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Russian Defense Ministry: Operation of the Air and Space Forces of Russia fully complies with international law

Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Anatoly Antonov said during a meeting of the heads of the ministries of defense of the countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the SMOA-plus dialogue partners in Malaysia that the operation aviation Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) in Syria are completely legitimate and are limited by the timing of the offensive of the Syrian armed forces.

"Operation of the Aerospace Forces of Russia involving Caspian ships flotilla fully complies with international law and is absolutely legitimate. It is carried out on the basis of an official appeal from the President of Syria, Bashar Assad, ”the deputy minister quoted the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry as saying.

Antonov stressed that Russian planes strike only on the positions and objects of the military infrastructure of terrorist groups.

“The Russian military has already achieved real results: dozens of command and control centers and ammunition depots, hundreds of terrorists and a large amount of military equipment have been destroyed,” he added.

The operation of the VKS RF in Syria runs from 30 September. During this time, Russian aircraft made more than 1.6 thousands of combat missions, during which several hundred militants and more than 2 thousands of objects of the Islamic State were destroyed. In addition, the ships of the Caspian Flotilla attacked the positions of the 26 terrorists with Caliber cruise missiles.
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    WE ARE MAKING 5 November 2015 09: 39 New
    "... what does it correspond to?"
    1. herruvim
      herruvim 5 November 2015 09: 41 New
      The operation of the Aerospace Forces of Russia is fully consistent with international law

      And if someone else doubts this, let him go in the direction of the male genital organ
      1. Vladimir Pozlnyakov
        Vladimir Pozlnyakov 5 November 2015 10: 19 New
        Sorry, my wife is teaching Russian, corrected - the pretext "in" is for the female ..., for the male "on" .....
    2. oleg-gr
      oleg-gr 5 November 2015 09: 41 New
      That's right, poking the face of the Americans in international law. Remind them and everyone else about it.
      1. Armored optimist
        Armored optimist 5 November 2015 09: 44 New
        Quote: oleg-gr
        That's right, poking the face of the Americans in international law. Remind them and everyone else about it.

        The Yankees on the blue eye are absolutely sure that they all do this according to the law, and we do not. Because we are not bombing those whom they consider necessary.
      2. Tor5
        Tor5 5 November 2015 10: 25 New
        True, they put the already mentioned body on international law. But! But for us this is not an empty phrase: they called us - we came. And who called them?
    3. The comment was deleted.
  2. Dezinto
    Dezinto 5 November 2015 09: 40 New
    We have to do the same thing. Silently - these PR aces pour tons of their bullshit.
  3. roskot
    roskot 5 November 2015 09: 51 New
    Remind them more often who is visiting and who are legally. Maybe it will.
  4. BLOND
    BLOND 5 November 2015 10: 03 New
    ... And who is not against ISIS - is ISIS himself !!!
  5. search engine
    search engine 5 November 2015 10: 04 New
    It's just that we are flying and bombing not according to American laws
  6. russmensch
    russmensch 5 November 2015 10: 10 New
    The operation of the Aerospace Forces of Russia is fully consistent with international law

    And let those who are displeased show yet another concern. Who is first?
  7. Obolensky
    Obolensky 5 November 2015 11: 01 New
    On the one hand - we may simply not respond to all kinds of attacks, all kinds of “products No. 2” - and continue to do our job silently. After all, we are right. On the other hand, if we are silent, so much shit will be poured on us that we just choke and find ourselves guilty. If we are silent, they will marry us without us. And here is the dilemma. And what the hell to be? It seems we are doing everything right, but we are doing everything wrong! According to the State Department and other related structures.

    The Americans and their allies argue that we are not properly bombing and so on. We state the opposite. Who is right? And the one who presents the facts. But Americans, by their sweet habit (that's how the Inquisition used to be) - claims, without facts, that they are telling the truth. At least ask them for facts.

    So what am I leading to? Maybe it’s time to act either as the Americans themselves and flood the air with left-wing nonsense, or act more harshly with respect to the “partners”. And then our media generals only bleat and refer to international law. It can be right, only many people don’t sneeze - more negative things do with it.
    1. ydjin
      ydjin 5 November 2015 15: 22 New
      Obolensky, the truth will always be true! And our truth is also with fists. Enough to consider our Western partners as a beacon of truth. Schullers are shameful!