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Who sees ISIS in the allies of Ukraine?

“The intelligence services of Ukraine must be pragmatic and effective. It’s not their right to arrest the Islamists, the enemies of Moscow. It’s only worth asking them to shoot accurately at the Moscow terrorists in the Caucasus and Syria. Unfortunately, the SBU sometimes arrests or deports Caucasians who travel from Syria to Muscovy, for belonging to ISIS. It is unreasonable. Why should Ukraine quarrel with Islam? At the moment, the oppressed peoples of the post-Soviet empire and the proletarian peoples of the Near and Middle East are our only effective ally in not against Moscow imperialism. We must act in accordance with its own benefits. Everyone who is fighting for the liberation of his people from the imperialist yoke of Moscow, has a right to asylum. "

This statement seriously shaken the brains of even the very hardened Internet users in Ukraine. Judging by the reaction. But what, or rather, who is behind such a masterpiece, which would be a good idea to read the next one to those who continue to pour money into Ukraine in the West. And not just to pour in, but to supply items for military purposes.

This was posted by someone Dmitro Korchinsky, known for his repeated scandalous statements. In the summer of this year, he argued that the Ukrainian army should bomb residential areas and drive the inhabitants of the DPR and LPR to concentration camps. In his opinion, it is possible to return the Donbass to the control of Kiev only in this way. He also claimed that most of the homes in Germany during the Second World War were destroyed by Anglo-American aviation thanks to the order "to bomb residential areas in order to undermine the morale of German soldiers at the front."

And now the new appeal, not inferior in humanity and normal human logic (more precisely, the complete absence of these) to the previous one.

But what is Dmitry Korchinsky?

If in general, then it is a vivid example of a national-patriotic loser. The only thing that he really got in life is to finish high school and serve in the army. Two attempts to get a higher education did not succeed.

When “glasnost” and “perestroika” began in the USSR, Korchinsky began to engage in active political activity. Thus, in the period from 1987 to 1988, he worked in the Ukrainian Helsinki Union for a year. This, who does not know, is the first legal anti-Soviet organization in the USSR.

In 1990, together with Oleg Vitovic, he established the Ukrainian Nationalist Union (ONS) and the Ukrainian Inter-Party Assembly (UMA), which united a number of organizations of a radically nationalistic orientation (SNUM, ONS, UNP, DSU, etc.)

In March, 1991 became the head of the National Council of the UMA, a veteran of the Nazi movement, Yuri Shukhevych (the son of Roman Shukhevych, head of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, who fought in the Second World War on the side of the Nazis).

In November, 1991 UMA was renamed the Ukrainian National Assembly (UNA). UNSO has become a "fighting" wing of the organization. It turned out a single UNA-UNSO. Korchinsky with 1991 - Deputy. Commander-in-Chief Y. Shukhevych, in fact, the “field commander”.

In general, "flew" everywhere.

In the summer of 1992, an archery squad of UNSO, led by Korchinsky, participated in the Transnistrian conflict (as did Russia, on the side of the separatists). Korchinsky was even really awarded the highest order of the Transdniestrian Moldavian Republic - the “Order of the Republic” and the medal “Defender of Transnistria”.

Blurred, apparently found.

In 1992-1994, Korchinsky with "archers" took part in hostilities on the territory of Abkhazia as part of the Georgian troops Dzhaby Ioseliani.

Korchinsky also fought in Nagorno-Karabakh (on the side of Azerbaijan).

And then I decided that to fight enough, it's time to reap the benefits. And he went to the polls. But with the election it turned out about as with higher education.

In November, 1992 ran for a by-election to the people's deputies of Ukraine in the electoral district No. XXUMX; got 13-place among 4 candidates (elections did not take place).

In March, 1994 ran for the deputies of Ukraine for Vatutinsky huts. N2 district, did not reach the second round, having received 9,87% in the first round (3-place among the 24 candidates).

