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Anti-cross campaign

Anti-cross campaign

"TOMORROW". In the widely discussed situation with refugees in Europe lately, there is a lot of strange: first, the refugees are frustrated as if on cue, secondly, their entry into Europe takes place with the total inaction of the border services. Was it organized?

Olga CHETVERIKOVA. Somewhere in September, the impression of such a completely uncontrollable chaos was really created. Although in fact many researchers have already cited facts and evidence pointing to a special operation, which was called “Special Operation: Refugees”. This massive influx of migrants differs not in the fact that there are many of them, because a lot of illegal migrants have been coming to Europe for many years. There are now about 7 million, and every year somewhere around the 1,5 million illegal immigrants come.

The new thing is that, firstly, in a very short time came a large mass of people. Secondly, really, there was a stream, initially at all levels very well organized. People organized in order to provide transportation. Then they were supplied with the appropriate money, and, finally, they were supplied with relevant information through mobile phones. That is really real, apparently, behind this were the special services. Although it came to the surface only that the relevant American funds were involved: the Rothschild funds and other structures. But it is clear that this was due to the special services, and not only American, but also European.

This flow of refugees really changed the situation, and not so much in terms of social and economic, as in the ideological and informational. The general ideological and political background was such that the problem was turned into topic number XXUMX and everyone shouted about the migration crisis. Although there is no migration crisis per se, because once again I want to emphasize that migration is a constant problem that accompanies all European construction. Moreover, migration, migration flows are an essential tool for global governance. And if we are talking about who was behind this process and why it was necessary to submit information in this way, then we need to understand that there is a whole hierarchy of interests.

"TOMORROW". Like in the orchestra, where everyone plays their own part ...

Olga CHETVERIKOVA. In the orchestra, more or less everyone is equal, and the global management system is multi-level and consists of the corresponding managerial structures. There are VIP-managers, there are middle managers, there are lower-level managers. Those politicians we are talking about are Merkel, Hollande, and the rest are middle managers. Next comes the top management associated with corporate governance, and even higher are the owners: the owners of finance, the owners of the world of ideas.

The people who control the global process and control the world economy and world politics are people of a religious type. Therefore, for them, the system of global governance, globalization itself is a religious idea. And naturally, since their key goal is the establishment of total power, it is clear that the world can be controlled at this level only if the world is fragmented and people are separate atoms. Neither nationality, nor religion, no social strata are needed. And in this regard, the migration and the demographic revolution that is happening all over the world today is an instrument of such erosion, fragmentation, and destruction of traditional communities.

It is significant that one of the key figures of the European Union - Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, the founder of the Pan-European movement and the Pan-European Union, is very much honored by current European figures, since he laid the foundation of today's program in the 20s. In his works he showed very well that Europe was not conceived as a union of European nations. Coudenhove-Kalergi proceeded from the fact that such nations as French, Germans - they simply do not exist, they are artificial formations, and it is necessary to create a single European nation, which is possible only due to the erosion of European nationalities.

In his works, he showed that if there are no nations, there will be no corresponding boundaries, so a single community will be created. Everything was spelled out in official documents, but he also had the work Practical Idealism, which did not become the property of wide publicity, in which he had already spelled out more precisely what he understood by this mixture of nations. It is clearly stated that in the future Europe will be ruled by the spiritual elite, the core of which will be the German aristocracy and the Jews. Still, the leading role will be left to the Jews, whom he calls the “leading spiritual race of Europe”, the “nobility of the brain”, the “spiritual aristocracy” who will be at the head of these processes. As for the rest of humanity, it is also clearly stated there that in the future it will turn into a Eurasian-Negroid race, and in this way nations will disappear and only individuals will remain. And it is not by chance that at the height of the crisis, somewhere on September 12, one of the world's leading global mondialists, Jacques Attali, who is a member of the Bnei Brit (“Sons of the Covenant”) lodge and who enters the Franco-Jewish lobby, is openly He said that the process that began in Europe is wonderful and wonderful, but this is only, as he put it, the announcement of a film called “Migration”, and then the film itself will be. And this is great, because it will strengthen the European Union, there will be a change in the demography of Europe, on the basis of which a strong united Europe will be born.

"TOMORROW". Accordingly, the hierarchy of understanding further process will be played out from the point of view of the interests of individual groups, for example, someone will benefit from an economic point of view.

Olga CHETVERIKOVA. Yes, then comes the level at which a large European business operates, naturally connected with large finances. Little is written about such an interesting association as the European Round Table (CEN) is an association of European industrialists, formed in the 1983 year, when the transition to a neoliberal strategy began. All this is connected with shadow structures, about which we know almost nothing.
Few people, for example, know about such a structure as “Century” (Siècle in French). Meanwhile, it is such a paramasonic structure created in 1944, which is the core of the French government. It unites people of different political views and worldviews. This is the very backbone that in reality rules France. And it was created precisely in order to ensure the unity of the French elite, to consolidate French big business, financiers and journalists. And with the external political and ideological fragmentation of the country, it continues to be governed by a single model, because it is in this organization that meets annually who decides who will be president, who will be prime minister, what political and economic course will be held, etc. About this structure wrote a French journalist Emmanuel Ratier, who died of a heart attack this summer. His book, which is called “In the Heart of Power. The investigation into the most powerful club in France was released in 2011 year. He was one of the few French researchers who studied the French elite and the real mechanisms of governance in France.

This is me to the fact that since the middle of the last century, they have already been actively working on the implementation of the federalist project of European construction. Prior to this, the European elites had been fragmented, and in the presence of pro-globalist groups, a certain segment of national industrialists remained. The task of the Round Table of European Industrialists, created in 1983, was to form a single mondialistic vision among European elites. The round table brings together around 40 the largest transnational European corporations, which actually determine the agenda and dictate their interests and plans of the European Commission, the European Parliament. They have relevant analytical centers and mechanisms of influence. It can be said that today there is a close union between this transnational European business elite and the European Commission. Therefore, those documents that were written and compiled by the European Commission are actually being developed by the analytical center of this European Round Table (CEN).

