently, knowing about Russia's position to preserve the integrity of Syria, how far it can go depends on the will and prudence of the leadership
  3. prabiz
    prabiz 16 December 2015 11: 16
    The United States sent a detachment to support the opposition!
  4. DMoroz
    DMoroz 16 December 2015 11: 23
    "... The United States and its allies were forced to change their strategy, because they are afraid that if they do nothing now, Russia will control everything."

    Nothing in the strategy of the Anglo-Saxons does not change, raking in the heat with the wrong hands, and seeing the end of the mess, they are the first to grab the fattest piece, and at the same time also build various intrigues to the former allies ...
  5. Vladimir 1964
    Vladimir 1964 16 December 2015 11: 23
    “The US position is not yet clear. They can also help the Free Syrian Army, although they know very well that there are all Islamists there. If they help them, it will not be for fighting IS, but against the Russians and the Syrian army ... Even if today they will fight against IS, then tomorrow against the Syrian army. We saw how they (the militants) were given American Tau missiles ... They will watch, and where the Syrians and Russians are successful, they (the United States) will transfer a little bit of weapons to the other side - the Islamist terrorists, ” quotes a political scientist RIA Novosti.

    Surprisingly honest and objective position for a Western political scientist. hi
  6. OlegV
    OlegV 16 December 2015 11: 27
    "After the start of the airborne operation of the Russian air forces in Syria, the United States and its allies were forced to change their strategy, because they are afraid that if they are inactive now, Russia will control everything."

    well, right, the same in the Second World War, when the second front was opened, until the last they were waiting for someone and WERE afraid, also getting involved in time and opening the second front, otherwise they would suck a finger .....
  7. EvgNik
    EvgNik 16 December 2015 11: 33
    After the states, with the help of agents of influence, crossed ISIS into Daesh, they seemed to distance themselves from their offspring. And now they can calmly start supporting ISIS no longer; no, this is already a completely different organization with a different name. So no wonder.
  8. individual
    individual 16 December 2015 11: 33
    So the states need chaos and a constantly aching nerve on the body of the whole planet, where their doctors with a tamahawk will call. am
  9. bad
    bad 16 December 2015 11: 35
    Political analyst: after the weakening of DAISH Americans will start helping Syrian opposition members to fight with Assad
    .. and you don't need to be a political scientist to know this .. this is the usual "bitch" tactics of the Angolosaxes ..
  10. nikolaev
    nikolaev 16 December 2015 11: 38
    On the border, US special forces will open censuses of stubborn terrorists as moderate oppositionists and, handing them more modern weapons and rations, will be sent to the war against Syria (Assad).
  11. moskowit
    moskowit 16 December 2015 11: 38
    Duc and do not go to the grandmother, a no brainer ...
  12. 24rus
    24rus 16 December 2015 11: 41
    Rather, the Americans arrived so that the opposition would not become too friendly and fraternize with the SA fighters during joint military operations against ISIS. Such a function of political officers
  13. Blackmokona
    Blackmokona 16 December 2015 11: 43
    4 years help, author from the past?
  14. newcomer
    newcomer 16 December 2015 11: 49
    not well interesting indeed after igil ssa will go to sa? I think those parts that went on rapprochement with us will remain on the sidelines or join the Syrian army. Kurds are also on our side. One thing remains: the igil will be renamed into a free army, armed and face on us with the Syrians. one warms the soul that ours are probably ready for this or similar continuation.
  15. kapitan92
    kapitan92 16 December 2015 12: 05
    "Beat your own people so that strangers are afraid" is an old saying. "To wet in the toilets," as the Guarantor said, must be all indiscriminately. "Al Nusra" or "Nusra an", ISIS, Arabs respect ONLY strength.
    What you need to learn from the Anglo-Sassians, the solution of their problems with the wrong hands and the fighters of others.
    To plant MANPADS on the Syrian Kurds, to promise support to Hezbollah in the fight against the Israeli invaders, to increase the Iranian special forces contingent, etc.
    We must take care of our fighters!
    Divide and showdown is yet to come!
  16. -Traveller-
    -Traveller- 16 December 2015 12: 06
    victory over the igil will look like this - a ground invasion of the coalition in support of a moderate opposition (for example, the ss). Rakka, Mosul, etc. cities will be "taken". igil fighters will covertly and unanimously join the os, small groups of igilites will continue to exist to justify the presence of foreign troops in syria and iraq. some congress of the new Syria will be assembled, which the international community recognizes as legitimate for the transition period. VKS of the Russian Federation formally there will be no one to bomb - there are no needles. and Assad will continue to nip already in a moderate and legitimate way.
  17. Obstructia
    Obstructia 16 December 2015 12: 08
    So they help them and so ... And the positioners, and other bearded personalities))
  18. Uruska
    Uruska 16 December 2015 12: 29
    Soon our group will begin to wet this special forces together with the Ishilovites. This confrontation will take place.
  19. newcomer
    newcomer 16 December 2015 12: 40
    I agree with uruska. everything goes to this. like it or not, but on this heel ours will clash with the Yankees.
  20. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 16 December 2015 12: 49
    It may well be so, they will first approve the list of banned terrorist organizations, where the SSA will certainly not enter, and then this same SSA will begin to stir up water under the leadership of the United States.
  21. Zomanus
    Zomanus 16 December 2015 13: 32
    Well, then we will slaughter Americans.
    And now it is important for us to make the cost of robbing Syria.
    And the fact that Americans climb everywhere is the norm, they have such a nature.
  22. Belarus
    Belarus 16 December 2015 13: 39
    Russia is conducting a legal anti-terrorist operation against terrorists, while the Americans are participating in a terrorist coalition and expecting something good in vain from the most important sponsors of terror around the world.
    Everything goes according to a simple plan - the Americans start a war under any pretext. First, they strengthen some and weaken others, then they voluntarily and forcibly draw other countries into the conflict. Then when one of the parties is weakened, then they begin to help the weak side to get stronger. And this continues for a long time if not to say constantly. When the Americans get drunk with blood, then they begin to quietly put out this conflict. Everything is as old as the world.
  23. Mihail55
    Mihail55 16 December 2015 13: 44
    Everything goes to the partition of Syria. An example of Germany, Korea, Vietnam ... The war of attrition and, unfortunately, EVERYTHING is against us! And Assad is not eternal. The impudent US policy made a bunch of satellites revolve around its orbit. As the air needs the successes of the Syrian military on earth. Time works for their opponents.
    God help the Assad fighters!
    1. -Traveller-
      -Traveller- 16 December 2015 16: 27
      Quote: Michael55
      God help the Assad fighters!