Of the approximately 60 candidates, the UNA-UNSO candidates were elected by the Verkhovna Rada people's deputies in the spring of 1994: three: O. Vitovic, Yuri Tyma and Yaroslav Ilyasevich.

29 September 1995 The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine withdrew the UNA-UNSO from being registered as a political party on the basis that the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan prohibits political parties from having militias. The loss of the status of a registered organization blocked the UNA-UNSO the possibility of participating in elections.

In 1997, Korchinsky and the party leadership of the UNA-UNSO have a conflict, as a result of which the activist leaves this political force.

In 1999, he founded the Institute for Problems of Regional Politics and Modern Political Science, as well as a new political force, the All-Ukrainian Political Party "Brotherhood". But the official registration of this party was able to pass only in 2005 year.

Korchinsky takes part in the parliamentary elections in the 2002 year, but again does not fall into the walls of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

In 2004, Korchinskiy participated in the presidential election campaign, but was able to get only 0,17% of votes.

In the early days of Euromaidan, he took an active part in it, but was later put on the international wanted list, so he was forced into hiding.

5 February 2014 Korchinskiy year arrests the police in Israel, but the security forces of Ukraine promptly remove the policy from the international search; then the leader of the Brotherhood was released. The next day, Korchinsky returns to Ukraine. What, in fact, congratulate Ukraine is not worth it.

In principle, there is nothing new in the portrait of one of the most vociferous politicians in Ukraine. A typical loser in life, whom the Nazi fanabia in his head, frank fascists in the Verkhovna Rada and, of course, the Maidan, led to the podium and into the Ukrainian TV.

Enemy need to know in person. Here you have one of the persons who are being listened to today in Ukraine. Pleases, however, the fact that they do not really hear, judging by the voting results.
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  1. venaya
    venaya 19 November 2015 06: 17
    Ukrainian army must bomb residential areas and drive the inhabitants of the DPR and LPR to concentration camps

    Here is a sacrifice in one bottle and on the one hand, and on the other the result of already 90 years of creating a new "nation". First of all, the goal of creating any new nation is the development of precisely Nazi, misanthropic tendencies, usually hidden deep inside such a narrow-minded person.
    1. cniza
      cniza 19 November 2015 08: 38
      Quote: venaya
      Ukrainian army must bomb residential areas and drive the inhabitants of the DPR and LPR to concentration camps

      Here is a sacrifice in one bottle and on the one hand, and on the other the result of already 90 years of creating a new "nation". First of all, the goal of creating any new nation is the development of precisely Nazi, misanthropic tendencies, usually hidden deep inside such a narrow-minded person.

      This is a diagnosis and should not be promoted, crushed and forgotten.
      1. Temples
        Temples 19 November 2015 09: 17
        Here is a sacrifice in one bottle and on the one hand, and on the other the result of already 90 years of creating a new "nation". First of all, the goal of creating any new nation is the development of precisely Nazi, misanthropic tendencies, usually hidden deep inside such a narrow-minded person.

        I will add that the goal of creating Ukraine is the division of the Russian Empire.
        Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the statement of this creature.
        And his "allies" are "splinters" countries.
        Since the goal is one for them.
        And the leaders of the outskirts did not go far from this Natsik.
        They just say a little veiled. But in fact, they express the same aspirations.
        1. sannych
          sannych 19 November 2015 11: 57
          About leaders, that's for sure.
          1. The comment was deleted.
          2. guzik007
            guzik007 19 November 2015 12: 42
            Always during a troubles, everything pops up .. exactly and moreover, even for some time it rules this troubles. But the end, as a rule, is always one. Either a prison or a kul vlob.
      2. scout
        scout 19 November 2015 14: 03
        You should not forget this, because otherwise in 20-30 years a repetition will follow. Yes, it is necessary to crush, but society needs to be educated on the examples of such Nazis explaining that it is impossible to be like that.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. vodolaz
      vodolaz 19 November 2015 09: 00
      It would be necessary to place a normal photo of this contraceptive to know in person.
      1. corn
        corn 19 November 2015 11: 01
        Quote: vodolaz
        normal photo