This is only one of the structures, but there is also a powerful organization of the Transatlantic Political Network (TPN), which brings together the largest transnational corporations not only in Europe but also in the United States. Both CEN and TPN are working on the key task now - to prepare and adopt the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). This is a treaty that should create the largest transatlantic market. First time in stories such an education is being created, and all forces are striving towards it. CEN played a decisive role in this, since the documents for the partnership were prepared by the commission that was created after the meeting of Merkel and Hollande with CEN representatives in 2013. It was called so - the French-German Commission. And, of course, the TPN is actively involved in this, for which all shadow analytical centers known to us work - the Royal Council on Foreign Relations, the European Institute for Strategic Studies, the Aspen Institute, the Brookings Institute and others. Well, due to the fact that this partnership, giving large rights to corporations, actually puts the state under the control of transnational business, of course, its preparation is carried out on a shadow level, and only recently these documents became public.

"TOMORROW". So these structures are behind the refugee crisis in Europe?

Olga CHETVERIKOVA. When such a market is created, then we are talking about competitiveness, there is a transition to a new system. Not only minimum costs are necessary, but also the highest labor productivity, so we are talking about cheap labor. If we now turn to economic problems, then today in Europe, many state a demographic catastrophe, which leads to the replacement of the European ethnos. Europe cannot reproduce itself, today there are somewhere 728 million people, and in 30 years there will be 600 millions of people. So, by 2050, Europe will lose about as much of the population as it lives today in Germany, Poland, Finland, Denmark, Norway combined. Demographers compare this situation with what happened in medieval Europe in the middle of the XIV century. Even in England and France, where there is still some average birth rate, it is provided at the expense of migrants, and in no way at the expense of the general population. This problem is extremely serious. It leads to a growing number of older people who need to be maintained, and the number of the working-age population naturally falls. After a few years, this will lead to the fact that the entire social system in Europe, which has been created for so many years, will simply collapse. So it is necessary to urgently change the situation, really really working hands are required, and on a massive scale. One of the French closed reports said that in the coming 30 – 40 years, it would take almost 75 millions of new workers to maintain this social order. In Germany, too, they give such data, and first of all we are talking about the service sector (health care, hotel business, etc.), which requires 6 million people.

"TOMORROW". But even if immigrants are economically justified, then the Europeans really do not understand that if the so-called refugees at the border were met by an organization affiliated with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), which is primarily a tool of the US special services If the launch of the flow of refugees is directly related to sending out on social networks, then it is obvious that the refugee crisis is of a project nature. And the “melting pot” of nations being created is not inert, it’s enough to remember Kosovo. Many experts point out that most of the refugees are young men without families. In Europe, don't they understand that they create a hotbed of tension with their own hands?

Olga CHETVERIKOVA. Why I said that there is a hierarchy of interests and we must consider several levels. You see, when we talk about Europeans, we perceive them as a single whole. But the fact of the matter is that there are certain structures related to big business, financial business that implement their own plan to build the European Union, as they understand it, and it is in no way connected with the interests of individual Europeans, individual European nations or individual European states. We continue to proceed from the fact that in France, Germany, and Italy, there are national-minded politicians representing the interests of their nations, but it is this layer of the national elite that was destroyed in the first place. For this purpose, CEN was created in order to forge the consciousness of the European elite exclusively in the transatlantic spirit. And today, even when a certain segment of the national elite remains, music is no longer determined by it. It is determined by the transnational European elite, for which real European nations - the French, the Italians - do not exist, it is simply a management tool.

So we talked about migrants, who today largely provide the future of the so-called European economy. In this regard, it is necessary to note a very important thing. Most of these migrants are illegal migrants who go into the shadow business, which is today one of the fastest growing areas of the European economy. In Europe as a whole, the share of this business in GDP is 20%, and if we speak in individual countries, the largest ones are in Greece (30%), Italy (23%), Belgium (23%).

What is a shadow business? First of all it is, of course, drug trafficking, trade weapons, human trafficking, slave trade.

"TOMORROW". In this context, Kosovo looks like an experiment ...

Olga CHETVERIKOVA. Of course, the “Kosovo” project did not arise because of Europe’s thoughtlessness, it was created as a center and exemplary model of an “innovative” economy. The shadow market for the trade in organs for transplantation is growing fast. And Kosovo plays an important role in this, because people are brought there, where organs are taken from their centers, which are then sent to hospitals in other countries. Why precisely Kosovo? And because it is a “state” outside the system of international law, which was achieved by its architects who were interested in not being recognized. Kosovo remains an out-of-area zone where it is possible to carry out criminal activities without any control. And they need as many of these enclaves as possible that are beyond international control.

Today, the shadow economy, and primarily the drug trade, is a very extensive system in which Kosovo, couriers from the Czech Republic, dealers in England and Cosa Nostra is only a grassroots level, and then more serious structures: corporations, banks and special services who oversee this process. Illegal and a significant part of legal migrants are sent to this shadow business.

"TOMORROW". But this will cause a social clash with the European population sooner or later.

Olga CHETVERIKOVA. Please note that when this very well-organized and powerful stream went, the German business made it clear that for him such a mass of labor was a gift. This was said through the mouth of the German Minister of Economics, then the head of the Federal Association of German Industrialists. Merkel herself said that they can take from 800 thousand to a million people, and in general every year they are ready to take on 600 thousand, because it is necessary for business. The head of Daimler went the farthest, who said that the current wave of emigration would play a very important role, because it would provide the same economic miracle that Germany had experienced in 50 – 60-s, when a lot of migrants came to them.

Indeed, Germany initially insured itself, so that only the so-called economic migrants, those who really can really get involved in the development of the economy, would go to her. And it was not by chance that the Germans started talking about the need to make a change to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany, because this would make it possible to define the status of refugees in a new way, leaving those who are needed. Naturally, it was said that this status will be transferred only to those who come from problem countries - this is Syria and Iraq. And migrants from Africa, from the Balkan countries - they will be expelled from Germany.

Why are migrants from Syria needed? I was in Syria a few months before the events began, and I saw with my own eyes that there was nothing in common with what the Europeans portrayed, demonizing Assad and the Syrians themselves. Syria is a country with a very high educational level, where young people have very good qualifications. And what is happening in this country is, of course, a tragedy, because 4 has a million refugees, among which are mostly young people, a blow to Syria itself. This was immediately noted by Syrian analysts, who indicated that in fact Europe had begun to wage war against Syria by other methods, more dangerous, because they suck out the human potential from Syria, one that could fight against terrorism and revive the country. And now these healthy, skilled, educated people are heading to Europe.