      I wonder what god the Asad fighters have, who do they worship the sun or moon there?
      1. S_last
        S_last 16 December 2015 16: 58
        Mostly Muslims, Christians, they have long been slaughtered, if I am not mistaken in 1861, the French even introduced an expeditionary force there to protect the Christian population. And the sun is Zoroastrianism, and this is for the Kurds. Which by the way is essentially matriarchy.
        1. -Traveller-
          -Traveller- 16 December 2015 19: 00
          it is you Alawites in Muslims recorded?
          Zoroastrianism to the Kurds? I thought to the Yezidis.
        2. The comment was deleted.
  24. Strashila
    Strashila 16 December 2015 15: 03
    They stopped doing this even for an instant, the question is in the volume of aid and its form.
  25. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 16 December 2015 15: 54
    Syrian positioners should be disposed of, like Daesh. Also methodically level with the surface of the earth.
    And the opinion of the mattress should not worry anyone.
    Do what you must and be what happens!
    To warn the mattress and the impudence - in the event of an escalation of the conflict, the first thing we do is turn Qatar into a funnel, or small Britain into a radioactive stone.
  26. gladcu2
    gladcu2 16 December 2015 17: 20
    One thing is not clear. Why cling to this opposition.

    Assad's legitimacy is recognized by the UN. Assad turned to Russia for help. Russia provides assistance. So Assad is a legally recognized president.

    Opposition in a country of martial law does not have the right to identification. Otherwise, under the laws of war, a legitimate government has the right to use the state repressive apparatus.

    The question is why all this talk about the opposition takes place?

    What's the matter? There is no logic.