        Step 1. The search bar of any search engine.
        Step 2. Dial "Dmitry Korchinsky".
        Step 3. Press the "search" button.
        Step 4. Choose your favorite sites.
        Personally, I am not interested in the "hero" of the article, I am interested in the reaction of site visitors to this message. Informative to form an opinion about the audience.
      2. Ded_smerch
        Ded_smerch 19 November 2015 12: 26
        Yes, Korchinsky is a well-known reptile, he visited the Russian fighters for the purity of the nation in the Russian Federation
    4. Su24
      Su24 22 November 2015 00: 42
      Korchinsky is an honest man, and therefore not the worst. In 2005, he was a member of the anti-Maidan coalition. Just an honest enemy of Russia.
      He also claimed that most of the houses in Germany during World War II were destroyed by Anglo-American aircraft thanks to the order to "bomb residential areas to undermine the morale of German soldiers at the front."

      Well, he didn’t say this, but the English aviation marshal Arthur Harris. Destroyed German civilians purposefully, yes.
  2. Sasha75
    Sasha75 19 November 2015 06: 23
    By sponsor for sure.
    1. kamikaze
      kamikaze 19 November 2015 18: 53
      under bombs and missiles, Ukrainians will die from Isis as brothers and sponsor and mother
  3. perm23
    perm23 19 November 2015 06: 29
    Eliminate the time as an accomplice of ISIS.
    1. BDRM 667
      BDRM 667 19 November 2015 12: 59
      Quote: perm23
      Eliminate the time as an accomplice of ISIS.

      For TWO YEARS they have been "liquidated" as an accomplice of the fascists ...
    2. The comment was deleted.
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 19 November 2015 06: 31
    But what is Dmitry Korchinsky?..Guano for fertilizers ... In theory, I would like to practice ..
  5. PValery53
    PValery53 19 November 2015 06: 32
    For some disrespectful reason, this organism (Korchinsky) still tramples on the sinful earth.
    1. venaya
      venaya 19 November 2015 07: 27
      Quote: PValery53
      For some disrespectful reason, this organism (Korchinsky) still tramples on the sinful earth.

      All this is the result of the shortcomings and two-facedness of the Nyurber tribunal. The shortcomings are so telling, and we will have to somehow correct this situation, there is no other way out.
    2. sgazeev
      sgazeev 19 November 2015 08: 01
      Quote: PValery53
      For some disrespectful reason, this organism (Korchinsky) still tramples on the sinful earth.
      1. sssla
        sssla 19 November 2015 09: 38
        And you Psaki called the doo-r Oh, but she was "clever" and "beautiful" and looked to the future lol
        1. 15ghost10
          15ghost10 19 November 2015 10: 02
          and what is not an option for amerikosov? flood Ukraine with ISIS and, under the guise of fighting them, start democratic bombing of Ukraine? They have a principle for the European continent "the worse they have, the better for us." Look at Iraq, Libya, Syria - they brought democracy there and are bombing them themselves. They have been coming to Odessa from the sea for a couple of months already. Somewhere Saki's correspondence with Ace McCain about this movement slipped through.
        2. The point
          The point 19 November 2015 19: 20
          And this may not be all, or rather, not only all.
      2. crumb
        crumb 19 November 2015 16: 22
        Super ++++++++++ good
  6. aszzz888
    aszzz888 19 November 2015 06: 46
    So in the period from 1987 to 1988, he worked in the Ukrainian Helsinki Union for a year.