"TOMORROW". Even such a selection does not remove the theme of social conflict.

Olga CHETVERIKOVA. Of course, but the explosive mass of refugees goes to the countries of Eastern Europe, which is turning into a NATO attack fist and in which it is now necessary to maximally erode the homogeneous population. Now, in the Baltic countries, in Poland, in the Czech Republic, in which there have never been Arabs and blacks, there will also be a multi-religious, multi-ethnic and multicultural society, such is the setup. To what extent this process will go quickly - we do not know, but the fact that it is being implemented is a fact.

We saw how the Visegrad Group (Polish. Grupa Wyszehradzka, the unification of four Central European states: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) began to resist, and then it was quickly put in place, they began to twist their arms. Then, all the same, these 160 thousands of refugees were distributed, although they left hard quotas. It is not by chance that the High Commissioner for Refugees of the European Union said again that they must do everything so that Serbia could become a refugee camp, from where they will be distributed in the right direction. For this, walls are built on the borders between Hungary and Serbia, and no matter how Serbian politicians protest, this will be done, since they are economically and financially completely dependent on Brussels, and this is one of the main governance mechanisms.

You say it will cause a social protest. But let's not forget that these guys from the EU are the successors of managers who have been developing sophisticated social technologies for many, many decades. Therefore, this influx of migrants also plays into their hands due to the fact that, oddly enough, it ensures social stability. Why?

Of course, the general deterioration of the economic situation, the decline in the living standard of living, mass unemployment resulting from the economic crisis should cause social protest. But when migrants come, who create a lot of problems for Europeans, this social protest can be quickly transferred to another channel, turning it into an ethno-religious, ethno-cultural protest. Today, as public opinion polls show, most Europeans believe that there is a very strong differentiation, the gap between ethnic groups and religions, that is, they all lead away to the ethno-religious sphere. And the problem of migration is not so much as a social, as an ethno-religious, confessional, civilizational problem, which plays a very important role in the management of European society, because all European discontent is directed against migrants. In turn, migrants' discontent is directed against the Europeans, against the European new right, who are conservatives.

If we talk about right-wing nationalists who are gaining momentum in Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc., then we must not forget that they represent the interests of big business and have nothing against big business. They do not have social programs for economic restructuring - they are also neoliberals. The only thing they oppose is against migrants, against allowing migrants to be allowed to preserve their culture and turn into an alien enclave. And if these rightists actually begin to influence the policy of the EU, they will contribute to the establishment of a more rigid political order and tighter control over the citizens of Europe, which is what the elite needs.

Left forces are not able to build a police state - this is not consistent with their political democratic doctrine. And the right - this is just a strict order and control. And the electronic control, against which the Europeans are still actively protesting.

With the influx of refugees in the European Parliament, it was stated that now the strengthening of external European borders is a priority task. The Security Council authorizes the use of EU force against illegal immigrants; as a result, they move on to the second stage of the Sophia program, according to which six warships in the Mediterranean can more tightly control this process. Anyone who arrives illegally, will be delivered to Italy to undergo an inspection. Moreover, in Italy, Greece will create a new system of checkpoints, where they will study migrants, take fingerprints from them, make files on them, that is, Europe is really turning into a fortress. And the elite gets the opportunity to create a police state under the slogan of combating terrorism.

"TOMORROW". But there is another social level of the process: in Europe, calls to remove the crosses from churches in order not to offend the Muslim population are heard more and more often; it turns out that the refugees - it is also an anti-cross campaign in Europe.

Olga CHETVERIKOVA. While addressing the issue of the religious aspect of geopolitics, one cannot but pay attention to the fact that what is happening in world politics is more and more similar to the ongoing revelations of John. The idea of ​​a new world order is a religious idea, it is a religious project, therefore Christianity is not provided for in it. It should not just be blurred, but destroyed. Although Protestantism and Catholicism are now so mutated that they fit into this project.

So Islamists are used to destroy the last remnants of Christian culture, which is expressed in social and political life. Behind all this is the idea of ​​a clash of civilizations, which was supposedly designed by Huntington. In fact, its author is geopolitical Lewis, an orientalist by profession, who worked for British intelligence, who then moved to America and worked for Brzezinski. According to his theory, Islam represents the main enemy of European civilization, but European civilization is presented as a Judeo-Christian civilization. And the most interesting thing is that, again, if we talk about right-wing nationalists, it is interesting that they show solidarity with Zionism and with Israel, in this regard, two camps are really built: the Judeo-Christian civilization against Islamic civilization.

Judeo-Christianity is used as a flag of opposition to Islam. But in fact, the Muslims, through the lips of their spiritual leaders, are not protesting against Christianity, they are protesting precisely against those secular "values" that destroy Christianity itself. Against that perverted course in the field of morality, morality, which is conducted by European elites. And the same leader of the Dutch nationalists criticizes Muslims not because they are for a different civilization, but because they do not want to accept such values ​​of Europeans as homosexual marriages, as the emancipation of women, that is, something that has nothing to do with Christianity.

Therefore, there is a double game here: they hide behind Christianity to fight Islam, while Muslims are used to implement the anti-Christian project. Since under the guise of "secularism" an occult project is being implemented, which is based not on the humanistic, but on the transhumanist concept of man. And Islam, by virtue of its traditionalism, prevents this.
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  1. papont64
    papont64 4 December 2015 05: 52
    And the king of the east will go to the king of the west, and conquer him. Nostradamus.
    1. USSR 1971
      USSR 1971 4 December 2015 05: 58
      In addition (or instead of) Nostradamus V.V. Putin lucidly explained to the gene. UN assembly. Apparently, some still do not understand.

