Bust of twice Hero Nikolai Maidanova opened in St. Petersburg

On Wednesday, in St. Petersburg, on the Alley of Heroes of Victory Park, a bust of the twice Hero of the Soviet Union and Russia (posthumously) army pilot was opened in a festive atmosphere aviation Colonel Nikolay Maidanov, the press service Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Bust of twice Hero Nikolai Maidanova opened in St. Petersburg

“Colonel-General Anatoly Sidorov, commander of the troops of the Western Military District (ZVO), Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev, Commander-in-Chief of the Air and Space Forces of Russia, Colonel-General Georgi Poltavchenko, soldiers of the 6 Army of the Air Force and Air Defense took part in the ceremony ZVO, veterans of the army aviation unit where Colonel Nikolai Maidanov served, ”says the release.

Maidanov became the first helicopter pilot who twice received the highest award in Russia. He made thousands of combat missions in Afghanistan, as well as during counter-terrorist operations in Dagestan and Chechnya.

"The hero was fatally wounded during the performance of a combat mission on the territory of the Chechen Republic 29 on January 2000, and died in the cockpit of a combat vehicle, leading a helicopter to the airfield"- said in a statement.

“The ceremony participants laid flowers to the bust of Nikolai Maidanov, servicemen of the company of the Honorary Guard of the ZVO, in accordance with military rituals, held a solemn march,” the press service noted.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. cniza 5 November 2015 08: 40 New
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    Eternal memory to the hero.
    1. Nevsky_ZU 5 November 2015 09: 23 New
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      This in Hollywood does not come up, man-machine is simple:

      At 1984, I was sent on my first trip to Afghanistan. For the second time, Maidanov was sent to Afghanistan in 1987 year. He took part in amphibious operations in the Panjsher, Tashkouduk, Mazar-i-Sharif, Ghazni, and Jalalabad areas.

      In total, during the missions to Afghanistan, Maidanov made 1250 combat missions. The total raid was 1100 hours. I personally removed wounded soldiers and officers from the battlefield, carried paratroopers and 85 tons of cargo to 1000.

      By decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from 29 July 1988, for courage and heroism shown in the performance of military duty, Nikolai Sainovich Maydanov was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star medal (No. 11582).

      In 1992, he graduated from the Air Force Academy named after Yu. A. Gagarin. He continued his service in the aviation of the Ground Forces: commanded a helicopter regiment of the Leningrad Military District, stationed near St. Petersburg in the village of Agalatovo. In 1999 — 2000, the commander of the 325-th separate transport-and-combat helicopter regiment, Colonel N. S. Maidanov participated in the anti-terrorist operation of Russian troops in the Chechen Republic.

      28 January 2000, Maydanov rescued Colonel-General V. G. Kazantsev, Commander of the North Caucasus Region, and a group of journalists.

      29 January 2000 during a combat operation, Colonel Maidanov was mortally wounded and died in the cockpit of a combat vehicle, until the last fighting for the lives of those on board, trying to land a helicopter.

      The newspaper "Trud" wrote:

      “When performing a combat mission in Chechnya to parachute an assault group in the region of the Argun gorge, a helicopter that was piloted by the commander of the unit Hero of the Soviet Union, Colonel Nikolai Maidanov, was fired. The Defense Ministry told Interfax that “despite serious injuries, Colonel Maidanov fulfilled the task he was to reach the airfield, but he had no strength left to plant the car.” From his wounds, the colonel died in the cabin of his helicopter, which was planted by his assistant.
      1. subbtin.725 5 November 2015 12: 13 New
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        A. Nevsky: “The Russian land has stood, is and will stand on such people”
  2. Windy 5 November 2015 08: 40 New
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    Eternal Glory to the Hero.
  3. vovanpain 5 November 2015 08: 47 New
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    Eternal memory and low bow to the real Man.
  4. Andrey Yuryevich 5 November 2015 08: 48 New
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    there should be streets and squares in honor of Such People, and not Yeltsin.
  5. ia-ai00 5 November 2015 08: 55 New
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    Well, - the patriots of the motherland did NOT MOVE, - the GODS!
    Eternal memory of the HERO of Russia! And thank God that people are able to appreciate such people, and erected a monument to him. The country SHOULD KNOW its HEROES!
  6. cniza 5 November 2015 08: 58 New
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    Quote: ia-ai00
    The country SHOULD KNOW its HEROES!

    And educate the younger generation on such examples.
  7. fregina1 5 November 2015 09: 55 New
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    325 The Yegorlyksky regiment in the village of Yegorlykskaya provided transport operations in the Chechen Republic! A real combat regiment! When Maidanov was killed, his wingman Major Dziuba, now retired lieutenant colonel, promised to avenge the commander to destroy at least 300 militants. And he kept his word, introducing himself several times to the title of Hero of Russia! I read the submissions, not the peasants but the EAGLES! The slave Maydanov, my good friend and fellow countryman Alexander Ivanovich Dziuba, was also awarded the title of Hero of Russia a few years later! That was their battle pair!
    1. star44 5 November 2015 13: 30 New
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      I would like to add ... I personally did not know him, but on January 29.01.2000, XNUMX I was on Torgim (Ingushetia), from where he made his last flight. Therefore, I know about the circumstances of what happened. On the eve there was a landing of Special Forces groups to carry out combat missions in the Itum-Kale area. One group, by mistake, was landed more to the north of the planned landing point, in fact, in the area of ​​the presence of large militant forces. After the report of the group commander about the erroneous landing, and about the persecution of it by the militants (who spoke on the air in Russian without an accent), Maidanov flew out to search and evacuate this group. The task was complicated by the fact that com. groups could not navigate their location, because according to his report, he was outside the boundaries of his map and was in constant motion when moving away from his pursuers (by the way, thanks to him, in this area, the system of deployment of enemy detachments and fire weapons was partially opened). But this became known a little later ... And then Maidanov walked along the gorge looking for a group and actually ran into a large-caliber machine gun in his forehead. “Pravak” was more fortunate - he got off with a shot pea collar ... He planted the car in the last minutes of the flight to Torgim (or in Vladikavkaz, I don’t remember exactly). His death made a strong impression on his “flyers” - he was a cool pro and the legends about his affairs since Afghanistan followed him ... And his son is also a helicopter pilot ... Probably already works as a major ... If he reads these lines - a low bow for the father from those whom he delivered, exported, covered. From ordinary plowmen of war (or whoever you like). And that group was taken out. But this is no less interesting story, in which there were also heroes ...
    2. The comment was deleted.
  8. Reptiloid 5 November 2015 10: 37 New
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    Eternal Memory HERO OF RUSSIA!
    Write and talk more about such people! Let the young people know what they would remember.
  9. wulf66 5 November 2015 12: 39 New
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    Everlasting memory. Rest in peace.
  10. midshipman 5 November 2015 20: 06 New
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    Wonderful people and heroes live on Russian soil. Especially touching are the words about the valor and courage of this legendary man, said by his colleagues. I bow to you, I have the honor.