    Even then, the Committee needed to strangle this ointment.
    And now these are in demand. It calms one thing, it is not for long. angry
    1. PValery53
      PValery53 19 November 2015 17: 32
      This ointment must be choked, - back to the tube.
  7. Riv
    Riv 19 November 2015 06: 46
    Catch, but betray Abkhazians ...
  8. Nymp
    Nymp 19 November 2015 06: 55
    That's right, the fascist has a place in the grave, otherwise he will drive others there. Only a small amendment to the article - this figure did not get on the "TV" of Ukraine in 2014. He didn't get out of there! An active participant in all kinds of talk shows, Savik Shuster for example. Probably disappeared for a short time while he was on the run. But this is no more than a year.
  9. inkass_98
    inkass_98 19 November 2015 06: 56
    Yarosh is not the most frostbitten Nazi in Ruin. Korchinsky and Biletsky are much more dangerous. The first is because he is constantly on the sidelines, a loser in life, the second because he is in a hurry, he began to go in the front ranks. The fate of both should be a repetition of the end of Bilogo.
  10. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 19 November 2015 07: 05
    In people with a depressed mind, this happens.
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 19 November 2015 13: 08
      Quote: Alexander 3
      In people with a depressed mind, this happens.

      Well, what did you want. Earlier there were Anglo-Saxons, and now we are present at the birth of their "sister" - Anglo-dill - a great European nation.
  11. Roust
    Roust 19 November 2015 07: 17
    In vain I spent time reading about this scum, which specialists had long had to put into consumption, without the right to reproduce ...
  12. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 19 November 2015 07: 18
    With this ukronatsik everything is clear. He, like others with the same thoughts, will end badly. The only desire is to quickly.
  13. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 19 November 2015 07: 19
    ordinary ukro - organism - pah. himself to a concentration camp and urgently!
  14. slizhov
    slizhov 19 November 2015 07: 32
    And these gangs in Ukraine will be the second world evil on earth.
    Few people are interested in Ukraine in its original form.
    Merkel and Hollande will soon realize that this husk is no less dangerous.
    The Psheks were already aware. And all at hand at the same EU.
  15. pts-m
    pts-m 19 November 2015 07: 35
    The Kahly vainly accept with honors such losers. If the sheep had occupied the ruins, they would have existed later. Or the adoption of laws ig or the moon. No other is given. You need to think before you commit anything.
  16. atamankko
    atamankko 19 November 2015 08: 00
    Ukrainians do not think after the Maidan, others think for them.
  17. 1536
    1536 19 November 2015 08: 25
    Unfortunately, these people are gaining more and more popularity in Ukraine. Apparently, found fertile ground, no matter who spoke.
  18. Dezinto
    Dezinto 19 November 2015 09: 14
    If this is not a fake-stuffing ...... then this is a complete transdean comrades:

    "In connection with the aggravation of the situation in Donbass and preparations for the seventh wave of mobilization, Ukraine introduces a ban on leaving the country for men under 45 years old. The ban will take effect on January 1, 2016.

    This was reported to the journalists of the Voice of Truth publication by sources in the Security Service of Ukraine.


    rany-muzhchinam-do-45-let /
    1. Comrade Artem
      Comrade Artem 19 November 2015 09: 30
      Damn, it’s it, now they will celebrate New Year with us ...
    2. Orionvit
      Orionvit 20 November 2015 01: 50
      No, not stuffing, the summons have already begun to come. And it is generally difficult for men to leave Ukraine, they want to raise the draft age to 60 years. When crossing the border, you need to have a certificate from the military registration and enlistment office, and just go to the military registration and enlistment office, you will immediately find yourself in the ATO. They are removed from the train without a certificate, and without talking to the army. It was necessary to get rid of Ukraine back in 1991, and now it's a problem to leave. Although you look at the streets, young men and boys of military age are walking and nothing like that, conversations are conducted - Russia is the aggressor, glory to Ukraine, all are patriots, but they do not want to fight. They arrange torchlight processions with swastikas in the center of the city, and everyone is mowed down by the army. These are the "patriots", their mother. One word, stupid people.
  19. U-96
    U-96 19 November 2015 09: 21
    Why should Ukraine quarrel with Islam?