      While the EU will be completely dependent on American politics, there are many more interesting things waiting for them. Unfortunately ordinary people will suffer. Merkel and Hollande have private residences under guard. And at the expense of historical values ​​- so here Mother Europe herself tried ...
      In general, the weak are always pressed against the wall. We can’t equal Europe.
      1. Andrey Yuryevich
        Andrey Yuryevich 4 December 2015 06: 18
        Quote: USSR 1971
        While the EU will be completely dependent on American politics, there are many more interesting things waiting for them.
        count the number of american bases in europe,
        and consider whether it is worth writing about the "independence" of the EU ...
        1. hydrox
          hydrox 4 December 2015 07: 00
          Quote: Andrey Yurievich
          is it worth writing about the "independence" of the EU ...

          Of course, what the hell is independence !?
          Much worse is something else: Cultural and educated Europe is quickly and very noticeably diluted by Negroid and Semitic peoples who have neither upbringing nor education and sharply reduce the general cultural level of Europeans, but at the same time greatly increasing the aggressiveness of the Pan-European "pseudonation", while significantly lowering the average level of wealth population. And if today we are almost guaranteed that the EU will not go to Russia in a "big war", then I am not sure that this will not happen in 10-20 years. Therefore, today we already have to try hard to secure and strengthen our western flank, so as not to become like the same invasion that is "flooding" Europe today ...
          1. Mahmut
            Mahmut 4 December 2015 07: 32
            Anti-crusade, or streams of half a month.
          2. CONTROL
            CONTROL 4 December 2015 08: 07
            Quote: hydrox
            Cultural and educated Europe is rapidly and very noticeably diluted by Negroid and Semitic peoples who have neither upbringing nor education and sharply reduce the general cultural level of Europeans, but at the same time greatly increasing the aggressiveness of the Pan-European "pseudonation", while significantly lowering the average level of the population's wealth. And if today we are almost guaranteed to be sure that the EU will not go to Russia in a "big war", then I am not sure that this will not happen in 10-20 years ...

            There was such a thought: why not bring "them" - Negro-Semites - up to "their level"?
            In this regard, extremely unpopular, but more and more recently emerging lenses (!!!) on the racial issue (from the popular ones - Burovsky's "Burden of Whites", more "scientifically" - Richard Ferle "Erectus wanders between us" ...) So it seems that it will not be possible to "pull them up to world standards", but "to lower" to "their" level is real, and is already happening!
            All the same - the conclusion is straightforward! - different races: different forms of civilization! The civilization in which we live is the world of a "white man", a Caucasian; and what could be a civilization of "blacks"? "Free" Liberia with elements of cannibalism? ... Rwanda? ... and there is no need to spend ammunition ...
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. Yoshig
        Yoshig 4 December 2015 07: 35
        Missing one thing. The article deals with the global governance of humanity. For these people, there is no difference between countries. There are only territories with names. The suffering of even a million people is nothing for them in comparison with global goals. A more detailed explanation I have met only in the "Concept of Public Safety" (COB).
        We are witnessing a struggle of ideas, the testing ground of which is practically the entire planet Earth.
        1. Manul
          Manul 4 December 2015 11: 51
          Quote: Yoshig
          Missing one thing. The article deals with the global governance of humanity. For these people, there is no difference between countries. There are only territories with names. The suffering of even a million people is nothing for them in comparison with global goals. A more detailed explanation I have met only in the "Concept of Public Safety" (COB).
          We are witnessing a struggle of ideas, the testing ground of which is practically the entire planet Earth.

          But the Europeans themselves understand this, since they remove this.
        2. Kindof
          Kindof 4 December 2015 16: 39
          And you can already think about the next step in this plan of globalist-Satanists
          Europe is just a "jump base" for "Drang nach Osten"
          One or two generations born of migrants and "correctly" brought up by the European system of zombies form a new type of European: a fusion of Arab passionarity and fascist ideology
    2. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 4 December 2015 06: 13
      Quote: papont64
      And the king of the east will go to the king of the west, and conquer him. Nostradamus.

      rushed ... grandma Wang do not forget ... wassat
    3. hydrox
      hydrox 4 December 2015 06: 46
      Quote: papont64
      And the king of the east will go to the king of the west, and conquer him. Nostradamus.

      Please note that in this text "the king of the east" it is quite obvious that it is not Putin.
      How, then, should we see the place of Russia in this Sodom? But after all, in addition to what takes place, it is necessary to somehow determine our actions and our attitude to this "migration of peoples", and so far only in Syria we are locally opposing a process that we cannot control, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are much stronger than us ...
    4. Vikings
      Vikings 4 December 2015 11: 40
      Independence! The privilege of which the Lord has awarded a little
      these countries. There are even fewer people! And I am proud that among
      the elect, RUSSIA, and the peoples inhabiting the Great
      COUNTRY! Paid with their invaluable Lives, for our
      including today! So let's increase the Glory
      Great ancestors
    5. shooter18
      shooter18 4 December 2015 12: 16
      Yes, a very interesting article! More recently, there was news that a book of Hitler Mine Kamp was reissued in Germany .. after the author’s death 70 years passed and the book became public, so one of the institutes decided to reprint it, but as stated there will be more than 3500 footnotes and interpretations added! There is something to ponder! Similarly, again, the Nazis will be raised and, as a result, migrants will be declared in all troubles ..
  2. venaya
    venaya 4 December 2015 05: 55
    under the guise of “secularism” an occult project is being implemented, which is based not on a humanistic, but on a transhumanistic concept of man

    I liked the article. There is a lot of new things, little known to ordinary people who are not very familiar with this topic, I think that this issue needs to be further covered. Olga Chetverikova herself admires her knowledge and non-standard approaches to the presentation of complex processes in today's society.
  3. svp67
    svp67 4 December 2015 06: 02
    Apparently we will never know who planned and carried out such a massive operation, but we can guess ...
    1. USSR 1971
      USSR 1971 4 December 2015 06: 18
      Come on, we don’t know, Putin almost even surnamed everyone from the rostrum.
    2. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 4 December 2015 06: 21
      Quote: svp67
      but we can guess ...
      stinks of Seryoga, with the same d.ep.r.m., with a striped tint ... hi
      1. Amurets
        Amurets 4 December 2015 06: 45
        Quote: Andrey Yurievich
        stinks of Seryoga, with the same d.ep.r.m., with a striped tint ...

