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Air defense units conducted a C-300 deployment mission in Transbaikalia

The air defense units of the Eastern District held in Transbaikalia a large-scale training on the deployment of the C-300 air defense system, reports RIA News message of the representative of the TSO Alexander Gordeev.

“The actions to bring and receive a signal about the violation of the air borders by the aircraft of a conditional enemy were worked out,” said Gordeev.

“The combat calculations carried out practical actions for the deployment of C-300 anti-aircraft missile systems, and the engineering and technical staff trained the duty units of Su-30CM fighters for departure,” he noted.

According to the officer, “about 300 military personnel and over 30 military, special and aviation technicians. "

He recalled that "the C-300 air defense system is capable of striking ballistic and aerodynamic targets designed to protect large industrial and administrative facilities, military bases and command posts from attacks by the enemy's aerospace attack."
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  1. alekc73
    alekc73 13 November 2015 08: 21
    The more training the less jambs.
    1. Tor5
      Tor5 13 November 2015 10: 25
      The old horse does not spoil the furrow!
    2. The comment was deleted.
  2. sa-zz
    sa-zz 13 November 2015 08: 22
    Large-scale demonstration to customers?
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 13 November 2015 08: 25
      Quote: sa-zz
      Large-scale demonstration to customers

      belay Workout !?
  3. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 13 November 2015 08: 45
    A useful event in all respects ... discourages any potential "allies" from bombing for "freebies" ...
    And skills need to be updated and maintained ... like muscle training ... this should be a constant topic of combat training
  4. kolyhalovs
    kolyhalovs 13 November 2015 08: 47
    Patch a little in the title.
  5. Corsair0304
    Corsair0304 13 November 2015 08: 52
    Well. We continue to keep our troops in good shape and unnerve our sworn partners. The point is both necessary and useful.

    PS The article is somehow scanty. Such news a little expand and deepen, write in an accessible language. And then: "300 servicemen and over 30 units of military, special and aviation equipment" it’s more like statistics than news. Yes, and nothing is clear.
  6. real diamond
    real diamond 13 November 2015 09: 33
    The title sounds like a request :)
  7. ism_ek
    ism_ek 13 November 2015 11: 19
    Quote: realdiamond
    about 300 military personnel and over 30 units of military, special and aviation equipment were involved in the training

    By this we are going to fend off the country with the second largest military budget?