    really. Interestingly, these nerds have already found Ukrainian roots in the Prophet?
    1. PValery53
      PValery53 19 November 2015 22: 12
      Did the Ukrainians decide to "shorten" and convert to Islam ?! - If only across the!
      1. Orionvit
        Orionvit 20 November 2015 01: 59
        Why Islam? In the western part, almost all the Uniates, and for the rest of the faithful Ukrainians, have long made their own Ukrainian Orthodox Church, if only not the Moscow Patriarchate. So, so and so all the same across the m.s.k.a.l.y. And if all the same they decide, as you say, "to shorten", and to accept Islam, then let them immediately be shortened for the whole head, at least the whole world will breathe a sigh of peace.
  20. Batia
    Batia 19 November 2015 09: 54
    I think this is not fake. For: Petro Poroshenko signed the law No. 786-VIII "On the admission of units of the armed forces of other states to the territory of Ukraine to participate in multinational exercises."
    As stated in the document, the territory of Ukraine “is allowed to participate in multinational exercises in November-December 2015 for up to 61 days by units of the US armed forces, other NATO member countries and participating countries of the Partnership for Peace program (up to 2500 troops with weapons and military equipment). ”
    Read more: https: //
  21. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin 19 November 2015 10: 09
    We found someone to discuss, this person can only so indicate his significance, for more, as stated in the article, he did not have enough of this, like his .... a, intellect.
    Well, how many of these people are all over the place?
    I think a lot and it makes no sense to focus on this character.
  22. 0255
    0255 19 November 2015 10: 34
    Svidomo sharply fell in love with ISIS after they began to bomb the Russian aerospace forces, as well as Chechen terrorists for cutting Russians fool Already they draw "confidential" demotivators how ISIS cuts the heads of Russian soldiers. They even defend ISIS in their media:

    You can recall the news from ukroSMI about the shooting in the press house in Grozny almost a year ago - then there were headlines on the topic "poor Chechen militias in Grozny were subjected to the Putler-Kadyrov aggression." For them, any terrorist fighting against Russia is a brother forever.
    1. Victor_24
      Victor_24 19 November 2015 22: 54
      Well, dolbo ... where where, but we always had it for the future .... The madhouses were reformed.
  23. Belousov
    Belousov 19 November 2015 11: 37
    There are a lot of stubborn ones. The problem is that our special services are no longer able to organize the ceremonial distribution of ice axes and scarves. Give a couple of especially Svidomo and then the rhetoric will immediately cool.
  24. 33 Watcher
    33 Watcher 19 November 2015 11: 46
    Quote: perm23
    Eliminate the time as an accomplice of ISIS.

    It may be necessary and necessary ... But such comrades can also serve. The more radicals and the more frostbitten they are, the easier it is to recognize Ukraine as a terrorist state. We want an operation to force peace? So maybe let them be friends with the igil?
    1. Orionvit
      Orionvit 20 November 2015 02: 35
      As long as the states need Ukraine for their purposes, no one in the West will recognize it as a terrorist state. The whole elite in Kiev, according to all international laws, must be judged as war criminals, and that we hear in response. It turns out Ukraine is a country of victorious democracy. It is clear that the rope will end soon, but how much more blood and tears will be shed.
  25. marinier
    marinier 19 November 2015 11: 59
    Voobsheto etot bred ugolono-nakazuem! Otkrytyj prizyv k sotrudni4estvu, i pot-
    vorstvu teroristov s kotorymi pol Mira vedet borbu eto Tribunal v Gaage!
    Interesno press-atashe zapadnyx posolstv v Ukraine monitoriat situaciu?
    1. oldzek
      oldzek 19 November 2015 12: 36
      not only monitor but also lead IMHO
    2. BDRM 667
      BDRM 667 19 November 2015 12: 56
      Quote: marinier
      eto Tribunal v Gaage!