        It stinks not of the striped, but the Jewish-banking sector, (not to be confused with Israel, it will not pull it) tied to England and the United States. Specifically, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgana and other banking structures. The dollar itself is paper that should be provided with goods, and this isn’t and the dollars are in the vaults like nobody needs paper. Money needs turnover, movement of goods, but it doesn’t sound cynical, war is the best catalyst for money circulation. Bankers found a way out of the great depression of the 1930s in World War II The organizers were the same. Look at the history of World War II.
        1. Andrey Yuryevich
          Andrey Yuryevich 4 December 2015 07: 01
          Quote: Amurets
          It stinks not in the striped, but in the Jewish banking sector

          find three differences ... hi
          1. CONTROL
            CONTROL 4 December 2015 07: 53
            Quote: Andrew Y.
            Quote: Amurets
            It stinks not in the striped, but in the Jewish banking sector

            find three differences ... hi

            ... well, at least one! ...
            And netuti!
    3. hydrox
      hydrox 4 December 2015 07: 03
      Quote: svp67
      Apparently we will never know who planned and carried out such a massive operation, but we can guess ...

      Take Soros, stick a dose of truth serum to him - and please, you will have absolute knowledge.
      But this is "not our methods," is it? lol
  4. Gavril
    Gavril 4 December 2015 06: 04
    It was easier for them to stupefy the Europeans themselves about the need for labor in their countries, in which they succeeded to such an extent that there are now homosexuals getting married in their churches, and to proclaim a slogan like "Welkah to educated, at least minimal, migrants." So for me, damn it, they came up with such a mnogohodovka from the very beginning, the Muslim population needs no more than a third leg of a normal person. And they wanted, as always, only resources, but here the hell and the crowd of Muslims flooded into Europe, they have no other direction where to run, in theory.
  5. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 4 December 2015 06: 10
    for clarity: Chetverikova Olga - candidate of historical sciences, associate professor of MGIMO Now on the topic: Olga’s reasoning is interesting, but controversial, if only because she is constantly opposing Islamic-Jewish Christianity in Europe. And where is she doing 280 million Catholics? for reference: in Poland 98%, France 51%, Germany 51%, Belgium 95%, Italy 97% and so on. Against this background, Olga’s reasoning is a bit strange. don’t you?
    Therefore, there is a double game: they are disguised as Christianity to fight Islam, while Muslims are used to implement the anti-Christian project.
    Well, somehow one-sided and not correct, it turns out! what is not it so? request in the same Holland the ratio is 50/50, and what, "homo.marriage" only among Christians? and the Catholics are "all in white"? yeah ... they have only priests of what are, endless stories "about this"! wink
    1. venaya
      venaya 4 December 2015 06: 22
      Quote: Andrey Yurievich
      she is constantly opposing Islam - Jewish Christianity in Europe.

      You understand, well, what is the difference between these religions. Both are based on the Torah (Old Testament, etc.), both belong to the "Abrahamic" religions and therefore have one master (I will not name). The essence of the article is a little different: First of all, creating chaos in the heads of people, and as usual in these cases, the possibility of unquestioning control over them. It is possible that you will disagree with me, but everything here hurts, at least for me, it's clear.
      1. Andrey Yuryevich
        Andrey Yuryevich 4 December 2015 06: 35
        Quote: venaya
        You understand, well, what is the difference between these religions. Both are based on the Torah (Old Testament, etc.), both belong to the "Abrahamic" religions and therefore have one master (I will not name).

        if you dig deeper, so the "owner" is generally one, only they call him differently ...
        Quote: venaya
        First of all, the creation of chaos in the heads of people, and, as usual in these cases, the possibility of an uncontrolled control of them.

        Well, it's hard to disagree with this, you have mastered the AMU theory of "controlled chaos" to perfection ...
        Quote: venaya
        It’s possible that you don’t agree with me, but it hurts here, at least for me, everything is clear.

        why don't I agree? the general essence of the article is understandable, for the sake of justice, I recalled the Catholics, so as not to hang all the debauchery of Christians.
        1. CONTROL
          CONTROL 4 December 2015 07: 51
          Quote: Andrew Y.
          in fairness, he recalled the Catholics, so that they would not hang all the debauchery of Christians.

          well yes +
          ... and who are Catholics - not Christians?
          ... warm with soft ...
          1. Andrey Yuryevich
            Andrey Yuryevich 4 December 2015 08: 31
            Quote: CONTROL
            ... and who are Catholics - not Christians?

            Well, in principle, this is a branch, but the differences are significant: Differences in the interpretation of many dogmas, ceremonies, church administration and other important areas of church life have become the watershed that divorced Catholicism and Orthodoxy on different sides. So if before the split the meaning of the word Catholic was equal to the concept of "Christian", then after it it began to indicate the western direction of religion. - if interested, read more on
            1. CONTROL
              CONTROL 4 December 2015 13: 23
              Quote: Andrew Y.
              Well, in principle, this is a branch, but the differences are significant:

              To me one type - a liberal wing - was broadcasting: "This is whom I hate the most - these are racists and blacks" ...
              No offense - read less ... (by Professor Preobrazhensky) of such and such newspapers ... articles ... and Wikipedia!
    2. hydrox
      hydrox 4 December 2015 07: 19
      Quote: Andrey Yurievich
      Well, somehow one-sided and not correct, it turns out!