      Himself, then, "foreigner", do you know where, in what country, does she, the bird-lady, Gaga-Hague, live?
  26. iouris
    iouris 19 November 2015 12: 51
    Project "Ukraine" anticipated project "ISIS". Both projects are Western. The technical side of the matter is to deprive peoples of statehood, which, in principle, can exist and develop independently of civilization, the center of which is the United States. The next stage is the destruction of the foundations of the life of peoples by members of the organizations "ISIS" and "Ukraine". The projects are not only technical, but metaphysical, so the adherents of these projects will most likely have to be destroyed physically. The question is put strictly: who will whom. Alternative.
    1. Orionvit
      Orionvit 20 November 2015 02: 23
      Is it Ukrainians as a people can develop independently? A people without history, without culture as such, without science, without great writers, philosophers, politicians, etc., in an artificial, dead-born country. All Ukrainian culture is Taras Shevchenko, hut hut, bacon and gorilka. Everything that is and was in Ukraine was created and built by the Russians. They also remember the Cossacks, which have never been Ukrainian, and which have not been on the territory of Ukraine for almost 250 years. The so-called Ukrainians are those who have forgotten that they are Russians, and in general any rabble. This also applies to the Balts and the rest of the so-called "young nations". Let them children first show their ability to create, and only then call themselves a nation.
  27. Rigla
    Rigla 19 November 2015 13: 10
    Yes, there are almost all of them. Neighbors Mlyn. And we are still offered to live with them in the same house !!! in the trash all this ukriya.
  28. starwars
    starwars 19 November 2015 13: 20
    “Jihadists in Ukraine: Shirokino is being“ cleaned up ”together with Azov and Right Sector. The Ukrainian authorities sympathize with France, promise to fight terrorism, but do not notice that jihadists who have passed through Syria are fighting in the southeast of the country.

    So far, the SBU has only stated that this year it has not allowed 59 foreign Islamists who are related to the Islamic State and Syrian al-Qaeda to enter the country. They were going to undergo medical treatment in Ukraine and make themselves fake passports in order to go back to fight for the World Caliphate. The other day, the special services boasted that they did not extradite from the country a non-citizen of Ukraine, the leader of one of the Front al-Nusra groups, which is the official army of the followers of Osama bin Laden in Syria.

    About how the SBU fights with its own jihadists, who until recently fought for the caliphate in Syria, the special services stubbornly remain silent. Moreover, their presence in Ukraine no longer requires evidence, and their whereabouts are known. Islamists are in hundreds of “Crimea” battalions “Dnepr-1 ″,“ Right Sector ”and two Chechen battalions.

    For example, a battalion named after Sheikh Mansour. Last year, its leader Muslim Chamberloevsky told the American Daily Beasts about the militants who came from Syria. In the summer of 2014, the battalion was replenished with three jihadists, another 17 militants went to Ukraine and were in Turkey, Muslim Chamberloevsky told reporters. This summer, Abdul Tajik wrote about jihadist Ukrainians who returned to Ukraine. The militant of the Crimean Jamaat, a member of Syrian al-Qaeda, complained in the social network about the Chechen group, from which part of the Crimeans left and formed their own jamaat. Then the Chechens demanded to give them weapons, and Abdul Tajik recalled how the emir’s bodyguards reproached and humiliated them and the “brothers” who returned to Ukraine to fight in the Donbass.

    The location of the Ukrainian jihadists, most of which are Crimean Tatars, is known. This is the south of Ukraine. Here the battalion named after Sheikh Mansour hand in hand with the national extremists from the regiment "Azov" and "Right Sector" "cleaned up" Shirokino. Moreover, the returning jihadists presented their successes in the Syrian style - they posted videos on YouTube. Allah Akbar (Glory to Allah) is constantly shouting at them, shooting at an enemy invisible to the viewer and announcing his alleged destruction. Weapons - machine guns, heavy machine guns and grenade launchers. Even the landscape in the Azov village of Shirokino is similar to the Syrian.

    However, the jihadists who fought in Syria themselves are not in a hurry to talk about how they built the World Caliphate. As well as "shine" with their faces. Their faces in photos posted on social networks are overwritten. However, the informal leader of the "Right Sector" and MP Dmitry Yarosh do not disdain taking pictures with them.

    At the same time, many Islamic fundamentalists from Ukraine on social networks and even those militants who recruit Syrian al-Qaeda are friends of the Azov regiment.

    Against this background, the last statement of the fascist nationalist leader Andrei Biletsky looks funny. After the attacks in Paris, he expressed sympathy and declared himself a European patriot.

    “Now Europe (not only the European Union, but also Ukraine) is waging two civilizational wars: against Eurasianism and radical Islam. Winning or losing will determine the future of Europe and its very existence. Europe must unite. While she loses both there and there, ”said Biletsky.

    The militant preferred not to spread the word that his militants are sitting in the same trenches with those whose “brothers” organized the terrorist attacks in Paris. "
  29. Kaban45
    Kaban45 19 November 2015 13: 47
    Recently, in Ukraine such popped up, a dime a dozen!
  30. starwars
    starwars 19 November 2015 14: 29
    Ukrainian nationalist, member of the so-called. ATO, former leader of UNA-UNSO Dmitry Korchinsky proposes to allow the right to asylum to terrorists from ISIS in Kiev. Korchinsky wrote about this on his page in the social network. According to Korchinsky, the SBU in the members of ISIS should see "allies in the fight against Russia." “Ukrainian special services should be pragmatic, therefore, effective. It is not their business to arrest the enemies of Moscow - the Islamists. One has only to ask them to shoot accurately at Moscow terrorists in the Caucasus and Syria. Unfortunately, the SBU sometimes arrests or deportes Caucasians who travel from Syria to Muscovy for membership of ISIS. This is not reasonable. At the moment, the oppressed peoples of the post-Soviet Empire and the proletarian peoples of the Near and Middle East are our only effective ally in the war against Moscow imperialism. We must act in accordance with our own advantage. Everyone who fights for the liberation of their people from the imperialist oppression of Moscow has the right to asylum in Kiev, ”Korchinsky said.
  31. starwars
    starwars 19 November 2015 15: 18

    Ukraine ISIS.
  32. starwars
    starwars 19 November 2015 15: 20
    Ukraine and ISIS