      True, but only in relation to today's period of life in Europe.
      However, please note that the Islamization of Europe began a quarter of a century ago and lasted all this time without excesses, while it had a laminar character (creep). Yes, today they raised a howl about Islamization, which took on an explosive character, because they understood what this process threatens them with. But they do not have the tools to stop this, because otherwise they will have to dissolve the EU and launch pan-European nationalism, which they cannot do by definition, since this is fraught with fascism, and the United States will not give them such an opportunity, therefore the Islamization of the EU will continue
      1. Oprichnik
        Oprichnik 4 December 2015 09: 44
        The tool is one. The physical destruction of project managers, and under the root, a strong, brutal, isolated and independent structure. But who will create it, and whether it is already in the plans, is a separate topic. The topic is not for discussion and publicity.
  6. From Samara
    From Samara 4 December 2015 06: 12
    In fact, this is at hand for us ...
  7. Mihalich17
    Mihalich17 4 December 2015 06: 13
    You know, comrades, from the very beginning of this powerful "emigrant wave to Europe", I was very surprised by the reaction of the Europeans themselves: "Come, we are glad to see you, our dear refugees"!
    This is how the information space had to be pumped up, so that people were "very much looking forward to visiting" completely strangers and strangers, from another continent and having a completely different mentality from Europeans!
    I was very surprised then ...
    Now comes the understanding that all this was very well organized!
    I think that we will still witness the same violent rejection of migrants by the local population.
    1. Sorokin
      Sorokin 4 December 2015 07: 23
      Well, rejection cannot be avoided. Yes, they will not collect the strength. It is painfully neglected. There, the third generation of migrants is already growing up.
  8. Andryukha G
    Andryukha G 4 December 2015 06: 14
    The next "barrel of gunpowder" is being laid for old Europe, so that the "conductor of the performance" at the right moment "sets fire to the fuse cord", because a competitor in the world of capital can and should be eliminated in any way.
    1. Walking
      Walking 4 December 2015 06: 38
      Yes, and the United States will overseas watch the end of Europe and rejoice.
      And for the European elite, I’m afraid everything will turn out to be much more unpleasant, as they have often happened to deceive themselves and hammer a nail into the lid of their own coffin.
      1. afdjhbn67
        afdjhbn67 4 December 2015 07: 30
        Quote: Hiking
        Yes, and the United States will overseas watch the end of Europe and rejoice

        And let me find out what good the Americans destroy Europe ?? Where is the meaning for them ,,, only without spending that one - competitors ...
        1. Russia
          Russia 4 December 2015 10: 28
          Where is the meaning for them ,,, only without spending that one - competitors ...

          It's simple - two World Wars unleashed in Europe pulled the United States out of two crises. Now the third crisis and a huge debt from the United States. And the euro is also a competitor to the dollar - it is necessary to destroy it.
          Nothing personal just business.
  9. fest 1973
    fest 1973 4 December 2015 06: 18
    And they (refugees) can serve in the army.
  10. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 4 December 2015 06: 20
    Conspiracy rules! And again the ears of some world government stick out. That no one has ever seen. The rules of conspiracy say: the more global the impact, the more difficult it is to hide the levers of control and "puppeteers". It is impossible to believe that there is a kind of "world government" without an apparatus that implements its decisions. And the apparatus is people. There are many people - and these are not at all chancellors and prime ministers of European states. It is absolutely impossible to secretly maintain such an apparatus in a tolerant Europe. The key word is secret! Plus - there must be a repressive apparatus, designed to keep the administrative apparatus in check, and to monitor the "observance of secrecy"!
    In general, IMHO, do not look for a black cat in a dark room. Especially if she is not there.
    1. CONTROL
      CONTROL 4 December 2015 07: 05
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      Conspiracy rules! And again the ears of some world government stick out. That no one has ever seen. The rules of conspiracy say: the more global the impact, the more difficult it is to hide the levers of control and "puppeteers". ...
      In general, IMHO, do not look for a black cat in a dark room. Especially if she is not there.

      I do not agree!
      The tactic of "controlled chaos" is used: to push this pebble from the mountain steep, and - an avalanche is guaranteed! Another question - where will it roll, this avalanche? And here - especially recently - it is especially noticeable how "controlled chaos" is getting out of control, becoming uncontrollable ... Al-Qaeda, IS are the closest examples, and Ukraine too - now no one knows that from this "project" it will turn out!
      The same thing with the influx of migrants - they wanted one thing, counted, prepared ... yes, there wasn’t enough money there ... there appeared a charismatic leader who all plans for us ... l ... people followed him, and not for us ... yes, finally, just the weather turned bad! ...
      ... Do you want to make God laugh - share your plans with him ...
    2. venaya
      venaya 4 December 2015 07: 11
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      Conspirology rules!

      As for the black cat: And who will give a 100% guarantee that she is not there? We also do not see antimony, but we know for sure what it is. So in many sciences - not always we will see everything with our own eyes, but due to the analysis of the facts we get a fairly clear idea of ​​what we cannot directly see. There are, dependencies have been discovered, no matter how they are called, they exist, and there are numerous proofs of this, but people themselves just really do not want to see such obvious phenomena - this is a form of deep zombie, no matter how unpleasant it is to realize.
    3. hydrox
      hydrox 4 December 2015 07: 30
      It's funny, but these are really people, even in the Russian nomenclature of active bilderbergs there are at least four: Gref, Deripaska, Kudrin and Chubais ... and they are not hiding.
      And they don’t need a repressive apparatus, because everything they do is not a secret, therefore there is no one to repress for divulging secrets.
      Because their goal, world domination, is not implanted by war, this is done by peaceful and almost legal means, but the change in the impact vectors is carried out through adjusting the impact on ALL processes in the world: famine, war, demography, climate ...
      Indeed, there is no black cat in a dark room, just as there is no dark room either: for bilderbergs this is the whole world as a big, big experimental training ground.
  11. Al_oriso
    Al_oriso 4 December 2015 06: 29
    In one of the French closed reports it was said that in the next 30–40 years, almost 75 million new workers would be required

    Slave system in a new European guise.
  12. Just BB
    Just BB 4 December 2015 06: 32
    And how can we not remember Vissarionych with his "Iron Curtain".
    Wisely! It’s a pity I didn’t manage to do much ... or they didn’t let me do it.
    But how zealously destroyed
    CONTROL 4 December 2015 07: 24
    Adherents of Counteraction: David Lane.
    The 88 Commandments of David Lane
    1. Every religion or teaching that denies the laws of nature is a lie.
    2. Man believes in God, or in Gods. The laws of nature - this is the intention of higher forces, this cannot be denied.
    3. God and religion - there is a clear boundary between them, and religion often contradicts God. Nature and its laws are created by a higher power. Religion is created by mortal people who tend to make mistakes. Religion can be useful, but it can also work to the detriment of the people.
    4. That prayer is sincere, which unites with Nature, worshiping its greatness and the mysterious order of the endless, macrocosm. Understand that on the one hand you are nobody, an insignificant particle in front of the face of Nature, but on the other hand you have the highest value, the value of the link of the chain of universal fate, without which this chain will break. So pride and reverence are combined. So we will come to harmony with nature, and with it will come strength, peace and confidence.
    5. State systems patronize religions that profess the doctrine of the afterlife. So people are taught not to resist the predators of this life.
    6. The whole history of people was taught self-deception by those who ruled them and those who made a profit.
    7. Religion is the most convenient form, expressing a symbolic series inherent in the people and their culture. A multiracial religion afflicts a sense of uniqueness, singularity, and self-esteem necessary for the survival of a race.
    8. What people call supernatural is that which man cannot or does not want to comprehend.
    9. The expansion of legislative systems and, as a result, the loss of freedom is a sign that the spirit of the nation is weakening.
    10. If the spirit of the nation is weakening, then the government system is forced to fill the void.
    11. The truth does not require a long explanation. Therefore, one must be wary of verbose doctrines.
    12. The truth is not afraid of research.
    13. Unreasonable truth is like falling into a pit.
    14. In accordance with the laws of nature, there is nothing more righteous than the struggle to preserve your race.
    15. There is no greater motivating force, therefore this force is true.
    16. The ability to recognize the essence of things is a sign of a healthy nation. In a dying nation, civilization, culture or race, the inner content is sacrificed to the outer.
    17. The ability to recognize the essence of things includes the ability to see the difference between faith and reality.
    18. There is no place for "rights" or "privileges" in the laws of Nature. A deer overtaken by a hungry Leo has no right to life. But he can win her in battle. In the same way, a person has no right to life, freedom, happiness. All this must be deserved, won. Him, his family, his tribe. Only then can the true value of life, freedom and happiness be fully realized.
    19. A nation that is not firmly convinced of its uniqueness and value will be wiped off the face of the earth.
    20. The white race has suffered from invasions from Asia and Africa for millennia. For example, Attila and the Huns in the 5th century, passed through Europe. 800 years later - the Mongols of Genghis Khan. In the 8th century, the Moors conquered Spain, Portugal and part of southern France.
    21. A people that allows strangers, people of a different race, to live in their own place, will disappear. In this way, the entire White race, which now constitutes a very small part of humanity, may disappear.
    22. The ability of a race to survive is the main criterion for evaluating it.
    CONTROL 4 December 2015 07: 25
    ... (continued) ...
    23. Political, religious, and economic systems can be crushed and rebuilt. A race or nation will die forever.
    24. A race cannot survive without its own vast territory.
    25. A people without their own original culture will also disappear.
    26. Nature has antipathy between races. It is necessary to preserve the individuality and existence of each race.
    27. In itself, hatred of other races, or even mestizos, is not constructive. But races must maintain their purity, therefore, must be clearly delineated. Everyone must hate the genuine and brutal hatred of those who commit a crime against their race and the betrayal of their race.
    28. The concept of a multiracial society violates the laws of Nature.
    29. The concept of equality is a lie contrary to all manifestations of Nature.
    30. The instincts of preserving the race are dictated by Nature itself.
    31. Man's weakness, expressed in rationalism and selfishness, should not prevail over these healthy instincts.
    32. Racial confusion has always been the greatest danger, the danger that threatens the survival of the Aryan race.
    33. Mixing is suicide. Now many white families cannot afford to have children, since taxes have been raised in every way in order to feed millions of non-whites.
    34. Sexual instinct is part of a perfect natural mechanism for the preservation of race.
    35. Homosexuality is a crime against nature.
    36. Pornography leads to the degradation of everyone who is involved in it. It is important to draw a clear line between erotic art and pornography.
    37. Every healthy white person cannot but feel disgust and rage when he sees a woman of his race with a man of another race.
    38. In a sick, dying nation, culture, civilization, traditional values ​​will be presented as evil by those who dress up in the clothes of "patriotism".
    39. A people who ignore the past will lose the present and destroy the future.
    40. Those who gave their lives for the freedom and preservation of their people deserve the greatest honor and honor.
    41. A nation is part of a race. Faithfulness to race must always be above geographical and national boundaries. If people realize this, there will be no more fratricidal wars.
    42. National leaders are servants and guardians of the nation. They do not think about personal good.
    43. A national leader should not seek to expand personal privileges and powers.
    44. No government can give someone anything without first taking it from another. The main function of the government is national defense and international relations.
    CONTROL 4 December 2015 07: 26
    ... (continued) ...
    45. National leadership should not be left to numerous political parties. Democracy is the most dangerous form of government.
    46. ​​In a democracy, those who control the media control the minds of the electorate, and therefore have the power that kings and dictators of the past could only dream of.
    47. Here is the easiest way to describe democracy: suppose that three form a government, each with one vote. And two vote to rob the third.
    48. The highest stages of democracy are full of wars, as the system becomes bankrupt and tries to maintain its existence by robbing other nations.
    49. In a democratic system, it is rarely the case that what is considered by many to be right and moral is legal, but much immoral is legal.
    50. After the death of a democratic system, a strong man cannot help but appear ... some call him a dictator. This is the only way to streamline the chaos that came with democracy. Its purpose is to restore the violated higher laws, the laws of nature.
    51. The system will be capable of everything to save itself.
    52. The oppression of the system cannot be overthrown except by force.
    53. Those who do dark things disguise their true goals by talking about patriotism.
    54. False propaganda is the main weapon of unprincipled power.
    55. Political power, whatever it may be, is held by force.
    56. A power that makes heavy use of calls for “patriotism” is only a mask of people eager for tyranny.
    57. Propaganda is a necessary weapon in any struggle. The elements of successful propaganda are simplicity, emotionality, repeatability, boldness. She does not explain anything to people, but tells them: "Here, we are doing what you would like to do."
    58. The system teaches what to think about, free people teach how to think.
    59. Beware of people who accumulate wealth through their words. Especially beware of lawyers and clergy who deny the laws of nature.
    60. A patriot, destroyed by enemies, is often loudly condemned even by his friends and allies, who are afraid to share his fate.
    61. The goddess of peace lives only under the auspices of the God of war.
    62. The state must be formed in accordance with the Law of Nature, be formed in order to preserve the nation and provide it with a decent life.
    63. Those who allow strangers to influence the following areas of society will be swept away: the media, education, religion, art, the financial sector, and the legal sphere.
    64. Laws do not require extensive explanation. Their meaning is irreversible and elementary.
    65. Oral expression of emotions is much more effective than written. Therefore, the system reacts much more sharply to rallies and meetings than to printed publications.
    66. The foundations of the Laws of the Nation or any other law are as righteous and strong as the will and power that fulfills them.
  16. viktor561
    viktor561 4 December 2015 07: 26
    All that Olga Chetverikova wrote is very reminiscent of Freemasonry - they rule the world!
    CONTROL 4 December 2015 07: 26
    ... (continued) ...
    67. Unarmed pacifists will be slaves.
    68. They say that the pen is stronger than the sword. Maybe. But what authority can a pen have if the sword does not stand behind him.
    69. The tyrannical system is usually established gradually, in a foggy cloud of high-sounding rhetoric.
    70. The difference between a terrorist and a patriot is in the control of information fields.
    71. The sentences of the rulers must be substantiated by the laws of nature.
    72. Materialism is destructive. The leaders of the nation must wage a constant war against the materialistic spirit. At the same time, enrichment carried out honestly for the benefit of one's own family cannot be condemned.
    73. Materialism leads to an artificial social status acquired by wealth. A person gains a true social status by serving the Family, Race, and Nation.
    74. Materialism leads to excessive consumption, which cannot but lead to the destruction of the environment and nature.
    75. The function of the trader is to facilitate the exchange of goods. Exceeding these "powers" is unacceptable.
    76. Usury leading to interest slavery is a crime.
    77. The financial aristocracy is eager for power, for tyranny.
    78. Bankers are gradually depriving the nation of the right to use their wealth.
    79. Usurious interest, inflation, increased taxation - a consequence of thieves' deception, the destruction of the moral foundation of the Nation.
    80. Wealth acquired without sacrifice or honest labor will be used for other purposes.
    81. Nothing in nature is static: life forces either grow or are in decline, perish.
    82. Respect is earned; it cannot be claimed or appropriated.
    83. Beware of restless people, their irritation spoils others.
    84. Self-discipline is a sign of high nature.
    85. Vigor in misfortune is another sign of it.
    86. The fool judges others by their speeches. The wise judge others by their actions.
    87. Any action gives rise to opposition. What is sown will be compressed, if not by us, then by others.
    88. Here are the surest signs of a sick, dying nation:
    - mixing races;
    - destruction of the family;
    - addiction, alcoholism;
    - infanticide (abortion);
    - inflation and interest slavery
    - the presence of strangers, a stranger culture that carries materialism;
    - wars started by politicians who care about their own gain;
    - homosexuality;
    - a religion contrary to the laws of nature.
    CONTROL 4 December 2015 07: 42
    ... I also remembered about the same reason:
    Night. I'm lying on someone else's wife.
    The blanket stuck to the pope.
    I stamp the footage of my native country,
    In spite of "blue" Europe ...
  19. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 4 December 2015 08: 00
    But there really is a reason to think that this horde of people without any burdens at hour X can do anything! For example, you can give them weapons and poke your finger where to run and who to shoot at! Everything can be quite organized. This is a branch of the hybrid war.
  20. Riv
    Riv 4 December 2015 08: 09
    If there is no water in the tap,
    So the Jews drank.
    Freemasons ... Freemasons ... All around are freemasons ...