    Here is Ukraine and ISIS
  33. Kibl
    Kibl 19 November 2015 17: 12
    To convene a joint congress of scumbags from the Islamic State and their Ukrainian friends in some valley of the intermountain, and, to a barrage of applause from the speakers, drop the most powerful volumetric bomb on them !!!
  34. chelovektapok
    chelovektapok 19 November 2015 17: 26
    If ISIS and the pork eaters became brothers, then the world turned upside down and money became more important for Muslims than Allah ... While in Turkey and talking with colleagues in his current civilian profession, he told them casually why Muslims should not eat pork .... They are by the way did not know. But they spat for a long time .... We were surprised that I know prayers in Arabic ... God, we have one with them. Afanasy Nikitin with his "Walking Beyond Three Seas". He freely prayed to God in Old Church Slavonic and Arabic. The fact recorded in the documents. For some reason, the mosque or the Orthodox Church are equal for prayer. At another time, there were other People who did not share Prayer by Language. Otherwise, Athanasius would not have gone to the Far Lands and would not have returned. Maybe not so much we, the Orthodox, are far from the Muslims? I suppose. that our contradictions were invented by "smiling democrats" from the West?
    By the way ... I have been and am in Turkey like at home when on vacation. One thing I can say, there has never been such a thing to get into a mosque on every excursion. The last year or two of this. Moreover. if you didn’t go, even as if in a claim, do you say you’re not condemning me ?. Why there ... And the question was asked by a licensed Turkish historical guide, without which the Ukrainian guide could not release intestinal gas. He answered: - You saw that I was drinking beer. After beer, they don’t go to the Temple of God. We have Orthodox so!
  35. Gardener91
    Gardener91 19 November 2015 18: 05
    Any rhetoric towards the opponent’s side, in this case towards the Russian Federation, provoking a reaction of irritation, namely attracting attention and giving reason to discuss, reaches its goal, they expand the camp of ideological confrontation of the parties, involving new participants and sharpening the topic, even more intense passions up to open extremism. Such is the tactic of political technology in Ukraine. Korchinsky-Crimea will be either deserted, or Ukrainian will bear fruit-Chubarov and other leaders of the Mejlis. I conclude: the dog barks, the caravan goes.
  36. Good cat
    Good cat 19 November 2015 18: 51
    Paphos crank for the letter m ....
  37. Vasyan1971
    Vasyan1971 19 November 2015 18: 53
    M-dya. In 1941, for "freedom" they arranged hugs with Hitler. Now they have found the next "only effective allies". It's innate. This is at the genetic level. It cannot be cured. Is that just ... well, you know.
      SCHNIFER 19 November 2015 19: 27
      In the sense? Is Yandarbiyev treated in the same way as Qatar? Well, yes, something like that ...
    2. exSUman
      exSUman 20 November 2015 00: 45
      It is being treated! Direct injection of lead oxide into the head gives good results, although the treatment method is damp and too many deaths ...
  38. starwars
    starwars 20 November 2015 05: 39
    "The intelligence services of Ukraine must be pragmatic and effective," Korchinsky wrote on his Facebook page. "It is not their right to arrest Islamists, enemies of Moscow. One has only to ask them to shoot accurately at Moscow terrorists in the Caucasus and Syria. Unfortunately, the SBU sometimes arrests or deport Caucasians who travel from Syria to Muscovy, for belonging to ISIS. This is not reasonable. Why should Ukraine quarrel with Islam? At the moment, the oppressed peoples of the post-Soviet empire and the proletarian peoples of the Near and Middle East are our only effective ally in the war against Moscow imperialism. We must act in accordance with our own benefit. Everyone who fights for the liberation of his people from the imperialist oppression of Moscow has the right to asylum. "

    What can I say here? Ukraine was finally formed by Western curators as a springboard for absolutely any anti-Russian activity. Ukrainians are ready to kindly and accept anyone, from Moscow "liberals" to Syrian Islamists. The junta does not care about a person's beliefs, methods, or the past; the main thing is hostility towards Russia. Accordingly, any of our foreign policy undertakings are doomed to failure as long as we have a 40-million ultra-Russophobic state close by, which aims to fight the Russians to the last. We can clearly trace this from the air operation in Syria: before our planes had time to leave the runway, officials in Kiev (such as Pan Gerashchenko) were ready to create bases for terrorists on their territory. Just imagine, Ukraine, aspiring to the European Union, is ready to shelter ISIS terrorists, so that they later engage in the murder of civilians in Russia! What kind of "agreements" with these people can be discussed at all, these are the savages who are ready to drown peaceful cities in blood, just to "repel Muscovite imperialism"! To summarize, Ukraine has finally degraded into a monster state, which has lost even the semblance of humanity and louder and louder demands blood, death and murder. Removing this geopolitical misunderstanding will be a mercy and a blessing for the Ukrainians themselves. "
  39. Baloo
    Baloo 20 November 2015 08: 21
    "A Lebanese citizen detained in Kuwait the day before, who, according to the authorities, is involved in the activities of the Islamic State terrorist group (banned in the Russian Federation), admitted that he had bought weapons in Ukraine. This is reported by the AR agency with reference to the country's Foreign Ministry."
    Very symptomatic. A gang of pigs-egg-laying eggs ruins the country, they cut the cabbage, they organized the genocide of their people and even participate in terrorist activities. It's time to put on the wanted list of interpol.
  40. starwars
    starwars 23 November 2015 10: 30
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