    The article somehow reminded me of this song. In the morning amused, respect to the author. :) Meanwhile, a Jew and a Jew are two different concepts. Roughly like "Russian" and "Orthodox". And the author confuses them. If Masonic lodges are staffed with Jews, then by definition there should be no one else. Judaism, by the way, prohibits missionary work, and you won't become a Jew like that. That is, the Masonic lodge should work for religion, and not in favor of some social group. One excludes the other.

    And if only Jews are recruited into lodges and the religious component does not play a role, then why is this lodge at all? Anyway, in order to influence politics, she will need some kind of tools. Financial groups, or suicide bombers, or the political lobby. Isn’t it easier to manage these tools directly? Easier of course. Then the Masonic lodge should be an open structure, with a certain social rotation and fit into the structure of instruments of influence. That is, in principle, the head of the lodi can be removed at a general meeting and sent to work as a cleaner. But this is nonsense!

    So maybe there is no need to invent any secret societies? To put it bluntly: there are financial and industrial groups that are taking control of entire states and interstate unions. And the only Jew worthy of mention here is Karl Marx with his Capital.
  21. or
    or 4 December 2015 08: 54
    Financial bosses are the shadow government of the world, they spread Europe on a plate to make it easier to eat.
  22. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 4 December 2015 09: 51
    Thank you very much for the news article.
  23. Begemot
    Begemot 4 December 2015 09: 57
    Any chaotic process, even at first glance, has its own customers, performers and ultimate beneficiaries, and the more global the processes, the less communication between the three. Management procedures for huge masses of people have reached levels that do not touch the life of ordinary people and are not at all obvious, especially when using sophisticated information technologies for manipulating consciousness. The thesis about the interest of the ruling elites in creating chaos territories for using them as bases of business that is illegal according to global standards is absolutely true. Article plus.
  24. Russia
    Russia 4 December 2015 10: 18
    This is a real "hybrid war"!
    It seems that there are no armies - but there are "oni-refugees", there are no heavy weapons, but the life of the indigenous population of Europe is destroyed, there are no machine guns and rifles - but they kill and rape, there are no offensive operations - and Europe is "tolerant" retreating. And these "onizhebots" don't care about all the "European values" - they came with their own, and as the conquerors begin to dictate them.
    Tolerant Evolution:
    From "Die neue Ordnung (New Order)" to "النظام الجديد" (New Order in Arabic).
    It is possible in another way - اليورو-الخلافة (Euro-Caliphate)
    So the substitution of concepts ends:
    Terrorist - to "oppositionist"
    Traitor - to the "defender of freedom"
    The exploiter is a "free entrepreneur"
    Pi ... s, pervert - on the "sexual minority"
    Bombing - for "carrying democracy"
    Conscience and honor - for "success and presentability"
    The truth - to "advertising", or "I see / or do not see"
    And so on and so forth.